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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 12, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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rehes i n wt'habrs ngeakiou in va .lley troofoop smeusto wrs ill 1havecars yea g toprise uod tmagu uagradinlly sicrealeng ecictri t inighe h nherrietees rat ov rearsr athe fthan our s.year of alficiays s c thegehan asllow ol sarto cus tmers theimey the're nggoid nee toro prpely pay off ei thr solar stsyems. >> ie mar: we're alsolo fol wing eva dineloptg s ioryn onariza. t dagic a aoo schnl i a en phoubix s wurbwo st tsudene wert sho and llkied.po go ftod aonerno m i'e mariermorta. r >>ee f s hotidoutsenndepedencoo schl iniasnd gleoo schasl w jd nnbegiing. th aeseerre asto phogomin t inuro oz wsne.roomre cepoli t sayiche v wtimsbere ot t enhe te.grad heache s gun whot aound onweap f wasthear fo di boes. in igvestsatortoas o sarfar se inarchr g foooa shanter sunot hare wlat reshtionf ip ihey tls gir. haduv^ wo tct aours tfter shatinhoot scthe hoolinremaned os ercklo down pandeolict shun dow d\ciear l choo ndid lde stu nts
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ic whd h haota l ofe parnts quite t.upse 'm>> icaderi woroted nt jusor my ld chi b y ybeversody' d. ki mi aa fuit l tlee encoseupntau becc no on s e iintelluers uinnothq d we kon'twhnow chose waild tyaculichus j mi .shap onwe d't know. oit'samhe cthpus .ough ee>> r wd: edorrien parwets ence al dlowepi to heck t cnldree ro fhem tho sc ewe'rlo fol wing *ne o and cwillnontio ue tngbri a youll th ate l oglleenda, ar a.izon ar>> m bie: hack aeret meho, a ou12 hanr st idoffhen tt eas eyvall ewnds aith sctuspe in cu ystod and-9 k polatr dog ab stbed. >> d: reete at i b ap enartmomt cxpler neaar mndyla waparky ande dsert na othanal'nens jois u veli. rg su.ery wh caat n youel t lus. >> or rep: tert tha w dogas taken to an an limao halspiter aft su inffererg ssiouur injies after gbein sedtabb t in he.head ewe'v justea l rned dtheogs i
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ani wout y to get t toshe -- quick moments from earlier today in the standoff. ometric offerspe sngedim frohe t this happening just moments after police k-9 nicky wsa st beabd multiple times by a man wh ori bardcadeim hlfse indesi an arapmet ntmpcox.le atthan m who has not been f a erovghni tastofndan te afolr pei rec avedll caa tabou urdistceban. w. s. ma.t. ioveddn anrb nea deresi wntsereor f ocedut for e thwnir oet safy. we s tpokeo the w womanhoas w in e thm rooe nxtdo or and she edcall cepoli. s >>oomebasdy wl yel inghe mhelpord an ted afatr thhe we abard gutwo tsnsho. c wed allet.fas th heen t-y - tery wngalkis u e to g theutuy bju he - st -stheywa g aua^ .safe ep>> rr:orte a nyearbch sool
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te ampor trilyhis inmorng. t bu ptsarene wer aedllow to g brinrtheis kidunellchoo a forl te latar shirt tmoing. as t forenoralspsuect? he tlsonakeo t the ho alspit fornj iesuripesuat reloed ts st be biing bttenaty thic em f sooar nal rg chase aroso?- -ghhou ha c argestre saldi pennng oracion th usat s.pect rtrepoorha natnn o' 3news. r >> eed: h sheedelpot nege iat ethefnd opay41-dnd staanoff d da tosey ashe mic efiort jusdssddreheed tucubli to einxpla whyhe st wen to the onoreg gerefu. th aeseivre le ismagein comg ri nghtsow a mllicheei fore ksspea. slet' lenist .in >>e mik l fkingor me. m gike toto me. we got --in fallyn whe we got to h ruis t mckwaike sn o thene pho hwit the .fbi w i oasn the pseith ndan ad^ y sanddaand anvid ffd je.
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as tot wha theywant. tand hhen wedoulel tl the fbi wh aty thentwa. en th the fbild wou telle mik we n cath do ois wrean c do .that\s ithenld wouay relat th. i >>haus jrit cuhoous ca hi ghndsi ft it teelsveo han beeth of at? >> boi'm gring byng m t a pu ide gr a andm ocardigut rowht n* ca bei use mam a an id --ea'm r glly 'rtheysae fe. i e havoo alse givrku todos que fb ellge at thaossee usbecae o noneot g .hurte e no gat scr.ched edllowe er revend flirankn gr mahand a i tore getm thend a hu heg t amndet lem thw kno we ar ite wheh t tmghhrou the next lebattndgrouch whi is our court se e.rvic
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sc dengribi t theenseou hrs inleadpg uo t theas lt ho dout rein o cngosi t l pe ulacefly. >> ie marer: he e shnis irs tea ge gttinellos rmnaotio ngsayi p shes laceelhers af inpos onsitis c an std jury veo ie relat th ev oderybamy c fway tromnd ofde the mffando huertunhu 'rthey.finema eiv ging k tudoso thebi f r fo how thein f 4al1 day st ffandoe camnto a a endhat tt r >> eed: tnowihe dsiscuson ab coutesharg c in fourtorho tse w erho ware pft oat th nyearl t h montdostanff. ki ut honchis hasha tt story. >> or rep ter:ur foht rigng wi esprot fters tromheal mheur onnatial liwildeffe r uge are tsaidr ppeafirt cou in laportornd, fegonyridate afr th erey wake t cntodyustono d th ayursd d davi jfry,waeff snta,mese an onders s andaandrde an srsons
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ama dr patic chonethall asat wat ve liea stronmed i thenenters t >>nlhe oway wey e 'ravleg inem rniaie oupccrsie inbrgs to an endhe to 41 day poccun atioheof t gerefu. fe a w hours eearlirge ants re ar cstednlive byund oxn si archs geomfris h0 2 s14ndtaf of thwiof dhen'id pttiaripceatn ih t ccoatupniout be hsionrede ethig fehurdeaf oethro pstteser vemontmend as i the frathe of st ffando lreadem amon ndbuy. ashe wes arrlated s month du ngri h ahwig confrontation thwiut arihoesti d iwn chhi an heotr demonstrator was kiedll lsloca tlada ct spe iacledy ov er. >> p i'm oroud.f th rom pmy of en frien a igneorhbs. i' rom pudf owathe uy yood sto oup t this ufstf. er th be'seen a lot oft. hur lo a t ofodo hi t ngssa do i nk thire the agthin at thee's bonn dhae t an't keworthd hroug. r >>teepor ir: u hsotchin po reg.rtin ee>> r ad: no pal locoo schsl buiee erdrivus accf ed oalsexuly a f acespta to of epe shrg chaes.
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th viose sctim t aeaen-ydr-ol au ictistrl gi. ne 3ws 's fa atimatrahmhulla in jo ls uset th escio reg de add. r >>teepor r: e,marirza gar pe ap iaredoun c t here dtheicistrtot atyrneed adda ne arw chin agahim. th at'sl incgudinhi cld abuse su reg ltinenin mtala hndrm a dn kingappi. me ilanwhhae csrge of s ulassatht wiin a meror w gr upono taon ex sasual tsaulnuneh witsdon pe .rson chthe oarge ch tou ct vi ch.est thees invattigion wauas ldnche ft ather sirl'tocusaot mo sesk a shwhy mee cae hom.late . rz gaata's eytornim claheed t e me criil unt m herefferd he tr amaeydisn.landla a'garzras arenignm nt is dusche\aebru7try 1 a re inportveg liat fima
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>> z wo a beuld-se purtc snawhher s s wan take bdownwoy a aman ca lo bm.king th apis hd peneanin j.uary syouuyhe gaao int aurest orantasn e a.har eroe gghhrou to aoor w nithi sdsecon heat snches thepa ermothur's pse. th wat pitas s rting por th oere srolleinarrymbr ba by. th itere goes. wa ha tt. e thbs gram hie end ady boms sla ll hiresrndgrou ysa bertands. dum j ipedndn aelpe held e th o guyen thun groes th ca am* tu.lice \ rtunfoelunat gy, theotuy gnaay. so li porece a desin hop yhatpo a wi ooll ltk at thaht rige th alookhet tfay's ndce ate see if r youniecogimze h. st ifop u yove c edon imlic a ntymanonlyouse 70382-555-.55 >> ie mar s: auctarbadks h eto bcu eva aeo somne yespraepd p sperpray in. .cafelo za hausrdoat miaerslff oiicsal re onspddees yterday after fel pa s tronrtrepoaved htring ou br ieathng. fi ghrefi aters igestigatin er whhee tipe pepprr sa. or atiginfred
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>> > aop shte-lifrge tarst a high edprictl bot le ofr iquoa ug can ht oracame. r >>oee t al wutk oho witnyut a ti no.cing ar>> m tie: rued c cz'sigampan pu alls a aackstgainco maru o.rubi ari th onerstu feaedreat th s ha m soleeopdanunou sgndin aoff. >> oe chlem: ttupera rres ight inowhen tta r fostmoun ne hbighoors.od
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wa warm r >> eed: thisom w janust wdante ota b otlefig hhri pced li.quor g sosues ?what sh eck stis it in heran p atsnd wa awlks ay. u yo can rwent iightr n herwundeinear cvi st inore as tex stthe owore bener esliev m the h heliter wh th hee ta so p fareolicve hae madlsed ar ar>> m ie: .okay oon tsi preiadentol psiticow n aho wh t as^a'scruzs pensid mp ca haignulas p aledac attri ga a rinst m fter asit wea rev iledtlu inc aded erformul adilt fm tracess.
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ns cotiervas ve ai n-nomus ac stres pintray aup serport cr ituz sa in pyherasi seson an usiscvi preyousl sungorti marco biruo. e thru cmz canepaigd lere aased at sttemenin sayerg hk bacndgrou s waot n prlropeety vted by the incastgeg ancyer aft shea pssed pean oan cgstinar nd litwsey d eeteshout e isio emextrdiely oisapp bntede y th g yrab tourueissf s i ayououre cgghin sngezei is thte winasr seouon y n ares e thy onl cdst tru me. >> ie marti: sahll ,ead ordoctys saer allgiesre a ki inck ig mneors thie timf ocrefr* di tyearevhan be ee>> rthd: rle woald heth oo lg kins wayto co tmbatu\rus. h cow aloseoe ts alla vacc ninetow thalio mil o
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ngtryi g tohaet ttac vcine w(vo)thith ndousa qs ofliuauaty owpre-vened eshicl... d anceexioptl nastcueromse icrve, adheyo to eiur nrhghbo oodteenserpri s carales leand e t thlepeop b whooruy mvee eshicln thaneanyo... fl yipr ouinthngkibo a butinuy gyo nurt exe.on m >>: arieis it t tha otimef ar yen whe theol plen iswi blong d an a were sliniffndng aw bloing ou ros nes too.
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so an my pe eoplsiare rck aound me. sp grin agylleras season h st darte rleay. ws ne's 3 sa andragonz ilezsiv le at mu comnityrm phaacyn it eas ke la mead inth nor las s.vega do h you aavenyx eliirs thatan c a hel a vyalleha tt's just sn ngeezi and coinughg? r >>teepor r: ,reed t ifhe enpoll g isnettiog t ,you co ensidruy bing a drnon-yows an isti-hnetami. ey the com ins s lotifof dntfereponss an br er the e ardsbranh suchias t is tha is rigeneanc br e'thersos ale somd namedsbranrg ti uess. we po so toc lll agierts ho w e caninxplaat whte ngmakiny ma of usez sne s hiomrore aul f olatients mi blserathe wier all.giesco th 'reytre ngyio tndfiel rf ie walehit i fisruebyar th iis ssinprll agyerea eouthdaeva parple
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st welrepejunisyrs, recamorond as eeh trle poln. is tht jusgakinav ppleo feele ju st nevafuaw t >>ymhe ss ptom pthateeopl a co inmpla oingref aitlesat w ey es,un rny ,noseesto heesng,zinacnsac ug co,hingi_nehortfss oea br ngeezi unwe r t qut gamueo m frorgalleto al e l ththway hrouglta d.thma ep>> rr:ortew noai, agfn, iu yo ersuffro fm agillerhaes thet tre a ore s many pctrodus onhe t rk maetnc ingludial nas erst.oids a ,gain ifou yo d havehe tyse tpe of leprob ms, pyoublrobayo d w tantheo cckh wit a drocto be efor tgakin a onyse thes. od pr.uctsne re inportveg lind, saonra gzale y lour sasteneez h may ave erlingleittterongeen tham*q ir c ai anr th t youhthougma or o ur yoan co- schorngittic esinchy awa yfromouth.ght la [ erught ] thesa masetchuststi instute of ch tegynolo a usespe slcia craame
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te af trhene sezeve leahes t mo ituth es rblem pesina t d toward a camera. disgusti! y kouwnot thai sal ac lltuaay hott lasueca estti ar>> m die: oty nrumaowkn. r >> eed:pl dro eetsrithe lfal toth oue grrnd oan h ign theair. th ee nxt time sboomeiiez snees ar may run. >> ie marr: od hanm thes tisue th eten gcaitasnd ueaernendeuda [ htlaug s!yike. r >> eed: w getell gidoerevy.ybod ar>> m oie: on tie: er vi ser su iste 'r wejidoal tg kintaboue th sneo ru vis. e thld worde.l heaizrganonati ys sasi posa zike:a c vacti_n at l 18th monays awm fro rg lacae sle ltrias. al hethxp e sertsayth e u.n. he alth agy'encess repons is ngeei rlyapid and now 15 ancomphaies bveeende iientifd as si posrgi_icparttsipandedies se farch mor aneuch eded invacce. e th h w... odevelihees tk lin tw be mo-quiteborn u vir ses bn allormayll sma h ieads n
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abproble. >> d: ree'm i g so tladrehey' wo grkina on ccvaine. u yo see theit ltles kid dwhoeal th wi theft aerec afffts ohe tir mo hvi t' leops hte iloe saet geve sol la.soon ro m >>: arieto on th weaower n rewe ath on ine br ak of we d.eken avwe htialen dne'seb`de pr enesid t'sday. >> d: ree i sou f yoedelat t torehe pntsided sen a va inlente. at thea's rlly the .word lo chare bey dsleuis orth weaer th auy.orit will weav hece niea wther for lo ndve a ps.itic ep>> rr:orte h weoav lots t ok lordorwaov to heer tt nex oen w fe.days an u yosecan me nor attee wher tyosn.lley ouat minntaengspris. w asgee cello tos uom h peq os s las vegalymostny sunes ski ssacro a thetorea lyrealno phel menaheweatc 'r weine goepg keup it a forde tt lihile wntle uhiil tstngs hato cinnge w theaheek ud.
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ec ch ikingon tew a fpuede ne orighbs.hood th of rme waits spo o in iareae llaeg d ireesugn la hlin enat b enettntleme eolscho. ry vem warheweaterr the. as los v memt ttpera ures rihoverng a toundrigd-mis e f thlecooslaceas,yes ier,oolelapere degn es i anindirnerisp d anl we'l atakek loo m at ore hbneigodorho7pe temreratu idoutsige rowht ngi ranrong f lo th ppe u s 60inme sum trlino th eer upp 70s*s fhe tst ea u ofs o in0 ehbneigodorho nr sucuise tlrrenyit sg tinat 77 de s greetrighw. no very calm teafn.rnoo lwe'le takbe it secau's it fr .iday 78 re degfoes rr youre cur nt petemreratu in umpahrp. heanotr oneou of ldr co spots is tmouncharlest connturrea ah a e tt siining m the0sid-5ht rig now. as a farats whre we' by60s n.seve te pe up b50se.ninm c lioon owryven qckuir whito ua ri va cables loudctexpeed ov gherni cyoueean s s themystelen th pa ccifipi helsng un tilran iom s of he t hsehigdilo chos acr
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we il stavl hghe hiorurresshae t ma re oinsthver e re,gionv oer theou fror c tners'shatri bgngin erus vryy dth weaer ascros the a.are we 'reoi gng seeha tt cnuontie ro th tughwehe d.eken to htnigt' i gs b f rly mi petemreraturos dg ppin tinto up per40s. veso e dryay getss les and let co ld. ov ghernihit wsch iom sere ptty go od news. we y maot ne havo t turnp uhe t he at as m.uch eg30 d reesumpahrs p al welas t mounlecharnstoer ovtnigh ni toght. ti sll etixpecngws lo top dro to in the s 40forve orton and uimesqovte ghernit nitoght. hi toghs romorgaw aiin well b typret .high kind ofik le y.toda 76re degores f you erovton. 60re degores fnt mou achtorlesn. mi 0d-7s enpas p.hrum e ngcomik bacheto tle val'ly weca ke wato up ew a fe mordsclou wthanwehat t sawmohis rning. mp teureratgaes aeain rg chinnl
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fo mor to'srrowec forue yo n u cathsee s at i awell r oualnormpe temreratuh wit c wi pinds g ckinusup jigt slhtlyeedegr nty b n dex ndadnes t af tele cooheeat he oadedwur heanothar c onceftomperho srse l ibpossosle mnotly ofrth by us nde e t ofwework lo e lik'r weoie geeng sn e cr inineasanlo c audsabe mayno em ttupera dresinroppdg jown ae hit l soyre we'n goigta sy fyairl trighw. no ar>> m it. >> d ree i gong t bo deulcr yitnd athjoy ntks par c th eeis w mend. >> ie mar w: argakin ga lectl aagion stain pr an tning al sonft aer ancc at.iden ee>> rshd: lae c simsohe lst th ipe tr he of rsingele whiura ngtryi a get w taneehen e com .backide >> a: danod goer aft.noonno
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th tee lausst midic vhoeo s n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin e threal world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespe telyedneras a caise wan't it. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt'tanai wt. anwe ce mak prealgrros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
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>> a: danoo gted afn.rnoo i'm dwaana paoam flanslhe t band ok oay gryi defdvi granty iesir the l tates.eo vid. si [mu c] atth fyoraveit snece ethre. is ths ihe tirtates mongle cald id"upse down ainnd side "out. fl gyin in one oosf thpee slycial ma de airplanes that canef dy gr itav fy uor tpo 30 second. ve oory cusl miceo vidro fmy oka . go tu "sa nrday light"ive tomorrow night featuring a
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a >> issm meli alla lose the lipo.shes a>> im poedlish. d >> ana:ck che outel missa mc hycartt righe her onha c 3nnel ortomnirow er aftsafa "wsne 3 velit aevel" enthwier gd ar mara.l sdqu iyof cu sanhe w th 'rey getietig bir ahe ts ysdala th soyve etont ice pladas ligt nht atmelien far p in stbo.on rastengo toklot aor f sure. a lot of these former olympic athletes getting b time air. mo tensrir a itonhe tr gnee m ston aerten fywa rkpa. that's where theed r soxla py th heireom games. thand wat's'shatz buz tingoday as lga ves. 'l weenl std ia bcko tla du. yo ar>> m tie: yhankoou se mu. > >>ene ten msseesan il a usedga of na uri otinge n thr floocu wa rtl male whiin try hg to agpack te of irouts n hii.antsar. me sostimeca we e makse the or st iesup.
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he is cedhargth wi lishopg,ftin alvand pism,icubl ienndeccy and to intixicaon. a or wkeray s hse wasseen evreli hinglfimse tes sal oo flg ryinonto c ceal oe e thagpack te of.routl wothe srkerheaid $ hid0 13d rt wo mh ofanerch.diseali he a wasterresd d an sbondet wan t ningsmde ac ntcide. m >>: arie stiadaheha, wr sa enys wont wrd g anlethe ti acheon sno is kiw taid >> d: reepu de gtiesyoo be ocalltyf dun whe atheyt
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