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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> e madeoin g rgia >> not before a lipo dce wog as stabbed vesel ratimes lyardd ea tto henica cnes optaaterck was a spsut ecd an if ithat d no beenfor pothe dliceog, isth ul coved ha gon ne oh muclo.nger i nikkthe cae ninhacop d to un o dergersurgr y foabsts one all ar houndacis fd e anhe ad. go veod e ningi'ssm jemoica ore. am i s jimernyd. we st'll wiart th odgo news, where arle tningolhe pice dog is in liv g ine tht righ ctdireion corengveri i ands in lestab ndcon.itio the rrbae icadthand e ckatta on th e nicas ne itoour p orst y. j >>caessi: w lhereneive ar lamaryndnd a theigne hhbor ad be en ugthroith qu e analorde er ov thestpaho 12 urs. >> acexketly n ep i tmindhe hbneigoorho d isseesllntia y en be on dolockorwn f 12s hour nioveranght id whle miteeay s m et prty quiet right now there are still pieces of the chaos
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a frtianc shrun ie thllva ey st juor befine ne thismorning. canine trpa olofrsficeti beang from the scmoene ament fter tr melio poce dog s wahein t ad he anda man engaged in a 12 ho surndtaf ofthwi poceli . llit a haedppene herand yif ou keta l ak ooyocau sen the e rdoord ippeofout itngs hi e d anof thpais antrtme . it cis aetomplsse me ine her gwiths >> meso wbodyas yeg llin, help helpme a and tfter hat hwe eard t aboutwo hoguns t. c wed alle91 1. >> twahis e s onof zedoofns op pele rcfoued o tt of heir s homethfor oweir n sa.fety >> its wageinttrsg wod e an th teyd ol tusgeo t ba gckt e ckba. th wat aasuro ndni one93r 0. -- e wdeenupd eeslngpin ihe t sc olhoas lnit >> hi twos n maabun le gto tet o he owr n dahtug fer horrsou. >> e sh isa eesweath art ndi s wa wsororied abheout car be
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sh s e wanext ordo t andhey were nghavish fla mbbods an er evinythg. connt ece thspsut echtfougk bac bistabheng tin cane raseve l me tis before they aredrestm. hi mthisonass aloml frs hi arapentmwit ondw. >>u yohad flying bullets and gssla ane d thcepoli aton e in poatt th youha tvegoo . >> -- >> s iheaw tli poce dog le g avinand -- >> arb neahoy scol s wao als te armporpuily t ondolocky wn b ntpares reweow allo ed t tueven gallyidet ks toet a r urn to olscho . is th mog rnint busuthe ctspe in edvolvat, th ivindl iduawas ta token e thithosps al al wel infor rjuryedelat tobe be en by e thicpol e. ar chges r foarhim ie stll nd peating is th t.poin rtrepo ing, liveannath neo' ill ne . ws 3 >>k i asofall you ntto ma er wh at rtpau y yoare , with to ne ver rgfoomet cipasson and
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er ams icanneand ver veer nyde me so wonehen eythch rea t out o yo d u an asku yofor lphe . j >> aim: ny owknotn eml iona daneva elmichle. onresp tdinge o thefpeacndul e t ofhe or regone efugand up . j >>caessi: - -g beinitcreded hefor g lpinthand e stp andu eryestday. oh l wel wthatn as a cr inngeasirly cied buand ddy was insitt g inonoreg gel. he wasstarreored f hison esprotart newoly t years ago. to t nighy buddskis afoing r a co apurt tepoind ateytorn to he lp fia ght tamounf in o fe l deragechars nsagaimt hi. ot anneher vadawmla iakerlss ao kispeautng o ghtoniout abe t th rloane efugotprr estewwho as ot sh k andd illeby rafede l en ag ts. >> n ipimy o anion n ma was mu edrder at hathe ofnds e th
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de feral ag aentslls we. th anis m t wasg ryin to su derrent r, iis e quitouobvi s onthdee viato th hewayis tr ng to suderrentr bu yet cthey hose enviolce muand rrdererath anth a tohepprend him. >> : jimt tha isn johremoo intalkoug abe t thh deat of la voieigfinnnean o t ofhe timiliema m abersnd th e an stdup. yo lu'rengooki at three ar st th ere theaat l dd to.eath cl anive d handns ao 23 s ther ar je intoail t nighfa cing rafedel chs arge werengtaki toverilhe we dlifre.fuge e clivand ddbu iy ise n th same bjaile ut his chd argehein t st apand anpearf ce othvae ne da tw o yeagars o. i hes duschefoled r a teden ntio inhearg tnextayuesd . >> si amrro wo, iedjunot st fo r mychovild er ybevers ody' kid. a i'm lelittet ups usbeca e no isone teg llinus nog.thin im>> j: ths at itha moer re incalle g thmo smenteahe lrns at th b hadfieen red hat er ch s ild'h highosc ol. >> jea:ssicni toght we nt co tinueo 15r--yeagiold rls e ar.dead irthe bo fdies lound yingxtne e to oach theratar an a izon
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githe rls eaufch sd ferea si gngleotunsh wo und. th die boes rewend foua in n is edolata areof the campus. lipo ceghtonie t ar notsangyi if th r eis debt saredeuici o r mu rderidsuice thbut o ey d say th reey a notpuuirs ang ny su ecsp.ts j>>: im thie fb is stinveinigat g amission vicious machete attack in a restaurant in couslumbo. ohi fo eour p wpleere ouseri sly wo d undefobeolre pshice ot an d ll kiheed t ckatta er. po e licidsa m thean std arte hiflasng oppeitle w h amae chet ooas s n as whed alke tintohe re rastau nt. to o eatorly l telt if is wa an ac t ofte brrore ut wdo know fbthe s i wacotentaccad beuse nfof itiormaroon fm e th stregionrati of thr e caendriv bye thckatta er. >> > not w a ffiveheor t fi rst ti hame t t welipoffce o aicernd te a arrork ttacin n sa arberno dincareg llinthe memo nt he me ca fao-ce-t wfaceith the te isrror ts. >> jea:ssic w weill ne ver fo trgethe daaty thpe 14 ople di n ed imbdeceer whheen t rr tetsoris op fenedinire side of c they ountilbu.ding
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wo neuld ver e sefhis y amil ag ain. >> : jim we heare nore thw wi sthis ory. >> isthn mathled e lipo ce pu t rsuiof e thtetwo isrrorts. s heheaid s waso oscl se he aw th at ttpua ing lebult oopr f st ve t buthe rgses eantrymemo of dthats ay inot abt oue th nipabuc t nfgue iror the violent act that showed the community. today isll abo a tut a est he frgot isom h ugda, hternta se inmea mohent w n heulcoved ha ed di. >> yo u can saw -- >> fo hurrsou teafthr e pterodactyl in san rnbediar, no lipoe cseearg anty ndwaths e le padroatl r ca ainho souott wi heth tac attker. se earg hnt sadntpe mo osthif s da y aschg inwndods leail unt an und r decor veofr fice told thim o rspuheue tck bla su v. wa i les abo tget behind them and saw them putting on what i believe to beul btlero p of ve .st th taey s rtedshngooti b theack
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>>sspaelivjuy steespad y wa omfrhe t isis mpsyzeathi rs. ? i grab - - >> i gr mabriy efl . >> hes wa 2--ar4 yecos a p, d havenesor ughthiaps wen on o the jofob be re. >> s thia was very very higrapc teshoorer he . >>du tringfihis i ght he ard of mf toy , leftbosomelsdy ee ofand rsficen, dow ofcefi rs wndo . >> besan dirnarno cepoliw sa anhim idd sa he ttookuhe b llet to lethe g. ecconnsat i w ceoffiunrs r ning up y to mclvehie. bwithtsullein flyg by m,the nn ruuping to t ge ain hndp.el be unvalie ble. >> t theerwo tsrorit t meri ermurd4 ed 1ceinnoeont piple n se iarbadn aneno d a idied n a -mfiveteinu teshoo r.
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th s at i iwhen alrehoize w dl bay cthat houldave enbe for ndme ar fo fmyy.amil a>> tl litore me t abou the te xt, aiag wn itroas fm hi s ug da ahterg skinm hie if h had se en shthe utooto . hesae ys hnodid e t seun til af guter e nfiropstanped d he te hxtedacer bk enthwa he s in the oosh atoute nd h wasayok . s hiugda'shtert tex is con ell ph onenito ght. >> . j >> im:foyou r th at. no fw at ive,r majod worlrspowe unanno tcingarhey e ta aking g bi stepbainck c the ivilr wa g goinn on irisyt a buwathe r ag t ainsorterrist gtoinripp g e thonnatil wilnot opst . e tht us iclin iudedatn th group. world leaders today have agreed to accelerate and exndpahe t de rylive aoftoid coitmmun ies un der egsiee whre chenildre hav beenindyf g oarstiovatn. cr sey etartaof ste joerhn k ry sa heid t hutamani prians ushe cr alitic . >>jea:ssict noto rathe ce fo r esprenid t.
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ingettadg re y tof brie the no esmine bofor arth p otiesf lyhighss clad ifieinatform ion. a tef am oteinenlligce rtexpe s b is eingaslesembo d t glueth e p toy partidcandinate a on etvari iy ofs.ssue th isere im a lit, onhely t es prntidect-ele hwill ave ac tcesso thvee gontrnmet mos lo y osel heldetsecr liovfe cert li miy taropioerat ns. >> n ia lesingel cfol r st tetring inust .them -->> >>jithm: a at pesnipomt fr a tipoliadcal m fro su.s.orenat d te bcruzouut yl wilbenot en se the orest.f it he llpuheed twh ad en heou f nd t oueth tracs eseytho d sothwi pr a ettylibasetone, e th corn .star the esspokfoman e r thmpca aign tsayshey h reaconresp tdedo an op asen c ting wcallotas n erpropetly v btedy the ucprod tionancomp y. so al blrepu dicanoll pus mp i inrunn g to usellse.s. r nato crted rouz ft m nog bein a tu naral cbornenitiz . hebowas n rn idacana, triump s ad leing cr iuiseutn soh licaroy na b17 tspoin . we a ek fromom tworro no daneva
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es>> j:sica crdemo vaticrsote ju utst oi tonght spaul hows thatwen nt isaand s nderinare de a eaad ht.thshe waoningt be paconsholl ows both idcand hatesad 4withrc5 peent pp suleort g avin10 enperc t of rsvote undedeci d. in clton anndd saabers out st ngartie thcagnmpaihe pus s in va nehda tis wed.eken toclinn wicall gnmpai toowmorr rn moing d andehen arsonnd sa s nders takeup s hidaneva mp ca aignino. ren ithats thdaursoy, bth ca atndidiles wl ketau yoheto t to alwn hetl meing hen re i las ve gas. >> : jimas a m siveshf ow o e forcg goin ron nightutow o in o frf nt opa nlacen.atio >> jea:ssichi t s is the bi t ggesesprocs e we'v fseen rom th e curylinaon unia in lo ng ti me. th e algoto is unzeioni d rk woers. >> : jims thil wilcabiuse g af trfic ba ucked p. t' les ten ch ie thstla t'le s ch k ec winh itm tollho y. >> i inthk atthep ddsenn o e wher ttheythake e th ing. we in're onfrt toftahe sn tio ri noght erw whu e yon caa see few ndhumered s mbererththe wi c piket sigogns uping andwndo . ri t ghw noerthone he t waside lk
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ma sybe nglowin dowa lelitt bit to lo ve. th sis i notpea enrmant pr t,otest thao is tsaaty th ey thly app r forma pefoit r me mtro, detrod enieth e pl apioicatr n fopea srmit o ey th y sa that theyanpltoned a do otqu e --" - non o-- ne th weing vehan seehein t stpa sowas fme o theckpis eter alactuly gooing ntut ie o th estreent whis th enhappn ed o the p striupa coofle s year ago an d tsingtiow datn atthoi p nt eyth we areesrrd.te e wotdo nw knot thallwiap hn pe reheor not but if it does is rtcenlaiwoy d uluscasoe me obprmsle offf tra ic. on by e thmeway istro rt cey ainle awarof atth and rethe. e.forc t righ nowthe ey'rt juswangtchi d antag lkinwebut ll wi see wh ayat s s evcouentin s. ri ght noeyw thju're onst the si lkdewa . >>jea:ssicn ainteresting fr idaynionght thep.stri denew bts arw e nongbei edlink t toikhe za s.viru bia g vedepmloinent to th e gh fi st totop thrue vioms fr sp inread g. j >>im: il a paggrim e to me , xicot nexto fiwhve, ey th
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. es>> j: sica fpopeisrancon is lga pigerima to me txicohtonig . heard riveexin mico tyciew a f ur hos ag o. j >> im:he wipell sixnd ss day er thd e an willto tuchajhe mor ch ngalleaces fing e thtrcoun y. on amemg th f theloat fod of gr mi iantsnto cthisryount . e thonu e yoecinsp tedtok tal t abouthe suis e ofmiimiograt n t ofhe -muso exicebordr an d de unndrsta ablycuse frityisor h vi issit y verghti t. j >> im: eyth e areyimplong 10 s,000eroldi s toprt otec him. a n tiesd mated 2 ana lfha ll mipeion oplee arnghopi to co uenseqofnce threeir ouligis le iaderxin meco tyci . j >> im: rgseviio aola jins us .live gisero, juyou itst wh oppen le i velas gas e th flastlrom as s vegakiworo ng tsheee te. pop >> eythl wil mhaveass dato y, it a is longivdrd e an stheyay s it il welh wortit usbeca
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ey th'll r nevethget is po opnirtugaty ain. pe ponc fraadis me wahis y to comexi mthisngornier aft ar bo tdinglahe pne stook ome ph ootosf e thittradl iona xi me--can en giv to m hi as a .gift he onwas w hiso ay tth e -- nd [irnisce] able >>igmonsnor orgregrdy goofon cathe ictholrc chuh yssa he wo nould t tmissfohis her t d.worl th>> is ssmahi i tasnk h a iaspecl gnsianifice ce his mi cos ng aa ssmiryioname of rcy d anacpe e. th iats thtie e tl ofs hi-- he ca lls tittio na oons,ne bay. >> rd goon prand erisonoms fr la s svega jeyourno ed tl tel adphiliaelphn whethpee po was e ther aaste con.nder is the timy thee arexin m ico. >> e i'mtexci bd toe rehe . he>> a is nasemi hrianas r neve ibeenhen t enpresf ce o the holytfa her. he te hosd isthlp he s to af re firmhis realpoady uwerfl y. ba i >> k thinisthl wil tbe he
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l toas s.vega ouso ynn caisot ms osth e po opitrtunies o to g tinto he ho ly erfathbe to os cle imto h . >>topasr ongord yssawi it ll be k quicvebut ry meblmorae. tiinvinyng ai one otcann go wi heth tm tove leai ther pr s ayerthat e al tar. > > ar ponishithers at otcann me con cae writr theierpray te innsntiogi to ve s to ue so w cany carrheto ts masthand ey wi ll cerethive pee pa r es bl.sing >> b aulus ff l opaiorish ners ex edpectle to ave datues y rn moaning d re jturnaust co oupleysf da r.afte pathe storintell g usatth he wi e ll breenpres ttinghe irent e s las vegava hlleytoelp br ing ba ick wth emth p theost me e.ssag rtrepoing liseve, o rgiolraivei e th listioserg ilav a. w nes 3.
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a big g bienweekrd fo le vae'ntins day. >> temeogorol ist:llwie hav rdreco ghhipe temreratus i stju n dohiot tnk ilwe wt l gee.ther y'todacos rei rd s wawe75, ss mied bitaty thh mucand then o we gheto t r uppe 70s. th e tlastotwo bh su anday nd mo ndayfobehere t. 50s es thcoe rewerds re t se last .year it s wa wthat 2oman015 in uafebr ry. ou r p toertempe aturas we ioment74ned a zedogrn de ees ab ovealnormng, sile wije sh i ahave rdreco . th wi hasenbean st sding ince .1954 is a dsicke ay w imadet in to th s e 70 ofbrfe, uarythe co ree rd wthdid at stlar yea is go ing btoose clwee, wiakll m e ru a n ofatth i but't don owkn w it bille re cally losewhereth c wean aclytuall seathe alde x net rdsatu ay. if reyou'ng goito up the mo inunta'l youl hao ve to go t the hi dgheratelege atelev ions into fd sn ow. th de loge nodid vet haot a l of ow snre the . d anthisere lo a t offitraf c t onedhe r rooock l p. u yothpeink goplet o outh ere th eeis w?kendwht,y nowi it ll
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onnatial nscotiervareon aa. th kee lah witmy ascld s an it wi ll anchn ge ondsuheay when t br s eeze upickd p an yifanou w t g too t eaua coofple urho s, 2 a and halfurho zs toion ti na ponalitark oushe ld b so ablylute eogorgus. te atmper rures ightw no -has edwork eithy r wassacro s la s vegaeyvall thwio zeracimpt ca bethuse e ey'rso inth . di enthng e onpersy alitheto t y. sk s it io 72 te drivasin en ter boand a nanzand xtnep stos texa to vipa clionr enteon e th siwestde. th isere de 66 s greeanand e d th th215 e owshadth of eee grn eyvallch rany thestare atill anev0 en 7redeges. fyoury ridaineveng ingett g ck kit starwiomth srye ve orcomfe tablertempesatur . in m 62 7 low, 0s lyreal pe deg ndinon yoecur nf k othe uscact . ug la hlin2,at 7in makag plns fo urr yotu sa, rdayoday ne of th ree thy e daekwe end. we arstthted s e 50 ra cing y earl0 to 7 lattiunchn me ithe d- mito70s owmorr. cl toose ec a r ordhi gh.
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ilit wckl pi n up ontvalesine' da ty inhe rnafte oon. if youe areltraving far rthe to th e eajust, best rnwa ed an r othectarlaic bisst coming th ugro th heesmidwd t anthe rt not.heas e therucoe ld b some windilch ls 24 lo0 bew rozehi twes enekd. an thorks f .them ilwe w l bee tht exacsioppote, a upco olehif ghoucl, ds we thavehe r shee cthins loudt ou e therand caocalsionf ly iyou mathe akin mt e i tover he rispg nmotauns intoinr ithats i the lyonng this thiwed eken it co mes omfr p theiacifc rt not hwes eventh iough wt is ay up e therilit w l beresispon ble f or ckkiuping r oubrseeze . ey th'll sbey undaand prlyobab nd mooay st asg tronbut no abtice le. 37 up ouar37nd, rt ove on. sa ayturder aft noonhi ghs la inughl is 79sq, me 7uite4, bo r ulde city 73. fo e r thlas gavells vaey to t,nighre we' gotoing 47 to a co oupleghf hi ouclutds ore the an std mounly sny, nnsuuny, s ny sa ayturd . rl ea y tod mibrferyua75 gr de fees, iorceve haor rec d.
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eedegrs bwillge hi h. sostalmong beike li co iondityons, u veha g to o a li httletoard d fin snow usbeca e itis tistaro ng t melt e whermiyou ght manorlly go . d anreappa ntlyhai ovve mtoed le vae'ntiny s daand prenesid ts' day. yo dnu di h't iave okind f ic ju e. >>jea:ssic me aybhad fo tergotgen a het t ysguan up tr exa y.da edspe bure iyingss alo ?time >> ormeteisolog t: ertha e's cechan xtnek weeanwe c n ru sinto omeatwehuher s rdle with ana chf ge oerpatt cn wed oul fa ntll ie o th60s. im>> jha: tt sh bould e on aysund . >>temeogorol ist:'rweine go g s tohip e th wback ihere t be s.long im>> j: rma fodier ctstri bus dr r iveseaccud exof sy uall ulassag tinila chd ton w nearchshges s e u >> jea:ssicur fo yeafars ter wo s men'tiistus i wasdle th tsoughte posn d opa sper, he ma de soetme mffro o icerwh o nv cod inceher t noakto tr e he li fe. an ad were erthre fo the
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i itmis coupng onitly wxh si . >>jim: a stress lire ever gtoni htteafa r sybuor w k, week
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th atat we thth j >>caessi: a newt vefist, te to ftestor thkae zius vir can r bedyeaoo s.n >>m:jith woe d rllphe -- say dtheyedoublan as eao sy tt se d woulbee th lastrechsear ers ho in sauston heyid t hoo pe t ve ha it deved lopee by then d of mthis.onth er the e arno ccva tines o es prent thkae zius vir. mo hare t0 n 3tinaarons e fi ngghtibr out eaksw noinand e thcaus ofses v the irus have
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n dozest.ates the shrideg arinancompy erov ys sais it iwillo ng tlesett la tswsuir ovefesa aty fnds ee to0 $ >> ssjea:ic t y hecimlaha t t the coy mpanepmisrntreseed fe saraty pesctic ane d ths phr' st cus.omer erund the proposal uber wo uld pa ony mo ey terwritous ab t ip trs in u thetws beeen arjanu y 2 1,an013 d jay nuar 231,015. heif ttl sett emenisro imp ved wr s iter bwillnte cod acteby ai emndl a reoffered a .fund im>> jf : ireyou' tired of ue sqg ezininirto ae lins seat wi o th noolegr m orwrelbo ioom, el fe yoaiur pd n anyou wie ll b urencod agenoto katw th a recongn ssmais pug shinfathe a tosemit a m nimustrdanda for the siofzes ne plas. stheyheay tl bilis not just ab t oumfco iort, at islso t abou tysafe i andt mwillsuake re pa enssrsgere abl ae toet gut o qu kic ly ainemn ergency. e therave agdtwih aofir aneli ha s rust acknd since e ths 1990 mefor in a ihalfs nche6 to 1 an had a ndlf a we alowl kn the
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>>. ic[mus ] >>icjesstha: at indancg g do inkickg upea revhals tt idflor a im anal teshelpir hoo ng tfi nd a ahomend s gues?what her e danc tis a.rick im>> jt : ilyreal isal a s sa or mesodboory sn i 'tit ? e thdog opapprelriatmey nad gi rngers,oger theo vide went l viraanngd giaer hs a nemew ho
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> >>nito dght,roangeus freeze. lobezew ro in 16 st esat. 65 million peoe pl geplunnt itho tee h et aof polar vortex. ur gentni war ongsf a te pontial deadly nt wi erblast. >> donald trump re ths atenueto s ted uz crbe as srniersande accuses hillary cl toinofn an l ading bllow ow. it g'stietng y.nast machete rrhoor. a vicious restaurant a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. th fbe i iesnvgatingti and asking was it orterrism? aptrbyped war. our teamns iide syria wasoford al deao t tstoplohe bedodshs i t mewith skepticism. an asd dsa vs owto kereta their ente co y.untr an urd yoic medal re s cordisat rk of being stolen and sold r fod.frau ouone t of teehr am anerict.s hi tohow te proouct yr


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