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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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vst. tialen dne'saysa mascre crimene sce. atwh m'sworro cmanin tha etv. >>si jesthca: eae prsidmis ieapplval loc t ouofout n towbuget ey onno oneee fr >>in keven: wh s youheee t etbullol h, es iitiss t anur on es>> j: sican'i doowt knwe if d^ twantt o ge tintohat. juy st moit col. ha ve atgrealevainntse'ay d ee [ chnd ars alappuse ] >> steve: fromdi stu in o 6b rockefeller centern th iare het ew yof nciork 'sty, it "the gh tonishowt starring jimmy fallon." gh tonioin t, jy jimms and hi gu --ests ray noroma, lu e,cy hal musical guest, bndrarli cae,il and featuring the legendary s otewcr. q>>stuevelo40: r1,deho
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>> te s: ved anw,noer hhee s, i mm jilly faon! [ cheers and applause ] im>> jthmy: wat'si'hat m lk taabing out. 'sthatre a groat cigwd rht e!ther we e.lcom omwelcele, w.come we e,lcomry eve tone,heo "t to t nigh."show th s is iit. yo hu'reere. yo deu ma it. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] u' yoerre he. no wew e 'r iintot thgeer. an thu k yo mveryuch. u yo, guysshbig onow t.ight h weraave may ron no oshthe ow to t.nigh
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hhe'stoere mo proiste h new ashow tbouteche rinord rydust hein ts '70edcallny "vil." h whicetis bthter hean tw' shos or aliginle titve, "edyrybo lo coves e.cain" la [ erught ] d an ctheyedhang it. ctheyedhangto it ny "vil." we o als lhavehaucy n le othe sh onow t.ight [ rschee a anduspplae ] stshe inars et "pritty ltle ar lihis" wusch jsut reitmed s xt siash seon. ppas o tosede o th "showold ch rirs liaic" whllh witi connue ri upght el to onecti. day [ htlaugnder ala app]use iveryesnter.ting i tloveshhat ow. ve ntry einertaing. ve ntry einertaing. yo ysu gust, laht nige , th re icpublanan ctedidalds he heanotbar den te i ut soroh ca, linaitand t wenon ab a out ahalfurn hoge lonr an thec expted. ic whn'h isd,t basi conngderi p'trummps ca haignonas g e on ha ylf aloear tngerhan ctexpeed. [ htlauger ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] no d.t ba 'sthatht rig. th pue reanblicat debnte we on t aboulfa har houerlongn tha duscheled. y,toda m theatoderors ol apedogiz k forngeepiwe viers ak aw le soate. en thwe vieairs syod, "u dn di't."
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f weasell dleepg urin n beoncars s, asasoon he ar sttated g.lkin d h idso d he. he l felepaslewe as ll. al e l thidcand hates lad ao ot t sa ty atebhe dlaate igst nht, thbut lsey ad o harya ved har me tiin say.g it >> t whaprhas enesidamt oba - do - tdoneluo iltestra -- >> t thae we'r ibacke n th game wi - th - iwithl.srae us>> j -t so i- ifld cou -- usbecae. l >> tet's ahink -boutt'- les in thouk ab it --t wanto e mayb-- hi>> tess prt,idens thi pr enesid mt isinore stteren ed i infund lg --iness stteren ed i infunde g thtamilihary t in hes in di fun- ng - mhe'sore te inedrestfu in g ndinnepland ntpare thoodhehan in is nd futhing lie mi.tary ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immy -thisis- th es prt iden-- th this, o,is nry soris, th idpres--ent , no mhe's--ore h no,noe's t te inedrest -- 's hee morinnot sttere- ed - th reis pntside-- is sn doe't tlikeprhis enesidt. fthey aighthend tn'y doket li ch eaer oth. [ rschee a anduspplae ] wh at? 'tarense the s theguame hoys w ewantshnglibe to o ouriafficl ng la?uage ug[ la ]hter
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p up tollsshhat howedim nn wi aing,hend twd croua actlly ar sttoted . boo trand waump kes liee, "sen, ev tsghose lovme." [ htlaugnder ala app]use it wheee shts. [ enaudiohce os ] tsghos. cl" is thev is heerywtore, o. rat a iallyorn flthida is we doek, tnald hrumpn ad a op g eninofact ee thrng you gi carls tlledsahe ued freom ds ki. atakek. loo ne e omieseef frdom ce fa m theusic me cobo on ys ta heke twnm do si pre ddentd onalptrum s knowtohow e mak icamereaa gr t l dea sfromgttrenh g oret cr d ushey ever time ug[ la ]hter
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da esrnedret th dats, ton'they? la [ erught a anduspplae ] ge ust crhed. >> ve stet : gehecruserd evy .time j >>: immyy ever.time neven korth ioreakes liha, "wt e th ihellins go og onver e?ther la [ erught ] ey thlo've onst c."trol whmean cile, farlynaiorise raid esomeowyebrsts yey erda when e sh tsaid uhat,e nlik arhilliny cl ston,cthe ay uall ke liens sp tdingwiime erth h sb huand. di[ au oence]ohs washe kes asoud ab it it n an in ietervtew lar. st lio en t swhataihe s sd toay. >> yo do liu betheve ine cls ton' ahavel reaiamarrge. t >>vehey'n beeiemarrr d foa a lverytiong me. th e ey'v mbeenedarri a fory ver tlongime. >> it so r's amaeal gerria? t >>vehey'n beeiemarrr d foa a lverytiong me. >> s it'ala reri marthage en? u' yoayll st? tha t >>vehey'n beeiemarrr d foa a tlongime. [ htlauger ] im>> jthmy: e ey'v mbeenedarri fo ver a onry lmeg ti. sthentahe s srtedinparkg. ke liy the bhavemaeen d rriefor ve a onry lmeg ti. la [ erught a anduspplae ] li tsteniso th.
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elordapl chpoo relyrtedt sen fl tirtymeext esssagth to e me n xicaesactro s whedhelp him upset i thevinteritew wh an sen. pen in t, facy theverecothred ese mtextgeessas. 'rtheyete prntty itieresng. atakek loohiat ts. t hed,extell "heo? [ htlauger ] sup. do l youcoike e?cain la [ erught ] so trry,wahat ups stid. ug[ la ]hter it us's j'vt, ivee nealr rely ne dos thirebefo. kii'm f nd oounervols, l. oudo ye likarcavi? mn dao auteccorr mt, i teanto y, sayo do keu liai cocne?" la [ erught ] stheneshe redpondh, witw "ne ph one. o wh"dis? la [ erught a anduspplae ] he ot's gga no me. he ot's gga no me. ge ist th. e therreare s port wthat hhilee s waheon t, runhael cotpo g ersurgr y fotierecle sf dyiounctn. i s gueschhis a alupahad tta lirole d.op-a [ htlauger ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] do 'sctorin try hg tohielp m go om frof a selt sh al tod har
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[ htlauger ] esi gu'ss heki looorng f a tta liurle cfoe-o s r hirochur. [ htlauger ] ev tiery e me h otookisff h pa hnts,ide saay, "slo hel to my ll reatty lirile f"end. la [ erught a anduspplae ] pa aplyrent h, he oas ane -ainch.lada la [ erught a anduspplae ] gu i hiess igs ams o wangtaki a a anpermsient .esta la [ erught ] olhe ts d hiordoctha he d a opa flompy so.brer la [ erught ] en wh g hisriirlfsaend , w itshe n rathfor rde boer. la [ erught ] esi guths nowoing could utme o of p hisa,iatma no htterow mu e ch h ibeatt. [ htlauger ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] i t don' -knowdo- i knn't ow. te>> sbeve: mulah!arie j >>: immyusexhated. ha exd.uste
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>> ve ste, : ohosmy gh. c hen'ould tt goghhrou the eltunn. >> im j: my, llfina dy, i kon'tifnow c el ihapovos in wlvedthith is n orbuot, stt lak wee tnearhe te mexas/ bxicor,orde th auieority s sa fthey aound a meshipf nt o aover o tonf ri maa juan wthatisas dedguis to lo ikok lrre caots. h whicaiexplhyns w, now bugs y bunnowis ne, likp, "su?" doc la [ erught ] h wea ave t gi t ve iorup f r the, ootst righ e.ther ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immy sthats oundt.grea k than ryou,.oots gi t ve iorup f r the, oots ybeverody. ho eaw gre t arrothe ots? i velohe tm. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] we e havnta fac asti show to t.nigh mthiss an iunso fny. s,he ico of , urserya ve nttalected abuor, e t onheof t be tast sp nd-udicomei ans have ev eeer sven, er. s he itarse n thhbnew rio sees
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l wehiove m. ev oderybvey lom.s hi ra may ros no i, hereesladi and ge mentlen. [ rschee a anduspplae ] he o 's s.good te>> sheve: o 's sfun. >> my jim m: he makesuge lah. ra d y ane i arg goino to dn a fu thnew laing onter th in owe sh lvinvooling otd phos. an , ywayk sticndarou t forhat. 's itny fun. , plus tfromithe hw shott"prey li lttle."iars p mythal, vee loucly lley ha is jo g ininus. [ rschee a anduspplae ] an gd wereot ggrat, mueat sic fr raom gnommy-teminarfd per orme br candilearli. ee[ chndrs ala app]use te>> syeve: ah! >> my jimys: guda, tofry's iday d an'sthatal usuhely wcan i tch o upmen soso perstnal uff. u yo, knoweci ch ik my, nboxi tu reomrn smae e-ils. [ rschee a anduspplae ] an sed i utnd onk tha n you.otes s i wainrunnbig a hit bend da too y, soui th ight,u f yo ys guld woumin't i'nd, std ju ke liwr to ouite wt myy eekl th yoank teu noghs riw.t no is t tha?okay hais todt go? [ rschee a anduspplae ] an thu k yo mveryuch. pyflopbr somero.
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s >>: teve ayes,enppartly. e.d. j >>: immyuli co td doalhat l gh nit. a heenpparcotly 'tuldn. la [ erught ] y, henk tha v youmuery ch. th asat won a bneus oah, ye. me jaous, y a gothany tounk y no rite w mting, usicseplea? te>> swove: tuw, sd. im>> jhemy: s's atud. he e re wgo. k than tyou,hihe sl rt eo chap wwore hhiles e waheon t, run fo inr beeag grmot cageufla if hihis sdingwapot e s th wa pellpa or inf ne ogothe lden s'girlhr bat.ooms [ htlaugnder ala app]use te>> sitve: oo's gd. it ad's m ve oft.elve >> my jimdi: hin ng ichblane's ba omthro. an thu,k yopl peoo e wh fall le asurep dthing ate st te ofhe un fion,otor nng beie ablto ay stke awa t fornehe or houa ara yet thacayou ten pollntiay pe apn ar oy everr majo vitele nsionrketwo. ge tt itheogetr. wh s at iprthe m?oble st p.ay u
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.said >> my jim.: oh la [ erught ] au [ cediens ooh] [ htlauger ] at thik's lmae a sijor ghp rit e.ther s >>: teve'sthatea a rrol stng si p. >> my jimdi: i tdn't ihink was g goino to d athatl.t al >> ve ste c: el.hapo j >>: immyseexcu me. te>> sfeve: goels od. im>> jthmy: yoank uxu, t, edos r fog beinlymostck bla a and tta lihile wte. th poe op ositeisf thr' yeas rsosca. [ htlauger ] di[ au oence]ohs onnot ace blmik nonee. th yoank ewu, nle appre tv , mote r fog beinnethinler, s, ekerand bevenr etteetat g ltinginost c my souchheomewre.
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'sthatt juso -- st.grea >> ve steca: i don't th anying. j >>: immyn'doesttt maer. e we'rk stuchiwatchang wr teve ishow.t is im>> jthmy: yoank utu, cs,icle sofor ngundie likabadorle ictestles. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] >> ve ste.: oh booh, y. clcuties. im>> jyemy: ah. te>> selve: po cha. j >>: immyriall ght. ug[ la ]hter si [ g ppind soun] s >>: tevestchopick. im>> jthmy: yoank omu, ka,buch befor thing lye one typeaof t at thnd soukes li o onee f th wo thrds opat pon up s then cree bwhenn atmahepuncgus a y.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> jthmy: yoank u, ad heesphonr , fog beininairle av trodel cr,e fodi "i cdn'tome therekeo maen frids." er thu e yoevgo, oderyby. os the e arhamy tounk yes not. we be'll ht rigk bac mwithy ma rn, rayanomo.
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> joumy: rsr fiest gun t wo e thre aemmys wardhifor s fa tintasrkc woth on rye ve pu potvlar w shory"eve body ve loyms ra"ond. tahe sn rs inethe o w hba dram ri seroes frtm macoin se rsesand jmickr,aggeh, yeale cald yl"vin p" iterremiunes s day, br fe 1uary a4th,00t 9:. p.m sepleaco welayme ran romo, ev oderyby.
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>> my jiman: thu k youcso mr h fo in bereg he. ha>> w yt doeaou mn? k thanyou. >> my jimrs: fimet tih witus. soand re we'ch psyed. yo owu kn. >> is it rs, fimet tis., ye im>> jyomy: owu knme, i i an, ve hawn kno f you for aeaew yrs. y >> yeah, weah,, e doo we g abacktl litt.e bi >> my jimnl: "s." we t justhdid weis, e wer, at a w i saatyou ha a c erity wvente di bd inn ostonefor hoely use. u >>h.h-hu j >>: immynefor hoely use. or>> fni denars lechy's y.arit j >>: immyisdennry lea's itchary. ea>> yh. j >>: immy, goshweyou re lk taabing thout ovis mouie y st ju. saw u >>h.h-hu j >>: immyoudo yw kno iwhat'm intalkoug abt? ou>> yta're g lkint aboubithe t di i d? im>> jyemy: yeah, yeah, ah. a >> "boutesevermtt," . esevert. j >>: immy.yeah he>> tie movah, ye. j >>: immyvei hasen't heen t, i n'haveent se it. ot>> nre, hehe's tng thiut abo, i ahaveny funer obsonvati ou ab, t itnobut nyt mapl peoe ha eeve s.n it w ho pmanye eopl shaveeen "e stverehe," tie mover "ev"est?
11:53 pm
se ote, nte quiug enoh. >> my jim.: no la [ erught ] a >>hend touy shld. fi ofrst , all ait'sat gre e.movi j >>: immy.yeah ec>> sofond , alle'ther s a, scthe aenesnbre uvaelieble. th e ey' mre evest. bu e t th umostienbele vable scen e to m awas, wnd ipeant ople wh veo han see tthisuco voh tthatishis e. tru at wh a i'm tbouty o saruis te. th ceis sapne hd.pene guthe reys ati geteang ro dy t b climmothe inunta. ey thon're e lik cbasetwamp o, d an'rtheyvie haarng, toundhe ficampanre, shd joli bron's accharister ki talo ng tthe gu ys. heand s, goeac he lytuals say dthisguialoe. eli feit a lgutle biltyseecau i otforgte to y ll m iwife was in doisg th. he go for tt tohiell fes wi he clwas ngimbi e mt.stvere. li [ laght erught ] thand , at'senlistme to . enlist. my e wiftacons tntly mellsm e i' wothe corst icmmun iatore n th wo rld. i'no, t.m no [ htlauger ] im>> jmtmy: er. evest. >> io ser, usly?what re hey 's mg.thin at whld coubi be ?gger
11:54 pm
i s guesi if, s guesif aneilrormst wng'swaife s tc wa thingoohe mndn laaning d iwas,ats thl? nei is t? tha la [ erught a anduspplae ] t isdahat ddy? iwhat ds he?oing me i i an, t don'.know , lookn'i doowt kn y howour wi ifes. bu it ifge for tt tomyell e wif i' inm go pg topolay orker me sog.thin j >>: mre evest. ha>> t nt isooot gd. it ot's nd. goo j >>: immy ybut,e ou'v been iemarroud, ybe've aren m aried nga loe tim rnow,?ight >> . yes >> my jimw : ho?long 8,>> 2ye 28 ars. im>> j28my: rs yea. fgoodouor y. 'sthatd. goo [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> nk tha. you >> my jimat: than's fictast. on>> lmeg ti. ho chw muy , foyou? im>> jeimy: yeght ars. ig>> eeaht yrs. >> my jimgh: eiart yer s fome, ah ye. >> y, okayo so nu'reroot py babl t atoihe phent w'mre i at. gh[ liugt la ]hter ati'm re, hehe's w are im. 'sherere whear we te inhe rr ma.iage be e caushein tin beg, ning, it's in b thenieginitng, in's k d of li ouke yo i drono wng. in b thenieginf ng oa
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nnbegiofing ar a me.riag we e havsecroserd ovyo to n u ca o do nt.righ u yodocan ri no ght. la [ erught ] j >>: immycayou nn dogho rit. >> us i jcet i it he's t i way.t is i' ivll gu e yoxaan e.mple ecperfamt exple. e shwawas ngtchiov a mn ie iour ho wiuse y th mersistla in w. th erey wtce wa ahingie mov. i 'twasnch watiting . wa i lks wathing h,rougng goi to th tce kihen. i sknowikhe lopes p.corn i htolduner, cisoli ted, un cisolii ted , saidgoi'm nna go th to tce kihen. i' rill boung yk bac some po n,pcorwh to shich ide sal , al gh riutt, bng briug enoh. la [ erught ] adalrey. sh s e waadalred y ma ithat 'thadnug bronoht eugh. im>> jjumy: eist bicng nd e an fe of hringoper p.corn >> , yesyes. j >>: immyani meme, co on. xa>> e.ctly ce one , ththnew thing etat gs s me i wwhenlke tath on e ph wone,lke tath on one phe e, w t geondiscednectth on lle ce e.phon lli ca r her bightack. an e d shs pickndup as, goet wha wa ats th? [ htlauger ] an m d i', like dwhatu o yo?mean we on're el a conl phe. otwe gco distennecd.
11:56 pm
i and lyrealwa, i o nt ttosay r, he k youwhnow at? goyou .t me knyou haow wlit i o ke tdo? li i o ke t ttalku,o yo i andn e thlemidda of ensentjuce, st ng haan up end thl calriyou ght .back ug[ la ]hter im>> jthmy: hat'syoow, u ug m bui'm , sted.yeah ut>> bwo it rks. orit wks. >> my jim w: it, orks.yeah w wetaere g lkint,abouas i w ke lide, dulo, i heve trd bea. wh gat's ooin'n? d anreyou'e, lik d i'm toinghe "showl.viny" es>> y. j >>: immyi and whgo, at's g goinon? sayou arid msctin seorse and jmickr'aggevos in, lved it's ab thout c e re-- i thgo, s is i"enot boverydy ve loyms ra"ond. >> on i dno't kw w hooni'm it, i and t don' hknow gow in ot o sthishow. 's itco so itol, he's tle coost sh ow. im>> jyomy: gu're ireat.n it i >> nt's,nlot o iy iscot a ol ow shdo, i fi my trst,ishis t nouga pllk, fos. isths iwaa inrng. gh[ liugt la ]hter ai do s sex.cene i sdo aceex sne. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s. ye , nono. no . no. im>> jnomy: , , nono. >> s youee? no , , no'sthat s them.itco th tce sii om, dhavesione tcom sex. u yoinget a bedound yr hea--
11:57 pm
en sce. la [ erught ] th nat'sboot h. hb 'mo, ili teloung y y, ifou, li , stenouif yw knorome fm ve "edyryboes lovmo raynd" is epseode jven,goust li bowng. go li bowng. gh[ liugt la ]hter j >>: immylyreal? >> th on ewis nw. sho nui'm i'de, kem na -- im>> jismy: we it ird? i >>vet's eiry wrd. ve trry sulessf. >> my jimu': yootre t, ally reyou'ed nakng dois? thi i >>ot'm t, allyknyou ow, yo gu've-ot - ug[ la ]hter im>> jthmy: ine thg. ou>> y t gotoche sk. u yothgot cke song thi. knyou thow, cke soth, wi - the- >> my jimdo: i knn't ow. n'i doowt kn s thethock ing. wh o at dmeyou yoan, veu ha a so a ck? >> s it'edcallah, ye's, it edcalloc a sk. d an -it's- im>> jyemy: yoah, t u goe th-- >> s it'alactuerly vy at flngterin whepuyou ot itn. [ htlauger ] im>> ji my: togot k loo into tthis.hing go i getta .t it >> e' here s thg.thin 's ity vere nervinrackg. it on's cngfusi w, isa hat sex en sc.e is ca be yuse,e ou'rlasimu, ting reyou'ul simg atinsex.
11:58 pm
bu dt he kon'tthnow at. ug[ la ]hter >> my jim's: he a notton acr. >> no. im>> jhemy: ot's nac an tor. t>> io ry t htelli im, f brie him. >> my jimah: ye. i >>ef bri a him oheadmef ti. >> my jimu : yof brieuphim u , yo y, sa't donn', do ft bed.oole >> h butlle fae s, hs fallfor e it tveryime. la [ erught ] u yo wknowithat is? yo owu knt whas?it i lit'splike g ayinica tr ak on do a g. 's ite, like lik ywhenou et prtoend ow thr b theall. us ca'se itot a l -- j >>: immy, yeah, yeah, yeah .yeah nd>> ae' here s thg.thin 's it o nota nly scsex ene. 's ithr a tmeeeso. 's ithr a tmeeesoay, ok. linow -sten- di[ au hence ]oots ok ay. bbut,t'ut iw s m an rd, ibeemem wr, itoent one of o the athers ctorheon t ow shd , anknyou ofow, rs coue, 's ite likuda stod, goki loong to acr. an asd i hked,yoave eru ev had rea the.esom
11:59 pm
aihe sved fisi or x. idhe dknn't heow tbe numr. [ htlauger ] idhe dknn't - ow -idhe dn't kn owow hy manesthre homese ha d. n'i do dt, i uon'tstnderand. n i carsunde ytandonou dno't kw mahow omny wouen ysl've ept wi buth, w t ho tmanysohreemes. wo i knuld haow tt. uli woowd knct exaly. la [ erught ] wthat bouldkee liin ask g me mahow imny taves hu e yo ifelln ic qud.ksan knyou haow wmet i an? la [ erught ] j >>: immyreyou ermembve it ry we ll. >> , yesouof crse. >> my jimry: vel. wel yo meu re fmberngallio int ic qud.ksan bu ist th a is,sas i grid, eat op penvle id.olve hit'sbo. >> h. yea >> my jimt : bu dthey fon'tool ndarouo., hb th peey shend tey money, the mak gr steat uff. an u d yomigot agck jbeger hind u, yoti marorn sc.sese t'>> iess awome. 's itaw an e.esom it g's a sreathow. bb bonny cae'avale s im>> jbomy: cabby alnnave's fa tintasc. y >> yeah,eah. im>> jitmy: et's sth in 0se '7, aits'or recbed lal. >> i and at is o lotouf, ye wer ki jobong an ut i myourogonolue ou abe t thincocae. i t snort a loakof fcae coine. j >>: immydoyou ? >> . yes lo ft ofhoake s.oker >> my jimke: fake hoors?
12:00 am
ug[ la ]hter o,>> n no. rsacto. s. ye >> my jimey: thca're lled rsacto. avwe hcle a erip he. ithisy s ranoromahb in neo's w es" ltake aat took his. k >> loo ti wanting o brin corsjoe o. cor >> aso's thug. >> don youno't k.w that yo n't u do tknowhat. oohe's gd. 's hed at goot whas.he doe th yoat's, ldu shousay n't in thboutgs apl peoate thou y don' owt kn. you know, he's, he'she b test pr n omotio tman inusinhe bess. 4 >> 1stradio aationss cros ev joery markr manoet, int willg p toany lay urof os. album it will spread like a [ bleep ] leukiaem. s >> it'kenot jotchi, rie, 'r weing e goe to brubank iptn a a ntmoh. [ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyovwe late th. y ranoromaer, evy.ybod yl"vinem" prs iereaysund, fe rybruah, 14t9: at .m00 p . on hb o. wh e en w bcome rack,nday a i goare toing so do inmethn.g fu st arick .ound
12:01 am
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12:02 am
mihura. isths iodmy bofy of pro! laqwhena.uintndcom segs crailson wiea a r ydy forrtou ale the ndsecooo his r ream isdy,ya now kwhat he becomes? ea gropt pr! osals let'ortalk move oler gf. gr eat. abhow overout ni tens? en evter. bet game a ng chaer!
12:03 am
12:04 am
af lac. h ohh afah alac! laaaaaf-c! ta-d aa! 'she a noter vody go anmagici. aid he plamy c im in d e daony?! h! sh dohow does he it? jus ine t onday, we ce proprss, apd ove anpay.
12:05 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use im>> jwemy: e lcom, back ybeverody. y ranoromaht rige. her [ rschee a anduspplae ] hi w s nesehbo , riesyl"vin," pr reemiebrs fe 1uaryat4th 00 9:. p.m no ayw, r i andre a about to pl fay aneun, gaw .me it's time for "explain this
12:06 am
rehee w.go xp e tlainphhis oto im>> jsomy: ic bas, allyrebefo shthe i ow, t don' wknowe hy w ag treed to do bhis,e ut w ap swceped holl p anes,e nd w ok lohred t eoughotach s her' ot phbuo alms. an fod i sound icme ps tureon pyour, honei and k thinyou un fomed soto pho ms onony phe. >> id i d. j >>: immy--and t tha sneedome aiexpl.ning >> h. yea 'rtheylie a cttlesionfuheng wn yo oku loth at yeem, ah. j >>: immy gveryood. w, noe i'vyogot hour phene, re. he thre, s is ihomy phene, re. is thth is rse fit -- i >> h maytoave g puteslass . on hais tint go rg tothuin t e bi if ut i pss glan?es o im>> jnomy: u , yopucan t seglas.s on yo n u cahado wr tevewayou nt. i but jucan host s tw itu.o yo , heren i carideschabe wont's .here ithisphs a --oto [ htlauger ] wh - at -wecan a getse clo-up? i >>a t's t greantmomemy in li acfe, lytual. ait'sat green momt. j >>: immy wnow,ishat ar -- e yo u -- hais tnnt ke?y g. am ro i wng? t >>s hat'y kenng. do i knn't f ow ie theranare y lf goiners a thencudieute, b
12:07 am
juhad onst w b theshritin. ope is that is bl pebace beerh whe i pl n ay iprthe .o am d angeyou e t thetclar, jugyou ge e t thetclar. 's ite likstthe y anlecup. >> my jim, : ohosmy geah, yh. s >> ao weadll hdr to soink me wi utne oth of are cluget j. d ant i goe to bsthone w, itas a lelittit -- a wases str sful mo bmentseecauon i dri't dnk, d ana i'm opgerm, hobeknyou ow. j >>: immymyoh, dn gooess. >> s, pluav i hmae a usn cr h on ph icil monkels. >> my jimd : any kenng. >> l, welny kenwa g. ers th e to ca e lm m.down knyou haow wmet i an. la [ erught ] j >>: immylepeop o getf ut o co l.ntro ea>> yh. im>> jyemy: thah, akat mes se nse. d>> i don't brinkseecauno -- t ca beofuse ny ken b g.,o,ut n ll wetu, ac, allyheno, 's la retoted l thetiast me i an dr gk, ieaot rdrlly aunk,nd i twente o throbathom. d anari stheted g ariny kenng. t inathe bm.hroo d anali re, izedpii'm g ssinin e thatelevor. la [ erught ] j >>: immy'sthatn wheknyou ow u yotogot p. sto at thhe's wu n yo yknowotou g to st op. [ htlauger ] >> th by y,e waov i lnne key g. me i hean, g's afrood oiendf ne mid , anvei lo m his.usic
12:08 am
pe>> sg akinusof mic. ea sp okingsif mu fc, i ound .this >> my jimay: okca, i pln exain is th. hi>> this, teds nelis a ttle pl exioanatn. im>> jalmy: ghl rioot, lk. l alt,righi so t spen -- i -made- f >> oirstl,f alth is at a a ?cake im>> jitmy: ot's nak a ce. is tha is taturn ible,at's pi a e ctur.disc >> s it'ctan atuual blrntae. im>> jthmy: s is ier-- hthe's e ut trh. t ifwehis yore, owu kn, y 20 aearshego woure y t hado e us ifilme n thracameis, th ot phulo wo edn't.xist th cte faan i ce tak 00 1,ot0 phn os oelmy conl phe noand alt reorly wbory at,ut i 'sthat t whyphhis exoto .ists i ahaveor rec vd, a inyl st lig enin iroom hn my tousehat sti li- en -i and thgot is co rerord f um my.ncle wa i is --a t's urpictsce di of ba marry w'niloeas gr htestits. y >> bwathe ly, imeove e som y barrlomaniw. j >>: immydni dino't kw w ho hmanyits. uit'sienbele.vabl i and liwas insten g to br"day"eak. it l was--ike s adathe eay br ks im>> jyemy: yeah, ah. i sos t wa sthat aong, nd i
12:09 am
, i go'sthatan a fictastg. son an end thus i jt t goanentrced isby hnn spiheing ndad aus i jt akto tpie a e.ctur arso bi ry, yknowreou a tc wa.hing if h youanave rey motu picre sc diens, semd thr. ove wo i lould o ve t tplay hem, 'rtheyrye veta fan.stic >> k and gennyoo., t. >> my jimd : any kennifg., you ve haic a p dtureasisc l. wel l alt,righla exphiin tots pho. at wh-- is t? wha [ htlauger ] hwhatneappered he? he>> ty onli way excan n plai at th p is,t ut i wthisay. ywhenwiour s fe ingmaki pa esncakve, ney,r saer "whe's ne mits, fao?" la [ erught ] >> my jimat: thot's ne. tru 'sthat t notrue. y >> bwathe y. th s is il.viny is thvi is renyl-d.late e th tcool ahing tbouthohe sw, n'i doowt knt whanethe xt is episode d , an jtheytoust ld hme io ad ta get thpros etic no adse me. an ged i att be up. thand reey by ak m.nose an dod i knn't f ow iknyou ow, bu hat i dd to no myinose se nsctio. ye ah. ug[ la ]hter
12:10 am
j >>: immyasit wenn't ough as pltoter er covr youe whol anosecet on. >> y thetohad er covir the as plter. , okay where.e go is th i onee, lik. too ye thah, neis otr, i toied gu fiutre o. ug[ la ]hter >> my jimse: i hint toms fr my it wroner, oe ofriur w atersnd my t besndfrie. th s is ifimid-rist, heght re. he wre'shahat edppen. th mat'sthy ba iroom n my es dr rsing toom,ishis ru a te y.stor it m wasrty bi.hday an wd myr ritendfrie h wasg idin m inthy ba wroomthith ghe lits fooff our ab mt 20esinut. [ htlauger ] wi cth a mlownanask y arm ja acket rnd akneal ife. la [ erught ] d anashe weo vidngtapi-- as so wa i ilked tn, ithurn ghe lits , ond annti wepu to thnch e n.clow yeand ah. t >>s hat' fyourd?rien j>>myimhe: m'sbey fstenrid. , yeah.yeah rdgera. y >>noou khaw, w ct, a wlownith a e knifcais sbury, obt pr ably smore, caryowa clthn wi a una pl bger,seecaun theyou do knn't haow wstt jupe hapned. [ htlauger ] j >>: immyknyou ouow y't don nt wage to vot in ilvedatn wh st jupe hapned.
12:11 am
d an othis- ne - jit'sodust d. ex n plai tthis, o meusbecae ok loyo at usur mthcle ere. >> h. yea >> my jimt : bu hlookigow br you mu isclehes, tre. yocan e?u se y >> peah,ofart t thay is m wi hfe'sead. j >>: immycoi reedgnizr you fe wiea's hutd, bn the-- >> e' here s thd weir iparts i t can' ctaket redithfor at mu bscleseecaulo it lioks ke i t gon a gue.ther im>> jyemy: ah. >> i andnot's t. at whpe hapisned ro i bheke t nd ten on iicmy bipep rped. , wellipit rgrped lladuaiky, le it e torkeand eapt t aring li a mttle aore,tl litree mo. an ted afe r on tday,ushe mcle fjust.alls an u d yowhget cat'sd alle pe pousye m.cles geyou t -- ey thua acthally cve ationdion edcalley popsce muhele woure y iflext. p itupops d , anooit likks le u' yotrre song. im>> jyomy: n u cahado tt? d>> i kon'tifnow c youeean s t itghhrou j thet,ackeou thrgh th ole coth leaer. la [ erught ] j >>: immyyocan keu ta the ckja oet?ff ou>> yt wanctto ay uallou-- y wa o nt tthsee sce mule? ee[ chrs ] wh uly wodod i s? thi y whd woulowi shde my itformy
12:12 am
[ rschee ] no . nono, , , nono. >> my jim, : ohoomy gs.dnes , guys ithisiss epsiode x of "v ."inyl ug[ la ]hter >> n no,o. >> my jim's: itti getheng tre. y >> bwathe t'y, it s notypret. n'i doowt kn i whyho'm s wing .this wh uly wou d yo twante o se?this im>> jwemy: r canatecree e th ph oto. >> av i hkne a scife n ar omy as s. wayou o nt tthsee at? ug[ la ]hter im>> jnomy: ve, sat thafor ne imxt te. vesaha tfot ner >> wh so ouat y-- is w no, ait, ithissts ju it. an end thn whepoyou , p itit co upmes . ch [ ]eers im>> jalmy: ghl riett, lge me t eamy h td >> y oh,anou w -t to- >> my jimah: yeah, ye. [ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyroray , mano ybeverody. ocomeivn, g ue itr p fo this y. gu hlucyisale h witheus w n we me cok. bac ra may rogono, ck che out "v ."inyl se urt yoo tivt righnow.
12:13 am
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doyon't wau hant t t okindn?f brai a eedegrs igra yo onu're gtna wanmeon sokee li me. t onbu ilyyou f veha bra
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> joumy: xtr nest guers sta on h they ugellapopuowr sh re "plitty lttle,"iarsch whi tairsayuesd 8s atp.:00 n m. o fofreerm. at thig's rfrht, rmeefo. th s at inethe mew na a forbc lyfami. ey thng chaheed te nam tlikewo da goys a. n sot'ow ills careed fm,efor ju n st i ycasee ou'r, liket "wha e is hintalkoug abt?" ait'sambc f nily,'so itle cald fr rmeefo. now tu ysesda8: at .m00 p. pl weasemeelco p oural, hlucy lale,ieadans d ntgemelen. ch[ rseend app ausla]e j >>: immy'sthatt whai'm ta g lkint.abou hey. loyou orok gs.geou t >> yhankorou f f theorreefm sh ouout-t. th ble putsicis p areblrobay hvery aappy tbouthat. >> my jim, : oh -good.- no syourishow sh cruiting . t >> yhankou. d anvei lo it. i' bim a n g faouof yrs. t >> yhankou. u yoouobviknsly 'mow ian a f of asyou l. wel i' em soedxcitbe to e. her m i'kifreautng o. >> my jim, : nosepleaea, plse, ea plse.
12:18 am
fo bere. >> no i kecw, b oauseurn yo w! "eit" skn whesayou id re "plitty lttle" iarslli fe t ouy of mr.chai j >>: immy'sthatfa my tevori ow sh. >> et "pritty llitle "ars. im>> j"pmy: y rettlelitt ar lis." ug[ la ]hter mit'svoy fa sritehow. hlucyale. o >>y h, m.gosh j >>: immy.yeah o >> s.good im>> jfomy: osr tho e wht don' kn ouow yu', yorore fmpm me his, h whicneis omy of or favite esplac. i juwas hest tre. >> ea i hourd yed lik it. im>> ji my: -love's- itt jus inamazg. ait'st lmos olikef ut ovia moe t. se >> s it'lyrealar -- u e yoan s elvifan? j >>: immyt.gian yoare ddu kiing? d >>ouid yto go ce gra?land >> my jimdi: i t d nobego, e caus injustbe time rlakheis ts re a ll we. t.>> j [ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> ji my: n'haveent evn bee h toouis hse. so me, i i'an, itm wa iing,'m go toing rt stare the t andhen t goaco grd.elan t bus i ha gsomebaood uerbec ov heer tre. he>> tt. bes ezrend.vous >> my jimnd: reusezvobe barcue. ll>> aht rigu , yo tneedy o tr nt cebaral uerbect nex time reyou're the. im>> jokmy: ceay, l.ntra t >>s rumpezrend, vousyep. j >>: immylyreal? >> hm mm-m.
12:19 am
>> e som sgood.tuff >> my jimey: thl maio it t you, th eney s id ite n th nmailow. >> y the wshipwiorldde. im>> ji my: , meannowhy t? d>> i kon'thonow atw thks wor. >> my jimwo: i lould peve o ning up am an bazonitox wbsh ri in th ere. j >>soust eame mt. >> my jimat: than's fictastm , i' ke liy , whnot? >> e lov mthateat. ah ye. >> my jim y: soe ou'rmpa mehis rl gi. i >> y am,eah. j >>: immyn'i doalt reealy hr e thntacce. i t don' thearouhe sn.ther >> no i kw. mso i toveda.o l.n whes i wa , 15 mwithm.y mo yoand owu knmo, i foved r ngacti. an wed i o nt tupa cole tiaudianons d d ha, likeanot st a arongt,ccen a buttl lite ut so dhern.rawl an had i td toacake cent du ren ctioseclas gs toidet r of my en acct. j >>: immythbut ouat sn ther ce acs nt iutso ce. lepeopld woue lov.that i >>sot's et swekn, i i ow, .know it es com a outtl litene wh i'm re ti ad or.ngry >> my jimre: ti ad or.ngry t >> oiredgrr any. >> my jimu': yoikre li.e, h >> , heyl.y'al j >>: immy yhey,.'all >> h, yea t butnehe ong thil i'l ve neser loy' is all. wai alayys sll y'a. im>> jyomy: .u do ea>> yhah, t nt'll gevero. >> my jim, : nocayou lon't -se - y >>otou geeta k.p it j >>: immy, yeahy,sorren acct du ren ctiosecours. ye yoah, n'u cat t geofrid al y'l. do evn't ryen t it.
12:20 am
vei lo it. t >> yhankou. j >>: immytt"pretty liiale lrs" heis te namhoof sw. at whhi i ts nk i okindnnf fuy, th otat nll reainy lyt g bu ut trh. >> t wha lam i aying?bout >> my jimll: weur, yoe namt isn' >> o oh,kay. , wellmelet la expin. , okayn karectis ay uallmy fi narst me. j >>: immy, wello.hell mthat bightmee sog thin -- i in thatk thht migso be inmethg. ocome'an, yll. me i -an - >> e comy'on, all. j >>: immys let'reget al, al y'l. la [ erught ] im>> jrimy: noght dw, i on't ev noen ko w whtai'm g lkinto, lu r cy on.kare ou>> yne'll knver ow. >> my jimll: i'er nevw. kno k >> iaren as my eltergo. >> my jimer: thsoe's h muc ermystouy arhend tw, sho s ando ani meis, a t thadoyou n't -want- j >>: immyyes. >> . yes >> my jimd : anasit w -- ev oderybw y sait. it us's je t thtegreast. t bun'i dontt waru to t in ifor lepeopt than'havee t seit. ng bitce wah. >> ht rigay, okol, co. im>> jbumy: u't yop re uto onseas, sixnow. yoand ndu kiju of tmpede o th refutu. >> ha we ve. h we yave,noou korw, f s theix ye onars s the ihow, was inplayteg a erenag. e'so wowre n 23. we mu're isch wbuer, aht ye , we iepremonred sd tueanay, d we
12:21 am
j >>: immywoyou pen a 'sople cechoird awa. racongtitulafoons atr th be e causdeyou edserv it. t >> yhanko ou s.much [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimll: weer desved. w >>vee ha b thefaest n ns ithe d.worl j >>: immydoyou e havt grea .fans t i goayto s. p >>onassiate. im>> jthmy: ovey late th'r youe ngcomith on owe shit, twanter d er evngythiap, sn, chatlepeop gwere noinguts. ou>> ye werintell tg met o ge naon st.pcha miyou haght onve cedvinc i me, n' doowt kn. im>> jitmy: un's f. do i knn't eaow rwhlly t at i s.mean do i thn't yoink edu ne it. i k thin fyours amoughenout , bu sn atapchu', yooire go ng tbe lyrealou fams. >> ig i meeht n dd to.o it im>> jyomy: owu knt whakei li ab goout toing a thes,ward did yo tu goe o thlepeopho's cice dsawar? y >>es. j >>: immyyodid etu mebo anydy th ouat yn' didowt kn a was, fan an wyoneurho touned bt toe a fa a n? 'c tauses hat'e wherini thk, h, oot' thaets prooty cl. w >> tell,wehey n re ifrthe ont w, roth so adey hcl to buap, t rasandlo bulndck a le elgen des nere lwere ike, t righhein tnt frod , an they d stoondup app claored f us, an atd th r wasy eall.neat j >>: immy?what , ohosmy gnbh, uvaelieble. >> dy san i b.,e lovsoher ch mu. >> my jimnd: sa ay b.llnd e.en d me i yean, abah, tesoluly. ug[ la ]hter knyou haow wtrt's ?ippy obotheif thmer nae s arn.kare ug[ la ]hter
12:22 am
j >>: immy uread'ap, yll. 's ite. tru ocomen. u yoa gott bcomeack. w>> iill. >> my jim y: doanou w ht toang ou t? w>> itoant th do w!e "eit" sk. >> my jimt': le "s doew!" >> my jim!: ew w!>> e j >>: immytt"pretty liiale lrs" ai uers ts sday:0at 8m.0 p. on at whth is at? xt ne. k sticouar, nderevodyby.
12:23 am
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12:25 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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