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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ll hiclary n,into b nie ersandin makdeei thour r da toy. >> he> tat defh oelnintosca,ali hias sle colsagueem remrbe m,hi a nastyig fhtr ove the smeupre u conrt i w the oake hfis ss pa ing. a vnd atialen dne'say fo streca tolove. will it cnuonti iento rrtomova es prt'idenys dan daholi wsne y3,r ouatwer hethauitor y. > >>d gooineveng erev. yone m i' gd erarlhramao. e theresis lgerak weemaince th ire fst t inehe wstem dtiocrac ca esucus. th wiat thn i mind,bo thil h lary toclinndn ani bernde sa aersre in as leg vasod tay headlining ra iell. s 'lwe sltart with vermontos senators sanders. ohe tigampas ke pacst gy iumnast ms agha hioo schl. he iv arrn es idanevae aft r a ngstroto vic ith norndbou rt nondhbouee a wo.
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iv unlersa hecaalthre. he \ldio alscaadvofrted c ublise co e llegthfor those anat wtoted a get icpublca edu. tion anhe w ttedgeo iistis he sword h who avea . much il>> mnslioe havuoot t st and ,up comeet togher andak me t iar cle that theov genernmtf o e thte uniatd stes ofme arica ve ha got t rntrese of .us n usot jht te bigpa camign te vors. >> h> tede sanrs caiampgn mesti tatedhero cwd at 2100 lepeop. r ouf jefas w th. ere s hio reprt cgomin upnito ght. > >>so al upt a 006:, hryilla in cl htonas aly ralit rarisy th en ev. ing ourha natnn o'eal iso ging ro th tugheche syuritep swe er the. ieearl sr,he met withre deram d anheot irsthn enenedava eadrrsmero bhtugn ieth uur il lllegaefy bthore gee ad
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eg bean hr rksemary b monentiing e thea d othf jtiusce alscia. sh yse sasi pre odent nbamaow has ethes rnspoilibyit tloaat ne so emeontero tarsc 'saliaan vacnc d an stheteenaie o actn e th uesprenidst' >> a largeil famy a'mnd ie sur th reey aeldiinau sble)rtuppom em th. t buhein tiltaup s rememco be ecauss it' quud(inaleib,) th e'er bll most supik l a, ,tie fl tooro r,floo o pue isshs t ecaffo t s pmanyeeoplronur o trcouny. b othnt clindon ade sanrs so alsp okeel v atorictonsi misyonaresfect ba tptisan as,urch tfore caafriern-am icanrecongogati sh oue t ocheden th ecnomitamb st leruggncs siee thce ren.ssio sa pyingesrogrn beee madmi mbut norebe to
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in m thetieanme by geeorg louis of gigeora. d antoclinasn h ba es str sing therth to meck blamu com to gutinor endntsemekes li the shone ece redeivm frohe. ouisst > >>cothe gulleaf es oicjuste to anscnin srn mouo at deodh tti jusceut rh gi begsnning bura side shwas be ndoud b wdies jithceustisos more than 30ar ye il whhoe t smas ht's inimaghee te wourtutitho my ie frnd. e h pdasse awayt alo a h rancexin t the ownerf oeth erprop jty,ohn pt oinxtdeer, kknocned o his dootr ao en 9 oco'clk. he t noan ber, ou th nghtngothie ot it athe ti w hek bac a atndroupo 11oco'clno cno k acked,gainondh wite
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he wnt ihr tough aid se ordo.
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mo grnin int ac rnsespoibly lypara wzeddos us jght ei mb me. erspov.] >> or rep ter:h witl welr oveco re thyue hisndat lefn rnsceoffi, pr enesidamt obaya ses h y en pln al toe nats_ cc suresso. d an s theeenatas hnt pley of me tido to its jobd an aovppre it s icjuste. ifjennoher jnsonew ns3.
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we deken j in a juniy sta retheil unton seceuartr th fesonekwe 's heth in ame souailhsings hi n. so e th leread ofn ae armdbu groupr* oc pycug inwia lild fefure. ge a he was arrested oned wsdne ay ghni wtnhee hedrriv in po anrtlrod fm v las tegasoit vis ns so a bmmonyund and ryan y.bund\l a el d014nd sta fof. at hisir foust crt arappee,anc a he fskedor\l a aourtntppoiar to at, rneyjuthe sadge heid s nt wato ed e sean fin cial medocu ntst.firs >> >l welay toddinlente's da y. it ls's aeso prt'ideny s da enweekd. th asat h t y busue at th ae clourk c mgeria ce liaubure. ey the havnbeeficiin givrsloweo ev erye on huph cohale tt ce re aivesri marncen licse du tringehe newxt fia dys. th fe o ifice aor decgatin
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ea ch ceouplel\sh witiejntvalesine'a dre th emedmatramst d th aey suror mane thante o,000 rr ma liageseicensnn ayuall and th iesyp taliclyhe t b iiestn e ththe . tion 01in 2or4, mane th o onefut o ma gerria iu.the tack pl c in clarky.ount > >>sinpeakfg o en val'stine y dall stime coalpecie e sharr thei wloves no a ec spy up grope of tople. oday sgeessalespf ou\gre popup
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of > >> 100sf ous thosand ofpl peoe ergathed sayund asop penc frais ouhe whald wst waec expted to be h isig bgestnt evef o hisiv fe da ry tipo t me. xico a massn i a crimeid rdenre a ian xi meco tyci. e thge huut odoor sceervi , he toldxime,cansre theld cou be no al di woguethith e videl. hepo ske otu aingats mg druier tr anade sod asedciatle vio
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heof te' popsis vit. hi mms co centsasame br he y iefl rtdeparoed frem pdparema re rks. masss hr^a it w ilinfect bd rdmus,erid kppnaing and toexiorty bimcralingsan. >> ol> pntve haromieteraned sp suusicioic devse ie safr ey thve hao eo rnpe aed rental car fa tycili. d anur sdiroun rng aoadst the teinatrnnaio slnu .port w itoas f uund anderla sosen ri th e thanfbi tea bur au ofollcohen an bad tococco f andrmireads ansol ex ivclosooes lgkin in lhat pyoccut lasup occ the clvehinde are whewa it nt reed. th eis drycove oef thic deveid d not affect flight to the orairpt. th aey sheid t sunrt por ope ated as l.usua > >>l wel datoy, in cseaou y dn di'tea reliz . it it isal vneentida's y. c it aouldlso beel lony for si ngle oppele. ea ahd,n oe teenen wt tore gat
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rl gii\er w len'tu o outt j to s day'brcelen.atio w >>d e hadsclou n and orth s,wind h buttoard pl com ou ab t 74 . 78 t las iyeare s thrdrecoh. hig ewe'rng goi b toite h 7ting8
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an mpd teureratshes we s ar inpushmpg teureratowes dn rt fu her. lepeop b are teingtoold it lim ei thimr tattse ouaside h muco ss po. ible we omll sdse ki o outcf um il ch'sdrenpi hos gtal ot a ispecvaal inlent ve'stisimdonytoda. e thbajai rwshss. m da.danevand. a li mttlenis. ustted ateser we mpaccodanie by othere pagant gadele ttes tausyhe derelived ntvalesine' tsreatolre the. is th a isead trnitio l ongom itsummaien sdh tis year they li dedveree mor thanif30 gt bsag rfohe t . kids d anry eveonea ws all sesmil for the sioccaon. >> ll> a ghri e timheto c itin we h thheweatthr auy.orit 'r welae geou'rho co ast. we e likasorecst juo iway. t >>wahis tsn'tines h foof streca. hoi tughtt ildwoue b a little iesunnr. th ine wrds aoe mre nsintee. tbu 74 or f a hmh i' gotoing to t airanoo minmplats.
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th reey're alady sintartg to. th i winke'reoi gong t gotl pary ou cldy niover ght. rr cuy,entl9 6 ow dn oen th p.strind a thnor,or nstthwe nd wi at . nine th e eaar's fyairldr y. we nst,weorthinst w14ds w , no13 t atelhe taemen ry. 66 .m is thal is ol onxcur evelusis we r athenebug rkt wo. rt not hwess wind4at 1. fl inow mug dndo ad sandellhi. 's itil sta the. we h've wad ,24 25il mes pe urr ho stsudaine. rr cuy entlinlookgt aou dble di sgitth in the nor va. lley th sis i cihangsng a ieaspk. yo anu c see, the rpaiort,14 s mileper ,hournd ait whel nlis weas ll. andem tatperurese genyrall ou arhend t 70 , markaee ittle ol couter oth to ste we. mm suaner lisd tore phitty t gh ada v
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an lid a mttler ildeouat sstthea 2at 7. p inmpahru. u yon caopdrha ta t .slecoup in a 48e t tht mounlechar ston ri ver. 'slete takoo a lowk dhen t re . gionso iaffic vrtirpo 64 r ove t inhe city of langes, 58 inon re and 41 int sal kela. he sre' c theoldf stu bfkac here. ani me l,ook atnoasrthet. gerard ralamhoho s ywedhou tat de vio. tnowhe snsow't ou andtheig b i chll mngovi. inre the a is me s.r oveal appanachiin cha d anelssennelo. wellpi no we ke're g epinyean ee he . re atthid dot nak mite ow d nrehe ex epcn ie thrmfof oouclo co r veouas y s canee. th ore stacm trink go sg tototay noour rth. and dirty high pressureoi gong t ukeepais f drly ry and tueven bally ureak, dsclouultho tgh ikhiny' the 7u aro1 oo oniover. ght howe s buld p tlys dyclou
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ep ke t theraempes ture fup a ew ed il stetl prhity cotlly inher hr pa ump. 52but bo in r ulde. cityaqe m i' ysureanou ce liv twith tdown. here n 55 ifflayon, lyn 3 and 8 in anindiin sprg. th hiese toghs owmorrry, very, ve . nice l in 7 the d0-75e egree rang in. anta so asme cares w mer. n 76 itooverd n an idownimn prm. ol con er ispthe s 7 pe ups r 40ghtonieet britzy wh rt paloly cskudy ies. m1520 pilesouer hndr wis. to owmorrl reanily s ge sh waoningtir's baythd esprenid'stda y. inameoat whed sl. will n retheurl wil a betes pty kiin wd at me tis. i t don'kthinl it'el b allh t htoug os cloe t . 49 at 7p.:00 m. wn dom froat thft aonerno high. if yreou'di hea ungp to mount ch starle ion, at's daholiy. a ltof opl peoep uer the boarding and sk. iing 70 atd re rock.
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th e vysalleheatthr guaan c. yonsrd nd wits gusen potlytialmi 30 les pe urr ho. t bu w thetorsd winys br fal wil owbe don tor col radoriveos xag ll va inughlen he yre's foday streca. m i'ng goi76 o go d an76 ow thr o en on prwe dadnes i ayt mifficaves e80e . t buhi i t tnke'herell bstos ctr salm 80 so or th in 15llvale bu tet afn,rnoods winw bloin la n te idathe y. an uoo l bk, aemig ttupera . dropf^e t doathe mdi it ti's sotll nt thah tougto ta ke. an end thwa we p rm ut a big goin nintoweext d.eken t noatbad l al. m i'in defyitelnk thi singgprin re he. fe i orel f p theeeoplk bacr yobut owu knsa, i hiid ts rn mo iing,vet's oory g dl cud heweatr r foe valu'stypegh nit. but by tomorrow,r dou y vea rdy fo rir spng. >> an> th ks. ecappreiat. it ve>> ei grlt a one utah hh ig hosc golot petorsflou.
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cl *nll. meatedav he nt spe0 $45isof h m own oney 00on 9na cars tionnsto ithure at a g 834 airlsabskt ewy visoa ho scouol wetld g. one ashe hdo ran pmlyedass out rsflouce sinwa he s as hmfresan. b tevera ale. gmanyl feere depn e ey th't don a getinnythg. he d tolniadmitostra arsbout the plan a year ana d ahalfgo. he t haduphe s oportaf ci speal so emeon h inr eorff t. ent th s at igihis ierlfrnd. >> lr i a heady aaverl gindfrie so . >>ulyealciet swedo to . this atto wvech eleingof th gosesirlk wal dijf o s ool s big omileein th s makeerme vppy had y and prouof m. hi > >> ghe'sg oinato h lve a ootf gi ierlfr inds sn'the? th dorkee as a a cook dan dhisas wanher ard v fiousast o fodta resturanos tav se uop frde ean th ffis e ort. jniceob.
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butap hpyal vneentiay's dlo tai lfami e' h birut ody erthe. so ped^a ai t del t s1. $ll2 miion fo alr vneentida's y. th reey'er a vyt emolionaam fily
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'sthatin com tg uphtonig d 3news.iv lt e a. 6:00 andin flyaler he at:0 50tah hig olschomm switeing e am hd woula y 29scear thooltiradion. th hie tetrtionh ctisecunota seo ch onampi. ship e'>> wlwre a caysnontioue t le aarnetnd ga erbettl t bu g here,s thiisn oly irthert fouh one. yever year t'shere ,thatey h, (indiscernible) do . it dan neholyst n,oo nean wo ts tbe ud(ina)ible. heso tre's a ltlitte bi of si potive (iudnaleib ). ny a hh ighoscol in hawaii won 29 igstraoyht bsin divg cr fownsrom 658-8. an thksor f chwat ing. ppwe aatrecie it. ni tghew n iss s >> >n o sthisy unda t,nigh h thestigh akes tt bale. th exe unedpectth dea u ofsu.s. e premt cour
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ce ra t forhihe wte ho use. utsohern l,braw um trpnd eures the heharsst criticism yet coand rauntekttacerss at stla nisght' s outh licaroebna date. the rrinteioogatn. e thrisurpsingum nrbe of eo pe plowh conssfe to csrime theyid d not tonight, we look at th ase rewhons y. > >> tbacko renatu. sc s hoolouwitht llwas. thero g twingrend and wh soy sme iayt's the best way for children to learn. ig"nlyhtew ns" bsegin no w.


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