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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ce ra t forhihe wte ho use. utsohern l,braw um trpnd eures the heharsst criticism yet coand rauntekttacerss at stla nisght' s outh licaroebna date. the rrinteioogatn. e thrisurpsingum nrbe of eo pe plowh conssfe to csrime theyid d not tonight, we look at th ase rewhons y. > >> tbacko renatu. sc s hoolouwitht llwas. thero g twingrend and wh soy sme iayt's the best way for children to learn. ig"nlyhtew ns" bsegin no w.
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e thpeunexctedea dth u ofsu.s. e premt cour icjusttoe annin sacali esis rnghapi 2 the016 ra orce f w the hite e.hous tonly shreemeupre ur costt ju hicesave di n ed iceoffimo in re an thye 60 aars,nd on nely o b haseen co menfirrid dun ng a tieleceaon yncr sie 40 19. me so p gopderesil ntia fuhoperels a es quintionesg prt iden a'obamtas esheblisd ec exe utivorauthtoity nanomi rte aceeplament du tringelhis onecti as seon. ho r,weve p thederesint s haadalreidy sa it ll wipe hapt n buuein d .time wh boat autes cas the pr sucoeme haurt s he orard as hgr aeed to ar hes thi rmte? ou ter peil wamli wslil mhaveonore th at, but fi torst ourly kel do o'l nnelheat tte whi us hoe. ke lly. >> or rep wter: hite e housseadvielrs tl me at st lea t forexhe nt ek we p thederesint wi ll navot he a ci de osionn a essucctosor ti jusce al scia. bu t ghtoni tt,he
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idpresalentipa camign se iasonris fipng u ss pa oionsthver e tu fuf re otheou crt ev enor befye an ne fural plans for icjusteli scaa are pmadec.ubli >> reporr:teay tod the si dlentayispl of re t specssacro sh waoningt. t buauno pefse bore th ase cl ph oficolits. >> re theno is t wayhe na sehote scould m nfir neanyot thackbara ob trama toies oi appnt hin list asaryen i of tficelio a mefeti po apenintmt. ap [ seplau ] >> or rep ater:n st inpoant stwer lerugg ov ser assucceo or t icjustale scia. >> m letste jue mak one t.poin ckbarama oba is pr enesid otfhe t edunitte statis unl nu ja20ary th, .2017 oo>> gend ev ing, er evy ybod-- ep>> rr:ortesi predent ob maama lede ce ar h nwillatominnee a w st juanice ped excts e thtesenaco to ernsid chhis foicey.airl t >> ahesere re sispontibilihaes tt ta i erke slyious , as ldshoury eveone. ey thbi're tggerhan an e y ony.part th reey aut abo our crdemoacy. r >>teeporf r: ithe pr enesidtst gese to at
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cthate hangdwoul make th ure coret mo be liral, cunompo ding shthe koc of alsc'sia ensuddsi pasngs ihe t ngtimi. a aicampeagn yr. w >>ghe ou mt toake the 2016 election a fe reumrendth on e pr sucoeme urt. >> or rep ter: blrepu cicandaandite te uzd cr b hada een law clerk for chief ju e sticqurehnist. no aw asat senheor, te intonds ck blo any a obamnenomie. w >> ae'reindvisatg th mea lak ducidpresent in el an onectir yeais t nog goine to b able to t tipalhe b oancef e themsuprure cot. r >>teeporemr: dtsocra e aradalrelly caing ou uzt cr. >> c tedhoruz thlds e ns cotitituheon w n he s walkugthroe h th s hallonof cs.gres hilet owm shth me e au clhase tyst sa the es prt'idenlys on es prt identhfor ree ye ars. r >>teeporitr: wh we fenar seotte ves, de atmocry s mavehao t ketahe t firhtig for o an cbama pourttoick cathe gnmpaiil tra as we ll. >> us i jn't doint thk l it gooksthood orat f overylyvertit polical onreasats th the pu reanbliculs wonyd de is thsi pre tdenthe t righxeto ee rcishis co tunstialtion sp rebionsi wlity hich is o tpoapt inmbmes er
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>> or rep fter:omor se cagop atndidndes a pu reanblicat sen ors, r theisioppo gtionoes yo beusnd je t thidea otof vingow dnon anye th ese prt ident migh sechoo. ey th t say shered houl o be nirconfonmati oc pr ness,tto ve ing, eano h, ringotno ve at al l. om thas? >> ly kelon o'd anellt e the white.hous k thanyou. >> d > andethe ofath st juli scasoa al is rauees qnsstiout abo thhow ure coght mit ci de nde ar umbeeyof k s case tthisfrerm om ab onortiht rig s to rmaffie ativonacti. we m getonore iascalea's dndth a its im fpactourom r st jucoice porrest,nden wpeteamillis. ep>> rr:ortein as the re f st onathe , tion ju e sticiascalea's dth is ei b mngrnou iedn te s xaerwh de heied rdsatut ay a gthisuest nc rapuh powilar th ll feirow bntd huofers ppan at arent hear ta atck. >> ha he vid oby ousl ss pawaed athy wi no di ulffict ty a all, lemiddth of ghe nit. asit wth -- wat oasur first message for the fa lymi. r >>teeporr: a th ca polict ries afrom arne cbyrchuwah s su edmmonad to stminier st laes rit. ju e sticiascal's
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th ure codat toy ai prased ow tg erin ru adth biner gg sbur , saidwe"we esre bt dd bu" ies,ngaddie , "h a had traret alento makeve en thet mos r sobee judgh.laug" is"it d harmato igine co wiurt t thoumy fr .iend wi i isll msim hon beyd cothe ofurt ten di d videal5-4 ong id gieololical onnes sc 'saliath deave leas gh eistt ju aiceshend t te vo4.s 4- f >> ie'thertis a e, th s ere'utno o acomet e thr lowet courngruli dsstan. 's itif as s themeupre t courr neved hearthe ca se. >> or rep ater: tie vo oute weald lve ru s lingctintat tha k blocidpresent a'obamans plle to t ve fi million cuundoedmentra mignts st eray he. a e tiulwomed tan he to neugh xaw tes re ristioct onsn ab tior wonldouai remn, sspolyibns iripi ng r otheesstaten to act si r mila.laws e a tid woul bbe aoost to f theciinanal st threngun of ions pr retieseneang ts cher and other public pl ems.oyee if d aocemtirac es prt ideninappoa ted ccsusoestor he t co vanser stivea,cali at thld wout tilthe
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a rimajof ty oralibel st ju.ices i >>esf prt idena obam aweretoble put ot anjuher e sticheon t t,courwo he ceuld ment fta lemaist tyjori on th ure cor t fonethe xt ne geonratiso or . r >>teepormor: ang po iatentmil no nees nt med ioneegin lal lecircris, s in sranivasdi, inan er am, icanicpatria etmillth on c.e d. ur co at oflsppead , an ul pa fowattrd af n-ricaicamerinan nth rc ciuit courtf o pe apalsm fro focali.rnia juthe essticl wilbe ba n ck obethe fonch r eka we and wille fac ethro ptspecf o shfiniwiing t thoua ll furt cou t forhe t firstime inor me an th y50.ears r?pete et>> plle wi iams rtrepofoing ar ust e themsuprure cot. an thu.k yo th ate de h of iascal e andinmergg tt bavele ooor ch sing coand minfirheng t xt neti justhce, e pu reanblic es prtiidenal
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tiquesbooned a ut a ernumbot of keher y d ansidivissve iinues r theitedebaas lt ni t ghin south carolina. as gabe gutierrez reports, it was their mostom cvebatiat debe so far. j>>tius aceinnton al sc-ia - r >>teeporftr: a er a ntmomesi of e lencfor st juscice caliaame e thstmoon ciotentus go bap deo te sfar. he>> tedy li. >> just beenel t ling -lies- hy>> wo dliyou e? l >> liar, liar,iar. >> or rep tter:orhe wds ia "lr r" o some atvariweion sere ud at le 22ast es tim. b 13ony frnnt-ruer do tnald.rump yeand t -- >> n' didllt cabo anydy a liar -- >> c youd allecrted uz li a ar. >> reporte sr:edlamm j byuseb berh ov re fopoign alicyownd h igto fsiht i s in a.syri t >> iudis lusicro to su t gges rthata ussi d coul pbe aerartn in th is. >> i jeb ws so.rong hi>> wle donald trump wa ils bu adingli reaty s tv mhow,oty brher wa ils bu ading cu se arityatpparo us t ukeepfes sa. t >>orhe wrald tde ce cnterdoame wn du yringbrour r'othes igren. re ermembt. tha os[ bo ] r >>teeporarr: mco o rubingtryi to re unbofrd om his last tedebae camusto bh's de e fensy todainblamg 11 9/bi on lill c'snton sidecioton nta to ke biout den lan. >> that's whatow alled
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inconto ue tpeprosr inand 1 200e hav the ability to strike er amica. >> or rep tter:hey cl d ashe over grimmin.atio neat ont poiz crutook tiqueson with mesointhrug obi sahad n id iana spish la genguaer intewvi. >> d i'tonno khow hew s know iwhatd saion un ioiviscan beheuse es dospn't speak h.anis ndsecoal of --l sp[ ngeakini spash ] >> or rep cter:alruz so un poonced mp tru for hwhatlle caheed t billionaire'pas st li l beratiposions. >> a youhere tgl sine gg biliest ar. yo pru abob alyorre wse an th b jebush. u yothare egl sine gg biliest ar. >> al dons d ha this d weirerpattn. en wh p you toints o hi reown , cordhe sc s,reamr, liar, lia ar li. r >>teeportrr: sg ikin ffa dit eren, tonejohn ka .sich g>> io ot t ytellou, th s is i cjust.razy this is just nuts, ay ok. ap [ seplau ] g >> oeez,n.h ma ngfixilo to hese t ec el ttionllo hiary cltoin wn ifn'e dot op sts. thi pl[ ap ]ause >> or rep tter:htonig, er theme se bs to e no stopping tmpru. i >>nk thiwa it s ob prably my best rf pencormae. r >>teeporn r: ia at stere whlie po tics cis actontart spo.
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is t jusdasix ways ay. ho tping coalapitize h onfais 'smily po ripulanty ith sou licarojena, shb bu ll wi bene joidy bis h ot br pher,deresint ge worgesh. bu t andhe rm foirer fadst ly on th e cigampaain trl mo to.rrow ab>> gtie guz erre rtrepofring ouom sth ca naroli. an thu.k yo > >>ts par ofhe t trcounaky wingp uto rdrecoak-brecoing ld te atmper tureshis rn moing. a mi warreng tnd is ngcomi quy.ickl th .omas s it icothe t ldes heweat hr weseave en so t farhis asseon. in , factcothe t ldes levainnts e'y daon co rerd. it ll's ank thaos t the po lar rtvoex. a weoire go ng tsee gsthinn turcothe rner w as ie gonto to owmorrt, buhi ts inmorn bg weroke rdrecos inew nk yor wcityaith mp teurerat me ofinus 1. th d e olrdreco in bo wstonasus min 3. rtwate nown,orew y k testarf d ofat 37
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aymondpe temreratus ll wi a getbove ee fr izingw n ne.york bo aston 3bout0 de s.gree albuffouo shakld me it up o t .35 th aten whach wt pp haonens sd tueay. ertempesaturl wilsoar ba p ck u tintoidhe m 50s. at th's about 15 de s greee abovagavere fo e r thhenortast. tt pighsburul shot d hi 41 des.gree twithnehis toxt srm mo ving,in whilet i swill atartows sn, it wi urll tn to rain. li rghtew snoershows ck baou thrght wes invirgia. he r avie asnows cros invirgndia a wa gtshind.on, c. ss po iibleshn waoningt aymondmo g.rnin al eeso se somt ligh muaccuonlatis ac lacumus,tionut abo 1 2 tohe incs. en thng thills win tur toverrao tinouhr gh th tee afn rnooand ev g eninueon t sday iherew n ne cyorkity. th ?omas ha>> tounk yy ver .much we n turour at iotentw n noseoveras sy ria. pr enesidamt obd a an iarussesn prtiden imvladir putinke spo enweekd. e th w hhite souseaid
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im anportfce o im enplem ating mp tey iarussai s dd itotid n ap y plto its air st keris. >> u theac.s. s cuse them of bngombise tho >> ep rteor tr: he ri syovan genernmt is al nglowi aid to some tocu cffniommuties kelier hine madu, a su oburbf madaussc, bu ttshiid veoho st by ppan oioositn group s showelbarrom b ibsn th e calapitnd ahe t idpreshaent s vowed to sy ria. ev heerywhere trere a
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re d,buil" "rtoesre na ontial y.unit" t bu pderesissnt aad says twihat ll not enhappou thrgh peace t righnow. e >> wwillld buiing ri sy ba toee th best. ou>> yie belve your ne geonratil wil >> ye s. r >>teeporher: t ud sandis ahe tir al liesos oppoed t pr enesidtss aread a el futhing e ghfi, ting tha moroer fepm alpo stell me. e whil wthisndeeke the sa audisndke turey ar re thinateng toer ent e thndgrou warer aft turkey shelledts par of th norsyern foria r coa send day. a,syrike brod n an vidid,dems seefa as r e asfrver om e.peac scdamaus. >> pe> ponc frais ve ednturo int a im crdde-riuben sofurb me cxicotoity day
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ss ma with a message of ho .pe nan tmphonsoas w erthe. >> ep rteorr: today, popera f wncistoent xi meitco cy. cifranovs drroe thugh theff graiti cedover etstreves gin a kemaerovy b rermfoed incrimals. home t6 o 1.iomilln lepeop, it has one of the highest murdernd a ppdisancearatee ras of wo inmen me,xico but po hlicesoave flvedew heof t cases. it 'suc sa h ngdaouers place ms. vasquez tells me today's mass neis of o thear re me tie s shbrcan ing he rld chi treno a icpubl enevt. tmorehan 0,30000 op pelele filhed t y dustdfiel toea h r pothe pear wnf ohe t mp teontati ws ofh,ealt ni vaty tyvanid , ane,crim
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th temrehe cldoue bno di ogal wueh ite th videl. fo thr is tina,on anfrs ci aisinskg th e espeleop,an my of emthoo panr d po eswerlo s, t tjoinhe t fronsline of mgakin xi me lco a oandf rtoppoy.unit ngurgim thetore cate co a y untrewher no one ha ls to teaveino fd a erbettfe li. haa cgellen a cgeolle udstt en risdyeao t accept. m>>icex co bane a be erttco truny. >> or rep tter:, oday a for montme, one of it mos dstgeanusro ci estias w a better pl ace. an n omth,pson nbc .news wh en ht"nigly ne ws"on cestinu on sthisy,undare we' in go lg toook at why
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dn diommi't ct. > >>e we'r wbacka ith leprob om inur cr aliminti jusce sy tstemishat ti getng cr inngeasisi tenon. in ogterrn atio nitech tquesrehat sult in cssonfe tionshat li pondce ase prorscuto , seekarbut een oft t no.true h keitismorrooon lks at c theofase one g younwhman o nf cod.esse ou>> ybb staed r,he dn diou't y? u >>h.h-hu orone t two.imes >> reporte ar: en phonomens araste ng d anuncoriteuintveti as ny ainthing aw l en emforcent. >> ry eveg thinveyou' to eld m is t rue, eccorrt? t >>rue. [ n sire] r >>teeporher: t pa ap drentioecisn, es alpeciy ly bthe yo tung,nfo cotoess im crhees td y dinot co .mmit mevenr.urde h>> ierit h two s.time ep>> rr:orte y andet, 18 r--yearoold bert vi da vs ofniirgid.a di ad edmittta to king
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mu s rderand arson and re ago ed t atake plea th atul rested in a 23 r -yeaonpris nt se.ence enevho tugh, as laura ny r,rideth of e no ine cencecprojidt sa -- t >>ishis o onestf mo nsinteent igaerrostion ve i'r eve.seen ou>> ye were!ther ep>> rr:orte t thehing r ist obers daviisar f afrom.lone arreseroch pd duceby ny r rideotand hers alrevehaed tt me sog thin 2likef 5% o ththe ndousa s of lepeopse who nv coonictires weer lat tuover brneda y dn enevidctce ay uall co senfeslsd faely. y? wh rdaccotoing id nyrer, in ogterrn atio ch teesniqud usehein t s. u. n butanow binned ma thny oouer cesntri e arrlclea by to.lame he>> wesn thdse ki go in hato tt rrinteioogatomn ro and ey the com aout,ll hthey weardifas " i do t wha athisriuthoty refiguts wanto me do, i toget ho go me. g iet to goo ty mwn o d. be ti geo tmysee mom." >> or rep iter:adnste, they go to prison. a confsieseion bng pe s rhapmothe st po ulwerf evidence in many american
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ndteo t idoths ey shape this confirmation bias. >> ep rteor br:tari in onamotg r heuncos trie puhas pt in rlaceules th avat hrte viy uall inelim fated alse esconfs sione whil eaincr tsinghe pe tarcenf ge oescrim lv soed. >> wo we nould t os pre ecutbosomedy so olelyn a co sinfeson. >> or rep bter:ut th aoughcamerin te inatrrogion te quchnirees awl sloy an ch, ginge thernoare st rdanda rized.ules pr ceactirys vam fro tycounco to .unty thand inus, the no mow-famaus " aking ermurddoer" ntcumeary, dithe bisturng in ietervthw wind brean se day. >> r all.ight jui'm oist g tngoom ce t ouand ask u,yo who ot sh i here n th?head e >> hdid. >> or rep ater:n nd i cathe f se ortrobe vi das. i >>w kno twhatook pl ace. >> or rep ater:g lon t nigh awith h mane ou thwaght s s hicepoli ceoffiier frnd. i >> wasng you. di i kdn'tnow. i nawas yive,noou kw. wa i ars sced. >> or rep wter: hhichas d le rto akaemarble sa ndga aon a cioclusn w nog beincenotiatd th mjust mighta ake erdiff.ence itkemoh onrrisc , nb .news n >> ainamazpog rert. yo n u cah watcthe
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to t nighdaon "neteli." he wne we comk bac usin jt a mo,ment a ib trto tute whoseho ma erde a pilous y.journe a how ol osymbeif th
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ve adbersity rtcame a. > >> tcehe sne in new ze d alany todaas a st erongquarthake stru nckr ea ne aris chrt churchn o sothe uth island. quthe haake d a ma udgnit 5e of.8. >> e > thhtplig of mi tsgrannd a reeefugs cr ngossio intpeeuro is ra dcamatilly il stluteraind a new ex t.hibi
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it he's tk worof a ch inese dissenidt ti arst. mo hare t70n 3,0 gr mi dantslaied st ye ryar ttoing ss cro e thtemediearran n to peeuro. > >>onand s thi ntvales ine' iday,t's a slove ftoryheor t es ag. 's he. 104 s she'yohis r ungewife at t jus100. john and a bnn oatarf ir fad,fiel nn cocuectiret, ad sai b toe e theslongt rr macoied iuplee n th it untaed s--tes 83 ye ars. y,todaou thrhegh t it twacter t coun of a ancompaty th has em edbracir thery sto, ey ther offomed se ad tviceeso qus tion ke li d howeyo thp kee g thinh fresneand w. sa nnid ae , "w ohangn neto oth anojuer, st a w felelitts, hug and e we'r."fine en whco we acme b k, a w nenegetira aonnd a
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learning. > >> fiy,nallig tonht 's it no stecreha tt un yoilg ch ldrentoove oube rstdoo. th wit than i ndmi, re mo m andscore s hool hiin tuns coytrre a em inbracg linearng ou e tsidthe tr ioaditclnal ooassrm. ey thca're nlledeatur ho scorols es fort ho sc aols,s nd awe he thar, ivey gwe ne an metoing the sibacs. >> igh caufit a sh. >> ep rteor ar:t wildflowers nature es prl chooorin nn ther california, this is math class. o>>twne, hro, tee, fo ur. ep>> rr:orte t andhe cs ab's, it a notld fie -trip- l >>foook rmr wos. r >>teepor- r: - this veis eayry dar, stt to fi , nisht spenidoutse from the forest to the ga trdene o th yabarnrd. ow>> hy manesbabi do yo inu the k shhas? l>> aot.
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defounv r beelbuswl, it's allut aboin takg ar le bningd eyona il bu.ding ou>> yk looheat t er avscage , hoolthe id s ea i ythatorou wk si inndde aou go r t fo eaa brk. n wetheed vee rerse. >> y thetoget run ndaroupl, ex aore,nd i th reink lally earn me sond founaatiofel li epconcts. >> reporter: children connecting to the environment instead of electronics. >> whehen nd a g io kihi, ng'lhestl fopor flikeour mesinutr o fi mveutinesnd aus jt st linden ant poi at rd bis. >> laange, couan y ve corwi it irth dt? r >>teeporo-r: sedcall renatuoo schrels a re spg adinssacro the trcouny. 's it j notprust e ivat olschobrs emg acinthe ou rstdoo. hi>> t ts inhe su timmerthme, ire thd ad grarers owe gring co bern, aans,nd sq -uash- r >>teeport r: a this icpubloo schinl br kloowhyn, seat ud to be ar a p lkingasot h en bens traedformo int rda gaomen ce pletwith a hohen use. >> re we'ti getidng ks o wht mighhanot ve a cechanbe to si outde an t d ger theis handin th die rto tet g to lyrealth do at. >> or rep iter:e n th odeadntf wier, cl s asse imeete n th nhgree fouse or a onlesst thaevcan en ma idke kees chr r fo cobrocli. >> cc brooli!
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ar le wning there heir od foes comm fro-- w >>abhat caout s,rrot er wh te dogrhey ow? >> th in oue grnd. r >>teeporanr: ce mak ggves ieremo. fun t >>.asty >> or rep ater: new ke tath on e ad trnaitioasl clm sroo that has these kids be g gginr fomore. kr n istegrdahlnben, c ws neoo, br.klyn on>> dea't hchr mu ou abggt befoing r oc br.coli e theravwe h.e it th "at'snbc ni y ghtl" newsthfor is nd suay. le hsterwiolt e ll b thereroomorw. m i'asthomer robts re inportomg fr new .york k thanfoyou r hiwatcanng, odd go gh nit. ri nghtnow oew ns3 at ,sixh t e
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rewe ae liv menomitts weh thao te la fst hromrillainy clston'al com ra illyneersumm lin. a ondne onne oh witni bere sa s,nder a sorenat and es prtiidenalef hopulpe s tako w nes3 tot.nigh s hi plansor f the feutur thand e un co atrys heon cestinuo t build mo umment h inis r oacefis h . life a hend tk wee wendarm ta up skingetapl allacross the ll vaey. ju owst hg lons it'texpec d to . lastns g evood ngenier ev,yone an thks for jngoini us. i' m gd erarmara lho. withs lesn tha ak wee fthrom e ne vadaem dtsocray saucusenta th aney wot tt nexa es prtidenth of uate uniatd stp d ana hillary clinton, bere ni nd sa bers,othf ohe tmki kicng ei thmpr ca iaignni hgh las ga ves. we e havlfulco gevera. na othanl'neiat thn jois usiv le in sunit cy sulimmern.


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