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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00pm-11:00pm PST

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ghtoniowt shrr stajiing mmy fallon" valentines day an rsnivespary l.ecia im>> jdimy: dad i te ni kcolen?idma im>> tt,e ou y whoonou galna cl? >> announcer: and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon. >> : jimmyi'm hi, y jimm.fallon lcand weto "ome tothe night show le" va dntinesivay annryersa ial.spec th eemsat sht rig .to t wenighbe'll ng lookiat back al wol the l nderfuriesmemo we sh ogared tofether pas theo t tw year s. ugthe lathhter, y, te joiphe l sy nchs. et so light's lan a coudle, pr so e,me winnu and s up ggle nice cland ose. d antcwa"th hhetois oryraf p x"siit wmeh nd a ju instim trlbee.ak itwa?er
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th tee afrtr pay te afe r thy partit's e thl hotey lobb he tten afe r thetvelvn the 's itba prochbly sri an afd r tee thigoralin it p'sbaroy blisth [ rschee a anduspplae ] l lolcoay js i rdhas allhe lebattbo anydy i don't care who you tell xc i eheel tl y alfail m i'g goink craclsshel do lublet mus trock-he - ie fr hnds,anow m y o hf usthave em ie fr onds,wenes ca pen dennd o la da di di e w tlikerto pay we 't donse cauub trole we 't donhe botbor nody e we'r sjustmeome n ha tont's m theic whand e en w irockt on m theic ocwe re k thrimic ght ig fheht ter pow ghfitht poe rwe ghfitht poe rwe we ot go tghfi t t pheerowats e b rasthtigut of ompconto azcrmoy erth- - >> ey hhe, o,y, y. hey y, he. hey
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>, immye we'v tbeenghhrou bthise.efor im>> jyemy: ah. y >>reou a s notghtrait t ouof co n.mpto ug[ la ]hter im>> jnomy: ., no l >> tet'sabalk soout inmethg se el. l s et atalk sboutabex by le alts tboks aouut y m ande ts lek talt abouall th ode gong thid s an the b hiad tthngs ayat m be le alts tabk t ouxse tletsabalk --out , stoperhamm time h oh oh ohoh o , stopersummtime rehet i aisro geov igsllyhtra tfonsedrm just a bit of a break fr tom nhemor su smmerr ummeersumme tim ti o me tbasit ndck a -- as cruh s leerevhiytng ouar mndcre m,eaet ghe t mo dney, dolla bollaill
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d i'tonno kwhw at they want from me it's le ike thremoon mey cwee omroac tss mhee or ro pemblwes ee s in erform s youoay n dd da sy memenow on a g' am bllie i e ck hbubum m d own te e ctivthman ayey s dd da sy mesonow e meondown th nee la l iheick b bumum li i ouck y r [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimli: i ouck ym r bubum do wn. i' icll lurk yoi' -- icll lurk yo bboomdooom wn. >> no. yo n'u dockt lir you bboomoom do wn. >> my jimll: i'k lic byouroom bo owom dn. y >>onou dic't lurk yom booboom do wn. >> my jimrr: soy. --one k? lic >> no. >> my jimom: bom. boo o,>> ndo we lin't heck tm boo .boom j >>: immy.down d >>own. ot>> bowh: dn. i oi'm gowng dwnn do ba by ur yoee str tt inanhe rge ro ver ee street swbaper by edcockdy reale to gt ito im shhimy scommy whcoa at enlistit to nd pou l iight at upnd atakef puf
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bo onne bnee boe bon n suow u ially't don do s thiumbut go br on theak ffem o tta liitle b of r theemix 'sithe tem r tixigo tinion t hofrand ouesh et th hekitc n m roama tllinbohat dy evgot maery hn inere wi gshin insipp cg onanoke m d ru 'm ie likhaso wm t i'kdrun it he's tak freweing deken byba'm ibo a tuthao ve s mefuome n l 'seto g ca i use infeelkeg li m i'inrunnd g ani'm infeelkeg liot i g ta a getgeway ayt aw a getywa ca i use tknowi hat tdon' i and ewontstver op us cau e yo iknowta gotin w e ryvedaday y >> n! dam ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] da mn! >> my jimmp: coton. c ieean furl yorg eney omfrwo tla ptsnewa ay goi myt ri dnk i t go mmyicus i would share it t budatoi'y yem ngli tc bin'h dollt kivi my be bi dotch kin't y ll m vibe b ditch kon'tmyill e vib wa i nns ruthing hroug
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n' dollt kivi my be i r wasngunnihr tghou th x e si mwithoay wh [ rschee a anduspplae ] us m otarde n th ybeat o i 't dons mes ywithou u yolelittpi stusd as tr i ick t ain'inmessg th wi you tl litmbe du t ass irick nt aisi mesitng wh ca ount y t seehe pr e ivat fjetsg lyin r oveme id lak bacerbump sticker read what would hova do ja cy isinhill j iimmyils chlin wh orat mn e cayi sa k wen illi'em wbaby yon'tomou c we my ay g omot sngethian i wt s toay i uwoke ap in b newatugti woi ukeinp ew a nat bug ti ok i w ie upnen a gaw buitt wo i p ke u nin augew batti myourusom b at inaind sd wh tat'st hanoise
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singing beastiboe ys goyou ft toight r fo ryour ight pa to rty [ rschee a anduspplae ] ou yot go tghfit yofor igur rht p to arty e boveryetdy l me yhearayou s pa rty m [ cheers a anduspplae ] >> my jimst: juimin takberle! j >> fimmyn!allo j >>: immyorhist hy ofopip h si x! im>> j, my: ah.justin th the one aat gotway. do but rrn't woonigy, t aht'sll t meabou y andou. d anngchannium, tatand br p ll s wi, mitherjennif, lopez wi rell ferll.
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st juat im>> jtomy: bu my whddy ido sa at th n i'd bevere e th ohostf t"thehtonigw, shod " anknyou ow o wharyou e. yo e u ow00me 1ks bucbu, y.dd dwehao ave- - [ eech ars andlappe us] ee [ ch ars anduse ppla] [ rscheepp and a]lause au[ encedihs o ] e ryvedybo t'skialng ou ab tt my pightants i mygot ht tigts pan go i tt my pight oants n >> my jimow: sln dowe,therng you fladyd.rien er evce sinov i mo ed t tthisown er ev iyonew knobehas alen tking t abouigmy tanht pts. >> te lis yn upitou lbitle tch. [ htlauger ]
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ea plelse w, comeisbritp h po rssupetar. rr hayly stes. ee[ chndrs ala app]use im>> jfamy: tevorid? foo h >> uar-- cs.nita ug[ la ]hter im>> jwhmy: wat'sthith e umcoste? 'm>> i n theacew f le ofe ittl iedebbck snaes cak. ug[ la ]hter im>> jevmy: hierytoong lo ks s .good >> ld wou l youanike dey siths wi byourr?urge j >>: immy, sureloi'd omve se en frrich fes. o>>, uii,ouen [ laughter ] let me grab you a lepif oiefrs. j >>: immy!whoa f >>maree e ssagheon tm. pal >> im j: myloi otve hge fud. o >>i oh, t don'e fudg ywithou. [ htlauger ] na ih, k'mdiid, ngdoi . so l youliook nke aguice y. i' jum oist go ng t ygiveheou t wh thole ing. >> my jim, : no- no -beoh, re caful! i' akll te e the wholg.thin me i uran shye, w? not 's itch my daeat y.
9:09 pm
>> three, two, one. [c a amerteshutr ] [ uglaer ]ht j>>my: imt'ledo as ig p bacgyk. oka>>y. jim >>nomy: no, no, g, i'llet ouon y. ug [ lahter ] >> three, two, one. [ ca smera ]hutter >> three, two, one. [ racameer shutt ] >> es cooki. >> i y seeou. >> ig all rand ht, smbig ile. and e,threon two, e. me[ cattra shuer ] hr>> to,ee, tw one. [ scameraer ]hutt ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immye whos akeyshere tse? ar u e yonghaviaf an ?fair la [ erught ] ho>> trese a k thetoeys r you br neand r.w ca ee[ chrs ] i >>us'm jret hede to r livethe ma il. an red scw. [ rschee ] i >>e lovg beinmoon " dern lyfami." la [ erught ] >> a, holso yo mmy jilly faon.
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s yooioy mho mac. [ kispeapang s ]nish st juimin takberle. la [ erught ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] se mise d th tlast hrain ome ee[ chndrs ala app]use
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j>>myimke: n,viou yav htoe o d .it co ome wn,sae widcae don t. i >> f i'minreakt g ouman. itwa! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] w >>meelcogo to urod b hger,ome of g thebuood .rger n cakei tar your?orde ug[ la ]hter >> n o! >> g youo ot tlehustge to e t th mu .scle ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> 's let t gete o thpechopr! d you won'tnoant f beeboy ow knun i r s thetstree boy tt beoler fmelow ar towds wn do town
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u yot gerlgi [ eech ars andlappe us] jim >>yomy: nu have ho idea ow t greaeelsit fma to ke drobertro ee niisat h a wordsnd ve gi $10 you0. l hee.oves m ic stndk aroue ni, thisght still ung. yo thafter k e breae gowe'vt brad coley oper, jenn liferceawerene , hally,berr m plusd nie an kcoletaidman ke a st drollmoown mee.ry lan wheven ierry to towgrut oy mha , irrasts ndwaal bysakreff o.t bu pnow,neantes ikima mng..y. practically unbreakable. e thprnew foo-v armulmi o-crrgtaets weak spots... .m..inakevg y erchintr sgeonr isoan cov lmye ai hlor erng.
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bi tmoorle t. sprin ic crwireket .less meth sotoing e smilabout. "b y eth" b kiss th bear, i heu i but cocan't me rhomeowight n ... me he and toys b e plarinay.. g. . .. al ghl ni t text beth, what can i do... i:] [siragmess e. p pick u.milk ri oh, ilght. mk. in uctrode ing th newlyrede edsignt. passa
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sh "falow" inlonty es" da be al thewaysve suana, deboir megentlesen you foree be. you fo see ser yourlf. >> my jimdo: i knn't f ow iyou re ermembs. thi bu mt weefet bore. o >> rh, ibeememr. j >>: immyoudo yem remthber is? rit'sy eallrrembangassi m fore. es>> y. >> my jim w: itas? >> h. yea im>> jdomy: t wano me t -tell- >> av i ht e no yseeninou sce th en. >> my jimha: i otve n. r >>.ight im>> jthmy: s at ieccorrt. n >>o. j >>: immythbut s is is yearago. ve n rsioheof try sto? >> h, yea t youyoell erur v.sion ug[ la ]hter >> my jimm : i'inwalkwng do the etstrem , i'ewin nk irmy ficed rllk ca as meaynd ss, ud "dhae, we t ardoyou "ing? , i go j"i'mwaust g lkin tdownhe
9:17 pm
he s, goeha "i icve nkiole dman th wi a me,hend sts wanme to et u yo--for be may b, to e in 'b chewit oed'"mer sog thin like .that gso iwho, "at? ok ay." g he "oes,n i can be i your ap enartm lt in10ike ut mines." i "ygo, e ou'rg goinrito bng lenicoma kidern ov my ap enartmt?" ay okdo, i knn't - ow - dwhato i ? do oehe g ds "i kon't jnow,geust t me soes ched e ankecracr rs o me sog.thin" [ htlauger ] i'and kem liee "chndse a ac cr?"kers at wh y arealou t aking?bout i t don' dhaver inneieparts. i t don' ahavee nyon movery e.hous vei haeo vides gam s anderneaks. ug[ la ]hter ha>> trit's ght. >> my jim i: so-- go re the 's a , delii and n go idethe li. i wego "d neesechee." g he"goes riet b se orhiometng." i and brgo "ie? n'i doent evw kno twhatishat ." j>> ireust ermembik i loued y. d anashe we likot-- n. now m i'iemarrw.d no bu wt heikas le -- [ htlauger ] im>> jwhmy: at? >> t notwahat y.
9:18 pm
s >> so he--ays so k, ric m ourl utuandfries, say my"jimt waneeto mu,t yo y andou ca on gotover a hismepartnt." i'and ngm sile. i'and kem lika, "oeay, yh, co ol." im>> jwamy: whit, at?! [ rschee ] es>> y. im>> jwhmy: reat a t youngalki ou abt? y >>es. >> my jimd : ditei da co niidle kman? >> -- so j >>: immywedid -- go t washat a ?date >> i so vego oour thndgh a reyou're thea in babaseapll c d an nlikengothi. ljust--ike la [ erught ] >> my jimha: i ied bres chee. a >>ound yld woutan't lk. u yo'tdidn a sayinnythg. im>> ji my: vewas erry n.vous nd>> a l i'm oike, skay,o. j >>: immydni dino't kisw th was li tke a.hing i ghthouist th a wasie mov. thand ouen y a puteo vide gamon s orhiometng. d anlii'm -ke - la [ erught ] is thso is . bad [ auapplse ]
9:19 pm
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] sw i aear,ound yn' didlkt ta amuchl.t al soand er aftut aboho an ndur a in sttere. au [ cedien ] ohs im>> ji my: nohad e clullat a. nd>> aef i ld t an, went, okayno em chy.istr d an ithen l was"mike haybee's ga y." [ htlauger ] im>> jcomy: o a >>y nywaerwe w men't teanto , bet?righ j >>: immy dwow,ouid ye maka go ecod dn.isio [ htlauger ] yo deu mare a g- at -nta fac asti sidecion. y >>idou dn't. ayanyw w, itikas late th. im>> johmy: go my i sh, n am i sh riock noght w. e'>> wotre brrh mawiied idth ks. >> my jimll: we m youa ade much erbettis decion. it kebah ur sn ischo mule coor an thm. i a 's heoc a rr.ksta
9:20 pm
is hen't st cony antl -like- n >>o. >> my jims,: yese thent coury gu ys. he lw's aonays r. tou ou>> yno're yiw tro ng tllbe a ri seous. im>> jyemy: 'mah iin try bg toe ri senoous w. ok lore, hehe's tl. dea ea>> yh. j >>: immynoi'm wat aln ys o , tourali'm awaysmet ho. la [ erught ] d an -kids- w >>n'e caent eve hava nv cotiersaon. >> my jimu': yoeere f aling tt liomle sngethi. feyou g elintta lihele crymist. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] , well tit'satoo lbye ba. ip sh s hasd,ailey okalenico? ke takan, oy? i akam ten. ok ay. >> wa anyety, lal's touk abt inpadd.gton j >>: immy ithise s th dbestay ev er. ait'sat gre. day t' lelks taut abodi padn.ngto raconglrts a, eady ait's h bigit re alady. rnintenaatio rlly,?ight y >>es. er ov.seas >> my jimey: thea relitsed er ov fseas.irst ug[ la ]hter i mbreme ger iriot beee chse. la [ erught ] a >>ornd cipn chs. j >>: immy ccorn.hips di ged i rnt cops chi?
9:21 pm
d an osomehild c fneseood. ug[ la ]hter in chfoese od? >> wa it ts inrihe fdge. it ba prowably s. am i ng goigo to k bacto pa gtddinon. we oire go ng t teditouhis t. y >>eah. [ htlauger ] e th.bear e thlelittra adobeble ar. ait'se cute.movi i >>a t's bcuteear. im>> jyomy: ayu pl v theinilla t inovhe mie. >> o. i d j >>: immy'sthatoo a guid, jcy ro le. ep>> y. im>> jdomy: a yous lway twanto ay pl -- wh at? la [ erught ] c>> i ean'ttaven o lk tnoyou w. ev - en -reyou'ke, liut, stngteri stand uff. yo su'rervo neous. nl>> ocay beyouse deu ma me ug law.h no -um - >> my jimll: i'e maklayou ugh, .yeah >> . now im>> ji my: ysalwae madyou h.laug la [ erught ] .wait l alt,righle so tat's bolk aut hu ongh bllnevie. anmy mgh, hune bone.vill o >> sy.funn >> my jimve: lo. him wn doabton bey. l wehiove m. d an ait's b cgi aear,f nd o ur coevse, oderybowy kne s th b >>heut tr bea hdoesthave e st mout bea eifulyes. oehe ds. j >>: immy.yeah [ htlauger ] oehe ds. >> a whyoure ygh lauing? la [ erught a anduspplae ] er evy'ybodsts ju --
9:22 pm
alsexumi che hstryere. an 'sd itwa awkrd. [ rschee a anduspplae ] an itd j'st usd.od wa plnna aray mroio bs?ther l we'l tshowouhem w r ne ntnidoen. atth p'sttrecoy .ol la[ htug ]er im >> jshe my: bmustlye real ki g ckinf.hersel now s let'hikeep t ts love rain g rollinomwith s my e ofrifavote leceitbriny rvtewsiend aam yo fu're, reshreyou'ny fun, yo gu're.reat i and ywanto ou t know me sog,thinm froeamy hrt. ne i liver yoked u. [ uglaerhtnd ala app]use j >>: immyerwe w ae atenn evt. m->> mhmm. >> my jimd : anwayou tntedo nc dathe wini jenlofer pez. i >> l was oike, skay,'lo wel -- j >>: immye kany iwestays pling. >> t whal we'ldo is do a spin. >> jimmy: ahye. >> nd ahe twen l 'l, goan"d ce wi uth"s. , likethtogeer. cabasi illy,it do t andi hen go li hike td s an ithenoo lank d he g'se.on [ htlauger ] d an jit'smeust ki loot ng aj-lo an ind godag, "wince -th - me." ug[ la ]hter
9:23 pm
ha.ened re heha's wppt ha.ened as s i'minpinnoug ari nd, see he nar ma ager,e nd h tgoes, o me he s goe-- ""no. la [ erught ] i son turotthe waher d y anyou we -nt - i and edwalky. awa la [ erught ] >> y andidou dgrn't e!ab m pl[ ap ]ause im>> ji'my: rrm soy. > >>vei lot. tha ini th'sk itre a ghoat sw. 's itll really wett wrien. >> my jimth: i itink g's a reat tshowoo. a >>t'nd ials remaly srt. im>> jexmy: , ceptjui'm oyst lal m totwy neork. i wjust tatchs hingbcon n. ug[ la ]hter at thoo's chal, tfut's n. >> l, wel h youreave tason o be l.loya la [ erught ] yo d u anertimb llakesoook ol con., ma l y'al ahavechs mu a funo s tw ra st gightcauys ven ha. [ htlauger ] j >>: immy, yeah'sthate. tru >> ll y'ae takigit ro ht t--the t righheto te! edg la [ erught ] > >>y jimmbehas ehen bhoind me pl foate mer nu grous aamesnd he lw's aonays er cama. yoso, e u sejuhim g mpinndup a wn do i andkit's f nd o-- n'i dontt wata to adlk but abo byou,t'ut inds kiaw of d kwar usbecae -- [ htlauger ] e -- hn'doesowt knt whao to d wi hth hisdsan. im>> jnomy: erw thmee's gh, rit e.ther w nok derep,is u j i'must ne s.rvou m i', liken.c'mo an m d i'injumpg. la [ erught ] >> k loohaat tt. im>> jwhmy: apo clkes lit? tha lii'm clke, ngappie lika
9:24 pm
ve ncry urtomfo tablengalki to so dymebot thasohandme. li i'ke, nem fiht rig, nowbut li -ke - la [ erught a anduspplae ] >> p. sto ! no knyou -ow i- >> my jim.: no ou>> yt hur hyourinand the ap sh te ofhohe s.cker ke lith, i think rat'sy eall-- la [ erught ] th iat'sronapptepria. > >>oudo ye hat hyour?ands j >>: immyi no, t.don' kei lim, theik i leme thli, i ke em thot a l. >> ov i l he my.ands im>> jnomy: th -- reey ay ver go .od ve>> encr siwae i ys 13 oearsf e. ag la [ erught a anduspplae ] te>> sweve: a areerll h e to pl -ay - wopassrd! im>> jyomy: t u hi hyourinead g egiarussuln ro.ette ox>> bgling .oves >> a youoore tpe comvetiti. ok sm ce isg ominofout r you .ears la [ erught ] ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] co itmpetive. o >>y h, mgod. j >>: immyonwe w. hnjo, nyu'yo tre whestor. bu [ ]zzer
9:25 pm
>> my jimep: el ihante n y >>ooou latked t. i j >>: immyi oh, did. at thig's ri ht, otforg. la [ erught ] rgi foot. >> n whe ithisers ovm , i'g goin icto kurk yo. ass ug[ la ]hter pl[ ap ]ause ey>> hra, kaidte k. la [ erught ] bu [ ]zzer >> my jimll: furt ale! i >> i got gt, it.ot i >> my jimah: yeu , yootdo g it. deyou tefiniotly g it. >> y oh,eah. j >>: immy'sthat o thene. us>> jket li g yout.ot i >> my jimu : yoitgot . >> y oh,eah. j >>: immydeyou tefiniotly g it, ma n. o >>eah, yh. j >>: immygoyou .t it 'm>> ian clea as tlwhise. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> allou yot gs ibl[ p eeal] l ov yerr oucefa. [ uglaerhtnd app ausla]e i >>fit's ne. s egg'tua nacoral ionditner. >> my jimah: ye. i >>ot'm nn evemad. >> my jimp.: ye oh ! [ rschee a andusppla]e >> o i dfenot ooel goud abt this. j >>: immydoyou fen't geld oo ouabtht .is i >>l feeibterrbole ahiut ts g. eg ug[ la ]hter im>> jc'my: mamon t'n, iods go. >> ee i f bl soboad at,ut iy. oka ! no ha>> wt? th sse pa iwordoos "bty." o >>oh. la [ erught ]
9:26 pm
[ htlaugnder ala app]use ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimbo: y?ot >> es y! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimwo: i 'tuldn be risurpsed. u yor neve wknow--hen ex [ raaggeitted n aliantacce ] pa paoi's go ng tw d we-aon'tno ka.w- di[ au oencehs ] [ htlauger ] on sa of hbitc mm gidre a ink o mneniore ght espica mng e on sa of hbitc n'i caept kean cle i>>lw as ayvehauc sa h -- 'm ing goidr to ink ifmy laye aw >> j i'ma ust lelittse pisf d of ithatld cougen't blt a ack ha nd. la [ erught a anduspplae ] k >>.evin on[ phnge ris ] >> , yes rmostulidicskous etch .ever ug[ la ]hter l >>ngookid. goo ey thli're ikingt. >> . yep
9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
my>> jimlcom: wecke baim to "jmy invalentfalle's don'say ial.spec" le e t's se's owhate n thormenu f rethe thst of ine eveng. h >>ello. u are yoy toreader ord? my>> jimuc: so m choh tofrose omhe re. ce y lebritchessketpr, ims,ession si mutscal bi -- , >> heyonhey, dobod't nrey ca. 's y itseour nncond aryiversa, at's th e notthven a ing. owyou knt? wha t a loplof peoyee enjoe lid thp sy attlnc bthe wi h kevinart. >> j ? huh >> j : immysti'm jun not ithe . mood zy>> cra say yout. tha ha t s abouilli60 mouon ytube n hits othat. so, innot oo the mthd for at? il 60 m peolionweple re. ye .ah i outell y i what,l yo telu -what - don'why u t yolojust cr se you ey pes and at ointthsomeing.
9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
te>> sthve: cat's.razy j >>: immyk than cyou,ngeili , fanshafor tvingpewo seds. lybarein movd g any oh mitgod 's in go rg toffip o c thengeili and e slicugthroe h thdrchilen! [ uglaerht ] an thu,k yocy fans, gymas or i tlikello ca, yous jame-- la [ erught ] >> ve steme: co on! ocomen. n' doket masi us ert thd e anlook li fke aool. at th g's a jreatoke! fa gyncy amm, jes. co n!me o soi'm rry! j >>: immyreyou'rr oveineactg. s>>vetei': som y.rr j >>: immyreyou'rr oveineactg. an thu,k yo.j l.bor., fnd souing le ikss lfoe a prmerderesindnt a mo ikre lspe a h anis sporntar. [ htlauger ] b el.j. [ uglaerht ] an thu,k yo " thelepeop m youay kn feow" e aturacof fk,eboo for in bee g thneonliiv equt alenof
9:35 pm
ergrocory std e andiavoiyeng e nt coact. [ htlaugnder ala app]use i' o ll gheto tea cerlel is. 's itra laudo, i wan't o nt ttalk to . her s >>: teveonwe dee't nred im>> jcomy: n,me o b yourdasta, o go tcethe irealsle. an thu,k yolb palrsearer , fo in bee g thmaultixate e omplef vi hao ng t ahelpen frived mo. [ htlauger ] au [ cedien ] ohs kn i haew ts t wag goinetto g oa grns. >> ve steu : yo iknewt. j >>: immyitbut un's fny. an urd yoen friuld woved haed lov it. [ htlauger ] k than cyou,baake flls,otor n g beinedcallte tass.ical la [ erught ] >> ve stean: thu.k yo at tha is treal yhankotou ne. im>> jwemy: ul shoked mam, the n. ma te>> syeve: weah, ul shoked ma st talseica. j >>: immy lmomsthove daem, ds lo heve tidm, kves loems th. er evy ybods love'em. as talteic s st talseica pu e t theitastscale yinr ouutmo h
9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
la [ erught ] a ofac pegorn. 'sit u aconi arn pndasegus in one, that's 'sity m-- la [ erught ] >> my jimos: grs! u yo sjustedneez s andednott all erovhe teg poracn! ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] st lig eninnyto ad gooc?musi t>> ilyotale. hav e therhiis te s on tsongi hat ju anst c g notutet omy of d. hea j >>: immy lthen set'stop intalkoug ab, t itleand t's li tsten.o it o >>kay. l >> det's.o it er slyious ok lohe at utre bt ew heoh sks looe likuta sl ew m i'keliha wtht whe at ri right ght e ew w ug[ la ]hter >> my jim!: ew t i gon braizefree! >> ew. >> my jimgo: i ait breen frze. >> ew! j >>: immyramy bs in izifreeng! >> ew, god no! s it'am amirind u yo wknowho w no'shereom sine thgs i inthe k ar ew fac e etiminrecling in rpla aieane sts and en r thetetweeeing twts
9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
w!>> e j >>: immytotomar es ototomaes? >> or ew ew! j >>: immyarricheyd dr?fuss h >>cue's te. la [ erught ] >> my jimit: waec a sond. d dijuyou ayst st tha che'sute? ug[ la ]hter h >>lie's eake rcully te. [ htlauger ] im>> jwimy: erll f?rell e >>w! ut>> ce. la [ erught a anduspplae ] 's hee liktaa tottl hoie. ca i n't. j >>: immy dthen.on't m>> iust. [ laughter ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. anyod forurded er ial se plthe,ac to et g% 0nafiinncr g fo 60ntmo ohsa fon srd. uv atth rig's. htan just ced.noun rd fore andiexpe..tion. e avarlaaie wibl 0thfina% innc fog60r onth ms.
9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
hauh ty t booty boot c santalaus om is cto ting own sa clnta aus ominis c tg to own [ rscheepp and a]lause >> i ho tught this was a party? t' ledas nce! ow i not g lta cutoose lo footose ki ffck or youaysundho s es leas ploe seui mpullf e ofy of msknee
9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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10:00 pm
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10:01 pm
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10:02 pm
my>> jimlcom: wecke ba to "p timerimemy jimen's val tine's day onfall." nnow,y ormallt i don' to like uss disctipolithcs at ere dinn tabl hie, wwhch is iny i'm the me ron's om. sepleaoy enjs thiagmont oe ofur rifavotote "t nigh" show tipoliskcal esetch. oc[ kn ]king >> t whayoare inu do tg in?here im>> ji'my: tim eang! gah! >> , wowoki lota fan.stic [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> w no,oke lota fan.stic d anani mell reanty fac.asti im>> jwemy: go've bit a g te inw rvie jwith fimmyn allo ngcomi up. s let'onbe h fest,n'allos a twlight.eigh
10:03 pm
me. dohow t you ihinkgot's toing ? go t'>> inns go ra bey eallsyclas. i >>got's benna ll reay nt fac.asti 's itna gon-- be to [ ergeth ] hu ge! ch[ rseend app ausla]e ar>> fl.tbal ug[ la ]hter >> m youe ay bh,toug y butotou g gr a smeat ile. >> re thego we . le set's ate thle smi. la [ erught ] >> my jimyb: ma'se it s nsag pyin s.on u hayou pove sanken u'd yore me e ssagouis ld d anr.clea yo e u arcathe atndido e whs look li ske ay coobvidoo n llairebefo hi sks mare is d.move ug[ la ]hter haha, ., ha
10:04 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] fi ofrst i allgo've st toi ay, tlovewahis .ll la [ erught ] n' is at itut bea wifulall? [ htlauger ] s i wafathe tintasc. th tie rawengs ugre he! !huge hu !ge huge hu ge hu ge ha>> ts t wamoa hu crousntomme. i and l shalonrespthd wi la erught. [ htlauger ] on>> cntfideri ame wcansseill e i decan r livethfor them, at ctheyouan cn nt oorme fm the d anr theilifamies. im>> jsemy: oue, ynd soue lika bo rot. p,bleerp bloee, bllop, bdorp, es no mpt coute. wayou o nt t hwin,s ere' ywhatou t d rs fielt, yl. lli ye t allimhe te. in t, facs thie phont isn' even ug plinged . ug[ la ]hter , okay tfeelerhe bn. [ htlauger ] elfehe tn. ber ee>> fe l th!bern h >>luuge innch y newciork ty
10:05 pm
vei har foudrchil.en on te ofshhem uowedp. la [ erught ] [ enaudiwsce a ] >> my jimt : buatyou e e thr othe e threheluncs. ug[ la ]hter er>> slyiousu , yot starthoff e rvintewiiew outh yk loot,grea w ho wmucht eighveyou't. los itand ws shot whatza pu you --are im>> johmy: e comon! he y! i k thinreyou'y, very, very ver h.toug owi kn'r youmoe a athers nd aa an grhedmot wr as bell,ouut y're a h tougermoth. t>> a moughr.othe la [ erught ] >> n no,o.o, n me i thant n at ioda go. way no -, no- i thavek o as, thisusbecae i thwas nginkiut abos thithe ot daher y? yhaveveou eolr apedogiz? ieverurn yoet lifime? th baink -ck - e clos eyour tyes, bhinktoack dbabyd.onal i >>ly fulnk thilo aponggizi is a t greag,thin y butavou h e to robe wng. flikensor ie tanc wtheyd ante - me- ug[ la ]hter oh s e.ur ap[ ausepl ] y >> sta wtuned, be e'll back orwith malene "v ftines allon'
10:06 pm
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10:07 pm
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10:08 pm
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10:09 pm
>> j : immye welcomo back t ippy sken val atine'ssanniverry mbday ja.oree m i' fskippyn.allo d anre ibefo a wasni late ght st howas , i uda st bent atayside hi gh. reah, i er imembket lis it wa
10:10 pm
ee[ chndrs ala app]use [ rschee a anduspplae ] b >>deaysih! hig ch [ ]eers t >>omhe h be of, abess bookand inbeldg. [ htlauger ] nd>> aht rigr ovee theruris o stneween friimd, jalmy flon! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] h >>imey jmy! j >>: immyheoh, chy za! w' ho gs it?oing o >>ouh, yw, knoic typayal d. i uwoke tp inorhe m, ningthe al gaarm utve oar a w, ningi di tdn't ihinkve'd eker maon it .time ug[ la ]hter heby te timabi grmybed ks boo, d anvei gael myslof a i ok, was heat tne corstr juti in o me t e sebuthe y s flby. [ htlauger ]
10:11 pm
ch[ rseend app ausla]e w >>s hat'reup ps?ppie [ htlauger ] w >>slell , ateryofor ur in atformi ion juwas bost ao ut t as mmk jirey heut abo b theig le vae'ntiny s dae.danc a >>yowe, ysu gu g are oing ge to, ther'sthatcu so te! ug[ la ]hter h >>, a-ha fvery.unny j >>: immyarwho u e yongtaki to dathe snce,r?late >> l wel mas ar atteacof ft, sh rie's upght he [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> ji hi hmmy,chi za! he bby buoua, yti geteang rordy f e thdabig nce? ea>> rdy? kiyou g ddinmame, ma? s i wa rborn.eady li [ laght erught ]
10:12 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] [ e phoninringg ] la [ erught ] el>> hlo? >> lo hel? >> hu uh-h. yo bu'vetheen ngrowial up l rn moing? okay. ll weet, meat me my jimoc's lker. mas ar atteacof flat, s ter, th asat wda my uste jw.t no washe ts inurhe n ose'se,ffic bu e t shldshouhe be nyre a nu mite. >> l wel lthats eave jyou,.immy o whyoare kiu tao ng tdathe nce? >> my jimys: guua act illy,e hav to l telsoyou inmethg. -- i - i -noi'm int go tg tohe e.danc [ enaudiwsce a ] w >>othy n? j >>: immymoi'm , vingewto n rk yo. b tocoe a anmedi.
10:13 pm
>> 'r youave lebaing e?ysid >> my jimah: yeme, i i an, love erit ht e bunti wabe to on at "sy urdat nigh."live [ rschee a anduspplae ] mhostn y ow stalkhow! [ rschee a anduspplae ] d anknwho mows, oaybeayne d ndatee icolankidm. la [ erught a anduspplae ] >> e datlenicoma kideyn, h you ar coe a anmedi! el>> t al me iboutatt sler. ani memm, jiiny go ag one dat wi icth nkiole ?dman lit'sjeike bssieinecomg a ppstrier! ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] s >>eno wh y are louviea, ng y?jimm im>> jahmy: mo, to.rrow >> l, welmy jimfo, i e r onam everyedxcit y forou. >> t, wait wai.mama d dijuyou ayst s w youere ex d?cite >> h, yea e i'medxcit!
10:14 pm
yosay e?u ar s i'mcio exted i' em soedxcit [ rschee a anduspplae ] i s'm--o ca sd re ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] h >>heey, eyy, hy,, he! hey iwhatins go hg onere? ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> l, wel b mr. j, wefoust und thout imat js my ig goine to b le g avinidbayse. we>> akn, i omow sngethit' thall ch yoeer ysu gu up. st juy sta!here s >>inpeak tg ofs hing'lthatl ch meeer -- up [ rschee a andlappe us] i >> h!zach ey>> hl. kel ca i wan't i'it, em soedxcit for
10:15 pm
>> te lisoun, y i ande havto ta lk. m i'napregnt. la [ erught a anduspplae ] [ enaudiohce os ] >> eo timut! la [ erught ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] w >>onell d theidowns'le, il ob pr bablyoue gr fndedifor le. onbut p thesilus i de, got ke kally kipowsgn preant! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> t!e in y,kellt' thaeas grt! >> ll reay? o >>urf coi se, ylovendou a ll i'ay alwves lo! you la [ erught a anduspplae ] >> y, kktsi bayde. >> en att stionnttudehis, t s is ur yonc pri aipalj nd dic-- rhie, e thbobig , pperinbeldg. la [ ngughi ]
10:16 pm
mm jilly fandon a f hisdsrien at ys baide. j >>: immy, nice azachk!ttac vei lom! the we t memesoim tage o enwhe wreweo sunyo g w be'vetheen hroug k thicthand in we t lose we'vtied we wo've n f dsrienev for er im>> jhemy: ysy guie, frnds re fover? >> : allndfrieres fo!ver! mo f re ovoour faelrite ctiesebri p-and li batsync, tlesheright re
10:17 pm
10:18 pm
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10:19 pm
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10:20 pm
my>> jimlcom: wecke ba to y "jeremon'sfalcpy hapim fun te sp cuectalar." 'sherek a looe at morur of o vofateriel crieb mtyenom.ts im>> jthmy: s is iriyou inght is the samiostud19 in 65. ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >>d econt nigh ithat o wasn. an sd he gaid,leod bimss h, yo gu're toing ao ber. sta yoand oku loth at -is - hlookicow ne -- l myloegs oook ghed, tas brets e arhein tht rigce pla.
10:21 pm
il>> f tl inlahe bnk. i tloveayo plh withamy wt? ev ste. itsay . >> ve steat: whdi is onng dg. [ htlauger ] im>> jsumy: srvey--ays y >>diour onng dg! bu [ ]zzer i tloveayo plh wit-my - >> l bal-- [ htlauger ] b >>.alls no. ge yot aur ossr veerthe. >> my jimu : yotogot -- la [ erught ] im>> janmy: e d thd awar goes -to - le herrn mien. h >> ok than iyou,o 'm srehonod. la [ erught ] >> ev i nawer s b youtaacksge. o >>h. j >>: immyn'i do bt dotaacksge. y >>onou do 't dstbackage? i >>nk thi d youroid ftant sge. [ htlauger ]
10:22 pm
an lid corrn fe iell,s t waedcall tr onue ciofessns. he>> te gam atookn turthfor e ir wed d anunthe orcomfe.tabl gh[ liugt la ]hter >> my jim d: itriid, ght? w >>thell mee gae tru esconfs sionyowas y u saone th fring ouom ystr pat thais atruenend ong thit thaotis n. er ev hyoneo as ts gues iwhatt is. an asd i d sumeouit we ld b kind f of, unnyhaha, . ri ght? li cowan's s -- w >>i n a was tlatei een got ou bringht q foriouest anings a ecsusp at inten atd mpteermurd. [ htlauger ] o >> dunyou tadershand wt ha oenedurn yow sho last t?nigh oudo yer undd stan hwhatneapped? , hahaha, li, cos n waspa suect in ur a mthder asat wer nev lv soed. nthat geverolot sved! ey th a hadto pho l, hed ookeat th ote phd o an, saidh,"yea at the.'s m" [ htlauger ] y >>udou aneitior d fome. s i wahethe riad wfoter e r th da arna cshvey ow. yoand reu weou a yadng, leorab, tt lioyle b -- la [ erught ] d ancayou n me iyoand reu we pl g ayinarguitd , anhayou d th liese tttle droll aollsound y re wegi sinonng sbogs arout tll do lls. [ htlauger ]
10:23 pm
'shereon a soug abolt trl ll dos." thand ouen yld woun turndarou d anlewiggr youa ass lelitt t. bi weyou oure yndng a a hadht tig tt lissle a. ug[ la ]hter >> jimmy: wh aatoure yki talng ab out? s >> to, idoorpeoued yanr chces to e hav r-- iy,eallll reanty we to a batstgain. you ug[ la ]hter i k thintui ac sally "aid,lli wi tquithohe sw -- ha>> wt? f >> ihiyou hare td.t ki j>>myimsc: arhwnezeergg- -vei' ad ret thaguyou ctys ay uall d hate oeach ftherwhor aile. el>> w wl weveere ry etcompe.itiv ah yeth, i haink s te ioda go wo rd. [ htlauger ] ou>> yba're n ck odwbroaeray he. ok loth at -is - ithisans git. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> s it'eaa grort sty. im>> jitmy: t's ay t >> iriis t ycky,eah. es alpeciecly b tauseovhe m ie th isere st proc heti-- i tlovewehat ll stie have thes on . usit jelt feods go. ll teit me sn doeee't fodl go? >> my jim f: it reelsy eall.good >> s it' flikeedrosts. tip b >>anoy bead, ybsh, aleoluty bo ndy bar. hai >> wa anyeny, w lt ton.ondo nt wese to s e his,bone i andt
10:24 pm
la [ erught ] gw se-ay - ayanyw b the.ones [ htlauger ] w >>n'e cae t us, thatl we'lcut th utis o. ait'sck triley ro -- la [ erught ] c >> iausebat's onsed ea a rl gu osy, jcaeph merey-k,rric who li inved l the18ate 00s. di t ed aagthe 2e of7. [ htlauger ] im>> jwemy: e havetto gou thrgh is th. is ths isebaond t ae ruorst--y [ htlauger ] w >>t e goit. g wet.ot i otwe g it. i t won' alooku.t yo ll>> aht rign', dookt lome at . is thba is onsed ea a ry,l gu of co .urse >> ea y yh,h.ea >> ou yen wtot - - la [ erught ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use i've got bills i' gve totpao y 'mso ina gonk worydeveray
10:25 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] j >>: immyelrumptsstilkin. [ htlauger ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use h >>ey! s >>thtop coe rerd. d anndrewis. thi y r oummmogoa bit sll uryoad d gdy botlsil syourr istebigot lls >> t' itrs !ue >> my oh ! god ch[ rseend app ausla]e i >>ent's bereat a ght nig so far. what ha's tsat you y? yo tu wantdao see radnielfeclif in rappg? do .ne abalphet ae csrobi. >> t thad woulnebe o. y >>noou kw w hoo to d wthathole so ng? ea>> y dh, ieao, yh. t >>s hat'ofone t theierickst, esfastngt sokns i ow.
10:26 pm
la [ erught ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use an>> cak i t je myt ackeoff? >> my jimre: su. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> r all yightuyou gs. >> ow nt' itis fme oor rur-uapp, t'legis iveevt yternghie' w ve go rt,dyeaet l b'sineg- - a icrtifamial rsateu en art 't aamall gazin ytanallyicalas, i tsaul an e imatgsthin ro bbaken rsrriend boued t byomhe batb be il bus dingbrare oken si bay callboi'm dimbar ng ua cascrlly eate stcataesrophsu, caesalti ca lincelatng ct s gorthei picanooles cinlaps g on deta ate odimenkf da y dail ddoinough nsdemoiotratdons, dan da heon tn dow low in eater othto ediitrs wh aeachvend enery eicrget il epc eptiodepise ev el eatedettiqu te io furatus ful fabous riflurf es o ffunkelt fe g edinfathe csnati if gt t got greaalglob od gones gori gloous tt geodin gn ly igahis me
10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
ll weld wouis a w e w miordsusth jt inweav wg up wordsdeede up m , i'rka wotshif x,xerox- my diray-n atio es holra extge lar igx-heetht lters xyand onlophnee tos owyellk, bac m yak outh y ooungyanes ws eryests day' ylawnards osellawur y n z zigomag zbies om zoo in tzethe znithero enin zug tho ohts,eaverzlous ym rha-e ze lots ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimme: co on! ni daadel rfeclif! chee [ ndrs aus applae ] >> g don'tywheo anre. we be will k wi bacorth mure of o favo "ritet tonighmoshow" s ment om fr p theseo ast tws.year s,folkan you ce't makthis ff stu up. bfourts candi ahose a priusths getaeir caway nineavo-n r, it pursuiof a ta ptoyo. riusover. ho haw ird ts itcao a tch iuprs? erov. this hi t is ngactually pretty fast. over. ve funry.ny ohoo l a fk,mears mar'etrk. howe st uld ge flosome wersr foe thcar. ye ah!
10:29 pm
to ta. yot'lego ps celas. eech z-itoograrves ee thpe unrfect of aion ee chndz-it ap. a chi yo lu meaneyike tht ma god?rrie umm...i gu ..ess. mayou'd reke a pbridtty e t in thag weddin.gown , oh lit's acoab s.. evhey neeryos, joe'tt gemarring ied! bam bam amba b . m oh, i'not. tak wemee tiur for oee cho mase tture
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] s >>: teveesladi g andementlen, ne ouil yng.
10:33 pm
m oldooan l mk atfey li m i't a lo ylikeerou we ol n d ma alook lt myife i' lom a ket li w you ere o anld mk looy at mlife tw fentyanour erd the's m somouch ivre lone al e a in diparahase tket mas me k thinwoof t e lov, lost asucht cos ve gith me tingsdohat n't
10:34 pm
w gon'toset tsed ro g llin thomeu o yo [ rschee ] ld o t mana ake alookt l myi'ife lom a ket li you edi neeo somo ne t mlovee e the wholthday h roug a neh, ok looy in meyes an u d yotecan ll at thru's t e [ rschee ] la lul, bies ilookurn yo es ey a rund rounsathe ldme o wn tosn doeea't m n t muhat o ch to me tmean at thh mucouto y 'v iene best fir l andast
10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] im my g s.uest 's shereofome vo my fafrrites om th te pastrswo yea. >> my jimll: bint clioion dng gh usostb.ters >> n whee'thermes sog thin ra st--nge [ htlauger ] y inneour orighb.hood la [ erught ] yawho na gonl? cal [ htlauger ] hi ttts liigle pengy wt to m the all ch [ ]eers t lihis pttleiggy edstaye hom i 't dont wanroto gw up i' tom a r ys 'idus k lo e ve mtothe ys la i pthy wi im>> jhemy: llo? o hellelmichi'le, rem he. la [ erught ] t >>wahat urs yoac baramk oba? im>> jyemy: ah.
10:37 pm
la [ erught ] >> my jimu : yotiand eyna fe hav e tht worsirde npro imonessi ve i'r eve.seen i >>w. k ug[ la ]hter >> my jim's: ite lik.this ug[ la ]hter yocan au doer imptisonaf on ome a atll? cl i myose s. eye [ uglaerht ] mu [ ngmbli ] ug[ la ]hter o >> d tlikehihe tikng l e -- it ik's lope peaule lo gh ty earl heat te. jok la [ erught ] >> my jimne: i saver atw th. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] [ htlauger ] o >> s, goodooso gd. >> my oh , godguyou reys a so aw e.esom [ htlauger ] m ohd!y go d goreyou'so aweme. u' yoo re st.grea i elovethveryyoing .u do si'veeveen hierytoung y've do .ne im>> jhimy: my jim. ey>> h y howoiou d?ng fa so gr so sreatr o fasoand t grea [ rschee a anduspplae ]
10:38 pm
ot soher ng. [ rschee ] im>> jrumy: vethlos boyinare re he. b rioys heght n re istexa ll wi wing,ngilli d anbothe ys im>> jitmy: a wasat greg. son i >>io ser cusly san't ytand.ou [ htlauger ] ev nouer yasr be bt ofn urdeso le got's e hom drand heaw tta cur ins c i fan'tmyeel e fac wh 'men ih wityou t buvei lo it i but ilove t an i cee't fl my ce fan whewii'm outh y t buvei loso it h muci but love it ng[ sioving oper tea of ch
10:39 pm
im>> jdomy: l youwhike en pe doplepro imonessi ys ofou? >> -- no ug[ la ]hter lk[ taoving acer eheh otr ] >> my jimu': yoerre vowy fly d annd-- a -- ha>> ty t gu sis af on otca bih. tr taavol -- >> ve stegh: riigt, rriht, ght. hedo t b 409ob. ug[ la ]hter , hi--i'm ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] ha i sd toinlip outo yau becse u' yoerre veey chndry aov i le wh ouen yth do ouat yw. kno [ htlauger ] yo owu kn d youato thry, ve ci exanted u d yo ocomeut. me sos time--you la [ erught ] im>> jqumy: inest cestanth on at otthe daher d y anaihe s d he ed usca to e ll mheon tl cel on phe. >> a iaylwths ghoumet nd a you e ug[ la ]hter
10:40 pm
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10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> my jimom: welc.e back yo atu're wmtching "rocv's kin' v-djock-bay bm.all ja" uri'm yot, d hosoran ctese. re hee 's morur fof oesunnit mo ntmefrs "omtothe t nigh."show ch[ rsee and applause ] t igon shtwho pesuatrl ives j >>: immy, next tfromowhe cboys is e collebeasy. ashe wed votst "moel lik by toe iv dro en tgathe y me b, fred la [ erught a anduspplae ] ne frxt, heom trs 49e is jo one loey. ashe wed votst "moel lik y to li y ghtlontug r yout shir when anhe wttts aonenti." [ enaudiohce os ] ug[ la ]hter rs ma lhawn.ynch [ htlauger ] w heotas vmoed "ikst ltoely dot s hindts ass cro e his"yes. jim >>i my: nomight rot be aund ver,foret whay with m finger ing behein tti condiison it . la [ ]ughter o whwhknows ouldat cpe hap n to ow?morr i d stcouly ub mtoe. laug [ ]hter co i burnuld r the moof ofy
10:45 pm
zz pia. ap [ seplau ] >> ho i scauld oull ytl lite de 'cbbie, ouause y one are fa ss cke-ae.ooki >> my jim m: givegoe one od wreason donhy ihr't ts ow thi drin yk inceour fa. >> 'cause of this! audi [ oencehs ] [ auseappl ] im >> joh, my: they,e.errenc >> h jiey, m. au[ applse ] >> : jimmyhey. ow>> hee you fling? im >> jeamy: grt. >> d, g goo good,ood. , i look twant to talko you soabout g methinous.seri i 'aknow yo thll dpaese rodies on y shour ow -- jim >>ohmy: k , thanu.yo >> n no,nko "tha you." no. dodon't of oneir"empe." j>>noimmy: . [ htlauger ] no. i 'twouldndo - -- at- th. ug[ la ]hter s procoand ns d an aprosonnd cs d an pros >> my jimes: "sstame " reetngmovi boto h. pr boo, hmi proa ses hetougr, ed egierlmo. li [ laght erught ] ocon, tr as simese quar pelmout it it, "bplch, ."ease la [ erught ] [ applause ] i t don' wmessthith uyat g. ht has ags j >>: immyommy mnt measa to y t "but,"dial i butadnste she
10:46 pm
ug[ la ]hter te>> snove: . im>> jnomy: d shet.idn' s >>: j >>: immycei onrh ove aeard man sin a ntalltoext wh me r ispeto ms hi "elf,seplea n notow." [ htlauger ] i atwas ar a pndty aru a dnk pgirld assealme t okinge n th on phrye, c "ing,tri'm tyingo fi arnd mbuco, opt peeele kp ye g llin 'back!'polo" ug[ la ]hter "m !"arco s >>: teve!polo j >>: immy istopt! rc mao! >> ie aud pnce:olo! j >>: immy istopt! ug[ la ]hter sa i guw a ty inudhe ae ienche sa ooys likks l, e mei but t don' .know u yohebe tge jud. hdoesoke loe likme? la [ erught ] ap [ seplau ] [ htlauger ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immy, okaywhnow s at ithis in ioventn? wh at is your invention here? he>> tsu tisn etro.3000
10:47 pm
>> my jimah: ye. ye ah. pl[ ap ]ause - >>u - yo pjustt ut ierin he, in t the crashan. t'>> ills caheed tf pufand f flufdrdog syingm.yste [ htlauger ] >> jimmy: something like tt.ha ca bn hehereat? n carehe b?athe t >>!a-da im>> jthmy: yoere ru go ight e!ther ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] , aw!mojo im>> jthmy: zze pia -c deifrustier. yo t u pupithe onzza re the, ah ye. d an ythenutou ps thig thin .down nd>> an theea-- yh. u yo tneedeso pr is ont. [ uglahter ] ee>> jz. >> my jimt : sit.on i ap [ seplau ] lesimpus to e. la [ erught ] en opup it d , anpithe s zza' .gone er th ie its. im>> jyomy: t u goa pizzrat. s >>: tevesure. la [ erught ] >> my jimer: ev lyone hovesim. yo d u adlla ba. pit te>> ssuve: re. >> my jimu : yo--get uc chchk-e-.eese >> ve steah: ye! ug[ la ]hter im>> ji my: k thin ahe'sse mou. >> ve steah: ye. j >>: immyjolil hn. >> ve ste-h: mmmm. >> my jimus: pl w lil.ayne te>> smmve: .-hmm >> my jimua: eq-ls - li jol whnayne. s >>: teveoh. ug[ la ]hter ap [ seplau ]
10:48 pm
>> my jimah: yey , wht don'you tjustofake e f tha pand aheadnd t ge asomeir? y whnot? orgo f it. >> r all.ight j >>: immy.wait ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] u' yoeeve bshn hathtag nde paa l alg?alon >> uh-huh. nti was ed uavto hike, l ye --ou kn liow, urke o t own.hing la [ erught ] wa i shs hathtag nde paa. ubut,ouh, yw, knot thainwas e th.past i >>t wannoto khow, w y did ou t geepto r mlace he asagasht? j >>: immyerths e' onone. i just -- ch [ ]eers y otou geata rd es thoke boess thoke bo s im>> johmy: is, thk boois, uh -- ug[ la ]hter mi "aamsh vs pirepain sce." ug[ la ]hter "n alaturto hisf ry ontvaca ts lo." [ htlauger ] j"thef oy orcunciziumcing." te>> sohve: . >> my jimis: tha is ogoodne. hi s,ggince brars youelf. >> ve stel : alt.righ y?read >> my jimor: "s'sanus ne gygycolo." la [ erught ] he "tch psyh opatdeinsi." lo dokn owrehet athe author. me jalls faon. er thu e yogo. pl[ ap ]ause te>> si ve: 'twasnn evee awar wryou thote ooat bk.
10:49 pm
s jamedid. ou[ "hcase of herds" tlaysme p ] [ eech andrspp ause la] jim>>: my, nonono, denn, y, thes cue carde mus be strgla er sine.iz ok ?ay this is "the tonight show." get it together. [ la erught ] e thrdcue ca bs mustght.e ri ey th the aree lifn vest ithis ofocean is televate ed lt nigh jo .kery ug [ la ]hter >> t lo lasoks. immy>> jst: la a looks re the l finah-uptoucor befshe the ow. t eveneshe finrnitt funeure eds go a olisod perh ev iy oncen a mr. >>lo fal hn, youphave a one call. >> im j: a mye phon icallwhs en someone calls you on the phone. [ la htug ]er yo aurself, mygainen frid. w>>vehater. on[ phs e ring] . fr my hone p? i -- sorry. erlaught t >> what?is tha lifeels -ke - lf ahatr sg chinseee. im >> ju my: yo whaknowt, fred e,di do ilibee thevphe e on is t oheer pthkeoct.
10:50 pm
ithatmys lt fau. ap[ seplau ] te >> sthisve: di is llagon aey. immy>> jw : hogedo we het to t ?studio >> s : teveeasy. king tama my oogic brm. >> my jimyo: owu know hwo to rk at thhi tng? >> : steveyep. dastanebrd firolt. al you l idoput s e ong hele, re go -- [ th ud ] au [ cedien ] ohs j >>: immyinhiggs! j >>: immytegreaitst hs. er thnoe's ck tra ts onalhis bum at . all it us's j et an -mpty- ki maerng hnd staomup cdeedy but ni to--ght nnmadoada, lanies ntd gen!leme [ rschee ] >> is it e, truat i dune yoger ys gu. ch [ ]eers , ohguyou hiys thank tfut's nny? ha i t ven'a had idatecon a uple ek wes. oki lot ed aonmy sho witut in th aking snd i "aid,- um -do u yo ahaveriny f yendsouou cld odintrmeuce " to? la [ erught ] >> my jimll: heo? s >>: tevewayou omnt sace crk twithhat? >> my jim, : non'i do-t' - [ htlaugnder ala app]use cstopngalli me! ug[ la ]hter
10:51 pm
ch[ rsee ] im>> jwemy: i didt! dr mseaea ry ll cdoe omuetr! >> : jimmyl bewe'lht rig back th wies the burt of o syn lipch ttle bas. doyou wan't o nt t imisst. my and sonse i uatd to w ch thed care srpet ohowstvn w,no w i'mkialng them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is tbe fo kelaree. f beuse cahai usevehed ad andldershour s fors20 yea. used reglyularit, ov rem es tup0% oo 10akf fles inkeep g youecprotted every week, every month, every year u yoady re?ma always life is unpredictable,so mb ece irat! head and shoulders. live flake free l foreif aa aaaa waande'acre batk ic crt kelewire!sssw chit g and aetnd braew n rlgio fis $or.99,19 or e takina sph witsathe msungga
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s vanyuninlent bes day leeps, bl ndurps aer bloops. d an plenow,enase mejoy so of r ouritefavoen momm ts frothe to shnight epiow'sp c lisync tt bales. im>> jitmy: ti is orme fth anoer ee[ chndrs ala app]use lc wekeome havin ndrt apa my l ma emne sto. pa udul rd. dlenam.unha akblshe toelann gwd le elgen des.nere ch[ rseend app alause ] tom crseui. >> ld wou m youhoind g ldinmy co orat f me? k thanyou. [ htlauger ] [ auapplse ] >> my jimu : yot don' thaveo ea clutr yooa thrr t folip sy g.ncin ug[ la ]hter yo ipur lci syns ng i-- he>> tk junp.stom [ t lighhtlauger ] y >> mt firs isong ts byuehe qen bee. [ rschee a anduspplae ] f inlashghg lits flashing lights
10:56 pm
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] t >>sohis s ng isia bu ness an triosact bn, iveeliet tha ha edppen. so e meonedloaneo somomne se ca .sh li [ laght erught ] eiand ttherfohey trgotthhat ey rr bo iowed tt ordohey wan't nt ayto p it. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ay pwh me ouat yt wanit t don'liact ouke ygo fort h bitcerbette havonmy m ey ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] b bitchr ette mhavey tc bitth beaver he my bi betch httermyave ey mon [ rschee a anduspplae ]
10:57 pm
pl[ ap ]ause ee[ chndrs ala app]use gh[ liugt la ]hter [ cheersnd app ausla]e [ cheers and applause ]
10:58 pm
[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> t' thatos a onugh e. j >>: immycahow i n obe outf br thean ilia syp atnc btle? [ htlauger ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use gh[ liugt la ]hter ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
10:59 pm
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>weimmy: it'sll, e timto say odni goght. th u ank yotcfor wa ourhing t tonigh annshowsaiverry ial.spec lo geles ans. pe t hoe o seeryou the. oops. u myis hber ere. than orks fr. dinne >> th "toe ghnisht taow sg rrin y jimmonfall i" isa.n l. all th eeis wk. and motoowrrll, wire feropl drs .by '>> it m nodistanerng he omprgisinou y shometing i't can i'mli telngou y wne cao dhi ts ag.ain
11:00 pm
11 nngrowion in ad neva, llhiclary nintopa cam i las ve tgashtonigle op h poo tdemosec se su aort ohead theev n uscauc. he>> tpl peoome cue oge lar ernumbsn o csaucu day we're go tingeao hr in na.evad >> s but nhe'sotl aone iner h efsfort. rnbeie srsandepe sgakin to an estetima0d 2,lu00 pros cwd in aslas vega tody. llwi he behe t oone tn wive or daneva draemoc ats? y bus foday re th maarrigen aden licsela bureau in county i tn eun coa ew>> n ss 3s tarthtrig l. nowa >> a weesre l ahana pek weers a norow fnehen dtsocraah llwios chohoe whe tnty wa t ashe nerext pensidamt obf a othe unditete stas. theoc demc ratizpregs denal cantd dtsn i lasas veghi ts enweekovd cg erina lotof gr.ound ksthan j forngoini b us,oth


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