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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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ri arinves gi virovnia ghernit il whe e thlebattwh of ouo shld take his seat is in fu sll.wing he>> te lam pduckderesin nt ian ec el ytionisear g not toingo thtip lae baofnce s themeupre co urt. t >> ehec pighfiovt ter chertou d ancothe y untrjeand shb bu in jo ls usasive b hiserroth hits the campaign trail. r >>d ecorteshat lringbrows ing ng das erouitcond fionsthrom e ep deth south to rte not,heas but tomorrow tnghiats hein up ig a b way. >> ew nca salndor fpi sertz. erform y newgoork orvernot eli itspr zebehas ccen a ousedf ok cha ing n woma nin aorew yk hcity roteloom. aihe serd th ne isano chf ce o thatll aioegatutn, bic pole e ar stinveinigatg. an apd tr dped,s ozeneoof pple
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train car for hours in subzero temperatures. e thderir is lowered to safety r byanope add glbe to k bacon li sooud grhind tnds moay, br fe 1uary 25th,016. a>>ounnerncfr: nom nbcs,ew isths iod"t" aythwiat mlat r ue an sad nnva gahhrut liee ivomfr iostudin 1a ke rocerfellza pla. w >>meelcoto to iday,t's pr enesiddat's y. rs caalon ds ey iorin ft. mat we e havt a loalto touk abt. so h mucchhas d ange twithhe inpass jg ofceustili scaa. e thtipolifacal t llouulin fl in swg. 's it t ourtoop sry. flthe utag o tsideuphe s reme t couralat haff-sttef afe r th ensudd u andecnexpdeted ofath an n toniiascal. fathe t llouimwas atmedie. pl reg acinwihim ;llej t thilt e ba e lancheof tre supoume cndrt a th gnat i aited b newe attland ic ep. one
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w wetaill bolk allut ath of p ibum rwithliepubprcan enesid tial pe hojeful shb bua in ntmome. uslet in begh wit wpeteamillis. od goni moro ng tyou. ep>> rr:orteha it ens bee mor th 0 an 5s yeare sincsuthe e prem co waurt ts inpohis onsiti fa tcingushe b piestofart the rm teho witllut ae ninicjustes. at thts casha a sofdow unceairtasnty c theourt eppresaro tketap ue thstmo co ventrol ap drn ed imean an rica, flagthe obodytof anscnin aaliaedrriv in virnigilaa stet enghnit. dethe frath n om areappaeant hrt at ctacka ame h montofshy his b80thdairthy. w hen as icothe y mpanriof fends rebefong dyihi in ees sl hp inis om ro. >> wa he as iny verencongial p grouousurr bndedmiy ad orersf
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j >>ceustine kenaidy sald scia wi e ll bmbreme feredisor w dom, ho schilarsd p annitechcal br anillice. w no jwitheiust jught esstic, is thse raie s thibpossy ilitof a 4 4-tie. atthea ls vee thurcoint cttaa , orvictr y fovewhoen.r ru a wotie mauld inintagh tou new s texarirestnsctioab on onorti an ssd po liblencow egiourang he otatr sto es t spassarimil ws la. that would leavehe teg l hald ol p in olaceesn prt idena'obams tplant o le mfiveonilli migrants stay here. tia woe d uladheff on afoef rt to weaken unions with public employees including teheacrs. p ifderesibant ootma gpu to t sc 'saliace suc ossore n tht,cour at thld woun meabea liral rimajoty.
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co deurt s pendon w wesoill noon ke w thrafunel ra arenngemorts fti juscace slia. s hilyfamihe wis cs he louldie in os rep te inighe bnz broe do ators t thef op ostthe eps, an or honen givwi to m llia qurehna ist dedeca. ago >> us jcetica sa'lides h att se of if aniammedatte bontle the mp ca taign.rail pe alter deexans r ha sthat.tory go orod m.ning ep>> rr:ortes thiowis n fr reg amin20the am16 cn.paig th s is irathe orestf rocont tl ofhihe woute hse, co ssngred , anthnow pre sueme co arurt l e allain py. >> a in ntmomesi of e lencfor ju e.stic t >>omhe mofent en silasce lted ju hast tt. mea moefnt bthore lie pol tica pile on began. w >>ghe ou mt tothake 16e 20
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su e premt.cour >> r thepleal an would be somebody just likeus j tice iascal. he>> t e now smptyupeat tpinghe an itte we h thcefiertl batr e fo the white house. o >> nthway hoey scould m nfir ba orack sbamad houltotry appoint. m >> mitchnecconrgll anguit i ldshou b notlle finted ue il w ha nve areew pntsidet , bu with 11 th monfts lees, prt idena obam si in hstedlle wiin noma ate new icjustd e anctexpee s thtesena c todeonsis r hicechoirl faiy. t >>ishis es a ribpons tle iake ouseriassly ul shoerd ev.yone atheybore aurut ooc dem.racy i >>e f thidpresgeent o ts tsee e thd thiricjusthae, tult wod be fithe lirst l berarimajon ty i40 ye ars. he vowed to ocbly k ana obam mi nonee. a >>e lam pduckderesiilnt wl
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su e premt.cour c >>hiruz ghghlihats watt's r ea stk. >> ri mar rage,ioeligibus l, erty sethe acondmemendnt. we are one supreme court jtiusce fawaylorom tsingalhem l. he>> tedy li. h >> le is aying aboutorll sts t ofs.hing ia>> liar, lr. t >>oshe mmbt coe ativtedeba eebetwnan doruld tndmp a jeb sh bu. bv>> olyious w then ar i wiraqas g a bimifat e.stak ooit tb k je abushe t th be inginn hg ofnnis aemounc ent, t ithiook vem fis. day w hebaent ck. it n' wasmit a e.stak ooit tm k hi dfivebeays hforeis op peolle tm d hi twhaty.o sa n >> o pthisderesi dnt'say, fo prmerderesiusnt bllh wi mp ca aaignsilongisde hth broer fo e r tht firs atime tfterhat di e sput dwithd onalp.trum um tr np isngo lonver i.ited
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nd hates afe r thtedeba. >> er petxa ale, nderk thansoyou .much pe hojeful shb buwi is u tgoode o seyou. oo>> grnd mo sing,naavanh. w>> itoant er undd stan your tiposin on o.this na semctor elconn tl ofhe blrepu licanrseadesuhip t gges ithatnos a e minefoput d rwarby pr enesidamt obula wot d noa get .vote w itn'ouldent eve comn up ithe se .nate so f me o ryour, ivallyname ted acruzarnd mruco1 subio t ppor athatacpproh. e wheroudo ye com?down oudo ynk thiom a n oineee f th idpresshent couldfoome ur anp d orvoown n te isethe tnatehis ye ar? t'>> i ts up o mcc !mllonne. am i ru notg nninthfor nae sete. if ta he thkes atat p rh, ictespe th omat celplety. wh hoat s'tuldnpe hap in is n an ec el ytion aear,si pre identn a ve ivry de iciv okindmef ti sh nouldatominmee soanone ved ha w itpaith .ssed
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p my.oint s >> torrya hat oucop t? ou sht ldn'akhe tpoe a onsiti? >> av i hkee tapon a onsiti. if re thean is or up n dow vote s itd houlejbe rd ected baseon e thorhist hy ofreow pntside ob seama s lectesjudg. heif ts re iotno vhae, tfit's ne o. to th shere n'ould at beamn oba ju e sticn in atieleceaon yr. itlet an be or imp5jtantpas* f rt o e thtielecroon p.cess e ther lis aidot roning s. thi sethe acondmemendndnt ay man ot caher iusestamporornt fs thi trcounlly wide be intermy ed b th icis pk. he>> thore s'tuldnan be or up vdownanote und i tadersound y e aronnot te ofhem. ar eye thwe on onak cutstitl iona ndgrou. clartio e tws maker cleathe pr enesidmit nos natesethe nate ad s visecoand tsnsen. d it'toesn e sayt xcepinnot an ec el ytionear. e >> hnocan temina. he t hasighe ro ht thado tt.
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t righarto cutry o r the.ules my nt poiir is ecresp otivef at ther, thoue shotld nan be po apenintmset ba pd onderesint ob s ama'ctseleofion ge juds. ey th o aref ut omathe reinstam an isd thul sho ad bent poi in th ece el.tion m i'a not erlawyt , buhai'm ppy itto le igatw ther co tunstialtionofity c thease. l >>e et m atalk yboutour ca gnmpai. or ge. ge w.bush he l wiln be otrthe wiail outh y mthisngorni. m hea ade t pointato st y ouof e thtipolifrcal ay. s wa athatd har tcallkeo ma. wa as heusnxioge to ckt bao int it? t >>wihis e ll bfithe tirst me he i gotvenvol i andpe reshect t fa hact t ht heeeas bt n ouheof t li pol tica.fray th aat'soo6^ gadd trn.itio li reke pntsident clii on, s,gues orsupp htingpois s huse,nte was elto hs p hihebrotr. i' oum pr hd oferis s.vice i' oum pr md ofmiy fa ly's icserve. m i'inrunnr g foidpresbaent sed
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su tippore ng m awillaldd vo ue t e tharprimr y fo.sure >> ou yft oedenou yre aou yowr n bman,onut dtrald seump oizedn e thntmomein say wg itouas yr ot brwhher coo acg rdinruto tmp ed liut abopo weaf ns o mass st deioructd n an 9said/11 ha oenedurn yoth bro wer'satch an dnd diee't k ap usddnd aed th waere es anmiconollc co apse at th t lede o thtielecf on o ckbarama oba. th ese qu ition hs byg avin your ot bronher t the, rail tdoeshis teinvit thatireliongatith of e st pa? y >>noou katw wh's, it reinteg stin dthatd onalp trum ai prpuses antin tad atmycks ot brher. a inth souol carprina y,imar at thhe's tng wroce plabe to . >> y didbrour r othe ygiveou vi adorce fli deaitng wmeh sokzonex- ke lial donumd trp. i >>'t donnk thibr my r othehad pe excerienh witindealthg wi
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he hi is injacke g therconsvevati e.caus no g thinisin ht pasessugg t he a isub repn.lica i dotht wiil civity. u yootcannow allul a bo ly ttake >> nk thafos yor ture imisth mo inrng. ecappr iiatet. n >> odethe atmocridic se, ll hiclary n intobeand rnie nd sasaers e id hthhas ghe rit an red onspbisitylio tmino anate w neicjuste. th reey ath in tte barole gund e statevof nada. od goni morkrng, n.iste r >>teeporecr: sryretant clion s wa sh fe isngeeli p theurressome fr suthe gkrginbeazx srniersande. in er ordwi to e n therlargte sta sh ede netis laannos d af n-ricaicamertoans n turinout nubig s.mber da tothy wi d theraemocratic ce
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e arrntugsino tvane.da >> pl peomee co i outrgn lae nu s,mberar we goe g in wto in vane.da >> both candidates reaching out atto lmein ansrica l andosatin. >> nt clieeon m atingup gro of medreandrs ach touoning the divide late sunday. >> is dimcratinn iod hwee avrkwoo tdo to tear the ba rsrrien dowtoo. >> de sans rs ingtryira to lly riminootty vers. >> et togher we are going to ea cr gte anmoverthent orat wks alfor l of f >>lior c tntonilhe sstver ate is ci cruo al tinregamoing umment r afteuia br dsingt efeaewin n shhamp bire,anut s iderss
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.5 $2li miln on icoads edmpar to cl n'intos 1$1li milon. >> tu "sa nrday light
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th asis wse clor d fo hfour.ours t aboueh60 vs iclelvinvonded a ze donjns i.ured th owe sne cam adownoand cted e ths.road alookatt whha we n ve ialbrutly acoldir. t noolas c id ass.t wa 5 osin banton bed 4 inlow ba alny. ora ststm sys em iinpushrtg noh eaand st. blthe inue l te isrehe fg ezin ne li. ntatlas a ha.rain goyou th nor w andvee haw sno frand ngeezin th s is i wwhate e arinlookr.g fo sn ilow wrel spntad ie o th henortast. te atmper ruresanise sd weedtart th wiw snoewin nk. yor coicy ionditrons form getogia ne glw enanand avd heiny ra
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st hiretcrong frtm pa gs ofiaeorg l alwathe ty toorhe nstthea. c we souldloee fg odinelas wl. w >>ow. em>> ttuperarires usingtop in e th50mid d. sai >> ig a bm waromup cing. ro a cllereroast. >> pi keeoung yy. bus an therks vchy mu. e thisfbi in try ag tohettacd a cedeviaz to r&gvyl entar.&jca it r wasneetur td tovihe ar s ca alrent. a anmechouic ft nd ithand e bu ngildi e wasatvacued. e thorairpmat re oinedanpen d no fl s ight awereteffecd. >> e popcifranlls wiec affsst ma y.toda lethe caast ictholte sta.
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30 0 0,00 iteamsun a burb ue>> bdinos ass , dooscarr de >> a at hanew irmpshi e sk rtreso. >> d gooinmorn yg toou. o tw mcarsncalfuedtionvi leang do izensdinclu bng atraby d appe in b theg itin fcoldouor hrs. e thuerescca is oughtmen cara. da a ty onlohe satpes no cann tamounurin tinned hto awiarrong uerescn whe tthatcaram rs pestopead, l dvings ozenndstraed s inroubzepe temreratus. r afte pwhatngassedeers bescrid a aser sevlte voe , on ctramame rto aest. e thr othe tnearashe b te ofhe mo inunta. g amon48the pl peoape tr aped,n mo 8-olnth-byd ba. th wi m theryercuun arogad netive 4, nk blaweets enre s tt uplpo he th taem srmy wail untp hel vearrid. sk tri pandol aef firerights
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o noasne wur injd y anujnopuj f ofbirostte. of alficiy s saanmech iicals ssue d anthnot lde cose caue d th esbraken to agageetnd gck stu, ki maorng fun an ctexpeed wn do shilltiituaoron fse tho on bo ard. a >> ls ofniast cght, wrewsere rk wotoing t fixsshe iitue wh e th wtramay. e thtsguese werreoffeucd vohers o to g tbacknno caouon mn ntaia rm waayer d. >> y canmaou i wginea ith lelitt ba by? >> s youhaee td t anthyou ink iboy,e hopvei never hago to ro ththugh at. >> g and wreatbyork s theki trpa.ol al we, meeagt ain. >> we are going to your local fo care cstg ominn up inethe xt ec30 s.onds(s getranoor) grnd moin'! re(sto.) p.aen att stionerhopps,
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o) (vre the g's a breatig haun-korki wutld ore the. plexitore a in rusubacr reosstk. velo. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. > >>t lasr youes lat tatwe her. al>> , ksthan. i l feee like w thaveo dr ad ess.this h we'taventi men ionedt yet, but sa ahvann,er undhneat thee,tabl is wearing aoo b otner h left le g. >> t' thas ghrit. >> as plee exn.plai >>,well iri tpped on fr,iday ri aght -fter w-ree weng goi to
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i was rngushiac b ikno tthe deinsi. d an i trd.ippe atas m wtould y,sa iou c tldrip on a cesordls e,phon but d iid st ju .trip i ryeallpr sdainey m klane. i >>not's t okbren? t'>> iots n enbrok, buts it' abprobsly ase cloo tei bng br wokenutithong beiro b akens c it it 's a very bad raspin. h>>onow l wgill youe b ien th ot bo? t >> ohreeour fr s.week w >>rehy a wn'te sngigni it, ke li h inigh hoscol? >> you sdhowe ctpi.ures w itas y.nast i >>st wa rppule. >> my laseg w ucbreedis. s ient glyhast preictuos tse the ys gur ove the ekwed.en wthisashe ten off bsing oot. >> wine thy?erap >> aot l ofin we erthapy. ywheneaou wrhr tee inch s,heel th ey kill. si waun r aning indtst twiedit . 'sthat i why'll be wngearihi ts acattr tiveotbo. >> s it'as fhion week adalrey. i >>tee ndso tbe beledazzd. >> .okay
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an od d a diyoo bt ecprojt. w >>oue shld do .that > >> cgomin ,up frormeew nk yor go orvernll e iottitspzerus acced ofki chong a woman ie nsida te hooml ro. at whre we'rn lea aing tbout he investigation this morning. ow hou w yld ouretacf iou y wsa p aenartss pregurin tirhe dki toshftopli? doou y step in or off? ane-eyenopgin rseosnep rtsor peexmeri.nt
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nb c. > >>e tak alo cse lookt ahi ts indrawg. at wh y doou see? >> bi rabt. ck du! w >> ihatt resveal h aboutow you th >> he> t womenin makgto hisry on thert spos yoare adu re ary?u e yoready? ve you'o got t rbeeady. , i meanly rreal.eady yo are ady u repeto on? adreto cy peom?te re y toadel wme?co the rsfloo, , e un thmsifor a cleanspnd cri. y dor oulepeopav hrie e saght geafetyr? are ey pthteroed?ct m i'ready!yo
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s rewho'anady s d who'not? of c e ourso.they d eryb evwaody pints a ofece dy. rea stli en up!rei'm heget to e thdy olathf hoee usck obahen feetr .giand tve hertrenhe s gthenand o ergy t heastay.lthy s who'e?with m! e thtecompleance baltrd nu itionre of gastiat tnsng eure. gwith 9 of ramseiprotn... . .. vand 26s itaminmineand rals en resuke. taif l!e in i nowas art aw he ofucow m hidacwaity ms inety di... ithats t wagidamaheng tme enal. i edwantfi to rx it aightway. my dentist recmeom pndedmeronal. s hepraid elonam can ma mketey h etrosterng. pramon ielhes inlpmeg ea ld e thfeliha ti t ntwao tveli. a inleadnsg co tumerngestipu atblicreion lycentte tes dtothe drp launtergy de.ents e thnnwi per -sierinl 2 , 1dn di o'tbenly t.. t it beay siever nglergdetestent teed. .boom swit och trs peclil pro2 inean 1. ated#1 r. al ll yearyou ong edworkd har
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d an ctakee arheof teo pwhple oermattos mt. wsoyohen turefax rd unvearris, ke mago it ittl a lrte fu heralat w.mart om frro electtonics, e de hom cor, tevenesir, t geprlow esicev on yter hingu yoedne to m getfuore t n ou yof ourx tandrefu. t.walmar re ibefo hadshthe ,ootingbu g,rninns piee-and-ndles iaof dnebetic inrve pa, e thes serfeetmyved ry count, ca d rriee thhtweigf omia fa,ly and walked a daughter down the aisle. but uli coeadn't bmyr diabetic ner pvey ain aner.long so al i t mked toory doct andrehe pd scribe.lyrica e nerv fdamagerom abet dies dcausesticiabe panerve in.
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om frat modervee to en se dvereciabetine painrve . ri ly cca mayerause s iousle aleargic rctions orui sdal ciouthts oghacr ons.ti y tellctour doightor ry awaif av you hese,e th w neorseor wngniepre diossn, nu or u chasual inges n mood b orior.ehav sorg,wellinle troubathi breng, , rash bhives,erlist s, lemuscn wi paievth fer, ti d reelinfeorg y blurron.visi co idmmon scte effee s ardi s,zzinesin sleepess, ightweai gand n elswng oli f has,ndegs, lnd aeet. f don' drt k alinhocowhill e tangkiyric la. n't doivdror ue msehineacry until you know how lyra ic fectafyos u. e whthosveo ha had ug a dralco or prhol moble y ma morbelie kely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and bmy riggestn toeasok walll caras me g.ndpa urask yotor doct abou.lyrica . im>> k: 7:2n6 ohi ts ndmoay, a ho
7:26 am
.m kierwagn here.we endedp u snguiti .up fuhope yllyeou'rat wgchinth in e mfcoort ofr you mmjaies.>> a: danly kelrr cuaan, at gre y da avohe the day of f. o >>h,y m.gosh you't can askor fet bter at weher. as youea hd outhe t , doormany ea ar0ss 5 orin 60 ar peadis and is th rnafteoon,tl mosnny su y ie sknds a aig hhay tod of 76 and80 xp edecte on wsdedneayor befe weee sit a lbitle ft o arm sto st syemin comng o thayursd, br ceezytiondianons d ali s ght cechan of owshers.>> if you hnappe toch cat "w upake h witwathe s,gnerou" y w sa are feway aenccidlot swing in thgsow dnut bha tts ion ge and gsthin look sis i the boinund5 9 andhe t sp ttaghewli bond, ape scialw slobu t alotf opl peoee hav the day f of forre pntside's dayo sll a e thra tvelim trees a rngunni fu
7:27 am
ua usllys thi ,timee whave ye ,llow a kimnd nada, but noto s ch mu . d >> aana: lotf oeo pple tgakin dtheay of f. k >>im: a lotf opl peoeay me hav bseene erniersandsr o ll hiclary nintor ovehe t ek we bend,othwi draarng lge cr owds here in town. hi arllcly toinn wppraedp uer h mpcagnaing swi in mmsun,erli wh at yeou'r sgeeinn otheee scrnno w,nd a she'sea alrdy on reno, we " sawthe "dato sy"who reportginro fm 71-1 and satenor rnbe siedeanrsak spetoing a pa edck rlyal inon banza high sc hoolsh fre off a -p22 wointin in ew nps ham ahirend wvee hahe tne vadaau cscusein comg up.>> a: danre we' hinopg'l youl ak "w we upthith gne wa ers"
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esammi areon thtignd a >> 307: mdaony moinrng. brferyua 15th, 2016.
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we have a bigol hidaywd cro br g avinchthe willyereath in ro elckefler ercent. if y thestay a few days itil wl get . warm t'>> is goingo tbewa . rm >> we arek bacns iidef o so tudi 1a . aherehere tea hesdlin. th mae reofins ub repnslicais insatt th es prt iden oholdndff a lethe t ne rext pntsidee nam the essucc sor. o >> nthway nae sete sdhoul co nfirm anyone thatac baramk oba tr toies oi appnnt i hisas lt iyearn fiofce. >> e wht oug to makehe t 2016 el onecti aer refendu omnhe t su e premcourt. >> wee hav a idpresent. wheas elteecd. he has the right toin nomate an r otheemsuprure cot icjuste. >> thehi woute hse says es prt idena obamwill natomine a successor to justiceli scanca oe e thtesenaur retnsro fm a ek weg-lon ceress. >> ic> mn higarngoveorro pngmisi re mo atassisnce fores rtsidenn i tflin toea dlit w thhe tyci's
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ctheity issk ainghe ter fedal go mevern tntoan expdic meddai ve corageo t0015,0 lepeop. th e.s u.ur s ggeonalener rrtomoow. >> we> jelryei h istnou sth ca narolire whe 27r--yeaold ig abkeail smp i aedccusus of pu g llinout a gun, zipyi tng plemsoyeend a sintealg1 $ ll miion. sh cee famis silarrg chaes in ge a orgiand idflora. >> f>rorme gnooverr serpitz in igvest fatednor a aedlleg assault at a hotel right here in new york city. go orod m.ning r >>teeporear: yooh, gmod g,rnin va sa.nnah ashe we oncrngovefor o the st aateownd n fgacinno ather po iatentllyar embinrassgnd scaal r aftethell aegednc itiden here at one of new york's siewankst ho .tels otellitz spier back t inhe the formerew nk yorrngoveor th wough..h.o siregnedft aer ca pughtg ayinforex sh wit a
7:32 am
ve inigstation for assault. ur so fces,iaamilrit wh that ve inatstig tion,ell nbcew n s othattun sa nrdayighttz spier and aom wann i her m-2id0s reentew d nerkyo'sni icocla pza l hoteandde head up tone o of th ome ros. si inde,pi stzve ery iscc a used hoof cking the n.woma theyp nd itinvesnggatiim h for as t,saul butot nor fex slua ulassat. so a urceam fr ilia twithhe in igvestnatio s aaysfterhe t allegednc itidenhe tom wan stli he wrr tsis buthe tou wndse wer not lihrfe-tnieateng. no rg cha hesbeave en filed and a oksppeesonrs ssay trehes i no truth tohe t allegation. in ,2008 aro putstit sionalcand edforctz spioer t gnresi as go orvernst, ju 14on mths after inbeswg orn in. >> e i'vct a iedn a wayha tt mi faly. >> or rep hter:s e warneve gecharthd wi a e.crim te silevion. >> p theicolit aiansre ntspri ing. ep>> rr:orteti hosng orshvet-lid sh ows on cnn and cnturre .tv
7:33 am
th eth oer desi. >> or rep bter:e eforaai fled rnretu to pocsliti. lo tsingso hi oenppon tt inhe de atmocrriic p fmaryor mp coletrol nr oforew ytyk ci in 20 13. ll fog owin lthatoss, serpitz rcdivoised h wifend a later testaratd dthing epo serkespson r fo his fdaile mpca.aign ur socesel tl nbc tovhat ghernit e thn womaeltravomed he to iaruss. il stl aot l ofue qnsstioth in is .case ueno qnstio it isti getng a lot ofatiotentitn, whinrs hou of stthe ory brngeaki, ,guys it twter. >>ll ari ght. th ank you. > >> ack che o tnhe wereath now fr alom . >>y'todasea wther isug brohto t u yoby calapit one,tc swi tho th e vreentuar crod fm calapit le miu s youscan ae onirny aline an e.ytim >> ,wellhe tig bgerar pt of this st sormmystes iet strgchinut abo 50 12es mil worthf o wrinte
7:34 am
toinmae. 10 ll0 miion pe eoplatk. ris lswe aveo hae a sseree sid to th is stsyasem, we ll. yheavnd thuorerstmset strgchin om fris lou aianalsnd ao ka ar, nsaspon un i tote sennese. we haveis a rk foron strg sstorm fr enom ctralis louiana allhe t y wao in tflthe a oridanpanhdle. ca n'tul re out pblossiena tordos an d aot lhe of raavy itin wh is thte sysm. soto day, srshowe andto srms nsintefrify omew nea orlons t gomont, meryala.abam m we ioveno t moto,rrowhe trey a in gog toov me eardstwam fro la at intan tolo frida and south nt ceral fla,orid as well. ra llinfa ntamous,he tea htvies am s ountt aboue threto five esinch of rain,tr cenal
7:35 am
atth w'stha is i rs caon? >> r all,ightal . k thansoyou chmu. >> c>gominp u and treing cl exe.usiv eka pe t athe "fdsrien"ni reuon ma ngki. >> an> xp eimert enatth wlil alre glyet you thinking. >> good co ngmi up, eicthal u yoear inhe t gryroce store and ti nohice ts check out line. a mom telling her daughter to steal l steait. o teth e?stor ou hrwh omy do ssh be cacaack kerds owep throbsting s acle?at yours fitheyt - it lim y wherernou eaus bonh - tthen phosechlaces veange efew ry hsmont? i k thinlli's. pas..
7:36 am
simpyou arly emin unli5%ted b caack e onurvery p echase,wherverye.yo t u can'e thdodgese qu.tion.. at whyo's in leur walt? an mad you t kny nohaow wi't inm talkout,g ab but, t uh.urhe yog ft made yoromilur mdek, is s.liciou , yommmmt.plai y kiso monds de 't havagto for goe,o t two jobs tmopay a ge,rtga and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'e bg workinyowhile eep.u sl st yo
7:37 am
o' whp ll stehenup w ingsthet gough t? do t n'wayou tnthat f kind on?brai yo gonu'reanna wmet sokeone li me. bu ont f ly iu yo ahavein. bra kei taic ps ture sofseunri s, bu tht wiy m pbacknai co i dnulle't s epan ged it upme.n ti th ouen i fvend ale pm. aleve pm is the only oneo t coe mbin sa safeidleep as plu e 12 thr houelpain r ievingstre ongthe.f alev i' ck. m ba e pmalev a forte betamr . to the woman in the mid- s90' you're right. t it's sime tohis et t fbirdree. h odot bloeced, chit ak eend s ... a got o fever10f 3... fe ' elinnghury? how 'bout a donut? 'm ilo hot bi'oded..hom blt ded!oo r whetheit's 30rs-yea old or da 30-,ys old rm cailax wprl ap iaiset as inlelitt as in 30 m.utes an yd thenlyour onncer colln wi be to show pendshthe ca.
7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
(vo) t newtsidy cawe lighthtig4- -1in ghfiests mris ght. cks attae thre lstrongboitter odx ors, us plks c locs lumptight. d ... anit'snow ht lig. hoevery erme, evt.y ca th a ere's cattidyr s fothat. >> e'> wacre btk a 407:hi ts inmorng. oson rresen s,portre we'ic kking of f a rise ses,tepn i or step f? of t'>> iocs sial eimxperentso t st te howou y'des rpondo t et lhica ledi.mmas rjeffnosses ie herit wh his hi dden racames. od go inmorng. >> ro i b tughthe casamer with me . t wery to teachur oid kshe t erdiff benceenetweht rignd a on wrg. e th key,word th atlu inc tdeshees lson that listeasng id. ba wh at if you rannt io a mrothe th wi outlsmora? w aomanel t hlingergh dau ttero lsteaht rig innt fro of u,yo dwoul s youtandp uo tthe ermothto, sphe t kid beefor she did,it or lethe tm pull off the ecrim geto?ther
7:41 am
owkn wthaou y 'd?do check out what we found on hidden meca. ra r>>orepr:teho was htn'ee bn there? >> .no >> reporter: your child is ggbeginor f atreat. >> i reallyan wt .it >> reporter: but this mom isn't about to pay. >> if you want ityo, hau ove t ea stl it. >> or rep wter:e pdulle this en sc fariothrom e headlines. cepoli say thislo frida momas w htcaugn oeisurvcellaner cama co ngachi y heroung dteaughr to lstea anxp eveensiot btle of qu teila. en wh m theomal wks ayaw, watch the girl hide the battle behind he acr bndk aal wk t.ou who would you react if you saw it happening? our hidden camaserre aol r ling w neeyjers. r ou aorctsre air wed up. in toplace. >> reporter: we are watching ev hierytngro fm aec sret colontr room stdown.airs olchoc?ates ir>> fupst t,his -lreal ife ermoth and daerught,he cgckin
7:42 am
en whhe t ceraships stey awa -- >>,no swe.eeti to o exivpense. >> seplea. r >>teeporher: tl gir a isdylrea hiwatcng. tnowimeor f thest twi. i >>u f yolyrealt wanyoit, u ow knt whahayou o ve tokdo, ay? >> at wh? y >>avou hoe tal ste, itt jus ke lit lasme tiok, ay? y>>out wan to make mete sal it? >> ut p it u ynderour etjack, ?okay >> their g clan'tel b hieveer ea rs. >> l i'l t goeo th a carndee s iyouwon t teminus. pu tt ind uouer yr ckjaet. u' yo blle fine. dynobo g is toingorr aest a kid. se oue y in two numi tes. >> mom! ep>> rr:orte m our womalksut o tandidhe k actor isow n alone, ou abt toal stehe t occhesolat. it'sow nr o never fheor t g irl to do mesog.thin >> i ulwo.dn't er the. u yo can juste savp ur you money d ant wai b touy it. ha>> tt's t.righ she just spptoed her. ki d to et>> lo,'s ge comon. >> or rep tter: timeeeo mhit ts cr ime pestopr. >> jeff rseosn fmro nbc wsne. w ho y areou indog?
7:43 am
st eal. ,here h?hu >> very proud o fr.he >> ep rteorr: if ist' tthaas ey r fo k aid to speak ,up owgrsn-up will dinefelit jypum in, right? i>>fou y wtan ,itou yav heo t st lea it. >> hi wle aew f peeoplva pri tely told t shereto- - >> ink thihe the motsr iry t ing gtoet herau drghte toal ste a box ofho ctecolas -- ep>> rorter: mostai sdhi notng d an did innothg. th anis mvo nerlyus tapping on the uncoter. th is womanoi dng hert beso t lo ok aw. ay >> y didou thinkut abo co ntnfro tingomhe mnd a sa,ying at wh y areou g?doin i >>ee fl like that's not my pl toace do it. u yoer nevno khaw wtin k odf re onacti'r youoie gong t get. >>s it'ot ny m ,lifeou y know. >> y not ourfeli. >> right. >> reporter: but will all the adul stsyta sintle? is than woms i about tock kno our so cksff o. i >>u f yo twanthe clahocodote, iwhatd tolyou. >> or rep ster: whe'sinatchikg le a. hawk ut>> p iter undou yr ckjaet. mi'lleet you oue.tsid o tw numites. >> or rep ster: che'slylear torn
7:44 am
st g,arin lesint,or fos almt a nu mite,ef bore isth. >> m how iuch tshe occhesolat? >> s it' 0.$2 >> s doe she ryeallan w yt touo ke tath at? >> .yeah >> youno kw atwh? i' uyll bt i for u.yo oni d't want you toak te . it >>y?wh i>>st'ot nhe tig rht tnghi to do . >> ha tist o s sh cte ayuall btough the olchocfoate r r oulelittl. gir tcan't wai toee mt her. ff jeos r fsenrom nbcs. new diyou bed a fuautiinl thg, bo hughtheer toc che.olat wh y? f >> ieltst wa r theighthi t ng oto dt a the memont. >> e take car of thetl lite rlgi. i >>n' didtt waner ho t feel bad ou abert h mo,therut b i dtidn' hwanter toe havteto sheal t nd cay. >> nk tha f youeior bong sat gre d anpi helerng h out. y >>eou'r wee.lcom >>ha tnk you. e>> we lovap hpy ngendis. w no we want tow kno howou y dwoul acret. wyoun'ould stay a ,word pr lyobabut, b - i'm- >> w. wo >> ino kw u.yo >>e whave ae livac fkeboot cha
7:45 am
fa okcebo/r.comnosse rtrepos. i' nsll awer yourst queions live. kas us ytan.hing >> i'dik le to askhy w you think we ld woun't do hianytng. >> ll we'k talut abot tha fl of ine. ha>> wo t dhayou tove owmorr? >>no ather ealthic dia.lemm ewe'r tngalkiut abo aernothot h to pic,it entled dski. en whas i w a kid, youot g a hytropy onl for wig.nnin da toidy, kset ghe tm for an ngythive, en icpartioipatn. w hold wou youacretf i youaw s a d da seupatt th his bgooys t op tr,hiesn eveug thoheh tyos lt th e game? wo yuldou fede tndhead d or the ?kids hournidde casamer areli rol ng ai agn. th hisas eonveryen oif dntfere h >>ilow w wle acret t tohat one rrtomoow? >> 'l yourol pybable sidh witthe dad. >> f, jefnk thaos s much. >> om> c ing,up kyean stwe's rp sungrisife connssio and who he is hngelpiit w$1h a li bilp on u vestment.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
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asit's cck dh ba v\j u. th ti de cie oublarcash cd. th ly ce onthard s at letyou casearnckh ba o twiceyn everpurc hase 1 withen y% whuyou b1% and u as yo pay. wi wth twoto eays arn,akit motes a lothe of rdr cases sem one.ided > >>e we'r abackt .7:49 re -scorderhattingee wndkeor f "d dpeal.oo " i>> tcabeme the highest grossingeb fyruarea relfse o all ti .me >>is this a dfeifrentin kd of superhero story. >> repteor tr:shi weenekd, a blood bath. the box office burned rdrecos, and most bly,notaec exponstati r afo movieike l isth, account down. not,doub theov miead "de"pool ngmaki a kig.llin >> ig bstge r-terad ongpeni ever. es biggrut febary ongpeni erev.
7:50 am
ic flkta srring rnya reolyn,ds expected to plulow dnn a es tedtima0 $15on millihe for t fo -duray wee.kend nob >> iodyset gting rthu. ep>> rteorllr: ay b bucking conventional wisdo wmhitts i ou shtlandi, violent yle,stvy hea dosef o adult codyme. ho ywlldoons ierids cdire ttinghe film's success to annt iligeelnt inmarketg ca,mpaignt tha rasatu atedndve subrted tr ioaditnal adisvert ing. ee>> s you this ayfrid, ama.eric ep>> rr:orte t ando ryan re dsynol. >> rom fopthe crening toedits the tippy top after the itcreds, 's it as usunluas a it tsge. >> ep rteor ir:st'ot no sky ris to get risque with an r ngrati. leanges. >> l we oved. it >> a weawll s it. >> taspecr,cula .yeah >>o s t.grea nit'sorot f . kids e>> bre prepa fd tor rhe >> mrta,onha wart eeo pepl sa ngyibo aut "podead ol"on?line >> ve lea your kids far fthrom e tethear butb graou yren frids an god .
7:51 am
fa ns areki talnng oia socl a.medi rtheioeactnig mhte bs any fun t asovhe mie. ja redwrote,av i he no idea how "d ooeadpotl" ge mad but i'm so gl tad i did. th sis i theos mtnt einertaing rv maelil fm i'veee s in snalever s.year aemichwrl ote,ad "de"pool was vu ,lgar apinriprop aatend ex eltremgoy ry. ied lovve einry mutef o it. an hid tses tak ito t aernoth le vel. >> , oh boy. >> ow he cuts ithat? he>> tng thi ,is this sd houlbe a cat ntcoest,ha w tt ishe cat kithinng? th ste ar, ryan olreyn hds,as be eniv actne ooc sial media pr inomotheg t film. he d sais he' wngalkin osh sunine an th tkseo th "podeadol"an fs o wh cedarri himhe t whole y.wa ouif y't done havno eugh "d ooeadpnl" iou yr feli h,ead to th e vimoe'seb fac pookagere whe mu leltip cctharaerse tak each rothe. on k we tnowheal v ouefoc slia dimea. ry rannoeyslds i spptegin up the so cialed mamia ge for dp"dea"ool. v >>ery olco.
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
we ug broouht ye herytodato y gethoour onestonpini t abou nthisarew c. ktotheep uingssenbia d, rweedemov t alloghe los. fe liels bke amw. mires nd ameit letl t bi lofanike i. aud
7:55 am
risi, open maps. sh tse ge a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. it n eves muterathe undio tile th bseat aeltsucre b.kled vei'm urry c wiousithat is. isthth is 16e 20vy cheib malu. an sd it fellsor? itta ss rt tatntwetwy-fio .ve wh?at i wmeanalith isl thhn tecy.olog 'sthatam a gane chger. .>> a: danho we oupe ye havis th aymond f.of it'ssi pre'sdent day today.>> : kimld wou tn'that beic ne and kelly has are dssn o that tc ma ahes o lotfhi tse bluky s hi bend us.he rehe s .is >> ahye,ef delinityoo l akingt alo t of blueki sesh wit bifeautulco ionditndns a t theraempesture e arheon t rise.
7:56 am
deboulr ,city 62 grdeees, ov n,erto6 5nd a primmin comg in 0at 5s thi w,he t traempestureil w l incontueo tri se, aea bulutif day datoy, 14re degesbo ave no ,rmalt tha isur oxp edecte hi gh, 76 des,greehr teere deges sh y of the rd.ecorwe ou celd bti getnglo cse to a co rerd on eswednday, ghthou, lo ok at ,that0 8re degesit wh a cechansh of s,owerez bre y nd consitio on thayursd . a >>rill ght,no i kw some peeopl thave dheay off, thede evince isn othe adro.wayslo okth at e lack offf traic o n e th5 1 and 215. 'sthat great. we d hoave atl litte bi of ag spi hett wbowl jith rustaregul sh rur hou trc,affi butn eve at th, ,lookha tt's lerightn tha ua usol, s ifou ye havo t get out er thhee, tve traiml tes t forhe mo arst pet arni runinng the ngreeh wit atl litte bi of ow sldownn otheou sunthbod aat's boutit, kndim ana da . k >>im: count dra,aculet let's g e thk bacf oou yr co.llar
7:57 am
sh faion stenatem t? i >>'m .sure an>> deta: gting a lot ofov l e tforheoc demcrati ndcaesidat, wi heth tcu caus fiveay dswa ay an dil h claryntli aont an entve inum srlmein yeersty.da thats ioh jn lewisnt icirodung he r, cmphanioth of ce ivil tsrigh vemo,mentut abo a half nt ceury ago. ll hiclary nintoal tking to many lepeop in sun city,um sinmerl st yeyerdand a bniersae ernds packing the houset aan bonza ghhich sloo with a -p22 wointin nin ewmphairshe. mo trenha 2200,0pl peohoe swing fupor his t.even
7:59 am
shfan ioe,sense, w w he where tmir gls at it's 8:00n o "today." coming up -- where them glsir at t>>heew n wave of imswitsu lsmode. 'l wel irontcedu you ttho eom wen
8:00 am
t ofhis year'ssp "orts il ralust ted" he where trlm gi s at >> 's> it0 8:0toon ""day. ngcomi-- up re whem thes girl at t >>ewhe nav we of swimsuit models. l we'lodintryouce tu toomhe wen breaking boundaries on theov cer of this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. small wonders. >> only one pers wonh itisth sy rond hme dasied from cancer. >> y. es i>>s t'extraordinary. t >> iitis, is. >> t wha wife told you there is a e place wherneno ofe sufrs from cancer, diabete es,hiven gh oo blesd pr?sure ho iw issst poleibnd as ierthe a tccah? we ex'll n plaigethe c neti mu ontatit thaho ssws i trexrdaoarin tynghisom ce in sm all paesckag. > >> and back together again. >> we experienced friendship, heartbreak, babies, everything geto.ther e >> w ahaveak snek peeheat t hi lyghnt aipicedateu ronni over a decade in the making. to y,da monday, february 15th, 1620. ou ye'r aro tleubkemar troublemaker a youin't nngothi a but ou trakblemirer g l w>>ree'n oe thod"t" ayowsh!
8:01 am
>> celebrati mngthy 18th birday. >> all theay wm fro silouiana, ur yoni morofng cscfee s ream amalaba. w >>e'rero fm mianchig. e thd colt don'erbothan us .yway >> happy presidents' day weekend. >> all right, all right, all right. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." we have a boisterous holiday crowd out here on our plaza. go modnior tngtho .em 'sithi cy llt,buan mar, the ey refiupd . >> there's a l ootthf . em i>>no kw. 'rtheyaze cry. lo t ok a cthis frazyehan bind us . t >>rohe b wncosndon ay' there re>> go at t ehaveboveryn dy o hthisayolidda mony. as sa we id, e thvecoder moorls f " thetsspor stillud"ratems swiisuit arsue e ngmakie mors wave nthanl orma .here
8:02 am
br rseakeom cing up in just a li ttle. bit >> rs> fiett, let's ghe a cf ck o ta nalie? >> d gooinmorng. ar yie flt ng a-shalf otaffisn th idpres' entsday. tw yso daer aft d the oeathf su e premt couricjusttoe annin sc .alia s hih deatesleavey a kan vaccy on s themeuprert cou. nb jc'sceustire cordesponetnt pe ll wi iiamsts a theup s cremeourt th oris m.ning , pete mgoodngorni. n >>ieatalod, goni moro ng tyou. th dye boju of e sticiascal ri arovved ghernirat, dinped an am anericg. fla c itframe exom twhas, heere odiedthver eke weofend an ap ntparert heaac attk. onwe det't yw knofuthe l nera ar emrang, entsifbut f they amil sh wihees, ld cou i liepon rese in g the hreatatall s themeupre tcourld buiing. nofor rew, pntsidema obas sayhe wi omll ne inatcca sur,esso but rethe icpublsaans aty th ci de ssiond houladbe m te byhe ne rext pntside. th ure coset its lf itsin i wimid- bnter.reak e thicjustetes rtourn b theench boin a wut aeek. fo e r tht firs itime yn 50, ears 'ltheycel fa b thestusiet parof e th wtermutitho n alline
8:03 am
at thse raie s thpeproshact tt osomee f th cmostovontralersi se cauls co dd beedecida by 4-4 e, tich whild wouth be mee sa as no is decation . all is tha is otimecef unntrtaiy, bo olth paliticndly a t forhe co urt. na e?tali >> e petiawillt ms asuthe e prem t courusfor . an thu,k yoe. pet th ate de jh ofceustili scaa se hont savck whres t toughhe pr enesid ctialigampan. so meep rcaublinsnc ingludi na se ttorsrued cndz aco mar bi ruot wan theex nt pderesint to be o theo ne t tpickexhe nt st juice. ieearl "r ony,todarm" foer or flgoida orvern b jebush we d ighehein w sn he tpokeo va sa. nnah f >> ie thern is ar up o down te vo s, itd houlejbe rd ecte ba onsed h theryistoho of w es prt idena obamctseledgs jues. heif t nre'steo voat, thin's fe, o. to iwhatay'm sising re the sh n'ould at beamn ob ja --ceusti ou shotld nap be tepoin ad inn ec el ytionear. tlethis ben a itamporntt par of th lee enctio ocpress. th s ere't a longridith on is. ov>> gr erno'sbushth broer, me meanti, frorme pderesint ge worge b.ushil wln joionhim e thaicampragn todil tay. > >>crdemoilat h claryonlint
8:04 am
aicampragn treil aki talbong aut oc bl akingupny s creme ourt no nemimee na pd byderesint ob ama. sh yse sa p thederesiasnt h a sp rebionsi tlitymio no anate new icjustd e ansethe hnate as a spresionlibi ttyvoo .te her challenger, bernie sanrsde, reag test haesprenidamt oba ou shamld ne e thessucc sor, ngsayihi in rds woets, let's g w onitith . > >>rga vitlin ac antihtflig fr onom ltodon y newwaork s fo trcedrno tuk bacaysunder aft da a oungercis in identdan miir. it pe hapwhned omen s oeonee n th ou grimnd a led a iaserthnto e picockeat, l tvingo-he ct pilo fe g elinllunwe. w >>vee haed a m iical wssueith ofone p thes ilotr aftesea lar in ntcideer afteo takff. e we'rg goinetto r urn. ff>> olsicia l arengooki for evwhomimer aheed ter las. > >>e theranwas re ince dibl si ovght heer tke weeffnd o the t coasloof f.rida ofprsoesfrr fomrilo adaantlc ti un erivtysiho stht viseoid. u yoe seerth ie,sht s ownstef o th saous nd sofrkhaofs paf lm acbeh. l alosthdoe yts sou deen ow erth te,sehore aha ss rk
8:05 am
th tiseypf o srkhas i ratelelivy rmhassle s, toyhe say. ethro pssfeorop h teso tag se om tofmhe toea lrn moreut abo the thway igey m.rate fuhopethlly igey m orateheff t as cowat, aomy frmm swi ers. ba ock t snaavand h anoncars. ys gu? >> al natthie, sankscho mu. po "silrts ralust sted"uiwimst it edision t out aodayt'nd is ou grrend bg.akin h >>yoave neu dor youarresech? >> y oh,es. >> fe it esaturee threr cov mo , delsinputtdyg boge imak bac in he tpo sigtl ihta n olwhnee w way. >> reporter: reaching remo than 70 li mil ponpleo te, "heorsp ts lustiltera swid"uimsitt edn io waal mysesak s aasplh. is thr, yeas it' malsog akin orhistity, wt h nobuone ret the ve coder mowils, vthery di t fferen typbodyes. for the first tiveme e tr,'shere a splusize model, size 16 ashl geyham,raho walls che t gamane'sziov mbeyoe endc.pi uf onc rouda r ksey, anownes th rlwos d'stmoan droge wusanom, also graces e cothr,veeari w ng
8:06 am
showcasinger h mlauscur ys phique. an ild halaey c, usonhawho ens be limodeinng shece s a wasee t n, tis therdhind aor me adtrioitl namodel, who says ev yerit letlir glas h sebomyod to relate to in this issue. three demo wlsh itrethloe s ok siand hzes,ngelpibr to eak ad trn itiodeand odfy bagy ime er stpeeotys. we e havoftwo c the lovers adie th wi us. ra>> bvo. >> d gooinmorng. e >> wt can' twaitaro heut abo ur yoct reaion. owi kn j youfoust ouund t. bu hat i o ve t isay,iss th the rs fimet ti'v younee doee thr ff dit erenrscove? >> it is. the first time in 52 years. >> d whyt id i stakengo lo? i>>e 'vlyonee binn ha ce rgfor fo eaur yrs. >> w whyt as irtimpotoant you h toigighlheht thrse tee di enffermet won? t>> i ihinka t's , very very me tiomly mt enatthe' w hreinavg ri t pe reople aaw very of aare hell t be iautyn the world. "s rts poluilratest id"s ce airty onnlofe he t pu blications. avtring el etoouvery c in ntry th worle pd,cticralyalvery e
8:07 am
ev hingeryt. it tim was he toigighlhaht tt d anitbring the to d.worl >>ha ws itt wae? lik >> d howouid yd finout? l >>alitern ly o otnt,e n th .show yo gu'veheot ter covu , yogot th vee cor. ar awd. finalists. >> you didn't know? oo>> bhrm, tovee cers. , ohosmy gh. t >>ishis zi amatong, n evebe hein tue isson is ine thg. >> h. yea ut>> bbe to th on vee co r, i an meat, thot's gbe to ug a he fe g.elin t>> ihthougwe we ikre loue, y kn beow, gring -boundinreakg, re tivoluinoniz pg byngutti a me, ze si6 1rlgiin, he tct al ua bu het torn f mjo t put me on the r,cove't donve e gn mete testard. mi i stght crart .ying u' yoved lot. tha bu 'st itll stie, lik s i'mnghaki tjustinhinkoug abe t th fact ithatn 'm ocothe ofver or "spts lu iltestrad."
8:08 am
of emth, ronda, o,toho wot's n re he. wh ouat y i sawchn eath of em. e >>caach ann stond al ae as ve cor. asit wio obvus. en whaw i s b theifeautul pi escturas of , hleythe tibeaupiful escturha of aileynd ro inda,snt waar't, ge we oing o to d?this asit wis, thha is inppeng. w it pas acterferm sto of be fuautiotl phndos aen wom who esrepralent inl tho gs tall pe .ople it u wasianden wble,d e hao to d it. r>> ianead er intngestit. fac il70 m plione eopl treadhis is sue. 16 li milf on o athemomre wen. hwhic r isy eall. cool h>> i teardhat. ha>> wtou wld y mourgeessa to th woose bemen ? i >>n, meas thio is siaspecl ca bethuse lley ae havbosomedy to at rel ie toisn thue iss. u yo, knowe we'rtistar nng aew in thg. er evy ybodanhas zi amaodng by. hayou o ve tyoown lfurse. >> h you nad aisew diocuss n of be auty andt wha it is and the ogdialhaue tn t ca ptake.lace ani mer , fo16me, r--yeameold , i thhad upese my on l. wal
8:09 am
st po ers. >> y nowouan c have ae siz 16 gi p rl ue.ther ha>> trit's ght. w >>ee hav ade reap rshi0of 7 mi n lliolepeop n andveot edyrybo s likesathe hime tng. it hr's tngilliof to fer di itversy. >> gr so toeat e havheyou re. yo veu haut beahay, cndrm a rs peitonaly. u yo thavehohe wacle p, kage esladi. t >> yhankou. >>on culgratnsatio. c >>atongrioulatns. he>> t by'llcke bah witiekath e lehoand da. andro a,ndoo tco, ranglatuontis. eythre aoi g tngemo priere the vi o deardiofy sh as ley't shooin wh a ile. ha>> tounk ydi, laes. >> m> noelichada jorn? p noemrobl. pe aopleayre sthing lais snkm du nt cowaest e s th >> ka> e nystwen ibtde? shi sprurinisgfe conn ssioand wh 'so hein askr g zblm . enth,e' wreot g more. our special rise,es "linivg lo erng, linivbeg ertt ." 'lwetal yke toua o acplwhe e er lepeop't don c getr,anceh hig oo blesd prresur fi t, trsseheessa >> w toant b put arsoot pen on o
8:10 am
fr t.ui tsnu. lksiooy sm dthchark re tvel inleashe pofure do new ruve fnd nit aut. wi advth, ilu'yo allsk what ka bacche?wh e at sort?wriswh eadaat hche? wh sat badhoulder? ad l mavis keinpa d ataisment rymo. nothing works faster rostnger
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it 'ths woe rld'#1s ho ce.ic what pain? ad vil. it ay's alwrths wo r ememngberi... t t haicing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. un aslethe h wepoof dr ghou. ve gia po it p. igweatchht whaers ans chged.ig weatht ws cherneall wndbeyohe tle scaro pgram ts tpu fheus oocyon u d ant tjust hembnu oere n thalsce. lo wsegheiwht eilea ngtilt heaerhi, withll aew s nrtmainpo.ts d anvemoor mbye in udclg fiintness in ay wats thor wr k fou.yo see how good you'll feel with the new igwe wathterchbeyos ndthsce e alraprogm! orjoin fno free dw anlo 0 se 1dspoun. on us
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we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing nwefreed h ess!idea >> it. got lowe sdiw, we e. wh >>boutat ahi cas?ng out i'no! ngm tryi tod builinsometh.g here ho >>t w aboug feusin dexndgrouhi for sg?ppin do >>i needn't e somllkid teing ow tme hn o runea busiss! ve bi'doeen ising thr fong m4 los.onth >> x fede cgroundp an helus vesaey mon d anderelivfa o st tcuour erstoms. t noidbad, ku . yomireofnd me ng a m n!>>aide dog theea is ting etyour rr againeain. s let' stake a 5-hortteminus. reces dex fendgroust is famoer to re tilocaanons thro ups gund. i' eeve barn cl itineaclr r foay14 d s.wh ouen yler al rgysy msmptort sta... .. to.docecrs rndomme ngtaki c onetilarin y everofday r you rgalleasy se.on..
8:13 am
wi ptherowl,fu4 2urho... .n..-donwsroary cl,itin live claritin clr.ea erevy.y da gene miral rlls isgemovin ar citifivoal flars an rsd coloou from realr ces. ou cso yovan lale cere. ag ain! e aru yowepod re pbytero?in hmilk gas 8 tramso ghelpyoive eru en gy nlto u yeashpoour iatentl. start every day with 'milkprs n oteimiand iflk le.
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time for what's trending tayod. >> re we'ng goist to thart ings onoff s thiaymondh wittta lile illusion. l we'lput up an image, and tell me t whaseyou e. iheremet cos. >> k. duc >> bi rabt. >> k duca and itrabb. i >>u f yothsaw age im ae of ck du a andbi rabmot alst in tlstanony, culgratnsatio. os tho e whsecan the boge imas qu y ickl ahavee morticreave n.brai is thes comm frouda st 1y in899. w >>ow. he>> tge ima s youecaw ry entl rehas geemer td onebhe w. i >>bet's reen tg ndine sinc . 1899 >> that's right. f >> iirstug str tglede o se itrabbt , bu ithen r sawt.abbi i >> r sawt.abbi ywhenaiou sckd duse, i cke du. i >> a seeeall bk. s>> iabaw rfibit rst. >> ee i sbi rabast seon. e i se sduckn.easo >> oh,boy. >> i seeab rbit sn.easo ll>> aht rig. u yobusee ungs bny? >> h. yea >> m you bightppe hainily e lov habut urs yolt heaclh de ined e sincmeyou urt yoch mat? y >>es. ou>> ytcr ma ah isllctuay a gr coeat ok. >> t' thae s thleprobm.
8:15 am
re peal, .ople se reerarchoms frri flotada ste un siiveretty dneermiatd th we e armoall ikre ltoely e mak un thhealety di e andisxerce ch s oicendarou o thewenes e. lov e thrytheo o is,usbvioyoly, u ki f nd o lcareabess yoout ur pe apcearane oncbeyou mcomeore orcomfetablh witne ono ather and se dttleown. do ag we ree? a >>utbsolely. l >>ouet yf rsel lgo ae ittlbit. >> n no,o. i >>cot's tamfor ble. n >>ebo, d iorahwas al ys a thhealak fre. i t felse worbo autys melfil unt ac i lytual h gothyealt. >> youte sppedp ur youam ge be e causerof h. at thnt's itieresng. y >>osou le e thvamoti ttiono er ex bciseseecauma it t y nobe er th ye ife ou'vd fountca mah. >> es unlurs yous spo e is etcompe.itiv usmy h iband ts atymhe gry eve y. da w >> ce'retiompe ative wboutho i l feei -- i feel i htoave be at g theym. e'>> womre ctipetibove ahout w n catheat ste mo c ice.ream n i cahedo tle whot. pin >> al i w hk byixer mer. if ee i ste but tr inixhe mer, sh lee's t ft iovout ghernit, co s okiecoare .ming >> o, alsn whebryou upeak-h wit onsomet'e, ieas grr t fo your .diet
8:16 am
ea>> yh. b >> mlakeonentihaed tt. es>> y. h >>e'sn ootthe siher de. e>> hne gaid we.ight >>s,ye s,yeer intngestir. yea l we'linexamate ther lat. >> e > thslnba unam dntk coest wa tus sa nrday.ight ouif yse mis, d itmiyou assed sh wnowdo. bathe fttleheor tt beserdunk me can dow toar aonor gndo and zack linevef ohe t minnesota timberwolves. let's get to it. rdgo hon tad bhel alooscd peomfr e thscma aot sndmmla ieddot .wn zachav le inkemadus innklog ok syea. rdgo wonn'asgot g int.ou he got a perfect score with his mp jur ove the scma'sot head but tiultema lyvilane praievd.le >> hi tiss nb uieele.vabl >> best ever. >> amazing. >> under the legs. >> zach lavine took the title. second year in a row. >> they're saying atth b'steetr th aan jnydaordun .nk >> they weret n' easitxcg in as
8:17 am
wi jthdaorann dod nimique. nc>> iblredie. g >> treat to beashe m rcot,ight tovereahe hd. >> w > noanto kevye rngealis he' re n.unio nt>> itieresng. s >>s ound pliketaop ss rt i t aboutato srt. s>>rtta with kanye west. it's fascinating. he oo tthk ste e ag sonuraty da night, "saturday night live," he ngsa a fewon sgsro fm hisew n album "the lifef oblpa" o. mo s mentrebefo p hisrmerfo, ance tetweeisd th. wr i thite o is t myou,y br rsotheil, while st3 l $5 ll miinion so perdenal bt. pr e ay wcooverme. if t tha'twasnar biznore e ugh, nlast, ighte kanyhereact d outo bofaceeook ck marerzuck fbergor lp he. yi sai ng, iknowyot's ur mo to?rrow ul coerd evis do he to e lp min my e timeeof nd. ka renye edvealan in er int view ylastthear itat we h thchlaun of y his feezyonashie, lin it ft le $ himil16 m ilionbtn de.
8:18 am
no rkt make zucg'rberrts bi.hday st juti puthang tt t oue.ther >> y. oka i' cm soseonfud. e >> hstinveised h m own.oney cl ngothie, lin h youave in orvests. at this's hum argthent ere. ha i owve ddenloae d thm.albu it ve is oory gutd, bre the's is thre curownt n. yo ue haveaa griet frf nd ohis, d anrohe w lte af ot os songand tsaidhehat ds neee som. help h >>soe alwh -- uso trhats wt ny kaite wres? c it bouldthe noing. he ld cou -- >> w why youldayou st tha ghthou? d>> i kon'tnow. th ine thhags tmet co - out- w >>ouhy would yet twet thaout? e thera are oflot io nathans tt e arrubankndpt ad neey.mone t'>> idis riusculo. i >>'t doner undd stanit. iss guet whan'i dodet unndrsta, i ist aeg latitimd e anersince y crhefor lp? t>> i ihinka t's focry lpr he e onorway th anoer. >> is it . t >>amhe f tily,hahey o ve thave it . he>> tda karnsshiae havt a lo - of-
8:19 am
w >> ge're toingepo kee morto co n me okathe stnye ory. >> zy cra. ba n ck iarjanulmy, athost e ti enasre c "t ofndfries" re edunit a forbu trionte hg orin di orrectes jamro borw. er evy ybodthwas exere cept ma w tthey.perr ey the wer i allten atcendan. he co dn tossiscu r theoneuni and re hveal oow onethf epe odis es tcame.o be 'shereer a vcly exe usiv.look >> p youa lay oflot er pok? >> ga he s ve udrhis ngessim roo usbeca we itigas b. >> andt ildshoue hav.been 'sthate. fin bebut e causeawe rwally tntedo nn coect. i , meanini th wk itoras s t of un enspokt , bunswe ititinc vely fe iklt l ne wetoeed fr be s.iend eewe n gd toloet ang. we d neeonto c.nect w soare stplted g ayinr,poke and ji gammy s ve urohis o om swe co hauld bve ar iggeouhangomt ro usfor . nd>> ay thee wrotpian e sode t abouacit, lytual. onthe the wi p theoker. t >>rihat's ght. atheyefre rngerrith to at odepise. th wie one he pth t.oker
8:20 am
one. futhe rill t abuteonirs o nbcn br fe 2uary1st. 'sthatr youstpop art. ar>> c tson,s.hank le get's cht a ofeck the heweatr. >> ou ann: ncery'todaats weisher ou brtoght b youlky mie. lif st evart daery thy wik' mils ot pranein lkd mie. lif l let'sitive to up day th wat'ss hat'g goinroon aund th une coy.trtr >> savannah? >> al, thank you so much. now to a special series we're calling living longer, living better. 'r wevee reg alin pwhate eopl
8:21 am
th rle woe d arg doinivto le and c'nbs ciaynthad mcfdens i he ndre al wil uhelpt s ge testard. hicyntooa, grnd moing. oo>> grnd mo eing,boverydy. ouwe jedrneyec to r uadoeeto mt om frqu uniope pele. le hass tfen 4 alet tl, ie sctsntisie belheve tnair d may ho ugld hcre sethets ouat cld, daone eny, b aefitf ll ous. tmeetighe brt-heaited ltle pe poplectroteroed fncm caer, t hearasdiseige, hooh bld pr essure and diabes.te ep>> rr:orteig hinh he t deans mountains, quito, ecuador isos alm0,t 1fe000 boet aeave s ve lel. inloomrgg laere ov c the tity,he tgianir vofgin to quitu stae. th nde woofers s thie placcan co n me il smalagpacktoes, o. me heet ty tindoecuas rian awith iaspecftl gi. ra a onre conditit thaecprotts fthemcarom , ncer bhigh lood pr reessu d andteiabes.
8:22 am
nl>> oe y ononpersh wit this sy mendro has dfried om ca. ncer >> yes. ha>> t et'sorxtrarydina. i >>, t i >> or rep tter:'shere ael cru ad tr.eoff cthey ganrowo nal tlerha tn a al smhil cecld b tausehey have a ueuniq foform shdrafiswarf gm, aene mu tita tont haocbl tksmhero fm re ivceg inowgr he t jusedturn 18. the'sizhe s ae ofea 5-yolr-d. an thd 5isye0--oar, ldt abouthe sa eime hbught avt he ier. s >> ghe'sd aine wmoret.eigh lwi a raysmeecomernd h too d so inmethutg b she never stliens. >> s butheoe d hsn'tave ab di? etes he>> ssn doeav't habe di.etes >> ep rteoro r: netdiabnoes, hi logh breod pe.ssur 1>>/600 e0,elxcntle. >> or rep hter:rre woheies r ig weight mneht o c day uatchp th wi. her >> s doetashe erke slyiousr you wa inrnthg sat'sheus pnghier h
8:23 am
doyou thn't itink 's a ns conceque we, bhyheot rr,htig? >> xa elyct. >> or rep tter: ahey trewo of aonlybout 030pl peoeit wh this nd sy iromee n threentild wor. 0 10 l iiveen thil vs lageof so rnuthead ecuor. 'rtheyine beudg stbyied di leang re chsearoners ng agim frothe iv untyersiso of heut rn licarnfo.ia inrcmei's confirmation, just whoat fnite hng dert >> le py nt cofboardrhyesat. >> ep rteor br: iuttoe d'tsnee sm tote matrec bause so far, i,merc j isust asea hlthy ames soone go toing g theveym eayry d. >> se we eme thyi deflmng aost tthe oypefie dty the .have 's it ,okay i canav he a big eplat ofes frind are the's no g thin cthiso an m >> ep rr:ortey the hwarnhaer tt in beotg prd ecten'doest gu tearanere thlle wier nev be
8:24 am
il sthel, we n th gteamlaave b ts ra la'srone,he tes r iultsn e thma sllerou mhase tt had the rddisoerer wtoe asinnishg. t >>lihey 50ved ng% londer a ve ded lope dlessseiseas. is th is rkaemar ablendll rea y dithe iorect wn wetoant in go . ca en wed xtenlithe lfe ae ittl t bueadecranse c dcer,teiabes, ca vardioarsculse diase, zh alr'eimeigs, hooh bld es pr? sure >> or rep hter:ide saco it beuld gia mallc pit thadnwoulak't me s userhort w but pouldctrote us fr isom d. ease ow>> h a farway? ay>> m0 be 2s.year s >> itillssmpre ive. ep>> rr:orteo alsesimpr, sive ho e w thordoctor's ws k ha br ghouhit pas enti ots outthf e adshs.ow he>> sn' didntt wabo anyo dy t hesee r. e shsewas edcludhe in mer ho. >> h hasane chyoged ifur le? y >>avou hvee giemn th mesointh ag,en s osecof unmmity, se ofnse or impe.tanc >> av i hade mhee tmwa a orewf ho tibeauthful reey a.
8:25 am
vein eenry sse. r >>teeporikr: lnie yoboc, aut tont eerol clege on al ful ho schilarsp. d heatedicuces mh of his s pare ttimeoel hpinghe tes rheearcrs erbetter undd standihis ersord. h >>e desonat oobld, he's t aken all types of exams,e som ofm the pa fuin l. h>> desoeit e, h ,saysor f his ar5-ye b-old, runo dalsoosiagned th wi c thetiondion. a gtifha ttou c sldayomedp hel ofall t us,oo. >>ma a zinglepeop. az am ingy.stor w itas ari pgevile toe be ablo t rtrepo. w>>tha g aatre ctdoor, h >>eed dedicat0 3rs yeahi of s fe li. t >> yhankou. >> >> >> a: dan t i is a26 on aymond, es prtsiden' daday toy.
8:26 am
bl reue do ss th matcthe uebl -- th uee bl heweatr, ertempe atur e -wisit is asfant n't sthatceo nige to t the rd bis irch apingeand hr the nd wiopows en d anfrget aiesh r? c ma alookest the petemreratus adalrendy hen erso 6is a 3, ce nintenal co iming n atnd57 a g weveet en rmwather, ghe hi da tolly wi76 be grde ees.14 eedegrovs abe no jrmal ust th ree eedegrhes scibe core rd an d byeswednweday 're loinok g 8at0 des.gree ertempesaturl wil ucool p a li ttlethbit tankso a orstm st syn em osdthurhaay tllt wi g brinzybree itcond aions nd a ig slhaht cofnce owsh ers.>> : kim thand zae wi- rd - the we r athes drestok talt abouis th e e onmaon azon -- >> a: danm i'gotoing r weamy at wespher feedoor wedadnesy. k >>im: ol absy an>> di'a: t m noweallod?
8:27 am
ys.a t loovof lere ov e thenweekd r fovainlentdae's y. as-- wto in wn esaddr tsinghe cr owd anu d yosecan e erthe we areot lf opeleopn i teatannd fce horer t.even thand en roacowss t hn wead iebernde sanrs spngeakith at e gh hioo schl. re mon tha p2000e eopledshow up fo r rnbeanie s derst.even ugit he! as iheons pr e to do.>> : kims iy.funn and rrtomoow inmorneng wh you uwakethp wi theerwagnims, jmy onfall t allhis week dcbroangasti omfr a losesngel. s he ibrceleg atinhio-s tw year ni anarversthy wi tothe t nigh ishown hothe g stinsipo tion wiand ll feelrr hl, gisstue ghtonit.
8:29 am
8:30 am
d anilwe wl have >> >308: nown o ndmo,ayeb farruy 15 th, 2016. it's presidents' y,da erevodyby. go od we have a huge crowd out rehe. ev yberyods i hay,ppll chiy 17 eedegruts, bpl peoree a in a ea grmot od. gr eat toe havhe tm here. >> in comg ,upap ctaink kir hi f,mselli wilam atsh wner,ill uopenbop a tuthe 50th ni anarversfy o strtar ndek ais h re onlati wshipithna leord y.nimo ps,lu y areieou t yd toour ph one24/7? ca tn'oo lk at your orfvewilong inbox without freakgin t?ou lwe'lw sho you s ttepso take ri ght nowo t clderutte your tadigifel li. >> dreecla e-mail nkbaptru. cy ne of oethot hstte cfshes i he freor aec reip of aw steha tt is a pcterfebi comonnati of sa lty andwe sliet, ke carson da ly.
8:31 am
co gokin psswees.take pl oentyf izpres. udincl aing pviri tpo t our set an d aoo cking class. $2 w,000orth of wacookre items. e to anterndin fd tade ils, y.todafocom/clod ub. >>nd sous good. troam insns ieid whit heanotrzi ama ongtuppor fnity or our .fans ke ta it ayaw. t >>ishis so fun. kyou wnowhatms war my t?hear th aye d after lentvasine' day, a dd weing. jnotnyust a ddweing, a ay"tod" sh ow wedding, in the gndra style of "my big fat gekre wedngdi 2." we ant wo t inveitou y toly app for our big fat "t"oday inweddg. if ou ye'rag engnded aav he a ud lo f,unam filyha tt's all up in ou yr love iraffa,e tak ap lea aiof f athndet l usla phen t inweddfg or you tgoo datom/y.coinweddorg fll a heof tul res and retigulaons. pl apefy b forearebru6y 2th.
8:32 am
wi urth o fyamil and,f osecour, ur yos. tstarra pinctic ygource dan mo vesnow. op a! ha thve is. >>ea yh. >> 's let show you wwehat e hav in goong . e thk wee d,ahea it'lle b icy in th eid man-atltic st.ates ow snynd a westn ithe picacif an nderorthn nsplai. we eat w ithernal cniifora and fipacic rtnot.hwes late ekwe, we haveom sesy mes heweatror aund theth norern ss mippissiivi rer eyvall. t weth wean er itheac pific no esrthwt. ea st. we nster 2/3f othent coubory ave alnorm. swarm i upen th noasrthet, stays ,warmid miosectf n othe coy.untr atth hteaon cestinum fro the nsplai allhe tay wow dinn heto t
8:33 am
t>>t ha yisrou latest heweatr. nnsavaah? al>> ,hank tyo u. tota sr trek fans, wamilli shatner and leonard nimoy will be cinapta kirk and k.spoc iawillm serhatn otwre, na"leord." wi mllia h is terehis inmorng. g >> tlado be here. >> s thik boo a ise lovte letr to le donar n,imoy't isn it? t >> iis. i loved arleond. w we lereike hebrotrs. on g thealenerm ter frshiendip, dhowoou ye mak frs,iend what
8:34 am
de tifinionf o a iefrnd, and how ff diticul itee sms toe mor f men toak me iefrnds. so howhe cedrish ain srgulae mal fr siendd houlbe. me woorn, fe som re,ason andt i d coulbe oxinytocak, meri fends re moas eilyn tha met n, is seem to e. me ou>> yri wn te ithek boo t hat youid dn't ialnitily hit it off aser plsona frs.iend >> well,re the's --if le is ve ner ecperft. no ,e wad he som sadimegree tntso be gin.with an n d ithe d.en ibut bnenetwe was a ot brooherhd. iov led it. >> iho t tught where aasn irony. youri whate tt at t,firs the tstarrek enconvs,tionll a t hat thatpe hap anedfter the ,show byou wothered kin of likeot n re su youte wano d tbe aar p otf al thl at. t buwa it hrs t doughoing those
8:35 am
nd boed. no st ah mucin dureg th ,showut b te afhar, tt you became cl ose. ha>> tt'sct exaly right. soy man s,show iic not feor ex e,ampl h youfrad "s"iend on rl eaier ieearlhar, t t'saoextrarrdiny, fo eor p tplereo fmaindsrien te afr s thehow b has -een- is ov er. us y,uall'r youe thet bes fdsrien fo rrevele whi a show is on, at wheverhe t show is, andn the wh enhe t shows i erov, agste, ,film esseri, you say,l i'lee s youtoowmorr,nd a you d on't usbecaife le takesou y apart. in y man s,case youer nev see ch eaer oth again. in this case, fateew thrs u ge to wther aithhell tse pe apcearans. d an theil f wmse did. we cabemey ver cl ose. ou>> ye wery ver ffdit,eren n'weret you? >>llwe, tsahey yr youls cel ch eange sveryeven ye sars,o th aat'sot lf o cinhangg going on . y >>erou wees hont ien thk boo be ecausar towhed t end ofis h fe li,ou yri wte t yhatou twoad h
8:36 am
reyou'y veron hestut abo it. syouayn i ata cerin e,sens u' yotire sotll nea rllyur se at wht tha wasll a ab out. >>t' tha s.true ha i ve node ia why. i gh souot td finut ohy w and dncoul't. so he -- iho tughtte whavert i wasld wouw blo over andd he' te ell m what it s.wa i ld wou try toak me amends or cfindnommo gr.ound ha . ppen ha>> wot dou y thinkd he'hi tnk of s thi book? >>l, welhi ts isbo aowut h i ischer mhedely rnsatio whipith hi ndm aow h i miss him. th sere' no tisubs.tute an dhe t are'sernoth inthndg, a at th w ishenou y loseom s eone youar ce for, and'v youe had pe exceriens toergethho, tse pe excerienhas tt you had ge to ntheroge lonre hav va tilidaon.
8:37 am
yi sareng, ermemben wh, andou y n'havenyt a tbodyayo s t hat .with the eiexpernces telhems ves di easappr. at thea's r tllyhe rneasoor f the ok bo. y >>isou mhis m? >> yes. >> 0 5 yearsce sinta sr trek, can yo elu bieve it? >> crinleedib. t >>ishis a theernniv.sary iwillet bd har too ghr t ough ythe aearndeo ppleem remngberi ouwithout yfrr ?iend ye>> s. ho auw beltifu w it houldave .been adwe h thet bese tim onta sge wi acth e hr.othe co icmmun mated oore sn,tage at ti tmes, whan deid inpe .rson >>li wilam neshatr, good toav he u yohe re. k than syou ochmu. g >> tlad o be. here t>>hek boo isal cled eo"l."nard >> > up,next is yrou eai-ml in xbout of o corontl? th e guide to canleginp u yrou di tagi lclteutr.
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8:39 am
nb c. w be'reackt a 8:40. mahow unny read els-maio dyou ha ve? i 't dont wan to
8:40 am
indistroct gups here. op pe wlehoav h teooy man els-mai outo crnt o thene os whoee kp th ume n abert .zero ereith y,wa y couldouba probly auseig ditale- dutclreter. he 'sreor mfre omnbsc'oe j r.frye r >>teeporikr: le aoo gd cfup o ,java e ourl-mai xeinbos are us yuallle fil tdeo th .brim >> av i he 4 2,25adunre mae-ils. r >>teeporr:us jskt aon anye si gttin in afe cofe .shop >>3,158 unread e-ilmas. it lksoo a lot worse. r >>teeporllr: at thatt cluer tusedoe pil unp o our no t'w, is cggloginp uho psnend a mp cos,uterti wasng our .time -m>> eail has thebi ality to suckur o will to veli. ep>> rr:orte pssrofeliona or zeganietr bnoh kwsha tt well. w >>henpl peoe come toou yh wit th eirrf ovenglowiai e-ml s,boxe ho sspele?ness eo>> pplee como t me v ery whoverdelme and trfrus.ated
8:41 am
ey tht wan aay w out of it. >> or rep hter:er coy,mpan eabnto bar,er offser ssvice onit digal ut clter,nc ingludiak ned in box. ha>> w tt ishis mae-il? >> or rep ster:elhe tls ctslien f to tirstake aam sofple he tir e- .mail j>>tusik le gngoi touhrgh our icphysstal uff,re we' going to st aartt the topnd ak wor our y wa . down ep>> rr:orte g to ainntco rol, sheug ssgestng usi an appal cled llunro, hichsuunibbscres fr omes mgesas youon d'tan wndt a incombesou yror favite su ipbscrstiono int oneai e-ml li dedvere y.dail from erthe,t' is easy tooc fus on nc igomin ile-mas. y ifanou c rndespo to asa mes ge esin lhas tn two mis,nuteo g d.ahea ifou y n'cautt, pt i in a iaspecl to-do erfold. t >> ahesehere t tshingou y're go tingokl tace y.toda we t wano t get the-m eailut o of e thnb iox. >> or rep oter:yonce veu'ea d lt thwin ae- ilma,et delet ir o ar echiv . it s>> i g the toaloav he ao zer ile-malb maiox? >> ay mbeor f a split se.cond we a'reslwayng goi toet g . more
8:42 am
shes sayo t try tock che your ma e-esil ls n.ofte no e morn thae fivim tes a day. citane tak6 1in mutes to curefofts aerea d wlingith an e- .mail sthattatwe sho d%28f our ok wor iweekens sptdi reangnd a wr gitin ile-mas. >> if wee aron ctlstan iyn our e-mail boin wx,ee arev ner ingettnyg ad goo work .done >> or repter: pshoto are aernoth oformfig dital utclter,uc sking llup a thera stonge i our phones. she rmeecomndsng usigl gooe ph osotr o opdrbox tore sto and organize picsn ithe d.clou yo anu co alsum dpe somth of e on phes. app arreseaych s os we unlyse7 2 ps ap a ntmo bh,ute havar for me o onur videces. >> ink thi ict ayualle hav three orou fr -dtoo lists,an orggizin ap ops mny phe,onon n we ofhich i use. et>> lse tho go, luabso. tely ep>> rr:ortes thiht mignd sou undangti. >> you wish it was zero but who shahe t time?
8:43 am
ketaab by epst s. t >>ishis ng goi to beou yrew n .life rwhyushan it rnd bu? out s let' otaketiur me. >> or repter:on cr side hit aome ecle,ssonep sweing away the tadigiutl clinter r foray"tod," f joe, ryernbc ne ws,os l leanges. >> us i jtse erad six aspp dinurg . that ou>> yd? di i >> was spin. ired oh>> ,y m shgo. >>imsipresve. >> s it'st a art, oncars. >> i'm goodho witheut t psap. w >>e're telerrib. n weeed help. ow>> hy mano dhayou ve? >> 0077,0 and -- >>av i h e,01100. myou make feeel ttbeer. >> or w oknha tt, dila. es hi tigs mheht lp. up ,nextha we ve a deoulicis, sp sicytewou y g'reoingo t velo. >> e bon in ewst. >> yes. >> e' w grengoi to joen tyhat
8:44 am
8:45 am
fi t,rshi tiss od"t"ay on nbc.
8:46 am
l alhi tsk ween o today odfo, we fo're ngcusihe on y althpereci re scipe h to yelpivou le erlong. re he toel hps uic kk tshing off, h we tavehecu exe ctivehef at theedincribleta resturan er ev iyonesal tkingut abon i new rk yoty ci. so al theutco-ahor on a new ok si'll tartoff, yeou're lik6 2 ye arsd.ol u' yolrve aeadyra gedduat from th ule cyinarns itetitu of icamera. u' yoorve w ukedndere somth of e ea grtesthe cfs in y newciork ty an oud y a'rencu exetive c nhefow seyour olf,f secour. myouadehe t or"fbes" 30er und 30,listnd aou ye hav onef othe tt hoest ruresta iantsn norew yk ty ci andr you first cookokbo. i >> at's lot. >> a not bad year, my ndfrie. w >>tasn' bad. ewe'rit excedo tng bri korea to ,wnhe t bocookok,o t you. i ithes t first cookokbott wrien t inheer ptispecve of korea to wn. >> new,york. l.a andry eveewher in ben.twee >> t mati,and the coho-auter, w tr edavel t forwo yearsri wting the. book ou>> y s'reong you ande havon de ea grt tshing ien th caruliny
8:47 am
le t'srt stah witthe meal. lk wa t meghhrou the grinntedies. >> y,toda we'lle makpi scy kechicstn ew. my smom' re.cipe e thst fir reecip ir eveco .oked 's it api scyhi ccken stew. someon hey po.wder ko sreann' arerat czy about using st htraigug sar so they'll bs sutetitu i itn w anyay. an y d soe saucheis tic bas ri ma.nate avwe he geveestabl. a >>here tngse ienrediouts tgh to nd fi? >> usy,ualls it' aabvailnle i ia asn marts. yo anu cn eve get it atma azon no ow, ss it'gr eat. >> okay. >> ca ,rson'r youoie gngo te hav oto d tarhe meinateeinador f me. >> ayok. >> thehi cli paste and honey erpowd. e >>thvery iingn al. bow rthiseecip is mpsile. t'>> isus a gar sutubstite. mix it . up
8:48 am
br ngownice pross t?firs 'l>> iavl he it inne o pot. pi'llutt i all ,innc ingludi e thet s>> is thi ah dis youid d at naculichry s aoolhend tyed lov ? it ea>> yndh, a i now pt's oartf th e cuicrrumul. >> ha tst' azcry. >> s it' allup ser silemp, too. i,mean i didt i whenas i w- - the firstti me, ralite tlly,he tfirsh dis i maden whe i was2 1 or 11. >> wo w. >> o onef my mom's perecis. >> t by hey,wae whave the ta s sterstdown. airs h>> oli milongoy sh,re we' in velo. m >>eay h ids easw.ting t>> i has ak kic bute wov le it. >>ea rlly good. th ere. th is looxikks le a one pot de al, h whic iseasy. >> exy.actl hi'll aaveit l btleitth of e ch nickeoc stk. ho lynest, tishis it. ut>> phe thi ccken down,ad me e th maderina, h you -ave- ou>> yer cov wit a lid,iu medm p >>cterfe.
8:49 am
yo etu g a lot oef thce juim fro theck chihaen tt cesreat a nice h,brot alongh witthe cenhick oc stk. u yo get aer plyfectoo c -ked- >> s thiis easy. >> or kfoean thod, tat'she po int. eo>> p aplere tiintemidahed, t y tdon'nk thiy thean cul pl it f. of >>exy.actl ko reawnto, the okboas, hve or 0 10 cirepes. th exe ntec r iipesoi gngbe to a kquic re.cipe >>s it ikl piced cae?bbag >> ra tonditi ially at's .dish t inhe ,booke wus focn o it as a ve rb. yo su'llegee vleetabnds a fruit. sawe y, s,yes it' ata sple dish of a,kore a butlso piplneape, cu ercumb. 'l weakl mhee t namaride. llusuaty, i takes t twoohr tee mo .nths avwe home shae t tt'seawo yrs old. th sis i aui qcker v, sion less 2than0 mis.nute ankore chili wdpoer. theas pte rmfo, andhi ts is the erpowdrm fo. ga ,rlic erging.
8:50 am
>> m oh,shy gohe, t appine ple. >> sp icy. >>er p ffector i9:00e n th inmorng. >> lo we itve . m >>hiix tps u and lett i namarite? >> n the c itomes to this. >> he wrneve you want this? >> ct exaly. we se choea pin.pple amatti,nd n whewe we oire dng th ese t,ting t triedhe appineple. in the,bookha we veve or 100 re s.cipe 20re ae likss gue cirepes. >> avfll.orfu e >>very re,cipeve ery vetegleab uyoo div ges off aic ne ckki. >> ou yan car jt i up? j>>ar it up,ea lve it ien th fr ,idge eat ithe wrneve youan wt to eat it. >> catongrioulatn ns othe re s.cipe a >>ll theff stu ien th re rastau nt,too? >> s it' ien th bocookok. g >> tethe reyou' theman. k thanyouo smu ch. co acme bndk a see us. r fothe res,cipe go to da tom/ ueatowp dthn ere, and we'll be trighk bac a in memont. >> l wel nedo!
8:51 am
>>at gre. job >> e'> wacre bk at 8:.52 time for special birthday wishes. >> e wearo s happy to be taking over the smucker's dutym fromy go riod f wend,rdilla otsct. inamazolg foks tnt icerodu you . to
8:52 am
hay 107thir bythda to ms. vera ca nlhouus r fsellrom liil.nois a ov ling mom and enngjoyi doing wo rdrc seah zzpules. ve hao tn joi hern o wordsit wh ndfries. ha ppy100thth birday toy lil sdavi n ofew rkyo. yo onu dan't wot t play hern i id brge. sh ela pivys fes day a week and a is pichamon. su sangageorntas is 010 years d olm fro mahussacs.sett hayou ove te lik isth, her se tcreto loitngevy, a glass o f chscotry eve night. >> inibcredle. >> re the you .go >> go, sasun, go! >>rowoodwso wiln yfeltro fm nn peansylv ia,100ea yrs old. ti reredro fem th air force. weal s yuteou forr you rvseice. k thanyou. mary cotrbetm fro rgvi.inia 100 years old. 22 angrs.dkid 24 at gre grhiandcn.ldre 12 re gatat gre angrlddchi ren. wo>> w!
8:53 am
s >>he k anows tllheir menas. to ny icolerie is 010 years old om friz arona. 'tdidnir retent uil .87 yhapp hdbirtay. fa tintasc. >> az aming. i >>f youw kno ofom syebodny a age craelebting aea l ypear hdbirthiay tmos nth,e wt wan to ce atlebrhee tmth on r.e ai theado y.todacecom/atlebrnde a se nnd iou yr pshotoor f a cehanc eto b atfe.ured i >>e lik .that >> got toeb celratehe tea l p year rtbis.hday 'swhat cgomin upt nex hour? wvee ha are pntsideni joing es prtiden we g're toingoo dit a ltle pr enesidtial uttribe. >> ni. ce >> ha we itve kchenac hksnd a me soth of e hot .toys t>>heid k at arhet. >> iov le .it l alt tha cgomin up in a few mi tenus.
8:54 am
8:55 am
ne aws >> a: danod go mog rnins it i 8:56 oamisn thda mony. h weyoope d u haa t greaenweekd yofor u. >> kim: wthat boulde fnice or a t lo ofoppe eleoynjg in esprenid' tsy da off.we e hav fiveysday awa tfromhe ne dvadaraemoctic ucca auses nd wi th hethe hiavy s tterinn tow toverhe ekwe isere hiy llartoclinn, e sh inwas mmsunderla a ands u yo secan e e shsoalad h l a ootf people in teatannd fce tors hi ra t d noto bedo outbene, iern ersandsos al hadouths sand of pe oplesh uowatp he tra y ll th hatwae s t at ahithe gh ho sc nowllhiclary n intois in rethe reno aa y todaasand we
8:56 am
da ca esucus we swillhiee te s on tmorebeime forelepeopto go st ca llba ots.>> a: dan d any,kell k younow thwhy erey w e into wn.of rs coue e theromis sngethi r fo bthemt ut iis alecso b ause heof t heweatghr rit? k >>: ellyy the wereyitro ng t peesca wethe r athein sh waoningt., d.c w ne.york ersubzo 20and ow bel chwinds.ill' why deital wath th t?righ avwe he hisunsndne a raprog m, 61 eedegrs. ug lo hliniso als1 at 7and las ve togas day e we'rctexpea ing ohigh df 76esegre.rethe is 14 des greee abovalnorm w ande e arju fst aegew d reessce heib rdreco. we dadnesghy hi of a80rend b ezy sh out y readitcond ions awith an chf ce osherows. rothe ad.he hasd move nfromorew yk city a to lthfor e .week pr m ogra withmmjiy. la hi ritywinsll eweue, l wil ha llve a f the unnymoments when you uwakewip th us torrmo ow rn im>> k: el kasly hn beelktag in t abouthe trenem wdoustheaer ic whmeh ans weil wl obprlyab se loe a t softokin t nighon
8:57 am
mys an d wealcan yswa u endp hangvi toa ofn un f the morng inteafr
8:58 am
in.wh en wayou p ke u with this mnior ongn "today's take," scandal star tony wigoldn is rehe. ma hkesryisto with a presidents' day pop quiz. >> e> th bigne wintr a theox b ceoffi and whoil wl win big at
8:59 am
the hteotstam gesnd a toys erev ky iids gngoi to want, coming up right now. >> ou ann:ncerm fro nbc news, this is "t'soday keta"it whl a r,roke nieatal ramos,le wliil e isge atndam tnro llha, leiv from udstioa 1n i rkeocllfeer azpla. el wmeco to od"tay." mo nday inmorng, esprtsiden' y,da br fe 1uary5th, 1620. 's it why wvee ha ae hugwd cro t outh ere. m i' al along with nieatal and ontamr. ll wiie is off. ta naslie'm, ja "blank e"spac by ta orylsw t,ifho w wlil pblrobay be oneth of e bigin wners at ni tosght' mygrams. >> 's sheom nedinat for ke ckndriar lam for 11. gr sammyre a lit'l a be good one. co ref rd oyethe ar nonemies, relyal ,love deleango. up town nkfu,f osecour. rk ma nsroeaon fngturino bru ma rs. in thking out ,loudd e shn.eera
9:00 am
n' cat fl ee fmye,ac thewed.eken ke ckndri mala r,11 nanomis.tion co ref rd o ythe earrdrewas the so peng marfornce. dwhatoou ynk thi? 's it agh tou one. >> iik le ow"uptn nkfu." >> i think it'llsi posybl win fo rcore,rdut b i tnkhi album of e th ,yearbe maylo tayr t.swif i >> bt'lleen kkdric l. amar ea>> rlly? >> s it' the slocia encomm.tary it . s it leems tikehe s hongsave be roen a lundrongen tha- - >> i owkn. i' isve ldtene to themve odr an ov eraiagn. >> n whe l you aookthe t l oistf so ings,t'sik leh suc an imtprin o inur minds. u yo pblrobanoy kvew ery rilyc. 'l itel b aoo gd t.nigh a >>deles i notre the -- >>ec b oauseef thal crenda year. >> thelb aidum dn't come out in me ti t forhe minoonnati. i >> bt'lle aot h ni ght. l>> aot of peeoplal tkingut abo fethe itud wanh kyend a tr aylo t,swifd kinf o relekindd a
9:01 am
o>> san kye has a new sg onout. he performed some of it on nl"s." nl"s." yltaswor ift. ab tesoluor, heriblwa y. he cslaim he got pssermiionro fm r. he t heold her about the ngso. >> f iindha t htard to libe eve. d>> i bon'tveelie. it ou>> y't don have toau becse ta ylors says it' not .true e sh says she neverav ge isperm.sion gherirl uasqd,y rub sero, gigi di hahed, ty'vell ae gon after ny kaet westhfor e c.lyri ka nye sayss he' $53il m ilionn bt de. t heedweett i out after his "s nl"rfpencormae. s he haidenv ideste his money r fothe pnaersol btde. he's redeachut o to mark
9:02 am
n >> ohis th"birbiayrthd. >>hi ws ch ihinot rts bi. hday >>g squkiasng for money. >>ht mig want tout phe tch tou on n rya redsynol. >> do go icwn rhs guyasand k for ithatoms sngethils ee. >> ion d't feelad bor fan k. ye ">>addeolpo k"liil angt t bheox of cefi. th fie slmrrtaginya rn rnoeysld peexedcto tn ear $150 miioll n. >>crinibed. le >>urfoay-d ekwed.en bi esgg trar-dte onipeng ggbiteseb farruy inopeng. inbeatgas lt year's0 5 sshade of gray bye mor than0 4 iomilln. bi ggestni opeorng f fitirst-me re diorct,ea bngti out our pal to li hzbet ban--za elibeth banks. adwe hhe t cast and crew onas lt .week 'rtheyect spearacul and sederve e thuc s tcessrehey' vihang. t in hee,movie h jokes ouabt, ul cohid ts be a chfranise? i nk thi yes. t>> i hinkso, but i also think
9:03 am
rv maowel ns doeh wit .this you ,know the rhsupeerore gen is llusuaory fam fsilie and .kids sthis howsyou,he tsre i an di au tencehatts wan toee s it ta ukenp a tcnoh. >> it tookya r rnldeynos 11 ar yeos t t gethis made. he wdante to be trueo t the ur soce,om cick boo rimateal. dp"deaool" ishi ts sewikicracng, anprof ve,ntiole -- ha>> wt'she tup ser wepor? i t sawhe h >>e canl hea mshielf. ab ieilits. y >>avou ho e t seeit. it 's hioularis. >> an i wt te o sedeit, tefinily. it . g >>iget ro ht tthe eathter. >> t las night, the baftas,he t it brishil fmwa ardse mad hi y.stor o le cadi,prio aig bin wner for "the narevent." bu het tyad h a kcaiss met s .up hthe wostasve sten fry. reappa,ntly t he aookom ment to th aankcameri t foranhe my gifts we g'veiven the world.
9:04 am
the kiss cam. >> who doha we ve ?here oh , s!ye it 's meaggith smi andeo lonard prdicaio. s! ye 'sthat ari marmaage nde iea hven heif tre one were. ju lianoone mrend aan bry stcranon. oa wh! t >> nheyeed tong bri a kiss cam heto t caosrs. he re. >> oa wh! is th a is woacrkple. >> come .on >> hr! >>today, of secour, idpres'ents s.wing avwe hcee a itlebruey gitst wh us , ael tioevisn idpresent. ha ilo tthe f.chie
9:05 am
n >> ticeeo se you. >> a how reyou? oo>> gd teo se you. dskan nd"scaal." >> re the 's ar,chaiw. wo ll fu see.rvic t >>ishis thet bese' wve got. ea>> s son,five yeah. >> 'v youene be t onheer sies nc sihie t bsegan in .2012 no ouw, ye hav and scaoual y're indealgh wit rrcuy.entl slet'e tak a .look >> h iave a prm.oble >>ha w dtoy theveha? ro>> pject urmercy. t >>hei buypr t.ojec >> the os"pt"ld cou run with it. eth wod.rl ithat vs aeryar d skttree to wa lkve e >> ou y h'vead toea d wl sitho imuchnou yr prenesidcy. >> t' thas t.righ is th is minor.
9:06 am
>>ff aairsnd a ethverying seel , wyourife lngeavi u.yo >> exy.actl >> ho sa ndimrhes created these worlds, and theeo peplre a im rsmeed in emth. alre tlyeak neowp.rshi mei an, t lheyoves thi owsh. o>>urs fan are edincr.ible iopass.nate usbeca se oflociadi mehea, ty ga engeit wh ,usro fem th be inginng. h we aaveot l ofal loy fans. s we ltillive tweeth witm the er evygl sine dcbroaast. wthe choleasts getn owi ttter d an t wealko t t ehemvery ekwe. it'seagr t,.yeah >> s i it true,au bece'se w ve been dngiggial up ndl kifs o gsthin onyou, usbecae, you ow knsc, l,andas i itru t yeou ll faas leept a thero dp of a di me? 'swhat the iccl?he ro>> dpth of et.ha d >> orope f thdime, it's true. tit's whe iayin kfd o --it wh l alcrthe azeysinesha tts goen o
9:07 am
iwhene hav f i aind r,chai couch,us jt tt si inge,therak te aow per nap. >> yeou'res rting -- i >>t'set som ihing a'veslway .done oi d ithe w inor wkn ithe tethear stbackage. ll i'p dro off foriv fe teminus. a>>esl doha tt allhe t .time >> o i d that. n>> o ca,mera right? i >>t jusd kinf om a t.ou y >>avou he to getp u early in e th mog.rnin t >>shat'gh rit. by the y,wa ie hopou yan cp hel w us ithmesog,thinr. m es prt.iden ewe'rin tryg to geto t ail mlion ke lins o o furooacebk . page 'm>> i in. >> e wee nd .help ma pkepleo leeik . us t>>s hi disay4 1f our o5 1 dsay of pzeri gseiv .away have you ervead h the pasleeur of ry tgin rrgat'ets poorpcn? i>>av h enot. >> ,ohy m shgo. isths i c acahigo adtrioitn. >> alre?ly >> thehe cees corn, theam carel rn co andn thehe t tre'she ch oicag mix. >> cgohica mix. >> w weantpl peoeo t go tour o
9:08 am
thene winr ga ets prbig ize pa eckag of etgarrt's pop corn. wo uld youe likryto t ?it >> i ulwod. ti'll aakeib nanble eld toul y wh at i think. wo w. at th r isyeall odgo. i >> tsn'that great? >> aot lf o ch. eese et>> lak's thie tsit wh us. he>> tam car ielsea rlly ,good y>> hou tithe ttbu.on lwe'l see hanow myeo pple we ha ve. >> o kay. 40>> 2,000 likes. wwetanou y too g to cefaokboom.cod/t'sayta .ke mr pr. idest,enel hpe mo d the we heatr? >> 'd ie b nohored. s>> a youot nice idoutse,e w ahavetl litnoe sw micong. >> we do. ewher y doout wan me? s >> rtandightth ere. gh rit now,e whave 19 grde 9ees, in bo,ston 2 in orconcd. sn cowgominp u inas wtohingn, d. c. as you know,s ahe t esprt,iden s ithuts wndo. >>ha tt's right. a >>ons so t as iheres . snow ar>> hord fe metto gwo to rk. >> n eveit weh th tomoe.rcad t >>shat' ri ght.
9:09 am
at alants 3 inwash,gton. 23 g, bi s bigtuff micong. sh waoningt? w >>doe n't, aclytual. y >>ou don't? t'>> i asll cteompur magic. thertnot.heas h weaveez freraing ftin ahier ts rt not.heas av heaiy rn rrtomoow,f i yreou a yi flacng bok t wagtshinon. yo u'de b yedelad. >>d goohi t ing'mng goi to a.l. >>it l mtleore rrgas?ett' >>.sure th .anks >> of urcose,w sno ouams,nt t,lighnc i ihnew nk yortyci. ph ,illy 1o t 3. ff bu 6alo,o t 12. 'rwee wriored autbo inicg, cl ingudin in wagtshinon. it ld cou shut theit cy wndo, but wwho ould?know ba ckth to e stwe, avhe aier,bout
9:10 am
cothe y.untr ha>> t yt'sourat lest heweatr. i ssmi.poke mix. py cot.righ tit'she gat'rret msix now. li des.ciou >> etgarr pt'seeoplw kno what yo reu we tngalki ouabt. is in'tt diade?ctiv t'>> ihes tes bthi tng erev. c >> an'topst. >> 'l ilro pybablat e theho wle in thg.
9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
>>ur o hisost y tongon,ldwy who splay there pntside on nd"scaal." >> thees oldt r-afteolscho raprogn m i uthed niteesstat at th s wasedtart in 8118. b >>,ravo ysgu. g >>set u testard. >> 's letel w ocomeirur fst ck niernick, wi m.llia ou>> f srscore and s yevenear ag o. w ho tmuch dime toeshat atmoun to? >> 87. >> very good. >> nice. >> he tre sco is 20 aryes. it om cesro f omld eshnglind a tusedouo carnt lgebe numfrs o in thikgs le eeshp. >> .nice >> t nex cadet, e.abbi 'swhatr youqu onesti? >> ho w was thest fir pderesint to ea appr on leteonvisi? g >>deral rdfo. >> peno.
9:15 am
>> y ver ,good .al w>> iasnk thiing ""snl. >> 1939. >> d'worls .fair >>et cad aldeexanr. >> y.he w >>hatue qnstioyo do u ?have >> t wha wererg geoe wagtshinon's fa tlseeethad me ?of n >>o. t >>wahat s mys.gues >>t iwas ivory, icfabr,om s e gsthin. a >>sl i ghrit. iv ory iv anory odd wo. it wa m, iadet tha up. it ha's wtl a idsa. ha>> wt's your quonesti? w >>hich frormesi predentas w a lmode fheor ter cov of os "cpomotalin" manegazi? ye>> s. >>y ver .good
9:16 am
>>ee kp arinsweng .ford ev hierytng. >> et cad n.aide w >>ishat thee namf othe "s alcand"? >> pderesint tzfildgera. >>yes. >> rrcoect. >>oo gd inmorng, t.cade w >>asho w the- - >> t.gran >> bab,thtu ghrit? >> wahord. orpopcn. >> s thiiset cad loconel. iwhatous yr tiqueson? >> st que ionn,seve whichly ear 19 thtu cenrysi predentad h two pe t s?bear >> fe jef. rson
9:17 am
ff jen.erso i >>d rea a biphogray. >>ad cet jamess ik bacit wh heanotr esqu.tion hi>> wrech pntsidedi stued eanuclr ysphs?ic >> my jim ca.rter >>wow! >>ng eriineeng stt.uden >> al knew t qheiouestns be.fore d>> i ton'think he did. >> oh, my !gosh pl[ ap ]ause ic>> nerf scan o top. >> ian wout y to eator me etgarr pt'srnopcond a g o to y'todase tak -- ce fa.cbookodom/t tay's aakend li ke us. >> excellent. >> come on out, erevodyby. co ameunro wdhit us. >> tonyenytothny, yoank u. h >> oangitut wh al. >> ow> ho tee kp a pot ofoi bngli wa rtero fm orfvewilongnd a oerth
9:18 am
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so . sweet , weok're going to need a napkin oe golakyy, fpp, hasty. toaruer stdel. it's a not f quick ix.'s mitdey sioncio tma bkeuty eastla. roc retinol sttedarsi vidubly recing my li fine dnes anwrin ikleswen one ek. and the longer i use it the ttbe er witks.or retinol correxio n rfromoc. ods,meth m nots.iracle so y ki m dds't hone avagto for goe,o t two jobs tmopay a ge,rtga and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'work be whing u ile yosleep. il stt l don'k thinvei' b got arain? thyou reink a esume'sh? noug wh steo'llupp hen w ingsthet gough t? n'doyou t ntwa thatnd okiaif brn? a grdes ee idea .gree reyou' w gonnasoant e m
9:21 am
>> e'> wbore auto tak mer you alifeot l sieaer. avwe hehe tos ht ofd foond a 'swine madiu gensip t asnd has ki ntcheip tsha t bt'lllowr you nd mi. ahowre you? gr>> eat. tniceeo se you. >> 's letnc launth io this. i ahave .cold wh tat'she k?tric >> youak me p aotf o s aoupnd nt wa g toetid rth of e esxces l oi on stakeomece ind a aer pap wetol. >> thisld cou a be tmnighare, sk ngimmi t offhe top. >>t' ias er thae's few trips. iki l tehis one. pu cet i in a paperel tow and ge tts ico ld. what you do is putt tha on top. >> wow. oo>> lk at that. ithi csll the t.fa it ol sieidifts ind a scktis to . here re>> gidat ea. >> o als gives you the po opitrtunoy top sco offhe t ce exss. >> e lov that. iwhatths is, rtyogu? >>ur yogtht wi olgrana.
9:22 am
yhonem frock stiingo t your as megurin o cupr spoon. gi'llivehi tos t you. llyou'o dhe t hot water stte. di tp in i andet g it hot. ll i' uses thi stnon-ick spray. th enou ye'r going to scoop your ne hoy. e tha ide, isat wch ,thisk loo at .that t>> ial fls right f.of >>ig rht off s the. poon oe>> d asn'tt ffec tthe oaster an ngythi? >>no. >> why am idi holng a spn?oo >> 'l you tlry it whit isth. 'l weeel sch whior wks be.tter seethat? >> y iourssh muc ttbeer. t'>> ihes t trick. stnon-ick raspy. h weave a.past tabou tooi bl erov. wh reat a g youoing to do? ke ta ade woo snpoon and put i t on wh haat toet ds is ashe tir a bu sbble hit the oosp tn,llhey' br eakup. nit'sot theat werli boi ng,over 's ithe t m.stea it's the amfo. t >>ishis e lif gichanng.
9:23 am
fled mych kitecen b tausehe te wasr ill spiingo intthe erburn? t >> yhereou .go xt ne inthg,de woon s tpoone o th uerescgh, rit? i >>lo'm bwn ayaw. >> ie lov tthisip. th ase re lon i iovest iau becse i ohaveneof cfee gerrindt tha i us ore f two inthgs. digrinng ceoffe andnd griing sp .ices ouif yt wan toan cle it out, dtakelday oea brd,e lik this, th itrow a inipnd z it . up ha>> woet dhes tad bre do? t>> ior absbsll ahe t avflor, l al the elsml. >> great tip. le>> cans it t.ou >> icqukly,ha we ve ndsecos. ha>> wout yo d isak te this -- >> ,wellut of o time. lwe'l put it fo be hre iad shthe ngooti ,inburnpig, ndns-adl-neees doftiiabec e nerv,pain es thete fee werfithe inrst mylyfamigr to teaduam froegcolle, ed araise ctivirtwin gls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve paiany n erlong. tso id toalkedo my ndctor a p heriberescrid lyca. rv negee dama fromdiab etes
9:24 am
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9:25 am
ki tang prenecedhece tse .days an>> da: te yes hrdayryilla cl n into aheld mpca eaign vent in cisun elty t lingppsursorte sthats he ithe behast cn mpio r fothmie ledd yo knu ow wthate e ar justvefi ys day awa frome thdaneva mo deiccratcu caus micop ng uon tu sa rdayinmorng. e shwas ldhothing veat ent d an ssacron towiebernde sanasrs w inhold g anevatent an bon za hi sghoochmol rethan 200 0 oppe leowshg in fup or.that iebern ndsas ermico ong ut a 22 t poinorvict - inct- viinory new hairmpshe. pi hong he p canupull a misi lar vi y ctorhen re idaneva. >>m:ki nd a d forlsetai on e th heweatrer he is meour dic ormeteisologt. >>y:kell e' weare rlly geg ttin y luck withe thheweatr. mo sstly sunny kiesoutht e er wi thghlindt wios acrs chmu of th eae ar. onand c theadoloro r rive eyvallay tod, rewe ao als ex inpecthig a 9 gh 7eedegrs.
9:26 am
eedegrs datoy. re the grdeshees ay of re cord wiand ll detefinietly g cl ose to r thed ecoronne wed wsday ith a ghhi80 of re deges.e w do ha ve aanchf ce owet wer athe sdthur ay.>> a: dan t yhank ad th eeis wk. >>kihem: in is losgean les al ekl we. d >> ana:s he iusy uallewin n rk yo cihity ws ch ihis home b ut th s is itheeis w wk heill be in lo ges anles ctoraelebwote t ar ye ts onirhe a. rehes immji y! d anguhis est will ba e wi ll elferrl. u yoowkn itl wil vbeery fu nny weand l wilvehaar hil ious memos ntmotoowrr mog rnin when you wap ke u uwiths. >> : kim andghtonillt wi be th e mygramwa asords motoowrr
9:27 am
9:28 am
us r , oufanishiowista blle >> t>gakin aoo lk at the ad hes.line sflag f atalederld buiings are fl ayingtf- halfstaf twos day rafte d theeath of jceusti nianton sc.alia
9:29 am
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9:30 am
in sttereed. de hmandeeas bon s high,he t co anmpsy'er srve loover.aded si acte bk up. a es wol t yd aouthe t top of th eowsh,de "poad"oloo tk orve ethop tpo s att the box oicffe ov ter heekweend. th e ryan ynre'soldsm filak ting in or men tha5 $13il mlion ac incordog tly ear tiess.mate eca rordni opengor f aed rat r vi mo ieen th u.s. g"kun fuda pan 3"as w sdeconnd a "how to be si"ngle was irthd. i n nzeew d,alan a ot phphograseer ud a drone to ca epturse theun hsdredf oep she gbein edherd. th akey mehe tir wayro fmne o fi teldeo tht nex tghhroun a en op tega. theeo vidas hon ge l.vira woin tda ys,t i had over 2 ll miionie vws and ,02600 sh.ares edincr tibleo h.watc > >> let's get a checkth of e we rathem fro al. th noing likeou cgntin sheep, al. i >> goted tirhi w wle ias wa ngtchi . this i>> was inyawng. >> l set'souhe yt' whas
9:31 am
ea prly oartef th week, icy, ysnows mes ien th .east dethunrmrstohrs t toughulhe gf an etd w and ysnow ien thla pins. mi k,dweesh sunines i smeupre tw beeen co.asts h we lave sightnowro a tundhe ap chpala aiansrend gat kelas. e thte latrar pt oe f thweek, inlooktg a an rai andw sno event fo rth norernal cniifor aahend t ci pafic rtnot.hwes wi ndy,owsn aynd wetou thrtghou e th pl.ains wa wrmerereathes rulm frothe ds mionectith of e uncotry. as weet gth to eid m, weeke we'r inlookg ath mucve abo nlorma te atmper iuresen thla p ains nd racent lpl.ains
9:32 am
e th >> t' thas your ltates atweher. ota lf os u pblrobayta s rted gdoin oures tax er evy ,yearho tdsusan ofol fks ta edrget bymi crinalsin posg as the sir tgryino tte sal our mo ney and .more >> ay todio natnalnv igaesti tive escorrenpondeft josf r isen s hereh witrna waofing o twof e thge bigcast sndms at wha we ne edo t ktonow te proct yo lvursees. go orod m. ning ow>> h are you? >> k twoey eaars,t whaare they? >> ma e-il. a o lotf pe,oplelu inc ding lepeop o onurta sff rehe, s o hit'sniappeong tot a lf o lepeop i and'm gngettiai e-mls on ce fa,book as ,wellt tha op perele aet g ttinghese ma e-ils,up sdlposeyro fem th irs,ay s tinghey owe money and th ole p ciceoulde com after .them 'sthat o oneemf th. re heno's a etherl-maing goi ou arnd. th neis oro psmise a tax llyou' a getn oiafficl lngooki ma e-ikil lthe is. ok lot a thede bold ctseion.
9:33 am
ta x ndrefu of $6 t3.80ceo acss th e rmfo c,lick .here u yock cli onha tt el-mai d,an n,agai 3.$680,ee sms pblossiy tilegi.mate lnotike wewe oou y 0,$1000. it no's e wughhere aot l of eramsicanl will fil o itut and ttryoet g the$63. yo liu cnck o it and put inou yr bank iornfonmati t sohey can re wi you can money. the sercammois joun yr unaccot. >> t' whas your red agfl? >> the sirl wil never,r evesk a yo u for pnaersol imanfortionr o ncfina iialmanfor otionvern a ma e-il. th nle oimy te trehey' everng goi -mto e yailou isyo if reu alady ha n ve ainongog case. e th irlls wiay alwnts coyoact u e thtfirse timou threggh rular ma il. llyou'y onl get els-mai if u' yolrre a ieadyvenvoldit wh em th. t >> wheyillot n iatnitie via ile-ma. n >>o. v >>exia trt ony agthin seel? i >> yfou hearro fem th irsve or alsoci media,is it a .scam ey th n'lleverta conct youve or
9:34 am
>> t whaut abo onphes? we nd uanerst tdishat a phone ca call sm goingn. o t >>hisne o isve enor me ag sigresve. th sis ire whey theea rllyou pnd u yo on theac ftha ttou ywe o y.mone 'rtheyoie gong t stick the po liceft aer you. tu ac,ally o oneurf oen sior pr ucods er tathe ay"tod" show, he rgh dau gterot a call. take a enlist. >> s thiis oerfficm frorninteal f reevenurv se.ices avwe hene bein tryog tch rea yo u. is th call is anff olicia final cenotil calm fro inanterl ve resenue esrvic. th eae rson that theal cl has co nme ior f y touhatha we ve dfileaw a l asuitstgain you. fo r meor inatformion, call diimmeyatel our demepartnt. >> l caled immlyiateur o rtdepa.ment iwhatths at, dayo? oh , m, oneydoyou . y >>roou py bablcpanin whe you ar he wsla.uits doyou hen't haar wt'sft aer th at. >> pl peoy,e sa n i'd fever all for bit,utho tdsusan ofti vicms er evy arye. 5$ mil aonr yea sedcamm
9:35 am
>> s doe the irs iatnitiels cal ke liat th? t >>he siril w clallou y, aiagn, if'r youe adylreaol invvedh wit e on t ofheirnt ages onn a inongog seca. dyou'w kno'r youeli deaitng wh e th irs and t eheyverer nevsk a pfornaersol foiniormatn. y ifetou g aca ll, gon o our bs we oiten y.todacom. we e hav all p thehoneum n tberso po rehirt tacs bko tirthe s or fethe l derae tradcosimmison. >> s youdhoulor reptt i y ifou ge net o of esthe? tdon'et dele it or hianytng. >> g han upmm iteedialy andev ner givefoiniormatutn, bor reptt i heso tany c goer aft the pe.ople >> youo als say woue shotld ne th e sirs i ien thce prossf o emimplngentiis legonlatit tha wi llll aow falederic offials to makeal cls forac bk s.taxe m >> iaybeen th fu,turehe ty may blbe aeo t sendhe tob rlsocal t. ou 'rtheyote ne sury thet wano t do it. th is asse ion,f youet g a call, 's it fakend a a amsc. g >> reatrminfon.atio
9:36 am
>> o youewe m $63. up ne,xt the toy frais in i wn to andha we oveurds hann o is thar ye's hstotte ucprodts. gr heab t .kids theyho sbeuld off slchoo today, gh rit? >>t.righ p >>heut tm innt fro oef th tv. w weantm these to e the fun and t puss preure on y touo puharcse th ese w an nore incdible bi rer rth foirdry ha. w ne'ofrom l real,extr inaordl ary oio.shampo ama sho poemsyst fu inwithsed ci lusous, ligh eitwt j ine ust on wash ir lha iookslynstant
9:37 am
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sc ary. whawow,out ab t justtt pua ing fair, no e haggle onpric w theindow? zanot ugny enoh? so memetibes the lsst dea prare laetty psein to e. the ci dtie oubl cashd carscome v inhaery windy asth cckh baice twuron p.chases ea nce rn o ywhen,ou buyag and as yain ayou p. atthas's cckh ba, nowan shd cak bacn agair.late it's ch as\jback du. v e thouciti dcashble d. car e tharonly cat ld thyoets eau h rn cas twibackn ce o everyhapurcse % with 1ouwhen y and buy a 1%pas you y. thwiay two wars to eitn, es mak o a lotr f othes cardemseid one sed. etme p thenaiadie th anewestn dditioliveto ord gaunen's ls ch duomenu irpaited wyoh hour ce icunof milisoted ouplar sad st tingart ast $ju996.
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olivgarde en we iv gu e yolireef from your cold & giveyou m the a casehe of tgles gig. noltyleol cs d helpereliev your wstor& cold flump sy.toms.. yo n u cahegive tm yt everouhing ygot.'ve
9:40 am
>> >t' is likeis chr itmasw n ne cyork bityseecau thenn aual toy fa sir ier und y.wa oy>> tns iiderom m is hereh wit . us the toysid kres aeg b fging or this.year on>> nfe ose thes toy are out mandostl wil beut o for christmas. >> e>> wl wil talkut abo rakae.ok weut p aho pne in. y an onel wil do. this exs.pand we doaownld thepp and a we c an do allin kdsf o gsthin.
9:41 am
e thua vislt asathe time me. >> ad rey? >> f i youan wt toee s wshat' hag.enin be ecaus pphay! >> so nowll ase theid veos are ar shing. al fl our o fenri odsn slocia me dia. ilit wel b a huge hit. >> huge, gehu. >> youon d'tee nod tt wai for e thp cam refi. is th t ishemy yume mor r.make e thha gram cerrack t andhe ma alrshmw lod anethch ketahe tix mnd ahe t waternd a cr mie.owav anwe c pndrete tooo ck in our ov en. it ut's ce. d an ythenavou he tiny eatrts. th aeyre cidelious. ha>> wet ars doehi ts do some. >> t wha kid d'toesnt wan a pet ondrag?
9:42 am
doesrefi. lo ok atha t you can toasthe t maalrshm.lows t >>shat' e>> we hav s.more >> he has like0 5 dreiffent dssoun andov mements to kp eeeth ki apds hpy. th sis i zoomer ererhi cmp. he in is ctteraive. we l wil putim h on the ooflr. i wtan tyoo wuchat his cefa. hel wil payen atttion to ancommds ande h wlilno kw my e.voic om zoer, e.danc le t's seet whaou y can do. er thoue y go. he isng goi to do a little dance. he as hot ls of tr.icks >> tshat' so .cute th guis y. ll>> ari ght. le mt'sove on. >> t whaut abo for kids whoik le
9:43 am
atwhbo a autet p that you can bu ild. th sis i oudsr-kict ayuall build .this eca s ttionhatow alls them too g nlearut abo ysphics. at th a isdroun thero f antnde h ge ots the top t ande hls fee the el feing. he is going toom ceht rigac bk .down >> i love thathe t kidsld bui at th. ha>> t vt'sery t.ho >> oo l akt isth. ev yternghis iad me whit isth. is th a isd 3 magic pet. we can d,buil but what io ds i ve ha a uv light. no .heat i can build .up i canui bld out. erevhiytng ttha y souee here has en belt buih withi ts pen. cayou on g anyay w you want. sit'so atne. ok lo at atth. ll>> ais it s ing usi isth. >> big bus.bble >> ts hiisot ls of dfeifntre bu lebbs. ho wbo aut isth.
9:44 am
bu bble adroun c.isaa >>id kils wle hav aot l of fun. e one mor time. we o hadnero aund tanalie. >> y ver .cool >> ne ow w lwillet them .go hi>> t s isrtdi. feel .it it's awe.esom it 's anacti-balteri andev n er everes dri out. it willom ceh witit a ltle toy. we w billring thet dirnt i tohe us hoe. t >>shat' cool. l iove that. n>>ow the roy.yalt how abadorle. wi oull yw shos u t howo play. >>s thiishe tea tar ptyus mical rt pas. en whro we thll tis,s hiis otprotype. >> s thiis pots. >> is lteno tthe simuc. sh e turns. h weave our fitavoreon sg and mrs.pondts a .chip n'i dontt wayo to e u se that siclaslac pasy he gonut o of e.styl is th o isitur c sycape set.
9:45 am
it's ywhollood. th aesere wn oodeand ecenofridly an hed ty are t.grea 's it .easy >> yavou heae grt inthgs. iav he to go tos thi toy irfa. >>om cing up nt,exut pwa athy e va ntlee'insho clacos tedanet g ba ockn we willho syow a u lideoucis me talt haulco hdpelou yiv le lo erng. ri t ghteafthr .iser. ri ght feliok as spisesbox at. gre lepeope me lov s forthaving ovem alf er hana grd wh y en thech tswitogo pre.ressiv so ab i'm dinbling ven news.ture it b wasamoard-gte nighwi heth t l dalai ama. eat grguy.ib terryele pla r. go rlpapeess 't doness, strl gir i he got tcoun dis ts ythatd ou nee 's itan a balctcing a , gobut i ivt to ge pee thoplewh heat tnty wa -- remo. box an sy wordfo e r thiccrit s? anwhat cay? i s escritti n gonna eg.[ seapplau ]whthe at?!la [ ughs ] yo rgu fo mot the ilk!'s lthatidacta . righ t. 0% 10l reamilk, wjustut tithoache ltose. so, no discomfort? ac extly.
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t mmm, il is rea.milk 100% real milk. isno dt.comfor e.that hy's wra our c sftsmenn easoy evere sausagtlperfecy. cso youoaan ct x ouflgreat avorrteffolyless. at hi hillsarm,re fre the's a oreasonlow ur steroaseyd turkst ta free sosh coses afndr tervinca wg,note on sealyevl y slere,ice do wleubseal t. i resuthe arlts the some ing hi
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9:49 am
tswee okcoing. th isee wk onay tod food, w e'll yshowou ds ishe athateare hlthy an d hwe gaveeeorg ndmees, the cf he dan oerwnf o a rtaesanurt in new yo rktyci. hayou ve air d pectemrobl with th wee r.athe w >>ade h a pipe t.burs th moer na,tureha wet ar you in goog t do? >>'s letg rin ien th new with- - s >>nalmo andhe wat beserri. avwe hhee tle whohe wat bes,rrie li des.ciou i >> tsn'thate lik byarlet sor ? of t'>> is t,whea .yeah 's it theua actl seed. if youl mil itu , yo whave heat r.flou avwe hege vleetab k,stoce lik so . tt liitle b ofli ove oil. >> ghrit. >> om se .salt >> honow log d youk coo it? t >>wo hours, untilt' is y.chew wthenvee haom shae tt'sea alrdy co .oked addve oli l,oiso seatn ik bac up .
9:50 am
>>ny a ?kind ed>> r wine gaviner. en thha we icve p,klesum cucsber ,here red nsonio. >> nice. aw>> r redni oons and ocavado. it's allut abo hhiealt >>er vy .good >> n theha we ve flyresh cedhopp ci rolant. and leparsy. l >>eittlon lem stze? >> leim .zest gr eatchtee,niqu al,ik l yeeou'v o>> oncer e.twic x mis thi up ait ltle t?bi w >>shat' -- >>n theha we vehe tal smon here. >> ch whiil wool ck icqu kly. er>> vy quick. cook snalmo mmediu rera. ni ndce ael mlytingen t ideren th nt ceer. ,nice hot pans i v very,ery po imtrtan so yourh fis d'toesn ic stk. n,agaish fre pr eppeoton bh de sis. r ou ipans oksming, likeo. s ny>> at? sal ye>> gah,o ahead.
9:51 am
comeon, man. s>>till missed it. >>ba m. t >>hereou y .go >> ki s sneid down. you see the pan i nsicend a hot. th emo saln won't icstk. li ttleor meve oli. oil yu>> mmy. .away ether you go. y >>eou'r goingo t dohi ts how olongacn eh desi? bo>> awout tin mutes o enach ld goen owbrn. an oud ye hav theis finhed od pruct. th asat w ,easy h?hu >>ty tas and thhealy. al rely odgo. >> ha tounk yor, gege. >> nk tha. you tfor rhiseecip and,moreo go t da tom/y.cofood and clickth on e he yalthb. ta tnothe unthhealyta b. 'r weoie go ng tbek bac ain me mont. ch oeck hutowe' wre dngoi on our
9:52 am
9:53 am
isths i "tayod"n obc n. adhi d. h uh uh. ahye.s..ryorbo a tutt.ha hi t ankutbot i re thet musigbe hloher ve ow d tn ineahe h rt dwhatu o yok?thin a n nd istthe abars ove hi , ted ygladouou coild j,n us we nk thi' you gre oing ltothike nuese s.mber ri be ng mgha hiover l e c i rouldabise ove
9:54 am
ce fa.cbookodom/t ay's.take et>> l d'so it. >> ss prehe t onbutt. >>. nice lo>> cose t 250.0,00 i >>ef w a hit iomill'mn, i do tinghe wer.athe we g're toingico ptk im fro all 'l weol d atth. ogo t faokcebo/'soday >> 'v i sedai youan c ceom in my cl aoset pndick out- -id d i say e on t orwo drs?esse on>> d't rgfoet.
9:55 am
an>> da: jbeust 1fore 0:00 on th reis pntsides' today day.we e hopyoveu ha d theay off. k >> aim: nd prenesid, tial po cslitiig rndht ate cenr usbeca ae weivre fe da oys ut fr tom henedavaau csecus. an fod r the crdemo tats,nlhe oy sttwo leill n ft iouit we ld b arhilly toclind n an thatwas r hein ersumm olandthver e enweekt d bu alsoiebernde san rs wa s inn tow aovert boa nanz higholscho . thbo of th pemkeacd in the owcr sdsboo hth adeagr t ndatte ancefoe r thieralls. hi arllupy n i renodator y ou ba grttle sound tatein vane.da ev y erngsiotle vune cots and ey thw knoit ulcomed con dowto withe o re silwe wl couentin to se e thcaese atndids es a gweet os clo er tmbnove00er 2am6 te. > >: dana h ande sadid s y hi linewa ws itugas he! >> ly kel: weour r athewas pr etty.huge asfanttic ndconsitio.
9:56 am
es prtsiden' y daitoff 76 is te atmper dn wey.esda s it ibrfe, uarytodue oucl dy sk wiies th acechan s forome in rawe shondrs a zybree nd consitio huon ty rsdabut il stokl loliing ke otangoher od ek weneend xt ekwe end.>> : kim lii 0 ke 8on dn wey.esda onthe e atthal is 2most0 gr deabees ove alnorm. k >> im: s it i justenphomalen d anwe sohad ecme rord lo iws kelihe t cores rd mwe baye br ngeakie. her >> : danaor tomrow bo istont s waneni w >> kinom: nk thas. >>an d a:ouar ndhere we are talking bymy jimlo falo n whis if shti hng isowsho twethe st t coas we il wsel wie llferrell on the ogprinram losgeantoles t.nigh hilarity will ensue. we'll have funny montmewhs en wayou p ke u uwiths rrtomo ow to o. >> kim: talsooromrow inmorng en wh youwap ke u uwiths, th e tshind ais mses omfr the amgrmys d reetcarpo als ins lo
9:57 am
ndbelia > >>ro fm nbc news, this is
9:58 am
danod ha kotb, live fromdi stu o i 1anoc rllkefeer pl aza. >> y,he evoderyby. 'r wee teexcid. sit'syunda .nday fit'sarebru5y 1th. hay esprtsiden' day. we e hop'r youenj egoyinou yr ng loid holay ekweend. >> re we' allctuay live. >> au becese wav he toel h tphis y guel sl a okbo. >>il wliamha stnern i the house. >> yes,y' thereav hingor me fun ithanfou ye wer at home. th eey'r ate hom alactu aly,tren' yo u? >>ahyee', wre at meho. ho rew a you? o>> s well, ,oh my d.go >> alrely, why? ll>> a t,righe' wreoi gng to ttalkoou ynd a youren frid le donarim noy inus jtit a ltle bi t, okay? 'm>> iki loongor fward to it. g >>reatd foo datoy. tallhes guy homeay todil wl nt wa to lniste up, we've two got go "rgeousts isportrllus"ated de mols. maki ngry histoit whhr tee different covers. we have accses to tirheex sy ph .otos
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