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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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awhet p topleehere arng doig otpr tectelhemshonig >> or rep mter: aoreornd me siretsdenta insnglli risecutyam c aerass w aells alarm semystnss i oidefei the ketalak looheat te ae h e'therls asta anboeighodrhoch ba raprogm. ethsi resdentin hophese raexte eyo als hpelch cat the thieves. earlier thismo h,nteb d'ras car asw s bgluredariz. ethegurok croheook rsr pu he iner utrnnk aht mosreer cera caanrds shd ca neher orighbam's cpiera uckedp rethn e meggoinm fror ca to atlarenecy ch sk tolosf i t e ths door uwereknloced. e tvenathe ptsigh t t raid dscn't thare omarff o t a hbneig for aoxew mn, dowt senr a debrdea vi ho ofaris cti getng okbrnte indo, at that de se ccr\dire bnak-i wo anerothrs peefiv l aingscrose thect sttreeiro fem d bbraun said his whomeasgl buredarizn o ksthaningivag dy. they alsoto ssole scialiecurty rcaands c andsp pas t andh
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bshevelieie th ck cro arenot brngeakiin w,dowsu jstea stl twhagy the c tano keep the crsime a hoe pitrior fyor poe.lic >> ink thiy the are lnookig for easyge tarts. if theyea brhomet tinghere wiell b meic pole voinenlvemt. in thi tkshiay wy the areo nt having as muchol pice olinvntveme. h>> i taveuto p up the casamer bee caust-- iot's n the ywhen gouo, out you a-re -ou y goo tor wk,ou yhe cckhe tar cs. oppeleal wkingy b you. youl aways l--ike u yo are eralt. an tdt'ha ns aotay wo tive. sit' hard. ep>> rr:orte you know, daebr yssa her bgelons were tdosse ugthrothou theei nrhghboood, crtediar cdrds, 'iversen licses lyslowak m tingheirwa cky ba to heru hose aseo pplero ddppe them ofsf ay theou fnd it. her ch,oac pursend a wt,alle st gillone. hes riveceed t ahoses a gift hfromer s.on
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llcame cripestopndrs aat th mbnu iers 78502-35.-555 reiportng livem fro wsne 3. t >> yhankou. > >>ana mo shint ae hom inonvasiai remns in a c.oma cepoli areop hingt tha cyouan hcapelpch cat ami crinal. dtwo aays after man andma won obrke iont a homend aho st aan m inro fofnt his drchil en,cepoli hanotoer lok. wparkay. b droadayli day.ght dynobo isnd uerrr a.est thauioritares ole fnglowi o upn adles. yif kounowny agthin,a cll escrimertopps,-3 7025585-55. reermembou, y cana alwys leave anno aounymsi tp. > >>thanohoer menv inasio ends with a sctuspeed c grookngetti shnot i the it face. isth udnfoled in a5e 234ubdea nr s lasvegale bou avardndt cacus. maaned tri tock kiow dn doors anred b hakisy wa iont hesom. ewhen hll alyegedri t tedous ph uthrogh a dieogg d,oor one honemeowr gedrabb g his aunnd
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ethpe susact wsen tak t tohe ithospital wh att shaer. jaw the heoom hwner baseenle cdare rofmro wingdong. > >>ewhilve clin bundy parrepes toe fac aud jge, his srtuppoers ishik ls.enes bofaceaok pge. s it'heof t reranchyi prang and inhold agnam anericla fg. ndbuasy wrr adeste inon cinecton with t01he 25e armdta sondff where he rounded up cattle nare ish ranch. eh wasak ten intod du last dnweayesd h asete sdppe off a laptne atl porinand atternalion poairnrt o hisay wo t visit his jadile s,onsmo amn and r.yan eth berothrs are aseccud of niorgagzint thaix sk--weeglon darmeup occnatio of aio natnal ldwi rlifeeefug ingo oren. po aliceryre t tingigo fure ohut wefo lat an mh wit aus ghed wewont i enast lveas .gas thean mas wnd fou neareg vas levalyve driou ar:0nd 70m. a.
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hhowend eed uphe tre. he wasak te on aoc lalos halpit inno unkwn ctiondion. > >> ptwoeeopl are rerecoving rafte d aeoublbb staing. itpe hapned atur sat adaynd. po wliceereay she two t were stdabbe. fi veay ds now until crdemo watseigh inbe on erni esandndrs ala hilrynt clion. t >>hec cauuses takce pla on tusa.rday adnev haas aha cnce tore bak a tieet b hweenarillliy c antonnd rbenie srsande. ffjela gilasn h a pewrevi t ofhe csaucu thtonig. o>> g eodnvenig. oturnilut wetl dinermhoe wns wi danes los. ctexpe s toeee mor t ofhe ndcaeidatnds ai ther n o bauteaulif mdaony,h tees
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do kn't inowtut by the a--re r.>> dg kinke spo nrumbe 10. sipoke nerumb 6. datoy. v>> e veryoteco s.unt gmiht. sheas w ssuppoed to cigampan in fldaori. stinead she's inad neva. inl ekood t -ay- >> e thub repnslica b areackit wh theam sena skeil o, tlerickd down emicono ccs,ut tsaxe onh te thwealy theeg dere ulatlwal stetre. r>>orepr:teot bdih st candidates wereer h oeervhe t enweekd. ndsa fersngirip u aow crd at nzbonaa. ch[ ]eers ep>> rr:orteda monthy, e ndsaser t'meale fngxin unio smucle as the lloca erlectical eworkhrs wichu endredde sanrs laste wek. hywn beenyd an notil h?lary
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nemouty of oi bgol psitic. >> yrdeste iay,sk a hedow celos tache rue wold be in ndaeva. >> th if isere ar a lgeur t,nout i think wlle' do just fine. ifre the l's aowur tutno, i think we'll >> or rep ster:no os thio maynd, john lisewas had h aes m.sage i >>nk thi ty odaarhill cyonlint is berettpa pretored be espreid tntnhany aeonls ee is amicer.a r >>teeporur: bht tore me rtimpoant lnesso isir thes. >> l, wela i wnes o t ofhepl peoe toea ld thear mch ascroshe t gebrid. ep>> rr:ortee the pacll wik pic sup a wegetse cloor t the enweekd. thbont clindon ad sanersil wl do taowna hll inas lga vens o urth.sday jeffil g lan,news 3c, bak to you. t >>khanu. yo >> r> ou sriste siotat inn mbcolu ous,ohi isti hosng ar you voice,r youur futeio nat tnalown .hall ythe arel cal itle milalnninds a lipos.tic rewe'te sngami it on oureb wesit toowmorrt a:0 40.m p. thiley wel boo lg kinat theos mt imaporthant cgllenes fngaci the
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idpresalentind caesidat cant bes vesolei thrce conrns. itune fnort tha toromrow on >> n and 3ews is the p tlaceoe b tforauhe ccus onat sy urdaand rtheliepub ccansaucu is the 3rd. we'lll foo f itor o youhen t air and and --ol f ilowt for o youn eth air oe.nlin >> ed> neo a jb i hnun trendre a laavaiatble ob a jr. fai thent evel wil bed hel athe t :020. bjoee skersho s buldgrinl penty ofes rumes and dress in besusins rattie. rfore moor infonmatio, g to >> 's> itng beile calad ougrreaknd-bising esu you. h >>ow "rtsmoesorspts luiltstraed" celebratesea btyu in all s.izes
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ssacroe thle valhiy ts rnafteoon. hereheres i h--eers i a lkoot a htheighem ttuperares.
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hein te battlhe bof trsurge ,on de ae macl "den aratiodeof ous"lici... .. .jack. shethet ford , arme withllarti oery no cne sawg.omin t so thayoneeverld cou tasteorhistkingy-mage burrs. amand aterica p.e it utrue ry sto. e we'r emakingurvery b gererbett, like the new double jack.
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u yovehao tthsee --is felidiguar pngdullef of a atdram riceescung alo the focalirnia coast. this after a 19-year-old man was esw optff a d sanoiegf reeby a vewa. liarfeguwads smhr t roughough tewaors tt geo ti hm. liarfeguads hod t use a cpree, inac f,to t getim h o outf the r.wate athefrm o c theerant wenover ethe edg ofhe t clioff tif lt mthatuan ot toaf sety. azamlyingug enoh, hely on suedffer minornj isurie aend h was later alebo tltakbo a hutis rrteyifginxp enceriee. h,>> o. god hoi t iught wsaon gnaro dwn. thwere pas atoinre whe i was keli hngangi t onhe rock. tihthoug i was gonna d.rown svery scaryrphe ybsu. >> or fnatulyte, legifrua wdseer there just in othseif lrdeguahes ty rndespoed to more t12han cu resvees o trhe holiday weekend. nyma were situations they say were aabvoidle.
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motmen c aliff cpsolla iednto eth sea arfte. a 57ni magetud rteakehquatr snuck ewea 40er aftkshocso tep rorthe re wh herereund wdsereva etecuad fr lom aot ofui bgldins. noat frff om fro thohe sre .line cioffi--als oicff sialsaid fsclifo csellapd. >> de> fe aralriuthostie s noway thepi sususcioic deveou fnd ina arcen rtalr o a on cra rl,enta errathe, nhear t auelbuqerqu orairpat ws a ceomplte hoax. icpole foundh tisic deve at the caacr ftyili onda sunfy o the a chmecanind fouhe tev dice deunthrneahe tar cf atert iad h beenen rectlyet rd.urne an atf spokespers sondaihe t vide lcekeood leik aop pom bb b iuttn did't notta conin any osexpl.ives theta renarl cil fac wityas loedcknd aou y ctousrmes weer vemodto a dtirlo tl whie auitthorieses invtetiga.d
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orw tkingino f odtu who nscotetruchid tsvi dece. t rshe i isle ag rtintax rspayere theld cou be something axho. r>>orepertam: icersanre a ttgengi lteetrsou abtra feudulnt ture.rns >> taxet rurnra fud wten gow aay an tyeim sn.oo r>>oreprteth: wisaom hnsae ben wrinit agubo t aitdna s tidhe trblou ces bane tceracd baok t tlasr' yeasec styuriac brehes e whermillions of social ecsitur nybeum ersednd unp i the hand ofde iintty thehi tesevse ud aum nrbeo t ilfe a fake return and get other pe'soplex ta rndefu. i >>on mst cases wee'r hngeari atheyere fgilind an dgoin it ink. bul ivmasseun amo otsfur retn. ethnoy k lw afot ose the are ngoetna gej rdecter oet g cghaut byhe trs i. ep>> rr:orte s shetaaid xer pays should take crtomfoh tatn mea baregeingh cauyt b the irs and
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pinlaceh tisar ye toec dett the rrealrnetuom fr a fake. one tbu theiv indalidu't can douc mh tore p fventraude exc tptoil fe rfo t thehiefes do. t >>ory tt ge allha tt done so asn soo y asou have all ofou yr w 2s, 1909s that you can file right away. >> re rtpo: eratthea msnry tngi tole fi you rrrnetu byhe t end tofhisk. wee schrick cla num,bcs. new >> > atu kenckyma law hkeras dfile a billt thald wouce for men sngeeki eilrectefu dysionctn to tgeh teir w'sifemi peronssi. witldou rueqeir twoff ocei sivitsnd a toll swear on the bible they are marriedef breo theoc dortou wdl wteri the crpresonipti.
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maisde his hrytoy bea relgsin rscoveth wi tehre men whitee thr di entffery bod types. isth is rondaou rsey. sheo jins ayshle ghara amnd mo hdeleyalla cseusn for this year 'sortsspll iatustred switimsu eioditn. gramahs ihe t frsit ps-luzedsi l modeeto bce pla td onhe ma ingaze while ronda rousey appears inhi tspa tint. sui >> hi i ttnk ia's y, very ver intomy m tentathwe h'regavin grioht nhw wereeo p aplerey ver arawfe o afll ohe t byeaut in the wd.orl thisois onef those blpuioicatndns ave traling to yevernt counry i theld wor tipracy,callev ceryieonn ntcot,inen i seeur biglarfy tybeau in a dlleriffent size essiz. >> lm> fi hingasrt staned i the gaylax, far fary awafor the
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warsz ws"ars war "series. t >>hiseb ds utcedeermb of 2017. > >>ekanyt wes ancnnouaed w ne auil bm a olbum tverhek weeend ahend ton t iokt back. he says h$5e's ll3 miion in rspelonat. deb west tedweethe t news hours to ishol frslowesa on daturyht nig .live sepleaay pr, werc ove.ome ethum alb isnl oyva alilaben o letitt' thahes ttr sngeami west said he'sn beeay deling isth. i at ws aea bulutif esprtidens'ay dcr aossev nada. owe h ypeou goot t tinake e th sunnshiy. >> . yes
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rcloewyrd beaysle ise. her >> ll we' a seew fee mors dayf o ttha beaulutifea wtheref bore th tings aake donownt mpteureratise-we. for, nowl we'loy enj the mpteurerates. tirhe atpor72 at in v las.egas igslhtlyle coor at theen honders orairpndt ack cheingn i ata mc liidon m sdlelchoo w ie'renhe t mis.d-60 hhigpe temreratuts i a was pr wettyarm day asscro the aslas vegl vale'ey wreki loong latow to-7 mid0s for ersummlin,e cnintenal,bl ue amdiond. stmoinly theid m u- torppe fo70s her tow dnntowre aa, the la pke,iaradse and green vyalle tand heo tt eas of us. ertempesaturu , yocan see in hesoutastli fg rtin twithhe s.80 qnoteuitto in teh 80sut b boy 'weell g ttherere pttyui qckly ov terheex nt feway ds. ertempesatursi out detrigh now we're cngooliow dn fyairl klquicyit wh mlyost traempeestur inhe t 60s in our ignehohborod.
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d-mi30s for m countesharlton. 60sor f mitesque. klaeea md, otoveroun, blder tyci f, 63orea sigrchlnht ad a kquick hooate th high teatmper, ureslwe'l a seeernoth d laykeih tis toromw,roli stghly rmwaerfo berehe t bigll chi is peex.cted ndwions t wight bille flyair cahlm throug touthe vy.alle cyouan see dasecre aingwes get tohe t elyaror-mngniou hrs toowmorr. soaloo l akinghet t sliatelte, e'wreuc ltoky be lgivin along hett wes ctoas atst lea for owe de haver seveth weaerin movg thuro ghethou sth intohe t rtnoasherntear poft he tni udte esstat. ghhiss pre suretillin lsgerr ove rtpafs ohe tes dertth souwest ahend ty onlhi tnk'r wee sgeein im hpact aourrea i tshe atmoun hofigh cdslouea strgmin in roac tss sheatte. oerthh t tantha, thgsin are larelytivea clmor fo nw. beut wo t haveno athert i round ofr sto hmsedead our way. yonu ca s see oomef that viactilrty a ieadyn the piacifc winth an abutdanun amot of ismoretuou yan ce se minak igts ywato inor pstionf oas wtohingn oas rfightow n. we're s gtill bonnae fyairl calm for thtonig.
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up 4per t0shisn eveing. erwarmn that wha weic typyall tsee this oimefar ye. ndwils asoec dinreasghr touought hetni eveng. itl wil beno a ctheroolig nht. 46re degores f oonvert. mpteuerat bresyarel aebove th eefrgzin mark for mochunt starleon. up 3per0s forru pahmp nioverght. 50re degores fr you low for ulbo cder aityndig hhsom tworro will bee vryim silar s inome ar ceasreompad toha wt weaw s for t,oday some areas werarm. eg77 d freesorrt oveon and umesq iitehas wt'r wee ojprnectig. igslhtlyar wmert alakeea md. 67or f pmpahru. mi0sd-6 for mntourl chan.esto e as we tak laatook themu warp orfe th v lasegasre aa. ouy s caneet quie ap jum in teatmper suresttar oinginff teh owl 50s by:0 70ak mingt i to the low 70s by thend e t ofhe day. istoill gong tee s a lot of hisunsny,ay mbe a kwnett scadere clouds. fidelynite a lot wmearhar tn wheat w taypic sllyhee tis time
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tgoodgshinve hao tme co to an end. 'lwendl e on ia hghe not. 8or0 fne wed.sday ndwires axp edecte tot sart ckpi uingedp waynesdh nigt and etholn hnd o ytorouat hs on sdthuray. ifou y haveg lon h,air p iutt in a paionytl, illt wi be ptyret wi jndyusto befre theke weend. do'tesnk looke li w itlilas lt long. stmo wly a eindvenev dp.elo n'doesoot likk lnye aai rutn o hof tysis stem a tndhen the warmup isa bck j iustn t fimeor theee w.kend ermoth neatur is vyerd kin to us rehe. >> s. ye >> o 8n 008n o wneedaysd. >> a> a ct inor nayws i making a menaor f hseimfl for an usunual leta ont tnhe spelo.s it a's skiit ky.t [lghaurte] t>> cheato lsveo t ski, loves toik he. tascklo ang withis her own on heren advestur. hheas hiswn og blond aas h acre thedahous ondsfol frslowe onac fk.eboo
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>>nowo te gthe tit ktyki s.ers >> f> aewuc lkyeo p wpleerele ab to tie the knot on tfop oh te reempit staeld buioving her te enweekd. ow>> hh tey got the-t oneime
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had are bakathting view. > >>velas isgas so gooood-l.king it'ssi pres'dent d.ay nit'sooot te latakto te vaadentag t ofalhe sofes ues ye opshpers, listen up. nmaety rrsailere ain havg e-stor swidesale tole co otu hamercendisesfreft tom hamerce.ndis idpres'ents, day ist'so al one of the bgeigst car-buying holidays -- holidays of the arye. fal wt.leomc says thisis also one of the best times of the aryeo ta tke aandvgeta onom he grupdeas from biga nmed brands. youno k wwthad^ gtseas otemional? girl scoutoo ceski. it's oiafficln iul flwi 1500 vunolerte pschitedin at
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oab 6ut000,0 cesas, ttha's 80000,0 pkaacesg, ttha were handed out in las vegas. a lot of people in the nsrewmoo ugbohth treiox bes fmro an oyemplee'snd grahtdauger. a lot ofpy happl peoe. thwheer youi lkehe thi tn mints or samoas, don't wait tooon lg. the seasonnd es m 2arch6th. y >>emou redind me, ie hav to inbreg hr $30 onne wed.sday wi'mngritiel mysf ad to-o. ti ome tt geoo a lkshat'.]o eaah 1d at.1:00ve rea icentasncre he in siinvahaons los a pt ofeeoplume conencerl d al toveralhe vos thine thougs y d cantoo ee kt yo hure omd anveloond meseor > >>soalth, mee cadiontiik lyel ouin ybir cathnet ouat ceald ld dtotiemena. osthore st aiesrend bg akinnews as h itnappens oew n 3s live at 011:0. so cmeeouplns i y new horklas a teak brein-takewsrie vjle whimuc
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ites,r he>> tldy heir theem cersoniecho in tsidemphe estire ti bungildi. mesoth of ieem te d th.knot rsothew kneedweeneds vow on theh 86tlo for. tishat d aogre the? ha>> t at's d. he>> tmupl coudht riglaparao t hido tfs aurin wgninote const wbyinritg aov leto sry. i >>y saus jddt aoo ckiesd an li ifes good is. >> bs autoly.el >> you matched tosl e tastwo sts,orierl gico sutok coies and wegddin the.
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t>>ha ki g ckinthoff owe sh in all heglr ory. >> he t'sre r aorum. et>> l t allpehe sticulandon a grthe esammi h areere. i' bim y llshbund ahe tho ssaw ys ll he ao topr surise abcolliooratd n anneis oin nom eeir st uringntp corsrovey. 'v wet e go >> t i misgiagsme h itd an le aron ddoapico.ri yes!>> ma so peny s vcialtialennes.>> h themauge wlibungeddit tha d hah opralaand agdy gena spdingth y e dathtogeer. nd>> am booa shak llakaaka. m>>g akinlimodeisng h.tory po "silrts ralust sted"uiwimst is assue 'v youvee neenr se it. plus a much-needed bit of stressre oliefe n th iverysenten
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>> we called him butt naked. tslighme, caacra, cess ve>> einrythu g yo tneedowo kn ab toout t'nighams grwamy ards. omwelc ae tos ccesywhollood. nd ke lrick lamar weads11ith mi noonnatis. ortaylns ope s thehow. erbieb a and wdelepeill m.rfor ga gal wilr honod davie.bowi ooll cl jl wile b a tthepl sta esnt ceorer f f the tifthime. ithaters whz e liis. s >>nyo mafo percerman ls toook arforw.d to ll wile ade l andl ioneierich say o?hell ll wilo tayr wiwho till s cr upovontr aersyn wi anll kndye ale tayfer's ud ma t ke iheto tge sta? >> ad lgay dgangoin aazamg in tr utibtoe av d bidieow. an 'ld wehal avebu tri tteo li ronele ichi jwithleohn .gend gametrn neair. >> nd ale g fnny re his aigighlht th wile at onast lie pol tica orperfe manc rwithr apperikendckla anmar cd llj ool lwillusead ugthro ah itegll bnginnih witta .ylor>> ye kant wes'twasnec expted th eais yr.


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