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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

5:30 pm
ccoldase mystery, how bi a fte oza piz may have caught an moinfaus rdmu.erer sl ngashi p therice reof pptscriion drugs sby ah muc as 95%. how people are going ouar tndirhens ianurce companies and saving bi mog > >>thand ure f is flying. thepe comontiti is cefier w and e're ndbehi the scenes a e thstben ourfo lseg mpcoe etrfoes bt in show. "nightly news" begins right now. >> nn aerouncom: fr nbc wsneor wld ad hetequarn rs inew yo rk, thiss ic "nb tlnighwsy neth" wi st leer holt. > >> goodeneving. h asaie l odut the ou grodnd toray f a jo maatr b wtleith tesenaub repnslica er ov aup s cremeourt no timinapron, enesidt am obsoa aled wadp dee tintoache rore f pr enesidt. a ats newerconf ence tlateafhis ooternn, taki ongnon dtrald ump otand reher icpublan ca atndidsaes, ying in beesg prt idenis a se s rioujob. it ot's nti hosng a al reshity ow. hi s marerkse comus jt fo ayur dswa aym fro nethe ajxt mesor tt in e th fraceor
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in maintains g hi onnatieaal lond amg blrepus icanin our new c nb newsve surnky moey ll pod, aneb jus bh inlagghig besond, me wo innder sg if outh licaroouna ce ld bhis la tast snd. an r d fodeatmocr ts,he s focuresmain on nn wioving er af n-ricaicameran vo .ters avwe hle ales sid recoveard sttingh wit c' nbtes peexr alr ande in mbcolusoia, uth ca naroli. ll heeto, per. >> or repter: hey,oo gd ev g,eninyo to u, le .ster ghtonie t thidpresent is gh weiing inn o the pu reanblice racto su d cceehim. sm dingissi p the arty t-fronerrunn. re heso in uth ca narolina, doruld tmp f isorav tedwio an,nd je bub ishses drapete r foa bacomeck. so h mucrfoou serth n m.char lethe gadin re blpuanictos y da in heanotror fes ciou d rounofig fg.htin pevenderesibant oma pi onled . b >> peingderesis nt i aer sious job. 's it not htiosng a ta holk srw o a rtyeali ow sh. 's itrd ha. r >>teeporonr: dald tr reump desponted la to t.nigh
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lo jousy b as pr idest.en ch[ rseend a plap.ause r>>orepr:ten iy an ot r hearyeut, soh ro ca slinad houlebbe j 'sbushlo to tse,he e stat'sthat erambdce s hilyfamiti mulepl s timerebefo. av he my onatodere pu reanblicd s an te ve.rans t buytodah wital dond um traip agn mi dongnatish, bu is inpollg ais dtant thfourci, faewng n ur y gencumto jarp stt s hilestald mpca.aign >> so is cauth naroli b je'sbusht lasd stan hiin tces ra? n >>t o, it.isn' e thbi oietuaravs he been written, ime an, li ncke oe a ,week a nd e we'r iintor f the ng lo haul. >>el h cpingarryt tha lo gead, worge. shbu. >> an i m i am pudro to llcay mgbiit letl ot br jher,useb bh. >> or rep wter:ith um trp ntrelelyless at intackg w. er ov/1 9je1, b ca re alledonn icic me mont. >> vi my osion f my hebrot sr isngitti on th une mod in yeanke iustadhrm tg owinhigh .heat i t can'sienvion do ldna trump doing th at. >> or rep iter:rlf ka ve ro t washe testra sgistinteerg s43'sceuc, ssb'jes
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s hiaicampndgn a the gh ri rt toise super pac. f >> irithe toght se rier sup pacas h ta uughtyts an, hing tit'syohat nu ca sp end $mi100 n llioon , tvnd a it's not ssnecey arilg gointo ge u t yoheto t. top r >>teepor fr:hiinisng si inxth a, iowrt fouh n inam, astnalysee agr bu eesh nds tot bea his es istablt hmenlsriva re he. h >>s ow id thireplac in s thie stat something you can le cee brat as a orvicty? i >>l wilbrcele ate inbeatg ctexpensatio. w >>dohen w youin a st ate? wh oeen db s je -bush- i >>'t canl telyou .that ep>> rorter: but lat e datobuy sh sten a rasepatees m, sage titweehing tcts piure of an a h wdgunh its hi menang evera ad,inddg am munition to ait brte fight. r peteanalexder, nbc ne ws, luco,mbiath sou ca naroli. r >>teepor'mr: i kieas hu cont, ngveri the de crmos,athe w re riafn-caeramanic rsvote t areoche fus to day. hillary clinton co tiur bng lack erleadops, hfoing r an rsendot emenfrom re ndvere al arsh.pton nl>> ouy yo kn, owdan u'yoreot n telling. >> or rep iter: n a r majochspee in emharlck, piing th h roug the eqconsesuenc of
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>> se the intiequies ar e g,wronut b trehey' al so iml.mora an wd itbeill the iomissofn y m esprenid tcybro gin emtho tn a d.en >> or repr:teli cnton is relying onec d ades tiold oes tta syhe aad ouin sarth ca,olin er whnee a nw cnl pol shows her aheadf o iebernde san6%rs 5 to 38%. sa erndmes wit thai fth erleaders thdae toy d anam cnepaigitd wh er ica gabe wner, hose erfathd dieft aer a w ne cyorkpoity lice ceoffit r puinhim a ch hooke ld. >> he medarch are ma lrtinr uthe.king s he wtoodith jesse ckjan,soo s balasicly he's -- >> reporter: sander is ho ngpio tkemap u at aslesot gmeunrowid th riafn-caeramanic s, aevens s hiessuccs in ot her earlyta s htesas en beer powyed b inworkasg clits whe te vors. >> e somheof t gsroup at th sonhe w20 in 08 e'shnos low ngsi ag ainst bernie sanders. m>>y an tint haougrp fe inelleg bftinehd an and y,gr phius ng th r eirtpatoy the left. st laht nigil, b l toclinomn, cngpari at thth to a e teypart
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he>> than tt'sng goi on now in our rtpay. >> or rep dter:ngrawi a ar shebp r fukerom nd satoers day. >> e woush nld bote ki mailng semly r.arks s >> ie thera co ismparon? >> t no,'shere no mp coonaris. r >>teeporanr: s ders n'doesedt newi to n a ma tyjoribl of ack te voo rs t ahaveas ps fo e r thminoonnati s,o r theimpca'saignus foc o isoun yng ri afamcan-anerics. 'l hempl ca taignhtonig at ais hcatorilly bl k acegcolle in ntatlaa. st leer. >> si kae,ha tnk you. >> ne> fural ar emrang hentsbeave en no and uncerfoe lat emsuprure costt juice to anscnin .alia f ony ridailhe w llie in os repn e ithe co s urt't grea.hall aton sy,urda a faluner bwilllde he at the onnatialhr sinen i wa gtshind.on, c. an mee,whil b theeattl nt cos inue over pl reg acinsc,alia h whicprthe enesidt so al assddreede lat da to oy asurre anda tc mihell res.port e>> itxpeche tm to ld ho hegsarin. ex i ctpehe t trebeo a vo te. >> or rep iter:n focali, rnia the idpresreent disponng fo e r tht firs ttimeo th pue reanblic blroadagock t ainshis fi g llinthean vaccy on e th highcourt.
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he eoar pwhple ola cim b torie stct rpintersreteth of e ns cotitituudon sydenl re gadinnt iot i a ewholie serfs o pr ioovishans tet ar not e.ther ep>> rr:orte w butill hi mis noevnee eten g a ar heg?in sma l alaccrtok y dain th pue reanblicd har ne lim fro theer powful cijudichary anairm uc chask gr, sleyin ch oargeyf an irconfonmatiri heangs, ll teioing waad rio -- >> i w wouldaitnt uil thein nomsee iad m e rebefo w ioulde mak y an deoncisis. >> or rep bter:ut gr eyasslon thtig te inllnbg hec s it no topeno a nf cotiirmaon. to t nighprthe enesidt so alea rev wlinghehat s wantin sc'salia cc sur.esso e'>> woire go ng tfind so dymebo i whos an ou ndtstaleing gal mind, somebody who caresee dplybo a outur de acmocrdy an c ares t abou orulef law, and y anirfade-min d onpersen, eveb somody wh o sadidgreeh wity m li po wticsoulday s d woule serv hwithonor an ted inygritn ohe t co urt. >> or rep tter:he
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sa o id tudincle sri ivsrin oasanf sh waoningtc., d. and kjane oelly fiowa, irconfasmed er fedal ju tdges yhreeears ago un ouanimsly. al asso wtohingn pe apcoals urtud jges rr megaick d,rlang lon heon tsi pre'sdent , listthall ough older at 63. paand iatric millett, eanerxpe iencthe ti lir.gato whbut ulo wodli scaa oo cho se treeplac mshif?el th weere lure cn es ia endiss wt he lroteast ju whne, een h cdalle fo rer moig relanion d ge phograivic dtyersi t onouhe cnort, ting stall d udieatar hvard or e yallaw hoscol, fiveho cat alicsnd th jeree ws. no t agl sine ev liangechcal iaristn. ur folu incdingca slia fr ewom nk d an mhieanwle ghtonit, w larcenfot emen cioffianals e d th rowneth of nce rah er whale sciad diere a co templeisly dticounng ulspecn atiot aboufoul pl saay, ayingil plow un fo hd inedis bas w ab hiove ads heot, n er ov hiscefa. thand ase reon pl regacinca slia is so po calitilly aufr ght, dehis ath rseepregntin
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co urtha ts t haa had erconsvevati 5-4 rimajoorty ff hal a nt ceury. >> ot> anbiher tog s ry e we'rowfollising a mo r nstem storindumpg co renord sw to the no anrth dwn spaing a to o rnadreoutbn ak i the h.sout ma a e ssivemsyst re stngtchil welover 1,000 miles. nbc's blake mccoy with all the weather whiplash details now. >> reporter: this is oonefpo 15 lessib rn tos adoertreposed a a powerful storm moved ac srossouth fla.orid su llrvei vance ideo urcaptroed fcom a ndo lecomphox swsvy hea ra ndin app whigin nd wis. i >>stt jund soued train coming through. >> it was going >> ep rteorher: trm sto gidamang s,home cap zisi bngtsoa,nd a insendacg beaih chrs fl ying into theea ocn. edfuely b el nino, it ar's pt of a mveassi sy ssteminpanng,6 100 mi uples thet eas t,coasre wheth furer north, inug bronoht sw an e.d ic eefrngziai rman fdeor a treacherous cteommu w inngashi dton,..c in eteasrn nnpelvsyiaan, a
5:39 pm
this chain rcteanio cr >> fksolus j strtta ru nning into the back of each r.othe th s ere'abprobboly aut ve fisi to xck tru s ndbehiri us ght ep>> rr:ortepa in rts of y new tork,he storm mp dunoed sd w anlots itof . ssacrote wesewrn n rk yoe , th rsnowyeall le pid upn oue tsday rn moing. he n re iffbualo, how ab t ouxsi ihencins fi veho urs? bo thit ciessh smaed da y ilowsnllfa co rerds. >> y the wsaid e're t righinhe t 'sbull h-eyeere. th s is ino suserpri. r >>teeporn r: othe we oast c tst,rehey' breaking records too. athe records. soheutalrn corifa ni flirting with0 9 eedegrdas toaty weher wh shiplam frotcoas to t.coas e blaky,mcco nbcnews, w ne.york in th sou ern focali trnia, odayan seaccurid seal ermurdser i fgacin ju e sticr aftea de s-cadelongte mysry th asat her tedrifi s areaosof lel anges. th e also-c gledrim pesleeiar trl is tr atngactien att tion afroms crosthe co y untronnot orly f th tue naf re othe cr bimes autlso the wa isy tham infsouol cd se caas win fally kecracd.
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has ildetaed. >> ep rteor ar:uscced ri seilal kler leonni fr inanklke waldnt io co tourt day,kn nicamed the grim serleep ca beofuse 4- a 1 year ingap hiseg alled ki prll see. >> e thencvidee in th asis clle wil tela y,storto a sfry o a ri seilal k wlerho st d alkethetr seets of h soutanlos s.gele >> or rep ster:intartg suthe ommerf 15,98 os prorecuty s sa klfranurin md derenine wo anmen ed onee tnage gi rl. >> os almlt al ofhe tm re we hniddeer und br deis,eh bind esbush, in duermpstrs, o covered withty dir tt maesresst lefin le als ywayorth oer as trh. r >>teeporn r: a 11th vict imrvsuedivno, w expected to testify as ara st witness. thauitors iey sa an vaadenc in dna te lochnogy b orokepen th see ca. t >>cahis s se iofone e thos edprecseent-g ttin s casehain teyt th're us ing what we call lifaminaal d to geto t th edift.
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dn aam s fplerom an fr'sklin th atam sepllo clyse re lesembad dnnd fout a crthe scime ene. t soolhe piceil traed fr klan tingeo tis h dn a,ve ellntuay li g ftinroit f m a a pizzt crusotand her s itemisin has trh. th ayey s it tcmahed, le g adinnto aes arrt 20in 10. anfrinklas hd plenot tyguil h andawis lyers ex edpectch to ngallee evdna ceiden. e th sriste ofti vicm lmaryisowe hgopin i >>t wantoher see kiher allernd re izcognate whdi he d to er hor f no reason. >> ep rteor pr:icole libee eve therd coulbe he otr vmsictiau bec se ethesto phoser w e d founin klfranin's me ho. e thl triactexpeo ed t ulast fp toour mo .nths e steverpatt nson,bc ws nes , loleanges. > >>ouif y o'rene of e thmaestited0 4 mi n llioicamerwians th ud stloent eban dt, li ustenp. ho a n ustosaman e ys h wasrr adeste by aea tm .sof mar als ouwithtit noorce f a lynearye 30-ldar-o ud stloent an. nb jac's netml shaian lo inoks tohe t y.stor >> or rep lter:ike mi nsllio of erams,ican apaulkersas ht deb
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la eest, u. hamarslswe shod upt a hohis nustore aae hom to p heleccoll.t it w>> i tento my gegaraen, opheed t ra gaooge dndr, a wa olkeditut w h my s handup. >> or rep ater:che be clers d aimeashe w cuhand affednd acshkled for aynonp omentf a $01,50 lo roan fm 1 2987,9 ar yes ago. >>rrsueal. i hi tnkt' i sso alunrec isti ythatou n care tat ait c aizens if s he'ag dru de.aler ep>> rr:ortert cou cu dos ment nshowesotic we enre st tors ake tistarenng trs yea ag ndo, a he ac leknow hdgeseoe ds ow ee th y,monend a he ot's n onale. ud stdeent sbt i sk keyroc.ting e'therres mon tha $1 ri.2 tn lliot of i thout aere,ornd me an th 70% of bachelor degree gradsil wl e leavolschoh wit a enstudant lo. er akyss sa heas w ie brpufly t in al cel fo beeire brong b ught rebefoud a jge and ll coonectiye lawr, reorde tdo payve or ti $5me, ,700 t forhe , loanhwhic idenclus in rete, stdanno aerth $1 f,300or the u.s.
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to t,nigh u the.s. marshals service says akers redefusti mulple qu re testspeo apnar i co urt, dgatin back to 20 12. >> p thee eoplebin dt t oue therldshoun't be af traid.she u. ma lsrsha g are toingo me co andic k tkheir or don. dow isthas w an extreme .case asit wal esc batedy . mrs akermshielf. ep>> rr:ortele whi not of ngferi aci spefic ernumbu., s. ma lsrsha -- dltefaued on very old student loans. ud stloent caans eln fe alikeso prin se centen. r fomaone isn, h idunpa debtdi lan ng inhim aichns. ja netsh anamli, nbc wsne, hotousn. > >>ilstlhe a ad tonight, battling the ocskyrngketit cosof pr ipescr dtion.rugs me sopl peoee arav sing rehund mds athonn o th r eidimeticas,onnd a e we'rg gointo show u yothhow e ey'rg doin it. >> so> al thera gmmys we ore tneo rememr be
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si muc. >> 'r> wecke ba now withhe t ctos of pr ipescr tions,drug wh keich epngrisi. a d thirmeof ansrica y sa'rtheyyie pang mo hare teyn th did ajust year ago even gforicenergs dru co acg rdintoco "ernsum rtrepos." to t nighoowe l ak at w neancomp sy, auptart wthat tantsoha skep u drthe ndug iy ustrand br doing hewn tos ctf o ge cneri drugs. asomereea alrdy sa bvingig. s nbc'iaolivte s rns has des.tail >> or rep tter:ammy po , wellrsa nue ou e tsidagchico, ggstrutoled pay for owher n $400 es prticripruon dg ll bi. er evy month, enve with in ncsuraake, ting cy tambal n forpaext in us plic mednsatio for
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sh e s washiearcorng f w coupon co s.upon w >>i hen togot the mapharthcy, ouey wld ru e n th, codeitand sn waea't rl. t >>shhen toe smach d beupon blink thheal, gedrugrkd maed downy b as h muc as95%. >> os almert ev yone s takecamedis tionat so oime pn nt ir thei life,nd a most peeopl e arpaover.ying ep>> rr:ortenk bli was un fodedy bro bsther tt maanhew d greeoffy ai chtoken as byps su inerancpa com.nies >>n whehayou vehe hre'sliow bnk wo rks. no lyrmalr youordoct it wr pes arirescn.ptio goyou yo to ur in ncsurampe co aany,nd th sue ine rancancompy go oes t the drug ke mar. ic prrees aed bas on at whd kinofur insance u yo.have k blin sgoesghtrait to e thugdrma r,keo s you k clicouon yr ,drug pa liy onanne, dnt pri t ouethei recpto t ta oke tr you arph.macy bl inkea fsturer ove 15 m,000atedicionst a 0060,0rm phas acie onnati.wide lymoster genics. d an tnothe s uper ex ivpenstte cueding-ge
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t buumconser aatdvoces sa isy thro appach co beuld thetufure. >> ot a l of peeopl ha igve hhuc dedetibl an pls. u yonomay alt reize ki f nd o'swhatng goi u on yntilryou t to ac altu flylilhe t espripcronti. >> ep rteor br:k ac in chicago, tammy says r he2 $42il bl hasee bn t cu jtoust $77 a mo nth. >> t whayodid inu thk en wh s youhaaw ttt a t?firs w>> idante to r.chee dynobo wants tope snd their moy neon dimenecif iuyoon d't ve ha to. r >>teeporr:av sing mo anney med tio t y enjo'slife pciresou mo s.ment iaoliv st,ernsbc n , newsagchico. > >>e we'r ibackn a mo menth wit aug he di ovscy,erne of oeth bi t ggestsof id, kin
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io millns. >> > a pngassi to note to t.nigh rm foer u.n. se arcretney-geral ut borosou b-gtros hali dihas ed. he as w a vaneter yp eg ptianicolitian an pld di,omatvi serng eaas h odef th.n u. fo r a seingler t fmrom 19 o 92 t9619. he was 9ar3 yes d.ol
5:52 pm
m inthore an0 5aryes, ildacoy ermmalci ig flwihts esll rume be n tweeu.the nds. a .cuba gran anteemene sigd da touly coadd leas to amany10s 1gh flits pe yr daeg bnginni in fathe ll. ri noght hew tre are on haly crter fls.ight icamermuans stll sti al qutoify it visa cub r undesrulell aowed by e th u.s.vegontrnme, h whicbarsou t trismo cu ba. >> st> laht nig's gr myamhas pld tyen of mo s ment sthat till phaveeeopl tag.lkin el ade hoad ter pow nitechdical ulffict s, yi reatyisang crmihoops nellfent oo th eno pia strings. ylta orifsw tt,he only woman to have one al ofbum y theear tw ice. a lythinle veidtt aack ai agkanst wenye st who ntrecelaly cimedn i a sonew yrng lhaic tet h s waonrespe siblrfo her mefa. be apst r albumin wrne ke rind lckaramar edne rave rwsevieor f his po ulwerfit pollyical ar chged orperfe,manc d anad lgay gae gav a uttribe tohe te lat vi dad e.bowi
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e on tofhear lstge di dsamonre on .cord it 04's 4at cars, ne 3arlyhe incdes wi d an tsaid o be uavirtfllly ssawle. w itouas fn nd ieth s mine ofan,gola and rtrepolus vaee th rkoc at ve or14 $ llmiion. wh een we com back, ey th're facinomg s e h who will be we nsstmister'op tog d this year? a >>ncnnou"ner: bc ni y ghtl" newsis br t oughouto yy b ci pafic .life lifor nsfe iceuran, nu anyits ied an stinves,mentos choe ci palific fe.
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
su eeccd. > >>llfinay ghtoni t, e we'rg goinheto t do gs. be thindhece s aness s coatbrare d usheand ta ils are fld,uffe il naes arli c appednd esnerv arefr.ayed 'sthatau becesse bt in sh ilow wl berd awaed ni toatght stwensmir.te c'nbmos anrgfo radrd iserthe. ep>> rr:ortehe t iedoggm glad squais ha ard two,rk tr miimng, blryow-ding, piprimbeng, ecaus ke tames ti. ha .ir i>>tot aokutboix s ho s urrtwo wh ofork. >> rs hou h andrsou ev yer .week >> or rep bter:heut wn be n st i ishows on the ne liu , yollgo a out. be ttterdahan vid fr thye, e 'sshow stho.
5:57 pm
ha g nginisup h tu.xedo evbut nen ois h bygoode'e, hs stupaged by uno, aes wsttminer legend. w>>hoo d you veha? >> o'uns got a vo.te >> reporter: spotting e thxtne uno gets ereasih wit riexpe.ence hujoe haber ens spt th ste la6 6s yearon dothe owg shcu cirit. >> can t youell w ho's ina wanner d's who no t? u yocan? you have the secret sauce. >> seven new breeds are shinowrg fo the rs fimet tis thi,year so s it' m ore etcompe itiv ethanver. ds od o aren morur, a ye 4-ldar-oma gern ep sh fherdrom wi sisconein, wg ghinin at 65 unpods, ce atlebrored f her knquicaness d liajilty. lichare, a 4 a and -yhalfolear-dky se rr tehaier gilin for fl a,oridwn kno h foris tibeaucoful aatnd ha peppy alrsonity. or ck beett, a banritty an spfrl om colorado. ll fu na,me rainbow shsplage rugdly nd ha someetbeckt. ouof cthrse caere n on e ly btoone dop g.
5:58 pm
g doishe tne o tshat' insittxtg neyo to u on th ech coa at home anyway. >> if oynlur oog ds at me hoe wer wthisell ai trned. mo rrganrdadfobc, n ws new , nerkyo. > >>'sthatng goido to orit fon us asd tueay ni ght. i' stm leoler ht. r foofall a ust nbc ws nean, thu k yofor wa ngtchi g andood ni ght. ri noght w onws ne 3 live at ,6:00e thhe motfr o ade murred esuspalct tks tos new3 to plexainhy w she was compelled to etmehe tti vicm'sil famy. >> ki> mang sure 9 the11t sysem esdo gn'tiet wped outg aain. atwhro met isay s wingeeks aerft ethys s wtementwn do andw ho a ceholl p mneaye hav pdlaye a roinle the oe.utag >> gh> fi ttingrierrosm. moonre mey isin comgso to rnuthe
5:59 pm
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