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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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eneve firs.rucks he[ cs erapand plause ] >> ev st fe:m roagstone ate ive un srsal htudiosodollywo , in lo ngels acaes, ialiforns , it' e "thitonshght starow ring jim almy flon." igtoninht, joimmy jnd ais h estsgu -- za gach aklifian,is nd rorousa ey, musical guest, pitbull, featuring robin thicke, joe perry,ravi tbas rker and e thgelearndroy s otewcr. > >esquovtl 4e:!18 oow! s>> : tevenoand erw, he e his,
11:35 pm
[ er ched s anauapplse ] > >mmji oy:heh, vy, eoderyby. we e,lcomco welweme, e,lcom w meelco. el w, comeomwelcele, w.come we e lcomthto "nie toshght ow"! is thit is ! [ er ched s anauapplse ] y e ou'r!here reyou't parheof tw! sho , awco welveme edyrybo. guyou itys, -- is [ rschee a anduspplae ] s it'riall --ght it o isecur sdaond y in lo ngs a.eles [ erched s anauappl]se gandneood wews, t jusd founa a iparkpng sot. pp[ ae laus] th s is iitexcing. ye ah. le gt'so et t nsomeheews re, yo uyu gs. coof , urset lashtnig was th ame grwamy ards. [ erches ] v i't e goayto sgr conatatul ions o tveour wnry oiq tar and e quvstlowhe, ono wra a gmmy. [ rschee a andauppl]se ng co, rats.guys
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m alusicat thelber aum. i amt's g.azin an isd thre is callyool. en wh s theantar red c oatorf il"ham, ton"mlin-l anuendmiraa, ac edcept a the, wardcthe ay uall edrapp a histaccepspnce h.eec ah yere, sut , bu swhenneomeo elses trieapto r s hish,peec it "y's, e ou'rinruin g my dd we jing,."immy l [taughnder ala app ]use otthe bhertoig srory fm e thmygram ws isadhen haele d ch tel nicaesissuin durr g he p rmerfoe anc ianddet mas it eem slikeashe wgi sinffng o. key .yeah f of a-key, delerwotheknise own " asngridith in r e ca ywithour m om." au[ lr ghte] ll heomo fr o the stheride! a [ uspplae ] a ftnd aeer husr frintratg pe marfor--nce ho i t tughthis wa nns fudey, awele t tetedhat s rehe t hatedlfersein to u-n-ot bu r.rge he[ caners pld ape aus] >>e:stevh. yea j >>:immyh. yea nwmea, hilelepeopth at e vedriou-threpgh kett prngendi he tak speaser wwon't g rkin just
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e "h allo".gain [ htlaug]er monetiore me. ll he o l [ lightteaughr ] s ntilletot g itingt. h o ell li [ laght erught ] us jttt cuouing t. e ar s you ttill?here h ello [ t lighhtlauger ] k i tsawphhat llarret wento he tmm graasys lght niort sp ting d blon ahaira nd d tweeerblaz. is thla expthins waat ae rd h en wmet hoh, witst "be mp iioress hn ofryillant clion." la [ erught ] s>> : tevedni dino't ku w yo ldcou a winmm grar y fo.that im>> jyemy: heah, er desitves . he er desitves . pl[ ap ause] we hll,s ere'lathe oteste n th el onecti. ap enparsotly rome putstitt es a a danevath broavel hune la ched c a igampar n foarhilliny clton ca d lleke"hooorrs fla hilry." au[ lr ghte] y eah. th aney w dt toe onaty moneto e thtoclinorns, t, ascahey ll , itin"givckg ba." [ hlaug]ter a [uspplae ] te>> snive: nice, ce. ar he gt ofold. ji>> wmmy: tarmseahe hrt. n se latoreyindsha gratum ac ally t gointo uctrodthe bo a jebnd
11:38 pm
s couthinarola. heand p wasy rettteexcid. ckches thiout. y >>e ou'ra gonn nhearnlot oy ro fprm a enesid tt ofhe edunitat st yes,e ou'ra gonn he roar fe m thhebrot tr ofhe pnextderesif nt othe it untaed stes. [ rschee a andauppl]se n'i doowt knu abou,t yo i but e likesbush! [ gh lau]ter ch[ rseend app aaulse ] te>> slive: eynds. ji>> tmmy:anhen eroth guy d,saiok "lokes live we'nd fou so come gmmond.roun" la [ erught a anduspplae ] alactuduly, hringpeis satech rthe, allygegeor b w. ush said s hihebrotb r jeheis t w guyho n ca t fixrohe ps blem that in e flamcoour y'untrs us friotratns. r othin oorer wjeds, b is e am'sricapa preonrati h. [ ghlau]ter t'that s no.good th oeat d hsn'tthelp mpe ca.aign > te> si ve: t don'k thinso. im>> j amy:arnd mubco rio
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pi deamcts a ericngwakiin up mthengorniut, bme soth of e agfootede usth in ie ads uaactnolly oot f otagef riameca. [ t lighhtlaug]er t a ake alooke t th fvery irst .clip is thr is eal. t'>> irns moaging inain er amica. ji>> smmy:thtop ipe clre the. 'sthatco van, uverdacana. [ htlaug]er th s at iouvancver. ye ah. it t juswogot frrse heom tre. ta a ke alookist th. > 's> itni morgang an in i e am.rica [ t lighhtlauger ] t modaymeore d n annwome are t ouorof wank thr everebefo in o aur nn'tioiss hy.tor jim >>thmy: ddat's o. ee[ chnrs apld ape aus] th oat'sdd. ha tnot's e t eveaan racl ple. avwe h ge a sreat, howielads a ennd gentlem. iv g ue itr p forothe ots! [ rschee a andlappe us] >>y:jimm oh! [ erched s anauapplse ]
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ok logring eat! o t'h, ieas gr bt toere he. myoh, h. gos cowelevme, oderyby. nkthaais agn. hawe bve aeeig w sk of hows he aad. m toworrogh nitht, ree gat ifjennoper lilez w hl beere w usith . [ rschee a andappl]use >> ve ste!: oh ji>> smmy: so betoure e tun in. n jer nifei and g goine to b ay pla ing ogamepaf "orsswd", o surbe s te toinune t forhat. pl hus, be'llkie maisng h vitele dsion webutusith . avwe hsie muomc frn. zay st>> oeve:h! [ er cheds anl appe aus] j >>: immy i detv but. >> ve steis: thit is . > >y:jimmn ther late wthis eek, e vinchnvaug b and cryantoransn w beill ni jois ng uelas wl. [ rschee a andappl]use d anavwe hrfe pencormaroes fm de & ad ancompd y anwethe .eknd ch [ eersaand uspplae ] o s ithisbis a eg werk he e in l.a. fibut werst e lovheit wisn th gu my cooes tsi vit. h ewis ned comriy sees, "b etaskiss", it a hr ovex.on f e thy very,funn v theery ta edlenth zacfigaliisanak is he onre t.ight ee[ chndrs al app ]ause za ndch are i ang goita to lk ab hiout w s ne ashowhend tn
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ot ans her'ngactill ski as in g aofame ue "trfe connsssio", lo aitng wsuh a serprist gue. [ erched s anauapplse ] pl hus,shere oe ise n thr cove of btheewig n or"spllts iatustrswed" itimsu su ise. r ronday ousen is ihothe use! [ er ched s anaappl]use ro rnda yousein is h they.ouse wandvee haat greea, grsit muc. go ish,v loise thy. gu nlast hightne wora a gmmy wa aimrd h.self e i it p, bullurfeating bi roicn th jke,peoe rry,and ra tbvis r arkeeris hnie toght. [ erched s anauappl]se st>> ceve:onome !. j >>: immyn robikethic, jo ere ptrry, bavisr.arke >> ve stet : geofout e. her >> my jimme: co on. an itd p.bull ou yn' caatt bet. tha is thgr is eat. gu asys, k you dnow,d onalp trum stis thill pue reanblic fr -rontr unneprfor enesidt. noand 'rw wel e al tusedo s geeinum trt p adethe esbatd an o e n thaicampragn tbuil, t we ar rgeely ct ae hanceeto s him a met ho. we thll, eeis wnak doruld tmp tu acy allitvisised hl chioddho om h he toa ave lelitt
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ktaa e oklo. >> ? dad dad? gh[ liugt la ]hter d? da l [haug]ter [ eech ars andlppusa]e on>> d wald,'shatng wrone, hoy? i >>us'm jd.t sa ug[ la hter] sa>> d? [ t lighhtlaug]er sw e,eeti a whyoure y? sad >>, lookowi knon i w in hnewhiampsmyre, be numerrs we .huge [ htliggh lau]ter b 'mut iai afratd thi if t don' wi e n thnanomi, tionyoeverne l wiy l saa i'm r.lose do>> , naldnoi knnw wiising iverytamporo nt t byou,ut me sos time oit'stokay e. los
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ch [ aeers andplpseau ] an>> d rny's, ightlddona. i , mean alook.t me ur s le, ionost ar "strc seah," bu att thn' hasopt stmeped m fro do iming sipresons. gh riult, bkllwine? hy>> wrt, cey,ainlep josh. he[ c]ers l >>, ookpothe isint u yo made it th farhaer tyon anhone t, ught nd ama no wtterhahat s ppenyou ldshouve be rory pf ud o.that >> y, hech wate th, hairhuh? gh[ liugt la hter] y uyou ge s art.righ i thaveayo stth in cee ra. rwothea ise toclinlln wiin be th ie whoute hgase ain. eai mhon, wts wanse to e me sog thin tfrom90he 'mes co k bac01in 26?
11:44 pm
[ rschee a andaupplse ] s >> iytever ohinginkay e? her lddonaat, wh y areoou duping at hthisour? el>> weel, dj -- au[ lerght ] i twasg ryinavto he a ara he-ht-to weartmyith ee thr d unads yotil ysu gue intterrupd me. ow he. rud [ ghlau]ter ey>> ho, you stmyle tc carahphse. ho dew ru! [ er ched s anauapplse ] > la> houm, trnoperis! li [ laght erught ] >> bl gibhoer, d w digeyou t in hour?ouse w >>, ell fthet ron wdooras lo , ckedlubut y ckilkithe n tche owwind w wasopide en. [ ht liggh lau]ter >> my kimu , yot can' cjustome ointoouur hhese wr neveyou t.wan >> no i kw w hoanwe cp keeher .out we d neeuito b gld a wiantall. ug[ la ]hter
11:45 pm
no e morblgiber! [ rschee ] a onban g alleribbltis un l we fi ogurehaut wgot's oning and we ke ma p herfoay t.r i ug[ la hter] > >lddonath, i i ink k speafor er ev wyonei hen csay,t ut i .out ee[ ch]rs > >,yeahal dond. ju best e causy kimmt isn' hntecllicapay a f rt othe mi faoely d msn'tthean e at w ldshoutrn't heeat ker li. one ye>> ah. kyou enow,ifven d shencid oe cepierea my irs wn th actinfeed leneed. lowe erve h. oh>> lo, i ouve ys. guy [ di au aencews ] ou>> y, seelddonaat, thus's jt . it i n, meayo if alu reanly w t to ma mke aa erict greainagaou, y thaverio beong ptople ergeth, pnotthush paem art. no wew, h mayouave r grdisaeneemfrts imom to e t , timeatbut e thef nd othe ay d a, weovll lche eahe otr. 'sthatt whalyfamibo's aut. d anh gosn dar it,'thatats wh
11:46 pm
ch [ aeerspnd aseplau ] t >>mihat beght m theost m roc antig thinveyou'r eve sa id. he[ caers ppnd aselau ] > ve> hacy mer. h[ c aeerspnd ausplae ] >> ok lona, dold. we de unndrsta. yo uu'retosed ni winlng ae l th .time noand haw tu t yot mighnot u' yocare sanred nfd co.used yo>> ru're.ight i n,meate whahaver edppen to ed prbiicta?lity li [ laght erught ] e thmamilkn? t aphe poyer b? ev g enintv? ev>> heerywoure yok lo, yevere whergoyou er, thae's eaa hrt. t >>'shereea a hrt. [ gh lau]ter > er> tha e's thandldo ho on to . >> ry eveewheru yok,loo e whvery yereo.ou g
11:47 pm
of so bome wdy nhoedeyos u. h wouen ylo're utst ore the nd a'r youl e alealon l a iightits waing to ry car h you ome ve ewhrye eru yooklo > -d> ba-do-bep o c [s heerapand usplae ] > ah> ye. t jusmbremedoer, , naldouif y awinecnd bprome enesidt, t'thaeas grt. b f ut iloyou ase onnd d't co bereme pntside'l, we el beven pr eroud. ee[ chanrs pld ape aus] inowtit's orme f. bed u yo i gotont, hey? ou>> y i gotudt, de. ch [ ]eers g >>niood sght,heweetart. > > ngood, ightlddona. > >vei lou. yo l>> iyoove u.
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> > ngood, ightdad. [ er ched s anauappl]se >> ngoodghi dt,alond. go igod nmyht, . son lo i ouve y. go>> igod nmoht, m. go niod gght,leibbr. a thounk y. [ er ched s anauapplse ] > mm> jiady: lanies ntd gen,leme th ste ca"f of r ullee"hous! it mi pre oerestfn nelix b fey ruar.26th y ilou kitled ! yo ilu kitled ! asit wat gre! me co on! [ heer cs and applause ] we'll be rightac bvek, edyrybo! t sothell otose guher ouys ye'r nedoor winryabg t outada.
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a andou fnerth li. on us ur honry, t ly abit-mole. aythey sn mr wheea. clsan thw all dieenffergst thinew his nsmar ont ph..e does. .i..remit edndim o hhif s magic eraser. 's itus not jr t forkmaals on wls...
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bad throom grime too. he you's..r. .a ..unll arough-d-tonecleamrr, n.. clea m(vo)g akinmothe utst o oferevley mi. th wat's ghy i sot auubarpr imeza. velo. wit'smahat a kes rusuba,
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> jyemy: ah! omwelccke baer, evy.ybod fiour gurst toest t nighis a fu a fnny, munnyhoan wewse n fx se , rieske"basists" the hi t ghesd ratee cabldycome em pr oieree f thonseas. ea plelse w acomeen talanted d wohardg rkinerform. re heac's zlih gaakfianis, ybeverody!
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j >>: immyysalwad gooeeto s yo udu, bdy. y oh m.gosh ksthanor fom cg in ton shew.ho i ecappr iiatet. >> nk tha v youmuery ch. im>> jcomy: tsngra on as "b."kets nti wage to tt tohat. i walsotoant c sayatongr s on we"betwoen tns ferhi," ws ch i ofone fa my tevoring thi s we lo itve wh -- 's itk tal yshowo ou dheon t b. we t >>nthe it.erne me sopl peolle cath it e te in.rnet im>> jthmy: tee in yrnet eah, .yeah co ouol yidng khes, tlly ca it wethe b. >> . yep >> my jimdo: i knn't f ow i they do t thaoranyme. d anhayou gve aboood g okinon lthatshast ow. yo n u woupa commle eary awds thfor hoat sw. i >>n' didowt knwo we en anmmy bu t -- we e hav-- im>> jyemy: ah. mi i haght adve mate th up. w >>d e haprthe enesid tt ofhe edunitte sta.s on im>> jyemy: ah. nd>> ave we' b hadeyradlt pit --and
11:54 pm
ye yeah, ah. s >>'so itdl har iy --nk thi -- ndi kinna wa ia --'t donw kno if g i'm toing ao doorny me. th e ey'r okinde f on, noteyou .know >> my jim t: noarhey t e no th e ey'rt.grea t buow-- h y canopou tti getng th ese prt?iden at th g's a greatet. >> on i dno't kw. ke li d whou o yok thinho-- w d woulliyou o ke t ahaves a a t gueshaon tu t yon'haved t ha on r you?show >> my jimme: i than, pee po? [ htlauger ] u yod coul thaveophe p.e on w >> ohichne? [ htlauger ] j >>: immynethe pew poh. yea >> n theopew pe. >> my jimah: yeol absy.utel h >>ule wo gd beood. j >>: immyouhe we ld bt.grea wh ouat would y t askophe p e if pothe ampe c?e on w >>llhy a w the?hite la [ erught ] j >>: immy'sthatoo a gd tiqueson. ye a ah, oflot pl peoe e ar erwondthing at. >> a how -bout- ee quizn elh?abet j >>: immy'dthatfu be n. loi'd o ve t thaveuehe qn.en o >> h. yea >> my jimah: yed , i'abprobly ay plam a g se orhiometitng wh her. >> h. yea [ htlauger ] >> my jimat: whld wou a yousk e thn?quee i >>ld wou h askoxer borers ie brfs? j >>: immy syeahthee, at's , yeah'sthat g not toingo enhapp.
11:55 pm
ai agonn, culgratnsatioth on is. w >>o hy dkeyou ayep sing co tungraonlatis? j >>: immyn'i doowt kn. why ju i - st -hai'm foppy u r yo --and it ei's wevrd, heen wu n yo edwalk, outouit s lndede iki giwas yvingn ou ad awaror me sog.thin ea>> yh. im>> jbumy: dot i knn't hyow w. i fjustlielt hke i'tavenn see yo au inle whi i andap'm hpy fo u.r yo >> nk tha. you j >>: immypri'm ofoud . you >> gr conatatul oionsurn yo tv ow sh. im>> jthmy: yoank u. [ htlauger ] no e onesaver hays tt. an thu.k yo [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> gr conatatul.ions j >>: immy'sthatt whas i wa tr tying to dohohe wimle te. ju ayst pa me licomp, ment!zach at thll's aan i wted! as "b."kets >> sk "ba"ets. j >>: immys let' atalk iboutt. o >>kay. j >>: immy oit's?n fx t >> iis. j >>: immy ithisshs a ow s louic.k. c isorreatth of owe shh wit u. yo cc.k. yallsp ou usaand ys, "z iach,t wano to d sthis"how. >> ca he mells h andlie's ke, "a oure yer intd esteriin w ting a hotv sw?" an sad i "fid, , -you"c.k. la [ erught ]
11:56 pm
>> my jimm : i'.sure h >>lle cae.ed m e so w -just s- weedtart at ch ating -bout- la [ erught ] im>> jthmy: sat'sodo go. >> tt chaabing thout owe sh. d an ait's aboutte bitder roo cl whown udo stclied thown eory in is par. im>> jyemy: ah. t buashe hco to omme hd e an fwork ror a.odeo ea>> ye h, hs work ras a odeo n clowakin bieersfsold, s he' ki f nd ongan auyry g. j >>: immyyobut ayu pl two ar chrsacte. yo ayu pl t thebrwin rsothe d name achipalnd de. ug[ la ]hter es>> y. im>> ji'my: rrm soaly, dd e an ch ip. i >> h wasg opindynoboke picd n up o.that la [ erught ] u yoedruin it. >> my jim o: noasne hd sai that a atll. adalehind cp. ou>> yth're rse first peo on t in bratg th up. i' onve d0 e 10 idumbvinterews j >>: immy, yeah.yeah an od noasne hd sai-- n >>e.o on co ranglatuontiags ain. ug[ la ]hter co tungraonlatis. j >>: immyanthyok u. th yoank u. m ohody go.ness k thansoyou h. muc
11:57 pm
w>> i louldtoike gr conatatule sh usow bs inesenin g.eral >> my jimt': leves giup it for ow shin busess. pl .ease ee[ chndrs ala app]use le da c and--hip p chiheis t ar chr acteou-- ye bas othisff - of- th s is iara chr acteveyou'e don in p theast. 's iter a vnny fuery, vy icphysomal c tedy,shhis ow, as "b."kets ea>> yh. sthisishow d kinof a a wbthroofack d kinheof t icphysomal c--edy j >>: immyreyou'at gre at fapratlls. i r neve yknewerou wate th t i w >> well,yohen n'u dovet ha a t a loalof tyoent cou beoome gd at tf pra.alls im>> jthmy: nat'sruot te. i >>fut's dn toe o thicphysal me conddy aet som iimesy pla es tho e twacchar, ters twin hebrotanrs, eyd thd kinof n' dot t geg alonthbut ooey lk ik ald e an htheyeaate thch oer im>> jitmy: o 's sy,funn you .guys if h you'tavenn seewait, tch it . yo eu'll injoyt. ha i cve alip. re heac's zlih gaakfianis pl g ayin btwinerrothips ch and da le. [ htlauger ] in n hisx ew fesserid , ani'm h so fappyimor h, ng colaratus,tionsk "ba"ets. >> gr conatatul.ions an thu.k yo
11:58 pm
cong laratutions. >> ? hello put>>ot mr onhepl, se.ea she>> n's herote. >> yeah, right. just puter o hn. e,>> dal't i donw wh knoshere e is . syi'm bu. i' tim eateng a sak. got i g >> cr bull ou'rap ytie eang a st a eak. ca you evenn't or affead a stk. en, listotwe gd a leaon an an hutique out tch hain sfter. ne i ted herok ao lo tfterhe gi rls. d >>usale, jcht ask o doip t it . t?>> wha nic >>saole hoid i sk uld asyou to ch a wat tfterlshe gir. t i mighell as w sjusthetick tm he in tge refrir.rato a >> iowm a grn.n ma n i cah thwatcdse ki. >> y, w okawohat u uld yodo in e thf case omergan e tencyhen? >> ld i woul yo calu. >> g we're to oingnebe k e deep h in.utches ai you goinn't cg to.all us >> d e,alive g tmenehe pho. hi ., chip l aledyou ne i to dock ts pihem roup fscm ahool mndsuake re ey thet gne dinr. y>>e ou'rgnsig ineithder h at rr wa bantsviy haimng hth do is. im>> jcomy: n,me o t ours hank to h zacfigaliisanak. ke"basaits" hurs tysrsda at 10 p.:00 n m. ofx. azach and ilare p ying e "truesconfs"sionh wita eca spguial afest thter e
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] im>> jwemy: e lcom, back ybeverody. i eram hthe wi gzachiaalifs,naki w ande e ar ab toout y plamea ga of ptdececaion "lled true esconfs.sion" w noe we'rg goineeto notd anher ay plo er t ofillhiut tbls tae, d ane we'va got ogoodne. 's he h theofost al "ree tim th wil bilr,maheic" whrsh ai fr s iday0:at 1.m00 p h. onbo.
12:04 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ka>> oy. an thu k yo mveryevuch neeryo. >> my jiman: thu k yojofor g inin ! us bi ahll mer! ur>> sure, sure, se. gr toeat y seeou. >> my jimod: gose to u.e yo c >>atongrioulatn ns o -your- [ p bleeke] jo w, itas nt fac.asti j >>: immyk thanyou. f in orontchf eaus of t arewo en pevelo es oropnveles co nintaionng ciofessorns, ecconfs.ione li [ laght erught ] e onheof tel env iopess so inmethatg thua actlly ha tened io usaln ree. lif in s thed econloenves pe ia e.a li ce on r youthead nfe coonessi, twthe heo otayr plhaers 0 ve 6 co setonds er intteroga. you en thy the heachtoave ss gue et whyoher veu han beeg lyinor intelle g thh.trut geyou e t on eturn lach, et's t getestard. ch zau', yoo ll gt.firs >> h: zacy. oka >> my jimll: biic, whveh en lope sh zouldopach en? t >>obwo, slviouy. im>> jobmy: slviouwoy, tah, ye. yooh, rvu neous? z >> iach: l'm ae ittlounervs, ah ye. i gedragm d hi-- >> my jim, : nothno, oat'skay. z >> cach: han ia ave odragf is th? j >>: immy'sthatpe a s cial fe efct. >> h: zac s oh,.orry j >>: immyakto m le itook li -ke - [ htlauger ]
12:05 am
so inmethseg el g anderot vy ci exted. ac>> zd h ane i are -- ware ve amry fr ilia twithhis ct piure. la [ erught ] j >>: immy, wellomwelc e to focali, rnia.yeah t >> ithgot ace roiph clht rig i onhet, tre. im>> jfamy: tintasc. ch [ ]eers gh[ liugt la ]hter ac>> zerh: vsay dintppoi ing, dverypoisapnginti. ug[ la ]hter im>> jalmy: ghl riert, h e we go. >> h: zacll reay? ad rey? y?read in le coli ge, sonced harea kea coh wit jmaryig. bl ae at pu a ablics ccesvitele sion st n.atio gh[ liugt la ]hter w >>--hat w nown e cago? j >>: immy.yeah go . >> t wha wyearhias ts? >> h: zacus i jnit fi -shed- ah ye. gh[ liugt la ]hter '91. ou ar91nd '. >> my jimat: whle colidge d you t goo? ac>> zorh: narth ca oline stat iv untyersime, hoth of e tifigholng wckf pa. ch [ ]eers ou>> ysh're g.akin ac>> zeah: yh. >> w but wherearas m by j. lige
12:06 am
n'i docat reerll hng beith on e en scene th. >> h: zacon i dhi't thenk s was kn own. i k thinauher ornt watked the pu ablics ccesiostatn. gh[ liugt la ]hter im>> jwhmy: idat d g youdouys to ergeth? ac>> ze h: wedsharok a ce. i adalreldy to. you la [ erught a anduspplae ] im>> ji my: , knowwhbut uly wod shyou a are tcokeheogetr? ac>> z wh: iooas p tr athe ti me. e sha had .coke >> my jim, : noi no, , meanwhy wo yould iu bee n th rsameoom? ac>> z th: i shinkashe w tivisierng ht aun--and >> my jimd : an wwhatyoere u in dog? >> h: zacas i w -- i a had -- ld ho on. [ htlauger ] ha i d -- d i hakea co. [ erbuzz ] >> my jim, : noonwe dav't he me ti. ac>> z dh: i kon't inow,n. mea ha>> tret's -ally- >> my jimle: une'ss htis acng. z >> iach: t wasineachg a wa a ngltziss clath at ble puic ce actass s.tion gh[ liugt la ]hter im>> jyomy: reu wech teaaing lta wa czing.lass z >> yach:eah. e'>> he s tht wors sliar ince crted uz. li [ laght erught ] a dotl litnae doruld tmp. >> my jimdo: i knn't maow, n, mabut heybe ma's, heybe 's g doin tthiskeo taou us e't, hs rp puy oselg doin.this ea>> yigh, rht. >> my jimac: te ahingtz waling
12:07 am
im>> jbumy: att th p wasthast e ltime simitato thld couil easy be ie a l. do i knn't ow. m i'g goinayto s t notrue. ll bi? ea>> yh. goi'm toing wi go hath tott, n .true za ch? z >> iach:oi'm go ng titsay 's tr ue. la [ erught ] j >>: immykni yowou're going ayto s b it,- ut -t is i?true i >> tt isrue. j >>: immys it i!true ee[ chndrs ala app]use p knyou owow hwa to ltz? z >> wach:hat? >> my jim y: donoou kw w hoto z?walt ac>> zhah: tnot's e t tht poin heof try sto. la [ erught ] im>> jnomy: , , noi no, .know z >> iach:abt's out jmaryig. ble. >> k looatthe w theouay y ok hos ed un in o.that >> my jimkn: i ow. >> is he oo a gard li. j >>: immyriall hght,weere . go wh nvat ee elopldshoupe i on, on te orwo? ch za? >> h: zacbe nume r ons seeme to b lapopur. on e. la [ erught ] j >>: immypetwo yopled elleout on e. pu po ilar,'t donw. kno edi usth to prink lsetzee wer reciga.ttes ug[ la ]hter
12:08 am
j >>: immyuhuh, -- , nos i waabprobroly aund 10 rs yea. old o >>kay. >> my jimah: yed , an, like.yeah >> h: zac y didttou a tempto gh lie t thzepretl? li [ laght erught ] di u d yo tevero ry tt lighthe pr l?etze ye yoah, d.u di i >>ght miplt exsoain inmethg t abou.this j >>: immy, yeaharmy p ents ok smed. z >> wach:there trey st aigh zepretr ls o tlikeurhe cinly kd p ofelretzs? la [ erught ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> my jimey: the werzepretl ksstic. z >> pach:elretzck stis. im>> jyemy: ah. et prstzel .icks z >> wach:sihat reze p tzel ic stks? ctheyinome fe dif srent.izes a >>hend wu n yoyosay ouu thght th erey wgae ciesrettyo or u re wete preg ndin alike d kidoes wi anth cigdy ctearets? yo alu reholy t?ught j >>: immyi no, prwas dietenng. ye i ah, ghthou pt mytsaren ok sm-ed - re>> pintendg. >> my jimd : ans i waenpret ding at thmo i sa ked zepretl. o >> s ithist s no aevenry sto. la [ erught ] im>> jyemy: ah. t >>ishis hi notng. th s is iinnothg. bu [ ]zzer >> my jim, : so dwhatu o yo guys k?thin
12:09 am
nowhy t? >> h: zacon i dhi't tt'nk is ue trau bece se h'tdidnm see eppredaror f l a oote f th eransws. la [ erught ] wh s erea iwhend toltomy s ry i eknewlyxact -- [ htlaugnder ala app]use j >>: immy'sthat t notrue. sayou idid dal a wg tzinou-- y ug ta wht ainaltzasg cls. >> h: zacto it e ok mnua mio te t mbremehaer wwat i ins dog. no lbodys ightzepretp ls uand th asen hal a towk sh t and alks t abouit. [ htlauger ] j >>: immyy,sadly theowdo n. idit dpe hapn. t i li pup aelretzd,, anh, yea ju i host t iught - was- i th t oughytever whingd orke like .that i ghthou st --eao, ynyh, away. y sadl.true i >>ll'm a i foroot, t. bl [ ] eep me. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immyitno, ot's n i how do th owe sh. la [ erught ] he ouy, y't can t sayhat. do brn't thing n at i!here ac>> ze h: h isaidt. im>> jhemy: ll spet.ed i ac>> zh h: opehe s illedt. reyou'ow allpeed st,ll i you t can'itsay . la [ erught ] t' lekes tat than.agai e'>> wakll tate thin aga. >> my jimu : yo tknowulhe res. yo n u cal spelit. 'mso ing goisa to 'my, ing goi s too ay gnufor tmberwo. o >> gnufor tmberwo.
12:10 am
j >>: immyorgo fbe numo,r tw ye i ah, a wann tknowsthis ory. i >>e oncd trieskto air a gl t oushand une wo md upkeistanly th nginkias i wf dea wso ient wi i [ htlauger ] z >> wach:t as iheon tne pho? n >>o. im>> jonmy: p the, hone, yeah wthat houldbeave en a a awgiveay. t >>wahat gos a ueod qn.stio no w, itn as i shighl.choo >> my jimd : andiwhy e d sh k thin-- w >> hell,s ere'ththe ing. en whas i wno -- ght hioo schl, yb maene whas i w 12. sa i isw thie movtv on le cald he "where ts boy"are. do r youbeememisr th? im>> jnomy: . i >>s t waorthe aliginie mov ab t oukids going on spring ea brk. >> my jim y: oh ieah, do me re tmber yhis,eah. >> t and wherehias tens sce er whore geamge hn ilto dsitsown tnextgio a n rl obethe ach, n'doesy t sarda wost, juws dra a tiquesaron m tk inanhe sd d an githe elrl timls h n heraname d w he iipest.t ou rahe dnows a qtheriouestrkn ma, shand lle tem s hie whershe nt wesc to .hool aw dr as it, gaingishe hives m l alinher atformanion ved ner asaysd. wor an thd i t ough ithise s th escoolint thg.
12:11 am
di kdn'ti now teexisd. li [ laght erught ] wa i tnted to do bhis,e'ut wre no tt ateahe bch. e thernowas d. san i sot weno up tather the erlockh witesa qu mtion--ark [ erbuzz ] -a -rend d ow itpin a ofece pe par. >> my jimec: pi pe of, aper.yeah a >>hend sug tho wht ieaas df. im>> jyemy: ah. ac>> zowh: w. i , meanowi knca, beituse 's mo al-st - j >>: immystalmo p toorerepad. >> h: zac. yes re pallyrerepad. im>> jyemy: ah. [ htlauger ] 's itrl oveepy pr.ared ac>> zeah: yooh, tpa prered. j >>: immyi but okinde f se-- i k thinreyou'e likpea ho less ntromaic. i d coulyosee inu doisg th. z >> iach: i saytrt's ue. im>> ji my: itsay ru's te. b>> [ ]leep tit'srue. la [ erught a anduspplae ] >> my jiman: thu k yotefor g llin trthe uth. k thanfoyou esr thuee tr iestors. thour tankscho zaif galkiianas biand ahll mever, oderyby. 'l wet l geheto ts lie next ti me. ro ronda jusey uoinstes afe r th k.brea k sticndarouer, evy.ybod
12:12 am
ah, a classic case of who duitnn? il luckay cy, j thewsrident to p helanclean d ect prottehis eth,
12:13 am
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12:14 am
fond orvssus i amilid tite omeerff. yosee orur fald deoder tay. hii'd , keli m toa deake p-- sc ner:anre an iscm.te , rescan.rescan sc ite vo: it happens so often u yo almostedget usit. to ph icone voine: mau menre esprentative. re tapresen.tive re enpresvetati. : voh whichyis wbe puing rst fit... relax, we got this. vo: sakeomgett g ined tuso. hejoin tn. natio ionw nate id on isyour side
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12:17 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] im>> jwimy: 2 th 1ecconse utiv feunde fateds ighterto he, nam neour uext gasst w f the irst uf mec woban's wentam ight am ch opione f thd.worl jushe cost sthred vee co r of e thd-bran"snew rtpos stillud"ratems swiisuit sue. bo n rn irsrivecoide , untyt righ he n re igrthe steat ofate ca rnlifoplia, weasemeelco nd rousa roey! [ eech arsppnd ae laus] >> my jimw,: woat grese to e you. g >>toood y seeooou t. im>> jthmy: yoank mu sofouch r ngcomith on owe sh. i ecappr tiatehat. d ann'i dontt wasa to , y itbut ha i o ve titsay , racongtitulaonons ti getheng t
12:18 am
is th-- is s thiugis he. ithisbis a alg de. i and salsod houlthsay e sw itimsu'r youare weising not a suswimit. n >>o. im>> jyomy: , u'rereyou', u' yoakre ned. 'm>> it butd.nake >> my jimah: ye. ithisins pat. onsomeine payoted u? ea>> yh. nejoanr gaidowho shes, e's rl womod faorus ft. tha tu ac tallyfahat dmousmoemi ore urpict he ofiker ln e, ithe su it. j >>: immyeaoh yh. s >>idhe dt. tha d an, thatini thhak, ts t waher st moic mets uloue piecs she' ev oner de. im>> jdimy: u d yo tknowwahis s hag enin ywhenerou woue abt odto mel. d digoyou -- ea>> yh. dtheyt idn'risurpe se m with . it j >>: immyn'i doowt kn i howt no a onemesks mo to del sw itimsunds, ago he "jes, , immy we do're thing neis oed nak, dd buy." i and nogo, . i >>n' didlkt wato in ctexpetoing b seeisikin and busaw s cketaiof pnt. w itt asn' tlikehat. im>> jyomy: ewu knt whayou we etre g itingnto. y >>eah. j >>: immylohow idng ds thi oc prtaess ke? 1 >>ur4 hoots, bmeh tis. d i hao to dwiit tce. an end th a flyigll nheht t gh nifot bere. im>> johmy: ez, ge. t >>s hat'i how llookwhike en n'i doeet slr p fodatwo ys. j >>: immytonot abo
12:19 am
gh[ liugt la ]hter .yeah u yo glook.reat 'sherer your,othes thiouis yr ot r heitsui , oush sld, ay as we ll. y >>noou kw w ho ihard tt iso lo haok tmft coblortae? j >>: immyouserisly. we onll dale, p. >> nk thas. >> my jimha: i t ven' yseen ou e sincweyou n re oshthe ow .last th s is it righrebefo w youent t upgho fillt holmy ho. am ay i sheing mer naht rig? i>>dot n'esmat ertt. ug[ la ]hter im>> ji my: thateino br ug itp t buheis toire go ng tbe a re a h?matc >> co of .urse im>> jyemy: ah. ch [ ]eers y >>eah. >> my jimhe: scd duletcremah. y >>eah. j >>: immythbut s ere' alike ru a lile, ouke yno're lot alwed igto fnyht arione noght w, gh rit? >> ea i m pn, iseromiatd th i wo fiuld rolm "usadhofte" aer e th mlast, ovieani mete, afr th ste laht fig s ando -- im>> jyomy: fu'rengilmi oa "rsedhou"? ye soah, ad i mpre a e omisand at tht.'s i my d wors meanthsomeaning m d i' g goinilto foam "rsedhou" t,firs t and--hen >> my jim-d: re toingilhe fm dh"roa,"ouseri patwack s yze, siclasc? he>> tyz swae. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] j >>: immyyoare u tr paswick zeay? >> t i'mwahe syze. j >>: immyreyou'ri patwack syze
12:20 am
at thhe's tt bes iideaev've er d,hearr. eve at than's fictast. el>> wo l, ncoman evuld e er b th aye swikze l de hes. y soavou h ce toetomplely mare-i igine ot in trderdoo re it . j >>: immygrhow eat. ar u e yotishoohang tght rit w? no h >>ulopefe'ly wtall sikrt le, ar mounday. l we'lsee. j >>: immyanoh mat, thon's gna f bestantaic. t i goayto so, alsre the's a ria mahane tket asu d yo-- esi guops peo le d nthisow. th skey aoued ytw on r ittewas it ? owor h t didashey u?k yo i >>nk thiwa it yos a e utub o videomor sngethit thauthe p ou t. j >>: immyheand te wanu d yoto itgo wd h anisbe he datthfor e ma crine borpsall. y >>eah. j >>: immyyoand idu sa. yes d an tthenighe fapht hd.pene itand n' waseat grt. d anlepeope werg,goinl, wel ma roybe snda,anhe co 't dit, d anlepeopt jus -like- ybut,ctou ay uallshdid p ow u an u d yo twent ho --s ere'the pi e cturouof y l and ance co alrpored jarch hasert. ee[ chndrs ala app]use th asat we nicouof ydo to th at. >> h. yea w itweas a, someashe wea a rl ee swrtthea. j >>: immyitwas . fun a >>llctua ry ity eallwas. d an wthatikas l te, i, hinkthe fi tirst sme id milellat a,
12:21 am
ge f t ofcothe anuch t d no just be ke, liyi, creang, itingce cr aleam y.l da [ t lighhtlauger ] ah ye w, wetoent b theanall d wthennte weho to s.oter [ htlauger ] j >>: immyneas os. doe ea>> yndh, aot i gan in meargubont aysut melf. it g was.reat t soonhis hie, te s onerhoot's ic chmek co ts up ao mehend s wa iks, lh,e, oh, yeaha we ve tsfighe herthall mee ti. washe iks, le e, w wloveinatchg a rondeyrousht figs. d ans,i wae, lik i oh,e hat her. sh the's rse wot. sh s e'chsu b achit. ca i stn't heand r. [ t lighhtlauger ] e shregot oallydeffend. sh s,e wae, lik s no, he's es aw oome,kay? d anakwe mtse lomo of inney wtipsshhen ghe fits. an e d sh iwentthnto hois wle arbig ntgumeut abo w me,meith . i and liwas -ke - j >>: immy.yeah u' yoavre s[ ing diinau] ble the ho s,oter w the iholeofdea the nebusiodss mel. at than's fictast. yodid enu evlytual h letffer o th oke ho? ea>> yh. thshe t oughasit war hil.ious i and k thint i go fsomeree s.wing la [ erught ] j >>: immy'sthat w theo ay tdo it. 'r weote rofoing u,r yo. pal obestckf luh witmothe vie. ro ronda , useyybever rody, ight he n re ocothe ofver the po "silrts ralust sted"uiwimst. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
12:22 am
ro thbin , ickepejoe anrry d istravke barghr ritet afe r th br eak. it oi's go ng trebe gat! ro ronda , useyybeverody! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] so m dsy ki h d't fave toe,oragt gobstwo joy to partgaa moge, and i've also got a brain. li sfe'srtholk, tas ip.chea lli'wo be g whrkinyoile p.u slee st n'ill dokt thini've a got? brain yo k u thinmea resunoug's eh? o'llwhp stenup whein th ggsouet t?gh doyon't wau hant t t okindn?f brai degra ieea des eegr. u'reyona gon wante someon t onbu ilyyou f vehain a bra. lks,fo c youakan't mthe tuffis s up.ur fots bandise a chous pri as getheir y catawar. nibravo- in ner,uipurs t of atatoyous. pri.over how hard is it to catch a prius? over. isthhing t is actually pretty fast. over.
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12:24 am
sweremoeen g oninrapapazzi.wibaldren ths w hi ashoet ph raotogs pherrebefoin makg ar run foit". r my poomerecashks soc... exa, all wildeyou orher anotpairr br of isescian. re ngorderiia brescocksni s. isokay l..ten. ca sen you e nd somers lawysoor g?methin oani (mng) c?...ale demi lovo'atfis "con" sodentng s play bin theroackg und so ndng e s tolayotal effects a skin transrmfonatioth ivat rtheals adlepaing de rtmentore sttumoisrizer. re skvives fiin to ghtgn7 sigis of ang.
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. agolays.eles 'ita s e tastolso bd, soyet ot smoh, citldounl oy be called, black silk, from folgers. a e tastcoyou enuld joy, esfrewh brored, on p e cu tat aime. acbllkk siom, frge folrs. itus's jugt a coifh. cou youeeld sco your yough, see u'd hjustow far can itea sprd. robitussin dm max othesoyos thuratrond d aivelers , fastulpowerfgh r couf.elie robi sstu dm inx.maecau b ises t'venejustr c agh. ou thfor st 2e pays7 da m, fourhaen utlave o astedtiuthories byking mair theay getawpr in a ius. gthisendsame . now toch cat p a,rius yo gu'vetaota be iuprs. whguys, thaat'st? , ohman.
12:26 am
sc[ amreing ] [ tires screech ] ahhhhh!!! [ rnhoki honng ] [ panting ] i focused on being prepared. gasp [ ] ve i saur ld yoife bybr ginginou yere. h i tknewdahis d y woul.come arm [ alunsong ]di 'sitaf not st the ouere. [ scamre ] [ gasp ] so inmethmig's cong.
12:27 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> my jimr : oucamusiesl gut to t nigha has tolot eb cel, rate nghavi h woniris frast gmmy ar awstd laht nig. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] an nod annguncias a las veg re ncsidexty neth mon. orperf hmingewis ngl sine, m"bad fan,"rieatung bi roicn thjoke, rre pendy, a istravke barr! give it up for pbuit!ll [ cheers and applause ] >> travis barker, joe perry, robin thicke! this is history in the making. now say it with me. -a ooh ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a h- ooa ooh-a ooh sa ity ititmeh oo a h-h-ooooa a h-h-oo a ooh-a ooh-a whoo ooh y sa with itme ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a y saitit wmeh
12:28 am
they say he don't rap no more eythay sik le lebron he don't got the heat no more they say he ain't street no more but like jay say how si acki m wish him health for sure but i'm cool with it act a fool with it went to one of my old neighborhoods and built a school in it it's crazy baby the way the '8 ad0s me me i thank god every day that mu c sivesad me i thank my mom for all the visionhe sav gmee i thank miami for the way it raised me m i'd a ban ma ainiln ev world and you' mretyy opef y goodo twoeshir g l 'm iad a man m ainom w'sanor wld come on over give mwhe iates derve ut>> pr yous handhein t air le got's ! ou ydy reaor f love mecond aet gt irlgi ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh everybody now get up out your seats get up our your seats so bad, baby so bad, baby i'm so bad let's go building a billion dollar business from an ounce not bad for a cuban
12:29 am
am mlei t's make like your bitties and bounce or ca we n ke mae likbya ba and head out i'm cool with it act a fool with it made my own playbook i got no rules in it i like the girls that's freaky wild yeah and crazy i like the girls that dirty dance i'm swayze i like the girls that hot fiery and blazing i like the girls that like the sex amazing m i'baa mad inn an evil world that's right and you're my type of goodie two shoe girl baby i'm a bad an mn imaa wos n'rlwod mecon oerov gi mveate wh d ieresve e arreyou ady f ovor lmee co and get it girl ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh that's all right come and get it girl ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh he's so bad, baby we so bad, baby j>>oe, break it down.
12:30 am
i know how to move in a room full of baby, i'm a bad man but i'm a good man good guy but don't get it confused baby i'm a bad man and i still fight everyday like i go not inthtog os l e ha ts t'ghrit i'm a bad man n in aevil world and you're my type of goodie two shoe girl in a woman's wo d rl come on over ve gi me what i deserve e arreyou ady for love come and get it girl ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh come and get it girl ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a put your hands together me co on e aru yoadrefoy lor ve
12:31 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immyy oh mnegoodss! me co on! tb piull! e joy,perrin robck thie, tr bavisr!arke h catculpitb tl onthour is ngspri. 'l we rl be bightack. wthatbaas "n'd ma.
12:32 am
12:33 am
12:35 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use j >>: immyhamy ttonks ch zaif galkiianails, bhel mar, a rondeyrouse , th ul "fholer cuse"ast! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] pi l,tbulin robck thie, pejoe trry,s ravierbark! ee[ chndrs ala app]use d anrothe riots thght frere om ph elilad, phiasypennialvan, di landes atl gen.emen tstay funedlaor "igte nitht wh mseth."yers th yoank r u fohiwatcng. ahaveat greht nig. pe hose to u e yorrtomoow. e- by ebye,boverydy. k thanyou!
12:36 am
ch[ rseend app ausla]e a>>ounnerncfr: om r30keocllfe perzalan i w nerkyoit, "'stelaig n whth it thseey" to ghni--t onanthdey an.rson "from ojacke f thhered ,"arts ac s trese famksejansn. mu c siomfrle eoranri fbeederrg. at feg urin8gthe d ban with fr aedisrmen. [ rschee a anduspplae ] la adiesennd gentlem, th seer meys! >> h: setd gooineveng. i' thm seer meys. th s is ie "latt!nigh" w' hoers evy ybodg doinghtonit?
12:37 am
ithatnds wol erfueato hr. t incahat lese, get's tt tohe ne ws. e thmygramres wed hel nlastight inand edcluder a panformroce fm e thywhollvaood esmpir, iscons otingicf alope coer, e joy perrjoand dhnnyepp. whand thile igey motht nk loo li ouke yerr avroage anck beyd th nidefi stelyedounde likan av e erag brockand. la [ erught ] rc mabio ru bo is ceingciritized opfor g eninnehis mpw ca aaignd th wi s then logas "it'inmorng ai ag an incameriut," bwi shong st foock e otagesimag of nc var,ouvead cana. [ htlauger ] c ofe,ourss he'thnot lye on nd cae idatinforcopg peo le ttake a erclosk looanat cada. [ htlauger ] ve seporal calitipel ex--rts [ rschee a anduspplae ] ve seporal calitipel exharts ve pu get to atherrt shot lishoof w th eley b pievederesibant os ma i co ernsidfoing e r themsupre ur comit noonnati. me ilanwhhee, t h goputas p to ergethir the s own lhortist. la [ erught ]


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