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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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rwaaym do acrhess tle valy. wiilnd wel bki dicpng us thi rnafte.oonki kicpng uhi ts teafn.rnoo eg80-d trees ahisnofter bhaveng chaesve ohtrnignd a rrtomoow. k >> rim: nighte'ow wre tngalki about tdyragen i t.own shpe t sixne ps cala bgran sra 'sthat t howamhe f okira maun gned down onda mony night aiexplned hisde murr. an>> dtha: ley asol tel us he eddiin tryg to help afr .iend w >>le cales cy momend h 'tdidn ar,nswe el lu is w knethsomegin s wag.wron >> n whey therd hea \sh gun th w kne w itase clot. home. s >>hot sixi tmesoi pntla bnk nraryge ting toe hroeb somlos el t >> fheydoun tho sint
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lcomp oexn karen aueven. elfenc a>>o tispuone mtigh. estecalahed wn aan mellos ul p teni trr iggeipmultimle tes. >n> o te ofouhe r ondspuul bo e wecomhr thoug wnd a into an amepartnt w ahere child edpick it uunfic_nd a i put tua hom table. >> ftheerath t ofehre bbre as wti ju tstngryiltire bp a medosticle viontua sit.tion n>>otv e4en 2rs houf ater his mu hrdered lovne ost lef vigrieng andle uncd sai aye prar when n hiswephek too hist las eabrth. d >> tana:hio tsti emolona etmeing'l youlnl oeey ser he. ethhe motfr on au accsedil kler
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hi asedlleg vmicti sngayi it was ceneryssa to letm theow kn how smuchashe wev gri fingorir the loss. thapat hedpenut oside the trcouroomhe wrehi ts manac fed a ejudges yayterd. heue's cfd oho sgotinn ad kigllins thi6- 1-oyearld. man eraft ther heaingin rob'sson mo sther tpokeohe tic vstim' grdanthmoer erexpinss ggefri erovha wt happened. said her son haser nevee bn in outrbleh wit the lawo befre and ncand't uanerstowd his th enhapped. >'m> i aot mher. i'mur htingfo rem th. bl lackivesat mter pd,erio no ermatt i whot is. >> just put yeloursnf i my htdaugser' s,hoes it h.urts
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with two csount ofde murr. ghe'sg oin btoek bac in aal loc trcour ooomneb fy ruar29. k >>twim: eeo wksft aeret msro' s911mysteto sppedor w,kinghe t cpoliepe denartmst iri shang whheat tyis drcoveeed wntro they sdaihe tys stemas wax med out. otoh mucat dand a fdorce ah sut down. rthetebooed wipt ouny aes clu cthat hould paveininpoted what igott ooaverl tded boeginit wh. it may be aspl simeds ad a emeeployg plu agingll cene pho into aom cr.pute atheyreim litedcc a tesso eqenuipmitt w thinhe coicmmunonatiens cternd ade add ba pckuphone l.ines we k'll yeepouos ptedn o depmvelo.ents >> a: dannd rhooua rsey rleevead teaf hrer sinhock lgoss last ryea she ththoug about sdeuici. i>> i wasn the cerorn and i was
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i wasti sitng tehernk thiing ouabtli kilng myself. 'mihi notng. atwh do i domo anyre. ike lood upnd aaw sv trais distanheng tndre a ike lood up atim hd anias wke li ied ne to vhaise hie babs, id nee toy sta ivale. an>> d'ma: id glae she camt ou oft. i tsheold jimmyha tt going to a mirylitace dani wth aar mine tthask aeder hn oou y htubedelpe heftr a terhe loss. >> w itaso god toet g offhe t co auchotnd n bery cing and either iceam cre d allay. e>> wnt we t toalhe bdl an then we wento ter h ae's gnd iotn i an aenrgumt so ita wsat gre. ithhis c cckomes up tome nd a
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ethho rndaou rsey ftsighnd a i swaik le ie hat her. cian'tnd staer h. shote gl realyff odende. she'sso awemek ond ae wak me lotsf oon meyn iip thes wnhe s fi.ghts hsheads thiho wleig brg atumen ab moutend a itas we. m >> a: dan' sheois g tnglao phey t leadinha ttak reme ofo rad e.hous fasor aat remitch whly hol, she ssay she'sal itl f aterhand tt s inggoi to bera luctive for her uand bfcuseca le aot ofeo pple llwich puraseh tat f.ight >> m: ki s notn-on-i slawhe mco oingheut tonlys ihe sco oumingthe ttr srongeer p.son csheayan sve i'n beere the and back. st wick ithit.
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d >> yana:anou c bero b dughtown buhot ws iet g btingackp u. thuoe qaste w she said youa hve hoa cicehe wrthe b toe dtefeaed in life and sheh c tose boe efundteea idn life. >> : kimoa dfse opi insonrati as ew get yourt staed on this wedadnesory mg.nin avwe hane pd uaten os thi usdisg atingct. wee werintellu g yotabou onsomeoe whef lt aew nborny bab inoi a tlet in aes rrataunt. an>> dwea: e hav aak snek pee of thbe nceu rnionpe s.cial 'lweell tl youha wthe t cast has toay s abouth teir l lifeong frshiendips. >> : kim aandve li look at the aslas veg stripwe as are ingett sgtetard onh tis eswednday minorng. ethrere a peeopl tghhrouout stillar pngtyi thisni morng. lstil toom ce tomes tak us back
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'its a v videoltauau >> : kim tnewhisni mornge wav he oundr hasn oha ttur slaveilnce v.ideo cepolit jusel redeasit ro fm rthaturestaantn i coralifnia rewhe aom wan gaveir bnth i the robathndom aef l hterwb ne iornn het tt.oile >> a: dan w the comanomesn. i sgoe into the booathrm and at onent poi you maye seeb somody ttsiingut osidee th doorau becse eyth canar heer hcr sineamg. eythho t sughtheas w if disstres. enth ah sorti tatme ler the nwoma walks ofut o the auresttran lngeavi her nrnewbo ndbehi t andhey acted qluicky and cdalle 911. politics got tohe t s acenend
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wtheoman wasnd fou and b aothre gbeinat tre aedt api hostal erthne ith souernal cniifora. im>> kha: tst iou a tgh. one stillo t come. th peeope gts hedeat. ywh w pouldope fisranc get tairrited? pl wuse're live with jayygra itwhah wst iec expteday todm fro thope phee tre at theor bder withth uetenid ss.tate 'itlls a hdeade your way. >> a: dane i'ver neven se him klieat th. ethsc oarars toundheor cner. we g'regoin t toell yout whahe t
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ethsc osar >> : kimowelcme back. the shmit crente herel in as egvas in all of itsry glo. plapens pla toh figt age jud's deorhar tthe t cnompay m tusthen f..b.iak breto in theph ione th watasnc oed usey nasan bedrnarinoho sgotin andis h wife.
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pwereciartingpati t inhatwf aul toshoouth witol wfromhatun we tdersandpp ale sdoeo ntan wt tooo catperere he. sincehe t itinvesongati they ha nveot been able t goet past e applrisecueaty fs tureand unlook fkaroo's p.hone >> a: danle eagfs oth dea metal pemerfor pd in larismoast ,nth tabouee thrth monfts aheer t taatnck iar pis. guedardnt eesranc tohe ton ccert llha t forhe prmerfo ancelast night. nccoert goers went tghhrou three abagndy bodrc seahesor befe teeng.rin erviewsme seed ind goori spits eaahfd o thew. sho oppedile d notpp atoear be rvne aoust theow sh andy the did hold aom mentf oil s fenceor the visctimom frhe t pirourevis rfpencormae. >> : kimenhapp ting aodaywend lwile hav a live rtepor t onhis
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peponc frasis ioi gngo t h aave amasshet t brorde ofxi mendco a e thteunidte stas. fobere g weet to that,t wai tiunoul y seeow h he gset hot andot brehed yteesayrd. ftle. vi'ee nver snee theop peik le atth. gisueyos ua cn onlya tke so cmu whnheeo peplre a pliulngt a .you she'so goueners t gopo u to peleop. hes i siaynge give m aec sond. >e> h p wasedulln oo t ang you man.
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ether was ang you i mannro fnt fo himnd a he pedressga ainst th yatstounger. yoou got t wyorr atbouer oth opeplend staingu arond a yous llwe. im>> ky: jay grae livm fro at ethor bder. fobe wreete go tt, thaet let's g ftheasorecyt bck che ingitin wh lykel. el>> kwely: areki loong ate nic atweheray tod. latteasin durheg tor mning hours. hesre i aoo lk ates yayterd. tofns o blueki ses. slookik lee w had achglit in .that ertempeaturers vy panleasnt i mtheidn ader upps. 70' trigho nwpp u 4er,0's lows 50'. wndotown at 50. paseradit a0. 5 dowe e havre pttyig bha cngesn o thea wy. tfirsin the'g w gregoin to cenotiay tods i a fewor me dsclou t inhe area. rtpa slyunn cytiondions. wee havw sho oersheff tst coa. 'rweeki loong atho tse toe mov
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licaiafornng goi tose ee wt werthnd a minovg tou or aare ovgerninht adom tw.orro we g're toingeo b dngeali with gusty w.inds ia hgh wind wngarnias hee bn suisnced iinludg ford re rock nyca wonith w uindsp to 6l5 mies rper. hou theal vleyou cldee sin wds gugstinmi 45 alesnou hr rrtomoow. ytoda 80. mbecoree b dezygurin the afooternn. atthre's wason ge'reoingo tee s the traempeesturup go to 80. gtoni 5ht7. ezbrendy a a ccehan of srshowe rafte mgidnihtnd a troomorw's igh 7h0. nwidyon conditis,ha c oncef srshowe. t buitil wlle car outus jtn i tiorme f theee w.kend su wnnyith lowo t mid0' 7s. >> : kimk loo at t 8hat0 for today. thanku yol kelhay, tnk you. ha enppginod tyain lo f rida, thie bgin wnersh t oerefhe t
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the state of friloda is peexinct igtny aywaec bausehe ty have a scheduled nsewon cnferece toou ann oncene ohef t wrsinne omfrh tat juaan ry13po rbwelal ckjapotwi drang. eth frilodaot lteryl wilrd awa irthere sha ofhe t wrsinne. thatoa brtdcas is live. the dletaiils wl be ancnnoued athennd wle'le havti connued racove hge oerennn chael 3. >> a: dans thi a isnmo ealtionly archgedss in ue ithsouot daka as eythll wiec b tomehe first state ttoell tgeransrndede stunts whichhr batooms andke locrom ros eythe hav to. use st hateouseas psed ail bl irrequing snttudes to use atbmshrooor accding tohe tir rtbihde genr, note thde genr
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ethov grerno isxp edecteo tig sn itut b someon d't liket. i m >>riy fends say i don'td min if you use theth ba wroomith me. >> btheillo allwsra tndnsgeer ustsdent toeq ruestea rbsonale acodcommonatiros fhem tir hoscols. itat mcheset bterit whhe t fealder laweq rinuirgua qylit ngamo s iexesnub plicca edu.tion k >>whim: tenhis bcaroadsts i ,over itil wle b time f"or the to sday ahow" hndere ish wat to ctexpe. he>> t rliepubcan pderesialnti icandsdate makeei thr final pu wsh,el wil talk withal dond trlump aivebout his war of wo wrdsithb jeh busnd ae td crz.u uspl igmaein bineg atrresed by federal marshallsor f nto paying back your student loans. ath itsha wt one tasexan may ss haedeno tim h.
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and why they could find themselveseh bindar bs. >> >ul co vd aideoam gep helou y dwar off alzheimer's. telochnohgy tat has drsoctoy ver exd.cite s plu wwhat youldouo df i a rastrngeed askou yo tel hphe tm cheat on theiree dt. aoc sialer expt.imen an>> dhaa: tst iom cingp uat ler othn "dae toyho sw." totnighso in uth cinarola the g..o.p pderesilntia cdandiates gegarin f up torown hall usdiscs.sion ms wnbc hillostpe sscialit wh tr aumpndas kich. ka'ssichcu disnssiors ai at 4: t00, arumpt:0 50, f asorhe t oresthef tie fldth ree dicans date awillarppe in aow tn hall hteosdy b cnn. th wey bill tehere bnieginng at .5:00 >> : kimidpres oent gbamaoing th tereinalkoug abt the ubrepnlicant frone runral dond utrsmp a hek spoe toor repters
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carnlifoia. he ssaye hel bsieveme aricail wl ma ske ablensihoe cicend a he aysons daldmp trus iot nt. tha >> ion cuetin toel bieve mru. tr wmpill not besi pre.dent dane thso rean is i have a lot of f iaithn t ahecmerianpl peoe and ink thiy theco reegnizat th inbe pgderesint is aio serus bjo. 'sit nott hos aingal tkho sw or aea rlityho sw. itot's nro ponmoti. 'sitot nar mngketi. hit'sard. dan a lot of peeopl count on us tgeting it rt.igh >> : kimlddonamp trupo resdnde to all oft tha f sromhout roca.lina aihe sd there pntsides hae don a uslooby j inic offe and hel woud vehaef dedeatim hn i2 201f ihe haund rn. the chedeonsirshe tre pntside's
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tonhe topicf oru t hmp,es i reinfusog tk barlike hryilla ntcli donid theth oer day. >> a: dan w shearas bking mpcogarint tha to what the republicans d aosel wl. >>he tit be is pvirongor wse than the bark ashe t iernttne pnits ala hil fryor h derog imioitatn. osxtapioitinnmog ievli cps all beecausla hilryo tld ato sry aboutn a oldol pcaitidl aha tt urfeat ded aogin traed taro bk laties. wo'tuldnt tha come in handy for owfoll aingndrou herub repnlica varils. >>ry eve teim they say these inthikgs le the gtrea rsieceson was cdauseto by mouch laregu.tion
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>> ifi didat th iou wlde b rildiculed aerl ove thla pce. i'mo ntoi gngo tmi ietater h, so etheri wlle b noar bk. >>n act a dualog binarkg teintrrup aion tt a rrumpally swa o onef they man minockg ame mnsgakinnd rous. t>> whatas a? dog >h> ot' isil hryla. insult. >> you try to shutow dhen t vegontrnmeyo so au cn goo ta nilcke backon crcet. >> sy pochog dma nor fis h ceanin erimptisonanon atr ausanali tire wreeent valir atefr itiminat sgeomei nboghorhod scaryo
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srecadea rlog ds. psycho dog manuf sedferom sfe o the same mockery,i hogs das w kima mngeeix mft oil h.lary >> : kim thatevis nero ging .away sit'er nevng goiw aay. an>> dnea: o s guydcares hi wife hwit it. >> : kimunon sday n iightt will bue meest s tv. mbremeert thaa er onbc nhe , t bigr staeu rn niomfrohe t frsiendks fol getet tog.her d >> ana:ether a isot lf o peeoplal t akingbouthe t redictorf oat thro p.gram >>he nc egeourasd u allo tge t al aongnd get tono kwne o anerothn ad be kindo tn oe otan aherndpo suprt oneno ather danlp he one aernoth.
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wait ors sft ons unpoke but we stintiinc fvely leltikee w need to be fdsrien, we need to get galon and cctonne. >> the uinpcomgci speal airs ndsuay nightre he onnn chael 3. 'itois gng totu feareni reuons frheom cers,ra f,zieri, taxil wl gand race tandighe bg ban th.eory hea hd and ha inll a ofho
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going on with the ohercrast? k>>: imncca iel wtldouli fhtg orf g aroup of students in d. c. with noot helnd a tnsrartpoioatn ,h t iissha wt tyheid d toas ps ethim te.
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yifouot g toa wit athe t aitrporh, tsat ih te wayo t do .it >> howb atou tt,ha a live concert. for the kids on the way to scolhohi ts morning,oo lkingt a ercool traempes.ture rewe' lngookit app u0'er 4nds a lo0'w 5sht rig. now utbk loo ats. thi ingogo int theer aftnoony bn noo ,71 e wectxpeig hhsay tod in the peupr0' 7s,ve enro a 8und0. bigha csngen ohe t wayon tight andto inom tw.orro >> : kimnk tha. you onh teop tic of leiv enrttenmaient. st tillome co it is a voide tvaulor m.ning theri oalginng loun e ilas ve.gas m toshahe t sortyhe ad.a d >>: ana anew 6t,:00 an usexclive cmeonsur rtepor gsive youod remgelins tipha tt' dont
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hatt dnwedaesy. >> im klo: alc parents and child care workers here in tnow hvea outhans vdceoi hsrdeada toy. what are their concerns and how hmuc money are weal tngki? infutd o inom mtsen. an>> dwea: f'llind out what prenesidbat omas sayut abomp tru tandheos plisibi otyf him cobe pmingdresient and tmpru's resespon. im>> kat: k ne'solew r te ,he esduchs tgakin aew n piositon twihpo pur tseoday and houow y nca see seom of heror wk. we e'llinxplahe aad. d >>: anagoodor mg.nin cowel meinn oh t wissedneday uafebr7ry 1. velitu pic oreshef t of the itwhese hou. im>> kth: ee racfor wthehite ho huseseat up inev nada. new pliolgn iornftimaon erconcgninow h you theal loc
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coupgmincu an>> dtha: eme dtsocra i dot sadaturyan dhe tep rcaublinsn o tuy.esda ethe racs iig tnihtenng oot bh s.end >> : kimisit . itexcboed a aut fewhi tngs. forta ssrterou yre vidauo vlt kitasng uk bacin im te toe th igor finalinlowsg laeg vas. anhd tope pes iol hgdin aas ms tatheor bderf oex micond ah te itunsted satend a we have live racoveorge f eonverye. >> : tomvewe' been on pope trpaorol f p theastpl coue of ysda. 'werech wating hisem movents as he tsourme .xico laegs v basvaoulerd. wave hea am c ieranhe tre aoa s erwe wbe aleo the cckut o.side dotesn'k looik le ainnythg is blkioc tngheoa r.dway odgoew ns s a afarhas tto ges. vetramel tisre ap uo tpe sed bee caus vit'seryar enly ihe t mogrninnd are the are no ciactsden c sodnoul't askor f mucht beter. caen w sayt thaou abt the werathe? way.


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