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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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trump will not be presidt.en it ot's nti hos tng ashalk r ow o a itrealowy sh. >> d andalond trump quick to respond. y >>e ou'ry luckdni diun't r st lae tim rwheny omneran be e causwoyou hauld eeve bn a teone-rerm pntside. n >>hiew trns mo fing, presholls fr ouom sarth cinolana ned dava. wi tth vheinotjug tsteehray ds away, we'll hear from mr. trump wh henjoe s in luse.iv >> no> as mn iraa ererexpiossn of ng cohe s elded fagerweollors gg tuoning a hiscarms g usinhim to pl topere ovan a ma in wh haeelcir. and it's a dog sheepdog world. >> best in show dog tonight for s 26 igethe srmanhahortnd po r.inte >> ma gerorn shirt haoied p nter stches e the titlinbeatg t ou tmore27han th00 ooger ds to
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dn wey,esdaru feb17ary 20th, 16. >> ou ann: ncer nfromewbc ns, this is "tayodwi" mtht atuelar and savannah guthrie live from ud sta io 1ocin rllkefelaer pza. a >>oond grnd mo eing,boverydy. omwelc "e toy"todaa on datuesy rn moing. isi'm fl a sutan g.hrie >> re we'ng goita to o lk tlddona p.trum ot>> nme to n ntioofall his lsriva. a tolot k talt abouolin ps.itic es frllh po ws as bell,urut o top or st mies, sajorowhowdn between e thrafedevel gontrnme and e.appl is ther aftle appli dectoned ve gies acc es toptncryoned ctent on b sanrdernashino r ooted saye okfaroph's ione. w nodea fejural hadge les rud th che tent giat mus thelpbihe f co rethver otat palentily lu va dableata. s nbc'e steverpatthason res mo on s thilodeve sping.tory ev stooe, grnd mo ing. r >>teeporeyr: hod, goni morng,
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at thon iphy e maribe cl ticato wh heat trey weng doior befe e th metif oe thooshngti. sp dehaite tvinghohe phene ty thsay eeey ne d thtokey the on ph oe in trderkeo magr proess. fe a l derae judgdatuesdey orred ch tent giale apphe to help t fbi un tlockphhe iofone san be dirnarasno moos shsater yed fa .rook th dge judee orapred muple st idprovase releonabhn tec ical si ascestanau to itthorinies ce acg ssindathe n ta ookfaro's ip .hone orauths itiestare trill tyingo llfin ie th m18siis mngutin es of he til kr'leacs ontiafs r te the shoongti. >> that 18 minut iescrs icit. al >> ep rteor tr: fhe wbitsano t owknf iytannghin oatthho p ne fican n ll i gthatndap a if th arere y e anr othes clueheto t ot plt tha 1leftop4 peeale dd d anou22 w.nded ljustweast biek fec dirtor me james coldy to s thee enat l paneingetttog inoo fark's ph isone e. fre w >>ste l ilvehane of oosthe llkis erphones that we have not been able to open. 's itn bee toveronwo mnoths w. e we'rl stilinwork ig ont. ep>> rr:ortern ove aight'spple
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sa iyingcot's atoperited we h th fb t i bu fwill tightrdhe oer ngsayiot, quhee, tte uniatd stes go mevernasnt han demthded at plaptae akeunn ecprenedd te st .ep we os oppe e thr ordeh whichas im atplic fionseyar bthond e legal case at ndha. ok cod tols cbs'rtrepo- er - y >>hoou shauld heve tli abity to te proouct yonr phe. d anonthe ayly wkn we owow h to do ha tist o tcrent iswhy t? tha bit'sseecauth if s ere'y a wato inget en, theb somwiody inll fd wa a .y in ep>> rr:ortei so twant o be r cleat abou, this twhathe go meverns nt ialactuorly w ried ab isout s thit-builecin sy urit wasofthare tult cotod auet dele l alheof ta datheon tne pho en why thetotry ck crali it ke twhengehey ckt louted on whe u yoinput p theorasswo d tomany ti mes. ve inatstigwaors ount yth to ink
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if c youreompa i thee phonto ur yose houe , th afedst ren' as aking tppleloo unheck tr, doo ju o st t oturnheff tur secity ar alm. va sa annahilnd w ley. >> ot a lco of camplited qu onestis. t' lerns tuar to lbi mee.ourn e therteare cachniesl qus tion leand qugal onestis. ithis tsn'typhe t cicalase er whfee a l derarngove gmentets wa a t rransaand urys tern ov dthis tata,ovurn heer tne pho. e the judgelis t aling cppleome up h wity a wanlto uthock is in atform tion,t o ge dthis ata. >> s thi his astuge thory is mo g.rnin ouas y, say twhatudhe js ge i ki asorng ft , no tonlyt o gethe ma alteriic, whplh apyse sa it do t esn' bhaveseecaus it'so ll wery enc, pted rbut,r,athe to thelpedhe ft s gendin ary decpt epor dorasswe d the wholg thinso th aney c i getn. iv>> g te upxphe eseerti? , helpcofor t,nduc j notust co t.nten >> t whae applticeo okm co has , said ithissls a ryippepe slo.
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omcusters. is t tha, trueouif yaf go ter isthe edolatne phory eve body se elat is k? ris >> s it' ttruebehis s comethe me , thod bthisesecom the -c sod alle dbackoor. awhat hpplelwas asaays id, , looke we'rhonot g ldin back yt an whingvee ha. uiwe bealt rgolly ecod sy urit ucprodhits weoch plople orve f a de wiie varf ty oonreasnes, o of th s em i ktheythnow steir isuff sa ndfe aur secd e anatprive. e so wt don' twantt o ge tintohe si bu onesseaf cr ating t keyhat neanyold cou, usecka haa er, cr alimin a, orro ter.rist i' alve ttoked e lawcenfor ment ur soabces thout foere arr yes it behas pen aitrior ty toophe t t ofbihe f. th oris m wninge e arngseei the hi t gheslaesca otion.f it yonow veu haou a crdrt on er ia tcasenohat d ones enieis po imt,rtan b sanrdernaino orterr, istsapand isple not inbackwng do. >> y thefican thght lie ruitng, dssoune like appligis fg htin th lie rung. he>> t sy'reg ayin cthey ould fi itght t allayhe w. >> m arir,elbenk tha. you no tw toache rr e fothe itwhhoe e us tas rheubepcalin
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th voeir intes th souol carina ah ofead ur sats day'arprimy. we he'll roar fe m tht-fronerrunn do tnald irumpmon a bmente ut w n begiwinow bcth nio natnal rr condespopeent alter deexanr. oo>> grnd mofring eaom bulutif, fobeausort, cauth naroli. do tnald hrumpeeas bmun imne fr ttom a tackssehis , asonbut is thni morheng tes lattat atck s come pfromderesibant oma ng si olingheut tty par on frnnt-ruer. bheieelves that the american op perele asi senanble kid mang e tht poin bthat peingderesint is a serious job. h >>s e ha sdonea uch usloy job as president. >> or rep dter:d onalp trum ub po osingesn prt idena obamin frthe ruont-'snner f nows amou iofashn. ou>> ylu're i cky 'tdidn run tlastwhime omen rraney n usbecau e yod woul bhavea een e- on ptermderesint. ep>> rr:orteen def hdinglfimse af thter ese prt idend wadetoin th ese prtiidenacal re. d hessismiised hnc chaes. c>> inuonti be toveelie mr. um trllp wi b notese prt.iden
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a itrealshy .ow it's notro ponmoti. nit'sarot mngketi. 's itd. har >> ep rteor hr:e er sinthou ro ca tlinaamhe cn'paigvos delved in atoib b blet elbrawl to prove wh moo's onst catserv ive. >> ted holds up the bie bland th e en h alies sboutnyo ma in thgs. >> or rep tter: frumpinightckg ba r aftecrted eluz rd easedea vio inwarnteg vorurs ts mp iinplayg s game twithsshe if ue o tiaboron. a >>di can tdatecahat ben't tr d usteroto p ttectighe ro ht t felian c b'ttre teustod ro pctte y an oof ourerth g god iven gh riitts e her. >> or rep jter:useb bw h no inpoll fg inh ourtelis r oyingn a d thire placshfiniad ahe of bi rud o an kjohnh asicroto ppel hi rwm foard. ouis sarth ca olinbujeb sh's slaste tanchiin tces ra. n >>t o, it.isn' e thuaobit ariesrire w ottennce we a ndek are we'it in t forhe lo aung hl. >> ep rteor ir:oun exr uscle iv in ietervusw, bo h wh just re edplac g hiseslassh wit accontorts f f the tirst ime, libeesevme acari nnsd ee ttoe ak cl a loseratook mp truec's rord. e'>> ht s goila faused bs ines
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t he aalks hboutreow ge at his usin bs ines, whenacin fe t, h ppri oed sffhohares.lder r >>teeporatr: leeer tofing f on tr s ump'tedebati tacomcs cngpari tohim ar a b dkingog. t'>> it s no hwhatyse sas it' ju hest tt fac hthatyse sa it erloudd , anerloudd , anerloud. u yo thavelko taou i it ot's nki a s sll iet ever en onvisio ed treaspith to e es prcyidenth of ite untaed stes bu vet i'te gotttn bet er ait. th rme foloer f gridanooverr di adewng nde fodptr cad ionehis me naer, amica. mo g ckindiparorees ain onle. r >>teeporour: sarth ca olinhas a ngstroto hisf ry oingett g it t.righ pu reanblicin nomee. do tnald yrumpeeou sth in e te laolst pw l not up aoi38 pnts. tr ngailiin behd d ancrted t uz a 22 . rc mabio ru to in.hird wh asat wab notn le i pthatisoll tthat'srumpt losstalmo ten tspoinsu of t ppor bfrome efor
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nnsavaah? p >> aeterndlexather, yoank u. t' lerns tuno it rw toliepubcan pr enesid ctialdaandirute tmp. go orod m.ning tgoodlko tayo to u. >> d gooinmorng. >> l, welon i dno't k iw ifa t's st diioinctutn, b h youthave e si g ttinidpres aent,oc dem rat, an rmd foreer pntside, pu reanblices, prt iden bbushoth nd kigo of afing yoter isu th ek we. t leusme jitt ree erat what idpresobent saama id. s he tays,ishis a notk talshow r ortyeali's, it p nottiromoon, it ot's nke mar, ting nit's ot a ma otterndf pag eringeand g ttin seyourn lf onethe itws, 's se s.riou do t you thinkthhat s is ia hu frdleouor yli, a itabilhey, t tfactyohat reu weea a r lity hshowost? do t you thinkyohat hu'reg avin p to troveyohat ulu tre y ar ouseris? el>> w ml, i uean,e nlikjeb sh buea's r--lly l youatook twhatguhis sty jud, sais it'a sa ind thw g ho dhe'sone. un wlikehehat d, saiui i bn lt a cinbeblredisie bu wness orth , many bmanyonilli ds ofrsolla. wi'veiron vlytualry evetl bate bi'veineen bu in sssine and that's what peop th sey ieet.
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wa e s ong thind,i dich whi mebeca o onee f ths -- aknyou ow ca beituse o wasc,n nbam bece on te ofoshe mcct suulessfws sho elon tioevisn. o >> dthyou itink er und cuts cyourbiredi?lity >> ou i cavld hnte cod inue -- i d coul chavenuontioied i nb wac bes inggmeg o tntco inue dtoito ut bs thi sishiometng ch mue morrtimpotoant an me d, an fr ykly,noou ky w, mrdreco in si bu hnesseeas benn phalomen. i' uive b glt a creatnyompa. hi'veread toumendccs suiness wh 'mat ing doiht rig. now avwe he e thesbiggowt cry ds b r, fage biganr thni bernde saers by w theay. oehe dves haon secd. gg bihaer trnn beanie s.ders avwe hmee a e.ssag e thagmess be isalasichaly tt we ha heve tst worsi pre idente n th st hiofory u thed niteesstat and 's hee donrra te jiblendob a we ha mve ainess c ourryount. tw be$1een il9 tr ilionbtn de and ofall o the ptheremrobls. we 't cant bea.isiswe hboe a towe we'ra te lyrrib c runryount w andvee ha a idpresthent oeat d ksn'tnow wh e'at hins dog. h son e ca tmaketahe sntteme and c ofe ours yi'm,noou kw, ob slvious y hit worstmnighifare ii gon.
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op perele aed tirey, than're gry d an'rtheyd e feup. ey>> hna, doitld, il's wlie. go orod m. ning h >>wiey, lly. - >> -iewill. s >>imometeoes pthple t oughthey we atre wg chinmoa deiccrat de bbateseecau c youciritized gegeorbu w. n sh oirthe araq w an itd crm icisplfor d anne pa horentod. th arere mee so h whobeave en su iospicf us oanyou atd th reyou'ro a psigresndve ae hav ld hese thoit pos.ions di u d yo tgivemohem eare rtoson s beciuspiwious hath wu t yosaid on ur satday? o,>> nid i dy ver.well y ever spolli aid thwon e ba dete. ouif yk looruat gandge imd "te ga ma",ziney thepodid anlls d ey thd sain i wodethe .bate m i'o prfeli. vei hare a gecat roford ng bei a erconsvevati i butls'm ao a oncommse sense conivrvate, ll wiasie, di we sescusfod bere. we e havo to dgsthinh witoncomm e,sens c butinerta'mly i the st mose conivrvatrse peheon tre o ise n therbord t, onhe tamilionry, in takreg caou of r wvetsreho ang beien take carof rr ho.ibly thi'm ste mose conivrvatrse peon
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e we'rg goinndto ema obae car h whic dis agsissabyer, the wa ty, a aotalomnd ce plet di ersast. e we'rg goinepto r ilacetht wi me sog thin lmuchexess ivpense. co cmmon eore,tiducahron t ough inwash igtonrrs ho.ible 'r weine go lg to eocaltiducaon mp . th i i ink msaidofost se the in thgs. an fr mkly,peost soplei aid won th bae dete. >> al donhad, tfat's noir eugh. pyourioositn ns ogegeorbu w. sh woyou aguld arree noe mi rity po sitions insidehe tep rliubn ca rtpay? >> oo l wk,she ldouot nav hgoe ne toinyo, knu , owaqir. whe tas phesirentde. theusook o int.iraq wh ouen yk looheat tra mig.tion wh ouen yk loollat ath of e pr msobleth in dde miasle et t, i al arl stbyted ng goio int.iraq i' hom stnehe wertht' is pu reanblicno or put reanblic. m i'sthone. m wea ade ibhorrecle dn isiowhen enwe wtot inq. ira r.>> mmp trun , cak i asonyou e es qu ation tboutrued cz. veyou'n beengsayi a forle whi no tuw ac tallyyohat veu ha a qu onestito as th whee'er hs
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to f runreor pntsideau becf se o hi rts bi ch ina.anad u yo atalk aboutsu lawit. gu i myess st quetoion i yous an exold sipreswhon, t y noyoput ur ne moery whure yoth mou is? ouif ynk thire then 's ae issu th were,othy nah go anead e d su if t you thinkishis an rtimpoisant thsue eeat no ds tbe ar cld?ifie w >> iell, d mayato th. me i hean, b wasinorn ad cana. he ed livre the t for ohreeurr fo s.year w heheas torre fon a lmeg ti. un 15til th mono s agashe w a zeciti cn ofa anadt join uwiths. b >>ouut ysa're yyingonou w't su he ifole apesogiz a fork ttac ads. s>> i may ieray vlly weit do . ma i dy be hoing bim aavig for be e,causnk frathly, moe des crat e arg goinueto sth on ssat iue. th arere nye maye lawhors w say yo veu habe to n boruron ol. soi >> e havhayou urd yoye lawrs se re iarchrat, d tw upaphe pers an ked tase thops ste. >> e' w grengoio tketaoo a lk at it . crted lauz pitys we h thh.trut he ds holth up ble bid e an then l heies. he l'sd ieouaba t t lo tofnghis. he ie's loud ab ht meg avino to d wi heth ton secend amt.dmen
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st wiage heth ton secend amt.dmen i' e m thngstropeest orsone n th ag st me onthany aingse'nd hll sa nay doruld thimp trss pes on i roon pe. lif 'l hey,l sa n i'mroot pe. lif heole sa'll .y it he t didamhe sine ththg wi ben oncars. aihe sn d beoncars l hastheft e , race ghe's vone,foote edrm t uz cr. d haothe ne don ithatld wou ve haba prowobly t n bu more po imtlrtann y beoncars was tr d eateibhorry ly b twhathis gu d.y di en ther aft e theiolectden end he ca ulledn p beoncars to ogapolize. gwhatdoood haes t?t do i t don'k thincaben rson ac edcept a thegypolo h ande ou sht.ldn' bu d t te icruzves a isry dsthone guy. i , meancotom , burn syourorenat r fo ofromomklahiga, hhly sp red ecte sman,teaid uzd cr is e onheof tt mosondishmeest n 's her eve oseenalr detht wi and ye tt he aalks eboutelvang.ical at thhy's w l i'mngeadith in e ev liangevocal te. stheye'ee hves a isry dsthone rs peon. m >>rur. ti mp, yknowavou he a t loayto s. we appreciate your time.
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k thanfoyou inr bereg he. we re appe ciatit. t >>s,hankal dond. y >> bwathe r.y, mmp trul wil aholdn tow thallhtonig8: at 00 in charleston. hi y llartoclind n aniebern ersande s arettargmiing tynori te vors. nb wsc nete whise hou rr condespokrent n isteerwelk in ch o icagusfor re where sec tary cl n into hwilla ost riral ly te ladar toy. kr n,isted gooinmorng. ep>> rr:orte, heyiewill. go orod m.ning etsecrclary n into rwill ally te voerrs h te onouhe sidth se of agchicteo aflir dengveriaj a mor esaddr rs ononace sd tueay. sh ane sed tonasar erndlos edck in f arciefie t ghr fo caafriern-am sicanrtuppoers. th wiey an se on couthinarola, se arcretiny clweton o nt temharl t onayuesdin makr g hengstroest tc pit h yefrto a-aicancamerin te vors. >> se the n arenlot ooby pr lems of economic inequality, the es e arobprmslef ocira al eqinliua.ty
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h coug-- oo>> th muc. spit >> or rep -ter:in- clton en zeergie d thd crowfufor nds fo blr puic education and taking ersandggs suties hngs e'telao t e thnvcosaertion. ou>> y't cant jus ushow p at tielecimon td e anthsay ghe rit gsthin t and thinks hat'ghenou. >> or rep ater:agnd, cain,ngasti hi am asgl sinsue isnde cae.idat w >>ene ar s't ae ingle issu trcouny. acwe fcoe a x mpleofset on ec, omicalsocid , antipolical ch ngallees. r >>teeport r: alla ra y in at a lant dthatclrew toose 0,5,00de sanidrs denn't gage toclinn. st in sead,intick hg tocris sipt opprinoschg geantos he t im cr jinalceustite sysm, kispeautng out abo d thes eathof meunaracd bln.k me w >>e e arg goinndto e the orhorrats thha we eeve s n of un d armecaafriern-ams icang bein ashotilnd kbyled ic pole rc foes. >> reporter: a new pl ols show cl n into awithvi cong ncin lead in th souar cinola. t 56% o 38edfuella in parge rt
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sanders has acknowledged he's wo g rkinto broaden his appeal an rld eatuier y esdaaicamp gned thwiri e gcanearr whose father ed dier aftew a nk yor city po oliceerffic h putn im ia ok chd.ehol an ndd sas erusbrd heidasbie ll cl n'intoces reomnt cs ment su tiggesisng hpo sups rterare lasimi tr toarea ps.tier >> t' thains go ng onn ow iour party. >> hi i tomnk s te ofhihe tngs at thsi pre cdentonlint b haseen ngsayi u aretunfor.nate he ul shot d noakbe msiing lly re s.mark >> a > w ne jpollouust ist th rn moshing a ows uavirtadl de he n at idaneva. se arcretiny clgeton 8%ts 4, se r natoersandtss ge. 47% 's itfi dif tcultt o geraaccute inpollt g butipoliancal tsalys agare ngreeit thas it igha tit ce rare theh wit tjust dhreeays rebefo n thea evaduscauces. ll wisaie, ahvannck, bayo to u. >> ng thighs tingteni up. tekrislkn wether, sankscho mu.
7:18 am
rovercieplaupng s creme ourt st juanice n toniiascal. idpresobent weama ngighio int e thsioppo.tion dr anitea ml chelthhas tee last on t. tha eaandrod, goni morng. >> d gooinmornavg, sh.anna pr enesidamt ob fa isfuorcelly je reg ctinblrepu cican tallso le e t th pnextderesiomnt ne inat ju e sticiascalep's rmelacent, en eva as fuhand rl ofliepubcan se rsnato b areinreakthg wiir the le s adersaand tyingbahe oma mi noshnee aouldast let t gea fa eair h.ring >> he ton citstioutisn re py tt ea clour abatt whsu is edppos to enhapp. now >> ca in rnlifoueia t sday es prt idena obaminargu wg heill no teminaeo somorne f h theigh ur cot. de e spits callepby rcaublin erleadats th p thebeick t lefto hi ccs sur.esso h >>riistoy call hthisotas n be ieen vaswed ue a qn.stio e'ther us nottnwriawen lt tha tsaysithat o canbenly e donon of arf yes. 'sthat i note n thticonsontutial xt te. a >>vend emen soub repnslica
7:19 am
sh ruth to lie pol ticaicbarrade ooso sten afstr juscice 'salia at deh. t>>s his wamia tessp. a lipocatil ssmitep. fi ofrst haf, t nt isheot tst fir in thu g yowisay tthinouhe hrs of si pasf ng oonsomekee li st juscice . alia >> p thederesiilnt wckl pi so e meonifqualied. ll wit tha geven het angeari? th pue reanblicat senn or i ar chchge, gruck eyasslpe, apared o tothpen ore doli telowng ia di ra o -- i >>ld wout wail untithe mi noisnee e madrebefoou i wld ke ma d anyioecisns. >> or rep lter:ater senator gr eyasslme see bd toraacktck intellc g nb hnews ne ispeot on to on a catfirmion. t atuphe s creme tourtwehis ek mbremeesranc j forceustili scaa. s hi dseatd rape bwith clackloth h inonis hor. d anrion fthday wie e ll rnretu l onetiast yime ln ng i re sepot ae thurcos t'eagrhat ll awither funetal s s fordaatury t atashe ba ilicheof tio natnal
7:20 am
whmean wile,coith ranspicy th eseoriin takf g of hoverits at deheh, t cy'reetomplruely ling foout laul pyiy sa png aw illo fo inund b hisased wve abo his , headovnot iser he, facso as me rtrepoits iny ialledstat. ep>> rr:orte s thea calincvacay is ea alr bdy assig iorue f the c2016daandi otes,urf cowise, th seachseide aeingstn hi oric rtoppoy uniteeto s o themeutco iwiths ssue alikeiobortn. va sa annahilnd w lie. >> re andtca mi, hellk thansoyou .much >> an> me, timerea raen momr t fo pepora fisncn oestuy daridu ng hi vis t si minicexo. th poe bpeamecvie blsiy riirtetawhd sene omerov elyerag people tugged on h sisevlee causing him to fall into a man ainhe shed,aion d b'tsee islf dh,'ton be el sshfi. he te sedppac bank wad d ve at
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w hehoill n ld aoooutdssr ma in ju .arez ilhe wsil vie t th/mu.s.o exic erbord. >>la> nsthtigas whe t st weteminsnnr keluel cg b do ow sh. wr eranglbb snugaed ain. we e havwiour wnnerutitho further adieu. he>> tma gerorn shirt haered t po r,inte. c.j es>> b st inhow. e thye3--oar bldt eat ouremo than 2700 dogs to win the onnatios's mest proutigig s do .kpgs a oyborzed namy lucshfinied co send. racongtitulatoons . c.y >> e "thyonew imrk tsaes" heid t te n nsiothwas inick a theo ir s s wasmthe ofell d wet.oing it a was d wetetay y. he l,y, at' whains go?g on w >>d e hat a log goinon ye dasterray, ctuzy sff. ta lke aatook t whaenhappn ed i mi r,ramari floda. su llrvei vance.ideo to adrns oeuctonghiow dn. could have been fan t-3naor do erthe.
7:22 am
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7:23 am
> >>d anatth y'sr outela st we heatr. nnsavaah. >> allig r, anth.ks thrown in jail for not paying back student loans? we e 'ringotog ea hfrr oom mnean o whidsais hnp ud aibtdean ld de
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:24 am
isths iod"t" ay non.bc e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin e thalre world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppendle ail famies newho t.ed i
7:25 am
.. an>> d7:a: 26n o this wsdedneay rn moing.yo sueese thoud clos out there?>> at thns meaom sngethi is vi mong .in an>> da: nidefi.tely im>> kut: b beefor its get ,here llkecuy anrr i, mayct ayuall be ab le t woear a t tankop byat le th is teafn.rnoo >> denifi,telyp- fliflop wheeat ris th rnafteoon.we 'reoo lkingt a traempesture ri tsingboo aut0 8 desegre.ri
7:26 am
in goog td nee at coa so dressn i rslayeha, tt'sba pro yblyour be st bet. 51n i wndo,townde henrson 52 andce nintenal2 5 and 8 i0s what we 'reec forngasti forh tis rnafteoon and byreeztl par y ou clkidy sndes ady win itcond tionshtonig a andnc cha e s ofrshoweig tonhto int to owmorrs , awell and aig hofh 70 desegreut bhe t wndeeke is inlookg good.>> e whaveit a ltlefa surce etstre sckmaooarve o hreer on enhaci wdaith tehreeh vsicle in edvolv andt thauv s b tlockhe we unstboand le and on the5, 1 bu mper to brumpend at tha is the ag spi hettbowlnd ahe tve tral stime areme jamdn othe5 1 and bo inundw sloro fm the 15ou sth and lake adme. 's ith rushour.>>
7:27 am
an>> dhia: ts isel rdeasey b orc candnnwi shongn ithista ste ea ahdth of e naevad caesucus, arhilliny cl wtonith a razor thin mnargir oveni bere ndsaers, t 48o .47 im>> k: oh, of secour,ha we ve ou emr dtiocrac cseaucus headed youray w thiske weennd i .town h we aavero pingramotg ne right w, no's she aid resent heneadlir, ithats j. lo and if ipat's st yo
7:28 am
7:29 am
lwe'lav he the stmumu-sph >> >7:30 now. 'sited wsdne maynior, ngth17f o fe uabr,ry 20.16 he o,ll crowd. ybever oodyheut tredl bun edup, inlookg pphay. 'l wetel s pouetsid to say hello in ou a cepl mitenu s. ac bk inside stud oweudstio .1a pl apein sayg the fpruneneced ted stepea thrtens sitecury of its
7:30 am
> >> ahead of saayturd's pry,imar th reubepnlica cdaandi ctesourt te vonrs iou sarth caolinre whe na doruld tsmp iai mnintaing a dsolid leath in eew nest polls. e thds feu amonghe tan ctedidas om prptedre pntsidema oba to we inigh yi, saeng hhi tgnkin tr wump nillever cobeme es prt.iden > >> esagle oatf detah medel ma moan ealtion rneturth to ege sta in pa wris,erho wela pying at e thac batlan terheatin durghe t rr tetoris ats.tack th waere avs heyur secity beefor op pentle e lered astni ght. t he vegontrnme'sll alyeged un st wningfay oee sking plreace of pl emntoyme. one bweorroadr h torn lea the wharday wnhe hisld o $1500 student loan turned iont teim be ndhi rsba. >> ep rr:orte theer fedal go mevernsnnt iid't kding ndarou. th aney w ytou to payk bacou y r enstudt lo ans. he>> tily wlhr sinkhe tvemsels do own t 2 isncheh hig andid h e
7:31 am
ne moy baonck, eim de atit a me. >> or rep ter:e,wors as one rrboerow t iellst. >> ka skckha olesn my feet and wa ist, and placed in ael c l. r>>orep lter: mikeany am anerics, paulwe osro fm 29 ye sar o,ag whenon rald rneaga s wa idpresent. dhetidn'ec expt. u.shamarsls to e com to hisom hen i honoust wi thn arr aest rrwa ant. it>> weh ther int oesten th 0,$150s it' now 0.$570 r >>teeporer: hhi t tnkshis d coul bhaveeenan hdled ttbeer. >> en sad mmsu aons, cfiertied erlett. t no the marshals. >> reporter: the marshalsay s th teyedriha tt forhr tee yes,ar clininudg nicotes taped to his do or. aihe sd he rveeceined o capostrd hwhic heug thoasht wus bognd a 'tdidn spre ond. e>> wke spo toim h o tnhene pho in 2013 athi w tchime heai sde h wo dnul't appear in court and
7:32 am
r >>teeporher: when ty went to hhisomet las weekh witthe wa trran- - e>> hel y fledrom siini de, have a gun. ep>> rr:ortet' thahes when ty tr red,eate cdalle for ba ackupnd tu re wrned tith heir. gear he>> tto sries a are leittl ff dit.eren hems seeo t have fotergotn a t. bi r >>teeporftr: a ber a trief ime in stcu hody,se waoo bkedor f bediso ayingrt cou order and re edleas. w >> yereafou ?raid >> tatolly. oui ctldn'ie belve it. >> or rep tter:ouhe crdrt oered hi mo tay p the 0$570 hes owe un sacle m. >> iee nd to payt than o in encremtats sgrtin in april. >> y couan do ?that >> not re,ally but not to go to -jail- ep>> rr:ortell he'o alse hav to pa yea nrly $1300th to e. u.s ma llrsha see,rvic t bheillo t do rthei job. >> pl peohoe s'tuldn beai afrd th e uma.s. lsrsha a gre toingo ck ki ther doo wndo. is th was anxt eremeas ce. >> or rep ater: tnd aough ssleon. >> ho autesriti sgayiny the en arak't m aingct praice of .this
7:33 am
he dtidn'we ansher t mmsu ons. >> i just m aademe payntn oy m enstud ts,loanus j tto be safe. >> et> let's g a cckhe othf e atwer,he . al >>ea r fdy torhear wm weheatr? y >>eah! >> ha we ve the fasorect for u.yo g bi ridge oghf hiss preure. je ttr seam upo tthe h.nort mp teateresuror f datoy. i 55spn caer. ch wiita itwich68a, . da ,llas 74. to owmorrec, r hord iighsen th ck roies,he tin plas. mp teurerat5es 2 to5 3eg d rees eabov rmnoal. fr ,iday its goero fem thoc rkies al e l th twayo evcld,elan 51. rm biamingh, .69 te n desegreve abora avege in new anorles. tu sa,rday det,troi'r youe5 1 de sgreeve abora avege51 at de s.gree hooklama ,city 25 desegreve abo agaverite wh aig hhf o 80
7:34 am
ha>> tt's ylaour wtestereath. a >>l, ksthan. > >>in comg up, a man'sle wal its alosthend toun fndit wh a pr esicelsot nen i pcelaf o some t ofhe cot.nten d >> mon't tisshatma azing or sty. >> ou> wld y houp elsta ngra er epke a se?cret jeffos r wsen aithid hdenam c sk reinca benow s comeacskin.tive ga new r skrnietiinacve od intrclucing y brearleright. a actinew oive mersturiz righto bduten n.ll ski ck pah ed witidantioxant vita c,min l e andha. cl brearly er dightmooes thre stan moie,uriz it el activoothy smes, osboadts rnciae
7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:38 am
e. fsoy luffaiand t'ry ihes r 80new or calbsie oonessi. ghlifit & elt fee frenjto e oy. cithe outi dcable csh coard meserin vndy hathy wih ba castwck pice onesurchas. rn eawh once ou ben y uy,aiand agoun as y. pay 'sthath cas nback ow, d an bcashagack laain ter. asit's cck dh ba v\j u. th ti de cie oublarcash cd. th ly ce onthard s at letyou casearnckh ba o twiceyn everpurc hase 1 withen y% whuyou b1% and u as yo pay. wi wth twoto eays arn,akit motes a lothe of rdr cases sem one.ided m, >>n. w noat fthexedas hstamlired necoour e-cemmer he and s lped u ourgrowin busess, i think it's time we startac ikting lbusie a .ness ..>>okay. where.e go.. , >>oht look a.this.. so nok, r umbeone. erno pitsonal eems arperm d itte win theceorkpla . llose wid nee ctownome do. we'l dl beomoing smae ory ndatintestg.
7:39 am
but uh, y,hone m we're.arried th oiat's go beng tro a pblem. yougrowsir buitness wh the li onhippne s ingol to fs from.edex t hisni morng o rnnosse po re mrts, ooref our se,ries isteprn op ste off. w hold wou you treacf i aom wan as ykedou toel h hper c oheatn r he?diet dwoul youch coa hero t stay ro st ongrel h hper duinlge? >> f jefos rsen has aun fin endg to hisk weef oid hdenam cera pr t.ojec t >> ahistsffec aot lf o .us i its mibrd-fe uaryw,no seven sweekt spo new arye's luresos.tion mbremeheer wnou ye wer goingo t se lo 15 po?unds th sis in whee w k,cracb gra the hndougrut oce slif o cake. iwhatf a woman, a ngstraer, edwalk a upnded ask you top hel cher oheatner ht diend a lie r fo her? ul wooud y do ?it ou idr hden cameras are rolling
7:40 am
priceless. >> so odgo. >> or repter: who doesn't love a fr ee salemp? >> i wtanhi ts cakeo s >> ep rteor br: tutshian woms i on a diet. >> my bfroyndie is in the back ea ngti a salad. he c'tanno k iw'm eating this cake. >>ep rr:ortel wil s theerhopps ke ep her crseet? >> by,abha wart yoe u g?doin. >> or repter: whenve e sn ihes edbust by her judgey boyfriend. ou hrdeidn ceramas aren ila p ce at grsrastsoo nuratal mkeart in rrmotois,wnew n je. rsey >> zinoom th on omat wan erthe. >> or rep wter:e're winatchg ev ery. bite 'm>> i on a diet. akeep oulookt for mybo enyfrid. >> .okay ep>> rr:ortehe tom w sanndtas ar gud. >>oh, .my we o'ren at die geto.ther he'd klil me. >> ow thrwa ay thet res of it. >>
7:41 am
.cake sshe' mgakin aee bneli for the rbgae,ago thr tow ay wae th idevceen. >> id d she have a bite? >> i didn'tee s ytannghi. >> ha tt lksooik le occhatol e. >> i tnkhi it's kema. up >>.hi ffjeos rnsero fm nbc ho aw reu?yo >>odgo. arhow u?e yo hi>> t as isia socl peexntrime. >>tisome ymes,avou h teo haave tt liitle b of aat che so youan c st nay o a nglom-ter anpl. y >>ou hpeel hder eacht? >> idi d. >> ir gl wepo r. g >>irl power. ,goye ah. ep>> rr:ortens tur out,t tha pgirlower is rostng. thist nexan wom aolsat wesch her t ea c theakend aie ls toro pctte her. >> is she eating cake? >> no. >> reporte sr: ahe's tbouto go fu r.rthe w >>e'reoo gdri fdsenro fm way ck ba. p >> tlay hataiagn. >> re we' gooden frids from way ba ck. >> or rep tter:rehey'pl comete st errangs. i >>ats thur yos? >> yeah. alookt ,me i eat aot l of cake. >> io serlyus? >> ye. ah r >>teeporher: ten womre a st ngickito gether. how will theen m acret? >> my bieoyfrsnd i micong,e tak it !
7:42 am
e thke ca. at whl wil he dohe wnhe t riboyfend cononfrts him. an>> m to man,as w she eating ke ca? u yo can tell .me syes,wahe s? i id dn't say a word. >> or rep tter:odhe nfi con rms ev yter.hing nthe mextelan tnls o her, too. >> t' thas a yes? r>>teeporher: wen w think all mthereen atl taters ahend t nwome her otprrsecte, along co tmes hisguy. ab toutivo g ues the bstigge rp su oriseef th y.da 'm>> iak bre mingy .diet i' otm nup sdpose to. ep>> rr:ortes he' joen hyingis ee fr seamplnd asn doe m'tind insharg. y >>eou'rng goi tod fee me? d >> ton'tell yoanne. >> i wo n't. y>> m bfroyndies i ien th back. he oi's gngo t freak. >> he't ainna gon know nog.thin >> yonou way't sth anying? >> ea i w tr ogod. >> reporte hr:eds feeer h remo. >> down that k.quic >> e onc i arst it,an c't opst. >> or rep hter: le'sinaughg now, bu ott n for long. >>he toty g thets bee you . like >> !oh >> ha wist oi gn?ng o ithiss.s hi
7:43 am
fi angert him. will he k heepercr seet. >> s it'in me. >> s it' s?your >>ahye. w >>s hy ihoshe g ldin -your- >> id i dn'te havoo rm tout p it l al monply >> r, si i dide hav hianytng? >> . no ep>> rr:orte heon w't bu dge. s>> i hawer- - s>> iwearo t god. e shswaus jtol hngdi it. i' am englut. i' m dygree. i >>e hav tot mees thigu y. >> w you nere ticeo her. >> iwas. >> youoo t tkhela btwme, o ec pif es o. cake st di. ress e'>> wllre a in thisto ergeth. >> e ware. ! oh weon wder y howou'd acret. ewe'vn beeng doihe t fseooacebk at chs all week. i'm d aoingernoth one wihen owalkheff t set here. i canwe ans yrour cmeomntsnd a tiques t goo bofaceomok.cse/rosn po rerts. wh oat d youthink? >>ha tt guy, ie lik that guy. >> ink thiwa he lss aoit hting onher. he>> when ty feaeed thch oer.
7:44 am
w >> ihen saw it, i was like, ri ght. e>> won d't like dgjuey boyfridsen t, ishe icverdt. >> ffjeha, tnk you. s ttillo come, llheo, go yeod-b. pa mulccartkartcanyrten ddie erynt on mu c'si bsgeig (v ako) mthing ste mo o outf y ever.mile th'sat why i got a subaru impreza. it ha's wket masus a ,baru
7:45 am
br thandon esinks bodst fo is n heave jarin a. th 'satau bec oseur iniegredments co.. from. fa cormers d mmittereto sisponurbly solsced oi... bld endethwi grinienteds ke clie-agee m. hmmn.eave al redi ingre.ents th hat's wow e'rework toing br out ing bethe st. i'm lucky to get through a shi ftthwit a bmygaar, itulco keedn'tupp . so swi ihetcto td e idds.po th e ey'rcosuper entrncedat... isoet a get bclter ean. vo 20ted du16 prothct of ar.e ye it'ift s goclto be t'ean, igot s e to btide. wh ewo knes dat c andwsashe shmaoged tr ethed coule tastlikeoka coie? thyou think tey'd laste ikeda antes shd caews. pe nook, coie.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
ve mon ih witthe brigge dogs. fuhope slly,lhe'ld fin a anperm hentome soon. >> i bethe s llwi. >> aot l oopf pelete wan tdo op adert her aftt tha o.vide th aat'sd gooth ing. ybeverodyan w htser now. >> ie lov it. so awe.esom s >>biuch arg hets. >> nk thars fomi warurng o ar hets, ca. rson he>> s sdhoule hav aak bre fast with glwraner. >> jtus you. >> ,oh jtus ?me meco on, h >>ave funn i ou>> ye hav ancompy. >> l i'lp hel youut o e.ther >>th .anks >> i ththougwa he s gngetti in th ere.
7:51 am
>>ng wralers i just notha tt there's something to be said fo exr inplorthg rle wo douar yndou. for seeking out the new; r fo ttryingrihe unted; fo dor g thinune y shwhldouin snack anyg bedi t?fferen di ascoverine ll norflavurs of oea crheesmy ce an ind tap r to youositcuriy. the cow re sinventg.nackin s i waawarnot he ofhow mucac y waidit ms in..y diet. t that imawas da thegingme enal. wai tntedx o fiigit rwaht ay. my ti denecst rndommeroed aihe sond pramel n ca mmakeety teroh st.nger amprons el iinhelp lg meead e th tlifei hat twantveo li. shopping for an suv? well, this is tithe .mean yod orur fded ialer splthe e,ac
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
erevshy iipthn cae bbrinea t buy,hurrhi tfes ofwor n't llastgon me s cotheek le royaca eanribb bo tokayodt a 1- im>> kt : iis 567: on this eswedn dayinmorng. yhopeours isff oo t ade wonrfulst gnm waerer hte aew ns3, and as e whe cn ck iwith me olteortogisxt ediraorenair ke lly ancurrt, ind souse lik w e ldshouoy enjay todau bec osef nd wifs oha carnge eth on e ri hozon.>> ye ah, troomorw ditefin ely ggoinbe to a paionytl kindf o da yh wit g wustyinds but y,toda snoto d,bat jus a few more dscloun thahe tas ltew f rn mo.ings ertempeatur hngeadi t outhe ,door 58ou b ldercity,ri pmm 49
7:56 am
da toy, 80 eedegrs, py artly sunn s,skieom bec le ae ittlbit zebree afinooternutn bhe t winds ck ki uingp oigvernntht io to owmorr andls aooo l fkingor a cechansh of sowerig tonntht io to owmorr and rrtomoow's ghhi, 70 eedegrs but rndebouingnt i tohe enweekitd wh d-mi70s and ns su.hine av>> he ien medtiont tha iat he thendwi?i at hte iik le po,ison yet, ll keysy sas it' onhe t way.we e havus bsinesve tran l ithe uninbod 95th in owe blnd ahe t ut sohnd ef o5 1 byse rusll adro, nol reaay delsus jt nlormah rus thouricraff andck chething e tr avel s,timet' isam jmedn o hbsout 1oundd5 anki nd of owsl, so ll aowxt erave trale tim o n e th indboun 95 1 and5ou sth of th epa stighetwl bo, kim.>> : kim you rbeememrt tha snteve ercolbte camp uwith the s oongf yd cle ndbundy, a therehe t vaneda aivctbeist bhind ars
7:57 am
ctheourtrd ogerinun bdyo ty sta hi bend .bars ey thin thk's he agh flitis rk d an facesha crgesf oon cacspiry er ovis h softandf withed feral fi ofscial t inown two years o,ag orou sn therdaneva, ywanay. he ou cldpe snd the rtesf o his
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:59 am
andrrtomoow, when youak we up t' is 008: on "today." mico ungp,he t pesrincs and the s.pres ka te ddmin'letoews n job at he"t inhuff gtonstpo." >>e w twantori pizorite the ioemotnallb weleing alongdesi ad acemic success.
8:00 am
>> was it your iade that your doctor will wteriou y a espripcronti to playid veo games? >> cldou a video geam hpels u st ay arshp? iannside look at new technology th asat hto docrs eedxcitbo aut rsreve tingheff eects of aging on the aibrn. >> a>ndoo tot ho t ha?ndle an ryey rsnolds goe on on one with hugh jasockn,sk aingha wt ev oderybnty wa s tokn.ow o >> deryou ev e?ag >> datoy, dnwey,esdaru febary 17th, 2016. wste ju got gaenged! >> aloha from wahaii, celebrating 50 years!
8:01 am
it's 008:n o "today," dnwedaes fy,rufby ar17th. it is downright pleasant on the plaza this moinrng. ce ni lyfami. er the e arlotsf oks folut o on th e azpla. a >> guy in a dog su,it i think. i>>hi tnkt' ias ea rl >> t' thas ad goo lngooki dog. >>t wha a punum. >> awe.esom > >>om cing up, how yanou c have yourur bger ande bea hhylt tw rio sey ouslcideliousec ripes th atil wl not blowou yr .diet >> se tho are cidelious. w >>eoo l fkrdorwa to atth. t' leset g ahe c ockef th rn mos ing'sttop s.orie ta naislie th at nesew desk. apple sayswi it llig fht a ur codet orr to uknloc t pheneho of san bernardinoot shoerd sye fa .rook stheinhootg left 14pl peoe de ad.
8:02 am
or d dereeappl toel hphe t ifb ck hao int rofa'sokry encpted ip .hone e'applos ce timoo ckpp ooses what he callsn anp uderecented ep sthi wchsa he ys has im atplic fionsbeard yondhe t le cagal tse a ndha. >> > pderesibant os ma ingvowi to ck pit wha hels cal an in utdisp qablyfiualio,ed nam ma' an fyorhe tup s cremeourto t pl rethace ate le ainnton iascal. th e idpressent' cntommes fwollo ca llsro fmom seep rcaublinsho w nt wa r theceepla lmentupeft t o nethe xt prenesidt. thesi predentej rectsse tho s,callin saygep rcaublins are ad resoing inmethntg ie o th nscotutiontiha tist t n' > >> a foupllow on a storye w ld to youut aboas ltea yrbo aut a fl aoridom whoan w live streamed nahtig of ptyarginnd a her ivdrhoe medrk.un op pehole w wedatcher h on pe scrie opllca ed191o tep rtor her. no aw ina ple ,deal's sheot n ge gttin anyai jle tim buthe s ge 2ts 1th mons prioobatn, 150
8:03 am
x- sihmontpe susnded drsrive li ecens and she ctannoit vis any ba rs. >> > thet cos of prirescnptio dr keugs goeps uing ipn the u. s., even forer genic ugdrs. ne a omw cpanyan wots tke sha u p drthe nginkius indtrynd ari bng st cos down. ildetaoms fr c'nbs oalivi n.ster r >>teeporamr: tmy wepoll, a nu rse odeutsi icchago,tr seduggl ptoay for her own $400 es prticripong dru.bill ev ery h,mont evenit wh rainsu tnce,gakin cltymbaa for ck neai pn anded mioicatnsor f gh hiod blo prreessu. e shsewas inarchrg foou c.pons it>> wh the upcoon,wo it uldun r th ode cnde a isnt wa't alre. ep>> rr:ortehe tn shemb stuled up lion bnk alheth, a neweb wsite at ther offrus dg domarkwns b y stalmo 95%. >> lm aostry eveone takes me tidicaonst aom s peoint in ei thfer li. st mopl peoree a paover.ying r >>teeporr:wa it s fedoundo t si baycallas bypnss iceuran co iempans. >>th wheouer ye hav good insurance, bad inrasue,ncr oo n
8:04 am
ch eck the blinkce prief bore go toing the phcyarma. ep>> rr:orte nllormaury yo ordoctte wris a crpresonipti. u yogo tor youur insance cnyompa an tdhe iannsurce cnyompa goes t toruhe dg r.make ic prrees aed bas ont wha kofind rainsuyonce u veha. bl goink esai str tghteo th dgru kemar ysoouli c ocknou yr ugdr, pay on,line andnt pri out the ce retoipt e tak tor you ar ph.macy kblinea fstureve or ,01500 camedistiont a ,06000 pacharmies ti nadeonwist, mo lynege.rics nandothe tup seren expsive cu g ttinedge ugdrs. bu ont crsumeoc advatesay s tshi ap chproaou celd b the fu.ture >> aot l of peeopl haveig hh du delectiban pls. u yomay not rzeealiha wt'sng goi nton uouil y to ry tfill the crpresonipti. r >>teeporacr: b ck ingohica, mm tay says her $422l bil has be en cuto tus jt 7$7 a ntmoh. dwhatouid y think wyohen wu sa at th atfi rst? i >> hado t eechr. bo noandy wts to spendhe tir nemoy oned minice if d you on't haveto. r >>teeporavr: singon meynd a
8:05 am
mo s.ment iv olstia s,earnbc n news, ch o.icag >> good eaid. so inmeth cg wellan ase u for su re. >> linatae,nk thau. yo > >>ow n toom seal roy news ngmakidl hea tineshis mog.rnin >> the dssuche of mbcadgrie, kate ddmin,letour tning ke gtnsinonal pace to ae hom fi ofceor f a causeea nr andr dea to her heart. snbc'ly kelie cobislla live withremo. mgoodngorni. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. we all know howri pvateri pnce are. .open e'ther ns aooewsrm insi kennngto cepalain behd me ande katas h teinvid in am tearo fm he"t ff huoningt ."post th eey'rti wring aboutld chihood is lsuesike yibullng, anxiety, an dat ke has put on herto edir
8:06 am
"post forhe t y,dah wit re erports,og bl,gers and kids in he r kngensitonal pace home,o t gh hit lighusa caese clo to her t.hear >> ow hg lons doeit keta? >> reporter: launcnghi the ca gnmpai ng"youin mds ma,"tter te kas get pealrson,ti wringt tha sh de an pe rinciawillopm heo t en agcourore gendge a cotharlte to ak spebo autir theli feengs an d to give themhe t tlsoo and nsseivityit tbeo up srtpoeiv pe s ertohe tir fenridss ahe ty t geolder. sharing your feelings is not ce neilssarroy a yal adtrn.itio it eg bano t cehang withri psnces d anow nno atherol bdte spro fm te ka. s >>hes i a pnerso who is known gl lyobal w ande're ara bnd th kat'snown gllyobal. en wh thewo t come thtogeer, it ca ben er vy porfwe.ul r>>orepr:tehe t dheucssay ss e thalment hhealt of our il ch sdrend houlusbe jt as po imt rtanashe thyir plsica he lp. >> as i w y.luck myen partsnd aea tscher pderovid w meaith on wulderfnd aur sece dhchilood. i lw aays kwne i wased lov and
8:07 am
obuturf cosey manhi cnldre en aro't s y.luck ep>> rr:orten eve ykidseroung an th 5 c bouldufe sngferi in ncsilehee, s yssa. i >>nemagi ifve ee ryonwasbl a e htoelp just onehi c wldeeho nds b to leneisted to,ee ndsbe to ecresp ated,ndde needo tbe c weoulde mak asuche hug di enfferce fnor a entire ragene.tion ep>> rr:orteea resshrch ows a dthirf o penarts areor wried th ley'lk looe likad bot mhers d anerfaths ifir thehi c hldas a me ntalea hlth obprlem. by ti wrindng a tngalkiut aboit , thehe ducsss iki looong t cehang th at. fi rsty lad mllichee obama,ho w s hatewritn ag blobo autta menl thhealue isss and teve.rans "y mounginds ermatt i"snd treing t inhe uk and u.s. e thwork in thisy ver fancy ronewsilom w clnuontie
8:08 am
>> k ellybico, ellaksthan so ch mu, llkey. > >>in comg up in nd"tre"ing, a ma nes los ale walt andet gst i ck bah wit a cdandi ssmeage. >> h youtoave seehi ts ttleer. h nte was thete whise hou but st inead he gets ul"fl usho"e. who jimmy fnallo iduntroced do nald trump to the tanners. and a virtualld worha tt ul co sdoon become aam ge changing rliea ttyoev rseerhe t feefs ct aofnggin oe thaibrn.
8:09 am
fa inscinatstg y.or incr leediber bladdpr tionotec no s w come with rean incdible do ouuble y rmo yne backar guteane. al isways discreet r bl for addeleaks d anriit's d ther oian pse. y ittrlo, itve or et d gblou eyo monur al ys wa erdiscov card.hey, ea i h grd youuys helpcan me fwithprotrog onecti? re, suelwe h p withd frauectiproton. if there are unauthorizedpurc s haser on youerdiscovd, car nyou're ever rheldibesponsle. yo e u arngsayiog "frpr tiotecon"? aufrd. .frog frd!au i k thinewe'ron s thepaame ge. d atr,iscove we t atre you like you'd treat you. d frautiprotecon. t gediit at .cscoverom. w thisr,inte veyou haow the po heer tal. us becaur pe yoasurche of seliva ineensint cvee loaronti, supp tsorhe v telase inhe ing alojprect. in u jo hs tollelp miions cri insis he heal t sirkin. bwehtroug h youtoere day gtoouet yner hopist onionab t ouisthew nar c. toee kthp uingssenbia d, rweedemov t alloghe los. fe liels bke amw. miremends it a l tlet biikof l ae anudi. , so cthissuar tspporle apppl caray. siri, open maps. sh tse ge it
8:10 am
veit eten mue s tho radiluntith ate sets bel b areeduckl. m i' cveryusuriot i isthth is 16e 20vy cheib malu. an sd it fellsor? sitrttaats we ty-nto twvefi. atwh? w ohow. ani meh witthall ecis toghnoly. atth g's achame r.ange cwhenteigaretng cravit,s hial n l i caabthink out is ng gettiief. rel n onlyteicoreti ha mins a te pa nted isfast-ding solvulforma. tartit s rs to elieve csuddenngs ne i owver kni' when needll ie hyat's wnly i osechoore niconitte mi. > >>re we'k bac at 8:11. ti orme ft' whasnd treing datoy. ev oderyby adrey? >> 's let do it. >> re we'oi g tngota srtit w h nbaby tameshis rnmoing. wh en w youereic pking namesor f yourki ds,ha wst wa itampornt? ad trn?itio >>il famy menas. >> ah ye. >> datomy.coed askhi ts es qu.tion wwhat pereeeoplhi tgnkinbo aut twhenhey pdicke the .name 60 ai% shed ty likedhe tnd sou of
8:11 am
i e lik .that % 27d saiil famy otros. 13%, ipinsdrey b crieleb otyr st hialoric refigu. th seyurveo als asked about this id fea oe nam listeang. ha ouve y heardbo aut isth? yo llu caib d osn ae namnd ae non y of fourdsrien or fyamilan c us hee tna me. >> oh, ahye. >> you e,agreik le you say- - slet' y sayouon d'tav h ke ids butsay, iik le the mena, kim, an oud yrou csin can'tam neir the kidsatth? >> fi delynite. y >>eou'rth on ree . cord ou>> ye hav c to ylaimourtu rf. >> insttere ing. e>> wte wando te namk nic be innjamer aft her dad,ut b her ersist had cedlaimbe innjam. t>> ihinkam fs iliemclai it. i no k fwdsrienho we livin di enffer ptartsth of ent coury wh reo a seup tthatir theri fend ro acss theou cntryed namhe tir d ki s theame inth g. i>> yf'roueos acrhes tou c,ntry it's. fine >> t'shere a 200e mil t.limi
8:12 am
>> ad i hle viod t anthen nn jeiferar gner aennd b ackffle st ole. it >> 57%ay st' is notl coo if you st aeal name. % 43e nam sinteal igsn't a g.thin >> s it't. no y>> bhe t way,os mt peeoplay s ltheyikera tonditiales namve or en trdy . ones e>> wov le theam ne -- i aslway ve lod somadin. ri sit wenco to elleg with ma ndisond a ,said oh, no. rl ma aey,ndas i wli ke, bob ma .rley no>> kgckinff o namesef lt and t.righ w >>ike ltre song i >>st wa a alche.leng >> st.rike >> iot g are gatew nk yorto sry r fo you ysgu. meet y.rile l heost hisle waltar ely at a nc co aerttnd i cinontaed 00$1 in ,cashdi cretar cds and his erdriv's license. the story h aasap hpy ngendi, so rt .of whistalle aedrriv ien thil ma. he amre cehe tte letonr althg wi
8:13 am
e,quot i foundou y wrtallend a iv dr ler'sseicen and ads.dres re heou's yrer cditds carnd a he otrmp intortast uff. bu het, t mandd as ,this iep kt theas ccah beuse ide need edwe. th e metro cardor f thewa suby usbecawee, tll,he fare is .7$25 no w. d an theetwallec, bauset' is ol co. jo enhey t rest of your y.da ymanon ous. oh>> y, m shgo. >> tishis aew nk yor story. on nly i nyoew rk. >> e het rdurne- - >> i acippreatehe tes honty. he h wastonesut abo h whyse wa in usheg tne moy. >> theerdriv l'sseicen ishe t rd ha test thingo reacple. i>> owkn. i >> loveow hsi he ignedt, t to. as>> w a grammy legend tdurne aw ayro f amn teaftyrpar? >> o>neth of ose mtni icoc mu ansicisf oll a meti, wneinrf o
8:14 am
ghenou to get sirau pmcl rtcayne toin amm gra ysafterparty. wheasep rteorydlur tdnewa ay fr aomol hwolyod nhtigubcl not once but twice. sir paul was heard asking, how vi dpo weot go t t?ge he was tellingng iginhe t simu,cian ,beck h whose wa thwi, weee nd an rothe hit. re hehe's tch catat, thty par, st hoed by rrappe tyga. ontt twityer, enga d hiedse wa hi bend thesn ub. s heaide h dtidn'no kwar mcctney s wa out t aherehend tig nubhtcl is sgayinau pcal mcyrtne was in th roe winng lte a w therong pa rty. ho>> w recas,t' isau pl cc meyartn! a >>ny rtpay. >> oh, sirty ga. n ext to ryaney rsnold and s hi new job, paapntre,ly rtenteenainmt reerport. heteinwsrvieug hh janckma about "e tddiehe ea"gle. d >>o you do all your own ti acng? >> s theex ensces, ith do em.
8:15 am
n myext qiouestsn im fro ake bla li vely fromew nk yortyci, new .york he eswrit, ghhu, ied trili calng oyou tnheho pne and youn' didt eransw. e ar s wetillee mting athe t lhotes thi afooternn. i 't done havuc mhe timec bause ry an is hgavin a nimai /ped from 3: to 3: o00 t .4:00 gi'mngetti a nimai./ped 'sthat irwed. >> anry'se wif iske bla velily. t no h ae but a she. nn fuy. >> ne> xt,my jim fall'senononfallak's tne o le"fulr e.hous" head h somhiet tngfio hell t le ro ofic mehell ertann,on d ald p.trum h>> iado tta syn ithe race. he ote,rwis the conlintou weld b in w the hhite ousen.agai i ,meanho wan wts teo se me sogthinm fro the'90s come back in 2016? i >>en th end,he t wholeam f ily
8:16 am
'sthatr youop prt sta for today, gu . ys t>>nkhayo u, now l'set get ahe cckf oeth we heat frm et>> lho's souw yt whae whave ggoinon . 'v weote g a bigys stemak ming it wsayo int ptheicacif rt not.hwes ershows,et strg chin sfromleeatt tallayhe w to lanos s.gele ey thd neehe t ,raino s git'sood ne ws. th roe fasnt hed mov off the st ea ernserdaboa sohi tngse hav edcalmwn do. lychilun aro tdhepp uerat gre slake but look how hot. s 90 intoou sntherif calaorni and hwsoutrnesteiz arona. 80 sou thr ghxates. w weillav he a leittl bitf o a cl rippe roacss,ri bgngin stonow gthereates laknd ats parf o rt nohern ohio. be fuautieal w ttherghhrou the gu colf ast. evenn dow into idflora. mp teurerat les aeittloo cler uthan.sual ywindth weaer inou snther li caiaforn. e tht heald bui ts in shethoustwe iono ntxates.
8:17 am
ha>> t yt'srou latest heweatr. c uomingp xtne m,din games. how video games may reverse the ef s fectof a fr t.ui tsnu. lksiooy sm dthchark olocate. verehel in tur pleas newe ofve doit fruut and n.
8:18 am
noi'm et thi. uyt. g. m i'dethe p sktoorsuppt stechviupersor. an cd mymeustonors k rwing ightenwhir theka pacarges .rive tr ininoducalg ree-timde ryliveif notioicatns. le morearn my at .cuspsom ch siobani 100mply . t it'sy he onlt grlighyoeek gurt wi ztho prererestivevas. t to lovelihis s fe ieto livit.. at.nallyur . ar d[cngrivi] in[engree g]vvin ar e[cinnge] ar s[cinpeed]g away e[carngine]
8:19 am
to ake trecaf bu onesiss d an ctakee arheof teo pwhple o matter most. so hen wuryoax r tunefarrid s,ve ke mago it it a lfutle rrthe w ctom elecs, roniomto hr,e deco t even,ires ge low t icpr on eserevhingytyo neu ed g to mete orfun out of your tax refund. lmar wat. a nivehoin-swer fisht i wathen... ap i itply my w to kiet sn. itoi murstesizwi nthsto kyicee fl. qui klicriy e nsf.of and i'm ready to go.
8:20 am
now to o suralpeci se,ries viling nglo,eriv lgin ttbe. er c>>thyn iias ckba. th istime, einxplaing whyt' i s an ything but game over when it co tmesno agi angin md. good rnmo ing. ou>> celd bd goone ws. is thwe ek,ve we'ak ten youo t ua ecdornd a indcela inur o se farchheor tre secfts o lgivin lo ngernd ain livge morea hlthy ve lis. y,toda ourou jrneyak tess u to an inamagiryor wld that mayel hp our agingra b ainsctng you ai agn. w >> aherere we? hi>> ts is inth anoer rlwod. >> heerre a yrou targets. i>>av h teoes rndpo ttho reed cr tueas,reo tat cch th. em r>>orepr:tet iay moo lk and sound like shiomet wnge nag our ds ki s totoppl g.ayin ee>> kpt i up. >> or repter: but a top neuro neuroscientist says this nisot just a game. he beliesve one day,t i could be more powerful thanny a drugn i lp heing agingin bras actou yng n.agai
8:21 am
ct doigor mriht wteou yut o a pr ipescr ttionlao pyid a veo ga me. >> hi i te'nk weell st ith in e next couple >> he tex ntou cepl aryes? >> i . do ep>> rr:ortera b tininraing ga smere a aealrdy aig b in rydust. st la h,mont silumoty paid a2 $ mi iolln stletenemtth to e defel raadtrcoe simmisoron f gg sungestiir the games could st oaveffem mory loss, dtiemena an d zhalr'eimes. msclai the cfd said thepa comny co nould ckt bawi up th iescnce. tbutomhe cpanys sayt ithe rriggef ohe tir research, though they've scdinuontihaed tt marketing language. at the university ofal corifani san francisco, this dtoocray ss he wtsan toea lve noou d tbt hat hisam gesea rlly .work oohe tkiv feea yrs toel devop on ame geal cledro neu cerar. hend ais hm teate tesdt i on do nszef oeo pepl bweeten 60 and 85rs yea. old >>oo lking forr you atybilio t stresi radistnsctio. >> or rep lter:ikehi ts
8:22 am
>> rg fongetting this or lngeavi e housethrees tim t forhee sam g.thin well. >> reporte ar:erfty the pdlaye ur neaco rhrer teeim tes aee wk r fo a h,mont theoc dtor saw me sogthin crinleedib. >>e w found that they prim oved rtheili abioty t mutalti-sk yo behend t levelf ove e n 20 r--yea woldshola pyed it a si vngle. isit d>> ion'tit s adrounor wgryin ou abtos ling my ndmi. r >>teeporher: tci sfientic me ga chr.ange i >>t's not snake oil. >> or rep iter:isn hk boo "s ermartan," des invtetigahed t ncscie oef binuildg browainper. >> notun jk ncsciee. th sere'io serorus woik gng on. f itinds tthaoi dnghe tseds kin b ofrainam g cesan somemetins, i somepe,ople bell reay lphel.fu >> so t'shereop he t forhe aging br ain? >> definelity .hope >> or repter:'t donus rho tthe app storeet yau bechese te gam n rsot
8:23 am
phe'snguttim theou throrgh me st tes. >> w we tantoo dhe t rrceseaho t al rerily bng coennfidce, to ermembf s o fthe aieldhend t bl pu tic, what ihentrr aivesn i th eirs,handhe tyno kwt' is go tingoo dha wt weay ss it' ggoino t do. >> reporter: he's developing new games, including one called byod nbrai netrair. ngmixiin brain traingit wh aym g rk woout. he s sayer afthr tee ntmohs, st tes swehod his ea47-ydr-ol ai brn prmerfoedor m leike a 20 r--yea old. ed>> meicin hasor wked soar h d and has done a g jreat aobt ngmaki l usive lo,nger but nglivige lonrit wutho linivg erbett j isustis m tsinghe main po int. w >>dohat do we ? >> ep rorter: as for mygi ang aibr -n- >> ou ye'r dngoi we.ll i n'doknt iow yfou pyla a lot of mega s. >> i've never pyela ad geam before. i' m a tunal.ra >> ep rorter: someday, it may be what the drocto deor red. f>> ieelrt smaer realady. >> ecperft. >> ayok. i >> l tovehe no. ises t >> i wasfun.
8:24 am
dtheroctoop h teso mt arkethe ga tomes ths s tseo thli pubhec wen h mp coslete his sts.udie the fda isva einluatgne o of his sgame a asat trement for hdad. heop h teshe g wamesbeill ovapprored f aimlzhe aer'snd de iament,s allweon, dae y. >>ry ang birds doesn't uncot? i >>'t donhi tnk so. t>> i lookse lik mario .cart >> n thee wl telur o ,kids't don thdo at. an ,ywaywa it uns f w andeed tri to gett i so you allld cou aypl. to opo tre secto tet lhe t "t "odayw sho arsnchoy pla with. >> ndremie mot n toet git wh you in a carn whe'r youebe hindhe t wh eel. pl g ayin gthatame. th ehn tecyolog is ciex.ting ha>> tyonk u. > >> cgomin up rrtomothow, vee fi gsthin n youtoeed w knout abo li ving ngloer. go od risees. k thanyou. >> et> lea's hdps ustair to ca onrsnd a risi. >> n oethop ticf o linivg nglo,erea hhilter lis,veer hse' my lelovy wi,fe ckioong u ap orstm.
8:25 am
classic of burgernd a frs,ie but these aren'tbarutaga. t >>llhat' bein comg .up ttlile ckioongo t hpelou yiv le a an>> da: 6 avwe hmee so anchroges g llin in evto n ada.>> m:ki tvihe ee denca li ttle inbit thesc breend ehins us a yo n u caclsee ouds ptoupack . bu att wh w youant noto kllw wi be ttold bo usr y ou ormeteisologt y.kell el>> k mly: coore ntnstaly veha d hahein t stpapl cou e of.days dwhenoes t lighand
8:26 am
nd wi.n ivelas whgas ere 60 eedegrr s fothe encurrt te atmperure. al ghthouki loot ng a i60n un mos tainedange, r d ou high da to y 80grde ees!wi s nd iinpick tg uph houg this rnafteanoon d toin the nioverhoght ilst wl t geana chorce f wet at wetoher t nighantod in mo to.rrow mo to hrrow70igh des,greeip a d t bustweill boll ave no frmal or th is otimearf ye. i kn tow i thinkom hosally id ea r,rlie ourcooldown is still pe tirfecon .here an>> da: 70?ho llw wi we sue rvivth at!so yedastery buwandy tntedo t geonout fbailg acinsix nifeloutes bt whahas ppen two ye ars ag ho atanis rn ch i nk buer , hillwehe oe s th ve gontrnmee morth1 an $iomilln iningrazesg fe h ande tohad an st d upthwier fedal enag ts.he l wilmareehin bbaind rs and en evlytuall wilxtbe eteradid re he ltoegas vo as tbahose t
8:27 am
new llpoor infonmati conincer ng th e deatmocrauic ccus. lo t ok a!that a slarim mwigin th hiy llar toclin n at p40nterce d an iebernde sanrs 47a ce pernt. ev neeryoou is t erthine dog ei thr inth sg ondaatury. w wecoill uentin veco rrage ight herewsne 3. >> a: dano sopwe hu e yowa ke up h witthe wa'sgneror tomrow mo g.rnin hj loas a liheadshner ow he re on l theas s vegap strishand e bwill te onhe tot we llwie havmuthe st the
8:28 am
8:29 am
er avsoy al u'yooore lngkingt at > >>t lasht nig ist wahe t cast oful"fler ho"use. d an nitoght, de"shasf o blue" th wien jrnife z.lope th seco welmesl wilfel.rrel wne "tigonht show" with jimmy fall.on >> > moinrng, erevodyby. >> g>d oornmog,inev yoerne, everyone,t' i s308:, dnwedaesy, brferyua7 1th, 2016. great to have you along with us. ni dceay on the azpla.
8:30 am
is th week. wtheereath isic ne t.ou >> b tyhe time wte geo t ethend of theekwe,ou y'lle b vi shg.tzin atby syurdawi it ll be autbo 55. >> om> cuping s thial hf ho,ur rfromngeadiea hesdlin toin makg em th. aal locv tew nsho ancrpe onsp u r fofithe tirst bome aheut t st miakeha tted end heree carr an owd hti hitng rockot b tom idproved a fatoundion to foreinrm hgryur li.fe >> > rrmi,or mrirro oen th llwa, who is thevi elist ofhe tm all? we e hav a salpecine sak peak of the star studded castf ohe"t hu smntan." >> siri is in t khechiten for us, she's gote som idingreents th ouat c hldelp addea y trso yourlife. >> t' tha gs aood rgbuer. > >> nott justh ano ery,da ysgu,
8:31 am
we e'riv lghe riw t noon ay"tod f"'sooacebkpa ge. 's hein takg a nap rightre the. u' yoetll g a bdehin thece snes ur tof o ourtu sdio and t aagnglo thwira wleng orence hak weses .up >>ak we !up >> om ce on,ra wr,nglee wakup! ay>> l down. .stay >> allghrit. le gt'set ahe cckf othe at weher. s intartitg wh y,toda were a ok loating wetth weaerro fem th ci pa nficweorthst allhe tay w into calentrnd a euaventlly ut sohern licaiaforn,it w whindy nd consitio. 'r weooe l aking stomeno s aws a ip cl cper aomess cros gthe reat s.lake flook sorinunshe adroun the gulft.coas il chliert athe atmid-iclant esstathe, tw snoxp eandsnt io e thki rocndes a scca.ades we eat wthernt iouo snther li caiaforn. nd wi iyn the calentrat gre ai plndns aw snoro aundhe t great la kes. hisunsrone a und,herent pley of su nenshind aem traperetu s
8:32 am
of the cryountnd a sdipreang ea st. reyou' ait l btledehin for le vae'ntins day, apl cou e of ys da. 's itwf aully ceni. > >> t andshat' yourat lt es atwer,he nsmoieur leday. ke ror.
8:33 am
inwedd wg,"vee haar pedtnerh wit "m y bigat f greek wngeddi 2" to gi ouve y theed wding ofr you msdrea. ll te y usour orsty,nc iluder you fa ,milynd aay mbee' wllho ceos you for our bigat f "t"odayw sho dd weing. but to datom/y.coinweddgs. tdon'ge forto tly appef bore fe rybruath 26. go luod ck. >> ow> n ato s tryhatse rais the qu onesti,ho s ouldneta miske fi dener you feli? tit'stohe sry of aoc lal tv ne wsnc a ihorn tucson, ara,izon tu ac aally woman iap hpen to kn ow. fo urea yrs agoci maraqu vasez ma de ari ter sbleplit sdecon ci de,sion afteree flinghe t supresresf ong agi in an du in tstry phatuts a pumremi on h.yout sshe'er nevke spoutn obo a iutt un lti now. >> or rep fter:5 or 3s,year mars
8:34 am
cs tuon, ara.izon lo beved. i er expedienc itir fndstha rk wo wingith her atal loc at st ionkvoaly ear in my recaer. ch anor? >> a illctuay loved the sp rebionsility ofnf ingormi op pele. mforet i kwasofind aob jt tha i t fele lik i was born to do. >> he wn'r youeth in eub plic ey eoe, ppleec exptou yo tay alws be ata cerin y.wa ho dw di you meanag atth? ne>> oth of ine thhags twat i s kn fownheor wnas i wth on eir a was for my bigle smi and my ar hety uglah. an d iid dha tet thve ery day. uti pha tt on every dayn eve iwhenas wn'tau lgghin or insmilg in, sideusbecakne i ew th asat wjo my b. r >>teeporr: w theanear ard te a ofar ceern ithe pcubli eye be gano t take itsl tolnd as mar sh ah ia am beceae f orfulf lgosin the b jo >> i rbeemem srgayin to my,self
8:35 am
th onat lgo s c ian startbe to de iaprected. m i'g goineato lveef bthore ey st eartgdgine m out. i dndi't. idi dn't do it. iandis wh i d.ha >> t thang briss u to farebruy .2012 ll te mebo aut that day, what ha edppen. >> h iadn beey ver depressed aboutha wwat sng goi on at work. so ien wt to thel malnd a i htboug p aair of oeshs, sedhopp ou ar gnd,ot some stuff. thand en i took a bl.ouse oki to a top. d an i wdalke out. danhe t sretoua grdam ceer aft me a hnde idsa, d yid kouwno atthou yav he thatyo in ur g?ba d anth at oiat pnt iss gue i d coul shave oaidh, my d,go do i? eai mont t payor f it, i btough es theth oerng thi bsutt ijust sl dippe myndmi. aii sd to him,ye s, i dono kw th t'at is erthe. he idsa, y areoiou gong tay p forit? i said, ,no d i ton'think w iant
8:36 am
d an so thereeg bany m tmnighare. >> or rep ater:ndt iwas. meimatdiely newsep rorts of her op shinliftncg itidene wer er evreywhe. at thlo fol wingaymond, w sheas ke asd to re.sign hy>> wo dthyou ink you acted t ou iatn th way? d it'toesn seemou y crctharaer at l. al >>no. ini thhak ttus i jt wdante to stophe t dnmaess. nti waoed t stopy m haunesppins. an dd it idn' hknowow tdoo t i my .self ini th kk inew deep downn i my theart tha if ipl shodifte thsome ying,noou kusw, jt like y anrothe crime, w yououldos le your job. so te insfad oay singdb goooye t oa kvnd a hgavin a lovely re fa awelloind dtng i the right y, wat' thaes th i way did .it an d iil wleg r trettha until the da y i e.di r >>teeporr:th marael f ilanto ep dere depn,ssio l notngeavi her ho orme f hsmont, not even ge gttin h offer uccoh. >> re depnssios ihi ts avhes,ines
8:37 am
li kere the's nout solionyo to ur leprobikm, leou y might asel w l justnd et i all. d >>ouid yl fee icsu?idal >> iho t aught boutit. i ththougut abo, itec bause i ghthoutha t mtugy dahterou wld be te betrff oit whout .me usmy hband would cinertaly be be otter wffutitho ,meec bause he couldin fdom syebodha tt sn wa't a lishop.fter ithislls ang goi i onn my head. ep>> rr:orteal fintly aer h sb husand' essugg,tion the filamy mo dvero fmuc t tsonoas wtohingn st ate. sh oue sghtel hp from a hipsycstatri andnt eveyuall a pn hyraothe.pist t>> ie gav meac bky m lf seee-estm. h itdelpee mo t fveorgi lfmyse. at thhe's tce pie of the peuzzl i nhadot b yetabeen o le tput to ergeth. w >> ihen see youor befe ,me you ar hee tar m ithae havay alws n,knowl ful ofe lifnd a joy and a bigle smi a and big uglah. oudo yl fee tthhat isce pro isss wh elat hpedou y getha tt ckba? >> i .do asit w s the tparkhahat de gon
8:38 am
ep>> rr:orte f now yourears te lar,ar mtha isk bac iner h tohomefwn o tu,cson ara,izon ok lo fingrdorwa tope oning a hy hepnotrapync fra ohisef her n. ow i>> washe eitoir go ng tgoom he wi th my tailke tucetd bweeny m le gsr os i wag gointo goom he d anw sho peeoplt tha what ha edppenme to ou cldpe hapn to ev neeryoha, tt t i awas mie,stak that we all make miesstak, that on ade b cerhapt does notak me e thle who y.stor th asat wpt chaer 7. ni'mow onpt chaer 8 or 9 and mo tvingdsowarpt chaer evwhater. w >> ahatat gre y.stor ishenk thil wil giveo sy man op peoule crageer phapso tdo me sogthint tha tvehey'an wted to do. t'>> issu unual umcirccestans, bu t i think a lotf o peeopl can la reote t notea dling with th ingst tha m bightppe hagenin si inde,in actgut oa in wayt tha dwoul be uecnexp etedveno t th em. mo st rtimpoy,antl s shehows a gr ulacef way .back >> ha wst wa it like foryou, so dymebo whore g uwpch wating
8:39 am
>> ich watered hwi grong up in cs tu ton, whenree we cogulleaes. wh hien ts ppha,ened iri toed t ac reuth o to r.he it wasus jto sar hd. t bu t ihink the mgeessaha tt she re edceiv was atthu , yo,know u' yootre nin defed by one g,thin fyourdsrien willay alwots l of you. and'm i ryvery, veud prohe of r of . >> t' isat gre that's sheng doi sol wel now, sheer desves a co sehand cnce and a new rtoppoy.unit cnowerhaptnd 8 a 9 areoi gng .well nd>> a t noto judge sneomeo on th weirorst y.da ay>> m well aot n b jed udgethat wa y. c g ominup xtne, aew n take on c theiclassal tef o"s now it whe."
8:40 am
8:41 am
"t he nthu".sman >> 'r> wecke ba8: at .42 h wea ave k snea apeekhit a ghly an paticifited itlm wloh a t of pstar. ower
8:42 am
y stor cthatameef borehe t si clasle oc taf "snow itwhe." tkatyotur g the ce hancalto tk to the c tast,aihe f orestemf th all. t'>> ifas a tairy oule y're pi hoorng fep, pryoare lfurse for so uc mmoh .re >> reporter: yes"t, hhetsunman: erwintar's wha" evs yternghi, rethste rong female charteacrs an rid chmss heh.wort y >> woul ilcobe mmehuy smnt. an >> ep rteor tr: thee imbefore sn hiow wte. o twilev sis,ster the ice queen and rovina, threaten the land th wikn daress. w>>hae mveh uc dto so,teisr. >> e wllwiri b fngr.ea r >>teepornlr: onty hu esmanric and his secret lover, rrwaior h,sara s canthtop em. >> i thinkou y a lllook >> ksthan. a >> lot ofpe comontitih wit wohemsinrth r theoom. >> he'she ttt pre oiestemf th l. al >> ir mr,roir mr ro ton whe all. ho>> w geverthets rre miilor wl u beppnsto. able
8:43 am
i >>wht's ouat y f getoror wking th wiee thrls gir. >> 'she sopy hap. h so.appy 'm>> id tol ait'stl litsse le rk dan thaw "snoe whitthand e nt hu."sman >> e' wveot gws cla s and.tuff it ar's dctk, ay.uall m>> i iean, -t iser- thmoe's re mo hur. thi 'sink its not a, yedarkah. >> ar what goe you to ding o, ta oketwo n ileviste s ars nd eithentir arermy? >> pretty much. i >>a t's uepreql. p >>elrequth to que seel. ckbato s tryt ha cmyctharaer in th rse fie,t onn whe the'sngalki s towhnow abite t ous hifewi, 's itli filn ng ie thosksblan. al whso, there nte hu csmaname fr om. o>> ihance wid a fe. t i leouher mt ofghy sindt, a e shgowas ne. ou>> yy plawithe hafe t t we he abard inout l themoast vie,
8:44 am
f>> aw elloswhunt womanngorki tin ahey rm fofyare. 'm>> i o theueld qen. er tha e's onnew w.e no >> y areusou j et asvil? d>> i kon'tifnow j i'masust il ev. er tha e's basad tock so ry twhy e shmebecoo s whisshe a ands cr l ues hae shis. it g's a vreatinillapl to ay. m >>aven hrge fon otte iwhatt anmes to be o >> dfeyou lel atlitbie t ma inybe datimibeted e causyou re webe so ablievvily e tl inhe la nest oic, whcah i lyn on inimagane meu's yoikre late th r inlieal fe? i' stm judi kidng. i >> n wasuservo. ch iarlize meas son. h >>, ello mi'ved isse you. ou>> ym seee to bnghavioo a gd me tiea alrthdy, ure foyo of u ng haouing t. l>> ifaove y.ntas
8:45 am
e >>iaspecpllly g ayineea qun, yo mpu vaup it i andsot's . fun >> yo if gu do to toubhe p nitot,ghou yho sd ulowshp uin th ouese s.tfit >> then we'll get to the pub. >> reporter: you've been r foda "to"y, ktuaty bcr, ns, new onlond. i >>dincrecable st. >> h. yea am g.azin t >>irhe fasst wat gre. " >>huthe anntsmom" frve unirsal hi hets ts aterprin ail. up next, fgeorart yoe u arsmr teanth f athifra gr?de e aru yoremoty sshliha tonn e? th 10e ea-yolr-tud inrnfrg om
8:46 am
8:47 am
fi trst,ishis da "ton y" onbc. > >>re we'k bac at 488:. h we aavery stof o ang you sh faionig desnerin makg quite a sp olashen thsc e,entt ainractg te atnntio h forerle sty and h ag e. ta ithnto pee hyr coetme p
8:48 am
gndesi is noll sma etfe. fy ifs iot nou y argevera gndesier. af terst conyantl bedullior f her si ize, cffyamep u with a cr veeati t wayo red.spon byat cre hing oerwne lin of hiclotng w ihichdencluuss pl ze si tfouits. to op t ttha off,hi ts kid has unfo hderay wow no teth >> ep rteor ar:tew nyo 'srk fa nshioek we, theun rways sh seowca thewosrld' top no ow,nesh freac fe ispi jumng into the >> tlielnge mow h gdoo i amt a iofashn. r >>teeportr: at jus 10ea yrs ol d, egypt, who goes by "iffy," isak mgin hereb dut ashe tnl oy ilchd designer dressing curvy lsmode. e' shsin lovveg eecry sond of .it >>om simetes i get my mol'des id sea w andeee agr on itnd a i ma ke . it ep>> rr:ortey iff began
8:49 am
re edpeatully b aliedt hoscol, of btenseecau h ofer zesi. i >>as wbu d.llie they cdalle mell a kinds of na on teeim w iasbb staed w aith nc peil. >> or rep iter:ffyec d tidedo gh fiact bitk w hherre citativy an d angrhedmot r'ssewing inmache. >> s sheedtartak mingog d wsith a sengwi edne.le eshta sedrtes dniignglo cesth and sketinchg. r >>teeportr: in' wasont l g rebefo iffy wasra tdingul bglyin fo r sibu,nessy b lhiauncng ch ubbyline, whichhe s describes as briinnggfr aicao t ama,eric on ees d aignt a time. >> when iee ser h line, i see a refututh in e fhiason >> fashion ,weekse to e h aert 10rs yea old, it fel so great. >> or rep hter: terdshreare a for l alpe shands a zesis. iffy loves tore shaer h irinspingas fshionh wit ev neeryo. i >>e lik how you can tein ract with brfaics. ge t new eaids.
8:50 am
me agss tethaak mesy iff stand t. ou i >> tdurne nivegatett aonenti to in pivositete atn.ntio [ auapplse ] >> ay oke', w arell ine lovh wit he r. u yo thaveo admit, the tienre ti wme ias linearnbog auter h st iory,t kepnk thiingut abo yo besnce'g son "ftiormaon." st ayss clay and letou yr sssucce oube yr verenge. he usr bsinesel mod is the ngreve te onhe llbuies. w, no's she aol re modelor f a bu onchidf knds a uladts, ho lynest. r >>yeall nttaleed. >> e lovher. >> it's ane o name g,thin. too .iffy i'm? >> .cher yo nou kouw y b'reign wheou y ve ha onename. she's so tecu. >> re gat orst y. p une ,xt canur brsgeav se yourfeli? stju kiinddg. bu ctanhe ty hpelou yiv le nglo?er 'lwe fldinut ohe wne woi jns. m
8:51 am
8:52 am
rs fihit, ts is "tayod"n o >> e'> w breackt a 538: with to fday aoodars p otf our lgivin lo ,ngerin livget bter se.ries we e havec ripes that aren't just li desciou f but oullf in iegred tnts mhatayel houp y live erlong. siri lyda ise herh wit two types hofhyealt bus.rger go odse to eyou. >> d goo teo se u.yo w >>vee haur oti tas ngcrew, wn dorsstai. i >>es h ien th ?cage >> no,ot n ien th cage. be ?fore
8:53 am
>> we'reng doi cheaickp erburgs. >>e' wre g toingo add n,cumi sa ndlt a pe,pperan cil atrond ga .rlic anwe w tt poulse itil untt i re sache a stpalie-ke isconsy.tenc i >>er nevno koww hg lon to kwhisse the up. oh ut, pt i onhe ter oth way, reyou' ngsayi. m i' lpheful,n' aret i? >> t ioe d'tsne tak long. e se i howt rblesemest tha ns concistey? en thre we'ng goi to reemovt i tfrom ahereutnd p itn i a .bowl d ade somromushanoms d otcarrs. d weeso thepe selaratoy se w can dgetreiffent urtextes. it'spa.stey u yoan wt to tryhe tid l again? >>e tak two. >>an c s youwapuyo s the waptavege.bles veremoos the. w nore we'ng goi to addhe t kpchicea mreixtuth to e ieveggs. y doouan wt tob grahe tgg e?
8:54 am
an d some nkpao. 'r weoie gong t mix itll a .up th wisill maker fou erburgs. >> y. oka ve>> orer he h, we tave hem adalrefoy .rmed gi'm toing aoddhe tmo ts thi ho t leskilt. t ge thell skiet hot sot idd as th ceyrisptu texore tou yr erburgs. po imt rtan vin aeeggirg buer, pe eslycial. >>ar cson aedssur me offhe t air th arese eae grrgt buers. he 's agh tou iccrit. >> wead me them the other night. it's fatintasc. >> itet gits kr by sssp criny o the ouetsid usbecat'e is ymushn othe si inde. >> k bac ,hereha we ve shmuroom d anen ltil erburgs. we e hav romushoms, les,ntil rc woreste w --hich ill sti't don ow kn howo tay she trd wo. y >>oule naid it. oni dno't k hwow to say it. >> ise puld tsehe ithn e fdoo esproc tsorkeo mam the nefi. th sis i a cdoole xtmiure.
8:55 am
>>e,twick bac to ckba, wow. >> wceorerst sae.uc >> e' wlldd a theoo cked ntleils, an endgg are bad csrumb ag ain. >> sarimilro pcesso ttheer oth one. >> acextly. >> r all. ight he>> t'ln wex l mi thatup. mi tx iit a l tle bit. >> . sure h>> iave twoge burrsoo cking .here nseveut mineres pid se in aot h sk t.ille th en -- >>taru. baga >>ou rteutaabagie frs. >> l tel mebo aut . that >> in' didtno kwou you cldoo ck th wi taru.baga >>t' i sdecilis.ou li ke a sweetot poat fry. >> all ghrit. d>>blouemb thups udo aiwnstrs. >> , oh yes!
8:56 am
day mo g,rnin hahuppy g ntinto yoeverutne ore the.>m:> ki d anif yoveu hard hea thed ba adball of avheunen bn dy o st n epheercolbw t no ihes insinge g thhojailwause s. wet go ywordrdesteay hthate g is toingo mareehin bbaind rs rein o e e judgeddeni thebi ll ye dastery. cothe orurt ngderith nde buy ma rein be bhindbears e caus ey thwo're d rriehe bis at righ .risk he es facrg chaf es onscorapi cy ov erthis standup and defel ra of cifis alneand tvadawo s year an hed kland n eimay bund to sp thend ste re ofis hif line pr iison if hes convicd.te >> da hna: lle wi be exittrad ed he o re ts las vegaprabesum ly wi thine thngcomis dayweoreks nt mohs. w hefaill ce archheges re th noising a notn six lofe iniesn all.>> : kiml wele if hs come down ersoonhe ratanr th laweter ve ha lcweweome r athefor m.hi mofor n re oatthe herelis k ly. > >y:kell a were okloating me so typrete nicheweatr. t no justdatot y bur latein the we s ek a.well ahereurre c rentmpteurerat
8:57 am
ead ou t. hr pa59ump re deges, ovnow 0 er 1 inlookg 8 at 5eedegrs. a were ngseeiew a fe moroucl ds th haan w t we ihavee n th past dafew rtlynnsundy consitio wins bwille ckkiuping e latth is af ooternton in e thnioverbyght y'todaghs hil wil0 be 8 eedegrs. we swillttee aa end opdr mo to arrownd y wind awith an chce sofrshowe. bet greawiand th y'kellves sen y daovn er ialmandouay y're kithin0 ng 8out th yere,o ou g to thace be hh toave acoutbk. d >> ana:th rat's.ight in gog. ey th obpr dablyo. d ana canew g llinernumbs asreleimed h we knhaow te t th ca usuc fes tor hecrdemoarats e mi cop ng uon rdsatu w ernumbles re, asedarhilly in clton wi oth aoine pnt lead bovere ernisas.nder thisd coulitgo ewaher y on
8:58 am
8:59 am
easp okinglkf ta t his morning on "tayod 's take," access denied. ilwhpae mularcctney was turned aw oayn mussic'ge bigstht nig. > >> byba, you canri d mvey a moremleab calrpooar k aoke ntmomeh wit sia. and fred miarnse whit a zo""anolr de"" lalha t at mndeor cinomg up a>>ounnernc f:mro nbc wsne, this is "tod'say keta w," aithl
9:00 am
isget andam tnro llha, leiv fmro st ioud 1an i rkeocllfeer >> oo gd moinrng. it w'sednesday morning, february 17th, 1620. i' m weillih wit al, nieatal and mr taon. we e hav aat gre crowdth on e az pla. is th m isyni morng jam. tgrea song. " os "l bers"hey tee wkend at feg urininlabrth. ge het tan cle vonersi ifou y're inplaytg ih wit dski, is what i' ll say. > >>e ther is ashwnowdo benetwe e applthand i.e fb eda f jeraludge hasrd oered ap tpleelo hphe t fbi lounck the ph oonef seran binnardsso ma oo shterye sd okfaro. th auieorityis tro ng t ifill8n 1 inmissing mutes ofoo farknd a s hie wif shta'sfeen wabhere outs heon t day. th epa comny sitaid 's co atoperingh witthe fbiut b
9:01 am
co okai sd thete uniatd stes go mevernasnt han demdedle app ta nke a unedprecdente step, wh ichea thrtenshe tec syurit of ou r omcusters. we oepposhi tser ord whichas h icimplnsatio farey bond the le cgalase at ndha. co olok td cbs's "60 mis"nute in de ercembt thani opengho psne to th ove genernmtes maks ull a vu ablnerle. he wre's hhatsae id. >> n o yourrt smaephon today, ur yo neipho, t'shereik lely health informatn,iohe t'sre fi ncnalia rminfon,atio and you sh houldave thebi ality to ecprotitt . othenly way we knowow ho t do at th is to cren yptit. y wh is that? 's itau becfse ihe tre's a t wayo getin,he t snodomebily wlin f d a way in. >> cabasi tlly, cimook andle app e ar yisa wng,eon d'tan wt to nbegi tolo expre thea ide of inhackntg ioac a br kdoousbecae en tht' thauts oer the. e thhn tecyolog tsexis. i >> ct'sinreatg aas mter key of en ticrypon. >> gh rit. l aot oopf peatle which td s an csay,an't you geto intthene o
9:02 am
sof u at risk? at th's thek bacfoand trthshat' enhapp ing now. t'>> is sarimilo tt whaenhapped af ter9/11,it weh th nv cotiersaveon oher tri patot ac t. w ho a faroure yil wling to ?go w ho omuchouf yr setycuri? as re a ,sult wern leaed a l ot amore tbouthe ansha tn we as am anericans w ttedhem to do. evwhater youhi tfnk o snn,owde w hearas pft o ongpeni e ouryes to at th. reinteg.stin t >>ovhe genernmst iic basally rr wo aiedbout buinilt- sitecury ft soware thatou cldo autet dele al hel tat da on thene phohe wn ey th t tryock cra it. en thy' theutre o for good and ca gn'tet the imanfortiony the ed ne. t inonhe mthsat l berut ien th lemidd of an stinveioigatfn, i u' yore tgryino tck tra sodomeby do wn. >> t ifhey couldak t tehe phone ys phlyicalbi, f enaggots, to pl apate, wchve oemr thle whi ey thit do g and tive phehone ck ba. i >> nt'shaot tt mpsile. 'rtheye wedorrit tha nott jus the fbi, what t ghenmover centan do. ri ght w,noou yay mru tst the go mevernnt. te ean yrors fm now, you may not
9:03 am
e throtheshish oos ihesu, ise oncs it' ea cr wted,sho ing goi tote proct thatcrseet? n cachthe e ines ahacketnd g the in atformion? it 'sen pottial ttshrea te iniornaty,nallth is poeir int. >> pl ape, i t, hinkarthe ntgume c islylear untaderslendab. t bu ink thith in e casehe wre u yo hadro tersristn ithe trcoun ly, a ootfeo pplek loot a it that way and say, ahye i,t ou sheld b -- ha>> tst wa q theiouestner aft 11 9/. >>an i cl tellayou w ensfort fo enenrcemnt i y nework a nd rothe bigit cies feely theon d't t ge ehnougpe cooratero fem th si colivan lley coiempans. e thpa com aniesrete progctin th ouat y c aremeustofirs rst. he>> t are's lot of crsonvenatio ggoin a on boutisth,nc ingludi mark erzuck. berg e'>> weeve bnch watingop pe an fr wcis,sho iis vgitin 's it a siyx-dap tri toic mexo. ea rrlies thiek weou, yaw s the hitoucngeo vidf o him wngalki wn do the al-- fthrom elt andar a
9:04 am
it a was tinouchg memont. eryest wday,awe st wha became a etensme mont, aclytual. theon ptiffs i oneho wes lik to lyreal get in wthith e csrowd an urd sdroun hlfimseh wit lepeop, a ss weeraw h te inhe un siteds tate hwhensie vited. op pele. un unforty,atel s thetiituaon se lemed iikeott git a l otleut of an hd for m.hi whe aasat wtees rncity, greeting the fsant a tshi enopir-a uyoee s trehe aer pnsoea rinchg ov terhear bcaride and pliulng at his he cshraes into a mann i the ethop pe got a ltlite peedev , icwh ihhi tnke wan c all understand. he's 79 years d,ol o,toei bng pu edllnd a ykeand oton aer pnso ain whhaeelcir. heic basally ,said't done b isselfh. at whro's witng wh you? bstop seingo isselfh. rlcleandy uanerstedabl int tha mo .ment yscar t forerhe psonn ithe wh haeelc ir, too. d>> i ton'thinkt iwasut abo hi m. i nk thiwa he s li wke,atch out fo isr thso per tn inhe
9:05 am
i >>nk this it' f the tirstime we saw p theloope isse hl cooa li bttleit e.mayb >> o tte proct onsomee. >> s it' a rioeactn i think any of w usould owsh. w >> leovehi ts no>> a gthereuy we lovn o the pr m ograwhole calnd ie her fo be re,ceprin. ofco.urse pwhenerinc takes a partsspo ot pho. t heedweets thi out. pr inceog rers lsneon. >> th is luat be l?stee >> s it'e gon ravil. ashe h the ,afroe has h the ch .eeks ashe h it allng goi . on >> ianme, theur psed ,lips the wh oleg.thin >> w thehat ?lips >> ur psed lips. >> itks looe lik ifot's r a ph oto ph hootosot. >> itro pybabl s.wa >> 'm i suret iwas. >>y onlnc prioue cavld he a popasshort pto like atth. w >>sho ile coo trhant tha guy? m i'ac r mkingy aibrn.
9:06 am
lstee m fory sspaport photo. cyou san't mileane,ymor ghrit? >> h you taveoav he atr neual pr exonessi. at tho's s rdha. i >>k loo ilike'mma gricingr o ilikeo'm s angry. >> ik loo like iho s'tuldn be t le in coieuntrs. ne mi is keli d,on't let her in. the pemrobl , is'sit pblrobay tiligh ang,s .well wwhenere me mlsorta o getur pa rtsspoe', wn re othe .wall no light, no nog.thin >> heas hic ne inshadheg, t ewholng thi. >> ntcongouri. do i knn't haow w gt'soing on th ere. mo ve on. so s thi ctaugh ouren att.tion eamazviing ofdeo ig a hlyh f ing dunk inroute. th sis ier libty eruniv'ssity soar stminiry. th ixey m actirobacs, am trnepoli -- >> !oh s >> ithat crazy? >>en ctral bstanti ch.urch 'sthat a church i want to go to. i >>t's in viiargin. l >> aookt that,ak bres the
9:07 am
>> p dro themic, right? ve>> edyryboy, sa amen. ybever odyy,sa llhaaheluj! t >>ghhrou thelegs, too. bam! >> edincr.ible oo>> gved mo. t >>huhe crche wedneo t tgoo an vid t,si viinrg. ia w>>thao du yovehaoi gng on, mr.r?roke w >>e'reoi gng tour o febackoo llwan iethra oeng omro. it's day 16 of our 25 days of give ayaws. th iis asre gat pre.iz we e'vot g adi norcck trae bik om fr arses,or wth .$600 w weant youo t go to bofaceomok.cay/todta's ke. yo su'llee atu picfre o it. cyou lanikes u and rteegisro t wi n. t' les seeow hy manpl peoee hav ke lid .us 27 0.5,00 'sthat, what, 0021,0 upm fro rl ea fier, romstyey.erda 'sthatre ptty .cool ewe'rsi clongn i on 30000,0. le st'et l jnnohyac bkp u heer fesa,ly c oura amerguy. pl easeo g to
9:08 am
wife go et t00300,mo0 to, rrow ontamrs say youan c goou thrgh he r rdwa. robe >> no, i di. dn't um>> rmage tghhrou it. i >>n' didayt s that. , no no, no. ri los say it isat nliona act of ki ssndneda y. d di k you nowatth? d>> iid not. i said as an actf oin ksdnes -- y >>lou'l letpl peoe gohr tough yo ur waberdro? >> f i we hit a llmi ion. ha>> t st'sico nef o you. , ohgomy sh. >> oo> ltk a ,thiset j amstre, ywap u ttho e noh.rt asunselyonal mild heweatr. ibposslear p otsef thou sstthwe se eingrdrecos. ph x,oeni 91 grdeees. ilamar lo,78. da ,llas 74. mo to,rrowk loo a ttheor recd pl .ains t 255o 3eg dreesbo ave eravage. id fr ay,!boom ok lot a ,thisle cndvelau', yore at 51. li rttleock,0. 7 asdall, 80 grdeees. on rdsatu tay,he heat cnuonties to e mov east. yonew cirk ty,54. jasockilnv,le 75.
9:09 am
le st'ee s m howpeany wopleaant wa ge intt goscle! th 'satha wst'oi g ong anunro d eth cotruny. rehe'sre w >> t >> w areine gorog thugh? >> r youetclosni is asce, l. wel abhow thout is? 300,00 n0,ieatal -- >> o oh,h!
9:10 am
t >>e.ouch ha>> wmet coous aroend gs ou arnd. >> c youoman c me toosy clet. vei haee threk derer jet sh t- airtsoxnd b ers. g >>y entl. used d >> jerek teterrt-shis? ol>> hrees ath in em. >> co> ngmip, u a little quiz. yif'routre ngyio toiavead ngti occhatol ie,its or mfee efe ctiv , tohia, tbonk aheut t occhatol be,in, thouk abt me sointhelg ose cr,te, ll uryo nselfo ot tk thint abouthe ch atocole? >> t what abouonoptiea d, e t th olchocate? >> ll we' revealhe tan s,swernd a ve gi youtrat ssegieel to hp you ck kibd your ha food .bits camedit re parcrd presons,iptilg wasareens rpys, cad die meem. e seizy the da mto getoutore l ofd ife anremedicat d. par st s juh witcgrto waleens or fin savgs th beat'll ig the hht hlig yofy.our da pr now w eviecothe f st o yourcopay before you fill.
9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
ot sohe yeloursthf wifoout od." . su gsan,moood g.rnin oo>> grnd mo ing. el>> hlo. >> re we'ng goipl to gay aame. he hre'souow yy. pla oeachu f yoa has deblend r ana ce nipl disf ay othhealody fo and un thhealody fo. w >>ow. t >>swo an merquy tiess,onou y thavekeo taan a h, dfulitput y inblour r,endend bleup it and ci'llonall i youu f yod blenit rs fit. he sre i the ictrhek, t loseras h to nk dri r'thei ts atndhe e. o >>oyh, b. >> okay. yo adu rey? y >>eah. >> ch whiyo do t u ealethe ast of .f of a, p reds,latebl b, laue ptes c,or, te white plas. >> t jusitput in? >> te white plas. am>> tron! ed>> rte plas. a >>llctuat'y, id s reesplat. 'sthatau bechese wr n oun brai se hees tor col, redwe maautollticaopy st. yo ewur nit habyo is n u ca tu ac gallyidet rth of ite whe pl aatesatnd e o offd f re esplat. or a innapk, y couane hav a
9:15 am
in tlstanloy souw y wndo. rteffo tless thing.o do tiqueswoon t y, ife ou'rngtryi voto ahoid ctecola i, isttt beer to t, a, ahink cboutlahocote. t b, ahink sbouthiometlsng ee. ab chout atocole? go . i >>go'll h witlinatae. >> t whab?was re mminde. t >> ahink sbouthiometlsng ee. t >>s hat'it. ur>> ost firti insisnct sa to y, t don'k thint abouolchocate. bu ent whth we abink out oc che,olatwa we t nt i. more >> ht rig. in>> fmed soer othtr disonacti. >> t thariwas ght? ka>> oy. hi>> te s onriis tcky. w >>arhat u e yongmakill, wiie? >> d you won'ttoant e. mor >> yo do t u ea, moreita, s ting t onouhe corch, ki walhing wle yo t?u ea al>> w wking yhileatou e. s >>ngittith on uce coh. ? no
9:16 am
lk wa ying,enou t ed toorat me. th e re,asonpl peohoe w atee fiv s time cmorelahocote wheny the wn do. t >>'shereli no iquidren he. >> li wilepe ketts puing ev hierytn ng ie.ther c >>osheetcu, cus.mber t >>'sheren aer intngesti di ysplang goi o inn e.ther h->> uhuh. >> t nextiqueshoon, ngw los doe fo rood p yvideitou we h th feel fgoodngeelier aft e yout?at i is th it miree s,nute m tenesinut ? al >> m tenesinut. a >>llctuat'y, ilys onee thr teminus. 's itll reay ale fg etin riexpe.ence nyourabew hs it inethe imxt te u' yoatre esoing inmethemg, rind seyouritlf, oi's go ng tbe re qally.uick nd fiet som ehingthlse ivat ges yo beu a btter. oost t >>foime e r on.more h >>weere go. i ohavene. le cht's ianget. il>> w ylie,l ou'l thaveino drk at th.
9:17 am
awithd foote tri eatrt, b, a n- no foodwarerd, n c,ngothi at al l? 'l wevel gili wilche a tanceo sw aner. >> t whathwas ese qu?tion b,oh, co of .urse >> -f nonreood . ward s >> i rthat?ight >> . yes >> ro tams n harito dt.nk i i >> o gotne. u yo mgavee e th yone,onou d't re ermembt? tha ur>> oge judy s sahayou o ve t kdrin it. >>oo gdk luc with .that i >>ilt wl bed goo forll af o yo u. >>an sus al,bers tnkhasos uc mh. >> co> umingirp, sl pau rtmccasnney d ubberaon gmmy hwhatneapped? si a. we e hav pyourixop fer aftr you l hais t?t okay >> g foo it.r out abshijoin .ts bu now t 'sheakin t gteo os-fbix,le an notid ngci rea adil erenff ce hisinoi j comntrtfo. e thinfeeliging or iates n this.area.. re sps adugthroutho thedybo... to here, du inngci hilariously high levels of embarrassment ihin son.s nowshe ks it'g workintby thaok lo
9:18 am
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9:19 am
tmtreathent wito xarel . yshey gu! he iny, fsoally, dymeboan i cok loto up ... es...b arnidesie. ltxares o i tproveneato tr d anlp rheucedthe e skri dvtof p andd e blooclots. xare ltoso is aln prove r toe theducske riro of stke pinwieople b,th afi usnot caa ed by t vahear lvem.proble fo ler peoph af witib cu y rrentlanwell m onaged inwarfar , e'thertes limirmd infonatio how onel xarto and arwarfpain comre r ining educrithe stsk of roke. u yo,know iei trard warfin, bu e t thteblood sting d dianyetar strirensctio... n'domet get ed startthat on . 'ti didne to hav. s we otartedreltn xa.o asnice ps. fsafetyirst. ke li blo allhiod tnners, t don'akstop treing xa lto wi tathout tolking r do you,ctor as t mahis eay incrr se yourisk of lood a bt clookor stre. il whnge taki, you may bruise moreasie ly it and tak maynge lo er foree bl to ding.stop xa oreltay mre incurase yorisk bl of eeding y ifake ou taicertcin medines. lt xareano cse s cauuserio, an d in rare cases, fata eel blding. t ge righelpwaht a y forex uned bpectinleed g, ual unussibruing, or in tinglg. if av you hspe had inales anthesia wh onile to xarel , h watcckfor ba pain nor any oervescr muelle rated gn si ss oromympts. otdo ne takltxareo
9:20 am
bnor al ormadibleeng. ll teour yctdo beforeor al l planned medical or dental rebefoin startltg xare,o te r ll you adoctorbout any eykidnr,, live edor bleobing pr.lems yo xu knowto arel heis tpres #1 edcrib bloodnethin itsr inss cla .th a bat'sinig w. s it imefor . x with arelto er th ne isguo reoolar bl d torimoning no and wn d knoryietare iostrictns. tmtreawithent el .. t...washthe rige fo mov.r us k as docyourabtor reout xa.lto gi
9:21 am
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9:22 am
fo hor tfse oou y who are ri cuous, sia hased posit w hout herwig. ieearlnr i herercare, ywanay. alooktha ttut bea fifulace. ch teerso eseia. lo ving pcyriva e.ther wenv i iadedt byho swing it, yw anay. >> o > whdnwoulan't waut pl rtmcca aneyhet tir y?part thein s wgeras tgryino t enter a am grmys afterar pty whereyg ta s wa peorrfngmi. iheresct alluay wt hahaenpped. >> ow h b vidop w doote g to get? t >>hey w'tonet lou y in? >> we needth anoer t,hi .guys rk wo on it. >> wed neeth anoer. hit rk wo on .it af tterheeo vid wentir val st yey,erdaa tygd tol fans he dn dion't c ttroloohe dr and had no idea sirau plas w erthe.
9:23 am
nlastightas lt tonv iitel pau ca mcyrtne h toexis nt cot.ncer ul pa wasua act allyt thero wng y,partt iwas said. evenso,ou y're the don,orma 's itl pau mtnccarey, ?what .okay mo vingon. e venar2-yes-olde hav their va di memonts. ch oeck wuthahat edppen when ophotap hpy mom, kim kardashian we,sted trio theget ugr da hter itto s for a ctpiure. >> what? >> no ctpiure. >> y?wh >> oh, oh! >>li falng arapt. >> t thawas azam ing. er>> h momos pted atth. in m'kis nsdefe we,hold woun't twanto creaptut thage imaf o rt nonh i herin mi f curoat and s?boot no piesctur. t is ohatftend sai inha tt .home an,yway gngettidy reao t go li vear elier this ekwe f,ox unanno acedti poron of an co up emingdepiso of he"t
9:24 am
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9:25 am
g i bet ateetn.r clea d votero2016 p of ductyethe ar. ifs it't goe to bn, iclea t's bgot to.e tide im>> koo: gd inmornimg, k and na dane wagrer he ewat nans 3 d wepehor youeswednday ffis o a to ndwol d >> ana:and onrhouda r sey wi ll n be otheas wth on e ni toght owshh wity jimmllfa on la igst nht. lk taabing thout e tlastshime e nt we hto arsoote aurest.rant
9:26 am
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9:27 am
ing.we areprlyobabnn skiy s suck s skieand teatmperonure the ri se.wh ilen wl ckpith up is af ooternd n an thatllwip hel t boosmpteurerat es.ov er 10de 80 s,gree loinughl, a 83nd lagas vells wi be ubdo le as d winckkiuping th in e er ovt nighand moto.rrow e we'rsoalki loot ng amesot jus for ecpratipition ghtonid t an rrtomoow. mp teureratakes te a li bttle it of a p,dide 70 s greebut atth s is wtillell ovabrme nooral f is the timeaof yr. im>> kay: y!
9:28 am
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9:29 am
i n'womat pkemiros secai tn' keep. we can make a alreif drefee nc inpeople's lives. m i'llhiy arincln tod ani ovapprise thsa mesge. ad hes.line thefda is rmeecomgndin av trseler h who gave toneo co ieuntrfes af bctede y th zika sviru h tooldff o onat don ing dbloo a e.whil itan wts the peeopl toai wt a hmontef beoron dinatg bodloo t lphe pctrote the. u.slo bod suly. in diad,tionpl peo weith -lzikaike sytomp,msuc shs a a ,rash sdhoul put off blood do onnatiors f a mo nth. a vegontrnmeke-bacdk tas eforc isli calorng for me se re barcheefor dinecidg werheth otor n toec rndomme amutis sc enregin for young drchil en,
9:30 am
sy msmpto. ny maia pediatriclrns aeady do inroute snicree ongsfhi cnldre be ntwee 18nd a 30 mo,nths but e thas tkor fceay ss it is po imlessib s to iayfhi tsps hel or rthus. ou abt 1 in 68 crehildn ien th nu.s.owe hav aia disgnos of au smtipe sruct mdiersordnd, a ey th saye mor studys i ndeede fo benyre aec rndommensatio are .made t het lis is .in thfor ure foeath ynr i a w,ro rd nomstro iseramsica' fitavore sh faion reertail. th at adiccorong t ake mart su rvey ofe morthan 5700 co ernsums. hamarslsed movp uiv fe shots to ernumb two. h m andd tieor f irthd. he wghn hioo schlrc orahest wa str sdeand at the rpait,or udsttsenas pdsehe t time the only way they kwno how. >> tt haishe tme acarin fork high school orkchaestr from utah. sthey fpentouray ds athe t na 'stion calapit and prmerfo ed
9:31 am
a blast ofno sw cllanceed their igfl bhtkac ftle. le itft w hh no ootelr an trtaspor wtions harkdo sptrantiortawhon, o at dkithe ds ? do ptheyd layenca cothert inere e thintermoral f e themenjoynt of t alle.o se l get's cet a oheckef th at we fher romal. ha>> tt is alywfult. nea ksthan so much, linatae. > >>ha we ve a cerlippom cing ro acss,ng bri lingight owsn. we ls a hoeav hvyea rnaior fhe t pa fici ncthorstwell a the way do twn olicarnfo.ia t'le gso innd aee sow hre we' in dong o ourac fkeboo gepa. ce fa.cbookodom/t ay's.take mahow eony p hpleaveik led ?us eclos to 0,28000. ouif y go and gire,ster h youave a ha cnce to w nin acordira tck
9:32 am
rtwo$6h .00 >> t thaouis yres latt heweatr. sp ringig mhte bom cingly earut b 's it noter heet y. il stlls feeik le wrinteun aro d ethespa rts. the finreezgem ttuperares are go ing toak wre h oavocnur os car and mehos. h weave geeorg here, host of or geo ge tthe ueresc. ithise s th fcaseshrom agrinke is oo a gd g.thin >> exy.actl mo olst cird a g ooesut your owwind. ha i hive t tsalherm gunht rig he re. if ou yt wanhoto st ot iheat t nd wiow owwindou, y s'llt'ee iiks l62e gr de sees,hiometng like atth. sh ioott iensid the udstio. >>81.
9:33 am
ou out yr wwsindo and doors. fuhopelly -- >> yeah. >> as e wiestay to cbaomhat tt is th wis thitiplasric shnk apwr. do suble ide,tape hitt i whit a bl -dow.ryer etit gups siger tndht all it' lp he. a >> o lotirf a comeshr t ough the ous.tlet p >>eeopl't donea r wlizehen 's itga ainst an eioxterral wl or li ght itswch, yeou'rin los ugp 20to f% ohe t heat. yifout wano tom cbat atth, put a m foang thi on. rn tu t offlehe ecictrifity rst. ye>> gos, od. >> ralitelly,t' i ass easys a taking offou yrig lpeht stecula d an put it on. it oi's gong tom cbat theol cd ai rin comg in. >>oi gng idoutse and h you aave ov shel. >> w itn'ouldet b a "tayod s"who se engmtf i in' was htereit wh a elshov. -4 wdil0 seicon is the stbe. al amso p cngooki oil. sp iraytn o the edge. >> boom. oo>> gday wo t go.
9:34 am
ut>> p it on beefor thew sno s.come e us a plant and pet fenriydl e. on >>gegeor, tshanko sh. muc > >>e' wreal t cking coldar ob pr car accoh, urla aen,slwayoo gd to see you. ha>> tyonk u. >> an i wot tm war uphe t we b've deen toing fhisorrs yea an d getineraons. go th in e ewdrivay,n turn it o leand t itrun. od go b orad eaid? >> m twoeinut it is all you ne ed. st iartupt le, can offhe t snow an icd me,akee sur ian c see ur yoll taisight h andeadht ligs an ead hd f.of >> wanhy c i't gethe tar c warm? f >> irstoff,ou y needo t kwno e thernis aua actlri cinme rg ggoinun aro ld,ngooki for peeopl wh eao lheve tirar csun rningn i ei th drwarivery o onhe t etstre. ait's ftgi. jthey iumpen thar c and take it. it ld wou a beca sitry sonuati. p >>e eopledrivun arodnd a look fo unr rningar c isn dwarive ys tandakeff o with them? >>t' is up 30%. >>s iadit b t forarhe c l, toet ite idlha tt linong he t dr ewiv?ay
9:35 am
an dou y'reti getng zero miles to th e ga. llon ou>> y say toee k hpalf ak tan of gas. y? wh >> lobeouw, y'rere cgatin tumoisn re i gtheasan tomk fr e thti heandng aoo c olingf tistarheng t a carndhu sg ttinit f. of ndaroual a htaf nk, it't won ha veue fle linre feze up and kwilleep youro fmet gtinghe t cararst ted. o>> d you beundlp uhe t dski? >>ut pm theth in e car atse, ck bulehe tm up,ut p ala bnket overthem. us e the hdeate h ieatsf yavou he em th. 's it s theesmartyt wa to.go youan w bt tofee sah wit your . kids ha>> tounk yy verch mu. na e?tali s ouo y h'reome andr youar c is tytoas. at whbo aut you? re heh wit wayso tta sary wm ouwitht sfiacricingty sle is the st yleir drecto for "good ho ekuspiee"ng gama.zine goodrnmo ing. oo>> gd mog.rnin >> a allbout the atco. a illctua hyavene of o esthe.
9:36 am
ithis fsrom rtnoe.hfac in edflatt, ira tps the hotir a so ou yta s yrmwa. th sis ire a gatim t teo buy a wi ntert. coa th eey'r 30% cerheapha tnt wha wthat houldbeave aen tt he arst otthf easse.on th iis as the-re-oinne pkaar. it as h aov remable liner. thissn i j'tust a .vest y >>anou ce takt i out? >> s it' aul flac jket r.line de unr .$150 s keep syouuper rmwa. th ear pka isre t fndyor this onseas. y >>lou'lw shos u how to do a ar schef tht rig way. >> acextly. >> iry t tour figise th. out nd>> uer $12. t pu it hibend your ,neckra wpt i ouar, nde tikna .ot o>>rvend a un der. >> sot' isp uin agastou y rckne. i >>f y douon'tan w tt do aoll e th g,tyin youan c do the oosnd. >>ry eve aonereea wring esthe. su per chic and w killeep you rm wa.
9:37 am
hi>> t ts isoohe bf t othe erwint. l aot are on sale now. st ngartih witthe snrseake ,$64 on up. i' m wngeariai a pr now. th avey heee h alsndge weduts b theyls ao havehe t .sole yo lu'llookhi c acndta sywa rm. >> re we' outf o 'l weutl p t rheestth on e itwebse. to lo ,riha t ynk sou omuch. nk>> tha so you.much > >>e' hgos a t nytiar p itn "z laooernd." 2 w,nore fd is rehe, lgearthr an feli. we'l let e thmentmoto syou.p the not s.mile epthe jend c grakeherothe wi-m a 730rangile e.
9:38 am
an(bri b)i'm.rian s i wa tin mheitilary for 18 years. but i smoked. d anhei got seart diase. my s, tip i's h ittoard y serveunour cotry when you're too weak to p outyon uurrmnifo. (a ernnounc can)yout. qui r fo hfreeelp, ca -8ll 1ui00-qw.t-no cithe outi dcable csh coard meserin vndy hathy wih ba castwck pice onesurchas. oearnennce whuy you band , n agai pas youay. th cat'sbaash owck n, caand acsh baik agten lar. it's ch as\jback du. v e thouciti dcashble d. car e tharonly cat ld thyoets eau h rn cas twibackn ce o everyhapurcse % with 1ouwhen y and buy a 1%pas you y. thwiay two wars to eitn, es mak o a lotr f othes cardemseid one sed. there's something to be saidfor plexing ore thrldwo oundarou y. why should snacking be any different? disc aoverine ll norflavurs of oea crheesmy ce and tainp outo yrir cuy.osit the laughing cow.
9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
>> >l" "snm alud fre searmin, a ta edlent andus b yman, is ar st iring nor"pditlanwha," ich is z amapge sk youinndg a c you lan't ove it. he l'sngeadihe td banit wh shet yemersry eve t.nigh hosomew, fred foundim teo t make maa sllpp ancearane izo "deolanr " 2. ani cak't tye mye es offt tha ar chr.acte ed froo, gd rnmoing. >> d goo mog.rnin h >>ise nam is pv-i- bute' hs p. vi wh hat'sis alde? h >>e's an -y11olear-d child. th aye whe t syhot it was,ou y
9:42 am
n' doavt hoe t aslway be inro fnt of aen gre sc.reen th aney cin shrkou yn dowth on e t. se 'sthatt whay the d.di th hie tngh witho tsece snes are, h iado t look uple whi they ok lodoed wn. >> a lot ofd har work,o t look up le whiy the look . down ar>> hobd j ihave. ry very, ved har >> s it'e lik doingr youwn o tsstun. i >> vt is meryuch so. i t hur my eyes. >>pe sgakinf o hngurtir you ,eyesch watingou y in or "pditlan ia,"an c t'take my oeyesff you. u yo aare llcameia,yi plang so many acchar.ters heis tomre sngethiut abo that at th you enjoy doing? pl gayin so many oppele? i >>e hav no real pnaerso.lity u yo owkn t,heho w tlehing is so ch mu fun for me. th eam sehi tngn whe w iasng doi "s nl." it ik's l ie get to putn os wig d an d bereiffent chtearacrs. no gthin erbett. w >> dhereo youe com upit weh th ar chrsacte? e ary the irenspid bypl peooue y
9:43 am
>> ink thi it'sro fmeo p iple tu ac sallynee o .tv i'llee set somhing on,line on tv f, i i'mve tra, ling hi'llear so emeonm fro aernothou c ntry sthatimometesms for that. me sos,timeav i hoe n eaid. deno ihea womre sngethiom ces fr om. it ik's l me aratte of luck. >>ow w. a >>s lway afunbout or"pditlana" isip hssterov le that .show tlrigh.y so i'm,likeou yw knoe' hsin makg fu fn o you, t?righ i >> mt'sore of a ibtrute. the cctharaers are veryh muc ke li rsous.elve nit'shaot tt erdiffent. a lot of cctharaers arett prey tmuchayhe w that i amnd a we ar e. >> ou yo dre gat ntacces. r foplexamoue, y can erdiffatentiete b tweenhebr onx, oo br aklynonnd lg is. land 'm>> i anpeexrt. >> t' whas the erdiff?ence >> blyrookns i in rehe. br ionxsn dow here. br tonx,'sheree mor --t' is a tt lile lo.uder
9:44 am
ng lo is, landa lot ,of ,um us paing. , umnd a- - nd>> a t theeongu iccl. king l>> aeittl bitf oth at. qu ieensors mee lik this. >> llnasay. ha>> tt'she t sort of, you ,know t intrhe .eble qu ieenss . here re>> t ablend ssba. >>t.righ t'>> isll aut abo b theass. >> g a lreatisingut on topf o ev hierytelng se. fr edsearminen, oth of e fu stnniepl peon e othe pl.anet co tsngra t onhe e.movi "zoolander 2" starring vip, his acchar iter,ns ihe ts ater now, th an th ksan. >> th ksan ,ysgu. >> t>rghe oan esi gunes i rever gallymuave chouthtoght a thetycidi nyin ads foo. veneour thabght thout ffe coee wai ins dr hkingg avins.acid evit nawer donned th me at cit houldyourt eeur tth. my ti denasst hd tolme eyourl nameeais w aringway, thand ouat snded re sally tcary,o me i and liwas elke wl n cafiyou ,x it n capayou itint k bacon, d anxphe eedlaint thaasit w not so inmethatg thws grok, bac 'sitd kin oof aimne-tote sh
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
] ck[ piwhles ]ines kn i itow, ik's l eeythal're owayslen teonvisi .wh at? > >>r ove 30,000pl peoeth in e un sitedstatee livh wit a fe liea-thrngtenig lundi con tion thatev syerelim lits theli abity to eabrthe. it 'sle caldti cysc osfibris. reyou'ut abo to meet a young ma woivn lingn iba alahoma w got hthe selphe ndeedem fro an un ctexpeedce pla. re heng's ael's y.stor r >>teeporr:he s s'srtmasa, y ll and full - as- sndsy al ful ov heer tt las few years, the kspar is difang. e sh srsuffe fromys ctic osfibr ais, feliea-thrngteni co iondithan ttim litser h il ab tityo eabr the. >> it was like batre thingghhrou a rastw. igh coued remo.
9:49 am
i t jus wasot n aty m top. ep>> rr:ortek bacn iem decber 20 14, ansgel'g lunun fnctio pi radly deedclin. e shwas atedmitd teo thos hlpita in inbirm,gham abal wama,here ordoctads h no cehoicut b to eplac o hern a type ofyp bass inmachoe te takve or thek wor hher aeartndun lergs we unable
9:50 am
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9:51 am
th woe ter we a pcterfe tcmah. >> t what tha did for angel nnly, it aedllower ho t get a total ocbl wk,hichea mhens s rveeceid ou r htdauger's heartnd a both s,lung asos oppo ed tthe talypic he aartnd one lung. 'sthat aac mirle idn an of se itlf. >> y thet los ahi c.ld note matr how close iam coe t si long a child, ion d't know how that s.feel l al i can do isop heha tt --o t y sael ang l iynns doing llwe, youowkn,el h epsase thes los a lelitt. bit ep>> rr:orte ift's coeyurtn's ze orst fe lift tha lives on in ge anlyl nn. >> wa it s rdha. e thne o t thinghat hdelpee mut o th hroug allf ohi tss ing ael nn ly. om fr f the tirstime i heard her na ndme a saw her cefa, iw kne ithisows has i wng goi g toet ro thugh. >> ng goi home. >> going home. i' mal finly going meho. >> or rep ater:ngel lynn's ct dosorop h heerea hrtnd aun lgs
9:52 am
>> o,hell e.ther r >>teeporasr: lt ntmoh, an gel. lynn t >> i awass los forh bot of us. y >>es,'a a wecippre iateto s chmu. yo onu dno't khaw wtt i s.mean >> i'm goingo t gatradue high sc .hool gi'moing to gatradue llcoege. m i'ng goi tow gro .up i' veot g aew n guardian l.ange no wha t ite hav herea hrt and he r lungs, ie hav a new gi beg.nnin >>ea bulutif y.stor co eyurtned sav or rien tchd ve lis of sixeo pplepo un her de ath. e thernumb cslimb to moren tha 10 p0eeopl w whoere hdelpey b soher ftis fhti ssuenado.tion
9:53 am
9:54 am
th sis i od"t"ayn o c.nb > >>'s how our fooacebk page? so se clo to 00280,0. fa asntc.ti ta mronas h an almost smucker's birthday. >> oh.
9:55 am
>> d gla you mead .it >> iot g worried when i dtidn' see you. th yoank u. >> ap hpy bihdrt.ay t >> hankyou. >>ap hpy rtbiayhd.
9:56 am
>>ct exaly. k >> him: i erthm e kidaand na
9:57 am
inmorng anstd ju d theays ah ead of n thea evaducca nusesew ll poing foiniormatn. >>: danaa is uptoss twbe een hi y llarand be frnieuror se. cn len re asednus mberniover ght, ll hiatary 48 pet rcenthand at is inad neva. rn beie sas nder 4is a7 rcpe ent an id its thwihein tgi marn of ro er wr solle wi n wi on sa ayturd at e thuscauceres he? d wet o no.know >> m:kid ano we d90 llpo ing in atformion noto katw thar we e wiall s nner iwhent s come to th e heweatrer he lllocay. re he is llkethy wiai detls.> > y:kell isingo bg torde ha to st nsay ifoide r a upcof le o s hourand llpu g and to tohe uc ca tuseshis rdsatuecay b ause wethe r atheo is sceni. re hey thelo tok oodayver 8010 gr de fees,rom eg79 d ireese n th pe ex hcted igh.we llwi a see m fewore dsclou d an windinpick ag uplls we. w tendyroomorw ited oionsf ow shers ovghernid t an into to owmorrwe as ll. e as w iheadthnto e enweek d, sa ayturd r focathe ucusil wl be su annny .d 73 im>> k: t yhank d wearoke lofoing d rwarto ei seayng jo lenases a rt iden
9:58 am
etplan llhod ywooshbut e oisn m tolae bance prm ograghtonit. i hes broadcasting lfromd a an willhaheve tt mussee ntmomes th winy jen frheom tck blo to owmorrni morng ywhenakou we upthwi w ther'agnes. >> a: dand anthe fo mrmer ayor asof l veosgas gocar n odmawi ll be th on e ogprtoram owmorr mo g.rnin ilwe wl taollk pitics, a lelitt rd wo asatsociwiion th the rm foayer mor. we e werthtogeer relycent lk taing ouablit po aticsnd he otinr thndgs a he soal a has st rentaura in downwnto las s.vegae ha has new ntve ure go oning erth e --heso tlly wi in jo ouse n thraprogm rrtomo ow mo g rninso opwe he yokeu wa up wi th e therwagn as on thayursd b we egin 4atnd30 aal go l e th
9:59 am
we >> ou ann:ncerm fro nbc news, is th is "y"toda with ke athilee ff giordnd aod ha kotb leivro fm studio 1a inke rocerfell a.plaz > >> o,hell erevy!ybod it'ses win day eswednday. 's itru feb 1aryt7h. an had tt isna spk bac by old nidomion. >> t' thanis ce. oh,. nice ha>> ttou sndsik le anua actl so und. wo w! a weerre vxcy e itedy.toda wee hav a tfierricor actit wh
10:00 am
i hesin makgdl heainesor f ay plginic melhaac jonks in an co up tmingv ecspial. 's heo alsta sg rrinin aea rlly ci ex,tingut bea nifulew film edcallis "ren," ay ver in sttere sing ltoryinet tha i un food t just be -- >> you hbeave en rgavinbo aut th is. >> s it' exencellt. we a aresilso g ttin down rwithspick firing weld,avho ge us g the oiftf se"jes's "girl ck ba in8119. he as h a gtaui arnd new we l'lea h wrthae hsha to say. and picture of the month, just saw him out at the grammys, dicanaan born. hseanookl wily pla hisot h new ng siorle f us. > >> andes ls for ntle. i >>'mth in e. move >> itwa. 'taren youum bmedt tha sypank datuessy i erov? >> h weave sypank every day. >> ioo l akedt ourat ringsn i dd kiing. at b themotto oef th show where we dopa snky tayuesd itt wen


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