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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i hesin makgdl heainesor f ay plginic melhaac jonks in an co up tmingv ecspial. 's heo alsta sg rrinin aea rlly ci ex,tingut bea nifulew film edcallis "ren," ay ver in sttere sing ltoryinet tha i un food t just be -- >> you hbeave en rgavinbo aut th is. >> s it' exencellt. we a aresilso g ttin down rwithspick firing weld,avho ge us g the oiftf se"jes's "girl ck ba in8119. he as h a gtaui arnd new we l'lea h wrthae hsha to say. and picture of the month, just saw him out at the grammys, dicanaan born. hseanookl wily pla hisot h new ng siorle f us. > >> andes ls for ntle. i >>'mth in e. move >> itwa. 'taren youum bmedt tha sypank datuessy i erov? >> h weave sypank every day. >> ioo l akedt ourat ringsn i dd kiing. at b themotto oef th show where we dopa snky tayuesd itt wen
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lepeope lik s they.pank n >>heo, t ly tovehe anspky. andt thaldshou crnonce us. i >>ld cou bn'tveelie .it i wasik leha wtid d we dot a the d en oef thw sho twahat os s t?grea oh, sypank estuday. >> >ow hut aboom se- - >> no! no! w >>ordsf o sdwiom. t bu d it goeset you g.goin h >> weree go. st beri fendsre apl peooe whe mak ur yobl proemshe tirbl proems ju ost s you don'te hav to go ugthroheh tm onale. >> mye,hodin eveho tugh iot'm n yo esur bt. >> 'r you te inophe tee thr. m i'dd ki ing. ut>> bm i a the ol. dest ll>> agh rit. >> od> tays ido rant m acof ki ssndney, dach whi sdhoul be yever y,daut b it'sic neha tt ewe'vse cho onnepe scial day. >> . yeah e >> wdwoule lov tow kno if you ha veer pllsonayn bee the pirecient. we on d'tt wan youli calng us up, te gllin usow hde won yrfulou are.
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>> yo if avu hen bee the re encipift o ado ranm actf o ki ssndne. d >> yon'tovou lhee tri stoes wh yereou ,go c ian't stop th nginkiut abo? it w we lould toveeao h trhe or st sies,neomeo w whoasat gre to you. >> e > wtcan'ie bel wvehat ha edppen eryest day. >>ir sl paumcnecartt y godis ss died. >> y theen wto t a party, tyga's pa rty, t-a,y-g- .tyga ey thd sai's let go to a y.part it'smygram wed.eken mi' a be.atle wh ony d'te w goo tthe y?part eytho gth to e droo and tmzs i th ere. erthse'id veo prf.oo he s get tdurnewa ay. st lio en t hwhate yssa. >> you need tono k twhe tshi. t >>shat'ot gbe to he t first er ev.
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>> k bac, up guys. >> i thinke h hedandl it tibeauyfull sayng ig ineewe nned a w t, his. guy eewe nned a t.w hi >> styga aidno. >> vi oby,ousl gaty dtidn' say . no wh>> eratev. ga ty'snc bouerd sai no. >>se thes kidnomay tn eveno kw wh heo ttl beaes were, you owkn? >> wet wano t point out- - first of l, ale w allan wto tno k wwhat ashe w doing at tyga's party. wh ouy wld sirl pau m ga ty's party. why would sir pmaul tnccarey, th eatbele go. >> youan c go tour o party any ti oume y like. we t'llhrow aar pty t any aimend cyou banust it enop. h >>elo apodgize onwi ttternd a edcall pmcaul necarty a le.gend he d sai h head noa idehe tro gup wa rys tingo t r.ente h >>ead h no eaid.
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he>> teey ndou bsncer who know o wh pmcaul necarty is. he sre i a qiouestne whaveor f you. we e have win bot. re ermemb thehi tngre whe the ne wi is erovinflown g othe r?floo n weeed youdo to ht hasag klgr o team daho. ihere tshe esqu,tion ist ir eve tokayo crash aar pty you were t noit inved . to >>evwhater. >> ha t tt'shemp intorta . part ha>> tout ye wer notnv iitedto . .okay so iay s yes,t iis ayok. usbecat'e is aty par and th orerefoue yul shoend ter. i' onve de itor befe where'v ie ne goo t shiometndng aom sesetim ey th say,ou y can't get in. i k,thinou yno kw ,what iuf yo st ju workou y wray in, you can ke ma .it n'i dovet ha - any- >> yhoou suld go in and drink me so body'selsenk drishe tyai pd fo ndr a aizppetersy thed pai for. >> don'tay st i like atth. >> you can go innd a behe tre
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>> here ishe t thing i inthk. y ifoou g to aty pare lik that e onre whe sirl pauot gbo d.unce me sostimere the a'se ropin l neo tt maheer wre you are,n i new york thahey ve aop re lineo t ha ve aop re . line ro>> cwd namantgeme. >>om sesetimod nob iys in.side it wen tone olu cb in norew yk at th'sle cald cubino. lars ee>> pp show. >> as i wti waingo tgo ,in tr dyingreiffedont ors. th noing was rkwoing. na fi wllyte go innd ahe tasre w bo nondy i there. asit we lik ad hea game. e'ther as neli t,hey leteo pple ic tr klein. ptheoint is,hi i tnk it'sin fe oto go int aar pouty y n'reot in dvite to. >> h i'tavenn eveai s ndo yet. >> av i hen't said .mine wion't goo tti pares i'm not vi in ttedond a d i won'tant op peole tw sho up toti pares
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>> w youalky b and go,h, o my ,goshs thiks looik le soh muc n. fu sirau pl mtnccarey,co he uld ha onve gnte ioth anoer door, ma tybewohey huldave letim h in . m >> haybeeid dn'tl feeik le he s wash craing . it d>> itidn' say. >> i isty oka tosh cra aty par u yoen wer'tit inved ?to e>> has wn't ind.vite w he ientnto it. >> iti sllnk thi you don't go to rt payoies nu'reotnv iited to. i >>t's fun. >> r fou lrette word, rude. >> s she saidhe cedrash aty par handad funnd aik led . it >>nk dra a lot. wh eratev. >> sadhe hun fnd a her anhusbd. an ,ywayyo do inu thks it'ka oy g tonto i po aartynd a enjoy seyourlf andri bngr you own joy? >> all tyrigh. so ar f i'm wnginni butot n by ghenou. me co on. >>ha we ve a deoublum hayp d hump y.da
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rryanldeynoser intinviewgug hh majackn. y ifavou hen'tee sn "podead ol" akhe m fesunf o hugh jan'ckmas ch acarrtehr tououghhet tlm fi. t >> ihishes wn thewo tct aors t ge toe com theogetorr f an rvinte iew. an>> myor actsnj eoy prmerfoing ei thwnr o tsstun. do youo d allou yn r owngacti. >>he t sex scenes, io d emth. >>yo do eru ev >>ot n since 2008. >> rggo.eous my t nexst queione her ism fro a eblakel livym fro norew yk .city he itwres, ghhu, iri tedli calng yo n u otheur bnerho pne and you 'tdidn swaner. e ar well stiee mtingth at e ho ttelhis rnafteoon. i t don' mhave tuch bimeseecau an ry isin havg aan mdii/pero fm 3: o00 t 004:. m i'in havg ai/ manpedim fro 3:00 to 004:. rsupe we ird. an>> mdii/pe. >> stillo t come. >> t thawas ge.nius
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son gweanstefasi h a newgl sine out. it al's c"mled meake e lik u.yo" cshermonfiedt iis about her yf bodrienke bla shel ton. y >>houlou s hdr eait. tak>>e aiste lno th te m usic vi deo rily,csli .sten g hettingard t loeave your lips on my lives ie belveow hoo gd it b could e elprotobt ieve i g thankod an thk god that iou fnd you nowou y got me misngsiou y >> is that him? >> ik i lt.ed i li i itked . .okay here are the ly. rics ha>> wt'she sng doier und e.ther
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git'sngettide haror tve lea it, yo ur lonips li my ps. i't canel bieve howoo gtd i co beuld id, dn'tt wano tel bieve it, but now i, seereyou' all i ed ne. j >>itoe w uhsn ithe tckin.he >> didha tvet mo? you thdid ovat mu?e yo >>e' wreap hpy form the but i inthky the n teedto ge a omro. iov ler you newmo vie,s it' asfant tic. s>> iaw ites yayterd ands it' tr exinaord ary. ou>> ye hav a lotoi gng .on yhave lou an ot ithe pphoer. ewe'rng goi tok talll aut abo it a lelittt. bi n ca weee s theit ltle girl? >> e whave teo sehe tit ltle ?girl >> y?wh ewe'r inwaitg. >> weee nde somue qnsstiom fro om thas fa.rley go to klg, atwh. ever >> and hit the cctonne ttbu.on ntwao tak me ata snttemen whe
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ialillsna ing goi to showou y how that guyve orre thees tak on th ole re ofib bllica op pronortis. >> ll e he'inxplaf all oit ngcomite up af.r thiskids't donto have e, foraggot o twbs tjopao a moy gart,ge and i've also got a brain. li 'sfert shota, s lk ieachp. ll i'e bg workinyowhile eep.u sl l stilthdon't ink goti'vera a bin? thyou reink a esume'sh? noug wh steo'll wp up henth gings tet?ough do t n'wayou tnthat f kind on?brai a grdes ee idea .gree u' yonare gont wanonsome me likee. bu ont f ly iu yo ahavein. bra ee blumding gs? may you k thin rit's aofesult ushi broong t hard. notit's. it's a sn iglyof earm di gue.seas..
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> >>s he ha a beendi lea mngan in ywoohollord f more than 20 years d an isel wl kwnnoor f ccaritilly cl acdaimeol ref o shpeakesare. p mynaersol rifavote, th,ough wa s thluer. oh,y m d!go
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bi alblic tlehrilral cled "r"isen wh hereeys pla a epsktic,or fced to es invtetiga theap disanpearce heof ty bod of jesus ch,rist fe re trredso a je,suitro fism h nafirel instplg let's just say that his te inwrvieh wity mar maengdale di gdn'timet h the arsnswee h nt waed. >> re spa t mehe ba.bble er whide d t you akeje. suit e>> hs i right here. >> t' tha sbr.ight bu t alive aiagn? o >>penr yourt heand a >> i see sideluon. eeto kp asa crude e.aliv >>co so limpelng. >> wow! >> cotungraonlatis. ke rvinldeyno wshoir dd ecteit, ma icgnify.entl w >>arhat oue ythr tsough? syouaw it. >> i get frarust ateds aan wom of h.fait ve i'n bee ahr canisti since i s wa 12ea yrs old. g ietst frudratey bad b od pronucti va.lues
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or sthay tult coavd he ctimpa, li ves. ju akst mte i aat gre vimoe. >> w ande got theal b ance eebetwnly holwoodro pioductn evalu at itses bt w kithevin olreynds inhelm tghe movie and al so stucripreha tts i not ta edmperth wi. >>no, it's very uetr. v >> teryrue te o thy.stor heat te sam ytimeouet ghe t -umash bpenetwein cema od pronucti luvae. >> id dou yno k iwwat gsngoio t be e lik that? >> i had aen s isest wa .good iwhend reahe t ptscri,t i wa asn'tib ble vimoe. ge pa i 30, isaidt'sur t ning tintohe story of stchri. 's it aet dveecti movie. e then ls we s teehery sto th hroug the eyes of a nb noveelier. at thre's gorat f ale whoum nber of onreass. we go onhi tsrn joueyh withi ts n. ma nowe khew t endnd aha wt he's go toing entecounr. k we wnowhat he's gngoi g too th h.roug mandostil fmsha t dttepiche t ystor c ofthris end at the s,crosch whi is a pyrettvy hea
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>> ha it s apy hapin endg ac lytual. t >>thhe oer eioquatn. we d kin ofic kkff ohe wrehe t pa nssioef lt off and geto t see th e rrresuonecti. s >> ompcongelli, hoda. n'i caait wort fou y to see . it c>> i wan'taito tee st i ei .ther ewher y did souhoot this? n>> i ltmaand a n.spai rt path of e thingit weh thil fm is eauthncientity. it feels ggrued. >> e wer ayouel brieveoi g ngin? yo au're caicthol, t?righ i >> am. ai'm bzeaptid caicthol. i 't wonor b yeourks soc off with .that fthisilms i aon wulderf otconnnatio of h,faitf i you nt wa p toullha tt ayaw. it a hase hugue val in t oermsf on e itfah. p mynaersolai fth goesn iand ou ft o focus t all he. time ou>> y do a lotf oif dntfere th .ings wwhenree weea r tdinghe o,intr reyou'th in e melichaks jacon vi moe. at thee's butn o for a ilwhe? >> weho stt i last . year t'>> ios sny fun itn' didt get ntatte aionnd snluddevey eeryon isay s ningowt tha yeou'r the guy who plays chmi eael,onverye
10:17 am
t'>> is a in20-m utesacatiril dycome. 's ity ver t.swee roadiptr n,rumbe ofou hrs in a wcarmiith l,chaerl maon brando d anza elibeth ortayl. t >>hatpo supysedlas w . true >> ossupp.edly ait's thlighedeart, saritilca lo aoktve coniorsatf ns othe re thfe om then i thecar. >> t wha y didhiou tbonk a tuthe nt corsrovefy o youla pying ch miael? yodid ou gha ws t iisth? i >>nk this it'lecomp tely li vad. er th ae'se hug crsonvenatio to be o hadfut o this. t ihinkhe tn maing thi is, you ow knhe, woun y'reor pintrayg neanyo w --hom a ipl to ay ak sharespee? >> lu or ?ther r>> oth luer. e'thers- -th in eat creive uncommityre the'sn a utrgen ns sefe oli pulng onhe t so resurce of inimagn.atio 'sthatt wha i'msk a tinghe au cedien todo. >> t' thahas wt't isll a ouabt, t?righ >>inimagn.atio >>sejo tph, yhank souo much. >> a youren a autbsol edet.ligh t >> hank you. ha>> tounk ymu so orch f the au beltifu movie.
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tu reo rern tooal fd. dair ody praducts m e calwithniifor.a milk urfrom oily fam tofarms ta your ble. treturn.o real ok lohe for t seal. > >>he is thead canianor bn lt muenitalted ersinggw/sonr,rite st deinedo tbehe tt nex star. >> e wis whco we uldl tel you at whre we'au lgghin .at an de w knowt thaec bause he is ti arf st othe ntmo h. ea>> rody tng bri his suloulf dsoune her to anme anrica di au. ence t'>> ials c ledou"snd of your he "art. s,elvit wha is it, o ttherhan hi stu sglnniny good oklos. >> and thatd hea o hfair that s,girl anduy gils, wntl wa to trun hheirands roth ugh. he>> 's naca.dian ovwe l oeur fdsrienth to e rt noh. >> yes. >>nk tha you.
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oheren 10z-n0 iew n .york he ke bro a gesuinnsor wld rdreco. b >>yta sgndin o en anisxerce ba ll. >> ee thr ho 1urs,6 numi tes. ow>> hid d youn eve rzeeali you dcoul dothat? ho>> srt y.stor g i urew ipn nacada. i d useo tla pyoc hkey t allhe me ti. ca nadar.feve i as win tratoing y plake hocy gand cetore stthreng. iec dided tore bak theui gsnnes rl woecd rordec bseau i was infasc batedy gesuinnors wld co re ardss a kid. nd>> a youid d it! >> g lonry sto orsht, i did. >> n wheid d youli reaouze y ul cosid ng? w ho older wue yon whe you al re yizedadou h a skill? y>> m gfarand wther aas ersing. er th ae'shr casistm devio, i was 4rs yea old, sngittit ahe t ca rempfih wity m leg on, et prngendias i win s agingnd inplay garguit.
10:23 am
id>> d c theshickig d it? y >>eah! >> ti sll do. youfo per wrmedith elton ?john >> ahye. >>atwh? >> wa it chs a y aritt.even w >>wahat has tikt lore fu? yo t >>he w tholei ime stwas ar st .ruck hohe syok m hand when hee cam f of st age. ha>> widt d s youingit wh him? d>> ion'tn eveem rrembe the . song wh>> at? >> ias w hgopin wree we g toingo ng si y"tin da."ncer i tdon'n eveow kn. it o wasfne o his clcsassi. >>ou yal totblly kean d. y>>ou h taveoo d "the bitch is ck ba." en wh youin sg with elton john. >> wn sha isng goi s to aninginng i a co ouplemif s.nute ttwee, us you ysgu. i >>'m on the sdecon asgls. >> ea plse, lepeop, no. .wait tis iy oka c to arash rtpay? e thwe anssr i yes. ha>> tt yeou'rot n iednvitto . >>ea#todmh a. >> iot vedea tmhi kate lee. >> f ourco yse oud,di viels. of rs cououe y did.
10:24 am
>> ic> rk sgfprin hield nasew si muoc t t uells about. he brought his itgu. ar munch on this, wree'oi g ng ptoyla "who ewkn"ed datic ted o uryoav fitor secknasft aer l alonyear lwog you harrkedd to ake trecaf bu onesiss d an ctakee arheof teo pwhple oermattos mt. so hen wuryoax r tunefarrid s,ve ke mago it ittl a lrte fu heralat w.mart om frro electtonics, e de hom cor,ireven tes, ge low t icpr on eserevhingytyo neu ed to m getfuore t n ouourof yta refux .nd lmar wat. aturat ndee main vitamwes, w th knoarere oe lotsgsf thin u' yopore supsed o toto de balthhey. bunatut mree adadtulgu iemmare s e onrt opayof ur al heoutith roune y'll lyactualk fo lood rwarto. , mmmmngmao. mnatureadulade mmt guviy ataminsupplnd stsemen.
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>> a: danst ju be 1foreis038 lf ha y daitand is dnwey esda an thu k yofoinr jousing . weunfoatd th theimcl bbing ut he is notut reg rninto sornuthe va neda ytansoime e vaneanda r achernd ti anrngove menttiac ivists in gog rton emaindbehi bap rs u rein ogon. a e judgindenym g hi bell eryest e urcodet ord r anatth cveli d any bund bstayd ehin ubarsp er the usbecaeye thnk thi hes i a igfl htrisk. he does acspe er-- h e in hesoutrn daneva y two ears e thend, e if honis cedvict anhe cnd spe the ref st o his li n fe ionpris. d >> ana:ilralusturte o me olteort ogisllkey. 'r wee se meingclore oudsout er thdae tod y anwee hav seen overthste laer seval da ys.>> ly kel: hasts a syorm stem is ahiroacrong fm wethe st an 'rd wee log okinarat ptly su sknny ies.wh en wiicll p ak up ttlihile ts af ootern wn asell. to s day'rohypepic is5 a 7 eedegrd s aninld bouiter c8 y, 7 gr deisees t whawe e ar
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re hewh is at'sgooning las s,vega dato'ry werte paly nnsuy ie skths wi ndwiki picp ng uisth te afn,rnoo ndwindy consitio ov ghernitot in moto arrownd an chfoces r ecpratipitasion ll we. r fohithe gh 0 of 7rrtomoow h whictiis sll e abovalnorm. d an wast e ge intourth sday ineveng thand eke weisend ok loabing tesoluly rfpe ect.>> a: dan 7r 3 fonethe vada crdemo caticseaucus on tu sa.rday and o wh wwilln in ivane da?we no do t owkn. i ito s tooscl ce to llw po mbnureers edleas er ovt nigh cfromnn c,orla hil ry at 48 beand arnie t 47wi thin mathe rginofor err. i its cltoo toose l. cal im>> ke : w willlktaut abo li aled thwicy tran wheyou kewa w upusith in mothe g rninand , alsoheon t raprog'rm wee intalkoug abe t thmuhest t me mo nt alaigte nitht wh y jimm onfall, ifjennoper ls ez a his gu anest e d shis a sire dent liheadner e thes fdaysor e th
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10:30 am
se n.ctio veyou'n beeit w uhsan my s.time ar ue yoea rdy to aypl? >> ian wt to get ana sck fi rst. hy>> w't don weav heny ack snas overhere? >> y,read ?hoda nd ha? a >>nty empe win asgls. >> re whe y areou from? >>ew n york. >> re he'sou y rtiqueson. ajulild chi was known toer sve at whna soock f tdo gu?ests s wa, it a,df golish kecracrs, b, ri tzra cscker or, c, eechz its? >>cheez [ buzzer ] >> itwa ,wait, wait. >> 's she a wi. nner >>ia jul childov les toat e figoldshra cs cker sandouhe wld se irveitt wh aer revse rtmaini. ha ouve yr eve had aer revse inmarti? >> no. l >>eittl gin flr.oate hgeterue gsts ait ltlezy buz rebefo drinne and thenve sern a edincr ible,meal sintartthg wi e th ldgofish crr.acke
10:31 am
ok ,ay ho die. do>> aerablfa lymi. wh eer a yreou omfr? >> newyork. >> t' whas yrouam ne? >> elchane. >> th in eie mov tbghosrsuste, at whck sna is ?used >> intw.kies [ ngdi ] >> n' didomt syebod then use the in twkieef dseenat ler onat, th id sat i m tadehem y?craz >>he tyo dak m yeou azcry. yo n'u catot sp egatin .them ey the wergi oriynall fd illewith ba nanare camte insadf oan villa m.crea 'sthat why they look ba-inanash. >> iou w llde ik. that n >> irlwowad iir th, e ers waa banana shortage andhe t y itswedchve o tr onivaa.ll >> ha tst'in reteinstg. ho damawon? >> somebody came all the way omfr ha.waii reyou'm fro wahaii? >> h >>ow far ande wideo p cpleome
10:32 am
wh yat's our,name swe?eeti >> de. nise w>>herere a you omfr? >> hatapanaq, invirgia. >> t whack snaoo fds doehi ts ma scot rseeprent, todori s, ee cht. o sr slay'at poto s?chip >>tochees. >> sofar, a lot ofeo pplew kno rthei kssnac. g >>oodng thi to owkn. ch s,eeto the fnglamiot h avflor, p mynaerso lvofa,ritet tha was in edvent by aan jitorho w wdorke heat t ancompy. >> not a joranit ane.ymor i >>e hop i hopeha ttan m gotl wel paid. os three ahe t .best be forewa it s eschter, the li ttle mt ascouswe jw,t sa the otmasc was a mouse. ee chse, mice. do i knn't hyow wy thetc swihed . it n'i doowt kn why. >>ho sdul have ththoughi ts ro th ugh. hi>> ha, w yt's our?name >>. eric >> and y.kath h >>eres i your tiqueson. re ady? >> ye ah. >> s thind bra was thest fir to
10:33 am
tz ri crrsacke ,fritos orra ccker ck jas? >>ra ccker s.jack >> s!ye kecracr ckja is,t . is ve>> edyrybol wile hav too g and bu ouy yr ,book daho. th ey dn'id wtin it y.toda >>yes. >> il ava oablen onamaz. k than syoucho mu. ce ni toee s you. o>> sat greo t see you ysgu. >> om cone ac bbek usca rekic sp ngrielfi id gsngoio tel t uls ouabtis hew n simu rc,keoct erthhee s, ift a ters.hi tmmm,rkhis tunaey is l?turaye ah. 'sitoo too ge d to b.true agnot ain. re stal eveate ne dr goesown. fact . we ve'll haab the by, an lld i'e havanmy bd, and l it'lorjust wk. righ t. n'doy t worritabout ey. hon l al fof oury phamilotos riare hereght angi (boung snd) on t arhe he.d driv 's itd callemesha tiare. on'twe d i ownsht, we . are it s dolet' it. oh yeah. at ithods go- . .mm-hmm na fiomlly, s tethings hat't noodtoo go t to berue. 's itar oscer may ranaturkl tureey bast, an tasd itgrtes eat.
10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:38 am
yo nou k ww iishha tt iad h iejess's girl i is wh iad h ssje'sie glir >> s fane havbeengi sinng along si nce1981. hard toel bveiefr zbl rdwo, . baby 5>> 3ye ars. 5>> 3ar yeits, w thhe rseelea of 1his8thlb aumle titd "rtocke sc e,iencbo" aout tro ppel elhimsacf bko intthe otspt.ligh >> hello! jyou kusteepra cgnkinm the t.ou >> i esgus. al outh tghy heilstpll ay "j e'essis girl." d >>ouid yay alwnos kwha tst wa g goineto br youwn cro l?jewe >> ,no ,no not at alactuly i ththougwa it s ad goo al bumactrk. i ththougre theer we bteetr an hed ty ,saidhe t radiort staed ay pl ingit. alactuly,t iwask bacn whe djs ul wodk pic ag sony the kelid.
10:39 am
dj s sedtart pnglayi it. a >>eond pplet wen azcry. sthey tilldo. >> ourn yo r newd ecor dwhato u yokthinth is eg son peeopl ll wi bein sging alongo t the mo st? >> hi i tnk ht"lig thisty par up ." do i knn't ow. i' hem tt las t oneo know, y.trul 'r weoie dngou f or ofur songs in lour siveet now. ht"ligs thi party up"et gs a gr eattireacon. >> you,know as a pemerforr, wh yatourud aeienc ar ue yoet somimes suserprid? >>ye ah,yeah. er th ae'sar hd track on it ll caed is"ms emmayhha" tllt a e ths fan are going, yeah,s thi t ishe e.on "l tighthisty par "up ite wro fo her tie mov "rikkind a the as flh." an d i said, ,well'm ipy hapo t n be ithe movie but'm io als a so itngwr ser,o .here th sere' .this an td ias wn't t.righ it t wasinoo k odf r'nock ll' ro forher. th ey pdicke aat gre ngso. it just dtidn'ak spe f arom wo sman' peperse.ctiv y >>eou'rer pinformg athi ts i ar he tev ent. t'>> is ad goo ngso.
10:40 am
th wi? t >> oearsf s,fear which ier nev shave een,live was a big fan of hein t'8 0s. ll biy ,idol mngissi rspeons, lt cu ure. club >> w!wo >> and --p hele m out. i e hav add,o ss it' . gone il>> wul yoy pla ait ltle bit ufor as sndeef i we canic pk yourgs son? >> youon w'tw knohi t se.on >> ok ay. >> s it' oneth of e new eson. oo>> gd beat. go od beat. >> t ike word ceon. w >>hole new ragene. tion ye>> ah. >> s youdhoulrt stave ery song withatth. >> i'll startry eveon sgh wit .that ithiss ht"lighi tsty par up." ll i'e giv a youtl lite bitf o . it ithatte wro for theov mie but pt ke for .me om sesetim mye lif feels like
10:41 am
i d hel an ansgel'an hd i el fthe t del'visit be ow n iak tey mre regts an d puthe tm down tu fusre i lngookigh brit gh litt i up e' wllht lig thisty par up israeou y prtyar cup we l'llights thi party up iloves thepe deest cut we l'llight this partyp u >> !yeah wh oo! th sat i n.fu h >>anow muty c osn the m?albu he>> tre's 13 onhe t main one tandhreeon b -us- none os i hathy wie fiv s aongse sid oranyme. >> y >>eou'v t gotoe hav ,168 1 ng sos. >> pl peoane whet tir nemo y's wo rth. t'>> i ds areiffent plrmatfo. th sere' aes bt buysi veron at th'sy onlil avaablen it bes y but thahas theon bus tsrack on . it ou>> could yy pla l aeittl "j e'essis girl"us j tcabeuse? >> no. i >>'t don blame him. >> ye s!
10:42 am
themp proter. es jsie is aen frid ye ah i k now'shen bee aoo gd iefr ondfin me tbuat lyel sothmeg'insha cnged a itin't hard tfio dene ss jeie's got hlfimse a girl and it wano te mak her mine nd a's shech wating hitim wh ethoss eye an hed s l'sgovinim hh witt tha ibody justw kno it d an 'she hngoldier h in hiss arm te la latet aht nig k younow iis whha tt i had ss jei 'she girl w iisht tha iad h i'jesss rl gi >> anlilia isp u next! h ow can id fin aan wom leik th at >>ha swn hkoo enwht' iyos obur jpr to totec wothe s rld'tegreaatst nion,it ou's yspr rebionsility sto tolveorhe w ld'sgr steatell chas.enge th s is iwewhy rc sear h fo thebe ndst agh bri.test y wh twe frain eorryve tuevenyalit on d lanan r,d wate
10:43 am
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10:44 am
do t n'wayou hatnt tki brnd of ain? dea ee igra s greede. reyou' w gonnasoant e m bu ont f ly iu yo ahavera bin. i ys kalwaiteep in on pot. w neermastse precinny ski om fray mllbee inw nerkyo. r oursfialt yswaha srp rowaterpel lof g..iner. de edsignma to ster th pe most ereciseooksye l. sl defeek.. inednton poi. limaybel ne'sma er pstcire skisey.nn i makeppent ha. maelybne nli yewk.or i t don' if knowveyou'r eveta thken mee tile to arn lia tttlebiiny t sofebomy odseel 'sna ttivee?ongu th peat op ns u the s doorruto tst. my name kisyoann. a i'm nitech hcianinere rt po olandn.rego y everinmorng,
10:45 am
toiv gthe aemlo cr an whd ienal cd leisthus cmetor, di i erscovhaed t wt heeaas df. th ten ihthougf oanam.da i' nove kmewn an ricasi angn le guag nc siwae i ous abyet 8 olars d. it's like musifoc yor and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, btolee abco to icmmun ate twitheahe df. rimy fkaend anyon sked t melpo he him ex n plaitohow sday'ap tmpoinwient o.ll g wheodas n hdingeais hdd angi ngggliit a lbitle t.
10:46 am
10:47 am
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10:48 am
>> you haveet m elvis radun's ar otistef th month. nowhe'ser heit w hhisew n lesing. t >> ihishas sndwn a nd"sou of yo ur he"art. >> ak t iet ,away nehoy. you were my courage my wo srdnd ael shid ac grnde uerre pessur myal wl ofel ste i was ane sto we ngighis u down weyou re the angel i cedhaino t thero gund i miss the wayou y esundrs iis ms yourea hd ony m chest n' catot sp this binleedg
10:49 am
'm i msiisng theou sndf oou yr ar hetitbeang by ba i'm inov leh witou y , oh i and'mis msing thend sou of ur yoea hatrtbeing ba byou ye wer mine toos le oh nd, a i'msi misng theou snd of yo ur hbeeartgatin msiis yngou ssmiginou y mi' msiisnghe t sndouf oou yr arheeatbngti inmissoug y mi gssinou y i' mis mngsihe tou snd of your he eaartbting ab by'm i cinomg baby i'mom cgin now i'll come running byba'm iom cgin ba by i'mom cgin ysa the words ba ibyl'l comeun rning w ell baby'm i inov le whit you ,ohnd a'm iis mngsihe tou snd of
10:50 am
ybabyouer wein me toos le oh ut, b i'mis msing the sound of yo ur hbeeartgatin o ih,'m msiisnghe tou snd mi' msiisng the sndou of btieang of ea bting m i'si misnghe tnd sou ofr you he eaartbting 'm iis mngsihe t sndouf oou yr arheeatbngti mi inss yg ou mi inss ygou i' mis mngsihe t sndou of yrou he eaartbt tbhearngeati be gatin oh i,'mis mngsihe tnd souf o uryoea hatrtbeing >> whoo! >>t thawas awe.esom g >> ood job. >> big, big craree eaahd, fi delynite. t >>wahat aws e.esom >>anthks, evoderyby.
10:51 am
th ates mak a statement.
10:53 am
10:54 am
rs fiist th"t is >> > liliana? >> y areoure d?ssed ewe're comingnt ior youre dgssin . room ov>> lhae w yteou'r arweing. come onr. ove lrjeweaty thes makst a enatemt. >> se the erovd,size itarchraectulpi insred espiec. ar st wting iths.cuff th bo of youea wr cu ffs. l>> iove ffcus. >> 'r youe wngearine o right ithissro fm wyhitl v, under 0. $5 ce itlebries arein lovghi ts for the red su cperute on r.he an rod fobm b blebar, these are $38. yo onu d'tav heo t stack ach bun of acbrs.elet pu net o on,ou y o'reut the ordo. re adyo t go. y ifoue lik the,esex nt b ig dtren isut abohe tri earng
10:55 am
ncbeyote a the mygramsoo l ked un evbeli,ableri weang the big er ovdsize inearrgs. it a'sll autbohe t stetantme rreagin not the statement cknecela. el aectr is snghowi us howo t we ar isth. pthe sairhe'sri weang is $9.99 fr &om h m. weav he a funer vonsi here. mesostimey the g retyeall avhey. ethes are twlighteigh tiplasc. d anhe t tn lheast trend is me sogthin i'm cngalli the mono ea g.rrin valsoery big d.tren em ma wnatso wasri weang this. one seidas h theg lon eainrr g. y>>ou ndee a ltlit beit of tude fo r th. at >> you do need atl lite tuattide. sh e's snghowia us ramodeteay w oto ds thi ain tyoo hp and the ta atntchme. u yo w can ieart as a setr o sw chitt i up and do the . mono ow>> hy manpl peoure ding the adayreoi gong t toay s to you, y doou rzeealiha tt- - a>> mhuc splimer w tayoo d ,it fromrdnom,stro ander und 0.$4 ve ry cute way.
10:56 am
this isro fmp sho t >>shat'ha wt trehey'ng goi to nt wa at thend eth of e set.gmen > >>s thi o isure win is o it okayr not okay tora csh a y?part >> ks looe likupmy c etrunnh er ov. i >>t arsppea'm i wniinng but i' m usbecae thka has a cupnd a a ha lf. i t wan to t ehankonveryhoe w lp heed me. it's ryeall .nice >> om> tworro ahmbus ovmakeer. >> s plury eve honeas a orsty. >> s it' are gat one. rneve tooat leor f . love >> why y areouin sayatg tho t ? me
10:57 am
10:59 am
e hav aat grein westo onday ac relha ray. orpopcown shcase. inkickg you c jantus he aveth whe ol hballere. >> chicken wingsnd aod t iays girerystay d. >> and now, are you rdyeaor f aerachl.
11:00 am
y'todaows sh a hasll rea cyool e them ito t.datoowy sh e gvery auestnd itha s as pluone. vei ha as plutoo. i was g toingo t endhe dog daywi y th mrifavotes plumyone t sweedogsa iboo. >> t' whas uabp, by? ow>> h y areoiou dng? l >>givin there dam. iv>> lthing eae drbbm, b. nglivi there dobam h soken.tyle uyow kno'swhatat greut abo ngtakito on sdayhow.bu it hehes in irenttch aed, he'se heropto p. atwh y areoiou dodng tay? i >>ho'm swing you h towmao ke a itwhoce che olatorpopcnhi wchs i toie dor f .d anwhat ie lovbo ahiut ts is itso etoasy ddo an c youan beecom reso ceativit wpch poorn atho thme, ieremis 1 nlliodi enffert ts d thisju is lst aeittl shiomet ng gtoiveou ye somns itipiraon.ta


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