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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  February 17, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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th ings can gechan. r >> eed:ara lxpge eonlosi tt himus eyturkait capa w ne fyorkinightdgg buutet c ngsayi m the ioneyeds ne to fi teght .rror elmicharle massh h t all p is ad hes.line ro>> fem thro tertler sd iefkasn wtohingadic mehell r mash. a ar lgelo expsion has froc r h tu eyrk c' 28 peoplare dee aad 6ndot1 rshe injureafd r tecaa bor mb ex edplodr neatamiliehry vs.icle e thosclvehieres wrre ca ying d armeesforcso per.nnel neto o t has rakennsespo fibleor at thta at me ilanwhewe, nk yor citylis of alficie s arincall tg onhe wh hoite touse c notunut fgdin r fo c bigseity tycuri it inveiatis. gh riowt n y newciork enet g m$180onillim froer fed rngovesp helt fighorterrs. th ite whuse ho pe isseropo etbudgld wou t cutnuhat imbern lf ha. a >>0 $9iomillutn c a nsuncoabcion
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w ne cyork180 >> or rep ter:yonew prk'se olic m iscommersions saycuthe ult wod fe afarct lcage srile danlls d er ov ftimeraor tg ininexand tra se tycuri. > >> tfromerhe tsmrorirt ale sk dewa in gtshini'on, icm mehellyu ma rsh. >> ie marap: sple'dpeh c ec exeutiv c timeleid dec e appl cwillehall angeo c urt rorde ititrucheng tp com any ssacceephon dth of teshoon rs imbdecede rn benoardiro ter arismk.ttaclo r >> eed:asit hot a lpe of ople ta g lkint abouonpersecal sy urit iwhenmet co ts torierrondsm a ho iprine p.vacy 3newsan's s gdralonzaasez h en bemi exa tningsshe ialue tking to de stu antset thl cols d di so rnuthead neva c >> or rep ter: iwhenmet co s to hehandevld d wiceslde hom the e.clos wobut yould ndu hars your oveif b itmeecaue a qnstio n ofnaatiol cu se tritynmevernnt? th oinktf ierce a assoy. ke pyou ut a tnderahe m to he lp lnfaw emeorceetnt g in in ca osef eremy.gencre whbut apat h ipensrof a bber getsin? wh apat h ipensybf cami crisnal t ge. inc 'sthatt wha c tim iookhonay s ing l bui oding ch tegnolody ant' thaers whe e w nbegige to ntt ihio totedeba. r >>rtepo ler: orisi,egeley mon co porresntnde f cornnum srimasze
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ch exief ivecutine, fimds h selfaspo in . as he tbi f seeks to unlock an iphone used by onep otwf a u at ertack ts ineche rsaent d rn benoardiot sholeing g avin adead2 nd 2reinjud. e thrngove wment aants tppleay bu d ilbaa dckr oo tto iheonph_n ac incordoog to crek, cg atina cu se rity ,touret som hingem poopsseec bseaue ha ser ist' lo l se g ttinnga das erouedprec acfor .cess sin ametateoont clek re oasedn e the applitwebs se heinays rt pa...rec . ou>> ye havalto b danceeo w wa afnt sd e fboveryrdy oa dsoo w wetoant e havy?ivac usbecaeae r illysipos too avee.both ep>> rr:orteou ynpl peo e wee la me vet hah muc tmorey o saheon tc pl apure codet orr. ei thrdr womis cop ng useat po regrtinve lia andralgonzve ne .ws 3 ar>> m tie: hankyou. >> ne> .30 purm. tg nin pthederesilntiaec el.tione enmills nialdiare isssat fied bwith pothicolitieparts. r >> eed:t thasn doe m't teanhat yo er vots are sitting on thet
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nouronatisporrentondeci chris en teza fraoko lo ts at mi enllalniot ve. >> ep rorter: candidates on both sides of the aisle ares tyir tng wo il mnnlelsiah witi oopesnd sufrort heom tng youest ge tinerailon wrol p tpel themie e thit whuse hoe. >>y' thehere tndre ay' the reinte astedhend t ry're teady mi s howr. r >>teepor cr: ynarolmtewit e th cif ooc r tk,vote a n- noispartanup gro that co enesuragun yoeg p topleo tevo. e >>veryay d 12,000nd iuaividls t urn 18. d an h weavehe t lstargein votg oc blf k iholl soup t s.poll ep>> rr:ortet buloarhe lmbos adtan ge tineran on iicamer st fr atustry ed bstthe qatus ys sase conivrvatlue cot mnisi is krndta an.erso ot>> brth paaries e sa dintppoitoing ng youpl peoe. ny ma i areifdent ayings de inenpendr ts o bjustinecomg de edtachm fro pthessrocedi ntar to ergeth. r >>teepora r: ntrecel pol dfoun p 86ntercennille ialsdl el fee likidcand aatest ren'o easpngkio te thesissuy thecare ab out. >> ng thiiks lte studenn loa bt de. in thce lik adebtpend sg ndinem
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ep>> rr:ortee thcrdemos nd caesidate havd trieddto an yo isuth .suesse >> i've laid out my ideas about wh e at wdocan e makegcolle fo aflerdab. w >>oue shavld heee frti tuion at li publlc co aegesnd deu erunivessiti_ r >>teeporinr: f the tirstla nt co destsraemoctet vondrs u o30rwvelmheg inefprreerbed iern ndsas ercoacinrdtog xi epot s.ll >> i know i have some work to do. particularly with young peleop. >> ep rteor r:rea blpuanicas h wonot mn aitajorf y o ythe outh svoteinced.1988e er41 p ocentllf mialennie s arnb mo de wcrat jhile28ust ce pernt ar pue reanblics. a >> o lot qle millsnniahao u le g aninhefurtrtr fuleher ft. pa frt ot thaecis bma pe apn al ickbarama obay8 200 aswayotdd lsoter thele. r >>teeporle millsnniae mak1 up se n i vfives oter mnoveber. if y thew shoarimilin ernumbss ay thet laswo t idpresalentict ele.ions oso tap cetur thatou ythot v y todad coulbowin arth p ntiesot st juth in iolectt n burefutuv aoneslls we. w inngashi iton,ri'm ke stin
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ee>> r nd: 3ews in makurg soue y istayohe lemb eon re s sultheof tad nevmoa deiccrat uscauct' thains beelg hm sa ayturd. r ouer covbeage agins1t 1 i mo g.rninc ci:0 4m.0 p.s newi3 wrill bng yo onn arhouse livm teai racovefge o theuscauch wit po calitistnalyhieignng icial on ltresus. owfollyed blos xp ear n racovehrge tououghe t thineveng. u yoalcan easo h nd an r d oubofacendok att twier pa toges ck tra theltresus. m >>: ariesi ten bonsngoilir oveo rafte o rep trtso acsurf-ae-toisir m wsileas la eunchald tongouhe sth cinh a ea s. antaiway ss chinaep ddloye the ai rsi misnle o thely hot utdisped indslasth of e onregi. ta aiwan.snd uciffi sals sa ittellasge ima de ho sew tha las ato pl dentoymeth on lae ishind w aris p tt ofaihe palr asaie chv in chysa sais it ro apptepria*g re abasonle. >> d: reear scomy mtads arafteo er amicanli airnes plane clips an rothe plane. wtheingtr suckhe tth souwest
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er the e arepno rdan d e s ju in.ries fbothtslighe werindestored f ll daas. pa gessenerrs wove moed ter othl n esplan. > >>gi imangayiuece pri l fo oxicr.watea_n re ntsidends govntnme cioffiinals nt fliic mn higaknow th arere ate wser i inundrlekab andas h bee for aw.hile a ew nst dyuh ssow ty heidpahe tid eshightet ra ts inathe nfoion e es te waatr thal is d legee to b a rt di sta y udoklo aedtht 50e 0 la esrgwat r testsys em tinhe co y untrfoand flund int re ntsideids pa4 $86ara ye for r watea. th nat'sy earlledoub theh ti na aonalgevera ofone s theestudiho autayrs ss e thedunitio natecns rndommes th wateratnd aew s servier ce oushn'ldext edcehr t peeceer nt aofou h hsed olcoine.m finntli c thegeharmal toto ve sercn peofent t wha epeep edearna in ttowns hat'adalrey on ecalomicowly dddntroen. >> st> tudenbt deckkyrogetin an wd nopp to s2 $1.eonillisi m >>: arie w and*tse thoicr t don'paget acid be k th
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evand omen ssee cands seouing t us us sh martoals t roo d outo s.beat a c' nbnes jaamt sh hlianheas t story of one borror weoswhole d st enud ltnoag tneurind ttoe imes be bhindn r >>teeporthr: dee feub go mevernsnnt iid't k adingd.roune ey thll reanty wa t youy o paback st t he>> t hy'd iiderun gske pocn >> ep rteor r:d anrswo ha>> ss ckle monany eskl shackles to the waste d anacpled fin abyour-r -fou.cell ep>> rr:orteke lill mi,ions ul paer akats owe g thenover ment ymonem fro ambtu ssn loa 1987. 29 years ago wn henaroldea rnga swapr idest.en tbue h dn'idtxp etec.s u. rs ma thalsomo coe tcoomis h hnearonousth wito an arrestn rr wa 87,ul fac tar. >> h witesnternt oes ,5 $1's itu tho.,700inon >> or rep ter:ayhe s ts hes hink ouit cavld hene bedl haned be .tter
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>> reporter: but the mar sals say they triedha tdo f toreehr ye s arclininudnog ceti tsedapo t ishdo .or. er aks sayveeceinld o one st po wcard hhichyse sa he ou thwaght sog bndus aid dn't re d.spon e>> wke tal hd tonim o theho pne in 2013wh at iche tim hed tols u ouhe wotld npe apar iurn cotnd a owe wuld h taveoo cals et geson eim hnt >> reporter: and deputy hunter sz when they finally went to his home laswet itek w i avrrwa r.>> mrs akele yelomd frid ins vei haun a g. r >>teeporhur: snterthays at's wh heen ttry red,eateille calr d fo r ck baan-up tud re wrnedthith no ck taca ta arl ge y >>anou cl telstthe isory ff dit.eren eehe sasm h h to favettorgoen qu aite. bit ep>> rr:orteft aseef bri pe timr usin c htodys e waedbook for bediso ayingrt couer ordd an le re.ased er>> woue yig fredhten. >> tolly. >> or rep ter: cthe oourtrerde thimayo p b70 $5,enue rwe o de un sacle m. i >>d nee p toe0 $20r on mc arstg tinprin ail. >> or rep ter:lna dol ?at n>>alrey.l tbuot no tp gil.
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ay pyearl a01,30ueth to s.e u.peir a ma lrshav ser ticefoill ngdoi j itsob. >> p ipledhoul bn't u. malarshes ar g oing ktoickir ther doo wndo. hi tass wn axt ereme case. >> or rep: ter andre extmely ou tgh onless. ja net shliam,an nw ne us hoton. >> ie marem: rrembeos thyemor tacrysn ls i thermsupe^ciov mies? no hew t are'sl reae lifl eq leuiva chatreton r fo bs lionhou re chsear aers u thersniveofity so huthtoampne l calpuentiv f em maory nes op sichistdateds lay en avengres a.dat and edach ciskan hold upo tlo byteraoftes a. datso 'sthatan atlta to 002,0 ho ipnes. >> d: reen one wedy sdawera cck op en thei vodeva tulnd ara tdao 'rwe jetusou leng ouarnd. >> ri ma ce: g omin lup a iooknto thepe hapning le oungnescen i2000 --
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e thrt pay nreve sedeem to end. >> ed rehe: tn a viewa eb_ve sp ace. lo t ok aethesag imltu cap onastrs.aut . >> oe chle: w g'veaot ic quk ngmovirm stode hea od inur ctdireion. yo u canee s it rghit ditsoeoo llik eke we hav a
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>> ie marap: hpyed waynesd ybeverody. we dadnes dy weton'us jt le ceebratciaded waynesd foros eswednday. we eb cel trateawom h bleyusecae he l wil utakeacs bnk ie tim for th ide v ds heodry eveo eswednday. th tise im'rwetae ngki l ak ooat lo unnggiou arnd. >> d: reen ae'd wngooki back in timer ae t loung sence ayheyd re heveeyhawl. t >> som: imome anportect pies of lasdav^gaveshs's in bus wpastasere lesembn d io4 201s anfor ib exht it achthe starleon ig hearhts ent cter. th olat ciolect bn isgein*ed mov nt i no aloew oncati dwnntopo ci haty ll. it aarebrundy 22 eponcmet caut abo dgurin usdiscnssiowe betheen t ,city e th legas vewas nsur b aeaund ummuse. m >>pey snltss ier entmetainnt umcostes. >> : tomen kar tinghetoieat curfor oz umcostndes ati texanles e onen mact,enaureon can t ande s las vegaewrevigh caur t heo i >>s t haarthe kabiatsnighde
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th asis wn worheby tru chos. tr a ofoop r fous.girl e marin canolethe erad perform, e shahad e moravextragant c the pants were made outf o draped .arls om>> tf : itthareas wtrebscu othenne o thetbiexhit'sos pter wa nys agthin but. >> myhe fatr washe t irst gelounos ethu , yo,know pepoppd uctoeg v tasthade gneardre c at iotenta si [mu c] l, .e t >> lom: pouiea rimmghbrou p me sointhneg tow he tta s ge pa rirtneitng wm h saaxon s, el kemiey sn th olsvocaeer latroas. lo s uie'ermothl ba ll. asit wll bri miantiausicns. it , wasknyou baow, ddll ands a s dagncin. t >> tom: where pereylent on th o atntne poin fu eve tureou pr enesidnat rogald reaghn brou ctan ath to ste lant fro f>>m ronssu tetsuo isnrthe e er cistionounuens rttenmait en in e thunlo ogeevf y erjomahor l.te t>>reheer wcoe dimethans ere.
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ro thutugho dit caty theea ry llo ga everyvedybo l af ot ocechoitim no te matatr whel hoty the wenta o in teeto sri a bntllia. acten hewhet wr it has aineadlr er o hewhet wr itheas tng loues. >> : tom e theitxhibns ope to th ble punic oda monury d ing laregutyr cil halur hos 7: .00 aeri:3 5.m0 pon. m ro ththugh aursdn y o sthendecon oo flr. r itghhroupil apr 21st. >> ie marom: tle hawany thuk yo soh.muc in comp g urrtomoheow woun y jo ors f tst lwe'lro int yduceoou t aleoup brcelegatinbi a g mtoilesnne i ei thr par me.riaga hi>> t as ise lovy stor hthatas ve needr di. 's iter nevve wafrred heom t dsia th ssa io do ar>> m fie: romrt coupshio t iamarrege we havhe tto si atrueasnd l ltingove. 70 years in the making. e' wevesri bhang t yt toomou tworro heon td goof.stufs erwe clytaine hopjoyou ua le ket's hiep tnvs cotiersaos ab thout ode goff stung goi usendtws a eet @m neariev,ws3l ee @rs3dneworlv, th at ate stion
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co sanver otioncen fakboo by in"likurg" oe pag c ar>> m lie: et's alookct' whao e ahwsn ne fse aod tay. >> d: ree after -y 72olear-mad wosn ind fou ied nup i"g.home th ice v omea ho onvasi at whve, bat's eing tdoneo tr tackerhe p osone eopl di hid tnds ang bri t st juice. >> ie marlu: p fs alinareedai f de we olt t p the inaaic mexen wh isat hsa mesurge d hing is tvisissns mea todneva ethosetorilus pa dhe tec for d anck chee atr of c affilws "nemar li t ve a."fivei ee>> rlod: asinggn pre iancys e onheof tt mosstdevag atin atsitu aionsil famn y ca.face l untintrecehely terre w e no urresoinces th sou nernaevad to fhelpieamilros th tughehe ral pr soces ofgrg.evin ar m nie: 3'ews ics me hell zveleh suc ianortt s ttoryio broung y r hght 3: .30 pem. we giv y pou aewrevi of hpeer scialllosrtpo ndalleotic n'jalefts gi. e th pfull aiecetoirs t nighda 11 . r >>teeporitr: a isdnrt sta linggm ti na sonalthtat rat'sy eallia to k talt.abou inone r foun wome will
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f sromltilth bir ts iriscar l tolethath biref dsect it ha oensften in ourom citmuny an xpd e erts isayt'sri teang fa esmili arapt. in mosta csesev griingen parts ul woged het t tthews ard go e homufto sinfer en silce. mo stherke lil i whontiin n hsmontgn prewiant ^a eab by y bol n o wh nwillurot s avive fternos rt bih. w >> he'veo ad tgechan our msdreadicpehos. m >>lliches hank l loca wmomaho hens bere thequ fo behere tony wav't hoe t go ugthrohh tal ni to oindut why these th moarers hae s tringheir st s orie handogow terethy the're ngmaki a ffdiceeren. in jo f meorpey stepor n'jaleifs g ttghonit on " 3news ve liel at "evenht riglazanio ne .ws 3 ee>> rmid: lechel h andeaer tm rk wooed s oard hat sobreorst asuch h fart seltytor yr lyrealed ne s toe. > >>miap sellege aque su sfcces lullyheauncd a sa ittelltoe in epa sdatoy. an japke worthd wia nas to lodevehep thn tecgyolore we'ia.
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oaon r adsayighwurs d ar fea's wirstpridesheead avy stsnow oormhef tin wter. t ruow tcksn adlo pws wdorke ouar tndhe ccklo asos aon tshe orsthim tr leipeiecdveea nyrll 9es llcafos srvier yceteesayrd teafoornn. th 'satlm atosou deblha w ty he d ha aonavn agerfee uabray d adro cwsrexp etec todayil w as u b gsytietw yhe toars th ouat ct ldn' reached styedaery. >> ee r d:metior fhe a cfck o r oual loc fosrecat. th no ling wikeuse jt sawn i .that ar>> m bie: heut tre are gechans. c >>: hloes it'ng goi s to tart ingettrag crzy a oundhe s wind sareintart u athoss ewe'v g not aetlanke ou cl bds,ifeautacul bpkdro ts ouide. bu ikt le id swiaid pinds gckinaoc an thd gsinre aef ditiny elingo0 to ng chapee eslycialhi wite n th fnextouew hrs. ti apme-ln se iumpahrp. u yosecan e e th chighs loud inroll.g in cayou e n se cmoresloud ro thhoug tut aheerftonnond aow n 'rwe seinee hghige llveoi murst
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3:52 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:59 pm
e:stev a how're yalowl? h's ev oderyb ay? icippreyoate u, lk foeas. yudh, dhae. t'nk yall. an thu k yo mvery tuch. yhankou, er evy.ybodnk tha v youmuery ch. we well, e lcomfato " fmily"eud, er evy.ybod i'yom anur mev, ste ha . rveya got ogoodorne f you to rday.nieturorng fir the se dcondalay, y read awithal tot 20of $, ,000 tfromomhe hnetow la tencashir, oheo, thise oo . boysit'ths une yomig faly! he[cinerang apd aupl]se d anomfran s sdyinprgs, gigeoroma, h te ofunhe pch li itne, 'e s thamdurhil famy. he[cinerang apd aupl]se everybody'ous het treinrytog n wirstheia elf oflot h casand pothe ilssibofity vi driutng o of e her bin a-nrandew, e-statheof-t f-artedord ge. le t's ! govegie meljogi, mvee nnroy. ["family feud" theme plays]
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d.boare hero.we g-h we-eh! we ed ask m 100edarri, men gothe ewod n ys iswiour sfe i nian ainmal . bedbathe wsd ne heis tma ani al ist? wha nn roy? y:ronnga cour? ev stoue: c ygar.eah. la[appuse] el joli: a ston, eve! e' shs ona li! e:stevio a ln. d?ro d: roog a d. e:stevog a d!. ha ma dn: iidea hthr -e- ng[youees chr] st peve:orass y? pla n: mae comleon, t'.s go y:ronn' lets st yeve: leah,et'pls ay. he[cinerang apd auplplse ro wd: iouas dg btinlfmyse--, so e:stevh. yeatl litite--ltle et predty rle nai.d it d: rohu uh-h. st teve:hat'whs cat ithall at sh pirt.y rett ired.e lik.that ll kealy, ttoked un a hdred


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