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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  February 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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arbeeydsliv gings u aoo lk. i >>t jusck cheed odutsie. lilteraly a sndeco, agohe cgckin out ctiondions. ovcaerste skis. rehe a isk loo atwh at's ma aing,ge larre aaf owlo prseseuron cnutigino to mve iton theas cot. e'hersha wtre we'ee s singo arf. uyo s canee ao god atmounf o moreistuos acrs coralifnia. we're gngetti h lighleve tumois aresscroti porsonf o utsornheev otnll af o tthas iak mgint is toway theun grod,ug thoh. qauickk loo tathepl doper r.rada youan ce sete qui a bitf o ismotureos mtotly e thth norf o us. ouy s caniee rghth tere. li sghtrshowe are pblossi meuch l oaterhin ts einveng with the cbesteshanc of sgeein thein ra infallg to theun groder aft dnmi tightghonit. buton d'te bau cghtff od guarif u yoees s ainprekl or twoit winh th netexe fw hrsou. yo cunaee se thlo cudsol rglin inhi tercknd a tckhier thugrouthohe t dayun arod mesain k od sfrytoh turoought the l vasasegal veyl wrehe we wsaho tse hhig cudlos rliolng in icthngkeniou thrtghou the
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wnowe'rein seegho tseve ostrca coinditonsut oe.sid windsu jstu o tt ofheou sth in ourgh neiooborhds. yonu ca see theez breiestts par ofn towas hee bn one thdg efes o vthey.alle cyouan see 2le9-miho-an-inur wd gu sstsoar for fen honders. 22e--milouan-hinr wods frer gen llvaey. teatmpersureos acrhs te area inrangrog fhem ter upp 60s in ersumm tlinheo t-7 mid,0s mi td- uoerpp0 7tos he tas et ofs un i our nboeighdsrhoo. 'sitti sonll gena b fyairl br teezyhis engveni. thsis i l a aack tthe sinustaed ndwih wit gusts rineachg up to 20 2 andle5 mins ar. hou ili wlel t youw kno lhowong isthrm stoeay wther ison gna stlaxu ep. >> thankas lt cup. > >>enclivd bunasy h been ctindinded ar fouer oths udincl hingis sonson amm and nrya1 on el6 fonyrg chaes. ho>> thase csrge areon cednect atonrm aedta sfndof with ofrsfice inun bvikerlleac bk in riapl o 2f014. among the nrrummeous charges, a coicnvontiha t wtldou ruieqre
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rfo csrimeot tinalg3 $ ivclunen basdy wrr adestet las urthsday inor pdtlanh wile trngyio tea slis hon ss of after hetery we aterresfod rcc ongupyi aef ruge. a >>ernothh- higilprofhe sow do bwn,enetwe a'spple cndeo a thdee fe gralnmover oentver a pcellhone bngelotoing a >> l, wel p 14eeopld diesa in n arbern adinohend ts fedhi tnk e thcellho p unessedy bhe t rrtetoriss could have ceslu to vesath oser from more texas. >> s thi hasue iss udp nvcotiersaonsut aboer plsona cuse arityndri py.vac sa gndralonzaalez t tkedoop pele whgho miet b ictmpaed bys. thi >> a weore sac atthed to our phones aend we havo sch mu foiniormatnn o itd anhowuc mh wareile wglino te giv f upor e thin gnmoverent? i >>nk thih w ient's shiometng lihke tat trierrosm, iout shld be. r >>teeporeor: lie bel tveshe sfbildhoue haves accs to ipnho besoneling tg oo onefhe t
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n saarbern.dino rsothee agre. t'>> iars hecd bauseom sesetim hyou taveoal banceet bnwee fesandty ari py.vac t'is aar hdhi tng bauec -se- >>poreerrta: al corifaniud jge orderedpp aleo tec dtryph te ip thoneelo hhep t fbi. but alepp's ceoim t ckooay ss no way n a smetateont coke rseelead tonhepp alesi webte,e th rngovement mayue argil whee th foiniormatyn mae bim ledito t ethse u,he t'sreo nua gntra oeef oedrl. ether govtnments wanhe tom t dbuilac a bkoo dr tohe t phi coneinreatg a sitecur dyeer deurto. sothme hinge oesppos usbecae eshe says it's snettig up a ngdauseroes accs. buti lorge sielgh weis. in t >> ohinktf i sas aey k. uyoa- -f ot ias a k.ey you put aey k underhe t mat.
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gets in orer cybmi cris.nal that ist wha timoo cske iay sing andha tt'ser wh wegee ntt iohe t bade.te r >>teeportur: stsden s sayyafet opis tor priity. w >>vee ha toi gvep usome of rou pcirivandes a if weon d't ntwa toe givit up tehos acprivies t whene't can ask for fesaty. oo>> ckeay ss theov genernmt's retquess ioo t r.isky nohew, t aclus i hnelpippg ale twithhis legaltl bate. rtrepo lingived sanraza gonlez, news. 3 po hliceavede iientifhed t ecsuspnt i aee wkendom he vain wsionasho who snt ihe t secai durng a rrobbey. wet wan w toarn you. the me aimg ayou arebout toe se isph graic. thisal is dexanoner gezzal in a ctpi turenakens i tidehe spho.ital heuf sedferum nserouur injies clingudin aha srtte jaw. isth ienncidt hnappe nedear lags veboas arulevd andtu cacs tinouhe s pthofart the eyvall. hbneig sorseay h wasin tryg to akbreto inme honds a tedrio t shpuou thrgh aog dgier dooon onero py.pert 'sthathe wnhe tom hneeowr
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tomhe heeownar hees bnar cleed fo anyng wrongdoi. th ige fht frohe higrim minum gewat go aoo bstr fos momd an dsda. pasrentoi jned childar ce erworks. eyth h aregopinre incasedds fun willcr deeasehe tt cospa srent y paat aoc lalil chd'sen c.ter in a hngeari t,hey a tskedhe st tateo fund a muminim of $15 an hour. theu grop iso als thete sta to iconsderen partso whre aiv ling ator t ahe t ptyoverin le. they pseropo the stateov cer most famieils who make $0120 or .less >> op> perele atu disrbeder aft a gbaf oad de cats wasdu mpedo int ald fie inea stas las veg. er>> g rardhoamal m has ooren ethru gmeesoes invtitigaon. r >>teeporor: sun volsteerht rig anowoire goong dr tor doon i sthigh neihoboroddi hanng out iefloprs hingo tin futd o tlexachoy wo d do s auch t.hing sd.c.r ae linook ig ntothe case, they h nowave aci spealma anil
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atheyetre dnermioed td finut o acexwhtly atap hedpen. ethsre in a eerie cinalm h te kbac lot int eas las veg,as one ofday ase pasaur pa mde a uegrsomeis drycove. i >> nt'sorot nmalat th aba gf o dead alsnima be ddumpe it on the osidehef t r.oad ep>> rr:orteic polae shey ts cat rewend fouet togher in ala pstic trash. bag tnor faro fmhe t ntcoinaing aar l dgeread al,nima polyssiba a frm al.nima inigvestrsato't can say if the sfine are cctonneed. butgh neisbor areps uet. i >> ht'sblorrieo tbu asen a imanali lkeha t toru hrt it in anyay wha, sper oor fm. r >>teeporrir: kstinor wksit wh aro gup that lesobbi with aklawm aersnd she sd aieythr ae cufo osedndi fin wngho wlou ddo chsu a tnghi. theyla pn to dibistrute frslie tlike ihesehn tegh neioborhod
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>> t any time iherens a aalnim lcrueaty cikse les thi,'s it waalysi dbisturng. soinmethgef deinitlyee sms nsiristend a nioefarus. >> or rep pter:eolicnt mea aimere waiting on rules ttsoi f ondut ho twheat c dsedind a earsk agin for aonny weho m hayave tnwid esse hwhatneappeod te giv thema call. >> d itoes s teemo bee som sort ouof flal p oyrus scipisou acviti.ty atth'sy whe' wreoo lgkinnt io .it >> or rep ster:eto dveectis osh kuld mnowuchor meb aout this canse i n theextew fay dsh wen het fylyinal get the rtsesul of thosero necespsi. yoanhone wws knoth anyingut abo hwhatneappeutd oe her, sdhoul lcal11 3. gei'm rrardhoamalep rngorti. nockw ba y toou. t >>hank you. > >>ton a ualnusu mtomen when popenc fraisli pubcly sdhowe gsins oytfriatonriirtitaon ridu hng tispri to micexo.
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llpu oednis ham gt menande h llfe- - gmear antnd he fell on ianivnduidaln i ael wheircha. a p newollh sowst jus how ghtihet ta nevacda res i tforhe deatmocric pderesilntia nanomintio. llhi caryonlintd hols a razor thin minarg. alover8%l, 4 ofel likyc cauus teatsndeey saey thp suport toclinnhi wle 47%up s bportieern ndsaers. theuc ca ous,fou crse, this saayturd and iult co bdene o that goes dtoown the w.ire >> d> ans new3in makge sur you istayhen top loh wit the ltresus of thead nevaoc demcrati cucausat sy.urda oure covrageeg binshe wnhe t uccataus srtst a 11:00hi ts rnmoing. at0 4:0 p.m., n3ews will bgrin yonu ar hou ofe liver covage olkn bledyan exp ndedews racovehrge tououghhet tve ening atthl will ancso iludeea hring
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yoanu cd heao tur o wteebsi, t to trackhe sure.lts > a>> armyer restvisak teseg lal tiac aonstgain aun g rgeanor f begini kckedff o. > >> ggoodood deedpe comionsatn, a man l hosesis wtalle and gets
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toto e thrspe won lhoesiver hhae tos lvsopre msoble asbi tg asorhe wld. asand ll smas ayour kitchen table. th'sathe tob j. evy ery.da
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th see tonawhr heo edlphe tit c yri aseinga. th see etcry ar softetaho wod stoup a forcameri s anddtare do hwntiosle leaders around the world, is the one candidate r foidpreswhent s o haeverything titesako t edo pveryart of the job. e' shevll neter lon anye atprivsoize scialitecury d ancamedire. s ordohut lawn p pnnedtharenood. she'll take tonunhe gby lobfi, y nalleqget paual r y fon,wome stand heop tub repnslicam fropp rialing rl ou prreog assy.wa osofen uabr 2ryh 0tanstupd or fhi arlly. cabee us yif wout anpra idesten knwho hoows kw toameep aeric safe, and build a stronger ecomon hy,lail'sryhe tho ce.ic i n'womat pkemiros secai tn' keep. we can make rea dalfeifncreine pe leop l'sesiv.
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>> a> anrermy isservast wsk aed ltoeave a gunan rgeft aer idfyentiingim h selfas a mimusl akis ting aoncti. shi anttoreysed fil l aitawsu nsagaiet ther ownfs o the gun rainve eonrye. a -of- the range. aig snn o t bheesusins reappa intlyifdentied a its slmuime. fre >> > ach porw prolem rrembeerho w olste a pgeacka o aff porchas h had ang chafe o heart in broad igdaylht. we ill,ensid the pagacke,0 $30
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mehor'owne2-s 1-oyearld. thhie tefar applyent had sdecon outhtsghb atouha w ht deid cabeeushe t heoomerwnou fndh bot theur retnedka pacndge a aot ne tsou oidef hisme hota s hyinge aswor sry. thome heeownopr hesh tehi tef nslearom fris h mkeistas. po>> a nlogyoteme seeind scere genounh oer pap. tihink thel reat teswill be whr etheotor ny thect ayuall anchhege tehir boravind ais th is shiomethang tilt wlff aect emtho ging frdorwa. w >> aell,rt hea cctonviedhe tre ouobvisly. po alicerest quengioni two men theyie belayve me bnv idolve but fsoar no cblhaurs. > >>a y newciork ty m wanho lost hisle walt at ace conrt was risurp wsed shenodomebyur retned moalvest einrythg l.ater wtwoeeksa lter he rveeceid an ymanonouste let writh his celinsens ianide d aot ne plexinainhyg wth the oerte ims rewe notet redurn. itea r id,ep kt t che bashusecae
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th me cetroard bseecau the fare is75 $2. and the wesalltau becse wallet is kind ofl. coo eth g manot aic ktk ou oft ind a stpothed ete ltero tns iamtagr. he>> te not wasm i' ao g goduy bu't iim kndf o gngivi youhe t lemiddng fier and i'm keeping ytan thinghatou wldav he cucyrrenin behdt. i ymen fri ad ind lheaugbd aout it. >> thece conalrt hlre whe he hlostisl walauet c wghtindf o whatap hdpenend aff oeredim h tickets to an uinpcomg show. > >>oit t tokhe fdalori wrsinne oft thabi1.5 nllio jotackp 37 sday c to tlaimrheize pri. ha>> t qt'seuit al whie. d>> i kon't inow lf aot of oppeoule wldit s t onheon mey. b >>veelie o itrot n,om sie bg piesctur n areeverla cimednd a evaentu tllyhey ee.xpir hryanesughow sh usats wh enhappos t all oft thaey mon. >> li milsonnd ail monli osf dollars in florida lottery and powerball jackpot winningsav he
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besecau theon meyas h bn'teen wa.sted w >>hen sneomeo hit the $50 mel rbpoweallkp jactot ais th enconvceienre sto in3, 201r thee wasta insntub jiilaton. i >>ast we nico ta hvet i here but t chatheer tedurnn ito disameointnt andbo nody meclaihed tke ticndt a it reexpid. t'>> iis lke ast wafe ou lck, >> ot a l l of huckeeas bnas wdte erovhe tas pt decade and a half. nearlya oz denow palerblnd a flaorid jotackpavs he eexpird esinc0. 200 emorn tha $m200 onilli i anll e.gon >> ti ini tallyhep peohle tat rcpudhase theic tketsny a whr etheethera is in wner. u >>lysualt bue somr top the llba. th>> fle aorid lerott tyries to thelphein wner.
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refocnsior labieator ts inhe uncotry. aned wan c -- wean c go tghhrou atwheverde evithnce avey hfe o the tt ickeand if t--hey if ctheyanve pros it' ake tict, eythl wil dot tha. u >>imnclaedac jskpot dpeisapar 018ys date afrtr ag.ain 80% of eedxpirac jskpot areut p sintoetatca edutionds fun. thet res isd use forur fute bgas. ethre meho t oughtfin wning $5ll0 mi aionosnd l iingtll a shaeg rrsula hgopin it never hasppen to them. >> w itas me, il woud i cryf i unfohad tict tket. ui woeld bry cing. w >>ell,on t -ighthe- the t poawerbrall dgwin hnappes tot.nigh i'ma tthicker.olde i hneappeod t driveou thrgh onariza. yo>> reu a notti wai7ng 3s. day nt>> iboo a7ut 3ec ss.ond ii wllha sre. af tterheea bulutifea wther
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chloe bsleardey, i would y buyou a benz. >> t thadwoul bee. nic nt>> iove conlertibson t -ight- nooo cner vblt ieson t.ight buet w td alketabou eerarli rrtomoilow wel be on of those days w yhereonou dry't t to do yo hur.air ilit wel b sody winsi outde ghri ntow we're sngeei oavercst itcond bionsefut bore we get to wwhate'reec expg.tin 'lwekel taui a qckk loo at dato wy'sheeatron conditis. bed tieeiga hh traempe.ture 81re deges. si wnce be'veeen sedo us to this warm wereath. wiyou ell bki loonge liks thi guyba problyor tomrowau becse tourraempesture aren gonaro dp etprty sfiignilycantor fur o hi tghsrromoow anofteron. here's wwehat re aee sgincr asso eth uyoan c esehi tinckenglo cuds crasosah pmpru, ghhi lelev tumoisovre m inginos acrs the onregi. awexpre einectg to seebe may meso lghitho srswecr asoshe t ar.ea realyadee s tingheh hig atelevion.
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ainscros theal vleyd anls ao atthin wd. t'lels tabk aoutt. i il48-m-he-an our gwindsusto s far rdeecortd ahe t t mounlechar stonelodg thonigt. anindiin sprlsgs aoin seegds win up47 to le misn aho ur. verydy winon conditis. -m39anile-r-houin wdsor f goeeolsb entleme sarylchoo with ertempesatur t inhe upper 60s ouetsidht rig. now sofme o the besreeztez breiest ndwi9s, 2 inen honders. 31 inen ciatennl. teatmper ouresdeutsi rngangi tfrom heruppe 60sn i sulimmeron t thepp uer 7on0s thase eit sde of town. ewe'rin seegll stirl 235ym war ndconsitio inrt oveon. or77 fe lakea md. ruppe0s 5or fah pprumd an kchecut o tinhe wd sspeed so r.fa cyouan see very bzeree coiondit ansnd t'shathi notng arcompoed t what we're in for motow.rro llwe' i seetre pttye nicin wds couentinou thrtghou the
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ndwius bthe t wind gtius wnglil beai frlytr songt srong escipella byyom troorw. eth cprulti iss thiprlow-reessu esystm. uyo can seeea alrdyng bri aing famoir a ountfst moieur aocrss loans lege as pndtiorsonf o licaiforna. 'rweeee sing the highev lel of ismoture iurn ore aa. ju bstusecae'e wrein seeg it in thisa areoe d -sn't a- were ancititipa mngbaye ae fwig lht owshrseos pblsi le taterhtonig wi tthhe best ceshanc of aclytualin seeg thater aft dnmit.igh cyoueean sme so of that tiacvityve or inah p.rump cyoueean suc mhea hvier srshowe ooit likks le mgakints iay w sintoerouthnev nada. we b'lle --er lat t onhis ievenng. the highs areon gnao mve. mandostre ptacipi wtion bille ttoohe n orthsf und acr aoss stheaierrls ao intori fy.da another systemxp edecteto imctpa mtlos ty toheo nhrt of us. we doe, havev hower,ti mulple atweherr ale ttstha heav bnee is asued wind aordvisory f a
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hweaave gh hid winni warng for ygustds win up to0, 5mi 60 les anou hr. seelewher weou cld seehe tin wd gu rstsineach ugp to 35, 40, up tomi 50-n-le-arhouds win inom se of thee mord winn proear ofeas peup0sr 5on t,ight teatmperwiure- ise,llt wi be cotamforbleut b' its s gtillonna beez breity whhe te bst cehancs soferhows etexpecd later on thisni eveng andec espyiall rafteni midght. thighraempesture't wone ber vy hispgh elleciaomy cedpar toha wt we u're tsedocr a tosshe va.lley ewe'rv eenly onlype ex tctedo imakent i the upper. 60s 1we 2eu8have thed winis advory ine effctnt uil 40:0 p. .mthwi thein wdsxp eedecto tic ppk u ev men borehy teft aonernoth wi gu rstsineachpg u t0 o 45esmil ouan hr. sustained windshr tououghthe t aydom tworro,' imno tve enon gna do my hair. itot's nng goi to hn.appe cenlrtaiy croole for tsdhuray. ibutt's notna gont lasy ver cklo. qveryuicko mvingys swetem 'll
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juast dayor sof o chaosnd a the'en well bst ju f.ine >> ay ok. anthku. yo > >>era talmince conrt. gha hioo schanl bde makhes t stbe of annf unaortuteit sonuati enwhei thrli fghtet gs canceled. >> us m tic tohear es ofo s
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>> y> ifhiou tounk y b areeing thheal bierypp ski tinghe soda maechinds anng goi a for avfl doredlgrirb atta sksrbuc, inthkga ain. somevo flaredof cfeeri dnksan c conntai more sugar than soda. they researched a lot ofnk dris, 113 a inllm frofe cofeps sho in uthe a.k.ndnd foue somri dnks canta coninp uo t25ea tnsspoo ofug sar. that'shr tee times serweeth tan oanne c ofa. sod 'sthat the end > >>aer sious s,toryos ling a napregincy nes o t ofhe most stdevagatinua sitnstio ail famy cane. fac ha>> tllnkfuhey t hre'sfoope r ethil fam iesoit gingou thrgh chsuif a dltficum fro. ses chmielleel vez has are pviewf o her ssiesonep rtor tathir as nitoght at 1.1:00 >> 's it a slitartng nnaatiol sttiatishac t ht's tartalo tk t.abou
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eonin fourom w wenlil peexcriene a mrrisca aiagend ilstl b.irth iosn mt case, the ginrievg repa wntsould gethe ts new and goom hnde afe sufrin il s.ence this w'soman babyil wlot n suvervier aft b.irth >> ve we' t hado cgehanr ou msdrea ande hops. ep>> rr:orte n but towohe wman anerd hil famy't wonav he too g roth tughhisam filylo ane. fiutnd o t whyhe mrsothe are shgarinir theri stoes and how eyth m aregakin a deriff.ence mjoine for myci spealor rept nitoght at0 11:ig0 rhte her on wsne. 3 >> k talu aboeot ppleoi dngoo gd thwid harit sonuatis. h sighlchoohe orc tstrahey aroie dng good. wtheyerean strded in a, dir. a aportnd edpass thee tim with an imomprtup performance. license to this.
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w>>tha a tatre rfo eryveeon trehe, rhtig? ethro gupf o60tu sndets weer ossuppoed te b back in utah yearls thi week after a rfpemaore nc tinhe nioatsn' catapi blut ala bst of swno and apicec ice cceandle their flight. they played the concert right there. allht rig. erthroe fm utah.
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t-shou touto other>> > lights, mecaacra, . cess h>> ithate we ne ye, the litalerly reud e.kany >>s itheuy git llyeralal fling tapar athe tea sms?th e ghfits, the huge btde. the rumors that kim has had ghenou . > >>how czyra it got at >>oo h. at th's aoo cl and a good qu onesti .d an d ioav he an eransw . > >>os almt e'kanyd traylo swift ye ersty,dauh h? >>ca> ntyga einxpla hism mtnccarey ckloout? t>>etwehe tir fe rsmal.ha no t. me d ero hhi tng and'm i like, i ke li that. >> e kat onhuds's got notne out b o twir gwel por crushes. >> see a girl runy b s anday un jecle sse. nd>> a h theseouot g l atlite ve ewhryereou y look
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i s kanyepl comyetel out of rocontl? lc we tomeoac " hcesswoollyod."an rothewi ttterra nt,e mor iestors ofa div habe.viorit ot's new n butt i s teemso have evel.ated dwee ivtoinhe t kaeny question a ltlite later on. rhtig now, "fuller house" pe hos to b bringkac the magic of th rie olgina se.ries hastepeni berowak tes us tohe t brcelen.atio >>j.d. taernn a,llwn gro up, te atgndin the own perremiebo aut rhe own sh. ow >> i gotea try eyedve or rehe. 'sit easurrl. li zbt e goa >> g i aot ltlite teary winatch gu yoyoand isur s oterse n thred carpet. all myhi choldodre dsam are coming true. ican get atl litute ct i t?ou ut>> c it t.ou erthe you . go >> ep rteor br:ngrigin itk bac to 19 .87


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