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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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hwee avtea icrrifor acth wit us jo, phsein he ma is hkingineadlores f pl g ayinaemichckl jainson an co up tmingecv spial. he ls's aaro st iringren a ally ex ngcitiau, bel tifufinew lm ca "lledn,riseve" a ry te ininrestorg stney lit thai d founusto j -t be- ou>> ye hav rbeeng avint abou . this >> ifat's tintasc. > >>rewe ao alsinsittwng do rwithspick firing weld,avho ge heus tt gifjeof "s sse'" girl ck ba19 in 81. hhe aasui gr tad anw nec.musi 'l wearl het whaashe hsa to y. and>>lv eis danur iser he to introduce us to his artist of the month. just saw him out at the grammys, canadian born. awshokn hol wil hplayotis h new si fngles.or u a >>nd a whole newle colnctio of fluxeor ssle. >>yes. >> st fir of all -- i >>n 'm imothe ve. >> t. wai 'taren b youd umme sthaty pank es tuisday r? ove e >> w shavey panky ever day. >> oo i latked r ourgsatin in ne rkw yote yes arday'mnd i not inkiddg. t atothe boftom s thewhhow ere we sp do tankyayuesdwe it nt ke lig! zin
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d an sthatd houlerconc. n us c>> in'ouldlit beiteve . s i wa wlikedihat dd we to athe d enheof tw sho wthato as s ea grt? spoh, tankyayuesd. > >>abhow soout - me - o!>> n ! no w >> oordssdf wiom. itbut s doeyoget inu gog. er>> h ge weo. fbestdsrien p aree eoplmawho ke pyouremrobleis thobr pr lems sjustu o yot don' thave o go ugthroemh thne alo. ee swt. m >>diy hovee, eoun th'mgh i not yo esur bt. >> 'r you te inophe tee thr. m i'inkiddg. b >> aut ie m thstolde. a >>igll rht. to isday do rant m acof nekindayss dic, whouh she ld b y ever bday,t'ut ices nit tha e we'venchos s onealpeci. day ea>> yh. e >> wd woul tloveowo knyo if u phavenaersobelly heen t pirecient. we 't dont wancayou g llinp,us u ll teusing w howrfondeouul y are. we t wancayou gllins u-up - ut>> pon it eb fac ook. f >> ihayou eeve be n th ci ret pien rof am andoofact nd ki. ness
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er whu e yoi go, t can' stop th nginkiut abo it? or st sies,neomeo w whoreas gat to . you hi>> ts s wa-- > >>anwe cel't b wievehat >> p sirmcaul necartt y go eddiss. he hadec bkit wh him, the dr r.umme he>> tnty we to a rtpay. >>'styga rtpay. g-t-y-yga, ta. th aiey st'd le ts gopao a rty. it ra's gwemmy d.eken i' bem a .atle y whn'dowet o g tto phetyar? gthey to tooohe dd r anistmz th ere. e'therdes viooo prf. ethe grns tuwaed ay. listen to atwhe hyssa. >> ou yee ntod no kthw hie . ts work on it. >> that's got to be the fit rs erev. au>> phel, t nre'sy o wa th usey jt -- >> k bacguup, ys. ju bstupack . i >>nk thiha he d ndleit
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ghit,uys. eewe nned a t.w hi >> a tyg nsaido. >> io obv, usly dtygat idn'say no . >> te whaver. ty bga'serouncd saino. >> se thes kidnomay ent evw kno thwho ate beweles yore, owu kn? w >>nte wapo to ouint ft --irst llof a a, weanll w kt towhnow at whe dasngoit agaty p'styar. y whd woulpasir ccul meyartn, e thlebeatnt, wago to ty to ga's pa rty? an med sosaone e id htrwas ying o to gnoto a pther aartyotnd g st lo. w>>e't don know ift' thaves en tr ue. >> wa we ont te makt iet bternd a y sapasir youl, wu'remeelco uron ow shotiany oume ye. lik ti'll ahrowty part jusouso y n ca ibust. t up >> a tygr lateyg-- ttea laidr sa on tt twinder a olapedogiz. he cdallel pau mtnccarey a ndleged , ansaide h hado n idea pthatwaaul rys ttoing er ent. t >>s hat'abprobruly te. t bu bthiserounc -- he>> tedy nenc bouwhers owo kn o wh mpaultnccars.ey i a >>ll ghrit.
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foryou,ow n weav hure o wine t. bo mbremeheer tng thire whe the wi s ne ifloverg owinheon t oo flr? >> . yes # >>klteam #g orhoteamda. iheree s thesquonti. is t iayok- - iisevt oery kato cr a ash y part-- >> w younoere vit intoted . ha>> wr.teve t >>s hat'imthe anportrtt pa, at th w you'terenit invo.ed t >> ay i s, yess it i, okay ca beituse p's a.arty tand,fohereyore, ouu shld en ter. an ved i'e donefit bore. ve i'e gonomto sngethi and tisomethmes avey hpee roes lin d anyosay n'u cat t gein. i k thinouif yt jus yworkour inway u , yomacan i an dod i han't nyve ai -- t don' nd mi it. >> s youd houln go ie therand k drinksdrineb somelody aise pd r fohaand ppve aeretizmes sobody pelsefoaid d r an-- >> wedoll, san't ly itthike at. >> 'r youine go gg to ao innd
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th i noink t. h >>isere t the ihingnk thi. y ifo ou g pto a jartyliust ke th onat, ere whr e si gpaulot bo d.unce tisomethmes s ere'pea roe linno tt maheer woure y. are ewin nk yortisomethmes s ere'a pe roe lin tjustveo haop a re ne li. th arere e peeoplnd staing ou e tsidt so is lookacattr.tive t'>> iows crnad mantgeme. s >>imomethees t rre'sy eall dynoboid inse. i twentclo a ncub o ne inew rk yot thabihad 'swhatt thalu cb llcaed? >> ee a ppw. sho >>wh eratev. wa i yis tro ng tn get s i wa inwait lg onine. we e werngtryi t allifhe dntfere s.door innoths g wainworkg. na fi wlly,t e goanin, erd the s wadynoboth in ere. asit we likada hee. gam er tha e's alinehend tt y le op perile t icklen. so s it', like iwhats it? n'i caitt wage to . t in o >> sweyou sre ar ucken?agai >> wa any ty, i thinkoihe ps nt i it in's f ge totoo inar a pty reyou' i notednvit to. h>> i'tavenn eve nsaidt o ye i'and nnm wiing. ha i t ven' sevenmiaid ne. i n'wogot to parties i'm not vi intoted i and't dont wan onsomeowe shuping on at e of mi ne. ie frofnds en frireds a not weallo bd to fringdsrien. >> 't isn it kind ofun f wnhe you
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slikeouc mh fun,nd a you go .in d an evene lik sirl pau mcceyartne, h couldav he gone to heanotorr do andbe may they d woul lhaveimet h in. >> on i dhi't te nk h hfelts e wa i i >>n' didy t sahicrasng. s >> ikait o cy to arashty par weyou t ren'teinvid to? h >>sne wanv't i.ited he t wen iintot. >> ll we,'m iti sllhi tg nkin you t don'ogo tti pares'r youe not vi intoted . b >>t'ut in.s fu i >>a t's -lfourr ette word ll cauded rode, hie! oa>> jrann c ashedty par h andad n futhand ikey lt.ed i s >>rahe d lnk af ot o-- >> ha wveter. e shfuhad n. y ifhiou tt'nk iays okgo to to inar a pndty aoy enjrs youelf d ang brin oyouroywn j ee tw.t us ll>> aht rigy. f so'mar ini winutng b b noty en .ough ocomen. w >>vee ha aou deblum h dpay hunk today. >> we do? c >> iouldte b two serweet .guys
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gh hu ckjaman. >> s thiheis we n thactwo tors toget e comgetoerthor f an rvinteiew. ta ooke a l k. >> y man eactorsernjoy ping form th n eir owts. stun >> yes. >> u do yoll ydo aowour n ac ?ting >> if they're sex scesen , i do them . .>> yes 's w it therefthe cra is. do you ever age? not >>ce sin 2008. ge>> gorous. exmy ntit quese on herrom is fa e blak flivelynew rom cyorkity, yorknew . w he hrites, i tugh, criedalling u on yo b thephurner d one anyou 't didnr. answe ar tie we still meet thng ae te ho al thisonfterno? n't i do mhavemeuch tise becau anry h'sinavmag a edni/pomi fr 3: o 00 t.4:00 >> h. yea 'm>> iti get mng apeani/rodi fm y >>es. >> er suprd wei. >> t, what tha hhe'sg avina /pmanioredi t thae blaks wantto ok ho up? >> y theot bh haveuc sh eagr t, g >>s.eniu
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ou ctdalle e"mak mee lik u.yo" >> she crmonfioed t jimmyme kiml to t nighthat theon sis ag utbo blake. >> taka e alisten lndniste t o th museic video rilycs. go. s it'etti gngot hou yrs lip on my lips can i bieveelt iow h good it cod beul d t idn'want to believet i ut b nowou y want to see g thanknkod tha tha godt i fo u und yo ou now ygot 've isme msing you >> s iat hth?im i liked it. li i itked ! o >>kay. h >>ere t arehe ls.yric w >>wahat e s shg doinr unde ad rey? i d coulusget o ed t.this it et's g htingr ardeeato i
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c>> i ban'tveelie it. ho odw goco it beuld . di wdn'ttoant ie i bu w t noe.i se u' yollre aee i s. > >>phjosees finwi is s th uin th tce kihen. thdid ovat mu?e yo ow>> h t washat? >> t didmohat ouve y? , ohe we'ry happthfor utem b i th think eeey n gd to ret aoom. st lii en, yloveneour viw moe. 's itta fan.stic di i e d seit. oh g, my iosh, i sawstt yey.erda it xt's ediraor. nary >> 'v yout e got a log goinon, do yon't u? j >>a ust bit. ou>> ygo've lot a tt inhe ho .pper e we'rg goinalto touk ab it itn li a bttleit. y >> weah,vee hase to e e th lelittl. gir wh y? h,>> ore we'll stiti waing. eewe niqd ete uetttiquesons, seplear , foasthomle fary. t go wo --vehater. >> an klga.dhodcom. cl thick nne cobuect . tton wa tntmao aketa smete nt wh yenalou w ak inm? roo l >>anillilla wiw shohoyou w. rs fihat, ty t gu tover thereakes on ol a r be ofcaiblil
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>> ll he'la expexin nt. thche leal fngesgacine thtrcounvey neopr st . nsoereiths doeu.the rms. ay. wera t.adap an t d getesmarr. every soldier. erevity un. ev daery y. not to keep upthwiha ce;ng bu tot ve drit. i dynobows knot whapr msobleor tomwirow rill bng. t buo we d wknowwiho olll sheve tm. eei've b myn onl feey.all dam i'ed!bushye ooa me t. seexcuco me... thrming!ough ri hede tav gel w ce ofrtomfo with r. dchol s ls massaging gel insoles. ey'r thove pr en e to givcomfyou ort. hewhich u lps yo feelre moiz energed ll...aay d long. i want what he has.
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ar a heckt atta hap canpen without wag.rnin ouif ye 'vahad he atart ,tack a ba asyer repirin gimen can lphereve pnt he anotr one. ur be s tale to yk to our bdoctore yoeforgiu ben iran aspimin regen.
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ashe ha been g leadininman ll hofoywood re tr mo20han years and is well knn owitfor crically ac meclaidtr por oayalf ak sharespe te inheil fm "s sphake ieareven lo." p mynaersovol fa, riteghthou, s waerluth. , ohodmy g! os>> jfieph isnes w outa ith bi alblicil thrcaler "lledn"rise er wh pe he alayspt skefoic, rced to es invtetiga d thepeisapcearan heof ty bodesof jhrus c ist, rrrefeo ed tesas j fuit,hirom s na fistl repling ace. t' lests ju t sayhihat s te inw rvie mwithmaary engdale dn diet't g t himnshe a hwerse wa . nted keta a look. >> no. re>> spathe me leridds and zealot lebabb.
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h >> re is hight ere. >> t' thaigs brht. t bue alivn?agai >> n ope hyour aearteend s. i >> d seeioelusn. to p keeusa crade alive. >> s it' so elcomp.ling racongtitulaons. ke revin dsynol d whoteirec, d it ifmagntliceny. w >>arhat ure youg thohts? yo w u sait. >> et i gst frud rate was a oman aiof fth. bi'vea een stchrisiian i nce 12was rs yea. old t i getrfrus batedd y ba ucprod vtions.alue wh ouen ytr're tyingllo te a or staty thld coue havctimpa, of pr ioundt mpaceoon ps ple' ju akst m ae itat greie mov. >> ink thie w gothe tan balce eebetwghn hiol hodlywo ucprod vtion aaluetts it bes wi thin kevey rsnoldel hming the mo avie,lsnd ao ptscrithure s at itanot edmper th wi. n >>t'o, irys vee. tru v >>trery o ue tstthe ory. at s thetiame oume y t gethe ma p sh-ueebetwnen cima od pronuctiue valnd a scurripte. hii tt'nk ie s tht firshaof tt nd ki.
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i>>ad h s a ienses t wa.good iwhend reascthe itript, awasn't m bible.ovie ge pa 30, iai s tdhis isni turng tintotohe sf ry ostchri. 's itet a dveectiie mov. er three we t twowaakearcy foe . me lethe e ns wthsee ore sty ro ththugh ese eya of elnonbr.ieve 'sthatat gre a forle whobe numr r ofnseaso. g we to onjohis y urne twithhis ma n. k wethnow d e enwhand e'at hs in go eg tontncouer. we w kno hwhatgoe's toing go ugthroh. d an the otherhi tngs i ttha fmost tilmsdehat tpicttohe sry c oft hrisatend c the, ross h whic pis ay retty heave placto d. en n as aenaudiemce m--ber t >> ia has y happngendi tu >> o the etherioquatn. k weofind k kicwhoff "tere he iopassefn" lf t ofgeand st toee e thrrresuonecti. s >>mpo congellida, ho. ca i wan't orit f t youe o seit. >> an i cai't w st tot ee i ereith. er whd e dishyou thoot is? >> ma in anlta aid spn. opartef thuc s ocessef th film heis t itls feee lik youe hav been de relive td totihat me. it ls feege rugd. >> e wera you evbelioier gn?ng i reyou'at a cc,holiht rig?
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i' bam a edptizho catlic. i t won' yboresoour ofcks thf wi , thatmy rioeligrn o my ghthouts. bu ist thm fil is ade wonrful co sanvertion oitf faf h, iyou wa o nt t tpullawhat ay. it a hase huge valuerin tf ms o on fae's ith. my so perfanal goith n es iand ou ft of aocushell te. tim y >>o ou dt a loifof dntfere in thgs. en whwe we eare r tdingnthe iro, yo iu'ree n thaemichckl jason mo vie. th bat'soueen r t foila whe? w >>ote shla it east yr. i >>sot's ny fundi it gdn'tet ntatteanion ddd su eenlyonverye ayis snoing atw th'r youe e th whguy ayo plchs mi eael,onverye is er intd.este i >>a t's in20-msaute catiril me cody. it er's veey swt. it'soa a rd trip,s it' abe numr of rs houa in d anabeliztaeth . ylor ha>> tppt sulyosed t was rue. ait'snan urbh. myt ait'sht ligtehearatd, saliric ok loco at sanvers tionheof t th ofree m thehein t. car >> t whayodid inu thouk abe t th nt corsrove yy oflaou p ying aemichl? di u d yohago w tt ishis? t>> i ihinkcot's templely va lid. th s ere'gea huve coniorsat n to
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ini the k th tmain ihingous, y , know ywhene ou'rraport ying an -yoneo - wh tam iayo pl esshake?pear amwho o i t mplayelicha ck jason? >> lu or ?ther >> lu or .ther e'ther is --e n thticreave uncommthity s ere'rgan uent se ofnse li puln ng othe re cesour is ofnamagi.tion th wat'si'hat kim asheng t di au tence. o do >> tshat' whallt a isll aut abo, gh rit? i >>namagi. tion os>> j teph, yhanko ou s. much ou>> y a areson ab dlutehtelig. t >> yhankou. lo tvely ho beere. >> nk tha s youcho mu t forhe be fuautivil moe. >> is> "ropen" atens he a t ater ynearou. on>> d m'ts 'sitan ftastic. >> he's muc'si nsext bigta sr d anhe's atrtis oef th ntmoh. we l 'letmeha swnk hooom c uingp af r teisth. this. (ugh.) es doou yrpr ca eet verfeel gh rouir and dty? do oin't av d it,reso itlve . r oua formul swith aalpeci conditioning ingredient,
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it es's rolve, kso you nowleit cd ans annsfreshe. bu lst it aeno softs. lvresoe. carp a haet t t eswelcom. you an led to c man pets,esse tr soy repet lve rtexpe. i ketari pc losec ot meachniorng r foremy fenquart heurtb nbee causu yot can'atbero zeea hrnrtbu! tahhhethe swe o tastectorf viy! ilospr oec. ontcpie llea mchngorni. 24 h . ourseazero h.rtburn grde meensotio iensees thrl wod'sfi derst anodortit acd vateby memovent. yas moue,ovra fangr ccesuapsle rsbut rtoeael eseraxtre fneshss all day. timoseone.nsro pcttetoion p keeyo viu mong.
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h>>e isan a cn adiaborn mu alltitd enteersinggw/sonr,rite indesto ed thebe tt nex. star e >> w wwishule colld te you at whre we'gh lauating . d annowe katw thau bece se his el vis n'durasrt aistf o the mo nth. >> wn sha hook isdy rea tori bng hi ous slfulou snde her to an er am icanaucedien. h >> siseingls ile cald ou"s nd y ofour t.hear" it 'sur bningp uchthe .arts s,elvit what,is ier othn tha hi s sintunngogly od boy s.look d anthe heafd o .hair nd>> at thad heaaiof hatr th s,girl g and wuys,waill o nt t thrun haeir thnds h.roug >> s he'dicanaan. l weouove ier frtonds the h.nort y >>es. ha>> tounk y. h >>onis s'rg weaye pliting re hez- on in100 y nework. ca fn wetorgeut abohe tic mus pa orrt f a ndseco? >>yes. >> he broke a gesuinnoos bk of rd woor reccod rerd by st ngandi --el t tlhemt wha you d. di i >>od ston o anrc exeise ball r fothe lstonge .time
2:29 am
>> ee thr hours. hr>> touee h16rs, ut mines. b he trokeeche rord. >> d howouid yn eveizrealu e yo d coulhado tt? >> rt shory sto. gr i p ew uanin cada. edi uspl to ocay halkey e l th .time >> ad cana fever. >> i wasra tginin toy plake hocy d ancoget trre sh.engt cii detoded ak bre g theesuinns rl wocod reecrd b iause was infasc batediny gu wness orld rdreco as as. kid nd>> a d yout!id i on>> lgto sry orsh gt, iot re izcogned. >> n wheyodid alu reyoize u ul congd si? w howeold oure yn wheyou e'therchs a maristdes vi wo, ias ye 4 olars itd, s atinge t th ficampitre w lh myn,eg o et prngendias i wgi sinndng a ay plguing .itar i 'tdidnli rea cze i soulding l unti shighl.choo d >>heid tck chig s diit? ea>> yh! >> ll sti do. yo rfu ped orme ewith jltonohn? >> i did, yeah. in on torto. >> t? wha t >> ia was itchareny evt. >> t whathwas ikat lr e foyou? i >>t was rrsueal. thele who timeas i wrs stak.truc hohe sy ok m whandhehen e cam stoff age.
2:30 am
>> on i dve't emen re tmberhe so ng. ha>> wt? w>> iopas hweing e werg gointo "sing dtinyr.ance" i t don'knowt wha it s.wa w itneas o os f hisiclascs. >> t youlyotalla bednk. >> ou yav htoe "t do ithe bs ch i ."back 'sthatre a gat song. >> the hniarmoese wer so co x.mple idwe d al ful herel.arsa ai>> wt until youea himr h .sing e'>> wo re steexcid. s >> ihawnins go sg toining a co ouplenuf mites. tw useet u , yo. guys i >>'mti busng your buns on .this i>>'msk aing forou yr .help >> no. >> no. >> t. wai t is i tokayaso crpah a rty? th swe ans er i yes. t >>yohat nu'renvot i titedo. # >>hoteamda. i >>ed votm teaiekath. lee >> f ourco yse dou, idviels. of ou cyorse diu d. co n me o now. ri prck sieingfasld h new mu tosic l telbous aut. he ug broisht hta guir.
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t don'winduse o ex t make owwindotles spndss a! cleargo my seefabig grt weeek g ddin2 an ard lew n hoseto uwi tndexighe rayht w on rd weiff stu! on not ws windo! wh got o's cktis?et do!i okayi'm ! wh ienyot's juro ob totpr ectthe d'worltes greaiost nat n, yit'sspour relionsibity olto s tveorhe w'sld testgreall chaenges. is thiswewhy h searcefor th be ndst ate brighst. wewhy ra torin fve ery ev itentualy anon l d teand war, t inirhe a, sp e acd anenevyb cacerspe. we ra open te impa cowolex rldth wi s onee impliomissn. win. ma(sn ternly): where do you think u'reyong goi ?mumr. tocus:wo thrk, wi you. tit'sesaco tuday. n: ymae ou'rminot cong. i uctook mo inex t gehelpd t rimuof my oncusy cion.gest i'm gollod aay d. ou [ann:] ncermu x cineepkerks nnot 4,, ot 6bu out 12 hrs.
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2:35 am
wh naat soock f gd tos?uest s waa,it, df golcrish rsacke, b, tz rick craorers c, c, iheezts? >> ez che. its zz[ buer ] >> t, wait, wait. wai he>> s w's ar.inne es the le ittlgsthingh, rit? j >> culia lhild tovest o ea figoldrash cs ckershand ule wod e servitit wreh a e versinmarti. ve ha e youhaver red a e vers inmarti? n >>o. >> allrmve,outh atl lite gin oa flter. sh ule wotd ge herst gues a li fttle uzzy rebefone dind r an sthen aerven cr inleedibl, meart stawiing th th lde go cfisherrack. h >>riyste scal, ahowsen s osef hu ayokho, e.di do>> ae rabllyfami. er whe e arfryou om? n>> yewk.or >> ha ws t'uryoam ne? >> ha clene. a >>ndou yrs? >> se eli. >> i love .them he e re wgo, dski. in the movie ho"gststbu wers"hat sn foack od isse ud toxp e lain hopsyc
2:36 am
>> nk ng[ di ] id>> dson't dymebon thethuse e in twdekie e fensr latethon, at isaiddet mam they?craz he>> t my doyoake azu cry. u yot can' estopg atin.them 'shere a leittl tiewinkun f ct fa. kitwineres weri ollginayle fild wi th baananam cre iadnstef o va a nillm.crea i >>ld woue lik. that n >> id worliiwar er, ths e waa na bahona se rtagthand ey chswitveed o vr tolaanil. ha>> tint's sttereing. da hoan wom? i>> wtan tow sho youea rl quick, sebomyodam ce allhe tay w omfraw reyou'm froiihawa? y >>es. >> f howndar ae widlepeope com .from 'swhatr you, nametisweee? d >>e.enis >> re whe y areroou fm? t >>haappak,nnocgi vir nia. he e re wgo. >> t whak snac dfoodthoes is otmascre rep, senttodoris, ch s eetoayor lot's pchato ips? >> et cheos. >> yes, !girl >>wow. s >>r,o faot a lpe of koplenow th sneir . acks
2:37 am
llwe a -- ,well it's aoo g d g thinnoto kw. ee ch ttos,lahe f hminglaot fvor, ermy pl sonarifavothte, asat w ntinvey ed bnia jawhtor rko woed heat tpa comny. >> a notit jannyor a. more h>> inoope t. ho i hape tn t mawegot aill pd. th arose e e lelittco mas jt wesaust hew, t sc maasot wou a mse. be e,caus k you cnow,e,heese. mic n'i doowt kn t whyswhey editch . it n'i doowt kn. why ho>> shauld hove t tughthis th h.roug >> e wvehae timonfor ree mo. e >> ric. nd>> ahy kat. er>> h ye isquour onesti. ad rey? y >> eah. t >>brhis waand e s tht firsto cl inprude iizeschn ea s boxold. ri ratz cs,ckerto fri cs orerrack s?jack c >>errackks jac. >> ! yes cr keacjar s,ckt i. is ve>> edyrybol wil thave ao gond bu ury yok, booa. hod dtheyt idn'itwin ay tod. y >>es. >> il ava oableazn amon. k thansoyou h. muc ce nise to u.e yo s >>eao gr st toouee ys. guy >> e comacon bcak beriuse ck sp ringfield is going to tell us ouabhit nes muw c,sioc rt ke
2:38 am
th e er ihe as,erfthi ts. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? ganetive! stay on target. wh aat yre gous uyindog? aro,tohr tteus! rseythe'r clinosing ! lli'ua g trd evfor faery tmily hatlistves arar ws, th iisths ple e acerwh earstar wlis erwha e laga xyfar, far away... .i..cls eros than ever before. mecon joi.aus..ars sts war enawaks. no ww atdialt sney d worlsore. rt (fm rowix-)ng pehypars!ce th s ere'rea mooy enjayable wge to ur ft yo.ibertr liy philbeps' fiod gr goesummi e plussunergy t.ppor it new's aer fibem supplatent thlps heorsupplat regurity an udd incl vites bs aminpto heler convod tt foero engy. m,mmmm a thesed!re goo ni k,ce worip phills! th y e tastf side or,fibe om frip phills'. ha anppy rsnive aryerdinnrl, dain'ca isn thh muc love cbeedlean lby ae ittlofbit n dawa?ultr eaoh yh.
2:39 am
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2:40 am
2:41 am
k younowt tha iis wh i had je s sse' girl i wish i had jessie's girl >> ceom ,on you c'tan gnoet eugh of it. fa avns hene begi sinlong ang si 19nce 81. rd habe to e.liev ev woery bard, by. >> ye 35 ars. 5 >> 3s,yearh witrethe e leasof s hi a18th tlbumd itleke"roct ie sc" nce,t abouroto ppel hi f msel ibackthnto ote spt.ligh 'r we ge soyolad meu case to e . us el>> hlo! yo stu jup keekicranheng tt.m ou i >>ss gueah, ye. th al toughy heilstpll ay es "js sie'."girl
2:42 am
g goine to b cyour jrown?ewel o,>> n n no,t ot aall. alactu tly ihthougwa it gos a od m albuk.trac oui ththght weere etre bter so ngs. n >>heot tgl sine. y >>eah. an eyd thd, sai r the sadioedtart inplay.g it ac lytual w, itacas benk wh djs d woul apickg son lthey.iked rdrecopa com dniest idn' ipickt. s djtestarayd pliting . a >>eond pweple rant czy. th tiey so.ll d p >>s honeuplit . o >>urn yo r newd ecor dwhato u yok thinheis tg sonlepeop bwillnge sialing toong the mo st? i >>nk thigh "liist thty par up." i t don'.know i' e m th olasto ne t, knowy.trul 'r weine dourg foou of ngr sos in liour etve s. now "l htighi tpas y rt" uptsge a ea gract re. tion ou>> yw, knoa as orperf mer, ywhatauour cedienes lov. yoare meu sos timerisurpsed? >> h, yeah. yea er tha e's thard orack n it edcallss "mihe mayham" tl t al fathe rens ang goiah, yeis, th heis t. one "l tightpahis uprty wr" i ote fo e r the moviki"rik t andhe as flh." >>ahye.
2:43 am
an sad i weid, i'll, ppm ha y to n be imothe buvie m t i' aalso ng soerwrit h, soere. er ththe's is. itand n' wasght rit. it t wasinoo k rd of'nock ll' ro hefor r. ey thke picgrd a soeat ng. it t jus'tdidnak spem froa wo s man'peperse.ctiv >> 'r youefo pergrmin ats thi rtiheant eve. i >>a t's sgood ong. h>> i 'eartpa80s rty. ea>> yigh, rht. >> d whou o yotoget fo perrm wi th? >> rs teafe of wars, ihicher nev shavelieen wave, bis a n g faof t in80he 's. y >>eah. >> ly bill, idosi miserng p, sons urcultube cl. w >>ow! a >>- nd - mhelpt.e ou ha i ddve a i, sogot's ne. il>> wu l yo aplaytl litt e bi usfor s andf ee ianwe ck pic syour?ongs ou>> y't wonw kno othisne. it n's aneew o. ka>> oy. i >>t wanhe to t,ar iug thoh. i >>ont's te ofewhe ns. one >> d goo.beat bgood eat. t >> iedworke. onc
2:44 am
y >>hoou sstuld evart soery ng twith hat. i >>st'll evart soery itng wh at th. rif ithisigs "lhiht trts paupy ." i' glle ivu yolia bttlef it o it. at thro i worte f m the bovieut fkepte.or m et som mimesfey lils feee lik loone alng foml frce graha i cse my am dred s ans i waingettg ar weomy fr c the ihasehe've ld an el angan's hved i't felthe l'devites bi y>>h.ea ow n t ie ak rmyreeg ats bndurn em thow dthn fue retus ioklog in htbrig's letht ligup it w le'll tightpahis uprty you ra thise ear pty cup, weht lig is thty par up e giv you ais ksor f ,luckov le heis t dsteepe cut w e'llig lhthi trts pa y up >> h! yea !whoo th s at i fun. >> m howcuany n ts oalthe bum? t >>'shereon 13 m theonain e d anrethboe s nu n--ono ise
2:45 am
ym an ore. p >>e eopl twant mheir'soney rt woh. t'>> idis a enfferatt pl.form e'therbes a uyst bsi veron th oat'savnly blaila be inest thbuy asat h b the tonuss rackon it. co yould ayu plit a ltle >> no. d>> i bon't hlameim. >> ! yes w >>n'e dovet ha w the oordsn prthe erompt. j e essi fis ad rien iyeahw kno 's hen beeoda goen fri md ofine bu lat lyteom sngethiha's c nged init aar't h dd toe efiniejess's go mst hia elf girl a wnd itoant e makmiher ne a hend sat's wg chinwihim th th eyose ndes a's shein lovm g hi twithbohat jdy iknust t ow i heand ol's h hdingn er iarhis ms llateatate ht nig y noou kwiw i hash that i d je s sse' girl >> ih wis that iad h j'sesse rl gi il>> la lianp is u!next
2:46 am
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2:48 am
>> ic njoe b! th i sink wed'vehoulen takle a thft at ver.e ri ktarzanernow whrzane ta go! ta doerzant s noheknow wtare go.rzan y, eheusxcme,e do y noou ke w wherthe rfalwate?l is alwaterfl? , noarzame tn, ki jung of ngle. y whyodon't tu wantst o juk asdysomebo ? ouif yco're a uple, ghyou fier dt ovtiirecons. it t 's do if w you sant toave fi pefteen t orrcene mor on ins carceuran, yo chu switic to geo. hhoh ohhh w it'syou hat do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? sh erouldn's dost ct ju parry ads.arthey cour ry y' fansnspassioho, andpes,am dres and maybe, a chance at greatness...
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2:50 am
nn>> aerounce : th ccitirtonce ri sen es oay"tod p" islyroud es prd enteouto yci by ti. ou>> ye havelmet duvis s ran' startith of nte moh. w no hhe'swiere isth h new lesing. h >>s ughetheul mti ttealend si /sngerong r, itern shaw.hook hi>> t ss is ahawnsond "ofund ur yort hea." t >>itake y, awaey hon. ou ye weroumy cgerasw my ord d anldshiece gra under pressure
2:51 am
w i sas atone we ngighido us ouwn ye werthe ge an cl iedhainth to e gdroun is mis the wayou y druness, i mi ouss yrea hd on myhe cst 't canto sphi ts bldiee,ng ca t n'opst bieelngvi 'm isi misheng tnd souyo of ur he beart g atin ab bm y i'ovin le ywithh,ou o i andis'm m tsinghe un sodf or you h beartngeati babyou ye werin m teseo lo , oh and i' ssm mithing une so yd ofour he beart g atin m siis yng mousiis yng iou 'm ssmig ine thunsoofd ou yher t ar atbegin ss miyoing isu, m ysingou m i'inmisse g thd sounouof yr ar heatt be ing
2:52 am
ngcomi i nowco'll unme r ning byba'm iom cg inbyba'm iom cg in y sae thrdwobas ibyl 'lmeco nnrug in w baell 'mby ilo in itve wuh yo , ohd anm i'ssmig ine thunsoofd yo urrt heati beang ab bouy ye wer tmineseo lo b oh,'mut isi misng e thd sounouof yarr het at be ing h, o'm iis mngsihe tou s ind 'm ssmig insothe ofund ti beaf ng o at bei'ing ssm mithing une sod of yo eaur heart b ting 'm iis mngsihe tou s ondyof ur arhebet inat g is mngsiou ymi, ss ing
2:53 am
ur yort heati beang inbeatg, oh i'm msiisng the un sod ofr you heart beating >> o! who ha>> ts t waomawese. >> d goo job. b >>biig, reg caheer aad, de tefinily. t >>wahat ess aw ome. t >>s,hankry eve.body ge tit nowiced ewth j elry mthat aakeste sta.ment >> nd ahe tre are lksooor fes ls. fi t rsisths iod"t" ay nonbc. yy,goou formit the lk! 'sthatta lacid. ri 00ght. 1al m% re ilk,itjust whehout ttose lac. soou yan d cnkrill y a it...wish no dt?comfor tlexac hy. tere, sry..ome. immm, reat islkl mi. elsee? dus. icio bhoofump! oh . ri hereght l, gir boom ct la . aid r100%lkeal mino. co disormft
2:54 am
e ona day r ride amadeis decion. dethe tcision o rideon s ande avy.mone he ed decidsave to mo sney byngwitchi hi rcs motoycle rancinsu ge toeico. s there'meno sha sav inmoing ney. on,ridee ridproud. icgemoo yctorc,le
2:55 am
ca otn a to dhpasteevero ngythi well? c this wasleane likpow! ddit ahied trs otheve le clel ofo an tit. it ki just kenda liiped...wev ngerythi. clean c6xleaning thmy teelo are g. wingeytho are swhite. w6xnghiteni aci rtually eallyke tli she 2teps. ep stclea 1, ns st whep 2, s. iten y tiever ume isse thige to, itthert .. ea.lng tvi hentisdeoft hdcrest . 6x cleaning, 6x whitening
2:56 am
li nallia? a >>oure yss dreed? we co're imingyonto reur dg ssin ro om. >> e lov ywhate ou'rinwearg. me coov on er.
2:57 am
lrjeweaty thes makta a sntteme. >> s,ye a big atstenemt. 'situt abose the ovzeersid, kind of rc acthiteural irenspid ec pies. st ngartih wits.cuff obothu f yo cwear. uffs l>> icuove ffs. ou>> ywe're g arinrione noght w. th s is i wfromy hitlndv, uer $5 0. brceles itieloare tvingonhis rethe rpd caet. su r petecun or.he d anomfrob be blr,bahe t ase re $38. li i t ke iusbecae of ce bra.lets onput , e onreyou' t outoohe dr. ad re gy too. y ifikou lese thexe, ng t bi en trd isut abo s themetatent ea g.rrin ncbeyo te atrahe g lmmysd ooke liunbeleevabar, wething g e bi siovereazed gsrrin. 's it a all tbouttahe sntteme rr eanoing e t themstatent ne ceckla. ec elistra wi shos ng utohow arwehi ts. >> llheo. t >> pheair's sheea wring is ly on f9.99m ro& h m. we av ha e vefun n tisomethmes gey reteally heavy. th arese ghe lightweiast pltic. an end th l thetrast isend me sog thincai'm g llinmothe no ea g.rrin
2:58 am
wemman atsowewas g arin.this hii tlsnk a to onedhe rpe cart. e on hsideheas tg loninearrg. ou>> yd neetta liitle btu of de r fo. that y >>o ou d aneedtl lite ti at.tude e' shows shusing od a me eratway d too .this isthai pofr ri earngs ioms fr el stla &ot d. d toiso thin a topy ho t andhe at metachnt. yo n u ca iwear at as o setr it swt ch indup ath do noe mo. h >> mowy anoppele during the day argoe g in ttosao toy ou y, do ou yea rzeliha t--t >> m ah ucmpsir ley wa dtoito , fr nomdsor, tromunand $4der 0. ry vee cutway. ve ifry dntfere. >> t ihisoms frp shobop. >> t' thaats why' theoire go ng t wa t nt aenthe td ofeghe s. ment th s is iwiour otne b. is ok it r ay ooknot o ay th cras pa a rty? oo>> likks l ce myunup r neth . over t >> iarappem s i'inwinnt g bu noi'm t. usbecathe ka a has a cup nd a .half wa i o nt tk thanyoeverhone w lp hee.ed m 's itll reacey ni. > >>rrtomombow amaush erkeov.
2:59 am
t'>> igrs a oneat e. mbremeo er r nevelatoo orte fe. lov w >>rehy a s youg ayin tthato ? me tv m and yusiconou dan't wt m toiss. ha gve a wreat dinesay eswednbeday e causrrtomos ow i ir thy sturthaysd. a >>s ot's nnk spay es tuday. m toyoake neu moy. i' hem treleo l vee thayplg in field for all investors. erths e'ysalwaul a brkl maet me soe.wher i promise to help you find it. m"mad" oneytsstar. now he iy, c'mmerar. we omlctoe ma "mod" ot r heoppe wlet an mtoe ak iefrs.nd i' stm juin try sg toyoave meu so y.mone my i job jsn'ttoust er ent tain tobut ca edundte ach tea. you ll caat me 00 1-8-c-743nbc. weor te et mcr@jim.amer r aftey'todaems trusendoly ral thwihe tow dai gngni57 2nt pois,
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