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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 19, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] 30 oc rfekeerllla p izan ne yow , rk'sitla " ntehtigit wh nitot gh-- ki erefut om frce "ract," a ress cecarian vou hn.te fe uratg ine th b8gd anthwi fr rmed a.isen [ rschee a anduspplae ] ladies anden gentl, th seer meys! s >> geth:evood g,enin i'm mseths.eyer ithisats "lghe nit." s how'ybeverdoody toing t?nigh ee[ chndrs ala app]use ry ved gooeato hr. t incahat lese, get's tt tohe ne ws. na doruld tdmmp ad ittengduri an in ietervstw yey erda ithatmen so ys wais he y verlasimi r to iebernde sanrs. ,""yesd saiobone erserv. he "t by'reinoth wa my y!" [ htlauger ]
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wn tol, hal c tedcoruz menfird hthatmee sos times callwihis fe an ngd si hs totoer, ch whi his awifes lwayiereplohs, ", , no eni'm ngteriun a tnel." la [ erught ] be rsn caaion srid duasng lt t'nighwns tol hal hthatooe shts po o ol tx.rela heoh, ot shools po. usbecasee ba hd onneis ergy l,leveou i wavld hese gused he .roin ug[ la ]hter pe ponc fraugis sedgestay tod dthatd onalp trumotis n a ri chn stiausbeca we he tantso il buwad a itll wxih meco. , yeah kwhatofind is chr tian wo buuld a ild twallepo ke op peutle o? la [ erught ] rg foboot ahaut te.t on na doruld tesmp redpond to it crm icis pfromfrope s anci y todasaand heid tti ponilff wl sh wimp tru p wasderesif,nt i and , whenvathe n ticattis ad ackeby .isis ou th tgh i whinkhehat nt mea to y sa "was, ait'se niccavatin
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sbe a ihamemef sog thintowas enhappit to . la [ erught ] e maybh watc ywhatayou s, be e caus ait'sut bea piful."lace na doruld taimp sisd thk weethat b je hbushwaas s oppedisut h gl s assecofor tsntacau bece se h nt wa ls tocoook whol, ile te uzd crsn doe't. ug[ la ]hter 'sthatht rig. na doruld t- th -lddonamp tru tsaidwehis haek tb t je hbushas peswapt d ouglhis s assefor co tsntacau bece se hs wantto lo oook cl. an . d drcaben irsonsos al ngtryiew a nwe eyeo ar t hmakeim em see morgeenertic. [ htlauger ] u yotogot r weae thosr afteyou t shooinhero. ug[ la ]hter ol po. e theruniv osityxaf tes s ha dedeci ad to sllownttude s to ca gurry n ns iclthe ooassrm. th hoe scayol s'ss itra guad ntee toway ve prehent tsi postybili
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[ htlauger ] ay stth in r e ai30for rs hou due to th weaeler donays e theast co ast. en evse worn whecuone erstom got r. he la [ erught ] ou30 hrs? nsmy iamtagret som ahingnd th s ere'onnot kee li? [ htlauger ] a eschinn e mantreceelly hatd wh c hed allee-a prrafuner l fo elhims sf toowee hy manlepeop d woul ushow hp toeais rl ne fural. an hd ifthe's nde kigu of aty th wo dould t, tha g i'm toingo es gut s no.many [ htlauger ] an nad fi klly,arim kiadashidn sa ueon t tsdayshhat kee mamas a ke t shifoubra gt ofrsaffee tap fo beedre rpe carent evo ts tmake he ear brlosts etok bter. askard chiand alleerit h se -fconditavore e usgafor s ffer pe ta. la [ erught ] dilandes atl gen, emenavwe he a gr sheat orow f t youhtonig! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] tfromewhe nie movrs "fo,"aken
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] yoand owu kn f her"grom ofame nethros." sh ale's n so inda wol erfunew lm fiac, "rcae," vriceouan hten is k bacheon tw shoelas wl. ee[ chndrs ala app]use a lecoupou of ier frstnds ngoppi lbackive. th aat'ss lwayfun. rebefoge we tt to that,bihe f d ane applcuare tlrrengay enged din ateispur ovehewhetplr ape sh houldthelp i e fb agains cces to i thee phon tof ar erro sp suprect inomptdeg a obatever acpriv ny ofnaatiocul se.rity r fo omoreisn th's, ite timfor cl a loserook. ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setfo so ntr momohs, , nths la fow enenrcement ag aciesnd iv prgracy houpsbeave en tidebaheng w tthercoech iempans alike sppled houl tgivehe ve gontrnme a thetybiliac to cess ypencrinted atformonion cu erstomrt smaesphon. d aneryestthday isat d cputeame a tod. hea >> an a lk dmardoshown wn ithe ba devete oivr prveacy rsus risecuty. lp he f therebi bntak iceo a ll th elat bd ongeneto oth of e
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a >> cppleimeo tk coo hsayse wi igll fheht trt couer ord. >> k cooccis ag usinu.the s. ve gontrnmean of rr ove teachhat wi etll san a dusgeroce pre.dent s >> teth:s hat't.righ rcookedefus j the'sudgeer ord, th al toughicechn hallyvee ner ce re iivedcat bethuse dge jue ie tr fd tohiind am on mppleaps. la [ erught ] erso hthe's sue ise. e thhafbi e s thneiphoon of e of th n e saarbern sdinoerhoott s bu phthe isone ke locd. onnow pre ap toachbihe fld cou ta ouke we ld bngtryiun to lock phthe usone obing s viou wopass lrds,12ike 9934, an99, d a rifavoorte fs, isi5. 151 ug[ la ]hter t buprthe m oble twithishat otheygenly n t tes trieksthan a to'sppleon strcug se rity ecprot.tion he>> ton iphate thy thed,foun at thy the twantt o ge iintos ke lis. thi s it ialactu 5ly ac. t buhayou o ve tr ente cthisode in er ordge to tot in p the.hone thand ice trrek hed , an twhathe i fbs wantefto diseat a se tycuritu fean re iphthe one. y ifunou phech tng wrobe numr in mo hare tn n tes,time the encontf ts ophthe arone e pe enrmansctly lerambd.
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cu se frityreeatu. >> h: set t not co beseonfuthd wi sethe eslf-dt trucurfeat e on iyoure phonenscrech whito is op dron it roce ftem liy rallany ig heht. la [ erught ] pl aps e haysalwan bee wgoodith se tycuri. ey thld wouevn't eten l ev stbse joth in ile bu ding ssunlewo he here te samg thin y everday. [ htlauger ] t sobihe f't isnin askplg ape r forminfon atioe applhas. 'vtheyree alcoady atopern ed o .that 'rtheykie asppng ao le tlodevep so a reftwat thaencurrdotly es exnot thist ilat wlol ale w th tofbi k hacphthe one. pl apo e cecotim s ok insagait th ecis b hausewoe's d rrie that ea cr ttingkihis f nd oermast key ccto aa ess e'phontas dald cou ad leda to oungerivs pracy vi ioolatns. >> yo on maur sonrtphdae toy, yo ur neiphoer, th le isy ikelthheal fo iniormatn. e'thernas fil nciarminfon.atio er the e armaintionte catversions wi outh ymir far ly o your orco-w.kers erths e'abprobusly bs ines etsecrs. an u d yoldshoue havabthe ility to protectt. i heif ts re iy a waetto g in, en theb somwiody inll fwad a y
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et>> snch: oe e thiskey lodeve iped, at ispp sliery sl thope egat bwiins heth t fbi ei seerng tstrorit texagmesses an dsd enh wityoevereene sing ur yohr batseoom s.lfie ug[ la ]hter d anevnot heen thr batseoom lfie yo ntu se. e thtipracnece oers whe e th li waght d s bathand ile toet [ htlauger ] fbthe aii clhems tuly wolyd on thuse eyis k t fornehe oe. cas onbut t ce itsexisex it , ists tlike shosei ci-fesmovire whe ey thel dev sop a vuper iirusn a la d b an "say,t don'y,worrll it' r neveouget t." t bu tthenexhe nint thu g yoknow so hime czempan ae in m badood s kickdothe peor od n an ythenou tliveeshe r yt ofliour fe wa g lkin tdownighe h whwayith ur yo a dog snd aunhotg. la [ erught ] t soishis im an anportbat dete to e. hav awhathere tva priracy tffde os d anthare orey wt?th i t bu ait'sa lso tedebat thahas pr edoduce som uverytunfor nate intermy.olog c >>imeo tk coo tsayshe ve gontrnmets wan c thenyompa to build a back dr.oo >> t intwabas a oock dr. q >> uuotetenquok bac.door hi>> tbas ck door >> the bacdok eor.ntry ha>> weyt th call a ckbaoo dr odmeth. >> f ouralederer govt nmenldshou ha o ve ta get anwarrett whher ey tht wanomto croe thyough ur ba oock d yr orfrour doont or. [ htlauger ]
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p noderesil ntiaidcandshate ould er eval be d loweayto s w theords "c thome h roug byourdoack or." ug[ la ]hter 's ite likinhearurg yoen parts sa foy, "ayrepl." [ htlauger ] so va prixpcy e aertsecnd th mp cos anieveare onry cedcern ou abist thh pusa for also-cled dbackthoor ouat wllld aheow t ve gontrnmeac to ecessptncryed sm hoartpnes. bu att thot's n o thenly ou trg blinctaspeth of e ve gontrnmeeq's ruest. th isere o alsisthe ofsue how ey the madrethe t quesg usin thsomecaing tlledllhe ats-wri ofact 9, 178aw a lin dat tg tohe lo co enialhara tbet's seen ud to e issursordet thanoare t he ote rwisrecove ad bytu state. at thig's rht. e thisfbi ng usi78 a 1w 9 lato ge tot inip an .hone 89 17. mea tin whelepeopy onl used kbblaceserri. [ htlauger ] "o auh, pvel reusre jm't bb, d me brthe h itiscoare ."ming la [ erught ] thnones,elesle app c hasome r unde ffiresorom epme rcaublins w asasell e somcrdemowhats o y sabethe tsnefina to altion cu se orityigutwee h thacprivy st cos. go onp frnnt-ruoner dtrald ump id sane wed asdayplt apwhe, "o do
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avwe h oe toitpen " up. t bumbremeheer w cn it tomeso ch tegynolo n andnaatiol cu se, rityp trumn'doesact ext ow knt wha the'sngalkiut abo. i >>issis ru recg itinugthroh e th rninteet. is isus is thing tee in rnet be ttterwehan u are tsing he rnintendet awa it r s ou.idea i t don' twantushem ouing r in ettern. s wed houlblbe a pe toraenette th tee in.rnet >> h: set h ando ow dyou ne pee tratinthe ettern? ro ththugh cke bar. doo e thergoyou . la [ erught a anduspplae ] t atpohis thint tie enre ypencr dtione ebatdssoune lik y dirtlimad bs. ug[ la ]hter t bup trumt isn'e.alon ithistus ac oallyf ne othe pr msobleh wit dthise.ebat it er's vmpy cotelicad d an it's r clea osomer f outipolis cian t don'lyrealer undd stanit. ta orke fmp exaprle, enesid tial ca atndidhne joic kashoh, w was ke as hd ifule woppd suanort cr enonyptik bac ddoorg urina de lbatemoast annth ved gas thi y cageeransw. w >>loell thok, joeir --int the jo teint isrrorskm tace fors ed nesos res urcethand eeey nd ol tos. d ane thosmaare p de uheof t fb tai, sante, cad low l la fo enenrcemt. meand itgan es's bt t noalto tk
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ypencr.tion it l wilsoget blvedt ut is need e to bedsolvth in tue sin atio oroome f the white hous twithhe ch tegynoloks fol. >> t' thabls pu-ic - ut>> bi -- hjusttoave l tel u yo ithatbet's itst wmeh so of th these ningse ot b.said s >> heth:swe an teredhat qu onestie likrga viryin ttoing atalk sboutex. wh at? ye .ah tai totolly d uche byour.oobs ey the wer rlike.ound ug[ la ]hter so sh we bouldepe skl ticaand k ash tougtiquesbeons wforee t leenlaw emforcerent ouode r ticonsontutiigal rhts. wh t en is comerito p, vacy it's al wways korthngeepiey an e on gothe mevernecnt b, ause mbreme-er - >> y the twantmeo coou thrgh yo ur ba oock d yr orfrour doont .or ug[ la ]hter s >> seth: dtill'toesnnd sou gh rit. th asis hn beelo"a closer ."ok ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'l we rl be bightwiack th ki seferrlutheand. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] wsos yohat'ewur ns? a i got job! lli'og be prg g otoh i gob t a jatoo, es zazzi. ri (fasends gp) app the e wheryou frput hauit ants on s?imal i halove tt! ys, gu bi'lline writg code at
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme bk, ev oderyby. ea plivse g ue itr p fothe 8g d bant righ ee[ chndrs ala app]use al also, swaysa uch supleao re t fhavearred n mise obackumn drs. w hoyoare edu fr? >> d: freat grew , hodoyou ing? [ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> yeth:anou cck che f outred se sasonf ix otl"pora"andich whi a isg irint righonnow a ifcnd so alth in rseate, nowla"zoonder 2. " , fredreyou'ar hil iiousatn th. 's itgr so foeat wr mefrhen ed acis bcak beweuse t gettco cah . up etwe gta to bolk ahiut tngs. on te ofhihe twengs k talt abou t,a lo tv. we h bot tlovev. tei ofmpn co tlainedo free i fl ke lire theoo's th mucvetv, ry ha o rd t ukeepthp wiry eveg.thin fr ayed sr s fothhim s at inot e cfreds laime to m h-- iope
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cfreds laime to mashe hn see y everhotv svew, epiry e osodef er ev sy tvhow. tr noue, uet tr? f >> vred:trery ue. et>> st'h: iues tr. f >> ered:thverying. >> h: set d yout idn' sjustt ay i mpto i mresse. f >> nred:veo, einrythg. s >> oeth: tkay,mehat itans 's ti ncme oaie agr n fo afredenrmisxt's elyreme cu ac tratecav rep. ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> skah: oo y, sgoi'm toing ve gi t youithe tf le oshthe ow. yo gu're toingllo tewh me at ha edppenth on ste laso epide, ri alght? f >> ored: gkay,.reat et>> sloh: " sndonpy." >> d: frend "lopyon s." la [ erught ] w, wond "lopyon s." ea grt. 's itfa my tevoriht rig. now s >> oeth:t'h, iurs yoor favite sh urow clyrenttv on . re>> flod: " sndonpy." >> h: set. yes re>> ft'd: icrs inleedib. 's itin an ibcredhole sw. ha ouve yn seeit? et>> so.h: n >> d: frehi notng. >> h: set no. >> d: fre t notathe lepest e?isod et>> so.h: n >> d: fre s oh, ieth,sot's d. goo >> h: setat grell, teab me out it . f >> ored: skay,'so its thi eosterre stogh, rit? d anstthe --ore g thearuys e om frdo lonntn, o, arioanin cada. ee[ chndrs ala app]use ktheythnow owe shis, thsu is ch hu a eage dl. s >> teth:s hat'reso gecat bause lli wiit admon, "lspdon i y," meassundd loenon, d.glan
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s it ionlond. e thlegentwhman nso ru the eosterre stoam's n e is s jamespy. gh[ liugt la ]hter sand,sto cu comer iomesd n anis , likeav"i heae sp, kers gi'veot era sti eo, zegot abro c"les. an 'sd hee, likm "i'y sorrt abou ."that soand c themeusto lr is ike, el "wm l i'ngcomie heruyto b-- dowhy t you ihinke 'd bngcomi therey,o bu k you anow,innythg? wa i abnt c"les. heand ik's lyee, "yoah, n'u dot ve haye to t ll abome at.ut i gh[ liugt la ]hter i' inm go gg tosto up."airs e so h ugoese p onhtflig , he go p es uheanotigr flgoht, p es u an r othehtfligme, cowns do two htfligs. li [ laght erught ] up m one core, fan'tthind e bl caes. et>> sh,h: os he'inlookr g fo bl caes. re>> fesd: yok, lofoing r bl caes. es gon dowhein tem basanent d ts geke loc.d in d an'sthatn wheshthe taow srts. ug[ la ]hter 'sthat b allstack ory. th oat'se n thitwebse. at thn 's owethe e.bsit >> h: sett' tha ts onebhe doyou sen't ate th? re>> f'md: iso so yrry,es. et>> souh: ye haveato rd me sog thin won ateebsior befe an ep e?isod re>> fesd: y. it rt staers wh'se heth in e ba ntseme h andloe's ickedn. 's itll reasty juat grein actg. li [ laght erught ]
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ng so? la [ erught ] th i i ink shaveiteen . at than's fictast. do"lony.n sp" anow,diccoro ng tgu"tv " ide,it is py a sw shobcon bri amendca a th ste laso epiande ds ny i starrey ed bpothe .lice re>> fead: yh. .yeah d an ihe'sban a ntseme. la [ erught ] et>> sanh: fictast. l alt.righ t i goheto ct ck iout. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] an thu k yo mvery uch, afredenrmisry eve.body knyou urow ost first gueig tonht om fr e hisawmmy wiard g nnin raportofyal k jacr baueheon t t hiesseri," "24st he inars the w neerwestorn "fn,sakeic" whh is in at theanres aid ave lablon un itndes ade on smandintartg rrtomoow. s let' atakek. loo ll>> aou thrhegh t i wart kep ngaskiel myserf whs e wagod. wh waere as heilt sht oh an seve pi whnes enen md lai adeadnd in dyg. al odl go, menfegod g arinmen. ey thju're ayst lthing ere, inbeggr g fo ssome lmallanife d me onrcy b hisf.ehal
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. me th aiere non't . god [ crash ] >> he t irenos od g? i>> s'minayf g, ie therevwas er mea tit thaneman gededitod, thwas en. an usd tr, t meashe wthn't ere. if 'r youpee exg ctintogod e sav hyou,n'e ainnt goa. s >> peth:e leasomwelccke ba to th owe shef, kiuter sanherld. [ eech ars andlappe us] s >> heth:reow a? you >> d i'm woingell. i' inm dollg we. >> h: setis it de won trfulveo ha bayou ck. t >> yhankou. et>> sanh: w tt toabalk yoout ur finew utlm bav i h se toay, "z ndoola."er 2 u yoinare ol "zor ande2." yo eau ste l yoare sou ablyluteta fan isticn "z ndoola."er 2 >> hi i thank ta t's lelitt bit ov eperst bpinghaut tounk yy ver .much >> h: set p you--lay n oweonwils n is irgan oouy grp. y >>es. s >> aeth:ound yon're te ofhe op pen le iorthe rogy gup. [ htlauger ]
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i >>ar'm cg ryinchhis ild. et>> sndh: as it'asfanttic ca beyouse ayu plex it y actlas igstras ht aclthe e ip w sjustaw om frr youdrnew ama. [ htlauger ] >> ho i t iughts t walyreal am dr satic.tuff >> h: seth, yeal welugi bon ht i an wd iteaas rfally tintasc. >> t the iruthens wh'r youe in go wg towiork omth s leoneike ow ilen worson s benertill, i tmean ghesearuys ae songmazi d an'rtheyche suut bea iful dicomeans. s it istalmoe likfea li es prr.erve iplay st asghtrai yt asanou c d ane maybllyou'vi i et>> st'h: ieas grt. w no, thise as winsaw s thi , cliparyou rke wowiing outh yr fa , therlddonahe sutd,rlan a le igends n hiriown ght. dihow enffer it is it --n mea ouobviyosly pu'renglayi his ason,y vererdifffaent -stheron re onlati tshipi han miassuoung y ihavealn ree. lif >> h. yea la [ erught ] li a .ttle munot ch. et>> souh: ys guyotdo nm seeto alget riong thght ere. >> no. s >> aeth:oure ydo -- t es imake h itr ardeasor etoier k worwith yo atur fher? i >>nk thi m fort'e, is -- th aat's-f twod oldeeransw. i' anve wtoted th do oris f 30 ar yes.
12:57 am
a of tctorcehat nlrtaiway i nted a toe b soand as i wex so d cite wwhene we inre f tally aheree nd w were g gointato short sg otinthand e t nighrebefopa, i ednick i and ghthouwht, "avat hdoe i ne? wh f at iathe hhees t i wayk? wor iwhat df he'toesne likwothe rk do i ?" d andni dile't st ep athall at ni ght. wa i ulked hp toheim tt nex rn mo fing, mirstt omenheon t se st, i "aid,, look ait's lelittky rocs thiinmornr g fo so eame rlason igst n ght iot re nallyuservo. i n'haveept sl at atasll lt gh nit." s he "aid, nlast?ight ha i t ven't slepweall ek." d anadhe m le me aaught nd ikind of t wen.away ithens t waomawese. th heen ter othny funt parmefor iwas,di stuy ed merfathan as to acr. fr heom te tims i wa1716, rs yea ol d. an 'sd heea a rbelly fuautil ys ph aical.ctor d anmei re imber a wasllctuay at th one fr tt ofcehe shane tu t yo sjustd.howe an dd heomid sngethih withis ha hand ts t walyreall. coo i and mbremeteer sg ppinofout ki f nd oaccharinter ow my adn he goand "ing,i oh, ldshou me re tmber that,wahat als rely co ol."
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12:59 am
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1:00 am
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1:01 am
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1:02 am
n' is?"t it [ htlauger ] ug laashed d harheas td y diat th omat ment. wthatheas t o end f my htdaug per'sctroduasion ansistt re caer. [ htlauger ] >> h: setl wele thergoyou . e' shevs el pateditast . b >>heut s a hasqu unispe reect fo e r ths p.a.eron hw. sho >> h: setl wel'sthate. nic we oull y t gotaro lechn eael lev oeach.f it no u,w yoau becacse juek ba r is ecso rzaogni ible, ss it atill prolee eoplgnrecoyoize r?u fo onand te ofllhe ae -timt grea ex atpectwhion heen tety me you ythatl ou'lh matc?that >> on i dno't k pw ife eopl just n' caont pre ouncerkief and 'sjackot a lie easr. vei han bee bin ar ar oovtwo er th ure cof se oifmy lere whe onsomewae's tntedcko piig a fht ca bei use edplayk jacr.baue >> h: sett' thants fac.asti o >> st i ge athat. lot d ant,i geth "i t oughweyou re ta ."ller s >> oeth:ahh yeat, thno's ather on e. s >>tho both of iose,ua actlly as oo a gnad ca bdianasoy, you fe reedrenclo to , ndonriontao, i st jupl simoly ape ogizheto tm. s >> teth: yhereo,ou g you ogapolfoize urr yogh heit. ap [ seplau ] thnow s is iora staty than i wt co manfir otionn. t >>e welvdicanaans. s >> teth: aherewere tlve
1:03 am
et>> sheh: tasre we morthbut ey 'tdidnw knot if ipowas tliteo te int.rrup or>> sry! s >> yeth: seah, worryape clped. li [ laght erught ] nti wafi coniormat tn onhis st beory e causlothe inelyd slan sandyrgambeiv, akhaa sc, ffer jo tarma e,ccony the atoldry sto s yeartoago be me tforewehey re snon "hel" trey weot shooning e of ir thems fil y andalou wupked heon tm. t istrhis r ue o-- >> o onee f th emostrambarg ssin nd kimo of s ment ithatta cerinly go mt off yselilon fm. i and drwas g ivin tdownhe re stndet aou i ct ldn' bhelput cenotiel an y derln womainwalkg wi lth af ot oergrocies. thand ase rehyon wst it ouuck t m to ne ise o ons walkosin l ge anles. kso iofind w wasinatchr.g he an end th f outberom ahinde tre ju tmped theseidwo kd s an they kn d ockedoher ndwn ay thel stea he rsr pue. pi mssedf.e of gh[ liugt la ]hter jso ithust onrew b the iraken army cju, i ompedndut ase chad dthem kown,ednock o theowne dn, gr d abbeputhe wrse,usas jt ab toout t hitthhe onder a
1:04 am
ndbehi. lii'm - ke - aturnd,rouns it' th ane grhedmotthr wi c herane d anali re, ized ait's. guy la [ erught ] i and ongot te byhrhe tanoat d .this otthe s her'inyellnog, "'r, wee st juin makmog a "vie! ug[ la ]hter oki lot ed aanhim sed i e e th e thre akids lnd iacook trosshe etstre t and'sherey and hwithis racamew crehrof teoee pple hi idingtrn a ee. an wad i kes lih,, "ogo my 'md, i orso sry." d aniei tr pd toheut t k oneid geand ckt bamy in . car i ghthouatt th t wasndhe e of it . ouof c trse,hrhe tuyee gats th we akre mthing ilat frem we cr inleedibed com aianshend ty ow sht ed idaon "levid mattern" li ivke fare yetes lar. [ htlauger ] d, anh, yeaas i war embedrass by >> h: set t one ihingl wilsay th , ough atheys lway, said e'"herw s ho-akickss ki seferrlutheisand ." er evy yboda in le drovs by u be g atin wup a aomanayll dg. lon yo reu we o theonnly o e wh op stanped d d dihianytbong aut it . s >>ueo tr. s >> teth: yhanko ou s fmuchor be heing re. al ewaysedxcitse to u.e yo
1:05 am
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1:08 am
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1:09 am
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1:10 am
d. di s >> peth:e leasomwelccke ba to shthe y ow m fgoodd,rien cecari h vann.oute [ rschee a anduspplae ] et>> sowh: h y aremyou, en frid? o >>ooh, gd. te afatr thwa awkanrd dce. et>> seah: yhah, ts t waoda go kw awdaard thnce .ough th i think eoat pwiple e ll b ngtryile to tharn anat dce. [ htlauger ] 'rthey we beinatch og itanver d aover.gain is th-- is v i'mexery d citeto se u.e yo d anvei haas to u k yot abouthis be e causweyou oire dreng pllss a today anday u d yo dwere aoing mo g rnin ashowound y met tmike tysonmohis g.rnin es>> ydi, i d. s >> yeth: aeah,e nd w ahave ot ph yo ofndou ae mikn.tyso thand s is iasfanttic. la [ erught ] s toouee yng goiit at w , howas iyouracnter wtionirith on mi yske ton? el>> we l, htawas g lkine -- h prwas inomotnag doruld tmp. s >> yeth:eah. >> t andi hen tohad ht fig. him s >> yeth: teah, yhereo.ou g ug[ la ]hter soand re the h youo ad titlay wn do. ha>> we t argoyou donna ? ha i ld tot ay i.down et>> sveh: e -n invi- oby ousl
1:11 am
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1:12 am
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1:13 am
gaor "f me onethroces" sne. >> i no,s t wa fvery bunnyseecau th waere ys --i es, tohad cesedu i him on myelwn mdrisane okindy.f wa thand waere ts incrhe sitipt -said s- hesoays inmethkeg li, an"i cdonot t thausbeca ie i, amade." vow thand t en i, saidsameli ndre lo atoks , himch"bitea, plse." ug[ la ]hter asit we lik w-- iikas l'me, i s ina uch scoolanhow isd th is wr n ittehein tip scrt? la [ erught ] et>> seah: yh. nc siwie i elll tu,l yotc "bih, sepleaev," nurer tp ns uhein t ok bos. la [ erught ] n atino pot. w nootthe thher abing --out f >> osecour o the tther.hing s >> teth:thhe ohier ts ng iyou ogavef ne ogrthe bieat rth sc ienese n thorhist y of te silevi.on sameli gndrebiave torth a sh badowaby. >> h. yea s >> aeth:bvnd olyiouss it'not a brealaby. it al is ecl spefial s.fect wwhatt as i tlikeayhe d you ashotne scere whe w youere bi ngrthiha a sbadow by? be e causs it ilinot ouke y can
1:14 am
ug[ la ]hter ini ththk kae erinurhepbd n haa owshady babe.scen wi'll tatchhat. >> l, welwa it bes a fuautiy.l da it n waserortheln irinand mbnoven er iwithe .nter et>> sh,h: o no. >> a in tydrafe cavd nake with a anirdhd anishmt m lo i anve ili -- - am -lli wi n iaia-- lnnm cuamingh. et>> seph: y. or>> sliry, i'am, inm go g to imake tt upu.o yo --and ug[ la ]hter d ane'-- hins go gg tomeive ee[ blfop ] isr th. s >> yeth:eah. >> y andnoou k ww, i- as -i and d haosa pricthetly bel on. thpros meticn,erkion i dno't kw p ife eopl wknowa hat inmerk it bu 'st it -- >> h: setli it dkepsro. >> ig i mavht hlde tos thi rebefo. bu st --blort -ocks s- itofort oc blyeks, s. b its lockt.a lo et>> sesh: y. >> t ibsrut auryoho wrile pvate pa rts. an 'sd itt sor- of - it's ecconntoted ro a ptisthellc bey d anhein tst proc hetiy bell th weere llre ats sortu of bes ad letoing er othpl peo te inhe ca have tult woowd blth in e be tu ms tomyake ly belk loosort
1:15 am
ug[ la ]hter bu ert evmey tipe i othned e ro thbe, lle berey alinady edflat n.agai so s youheaw t tm inorhe cofner yemy e -- [ htlauger ] et>> shah: tket ma ss itrdo ha a toct. be e causreyou'ng dois thi very nsinteene sce. m i'a gonn bgive airthhend tn ngseeipl peoowe blining to tu bes. at tht mus-be - t >> in'does it --est do--n't oeit d hsn'telp. >> h: setdo it t esn', helpno. o,>> ndo it t esn'.help ythenwhour leite ndgs are the cis aa amert righe.ther yoand su'reofort yo -- owu kn, nglayiac -- lytualhi notng. reyou't jushe-- t nre'sngothi mi coutng oyo of u. y sousou jvet ha-- to id i dn't kn haow ws t wangcomi. out >> h: setre a gctat a wress ould ha anve m tagedkeo maet som hing ocomeut. [ htlauger ] ouif ye werala reooly gtod acr woyou hauld anve m tagedkeo ma sm cooke utme oyo of riur p vate s.part ug[ la ]hter alyou avso he e onheof tat gre li ofnes s thehow. n"the iightrks da f andofull rr te"ors. yo veu hasa to ay it. lot is re theth anyyoing shu wi li meresandld cou o say ttherhan th at? w>> i louldheove sr toay um "sismer in comg." et>> sh,h: obe to ea upbt? >> k you tnow,veo hait a ltle bi ret moht lig. s >> yeth:eah. an td sowohat beuld e. nic er th ne isnoot eliugh esghtns in
1:16 am
yo ulu co td benehe o. a >>t'nd itts ge--ing s it'not ge g ttintelighthr i ink. >> h: set i no,tst geke darr. t'>> it s noa gonnwaget armernd 's it g notaret wfomer r me ereithhi i tnk. >> h: sets thi- is - "also,"race nti wata to bolk ahiut ts. be e causgoyou pt tolay ni lefe riehlnsta i whos ob slviouisy thzy crato hisl rica refigu. ho yw doppou ah roac?that itwas er intngestipl to ay so dymeboe likher? es>> yca, beituse a is very rocontiaversarl chr.acte u yo oknowe n on ssides he ia iveryranspialtionmm fil.aker an red a iallyesnter ting lm fir.make mashe bekes fuauti sl -- nhe'sot e alivoranyme. e sh bmadeifeautbeul, fuautil t buwashe nas a zi. et>> sigh: rht. >> ea i mndn, at tha osortouf, y kn haow tlet diismma at gre to pl thay, hoat wrele geay ar. jit'snoust fit a bolm aerut h. - so- et>> sigh: rht. >> k you inow,n' didalt rely inexamate th m tooinuch s thi .film we ll reacuy foonsed her startiidic sree moth on e -- othane n th pnaziart. >> h: set a youhalso n ve a startiidic se. yo au'rege sin wr asell. yo ru'veseeleabud alms. an cad beofuse me "ga of nethroiss," tr it haue topt pele ok lo c for iluesurn yoso pernal
1:17 am
th wi s thehow? es>> y. s >> seth:ato wh y waslaour st al cabum ?lled se>> "u e yoheon t." ice et>> sndh: ape so , opleusbecae e th iword-ce - nu mite. e i seonyou i thefice, yore, u kn heow t ty'vehthougal of l s sortinof lo ks tshthe ow. i asrelet ed i yfour aearsgo. i 'tdidnn eve tknowi hat onwas shthe y ow b ithennk thien, ev. la [ erught ] heso taly reooly lr k fo i and edpost o the dtheri ay, edpostho a pn to oaginst ram, ke lias i wer a vndy wiy y daand i hawas avingk wal mwithd y da heand i wase n th.back th asis wrr blu ty inache bthk wi bi a odg ho on. d anasit wth in dde mif le o pibleeowng s >> yeth:anou c i sayt. it ju -- o st titsay . it i wase n thlemidd-- of >> le [ b nep ]reowhe! o >> s.good ooso gd. s >> seth:cho mute betr. s >>ndo, aos i pthted cte piure ybeverwaody kes liha, "turt blry rs pen on ipithe e ctur'sthat hn jow. sno ug[ la ]hter
1:18 am
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1:20 am
d(vo) bon'tsee a r.ttle a get00 $1ar rewrdd ca
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the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt. m i'llhiy arincln tod an iapovprthe ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: setco welacme b tk tohe sh ow. we he're itre wh ri caance vte houn. d ane as w swereg ayincecari, u yo mplayanelis tdre,edhe r ma won n, oe "gamhrof t."ones ha>> tcot's t.rrec et>> smah: a czingctharauter b so f rt on knowhefor eer stly, cr c yptiandemeor. ve ntry i.ense ea>> yh.
1:23 am
ba a ooby sn. d anusbecau e yoonare s thehow da tocoy i 'tuldnp helwobut nder li hake wlit meresandld wou be alikebat a hoby swer. yo owu kn? wo i .nder w>> ir.onde et>> s jh: iwoust .nder el>> w, comeyoevertone, xi ale d an'ssethy babershow. fithe thrst i ing twant to doo ck king thif s ofo is gndarou the ro ndom ary eveshone anare sp inioiratqunal abote out mo hotherod. e, su w youtoant rt sta? ka>> o ry, iy eall tlikeonhis e. d god coulbenot ry evee wherand eftherheore at creoted m.hers >> oh! gh[ liugt la ]hter r?ambe >> r youdrchililen wcol beme at wh a yousore, wh be ouat y wa hent t bm toe. o >>h! at thea's rgolly od! me ndlisare? >> tc cluurh yold chise clo to byourt,reasan womr , fothe ni isght k darfuand f ll o orterrs. la [ erught ]
1:24 am
kn ouow yier fralnd, exi. >> 's she m notiey frnd. et>> sheh: sy 's mfrold .iend sameli.ndre thand s is ifiher barst by ow sher. an id as t wasngelli her ieearlher, trese adi traaltionly n fuiraffaers whope perele a rt sopo of vesiti u andt.pbea h,>> oht rig. ka>> oy. [ htlauger ] doso, g youknuys f ow is it i s >> weth: ae'rellctuaity waing un thtil g e biday. ra>> paty ths it'n,a soth so at e th olordghf lin t ca dlookown huponitim wvoh far. an id if at isl, girk locit iawaydan a owrk torer f aevernd ho t'pe it s noumconsy ed b gr alaysce. la [ erught ] s >> ieth:nk thill we'ha be ppy th eiayer w. y >>hoou sbeuld . orboy l, girhi a cs ld i like enheav. t >> ihere hs non.eave ug[ la ]hter e'therlys onl. hel gh[ liugt la ]hter an 'sd it o thee'ne wivre lining now. [ htlauger ] s>>h:et a yous lwayyosay u n' dovet ha f anye emalndfries. d an ithisy.s wh ha>> wd t diini doong wrg? s >> weth:maell stybe elop tling pe topleighe ns ht i adarknd ll fute of s.rror b >>heut tht nigda is ndrk a
1:25 am
ev neeryows knot. tha s >> yeth: beah,tiut sjull, st totry li be orke mtue naanral d nv cotiersa.onal e mayb ptelle eopln a fuy stor t abouseyourlf. o >> fkay,ine. o,>> sxi alee , arneyou s rvou thfor g e biday. >> h, yeait a ltle. >> h: sethi i t'mnk ie mor ounervans th i shes. i >>l telwhyou at. en whad i hwn shaad i hm thepump f meofull ry eveg dru ctheyould fi nd. [ light laugerht ] i >>e gavh birt.once >> oh? o >> tada shemow don. [ htlauger ] i nwill fevert orgewathe y it em d erge mfrommay wod.nhoo clits ikaw-lnde haabs gronbed y to mesanklth so t at id coul op prtsel iinelf heto tht nig air. ug[ la ]hter d an mthentty lihale sdow sa as essinednter c theofamp the fa kilse enng rarly bonathe and sthenedtabb t himghhrou the .back ug[ la ]hter et>> shah: sdedow mon? >> t? wha s it in a fuy.stor >> h: sett wha opartatf thry sto unis f? he>> tt pare wherilhe kled re nly. gu i yoess d u hae to be.ther ug[ la ]hter et>> skah: oooy, lusk, jy t tr erhard. ay ok? nd fimo comoun gritnd wemh th.
1:26 am
an ?yone y >>eah. i' eeve bein se gng aoruy f a co muples onthnow. u? yo >> re theso is e meonrki woh wit li i ke. nahis s me i sjohnnow. i'but t m nolyreale sur the'she gh riy.t gu w >>othy n? >> p i'my rett hsuredee's ad. la [ erught ] et>> sreh: psutty e're hads de? >> l, welle at thast tat'sayhe w asit wt. lef la [ erught ] o >>h! h,>> os it'bya baep she. >> s it'easo bulutif. la [ erught ] es>> yat, thro's f.m me et>> seah: ye h, w.know ug[ la ]hter i >>vat's anlyriel ste. >> h: set w why youldetou g us ?this >> l weligat nouht yilr chlld wi nt wade to ifendf tselnsagait neanyo w whohaill t rm iusbecae e tht nigharis dd k an ofullf rr teors. ex y.actl ug[ la ]hter d an, alsoatit r.tles
1:27 am
tt[ rale ] us>> jrit cu hous,o ow dguyou ys ow kn a oneernoth? s >> weth:nte weco to e lleg et>> sorh: nesth ws.tero o >> g!cats ug[ la ]hter >> n ope.mind a >>w! a >>w! >> s it'utso ce. re>> gobat jh witit. t >>s hat' bfromofoth us. , noasit wn't. w itroas fthm bous of . li [ laght erught ] s >> yeth:etou s d her orinkn fi re. >> on anycoe d ulvehaon dthe .at ug[ la ]hter do hor. [ laughter ] what areou yng doi? w>> iyoant inur kblg's ood. s >> ieth:'t done havkiany ng's
1:28 am
'sfiren burw,loy mking? >> et s mh:fiy 'srere aus jt ne fian, thu k yo mveryuch. [ t lighhtlauger ] w >> ae're tboutayo plun a f me gas. s >> weth: be'llghe rit.t ou an>> cet i s o herren fi? s >> neth:reo fis. o >>kay. t sonehis hixt ts ng ifun. d wet id iy at mershow. h whicpewas t.rfec t'leals gol ro ad une thomrond a wesay nk thih setaland s exi' ibabyins go gg touprow be to . o >>'vh, it e gooda goss gue. m >>o.e to >> o i dhanot tveguo kni wowt hailit w.l be vei hake lootod in f thes lame thand avey howe sh yn meour il chfud's pturessrofeion. >> h: setdo we wan't o nt t.know en>> d.tist >> [ oh,ep ble ]! [ htlauger ] ha>> wndt kich of ieeseiss th? i >>got's uda. >> s it' gvery.ouda [ htlauger ] d>> i gon' i o >>d!h go o >>y h, mgod. ee[ chndrs ala appuse ] s >> ceth:e arichovan , uten ybeverody. "r oace" ipensean th tres rrtomoow.
1:29 am
elsfx: ce l phonatesbr. ?yeah h) (sig're you..okay o. he'shekay, e it mad! ja n.. soatwho yo dmeu an? e we weradvery bs. boy whalexa n at's inewsthe ? halexa:there's ws, e nec"alewibaldd n ann jasoarschwntzma sweremoeen g oninrapapazzi.wibaldren ths w hi ashoet otphphograbeers mforeg akinn aruit".for my p caoor sshmere.ocks.. walexa,u ill yor anorderothe o paircif bres.anis dereor breringniscia. socks isokay lten... yo can nd su selaome orwyers th someing? ng(moani) ...a lec? ui sq re?!at bwhmaeer tcy i feu,h yo l myord? hi'll ave rea add'slepple a. an ped s rhapwra .ench . a nochwrena , .wrench aredd'slepple a. so alst in errawb ry grand apeen ple. okay, what iiss th? s it'y.chew re ially
1:30 am
it t hi jusouts y. s it gum. 'no. ittotas a lly mint! it di's risappeaasng m i ag chewin it.e wherit gdid o?' itnot s m.a gu m not a 'a brs ktea ihroughcon ol. brice ceakersblasool .ts thwiy mdemoterao t vese ureerlcivatcoe tilis, e thsspoiliby it aofla f res wamoal astaylwons y mndmi. inthngkibo a wutt ha atoidvo, erwhtoe o. g.. and how dtol eathwi my uc. toe, mha twat nos alrm. un i til edtalkmy to to docr. toshe eld mat thir huma lpheops pele mlikee ge ut uc nderntcorol an epd ke itdeunntr corol cwheninertadi meoncatis n'haverkt woed ewellh.noug rahumi l can oweruryoli abioty t fight infections, including tuberculosis. ouserioms, simet esfal tafeinioctns an ncd ca iers,dinclung holymphama, apve hd;pene avas hooe blivd, laner, d ounervsts syroem ps,blem ouseriles al rrgicioeactns, d anw ne worseorngnihe t arilfae.ur berefore tmeat,nt t gestte fed torb. te oull yctr dof or iveyou'be o en ts areaewher rt cefuain ngalctinfeions are common, an ifd ou ye 'vd ha,tb pahes titireb, apr toone ec infs,tion or e havliflu-ke tosympr ms os.sore
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israyoe eurecxptitas.on asyok gurtrasntoeolerisog touabhut rami. thwium ha,ir ntcol ro get 30% off every guest ev shery iipthn cae bbrinea but rrhu thiy,ofs r wofetn' stlaong l co smee eek thl royaca nribbea okbood t aay t 801-ro0-lcyaibaranbe. shopping for an suv? well, this is the urd yoor fald de ierths ple ace, gto 0etfi% ncnag inr fo 60ntmo ohsa n rd sfo. uv that r'sht. igt jusunannoced. ford lo expedrer....ege..e.scapan.. ped exonditi... are available wi% th 0nafigncinfo mr 60thons. rd fouv sess. dneig hd top el you ubeppnstoleab.
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bu hut y,rr% 0nafiinnc gr fo m60thons on or fsud ivs s amilid temetiffer o. e se fyourdeord taler.oday e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th e real world. the grandmother o whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a single mom who desrapelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. c weakan male regr proriess ghtw nopefor aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
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ap [ seplau ] n >>weext n ek oe "latt nighwith th seer meyans," y thoniemack, hfromtoamil bn onwaroady, re elnee goise erldsbry, bo cabby alnnavd e an nliveew rkyo certoars onthwiev k ainnd da revid k.mnic
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setth my tankso ef kiuter sanherld, cecari h vann,outery eve.body ofand rs coue e than8g bd. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ed fris armen. st unay tored frs "caalon dy." we se'll u e yorrtomoow. [ rschee a anduspplae ] ar>> c tson:ishis st "lal. cal" i' rsm caalon dd y anrewe a st neationid toatght s therkkyla oufor bir g show. thanks f bor heingere. he tre'sunhe r.down weloder insgos a nnkemahe tir


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