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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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inhearg grunfi aend peolictoel pea orsonpolihe tun grotd nota thbreaing. po oliceefficavrs h pe aenresce tonashe las veg.trip gcraid eadeheto ts 'lwe hive lior rep a in littleud >> : kime as wk checitin woh tm ton fhisyridaulaor m,ning trael w yoif reu at jusongurni onr you tse. itin remdsof me theri hars ceas fr 2om,013i f trstghine w outhght of. o>> tnlm: o fy areundesds yartoharr awheay winhootul res ra cshha teot pplei ded on ethce sne. thasat wt a thela fgomines ls than a qeuartr mile away from t.tha aanenccid attad parise and amfl.ingo awe h ae cam t cactidenut b weno kwt' iser the ubecaose yanu c t seelahe firs. th iisors nthou bndn o pdiarase as you goa pstla fmingo. we'll try teto g more foinirmaton onat th.
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it's earlyo so nro pmblehe tre wbutee aree kpingn aye en o flgoamind an piaradsend aar honm danhe t siptr as we floolw tath oosh.ting >> ly kele : w lareinooktg a lymostar clees ski outre the trigh. now stmounly sonny conditi ws ishat weec exprot thutughoe thinmorng thwiud clowns do o tos th sou mpteureratsee wiat 56 0 9:0a.m. 70 c00 4:oshe t ot bessriar pge wi tnds nnde aig lht. we'lldit whacieex we thfor eke wecoend >> : kimrewe'ngearis y'bundsn so and itce con56 a nnses atwhpe hapinned go oret n buwhat haedppenou a c opleef y aient inth soua nevd hidd daabthrosernd as oerth dha a feac offit whhe ted feral rngove.ment dybun was rtleceny aesrrdte for his rinole thend sta woffith wifeldliug refe.
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ithedencin pwo t ygors aao arsh hingeris v w of he ssay g wasgoinn oit wheh ted ns 2014. >he> tyas teredeo p,ple tyhe thwreom wenn o thero gd.un they sdickehe tirsogn o egprntnawo isthis t jus aon cattinu oionf vegontrnmein tryog tte proct po gwer,nmover tentg akinland thoeat dt s nongbeloth to em omfr p thee.eopl >> : kimashe wa in ubt^eontus po inietervnew doen recl ihee s onanof mary chinged s2014oftandd f an ithatres hec sinerouthvan nea 'sheo alsgecharthd wiy manem heotn rs irethe scentoftand d ingo oren. s hiisdad ec exptoted ba be ck nina evadrebefo e thef nd othe wed.eken >> a: danal donumd trrsp veheus t .pope pthe hopedeadeck ba t torno van ticaeryestfrday exom mico. hes waak spe hlais pone t methe sadia tyinganhat yone who
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unthe siteds tatemeand txicoo epke eg illeig imms ranthesout vaneomda sawhone no is richn.stia p trum'twasnin havt. rehewh is e at h lsaid nastt.igh >> i'mhra caistindn a p i'mdrou t.of i for a religious leader to tiqueson aso pern'sth fais i dieesagrl.sfu if andhe wnhe t vanatic is ckattalats, isian i cmi pro thyou heat te popd woulhave on wished a pndedrayt tha esprt.iden >> a danna: doruld tmp laterd sai rhectespe tshee. pop bheveeliest wha heua actlly idsa t tohei medaas wn'tpaiosos a par sereve hseneporeedrt e thpepoev nse uru t'smpa n bu etryvedybos iinssumg that wis hhoeas w aki talbong a los beecausat thee's bne cor st oneheof t ta ee spfch osi epki talbong aadui bngldi a ,wall mgakin the manexic
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leilgal irammigntsin comgo int roudeou c.ntrypor evoderybsuy asthmes pee po was taglkinut aboal dondmp tru lthatofine nk thianing sed bad on g aood guess because of what you juset dlai.ed > >>ilst tle lktaut aboar a rnoe ho or inur tina'sonit capol. ngpayipe reso ct tlathe gbid jucestiocalia. an>> dtha: tae sfrs oen frids tainlkabg touhe t eirerxpnciee. onofe he tea rnssohe trey a gruatef tl toheho swsir drecto cogminp. u >> : kimanma agzin s.ight ch teck ohisut. isfne oame w theerondci d?worl slooke lik it. it iso n tt prickghotoyraph but weha'll orve mmie u >> a: danha we lve areictu ilbu idinge n thonnatiap's citol whm jpli scato llwi i lieos repaay tod deresindnt a lirstady wiell bs .here^a
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tandderesiida wiotll n. a behet ter funal. >> : kimytoda ase wok lo atcorthe te d prsucoeme buurt ngildial, scia's boildy wiel ln se iy eagrllt ha a and o lotopf pele e arggoinla ao betoble pay retsspecpe in .rson usbeca ae ofe timfe diference w ymaav h ae p ptioroonnf o e thonpers l who hiveshaere s tolvsoobe pr alems sg biheas tld wor. asand ma s allyos kuritchen table. atth t's jhe.ob ev daery y. an nod tw, fhestirad lwhy oheedlpet gea hhcltear fo8 r llmin iodski. e thnaser too whlphe ted cheyit seriga
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wndoos hleti leaders around the world, is the one candidate fo esr prt idenhawho evs erything titesako tvedo earry pt of the job. llshe'er nev a letenyonpr izivatcie soecal syurit meand redica. huor swnt donn plaared pooenthd. she'll take tonunhe gby lobfi, y nalleqget paual r y fon,wome stand heop tub repnslicam fropp rialing rl ou ogprssrewa ay. osofen uabr 2ryh 0tanstupd or fhi arlly. cabee us yif wout anpra idesten knwho hoows kw toameep aeric safe, and build a stronger econom hy,lail'sryhe tho ce.ic i n'womat pkemiros secai tn' keep. we can maka e alreif drefee nc inoppe'sleiv
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an>> diva: leic psturero fm ioutsofde s themeuprert cou in wagtshinon,.c d. juesticca sali b'syodil wlie l inep roses enod tnay i e ohallatf thre supoume c dibuilng. k >>aim: v priorer cnyemol wil ebe held bpreub p ilico viin itedn,ay p ast parupof s cremei adtrnitiofi a black drape hung erovhe tou crort domrsoo scalia's chairl wlila h ala bck draape hend tch ben itself. fhisaluner is ectxpeoed t be held onlaancoat sy.urda >> a danlu: af tenzageeenailr w pap iearoun clyhortnt f now
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nggoi b toe movedo tdu alt t.cour hcoucs wa y 16earsld o whenhe dr dove arunkndau csed ar cash thilat k fledour pe.eopl pheled gyuiltnd a steenednc to obprioat anerftis hor att guar hedwae tos rio tchkno ow ritghro f wmrong. he and his mother took off to me axico hfterile fao ed tshow u tiroba qri heainng u deercemb. ie hio vslate ptroba hion,e ucobeld t seno tri pons. >> kim: a 16-year-old boys in i iccritonal conditiieron ol fnglowiaco th hisicelteopcrr h as tinhe tewafrs orl peabo harawr h.aii risama wtansawho s the wh toleghinpe hapnpe jumd inhe t tewa trsreo uesche teo pe plon bodar tathic helopt. pthet iloedsav ls.ive > >ethere werpl peond staing rightr thee, he wouldav h heurt laotf oeo
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toinhe tat wer. edlookik lhee as wry tg int noto la ond oppeelta sinnd agurotooo l aat tllesit pe. her ir>> fesst repond r thing ethce s tneinak tgehdo potilnd a urfoas pngses er ntorbea ewon d kt wha u led\lp to that crash landing but the helicopter is owned by c apaomny th gat hesicelteoptor s uron th ieasl.nd eth feredalat aviion niadmitistras on istinveinigatg. >e> we havre incediblic psture of air ftoe rnado coming out of mirissou ast par of a grass fire thatla fd re yupesterday.a yocau hen parpleoine the ckbaougr.nd 'sitma angzio t look at. 'sit the same piprincle as toadrns oe tasy herea spinning upward. the grass fire didn'tam ntouo t
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wa tntedowo shu yo of the fire too.rnad >> : tomtthary stot ouf o hawaii utb w iouldue gss theop t two loticanson i t uhetenidta sste for helicopter tours are lsa veasg andendiaw hs >> an d ia:an w ytroupi oonnin o isthos lksooi lle tf rtoo wrseer tnopi sinn ongn fluled spe. t >>itom: w astnor^ at casttaphroai freluo serth waons c otrolhef tcr air waftce q itat >>an d la:keoo ldkei heho cse to ditch in the water, much softer athnto hanacod. lannt im>> ke: tho pilavt sived lies n thpre esocs. >> an d a:t'leges a t ecchkf o rouec forast. k >>weim: e hat off broets iiv ggin aner intview etlo's g trehe le.iv >> ot nhe t area where that ooshngtiap henped yet.
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t>>heer othpreran womt thao atthmetrd, dieevelt tha t cere?ntlyth >> ihi tnko. s i goto t put thatog theetr. >> mroet tkalbo aut a shooting that hpeapdneot nt ah teos cs wmot itbu aar cul pedl in with two people that had beenho sn ila it. >>t whare we'ng dois ckbakitracutng pla pasie pces toergeth. erthase w_ noti mulll ca ethtirsl calgadobo a0 1:2 of aig fht. cuse grityuard bs reakhaup tt danre thes i lteal fem od an m folaur b mckleol inv
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sob aout 1:29 beget calls of sshotng bei heard right on harmont wes of 15. dann thehi witnee thru mintes we hahve tiseh viclel roling vthe aaletreait whwo teo pple shhot tat. clvehie wasnv idolve inhe t t.figh weav he thateh vicle and tehos lepeop on videos eo wa cn comnfir s byitecury and byt tha eplat being oneo vidy the were lvinvo edhin teht fig. weauspel bst that fightled ethe shngootir oveys ar h stwe t a 15wo t of eth peeopl d troveehemslveso int bisedlock. off fthateemalra trtnsponded a onpredouncea dec.sed hiwithen tt las10ut minese th lefeman fouyid lanng ie thd roa ona hrmons haee bnunrono asdecelsed ao. hwetwave opo peecle dd.ease
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ewe'rin hophg teat h t can uells twha t ledo theht fig ande giv ausod gocr desioiptn ofneuel ho wve tshott tsoehhe v ticleishat he in re ibehas hoen sokt lokes lime to rfou f or tive.imesm se sot thaonis censisttht wi lepeopli caln ng iinhearthg e otsh ma lolioks so dymebool invinved athatcalter ctionedhasm the or caughttos p uheto td m an tshotnt whthile erey w te inehhe v.icle w>> itant k o asupa cofle o tiquesons. we l'reune on .ws 3e thdid ghe fiart st tt inarhis n dorheid tht figrt staos acrge erthe? l>> looksthike ghe fiart stted. wetr're tyingeco piise th all toergeth.nt atwhha we owve nth is waere ghfi tt inhihe tlord ff or o clmiralee mips sho0 1:2hein tir inmorng. thwi0 in 1teminu ts ofwehat ahaveot shoating an 15 atd th clvehiate th i wasvenvolnd i
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lpu\o ints alhe veret hthe wide pe soplehot. we c'reeconn ttingcht fig wmi thaot sho ainghend t leehicma leg.avin avwe h'me iad tol and i hn'avet tsign where pas areictu a of thhoat sg.otin heso tsre igu a nvn idolve at thope peeale l, vingavwe he a bl macko lle puuted oun a gun wenk thi o oneosf thhie vem ttoshhis ngooti. s>>uo yoe havusa s specterhoot touh te,ernk uwnnopiso it .unds peone irsonrgn su aolen pe iopleie bel iverd heaa femles thavat heee bnil kled? >> ithatrrs coect. >>nk tha f youheor tpd uate. so theat lestnf itiormaonon isthho sgotins i twoea dd,re the isa ea s wrch,ille bt aom s pofoint ctuspe p, anersoo^ wa intede n thtishooveelied othhe sreetea becac vis eideoncvide ae ofso per
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buwot t p hple bavele kild ainot shothing idat d not ha appenhet tmo costapoliutn b thith ope perale gvely indjured dil rolo o intthorhe te vala. hearre ehly tis mngorni. ewhtn i averrierd heh tey izrealheed tre wasom sinethg rrteiblyng wro, tpes enom wta o wh iwereatn th h car dao ane d onr otheonpersma, a sle ih urin s ageryist thnt poi. eth h careeas blgoho stp, an t leas bfivet ulles holehain ta e car. isthot shohaing edppenth at e rami mcle sile ahopsstehe t sethe eeoplpri ter enschee winhootnappel c aennd e. her llwe'on cuetino tie pceog tereth wwhatree aea lgrninh tis mog.rnin lwe'le havor reptsom cingp uin
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of thet nexour. k >>beim: loet l y w go, wao nt t smake aureoos ssn aes rtheyseelea p thereictuth of wman tithzn guacnd, han lest u k isth ltry sto t ofdy da eher i v ytan yhinggr, hea p sase inon cttac was seo w can get acbok tu yo fornuonti ledive reinportg. anthuk yoig cra. an>> dhea: trere ave surncillae meca arasvell oher tce pla on thase las vegip str. eyth h do aaveic peturrm mesowione gth aa enn irthei e d.han urpictf es o hwhatneapped opshs. pthenedroceveed or tom haron hibeitnd cyte cenrd aned end up in v theyalle atmo cosal im>> kll: keasy wmetoer interuptu ma wiheth tec forseecau of threis bgakins. new awehere cgckin in witu h yofor sooome gd news.
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slaeg vaamer fen yteesayrd. erwe wale dewiing rath cwizy nds ar tossrehe aa. it. yoeeu s c theaameramde aha s bkingut s.hour hmucme calonr conditiyet oure the buerool. yo gu'reoing tont waa ig lht ckjaetdi heautng o ther. doo etpruity qetdi connstio fors, u esalpeci clyarompoed tt a clfew toudse o thh souteas w asawitctivowy dn iarn a.izon .us xwe etpecst moes skiun y.todaca bejune h few ts.loudco ceniht ligin wouds sohwuttess ae w totnigh 48it whai mnlyle car esski. wed.eken nd72 aescon un scsur satjado 75 s onayund amid uer uppn fin0' 7t nex week. iomenteaned r rliearat peadis haand .rmon
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hitsyo so ck tru scene. atths i south bound ona pseradi juasst pt hn.armo otthe shertitua wioneae h boa pues idnarmot jus t owest.trip veyou' goti polrece pcesen out e.ther itbl is ngockies lanht rigno w. uyolaa s canhee t p hicera prceesenre the. oppetoave zequeeon by r fa sleftato tha is bl pro fouetb easm haron. >> : kim l we fookrdorwao tom t's ntva page fointrom sky 3 with lalh tis binreakewg ns in just a tli wtle.hilea un letat's ouke ye livheto tor flo heof td nashaq w jere kane iings anstdbying . cabeweuse e havak bre ningews heocre lallyi e have onst queion rfo t youhat haso to di wth the reyalit tv showe hren iow tn called finlippgeg vas. a olotfo lcals are jngumpi bthatag won. >> is06t 20 la o all?gaines remon tha o10%teceni
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w thesighate ofhe t 85ig btgesit c iiesnhe t.s u. forom seer ptispecvehe tli fp r iateneg vas was3 1 rtexpee s arsonot ngundie than l al barmsell. yet sit'awellodot a red agfl c butinertaomly sinethog t akeepn eye >> : kiml we'lyosee cku bae her amondy. an>> dia: tome t y getnou i the lasp laas veg. nda the castf oha tt hitho sw on nribc fsend gngetti back toergethga ain tinalkg about theirim teo tergethll ase tho aryegs ao. aandlsoki talngut aboe ont cas meermbha t ctldoutn' meak it. >>ry eveisone te wan fd adsriener ioreunr n foonso ltand ak tooe ma gn toouet y t allheogetr. w>> ne're`n.ll aet togo erth oe isisne mg.sin e>> wld wou u peo dro any agthinlg for jim
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rtoppoy unit ret lifanime abprobhely tt bes oears acour ctingrsareet thailwe w veforemer re amberadnd he somof ethat grearre citativ exenperien fripdshiam fily, hereartbak, bsabie e,thverying toergeth. nd>> a we also had a wrfondeul exenperiitce wheh t world lgovin aussl. wel w>>ell reayt waned tone conct. it s was oortfla ukenspot n bum stinivinctfeely llte ik nwedee btoguri f.endsn t>>s hi aisri ttebuo teth rediorcthe tary tae inlk agutbo mathter p wrybl a te teat tndshironeuni. uyo canch wats thion nn cha. ethrey an goig to hhe t
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>> io ng loneer se limike th atcheei s hs im artrobe n >> ainamazteg siy onlndarou afor it limed tim\l gue.
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el>> kgrly: aab ke jacst a you arade heouing het tr. doo teatmpers ure tin0'he 4ros aund thege r.ion pamphruica.t a swind e andht lig. li'etl l youw knoat whe we expct rfo w thendeekeom cingp. u k >>iim: is me.spokdein d id saiic trhok paptogr nhy,ot alrely. th^az amatrte sil wiluc now atos yeemitat nlionaar pk. >> a: dank loos l iiket could be alav sit'ot negoriat. eyth c arenalliientt iew firall. it'sct alyuale thun s bnglowi thghrouat a weral fl sohe t an hgletas o be justig rht. nit oaply h fpensor a ceoupl of eweacks eh farebruy. hewtn i doesica e g spectacular sights te likieha t
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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im>> ke: we havak breingew ns on yourcr seens a wepe sak. ether b haseen a teripl sinhootg tonashe leg vast srip. otwon cefirmdea dd. licove geveraubde heawaour tr is memo >> a: dancu caueps prioaratn.
5:29 am taking shots at each other. hear what they had to say coming up. >> kim: nasty crash. 'sitn oou y sreecr rightow n. youee sev sraelri drsve gtetginor miedxup hithi ts. dwhatoes this m fean torhe coupmingso sean? we have answers hdeeaday. >> a dan h: we baveinreakgew ns. e threplpeoote shth on se la svegaip str. im>> ket: lhe's c ickin lveh wit g crai iwhoins do tg aferriic objp helamou thrli of this. it q isuite cliompdcatet bu i'll start youf. of so lundsike ilt alveuirt staited wh fatighace he mirille mope sh hwhictighes comeh blicla p llhod.ywoo li'll ype\.ic ptk iro fm e.ther >> or rep ter:ether is thish figt bentweee somn me atnd ast lea otwom wten a their maclele mi sh topsherey bla pnetol hodlywo
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fi hghtnsappe andar pt oft is core ordedden vio. liporece aki looer ove fthat ibpossvile ee.denc haas tght fiegt b ains ldunfohes, tns gu afiret meso p ad tpl peoee ar .shot ithisdes viomo fr s thecene eaerrli. otwpl peoere at, shoee thr lepeop s arehot. threey al al a in. car eupnds th in lee val eaarth at amo costapoli at v the taletumar ba anr otheatcar p one.ointcr d thive droner, te ofomhe wsen iiesc uncicons nous,esot rivponsel thope pet le avathe calet orll fc whelpmehen istro ol invlas thadey h f the cirstofall the fianght e d thtishoong. thheen tl cal mjustesinuter lat ngtakim theheto tet valrt hea heof tmo costapolin. thwihein tt pasrasevenul mites itee's bnfn cod irme athat ndsecoso perien dd. erthse wae onan womvi drithng e hiveisshe d. dea heanotmar wo tn inehhe v hicleas soald. die ether a wasir thd pn ersoin the
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hein tmoraos hlpitanturrely deuninrgourg sy.ger atwhd le to t hwhatneapped? dweset thatrighgu n nowe kew th t cardulleh climopo wtanp. ed tabou c aetomplees dticripon, a ibpossusle stpec dipescr.tion athert p hsonasy onln beeso meonntised a as peron of teinrest butt no ape susct acex.tly isth isn anv igaestintioth sat i licompd.cate
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detwo diad, hied tors mgnin aesq ooshg.tin ha t m i manryurgeca hatospiigal r that isha wtk we anow tbouthe visctimth as rey aese decribd in th ais,et last twoad des thi iptrleho sgotinit wh twoun.ead >> : kimnk tha f youorha tt. enwhis thap h openshn tse la ve sgastripr oea nrt, it i'sot n lyonal loc binreakg news,s thi issabn aemrnntenaationcl intidev^ cu thsomething e'at wnuontie to fo tllowghhrouthout aye d alkendasl htrleustconve o unsiiver mtyaledicrenterteher oonehef tomsictied di 'lwelav hea iv leep rfrort om those halpit inivt justet litas wh.ilemur d >> wana: b sawdehinra cig thavey h sehuto dwn the valet as ithetinvesongati cnuontindes a we s canee a nrumbe ofa crs kma ing tuurns tgryin to get toin theet val andou cn'ldt. wee havad rosu clores outn cehe t
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thisn oeve ore heris t a paisradne adar h.mon weav hea am c veraiew w\steha t eiis bleng c away. sit'll sti szqueeing down tone ote .lane cepoliu sitnation dowst oarsien ha irmontron t of.osmo stwedbounmo harhen tyav he cl tosedgshinn. dow itsi looksgeeinharmar cdire abccio tee squyze b t onarhe f_nlos left. wepl coufe oeh vsicle ma kinga u turn but ldookei lke mtheytigh bele ab to squeeze .by lwe'lt whadetiituason i there. meianwh tlelrave tsime early nyet,inothg going t one.her t'le csckhen iit wh k.elly >> kelly t: wheinds area finlly dyingow dn. weha veui qeton coditins out e.ther lymostny sunn pas ir ct wha po ex tpect.oday
5:34 am
'sitng goige to r.arme >> : kimhtrig w nowo als. intalkt whape hap niinght me pri.time erwe whee terentme lipolticadirnivense o heown. d >>: anaasit wll hae typ anal de stfir h youasr be adein thema hiy.llar ythee weral tkingbo auta ech r.othe elmich jleoins uso tak bres n dowhablab wh hatneappeasd l iight todownwn. t>>his isre whery eve ibodys sefocu ndow. het tadeenrguma paselyratet lasa nht. it was q and ato ssiest ar tshi town hlalnd air a ledeivon nbms acnd it sefocud on isssue afctfeginat l.inos bothan catdidryes ting t wooo voertahs dea ofhe tll a rtimpoantuc ca.uses thowey voed te makermieforheng tst grimmin atioemsysto a t ripriof ty or theirasepa ition ereithth of inem w w thehite
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
nandteegis tred yote, earut shut oou, y can s icpartteipa. st tillomo c wre conguntin dow tu^ay. bab puede wegakino t rio toee s w ihats tgakince pla a oheadf the srumme g.ames ewe'r gnettig c.lose hwe aaven uedpdatde headr you ywae an>> drete winirr fige fht ndfiu o itthf din goog te ver genyt aiel tef hno fighrefiin com up. >> : kim wwhenete r murn ooren the binreakg news. ra sav hi eliv lvem co.rage igcra t oneguice sm: che tla ves garistwhp e errethpee leopa h haeeve botn sho , tw nfcodirmed. deaora. onne iryurgeak spe. ndke wallillrandor replited
5:40 am
ctviaim hlrs ayead p k >>: ellyeg49-d ireeshs wat we'reur clyrentee sing. wi jndsust twoil meser pou hr ghriw.t no s windniare ndce aht lig mpco taredhao wet wre we49n ee s eryestday. mu mch qoretuietuenon conditi lymosttor hun s s on55 taye wroo schhl t rnmoing. ttlilele coor t ihant has been. o71n the waye hom butai wt unltio y suee the terempesatur nforext week. >> im k: let's take you backi lve to theee snhe wrewo teo pple
5:41 am
t i i syger a wm*s fr spuepe hap tearlahe s vegasque tr sip. thudpe hap w pr_h figo ethdopeac mir mleip strrs eed ewhn two vmictis drove emthlsesve iont theal v oleyf the cpoosmon.lita outimet. teaf trhe breakiv leea tm veco wrageithig cra, kllenda and
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na the americaneo pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th ree walorld. the grandmothewhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent t can'.wait sia mnglehoom wpe destera lynes edraa e isn'cawat .it uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan' we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppendle ail famies whedo ne it.
5:44 am
k >>weim: e havot gtenor wdt hat twous sspectre aea ddte afrn a ofrficeol inv svedinhootgn i carnlifoia. d >>: ana hthisnappeedas lt ni wghthenn af orfice rndespoed to aa cllut abo aur bargl iyn reprogss. th oeerfficlfr condonteury foofu med n anofone m thea had gun. shweots irre fed. tw to ofushe sspectl kiled. ththe owoer tntaere inken o stcuy.odue thapis hd penet aboue thresmile fr womreheno aerthff oicer inedvolvot shohaing edppen dnwey.esda k>>: imnaosst eteima 0040,0re acfs od lanmni burng acrossah okloma. isthes as intense wdsinol fwelo\ aes rerdcoea hspt l elatthri d uedp a lot ofra gssnd aru b ish tntha eara. dswin at il40 mnes a hour lphe singadpre that. eone fir inpe harr cyount burned more than00 17,re0 ac isnt jus eethrrs hou. onone hasee bnl kiledr ot hur tbu aum nber of homes are a total loss.
5:45 am
a nasty crash last night at daa.yton thats i jonohnsar's cnc bouing offf ot kur bchus. it's a7 rca wcrek. lal d 7veri ars orekut b a mbnu oerf thear csre atn'. th aeyeroi gng to hvea to use ethirac bpku carfos rhe t daytona 500 onda suny. hweaveak breings new t onlahe s gveasi strp. retheoe pplee haven bet. sho otwe havee bnil kled. onse in iur sy.ger sthisedtartt ahe tir macleil me shopst a ptlaneol holywod. ahend tn eatscalheed wre the sshoter we f.ired ttheehre vmicti tshen drove sethems lve ttohe vtale at the smcoolopanithi wch ish wouat y earoo l akingtig rhtow n. otwen wome weril kled. a i mannur sy.ger laiveep r fortromra cigom cing up. >> : kim kalsoalendrol fhem t hoalspit. sa weri bng tomto inhe t
5:46 am
gemanar you way adroun all of , thiswe aeare hgrin c thear atth pedullo int the opcosmanolits ha five btulle s hole lat.east t whayoare u hngeari? >> : tomthe lstate thingm fro igcra isd wor of pblossiy hanoterho sgotinid incentoi gng otn aro tanpicnda aon jes. llwe' i seef that isat reled to atwh isng goin ore he. wee hav twoce snesnd at' is not c ilearhef trey ael rateds. thi
5:47 am
ri ightnro fofnt theos cmon o kelly. k >>:elly a weoore lkingt a a etimps la leook fromes yrdtey.a uyoou c sldeeh tei wnd g,oing ciespeyallin durheg tft aoernon. thatss grawi bloung ohet t are, olotfud clos. tinhe einvengrs hou theds win diedn, dow the skiesar st ttedo clear. out we d arengealih witai mnlyea clr s,kiesce niig lhti wnd. hnort laseg vas4. 4 ouso yht migt wan l a jighttacke inheadutg o the door. we'ren i setor n forice wereath this anofteron. hhigin thud clo rsight. now weare linookg at just a few ghhin thiud clos,nl maiyny sun ndcoonitinds ape temreratus corolen thali earerhi tsek we sbut atillbove nl.orma
5:48 am
toover3n 7 for yourgh hi. ulbodery cit 48ig tonht. diinanpr ss ing36. 71in s laas vegay todd anhe tn f72ore thau ccusur satday. 75 onun sday andep rcublian ca oucusnue t 7sdaynd6 aun sny. >> : kimheweathr s nouldote bn a ueissfa as sr apl peoeet ggtin out. ei harhe tus m aicndan c't wait. anthouk y for doingh tis. live fromio r on y sourencre ghritow n. an>> dsua: ommericlymp gsgoin to takec plae in. rio roa dne criaptuheng tio varus esvenu. het oizrganingmi comtteeay ss ethk parch reaed the0% 9 cotmple mion aarkhet td en of jay.nuar eethrue venspl comdete and one re fadyor theam ges.
5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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d >> tana:foime hr tate wer co oolerhin tsri fday. mclddonas tinestgut o it'sw on veonrsi of cehickndn af wafles llcathing e sicandwhhe t omeconnicker mcge.iddl idafra cenhick pattyro surund by
5:53 am
ouif ynt wa tory t it, go to o.ohi 11cd mdsonalta resnturans i racentlo ohi arees ttinghi ts out. thisou cldo gat nlionaep dinendg on cusmetordb feeack. wno tomi miaa, y baber tig at etho zol wilt ge ton jois hi tmo aherfteras psing an all poimtrtanwi sgmmines tt. eth zooff olsiciae nededo tak me sure this trigeb culd wou be laboe t swimut o ofhe te motin hisot msher'xh eibitn ie case h felln. i eryestday theoo zta sffh trew inhim d theeepn ed. thadey h aot l ofe hlp ousurrgndin himin casee h edneed it. he pedaddl aoutotnd gut o fine. nohaw tt he's pdasse thet tes, ethff staop h teo meovim h in thwi his mom i tnhet nex few ysda. >> ak roc tvti staon cmpagnaigin atodd aup ppy to sffta. ethg doon belogs tlo emp wyeeho haedppen b togrinhe t t pupo
5:54 am
the gnolderi ret weverheon t tshear of sertaffs. not the stita'sonos the newsec dir dtoredecid to makeaal de if ato pho on the bface pookageot g,0 100ik00 les held couy stau arosnd ahe t stnatioco mast. ethot phoid dn't get eghnou slike t byeahe dnedli a butfter are tngndias hghtahe tew ns ctdireaor n d toeshat inrem yd ooufea whetr ppleoee w udse toav hero adun here? >>n. joh eths newec dirtor wasow thring adshe. adshine wuts o. > a>nd aye 14-ldar-o boynd a his dpeteyonk cdause qeuit ati sr in a small eptgy viangillae. hee livs onis ham filym farnd a hasbeenra tginin hisnk doey rinahano tp jumur h.dles ev deryayf ater slchoo hera tins withnnrihaora fut abo 30
5:55 am
mbecouie qte a. hit yonl only in his vgillae but on theer intasnet l. wel >> nk thas goodness for the water co solero weou clda hve ait ltle fun. now whae veo t vtisi the brneakiewg ns on tashe l vegas pstri where we haveiv le pirectuns or youe scren now. atth ishe tnt fro of the coolsmopnitae hotl. caall came in at0 1:2 tshi mogrnin t and whereas aht fig on ethac mirlele mith irdlo for. thexe ntme ecyrgenal catl thas w dmaeas who stsei bngir fed harmone wfst oh t5e 1in behd cityen c.ter >> a: danat th is a live preictu fr tomhat isenteroncti. this is right bdehiny cit crente ewhre thets sho wereed fir. thperee wopleeret hi andy the dr toveelhemstoves theet val at ethmo costapolin. twoen womav heee bnil kled. an ma is inur s.gery
5:56 am
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im>> kve: liam teov covageragfte a >> : kim ptwoleeop are dead and eon is inge surry fwolloing a itrple sinhootg near l theas gveas s.trip y.wa an>> dnea: ot las push.
5:59 am
caidndesaton at nnaiol vitelesion in dowowntsn la vegas tjusrs hou. ago twhat hheyad toy saou abtac eh otherin comg up. >> : kim oand,ops i didtga ain. aon certrovsialom c omentnta sge here ilan sas veg. atwh isri byttnein sayfg ater theee [b.p] wave hane sswers thi minorng. at 6:00 o tnhis fyrida mngorni. omwelc te tohe parogr amnd we nbegih wit big binreakg news in rou ownky bacard. >> a: dan d ayeadlot sho oingn e thlasas vegip str t,wop peole eadndd ath anoerur ht. wein begit whr caig whoo jinss u tathemo cos. whanat cou yl tel us? >> or rep wter: whatnoe kws i tabou:1 19 theye gt a thoelepne, eanenmergcy call teher a fight
6:00 am
twoo w ament theac mirlee mil opshs. thwievin seralin mutesus jt before:3 10is thor mgniney th get aep rortat th aar cis edpullnt iohe tal vet here at theos climopotanh wit btulle shole i int and iensid the car th aerewore tom wen. onfe o w theomen isri dgvin and aan m in the car. tallehre havele bultou wnds. hweave vo idefrom the scene yearlis th mngorni. ethan womri d tvinghe car died hofer gotunsh iienjurs. erthase wth anowoer tman takeno ersurgty a the htaospil. esh has alsoie dsd a a rtesul of this sinhootg. thhe tird pnerso, a w man whoas ialsonh tatar c isn i sgeurry now iner vy bad condition from erevhiyt wngree' told. atth cars ihe tey kie pcef o evceidenut aboha wtxa ectly haeppenerd heer v eyarlyhi ts mog.rnin kwe inowtta srtedit wh aig fht at the mleirac mile s.hops thiee lnauteant sheys trey a


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