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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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wiwhy setnesy s sa tit'she lo pis t'tiacs onatthav s ed veli s. > >>yipa rngpees.ct th boe odyjuf icstane niton scalia set to lie in repose at th pre sucoeme tourt day. pr enesidamt obsca duhed le btoe th e,erut b facing growing criticism in hisec dn isiootto n attend tomorrow's funeral. >>an> a d amdricatis r fe inlu se catis nadeonwi. ywhatanou cto do d warthoff e virus today,ri fy,daeb farruy , 191620. > >> "istoday" with matt lauer d annnsavautah g.hrie flivestrom 1udio a in ck roleefelazr pla. >> od> goni moritng, ri's fday inmorn'mg, ian savgunah e thri al idongslle wieiie gst. tt mal wilacbe bndk moay. eo>> gw.rge h, bussi pre dent ob anama ind clalton igl wehing in n oe thcera. now enter the pope. >> o thedald aonge dix't m re onligi p andicolits. is tha is bverytoig shiry ts rn moing.
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ma akingch pitad ahe of to owmorrem's dtiocraucc candus a e thblrepu picanryrimaso in uth ca naroli. an wd ase illiioment tned,his tielecason hen tak a yeternoth st e rangt twis twithbahis ndck a h forteebetwnan doruld tndmp a e th.pope we will talk to mr. trump live a inen momt. bu wt wetoant in beg our vecogerahi tmos inrnwig nth bc na altionre cordesponetnt per al deexanr. pe gter,moood g.rnin r >>teeporeyr: hva, sa, nnahgood mo g rninouto y. ut soroh ca, linaouof c rse, fa fmous gor aspood edirit ba dete. fithe ngghti n hasonow gome fr rp sungrisisu to l.rrea re hehe's whire tstngs riand ght w nohein tub repn lica.side u yosecan e e th iraces gh tingteni. do tnald, rumprdaccotoing the nbnew wsc nell "waee strt najouroll" pt l ou tjusthis mo g,rnin u nowerp ove fivtspoin er ov c tedruz. maand rurco anbio b d je ibushn a isstatl ticafotie irr thd. do tnald nrumpifow dngfusit wha n bega has awaoly wr of.ords >> i don't le iktifighitng wh e th.pope i and k thin dhe's aoingy ver jgoodob.
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ep>> rr:orte d thed onalusvers e th spopeedtartrs houli earer. f >> ror aioeligeaus ltoder tiques pon an'ersoits fa h is radisgl.cefu >> ep rteoropr: pane frcis sh y ortlr afteinpray tg onhe xi mesican f de ou.the ors. bder, sp red onde qto aiouest n by ch ngallething pue reanblicnt fro errunnro's pl posauito b ld a ll wa. pe a wrsonhiho tonnks boly aut dibuilalng wwhls, ererevy the bemay d , anbunot ngildi br s,idge h hisesolinlds to re rtpos,ers it norichiastn. p,trumui argheng te popd woulbe es bltosed e havinhim w thehite ho use. i >>d f an twhenathe v iicans ckattay ed b, isish whicas yoevernone ks ws i' isismaultite tr , ophyn i caispromu e yo that th pee pold woue hav wonlyd ishe d anedprayt thalddonamp tru d woul bhavepreen enesidt. >> or rep ater: t top arumpide de tlfianeey tw ttingpihis e,ctur inshowtig vacican urty sderound w by.alls e'>> ht s gowfan a bullyalig wl heat tic vatan. r >>teepor tr: irumpsos al fa ncingueew qnsstior ove02a 20 wa hoterd sntrn iewerviwh in ich
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su teppore d thinwar q, ira itdespcee relant cheims os opped . it a >>oure y i forinnvadaqg ir. y >> ieah,ss gue so. yoknu i ow, iwishs t wa -- i sh wi f the tirstitime d wasone co tlrrecy. >> or rep tter: trump triedo clarify his remas rksdthuray ni ght. i >>s t waabprobhely tst fir time anybody asked me th at tiqueson. en wh w thetaar s, rteds i wa nsagaie t th war. >> or rep fter:llor ath of is mp ca saignn'easosts nas,ines so mome ealtionen momtots, o. >> ou i fopnd hd e anuni fo d it in l theanord md iniey fr nds, d ani'now ouve ft nd iy in m pr enesid ctialdaandihate tt i su t.ppor d anuli woald repply aatrecie e onhoof tugse hu s yo bhaveeen intalkoug abt. ep>> rr:ortee lik kjohnh asic orcomf atingpo sup, rter ru stnggglih witonpersal ha iprdsh d andssepreion. iewillpo, a ulwerf m andg ovin mo tment, here 2justur4 hoo.s ag no m rooerfor foror esr the nd caesidat. ofall m theinpullt g outhe
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mo arm, b b rah 9ush,ar0 yed,s ol bwillcke bath on aie trdal toy. >> er petan, thu k youcso mh. d anlddonamp truwi is s th unow t onhohe pne. trmr. gump,moood g.rnin >> d gooinmorng. et>> lle's comar sngethith up at ha cos ben me ae issuouin sth ca naroli. u yo tsaidthhat she bu niadmitistraieon l gd tos et u to in w then ar i.iraq he s re itlexacaty wh s youataid th bae den te ordsatuigay nht. ilwe wlll ro t theape. t >>lihey ed. ma esss dtitructhon, weere re no ne. d an ktheythnew weere onre ne. >> h andisere t whasayou id st laht niga at tocnn alwn hl awhen bskedvoy a whter dno di't li hake tntt set,imenth wheouer y d woulilbe w tlingcoo reernsid. we ro'll hall tpet ta. >> ou w yld bouwie inlltog re k thin?that >> l, welot a lpe of aople gree wi hath wsat i , idd anm i'not ta g lkint aboug.lyin noi'm lkt taabing thout at. >> ch whiit is . , mrp?trum it ms seee likbayou ockedff cthat alaimtl litt e bi last t.nigh e arstyou saill tyingthhat e abushisdminiotratedn lige to t i usirnto aq? el>> w'ml, i s notg ayinhianytng
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diyou d. av>> sh,anna s i'mg ayin athats r fa'mas ice con, rnedthe ci de tsion io goirnto asaq w abprobnely oth of rse wot de oncisiers eve madhein t hi y storurof ont coury. it t lede o thl tota st deizabiln atioheof tit milants mi eddleanast erd evngythi we ha owve n. 'm>> iry sorin to upterrt. bu tt tosphis icecifue issis, th hais wmet soer vot ss in outh ca naroli r arey eallinseiz.g on et whorher y notccou a tusedhe bu dmsh atrinisn atioyiof lng. e arstyou --ill 'm>> i s notngeizith on em. do i thn't think e ey'rinseizg. i t don'k thinvothe atersre inseiz ig ont. n'i doowt knhe if d lieotor n. c he houldliave ed. ma heybe , dide maybidhe dn't. i s gueswoyou hauld o ve task hi m. t buevwhater. e thsidecio on tntgo ie o th lemiddt, easgo to o int wiraqas e onheof tst woris dec iionsn hithe y storurof ont coury. we e havt spenri$2 tn llioin ir aq. we e hav tlostanhousf ds e we'vwogot d undeiowarrhors w i alovevell oe r the.plac an atd th a wasis decthion asat w .made d ant righwenow e havinnothg. iirankis taveng oaqr ir. e we'vlltotasty lo.
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weand ul shoved hale at ast ne goif -- 'r youine go gg too , ingoyou to in . win wathe ir inwaraq e s onheof t rs wocit des.sion wh my heitade re theh witno onweap ms ofdeass ctstruion. he d saie ther wwerenseapo of ss matr desonucti. e ther nwereapo weofons s mas rudestn.ctio 's itn beerra ho dibleioecisn. yb mae e tht worssideciveon er ma y de bunthe siteds.tate r.>> mmp tru's, itli wilise get. le tat's p ke u qthatiouest n of .iraq u yo shaveasaid o onee f th ll piofars r youigforelin pocy encreds tialhayou e d thomwisd to w knoasit wng goibe to ad a b tideavao inrade iq. ouit we ld bsaa di.ster yo idu sat tha00in 2d 3 an.2004 nlast, ightouas yrd heath in e e piece,therz buz ufeedthneared a oclipu f yointalk hg tod owar er stepn, sertembh, 11t2, 200 e wherweyou skre ashed, woulde i goirnto ndaq a s you aid, h,"yeaue i s" i s guesuemy qn stioouto y. , mr p,trum y arexaou eatggerhoing w ngstro w youagere t ainswathe r? i yknowavou hide sang thiwns do th ade rot thayoput t u oue ther
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ha ourd ye wernsagai?t it >> i no,tht's rse fimet ti the tiquesason wr eved askee.of m th asat wg lonrebefo w thear st heby te timwathe arr stanted d u yo dhaveenocumontatith of is. by t thethime r e watestar d, i agwas t ainsit. d anseyou tie ar icles03n 20. t don'etforgwa, i asn't li poantici. no rbodyy ealld caret aboumy op n.inio at th j wasa ust tiqueshaon tt wa kes as md ofe. i a was licivian. wa i --s a en an retrep.neur ut>> bth at mee tid , diyou th itink a wasd goo?idea >> t oh, io gothnto r?e wa i >>02n 20. i >>s t wasaa di.ster to in go heto t w war as a stdisaer. thbut ese qu wtionskas an ed i .2002 e quitysa wafr in ofont the war. blonge eforwathe arr stted. by t thethime r e watestar d, i agwas t ainsit. an med imeldiattey afe r thwar testarord, fy mans year i've be gaen a iinstt. sa i t id i twilllyotal st deizabile e thlemiddt easand an irl wil otakethver dde mile ea st. an atd thxa's e wctlyhat ha edppen. m >>rur. tlemp, tat's bolk aut is thtu dusthp wie popcifrans. d ane we'vd hear ywhatadou h to y sat abou, thatyoand elu fe ke libe maye popcifrans s wanot uomisq bted,ayut midbe dsan't y
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we olre td. sayou esid yayterd l, nor,eade ciespe aallyig rel liousr,eade ldshoue havrithe toght tiquesnoon a mther ran'sioelign aior fth. an wad i als retrly sbyuck t. tha be e caus toverlahis eest wndk, a oevenidn fra ay, aweekyogo, u ee twabted teout uzd cr. w hotecan uzd cran be geevanl licastchriwhian e en h es limu so ndch aso is sh dit.ones so ap it s pearhayou eeve bn qu onestianing r otheonpers's fa ith. n >>'mo, i. not crted oluz tnyd mas. lie he t juscagot iughte.n on yo gu're toing ro betieporn ng o e on lin ae ittle,whilt whahe todid co mario rubh witlsa fae h adt e puout. hwhatd e diento blo -- haok wt d heo id tcaben irsonwan io. ut>> b d youueid qn stiohis fa ith. wh r etheotor ns he'ara lies mak m hi olesschf a iaristn. yo idu saw , hohecan an be an evcageliril chn stia hwhene sliescho mu i andshs dit.ones 'm>> i q notiouest hningis fa ith. i sjustteaid uzd crds hol up th ble bid e an.lies 's hed lieanon mcay ocs sionand ha ens begh cau at ont lmosofall .them d hen id or voteatviolfoion rms,
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he s didnyo mang thiats th are adso bve, i'er nevn seehianytng ke li it. o marco rubi ocameheut ter oth y dacaand hlledn im aluabsote li hear, ev's neeer sytn an hing iliket. i'and evve neeer spon a cilitian t dohat. crted ieuz ls. ybeverknody heows s. lie d an dit'sacisgr.eful an t d yeoehe gous arndnd as say 's heev an liangechcal iaristn. th hat's- is -noi'm it --'m st juin say hg --yse sa it. >> r all, ighttrmr. ump. th yoank mu souch. th i weink o cutn ut ocethe ll e phonalsignth at d e ene.ther i but k thinotwe g it. an thu k youcso mh. a wecippreitate . t >> yhankerou vchy mu. ha>> tounk y. , mrp.trum in th ags gretiet tnghtig oern dethe atmocridic se. atakek loourat o n newwabc "ll re stouet j" rnal.poll arhilliny clleton beads rnie sa s nderonnati, ally2.53-4 but moa h nto,agec stare ry cl n intoupwas po 25 .ints c'nbans eadrit melch l is ll fog owin rthatace. r >>teeporoor: grnd motoing u, yoli wile. th win in a, houriebernde sanrs ca g llin osomellf bint cli on's evachitsemenas diss.trou ll hiclary n into ocameut
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th nbe mswnc tol. hal d>> i kon'twhnow alere l of th omis croes fm. because maybe 'sitha tset tonar sa erndwas 'tsnea ry lldea crmoat un l ti dheidec tedruo fon r pr idest.en r>>orepr:tet is wae thrsfit ti me hillary clinton so fiercely ckattaered bsanie s ndernofor t inbea g alreem draoct. >> do he t esn' keven--now you kn laow, east yatr whoc demc rati idpresdient d. wellyo, knu , ow tit'srue. r >>teeporirr: fbaing t ck a sa s ndersafor iying11n 20t tha pr enesidamt oboua shacld fe e th arprimaly cherleng. t >> ihethdea at there can be a im prwiary ifth dntfereas ide get oa fld ted andebated, i don't k thin ithatrrs te. ible r >>teeporndr: a c forciritizing bi lill c.nton h>> in appehito tilnk bl toclind n dieta prooty gb d joas es prt.iden t bus let'lebe car. ha i tppenino thr k oue trad re agtsemenou thrafgh navta he abeenas dis ter. r >>teeporanr: mesy qus tion cu fo osingmin imiogratfon rerm. udincloning mae wo un, a.s. ci n,tizese whoba husasnd w po de.rted ha>> wult wou d yoo do tg brinmy sb huhoand me?
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li po tciesi hat twante,o se and i cwille hange thoscipolies. >> ow hon lwog d ulakit t e to gechanse thoic polies? ca bei'use eeve bitn wasiing x ar yes. el>> w cl, i -an'tu - yo, knowwe wi sell u e ourtixecuffve oice poand aswer h muce as wcan. r >>teeporatr: luner, ptpromed, toclinacn reouhed ht toer. >> i andt wanelto tu,l yo i ll wi t endhrhe tndee a-y tenear prbar ioovis tn soyohat nu doot thaveceo fat tha aever.gain >> or rep bter:oth were asked if th ouey wacld timkle atmigrion fo ren rm ir theit firsda100 ys. >> a notta dicr torehe. it t hasdoo it wa h ttli ble it of -- from t cheesongrs. nt>> icerodupr my tyiori le atgislanion isd that is the oftop l the ist. ep>> rr:orte c andonlinte cam un fider orre f r notsieleang sctrans ripterof hd pai chspeees. i >>ap'm ho py tasreleyte anhing ha i heve wern evy ybod delseoes th mee sa. r>>orepr:tend ait wexh pitlsol sh g owing younn womengvoti for nd sa hers,bre em hacedis fe stminie. sid >> on i cr sidelfmysetr a song
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iand,ctn faor, glteia s.inem ybeverknody heows ar asdi leang fe stminiam in a,erice madhehad an or honwoary yeman anars d ar yeo.s ag ep>> rr:orters thuniday ght, th bodi cans dateedshowat up a io unckn piinet l ge inngetti out th tee vo t forauhe cs cuse rrtomoow. daone fty leor befe e thuscauces st tehi of y llartoclinn's ca gnmpai. washe ces on a far hheadere. itnow ne is ndck ak. nec ll windie aan savnah. en>> s satorrsandeyi plaheng t no ho wrary vomaninote ad neva. dr anitea ml,chelnk tha. you et>> lri's bn ng ik chuc, todd ramodeoftor et "me p the".ress mgoodngorni. e >> w chave ohuckcon a tinnecon tlto a oantadeutsi a thertirpo is thni morng. th fankstoor sg ppinalto t k to us. le tat's bolk aheut tn tow hall nlast aighthend tte sta of ne , vadapothe g lline.ther owi kn s youbeaid pforengolli is el unre,iabl i butokt los ti baght onsed t whanowe kw. wh asat wr youe senshiof tinngs e th wroomseith arcretiny clton d antosenandr salaers igst nht? ep>> rr:ortel, welt whawas infascg atin--was th by y,e wa bo otth ged boodi at enffert
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w it vas araery s ucou aroom tt liitle b. d anini th tk it yellsou so inmethoug abatt whoi's gn ng o heon tun gro nd ina.evad tithe sme i cit's tlear to mebohat th mp cas aigne agre sthatrsande has e thntmomendum a q theiouestn whis, r ethetoclinlen's ad, h whichashe oud abwet a goek a , hereigis bug eno hh tofoold r rga suate thre then 's a ex atpectthion bat a ounchf nd sasuers tepporrers ang goi to d flooheat tt lasteminu, re streginder a t ho nyw math of hoem s.w up nd>> a l now tet'sabalk out ut soroh ca.lina ca beituse eb's fy ruar t27thhe de atmocrtes vore the. owi knve we' a got p newouoll t s of couthinarol ba onsioth des. wh doere haes tl t ale shakt?ou >> or rep wter: lell, aook, lot de s pendevon nada. a ersandn s wind-- aou i wld e argu ait'sllctuamuy a inst-w safor s.nder a ersandn s wievin nthada en al hlowso im t ssay,i ee, can inwin la a phece where ter divse ec eltetora. th i think udat sy denltecreas t yeheanotekr wene of vegati he neadlir s fotoclinn. thand ouat clold chese t i gapn ut soroh ca.lina neno oec expants s tders o be
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bu wit a nn ina evadabprobly wsallo t himt o geghenou mo ummentma to t ke inga sile di ragit n ce ih soutlicarona. th wat'sathy sy urdao is s im anportr t fo cbothdaandites. >> ck chud todison h h wayome. th yoank mu so uch. >> nk thahus, cck. it an is ti emo donalt ay a th pre sucoeme wurt, therehe bo f dy oicjusttoe anscnin alia lwilln ie iserepo. bla puieic v awing oheadf ne fuseral esrvicor tomrow. c' nbsts jucoice porrest,nden wpeteamilli ws isusith . te peod, goni morng. >> or rep wter:e,illid goo inmorng. th iisjus icstsce iaal f'salin re tturne o themsuprure co t, a bu ngildire whewa he ons ame g th ng loseest-g rvinicjustn es iu.s. orhistndy, as it'rea ce hmonye kn elew wl. ac ancompbyied ti juscace sa'lis erform c law, lerkemsuprure cot cepoliic offbrers t oughthe ca iskete nsidcothe s urt' magnificent great llhawh, heere lwilln ie iserepo d allay. onan hasor lvet gin toor fr me ch ief justice william rehnquist, 2in005. tback jhen,ceustili scaa rtescoreed pntside m andrs. gegeorbu w. s sh a ptheyaid
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to pday,deresindnt a. mrsa obam ll wie comheto trt coudo to the sa orme fti juscace slia. st bevenr reyehein tst fir icpublea appe ranc jof aceusti nc siale sc dia's seathhiaid s co gullearees a s allad. e >> ha was fgoodd rienand re aallye life forcheat t ur cot. itand oi's go ng t gbe ar raye e placouwithm.t hi >> or rep tter:tohen owmorre , th ne fuatral m theveassiil basica of n thenaatioril shf ne othe im lamacuonte ciocept n in sh waoningter, whs e hi pson,aul, a olcathriic p west,ill ce atlebrsse ma. ce visi pre bdent widenatill tend e thrafuneutl, bsi pre odentbama ll wi, notptpromteing uzd cr to mma obas thiway. a >>le lawndss ath fai less pr enesidt. wh iso ag e tertro elavo tbacu but unwilling to show up at the ne fuofral ti juscace s lia. ep>> rr:orteh witblrepus ican n bide rtoldl achedomad you towhe se mnateacust omt pr tptlyt o ge ba o ck t jnineceustis.
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t inexhe nntt mo sh ortao, srt hethe g arinesprocnds, aay i s no g thinoiis go ng tenhappm fro th xte nect ele iion,n't wo t be ti unxtl nee junulor jfoy bere yo veu haup a s creme ourt icjuste. ep>> rr:orteer aftri a p vate mocereerny hise thni moritng wh aya prnder aea a r, dingthe emsuprure collt wiop be o en t e thicpubl t for whoseanho wt to y sar theil fina-bgoodtoyes an n toniiascal. wi , lliennsavaah? p >>wiete mslliasi outhede t emsuprure coist thni morng. th .anks on>> dtrald isump t notnlhe oy re tasonophe p me isg akin news mthisngorni. on f hist ligh tbacke o th va n,tica p theinope tedicaatd th racontivceptoues ce ld b tusedo evprt ene thadsprezi of ka, sp dethite ure ch ch's nglota-sinndbag n. le got's nb to anc's hone tn mpso at ic vatitan cthy wie. mor an gone, orod m.ning ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng, sa ahvann. w asvee han see hwithis encommpots, rape f cncise an b t.blun ev isen hse clobsst orservee wer su serpri td byxche eonepti he ma esde yayterdth to ure chch's
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emstattoent ly appal to rml fos onof ceptrac ationy t anntmome. bu ist thde is g alin awith asdiseate thre's wg akinc havoin lepeopiv's les. r >>teeporowr: ne popcifrans talsod alket aboulathe test go hssipatere v theanatic erconc aningse cloen frip dshi . st jpauliiohn w hadanith am anerical femile phheosopr. itwas in a s? fpopeisrancs sayndfrie ship awithan womno is sit a n. s hepoaid capes ven hay holand al hefrthy shiendwiips omth wen. d ans pope tneed iheir.nput th wiitout s, he maid,reen a ss misoing inmethg. va sa?nnah >> r all, ight.anne qu thite wse neipy trk bacheto t cavatin. an thu k youcso mh. pr apteecia it. >> 's let a getst firck che of wethe r athe dfrom iylanisn th inmornr g foal. h>>loelgo, modnior, ngysgu. no evt aenee wagk wo,wee re lk taabing reout ccordanold d w nordrecom warertempesatur ac arosst lmosenthe tire trcouny. alookist thge ridth in t e je amstreow allteing atmper tureso wa p.rm u we s sawaleveror recghd hicks ba ugthroe h thnsplairo, thugh te bxas,thack h rougmithe t dwes eryestday. d any todarewe ang goise to e a
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7:23 am
fi t,rshi tiss od"t"ayn o n.bc j ustahead, yout wan aor me get 30% off every guest erevshy iipthn cae bbrinea t hubuy,rrhis tfeofwon'r t la lstgon s comethe eek lroyaca nribbea bo tokayodt a 1- [ ] julie writhe cnkleraream g.veyard if es it doworkn't t. fas.. 'ryouo e on txtthe neng. thi eutrnaogen praid wrinkle repair ha e s thtfastes inoretorl f mula o ty visibl freducelineine s ndale wrink juss ine t on week.
7:24 am
ro (cerwd cheing) abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. you never know when ibs-d will show up. now there's prescription xi faxan. xixafais an ew nbs-d i tmtreaent th elpsat hie relve ur yorrhe diaa aband l dominaympain ss.ptom ot do n xif use iaxan f you a hhaveryisto of s tiensio vity tmirifaxin, ri n famyciotantibigentic as, any orpo comofnents an xifax. ytellr ouordoctig rwaht ay yifdiour rharorea wnsse e whilkitaifng xanax, as s ma thi ay beof sign seri a ous veor etan faitl condion. ll tedo your if ctorhayou ve ve liseasr dieor t areotaking diher meons,cati usbecae e thescrmay inease e thnt oamoufaf xixan in r bo youdy. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, pl oanbecon ngmiregn pt,an or re n aursing. the cmostsiommon ecde effts e naareaus
7:25 am
y ifhinkou t h yousave ib th d wiheiarra talk yo to tour docour abt xifanew xan. . im>> k i: its 27:6n o this fr iday ngeaki wsne, a kimannd d a gn waiver l heeren oew ns 3. d >> wana:ee arne joid livem fro the legas vtras sheip wrehr tee op peavle hene be otsho, tw ll kiedar ehily ts igvestate.>> or rep tter:wohe tpl peovee ha beenedkillot, bh women. er thse waom spee ty ofn arm a t ap 1:hi19 ts inmorn acgrdin to trmehao, ttrt staedon therd thi floorth of e ramie cllemi spshond at i owfollowed don n thear pngki raga geeaarnd, a , thenn,agai so me cnuontiroed tuble ashr tee op pen le ithear c leftt tha ca rry. er thse wa aot shoing a stome po int benetwe t1:19 mhisngorni an d 1:29hi ts rnmoing.
7:26 am
bhereseecau at 291: tshi inmornhag, t itshe wn a car dr bivenay womant shong alo th wiwo tth oeren womnd at tha pu illsntohe t v ealetncntrae of sm coitopolotan hndel ay the dtrie toav sehe t life ofer h d anhe tal fem pengasseer and im dimeelaty cleal fdor he. lp ethem feal pseaserngnd a a guy in the r,ca a man,he trey we ke ta tn tooshe hlpita i andn ersurguty, bho srtlyft aer viarritng ahe t pihostal,t tha se cond rspe aon, mawon, e manti connuesbe to re tated t atoshe hlpita in isere anng ooing ve inatstig nion iow wntohohe t nm guan was, whohe tho soter s.wa we't donav h iemanfortion about aos pesiblpe susctro fm metro, bu t't is etexpecd later t.oday m i'ig cra erfignor f news 3. im>> ke: wno kwou y'll have live rtrepooning theascw-las veg d an let usno kw if theyel rease th ema iofges the manit whhe t
7:27 am
t >>olhe p hice saveeen .them ey thki loongt aer num ous eisurvcellantu picresm fro ac trosshe legas vas p.stri w no ack quihe cckth of e re focasth wit llke
7:29 am
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7:30 am
u. a ffs. ol icia tsaidhat atoperwaive kes liilly kinled e thkestri. in d theraemoctic pr enesid rtial oace,ewur n onnatiolal pndl firns beie ersandtts cuining ilto h lary toclinlen's 53ad, % of mo deiccratma priotry vnoers w sungortire sec ctaryonlint. fo42% nar sesator s.nder th bodi cans datengtakit parin snan melbc tdoemunn tow ihalln velas lagas igst nndht ash claed ov reer pntsidema oba. >> e' hcas edllim hea w k, ppdisainointg. t he triedt o gebosomeo dy trun ag t ainsinhim 2 theel012 onecti in p theryrima. d anknyou i ow, djust kon'tnow wh alere isl thes comm. fro t >> iheree s onheof t two crdemo caticdaandihetes hore w ac lytual a ranstgainac bark a.obam it n' was.t me riall ght? >> n theadevcaa usuc tomorrow, while the republics anetcompe to rrmo iowa n impry ar sinouth carolina. > >>juand e sticniantoaln scia's lbodyinies os repise th rn moing. th ble pus ic iteinvi pd toay th reeir tsspec d oneefay bore fu l neraicserves.
7:31 am
ar le mningabore a out ifterrngyi hawaii. a liheptco cerryarg infaa lymi of r fougiplunntng iaro pel rb haor. c nbonnatioral conresp dent e. on mgoodngorni. >> or rep wter:e,illid goo inmorng. th tie na tonalporansiortatn tysaferd boant or ilsb warl stt ey the hav cwhat boulde a cr aliticce pieev of ceiden, de vi to ofashe lmet mothnts e pechops r waorairbne. hethe ptlicoaser win losg al tuti witnesses say smoke was coming om fr t theasail cl it iosedn on cra d owthgaederlo a tng he orshe. ithenppt ha.ened mislamntng ie o thr,wateh wit pfivee eoplrdaboae , thpechopr n begainto smek imeldiaty. >> ic bas, allys i wakichecng ou t -- r >>teepore r: heswitnthsed e as crh. d anngsprao intonactihe to lp vithe s.ctim t >> ispwas teutngrind aom cg in wndo. just off the shore, where everybody was. as n sooeoas psaple atw wh was enhapp ting,sthey d arteinrunng.
7:32 am
coheli wpterdoent mawn, lony ang th ore shune plinged heto t te war. >> s im wa tintho aie rarc aftnd kithe td inache batk se e wasn tang tangled in the seatbelt. s>>e omsspageen srsm wa storeho a but agteenaser wti criy call reinjud. ev neeryo pushed to the hospital. i>>ra pthy tat khe iidoks .ay 's he in cricit caldiononti. r >>teeporher: ty nav tsayshe op chisper ed ownge by s nesi tiaviaon. e th 2belleg06 rreiste d to je y ffreargebht. th hois pakto troen fs m hi ce fa pbookage. th mpe cotoany peurs haarl , rbor of ngferinn stuviing ofews the u. onizmea re di nctlytoext is a v itor ercent. >> h theopelicstter d arte tesput aring 5boutee00 fd t ani wo d uly saulwobed n aazamg in job. >> reporter: this morning, the inveigstioatinn wtot hantwe on wrs g ha bjust.egun an nc idiree blascrcah htugn o racamet thayoeverasne wky luc s toveurvi.
7:33 am
ly onw kno othaterne pwason s li isteditn cr cicaltiondion. th hee otjur in arieselre bd ieve to fa be mirly, inoridconsg erin e the forchiof tass crh. we r did oeacho ut towthe ofner e thcoheli cpternyompa. ou llr caves ha y noteeet bn rnretued. wi ?llie >> t thao vide tjust yakesour br aeathway. gu milmel ar,aguenk tha s youo ch mu. >> w > nelodevetspmenap in ple te sih witr orde tfromedhe feral rngove tmentcko hao intona phe busede y onheof t san rn benoardiot shoers. pa aplyrentis it et som thinghe te omch c hpanyonas d te inhe pa st. re henb is joc's yee frr. >> reporter: federal agents thursday taking evidence from th hoe omea f larevetif on sa be arrnnodiho serotsy, fedooark. an>> cal i t yk toboou aheut t traidmohis g?rnin cu exe,se m i cank talouto y. ep>> rr:ortet whafethe ds lyrealt wanccis ainess hsideis ho ipspne, ngarkiub a pfilic ght be n tweee applthand e ve gontrnme. re moh tectsgian n areacow bking pl apnce, ingludieb facanook d it twter. ceits aco, jrsk dowrey, g itinwe stabbed withim tk cooapand ple thand hiank r m fohis
7:34 am
a dgjuise rd oinerthg coe anmpy to at crew e newasofto re tckunlo okfaroho's pne. >> de to ovny genernmcet acss de unurr codet orhar, tstt ju cr s eate hsafes avenalfor l di enfferndt ki bs ofuyad gs. r >>teeporajr: mecor th co iempant s gesathouofnds re tsquesm froenlaw emforcent ch ear yeaanto herd ovto cusmer da ta. an md incaany fses, wacedith ba sllotenubpor as ochsear rr wa, antscothe iempanmps coly. a inrt coue cas ylastinear new rk yoos, prorecuttes nopld ape s haatrepe aedlytessisw d la en emforcofent rsficefe in radel incrimasal cy es bacextr ting da rota fssm pae- codedlock ho ip snes,g ayine applhad co edmplih witeaat l0 st 7t cour rsordece sin00 28. t buapfor tple,anhe s be dirnarasno c ve isery di enffert. yo e,u sele app e canctxtraa dat fr hoom pwines ldth opeer ongrati sy s,stem e ioserarli. bu rot fa pok's ihonenns ruoning a r,newee morresecute sysosm, i d 9 ane appl isaysnnt caot
7:35 am
usbecaeye then're tecrypd. e thancompuly woved habu to ild ba a oock d gr tonset iide. e steviawoznllk tebcs cnck, ba or doe s ard a ba.idea b>> iveeliet thae'applans brd re itcognanion lud va pe intsrofi l islyargeed basan on m ite edcallst trud , ant truss mean beyou e lievbosomedy. yo liu beyoeve bu'reg uyina on phthe wiry encn.ptio s wednhoulav't hcke bars doo. r >>teeporppr: aowle n has another week to respond to the court order, and this batt le povercyriva s anditecury. tofor jday,ryoe fnber, wsc ne, anlos s.gele > >>s let' bturntoack an dyl in alfor s thiinmorng. a>> wndhae svee omalre clyl oo video of a firenado in missouri. e thfidetini iona s inspngni vo exrtf a>> >> t idndi't cause any damage, bu itt as war poft w sometimes these ldwirefiars soe huge thatht ceyatrethe r ein ow ndwi. 'sitin w idythn aatrea, anyway. and that did help stoeaprthd is fi .re there have been no injuries pore.rted mit'sjuore bst a trushhat ca fughtire.
7:36 am
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7:37 am
40 s. >> t' thaous yrat lest fostreca. >>n,dylaha tnk you. >> om> cing up w,hatue qiost dnso yo hau fve uors today? on d,trent iis theet rofurn e thfriday fishbowl. the late season surge in flu ca ssena witionde my sodskion't de havagto forgoe, o jot two bs tmopay a ,rtgage and i've also got a brain. i' blline worke g whilsleeyou p. l dostilthn't ink oti've grain a b? wh teo'll s whep up nthin ggs touet?gh dot yon'wau thantt f kind obrain? a greedes idegra .ee u'yonare gon wantone somekelie. m
7:38 am
to folksut o w there hoseetdiabveic ner.. ndoots ans bur s waittoy inda your y, yi hearou. evetoe ryonhiwith t s pain makthatrdes otainary ssk ex intraordy paarill,infu yi hearou. kemayo sure dour heactorours y too! he i ou bar yseecau i wase ther my whensudad ffered diawithc betipanerve in. if av you habete dindes arn buhoing, sg paotinin in fe your haet or donds,sun't n ffer ie!silenc step up on asand ur dk yorocto diabout ic nabet perveain. ll ' teedem cntric se. you ngbleedis? gum yo thu may 'sink itesul a r t ofngbrushiar too hd. it .'s not it ig's a sarn of egum ly asdisee... ster lir)ine(el can hrsp revee... early gum disease in just twweo s.ek li e(sterinr).
7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
w e'rek bact a 437:. is th inmorng,os hlspita are re inportg ama draticis r ienlu f >>nbcic medal cibontr dutorr. linatazae ar iser he ont whaou y ed ne k to wnowithen om coes t ecprot yting ourmifaly. od gose to u.e yo >> rnmo ing. et>> lak's t le aook at c'cds te laapst m. 'r weeee sing the flus irt staing icto pk . up ye>> ah. >> d howouo you accornt f this? >> s it' atl liteat leth in e se ,asoner genallysp ngeaki, but no tt oo.late we ay alws sayt tha thelu f onseas g isoing to start ien th fa ndll a goou thrgh may. on hie t ingt wan to point out ou abhet t mapho tughs ithatt i lisastk' wees map. e th cdces com outh withe tir we ekly silurveelancar towhed t lateinmorng. a inou cple hourse' wav he a w nep. ma po imtlrtanhey, wen wch reauted o to oc d atorsndos hlspitaos acrs th eou c, ntry htheyvaave lueiddate wthatee ar seeing an tiupn ck i
7:43 am
in e som acples,ce twima as ny ca ses. th arere ife dntfere iatndic ors theccd useso t try toet dneermi e th sitever oyef th asseon. il whhee tvey hame so,y the don't ahave ollef th caindi.tors ag ain,he t peeopl we redeach out to e hav saidy' theve ense, and thec cdonis cinfirme'g, wre se aeing range of risevety,m fro mi old t reseve. rtimpoy,antlre thee hav been s,casein agath in oue yng asdult enwe glyeral thinkre a the not soul vblnerae p,grou whoe hav tt go seneeverne illss that has irrequed inivtense reca. i ay alw wsant tooi phant tt t.ou we know thathe t mostul vblnerae gr aoupshere tpl peoere ov the oage65f andid k usnder thege a of2, alls we aseo ppleh wit nichroc lnils.esse yifeou'r notci vacdnate and he oterwis a thhealy, mileddge-ad ad yult,ouou cldll sti get a ve sellre i inessf youet g the u. fl d >>oes that map t andhee lat rg suele tsl uet somhingbo aut th isr' yeau s flccvaine?
7:44 am
t >>ajhe mraor tinrast1nin h1 is recoveyd bs thi arye's invacce. a lotf o peeoplt lasr yea were sa ,ying s whydhoul i bheotr ingettg ccvaedinat? i >>st i tooe lato t get cc vaedinat now? >>bs aelolut weee s fluso seaon gl wel into rl eay may. ites tak about twoee wkso t lodevep aodntibieser aft you get va atccined. al re nly,haow ttre we' sgeein- - 'r wen e ithely earge stasf o sthis ourgef secas. sit i t notoo tela. r wemeecomndac vticina fonsor odevybvey or the agef o six hsmont. l a ootf -vantiiral eatrt,tmen aswell,f i'r youe a cdaandite fo r .it ea spko t your hhealte car pr erovid ifou y thinkou y're in edfect. >> good inrmfoioatn. dr . araz, t yhankoou s . much >> i got mylu f shotro fm y ou fandeel teicrrif. >>t.grea enit wot s llwe. >> us> jtad ahe on pop arst t, eadelea tpms uit whll e teno opullffhe tlt ueimatde hidn ca rame >> a>nd ptohoopsh th betlate orve tshima ige
7:45 am
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there's something to be said for exploring the world around y.ou why should snacking be any different? scovdiller afl nine ofavors ourmycreahe cees and tap to yincuour y.riosit the laughing cow. rein sventg.nackin
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ye ah tok notuickoo q t don'golet il untay s i so. got i u.yo.. art strost witnge h thinlasteng oergyf 100% dyou're it!oing ole whn grai oquakeranats. f yod of.u go > >>re we' backt a .7:50 ge gttin l aot of rmeecomiondatns w onhatan savnah sdhoulo d with th e otbo. >> weee nod t beledazz .it da be tzzlehe boot. igwe m thtryo to d thatt nex ek we. w >>oe d have a zzbeda glingun at?home >> i do. it has mplultie .uses >> et l m'sake it befuautil. > >>re we'k bacit w ahho pto tied heto tsi preiadentacl re gngetti a lot of atittenhion ts mog.rnin an orroge om. >> it a l mtleoreen att ttionhan your.boot is th isy.craz fo llowng alo w mith ie yfou ccanruzam cnpaig sdhares thi ag imne o tdahurs oyfat senor omarcio rubha s hkingandsh wit theidpresent. th ieret .is
7:50 am
ic qu tkly,ishis n ama igeha tt edshow 'scruzm teato phoedshop e th imageit whub rio and a'obams sface on it. tc wahah wppt haens. he tre'shemp exale ofhe t ph hootosp, right e.ther >> oh,h wit theiref lt s.hand p >>utio rubnd a the idpressent' sfacen o theto sck o.phot im atmedi tely,he ru#czho poptosh look off online. ru wbioas edited intove einrythg imaginable. there he isn o thea mon .lisa ke lu skkeywalr. w henas i e.spac m hethade eay feusmosc oar photo. en thz cru cabeme thee mem vi ,ctimet gting his " wstarars" ck moup wprith ssince leia. mi sley'ck wre ing.ball niover tght,ruhe czam cnpaig acreplheed tte edidma ige waith hrealhaandske benetwe rubio and am oba.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
rninteyet b stm,orha wt hot wa it... it wa ... pe rfect. elat don m te, icornpas cked at he tk pea fofneresh ss juswithtet wa r and sh oa daa f se salt. th noseing el. so it'all-s ranatuanl cid deli ous. if you have moderate to sereve eurhidmatort aishritik l,e me d an tyou're talking o amarheusttologi abt a ouolbiic..og. th is is humira. isths irahuel h tping oevrelimye n pai anotd prt ecoimy js nt fromher furtgedama. this is humira helping me reach for more. docts orve bhan eeescrpribing humira for more th tan mirahuor w forksan maduly .ts titgetsarnd aelps h to block a specific source of intiflammahaton tco tentribua s to rtomssymp.
7:53 am
including tuberculosis. riseous, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, av as hd,e blooer a livnd ne syrvous prostems,blem seri s oulergal ricctioea,ns anned or ww seorng ni het arilurfae. bereforeat tntmeet g stte foredb. t tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fung al ioinfectre cns an,ommo d an'vif youd tbe ha, paheb,titis ro are po ne tct infeions, or havfle keu-li mpsy otomssor res. don't start humira if you have an infection. ta to lkuryoocto danr visid th s is i ahumira.t work do r es youup rmakeeremov i takeoft all f?y everrokiss-pof, prcry-oof, stay-proof look? ne routna geak mp reeur movedoes. it erases 99% yofour tumost sn mabbor keup wi neth oel towette. ne med anyprooore anf th that? roneut.gena lo knok, i 'row youa e ancow d all. d yoany u maownot kn whatm tai'g lkinabout,
7:54 am
yommmm, t.plai i nowas art aw he ofucow m hitacids y way in s i waocso f ousedkin mang fgoodchood s,oice hai id nothdea t at iwas da ngmagi e thel namey of mh.teet wai tntedx o fiit, wai tntedx o fiigit rwaht ay. enmy d rtistmeecom pndedmeronal. shethaid roat plname ca mmakeety teroh st,nger atthwa it pos imt,rtant tha th s at ithsomei ing d couldo ea aych dhe to rolp ptect enthe oamel tf my.eeth pr elonamde is tefinielly hping me le to head te lifthat i
7:55 am
.>> : kim 7:56th on rie fday inmorn g.m kidaand agna w cnerg ominto u yolive on news 3,nd a this is inplayutg o in wnto . d >> tana: phreeeeoplt shor nea th ase las vegri oav hene be edkill,ne on i rg suery. aicrg erfign isni joings ufrom th etr siph witew n imanfortion pe icriod iallynto the neomwsro . n >>ewor infonmati sfipeciycall ou abt thee time lin of howll a t ofhis ldunfoed. wew knoro fmet mro that rlyough ndarou 251:r o sohi ts inmorng, th sere' a pngarki areaha sred tw beeenla phonet oollywndd a the clmiralee mi shops andre the wasan rg atumenet bweenr fou men, two n.wome cu serityak bres upt tharg atumen and wvehaterpe hapned e,thert a tleasar pt of it isap cdture on cu se ter,he tsre i a arere eoe pple in two di enffert rsca
7:56 am
of hnarmond a baaldern and at th at e,scenne oom wan is dead fr om a shot, and two other pe sople thothere geto int a ca r,e wevbelie ail sver dasen, fo ur s,doorri dvee hero t the co olsmop aitannd oneom witan wh bu lletnj isurieas pses outpo un th eiv arrt al athe coolsmop.itan theyry te sav her buthe soe ds no t sue.rviv e th ma tn,heas persengn iha tt ve clhi te takene o thithospnal i iccritonal conditi inge sur ry nowut b etexpecd to ivsurve.wh ido d th?is arehe tre any ecsuspts? we're waiting torn lea that rminfonatiom fro trmeo. m i'ra cig fignere livt a one rt path of e ensc te,he .ck bayo to u. d >> iana:en the livpo re wrt,e tsawarhe c shot upnd atu picresfr om umc where fyamilem mbers ar eev griing no w. k >> tim:he rtieporngti connues on the cwas las vegut bet l's ec chnk i qlyuickh witel kly and eca chf k o thecaforest.>>
7:57 am
7:59 am
ok loingt a > >> 8it'son:00 ay tod. ngcomi w up,faith anith d mi fa cliesdeolli. j >>haust o ve n tideahe ni tmghe aratthe wvehaee bn ingothg ugroh. m>>t eee thparents who say they lo hest tauir dr ghte to a cr seetive religion >> en> thry evedyboet gol ge.di >> a i'mtrn ac ess. >> the legendary actress onspe up ut aboe, famil famd y anthe surprising new work that may be r hetegreaccst aisomplt hmenyet. >> is this the mosimt anportt th i'ing veve ener do? i' ved hasa to oby pr yablyes. > >>llhejao a mbicjue. c>>nkhu s.
8:00 am
lphe aedledeul pofl e f th perfect prank. today friday, february 19th, 2016. >> t i'mngurniin 21 y nework! >> i'm celebrati mngbiy hdrt. ay >> oo gmod inrn ng,thorar cinola. it's my birthday! g >>moood g,rninac syr iuse,t's r ou w35thngeddiiv annryersa. w >> se'reinkipphog sc tolo dance in new york city. >> all the way from waco, texas! >> good morning, everybody. it f'sdari fy,ebruary 19th. 32 degrees out on the plaza. gr creat ouowd ret he. yoevers ne i sin a guperood mo od. l >>itove . i oloveoour bdyt la. i' inm go cg to oheckouut yr rewas. e thcamediotl boap is ntparely ju otst ncy fanug enoh.
8:01 am
cc>> ariessoze. y >>noou ke w thowshim pp my ri , de nwed ee ptop im bmyt.oo >> great call back. > >>ngcomiji up arll mistin he itre wsph a l eciaeast als nd s dealelto hivp draye awr you erwintes blulu inc ading big al dena on olil pthish die laes nn catoot svip rabong aut. ca arson and iufre sngferi the eqconsesuenc. >> on and dge't foru'vet yo got e we onefek lyot for ncur chae at th tie uledmate w, dingwe pa rertnethd wibi my t g fak gree inwedd tg 2,veo gi t youeshe bt y da, everudincla ing y partat fathe rmousowainbm. roo ndseyo us idur v seoriha yngr ou lo tove seary fngturir youlyfami d ancoyou beuld se chor n fothe g bitofat shday edow w.ding o go ty.todawecom/gsddin. >> 's letd headeinsi a forck che heof tni mor sng'sestori. fo e r thidpresalenti nd caesidats it'fithe funal ll y daamof cnipaigefng bore mo to'srrow c bigstontene in vada d anh soutlicarona. kr n istikewell ir iss n las.vega
8:02 am
at>> n, alie mgoodngorni. it oi's go ng tnobe a btherusy da cy ofigampa hninginere va neitda we h thuscauceses ls 2thanur4 hoays aw t anddahursy t nighurat on tow thallhe ca atndidades he somheof tir sh pear estxchanges yet on a range of tops ic ifromrammigtion hoto wmo is oyre lo al t pr enesidamt oba. >> senoratde sanndrs are sectary in cl tton,g akinctdirets sho at ea thch ohuer ty rsdat.nigh >> be mays it' sthatorenat nd sawaers rsn'ty eallmoa decrat ti un dl heedecidru to r n fo idpresent. e ononpersai, agskn, aing in cltoton ea relrase tipnscrts of herol g sdman sachshepeecs. >> h i'm tappyleo rease ytever ihinge hav ewhenboverydy se els doesathe me. >> de sanrers p ossedetr whher he f's aisemint. i >>si conmyder aselfon strg mi fe.nist
8:03 am
h anaronormay wonyn may man years ago. >> h witdanevain vottug sa, rday bo owth vtoing ht fig for immigration rermfo. >> q howlyuick y areoiou go ng t ge mit imiogratfon reonrm de? t >>riop py.orit >> ou yro psemide to ital wh grimmin atiormrefohi wite n th t firsda100 ys. w >> ie'llduntroegce ltiislaon. o >>e n thsigop dode, tnaldrump yi tro ng tscde-ee alatwahis r of rd woths wi p theope. >> p theisope on a wulderf. guy ft>> aheer te pop osaidumf trp, rsa pehoon wnk thilys onut abo bu ngildils walno is t a ch iaristn. i >>nk thisa he omid sngethi mu ofch sthter asan wgi oriy nall rtrepoy ed bmethe dia. >> zf buzuneed hieart 2ng a002 ra indio ieterverw wh e he ex sepresppd sufoort e r th iraq r wah whic bhe'ssaeen hyinge po op sed. re>> a f younvor ig adin?iraq y >>i es, s guesso. ru>> towmp nin try cg tofylari. y >> btithe heme t s waredtart, i agwas t ainswathe r. >> t and, odaytoclin gn isngetti osa bot.
8:04 am
ca narolioc demjarat clmes n,ybur th ime prisary ut aboee a wk ay aw. laour ptestsholl clows n into le saads ernds there by 28 tspoin. ta nalie? >> nk tha. you da toe y thidpresanent rsd fit la ady tnd pheliubpac thy r ei fi renal tsspecsu to e premt cour ju e sticniantoaln scia. th ugrouthohe tay dth, saous ndof lepeopl wil bfiles y hietcask as b hisliody n es iserepo in e tht grea ohalle f themsupre co whurt scere saliad ervefor mo alhrst tecee d.ades fuhis l neras takee placrrtomoow t atashe ba ilicheof tio natnal neshrith of mae imtecula co tincepn on iinwash. gton > >>pdan uonate ap an enartmt dibuiln ng oedthe f ge oa blcrumcling waiff rns ton dowon th ayursdpa in cacifiif cala.orni it b hadcoeen nendemard yeo.s ag asit wch perreed poucariinsly ng daf er oinfallg. an r othetmaparbuent ngildit nex or do b maykee tawnn dowe as ll. it's not usunu fal aor
8:05 am
globetrotters to hit a trick shot. is th b maythe eir best yet. at the staples cenr in las vegas. you saw him heave that ball fe100 n et ibathe bsket.elow no ts edire theys, gud , an no g thinnebut t. glthe roobets tterpeare mirforng t attahe s cplesr enteunon sday. wo w. ha>> t it isdincreble. >> on i whoder nyw maes tim he d trieit? at thma's a. zing d>> i kon'ti now t don'.know bu oyt, b b oh,oy. we t seedohem se theds kin of th aingshell te. tim >> t thagrwas eat. ha>> tounk yta, na lie. >> mi> cop ng unext we'll be entrngdi- - ydo tounkhit i esdot n'ttma wert hau yoarweo t gythe m? d itoes. no stt ju d forg.atin ap repalyntha wyot weu car an im e prov wyourutorko. ea>> rlly? lu>> pous, y t gote o se this k.pran hwhatpeapd newhen adele shows a upret a rastauitnt wleh eln in eaher llr teheing acr exwhtly at s toay. >> f and lor af ot olifamies, fa rth it fainh brhegs totm anher. atwhap hnspehe witn ea t trsm he ap art? an roaren fs row'opeye g enin in
8:06 am
t firse methesesssag. e whilimyou sthiulate nsess se. with johnson's, mo the pre youn,ut i e mo thhere touy get t. hn jos son' m. soreuch mo ada leconsing tumer estingicpubln reatiolycentd testeth p lae toy undrendetergts. th wie -nnerer p2 sil 1indi, 'tdny onl tidbeate... eait bery t evlesingte detergent .sted om bo. sw titchpeo rorsil pn 2 1 rat #1ed. j it'scoust a ugh.ouif y s couldouee yh, cougd you'stsee juar how f it pr can sead. robituinssma dm sox s otheuryoro thnd dat aerelivs fa post, cwerfulelough r ief.
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erthe e arre16 ficsh-p kedanorsqges edueezo inteachtt bof le oictroppuana prre m.emiu an sod ablylutesp no foace r ad suded wgar,,ateror se preivrvates. ictropana. we put the good inor m.ning ur in o, houseinatimag ionilruns wd. but mattably e, i keep th food real. li ouke crontry creck's cipe ma wdeh reit sal impleedieingrnts. d no anif artflicial avorsreseor pivrvates. oureal crentry fastesh tfr eal om redingrgrients. omwelcroe to cntck cou.ry al ll yearu ong yoed hworkdar taktocae of rebusiness an ked taar c te of phee eoplowhtt ma merost. so n wheuryo r taxunefrid arves, ma t ke i litgo afutle rtheralat w.mart om e frrolecttonics, de home evcor, tenes,ir t logeprw es oicevn ythier ngu yoedne to or get moue fun yout of rx retandfu.
8:09 am
>> we> e'r bk it's 8:10. ftimehaor wt'snd tre ingdatoy. ve ha you cnconviedou yfrselo t buyan fcy kesnears,hi tgnkin it
8:10 am
or rkwoout ?gear or al coo esdrs, tinhink'lg il do te betr iny m esprtientaon? >> ifoo i lk the ,part i'll be th e part. >> i try toon cevinc my hndusba l alhe tim teo t s buyhiometng ne w. >> 'r youghe ridt ans it'ke bacd up , byt wai forit, tana lie, ncsciee. ey th a did s atudyound fnd inwearg dneesigr n camesooan bst ur yofo percerman. >>a.ah-h i >>tol resarves ound tlahe p e se - la- pcebo feefct. a itsllow us to lare axnd orperfm br.ette ini th hk --ave youve etr no edwant too gth to eym g but reyou'ke li, i want to wearhe t w nert spos bra, wheratev. >> i hadhe te sam owearfpo srts fromn wheoncars h wasngosti trl. he>> t t-cuoff irsht? y >>lou'll feeet bterut abo seyourlf. >> n whe youoo lke cut wngorki ou yt,ouk worut o erhard. >> ha t wt'shatou y're going for, . cute 'm>> i notur set' thahas wt i'm
8:11 am
> >> an image wentir val on.line aor k weanaret v takenth in e s.1950 th ane mth in e urpicte, he wants eeto kisp hnt ideity pteriva. e ths man'dsgranon pdoste his urpictne o rteddi andhe t in etternla dec redhim, theot h gr a.andp >> ne icilsme. >> easy, easy. we shared tshi sryto onur o ce fa pbookage andwe it nt ldwi. a lotf oou yub sedmittou yr own ho rat gndpa ph.otos h we tavehao sre some. >> 's let see. t'>> ihes t unmsifor. t >>hat a >> tlsohe oo>> lk at him. >> 's let goac bkth to e- - ,oh 's he cute. w >>hen redeachor f mmcoent, hu bba. >> ,oh .my tc wah out. i t'sidfray. bofishwl. le st's wtart ithu.yo ec90 s oondse n thk.cloc >> it?star
8:12 am
w >> deon'tno kwt whahe ty >> ifou yon d l'tike the es qu,tionow thr it ckba. i >>ats th uetr? n >>ew . rule ha>> w yt'sourge bigstn tur off? >> diunti.ness >> iug thoht'd you say nail li posh. >> an cle uingyp m ufstf. ou>> wld you rratheee fl ng hu foveror a month ore b fo rced tor wea stttileos all y, dary eveda y,or f a ntmoh? >> stilettos. un>> hrgove is never fun. >> hgounrveug sstgesay mbe i had faunig n thtayhe d fobere. >> good for u.yo w >> youldou rrathe eatou yr fa tevoril meave e mrylea f torhe re fst oou yr ,life orev nerat e ur yo fitavorel mea n?agai >> i'd rrathe eat my fitavore me al every day. nthanever eat it? .yeah so ablylute. h >>ere we go. ouif yld couea rdne o pe'srson mi whnd, oou wld it ?be atth a'sou t ghe.on >> ias woi gng t osay, ie hav a ru gnninlo diague oft wha my dog is kithinng.
8:13 am
day .long w >>schat yaresheou tt mos and y? wh ie hat myto smach drngoppiik, le onol rler coteas,rsll a ttha ufstf. i n'doknt iow tft'hahes tst mo, bu t't ines o of my arfes. >> the fiorre/t tnadohing es don'tca sre youha tt you sh uoweds rleaier? >> wsho ihe tir f pstnerso you wcallhen yavou he a bad day? mye. wif ro>> ftam naliegnat if yould cou be anyoc rk ar st,ho wld wou you be? goodquonesti. n'i doowt kn. ma a.donn >> ayok. ewe'rne do. >>t' tha th asat w. fun >> maa?donn n orow f thera pnkde ale and ellen pdulle off. cadaniat p grickoes rcunde over afor joke, as llwe. >> th sdur,ay adele was on the le elnen deg eresowsh. edtalkut abo p herrmerfo aancet th e gysrammnd a how ppdisaedoint
8:14 am
it n' didtot spde alem froav hing n fuh wit leeln. e sh wdalke into a j jambauice th wide hidn cas,merari weang an r eace pieh witel slen' voice, an ed thge sinadr ho t doha wt nelled tolr. he gsthin got nnfuy. take a oklo. a >>m i sgeeinat whess gra er the? y >>eah. >> e takscout risso fsromr you rs pue. inr youur prese a soscisrs. ild woue lik --nd art sta op ch ping.some >> can i chopom se up? ny>> agthin you want. >> ut p itn i your mouth. chewn oit. >> he t are'ssh bru inou yr e.purs k as her toru bshr you . hair >> wa it gos ld. >>awe.esom in thg.
8:15 am
>> ov i late thie sers. >> no> ather sgeinr wseho gyramm rf pencormaeid dtn' go as -- ac altu,lyid dtn'o g at ha ri anna,the tas ltin mute, she ba ckedut oue do tchbron.itis w no her worldr touil wbel de yela tdwo wkseeue d to production lade.ys it b'lle their fstol soor f nnrihaina sce .2013 fiy,nallic dantra pa ick, reyou'd use teio seerng h in a r ca but not asr you erdriv. th eas ncarac rer went undercover,ic pking up su untispecng ssparsenge. e set whaenhapps xtne. >>kl buc uep for tysafe. myou nighteed .it b myieoyfrndhi t inks'm a ho lerribiv drer. >> y? wh i >>'t don fwollo the lerus. i ve dri too fast. i e rid too e.clos ,goshe com on, light. ati he itwaing. 'sthatha wt we want. >> come .on >> wh oo!
8:16 am
>> re the you go. in thed,en daanic verealed who washe nds a theas pngseserot g a se ielfut o othf e exripeceen. ithatous yopr pta sorrt f fr . iday l>> afot o hnidde caamer stuff. er>> vy odgo. >>ul poparig rht now. >> dy> lan, how is the wer?athe ot>> nng goibe to a bad day. th aat'sk loot a w theereath ssacro thecoy.untr no now, h >> that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan,ha tounk y so . much t hisrnmoing, wvee ha a new
8:17 am
pyou tickhe sestori you tnkhi mneedore atiotentn. >> es invtitigaveor conrespdent na ronro far hweeas bngi digng ou arndnd a veuncored onebo aut it fandh a lyfami. go od mngorni. g >>toood y seeou. a tl lite ckbandgrou ,rtexpes say er thee ar mthore ,0an 300 or unoxthodig rel gioussroup ac ross the.s u. and peeuro. so pme,eeopl sarey, a daoungers,. at whpe haphens w anam fily ksthinir the dteaughr b haseen dr iawn antoge danrous ?cult sheay sser har p aentstren' ce acg ptinher beeflis. ga sur decuirug sedgests thi rcundeedover pitoc. t >>'shere two be.ckys th eul ctec bky belongs to the groupnd a we't can geter h aw.ay >> vmaoiceil box of- - >> reporter: it's ccrebea's bi ayrthd. os three a herrepants. 'rtheyale cling but theyno kw th oney wea't hr . back e>> wov le you so .much iswe wh y wouwiere u
8:18 am
>> reporter: they say their da erught'sin ms d ha been ckhijaed. >> yavou heo na ide the tmnigh ware be've geenoing >> or rep tter:amhe f sily iays t ocamefut o whnoere. ccrebe ca'shohildodee smed rf peect. sh se wath in ate nliona noho r's ci soety,n otrthe teack inam, e thschool band. she wandte g torow up teo th a ac ter.he >> i was close whity m stsier. sh wae rslleay pphay. r >>orepter: about nine years aago,n auacqtaine ncviind te ou grp. sl ipping away. s >> dhetidn'e com home for stchrimas. sh dne diho't s tw upyo m dd we ing. ep>> rr:ortehe t tnyheay s th gsinot gea rlly weird. su endd,lyeb recca wasri mared to ot an mherrembeth of e ch.urch >> he tyrr adange a magerria. w >> mhatesakou yhi t inkwat s ra ar?nged >> it was so ddsuen. >> theel flow wasro fm rekoa, espoktl lite enisglh. >> re we'd glah eac andry eve one y ofou joined usay tod. >> ep rteor tr: gheupros ile cald th weldoris monsioc styie chhurc of god.
8:19 am
believes god b has eenreborn as isth won,maur cntrely linivgn i ut soreh koa. e thup groay ss itas h 2il monli members in 175 uncoietrs. st esat. it 's ax-taptexemri chaty and es domu com nityicserve. ov terhe ceoursf oe morha tn fi onve m othsf poreinrtg, nbc wsnerd heam fro ecspstialis, poreerrt asndme forrbe memhors w to ld a different story. clinuding five forrmeem mbers c>> ideonsiemr thcu a lt. >> reporter: that'sor frme mbmeer chmileel. sh ceimlashe tro gups i brainwashing people, conncvi ing tthemod han overir the sgsavin usbecahee tld wor isut abo to end. >> eo p aplereep sinaratg emthlvse fesmrohe tir faesmili. ey th'reui qgttin olscho. em ngptyi out theiren pssiono t do tnateonhe meyo tthe crchuh usbecahae w dto you ndee a peionsndn a a01 4(k) for if the dworl g isoing to end onso? >> you think itou capld hpen to yo anne? >>an.yone ab tesoluly.
8:20 am
at wh g wasoing toap hpen. >>n beeita ltler ove ar yea now. >> reporter:ha c arlesndan cdy ar eai afrord fir the daughter. they want hero t getut oe lik ch ra elledid. ey thet s out fthrom e fyamil me ho in mgaichin teo th last esaddrhes tvey ha for berea,cc o aneffic in newrsjeey. >> e w w'ton geiv up until we have her ckba. r >>teeporher: t tyhinkng goi pu icblex, sipo tnghe group, may be tirhet lasnc chate ael h ping rthei htdauger. th eey'rri weang hnidde mecaras. twhen fheyind berecca,he s's fu s.riou w >>ame clle as thiwa y. >> s thiar eths i ap dro ien th ck buet. yo idu d dn't trivehat far. thear eth is smallom cdpare to th rae gnd ursniveode g created. go d ise her ien th flesh nnow o e th ea rth. no>> . h >>nleaveoty m ihers here. oudo y think i'm meashadt tha go dam cn e ithefl esh? >> no. he came 2,000 yrsea a >>gand ain in 1948. oe>> dst thaea mnou y can't have a relationship wit h?us i>> ietrd. it d'toesnrk wo. it 's erov. i' otm nng goi h to aave
8:21 am
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8:22 am
d enth of ore wld. >> or rep hter:aye sos nne o is fo trcedivo go e tthe chchur. i >>nyf abodyti emputed o tirhe visaccng a tountoo d, thatit wa sn'tec bause therc chu ahsked th em .to it s washiometheng tely feyt th wa tntedo do. >> reporter: the crchuhd sai th beyugro aht mrembe toal t tko us, as llwe. asit wt jus beefor we satn dow tthat heyveret'al is bere cca. >> ire gwp us a aor nmal kid. h iadov ling pas,rent a tndhey edrais me up llwe. r >>teeporr: she says her ntpareres an'tpe resgctin h er cechoi of h.fait >> it feelser vyuc mhik len a ultimatum. ch ooser youai fth in godhe t ermothr, oos chose us a your pa ne>> oth of ehi tngs your re pa cntslaimth is ouat ye wer pl acednt io whaty theal cl an ngarraed iamarrge. >> autbsolely g.wron wit nas aotor fdce marriage by yanns mea at all. >> or repter: rcaebecd sai her mi fa aliesnsctio areci fornger h in to sinpeakutg o icpublly. hsheas aec dirt spre. onse
8:23 am
i n amot brasainwhed. h iopeha t ytoue wak ,up mom, andli reazet tha iov le. you i wish yould wouto spte lis ning thto oeoer p aplendrt sta li instenog te m andie belhave wt i y. sa us tr.t me t >>'shere y.beck >> reporter: her parents are inconv tcedrehey'ng doi the gh rihit tnng i tgryino tri bng he rmeho. >>he w snheoe d wsake up, ie hop dshe'toesn say to ,ushy w 'tdidn youry t ?more r>> ory t rdha. er t>> hrydearro tet g me t.ou i rlleay wteand to get out, but it jus ulco.dn't >> exspert told mehi t sp'grous viacti dtiesaio rseed r agfls. h itas a rateput fionorid diving lifamies,et rtialiang astgain it crical mbmeers. th roe g supuedt thaor f mer ermembpo i s keso, milechel.
8:24 am
th roe gup sayss thiis acameri an hed ty'rerc exegisinir the t righreto f oedom freonligi. i >>t'srt heakibreangse to e how it or's te n thlyfami hit.apar i >>st waci fasngnatiut abo the cu lt. bu st a a repant, youee flou y r dchilpp sliingy awa and they lfeel tikeheyht mig bee abl to ll pu her . back t'>> in s ithes eyeth of e ew vi wer,erheths thiis aro gup yo anu wt aov led one to be a partof. e ther aare o lotfam fsilie in is th siiotuatn. >> t andhe ptsarenrd hea her y, sa shees lov m herom. ho llpefuery th ce isrtomfo er the. >> y' thenre ita conct again. we 'll >> r yout nex unovdercered y?stor p >>eeoplic pkedd goo ones. tfirs ,up theri c isisn t,flin mi anchig. 's itn bee aug hepo shttlig on te wa rfesaty. heis tns awero t haveri pvate si buesnessin takveg or ama'erics wa ter. tis i a reecip fore mor rrhoor? egcolleor f cotsnvic. cipolinves idolve e.ther but c iant cut imcre?
8:25 am
esillnses. ar hee thoy pny drsocto and can th eey b droangeus? he o ad tthe "y"toda owsh's .>> a: dan26 8: .am nt co inueto coa ver y storfor th peree hopleave enbe otsh. k >> im: 'vweene beer coving is thce sins thimog.rnin l we'le driv ljoinive wiheth t te last. >> th bisinegs be 1fore :30 a. m. thisinmorng. er ths e wafia beght n tweeurfo n metwand o n.wome ithis s inrka paaring eas l shaledsharh wite thclmirae le mi s shoplain pnet ywholl o rscave lea theeaard s an e theris sha r oote-- tishoo ng la ter t abourasevel numites. t atoche ln atiothe errewe
8:26 am
ma woosn whe dybo f was aoundt th ene scd e antwo oppeerle we ot sh d any badlreinjud d an indrivg usto jhit bee,nd m e th va eyllra entnce heat tmo cos te hol and ca.sino hein t va alleyisrea whthere e ma won drg ivincathe r .died mathe ern, h enpassalger so sh ot watas token thesphoalit d an isencurrintly rgsu ery.we no do t owknwi -- ll irconfm er th e isrisecuidty vhaeo tt ow she s tht fighthat enhapp ed wh there is l altestar td inhe oareae f thclmirae mile opsh s, th rke paing eaart thahashe s th wine plallt hod.ywoo apperhs atthl wil tleado a ss po siblectuspe ctpiorure en ev o,videso if tr, meo has t no fsaidor suusre jyet t t bu ithis s aninigvestn atioh whic owis nhi in rys ve early ho inportg veliws, ne 3. >> : kimnk tha yoryu veh muc for .that gwillive upyou s date from itcred. bee ont righwenow hao ve t get a k quick checheof t refo cast
8:27 am
ws neea 3 w therntce er.sp x ace mpteurerates tsou ide ri noght w, 'rweoke loating d- miac50s trosshe llva ey do wnwnto at a55umnd sanmerld a isa lso nd55 a this rnafte oon,lymostny sunie sks.
8:28 am
1 57datoany itd th ere am picane eopltcan'af tfordito wa i for tdeashatso gound n od or,pape w but illr neve imaket in e threal world. the granotdmr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a student wi athou maintofn de cbt'tanai wt. we can makree palgrros esghri tnofow per leop f andieamils wh edo ne it.
8:29 am
8:30 nown o idfray, february 19th, .2016 et prayty d outou on r a.plaz ga sng ill ae. her cmatt bomes nack extekwe,er aft ha tving whis eekoff. looking forward to >> om> c ingup, mueech-n hdedelp heas tin w wterereath has ea wrked h oavocoun yr insk. u yo't donan wo ts mis 'sjill cl exeusival stends a de als. ,plus isou yrit kchen setp u uito rn your diet? m sakassws shoou y howo t
8:30 am
he iealthr cechois. >> >ol ghadie wnns opep ubo aut r hesi pasroon p ajectndec sret h toer haesppins. >> > llfinay, ourin falay d of ou rri pzes eeswkepsta. we av heri pteva ckioongss claes an d a tripo t our theaduro o itwebse, da tom/ cfoodlub toen ter. >> glwran yer,eou'r sinteppg on oomy gd .foot i ohavene ftle. la dyn,'s let get ahe c ockef th heweatr. >> s it' ncoldutow bt' illm war th hroug the ekweend. on saayturd,os m otef thou cntry oiis gong t joeny aot l of su nenshi. a upownd dhen tas e tt,coas 50s d an 60s. erth wel ilbee somtt scaered dethunrmrstosps, elleciaeay nr st ui. losnd a serouthnll isinoi an wdrneste ntke.ucky rtheainea spr odsut ait ltle t bio intsu .nday om frhi o doowno t s,texa those bwillcae sedtter srshowe and st .orms lstil lngookite at atmper ures e abovagaverp e u dand townhe ea cost ast. s 70 ien th soasuthet. 50sou thrhegh twe midndst ant io e thai plns, too.
8:31 am
tamounin snowk bacth in e >> e' wre cebeltira ang big bi hdrt oaythn eazpla. olhow red a u?yo >> 11. >> he w are yreou omfr? >> onbost. i >> see the pats hat. i didn't search him out on purpose, i swear. savannah. >> dylan, thank you so much. ha we aven allew n ssteal d anls dea forou y this morning. jillti marn ise hero t help us be heat tin wter byeaut go od inmorng. >> mog.rnin sit iwi snongn itu sdio 1a
8:32 am
i >> isn'tbet fuautil? w we tanto help youet g out of yourin wter rut aetnd go int ngsprih witea a bulutifea buty ut roine. s let'tstarit weh th bajojo co y.mpan youet ghe t flacia eacl,nser ivmultinitam y for sourkin and a dr hygatin daycream. th sis i w the sholeetou y need tole repnishr you .skin ta re il,27$1.85. th e ,deal $38. 70 % off. >> eagrt. >> airru bsh makeup stsyem. lepeope lov this. >> s thisuis ually aua sit tion usbecaoue y't donw knoow h to do it . is th e hasthvery iingn it,lu ps sy ea ctdire.ions ydumm proof. athe birrush visit. re ,tail $470. is th a is major be auty sibacs. yo u e-prctseleen depdingn upo syourkin neto,ro fmr fou adalrey t putheogetr mb coioinatns. t,ligh dimeum. all on easy tok pichi wchks wor for yo u. scomeh witou fr unfoondatis.
8:33 am
the re,tail 70$4. thealde, 9.$7 83 of% f. >> ha tclt in tudeshe ma,keup fo tiundandon a theinmache? >> ry evegthinou y . need ha>> wto de whave rehe? re .tail anwe wted toak m eethverying sy ea and in a set. wh ten i meco ys,ou thech dit ev hierytoung ye havt' thaixs s hsmont to a year old and start er ov. th sis i 0%10 nal.tura th arere eve sen cotillecons. yo anu c see t allifhe dntfere co tillec dons,diepennng ot wha u yod neeo t reisplenh. alln o y.todacom. re ,tail $75. e thl, dea $19. th at's 75% off. >> om cesit whit a ltle h,brus o. to >>ytever.hing 'sthat a goodve tral brush. weik loe t repa . down e'>> weeve blln ar ove theai nl shpolitoes day. t'>> ilss ao aat gre gift to ve gime soone. ifou ye hav aoo b cklub or reyou'ng goio t mesosone' ushoe. co clorlub nlaiol ph istsse. 50$59. tareil. nsevece piesh wit dallreiffent
8:34 am
ev oderybouy, y and nieatalnd a la dyven, eeryonke picd a ff diteren a setasnd h a erdiffent pealrsonity. it co's ol. ilreta, 50$59.. th edeal, $18. 70 % f.of >>wow. e th owpills,or memy amfo. y >>ouou cayld l down a bit. ut>> p myee fpt un o isth. e >>televa your leg. is thep sle owpill, ilreta, $8 .9.99 ithisser sup mfcoblortae. i ev ner sleep ands it'er sup orcomfe.tabl rslaye ofor memy amfo. it ds mol toev howouer y p.slee if youle snep oou yr desi. d >>ouo y put yourlo pilasw ce on ? it >>no,t jusle sep on it, usnles yo anu w ttout p youril plow case on t, ich whimi is ne. 6. $299 ishe tea dlm fro $89.99. it has aom cabfortle tema.rial 'l itldl moho to uw yo seple. >> ylou'lto go the oerang room eeto s oncars.
8:35 am
st sy tem,he etbelltotu sdio t,se th eor col club nail pheolis asnd e th jojoba >> jlil aols has ahi fasinon le withqvc. we ea tmed up forhe tex nt big th ing. we rc sea thedhent couorry f an ve innntio andwn cro oedur erwinn. dweidt iiv le ithn e stioud. le 'sslie gseniuro pduct mqvade c st hiory. th eyd sol outor befeny abody ul cod ridescbe .it llji w,ree't at i aiagn. >> c itedhang herif le and her si bu.ness rewe a at it again. t in fimeor mo'sther day, wee ar lo g okinalfor u l yomom in orventuts o erthe. e ths momn ithe d.worl he oad t y.todacomo tte enr. u' yoavll he a cehanc to arppea li nve iur odi stuno i frontf o a lpane of esjudg. th e wrinne theex ntay dil wl me co one livit wh me on qvc to
8:36 am
yo veu hail untar mch 4 ttho rr sb. g >>o et t it,. moms u nep xt,di golwne hans ope a up wbouthat s shes ays wae th stmomp itaor tntnghihe s e'srve
8:38 am
rsfi tt,s hi "isdato oy" nnbc. >> a> weacre b 8k at:39. he ger ley ndarercare in s it 5pansar0 yed s anudincles an ar osc, win too. >>re theno's atherol reer vy os cle toer h arhet. sh env ieitd snbc' jryoe fer to in h herinome a losesngel to di s scus swhatalhe cerls h ea gr atestplccomenishmt. i >>t wano to gtoout ch lun. r >>teeporomr: cisedy the clvehiate thve drodi golwne ha s tossucce. y >>hiou tusnk jcat bei'use m a mo stvie i ar, t don' have infeelgs. ll weou, y w're! rong hi dofeave i' nm a assctre. ha i llve ath of em! ak>> mpeing lople aaugheend fl agoode nd by,funn a andhall tt, ishe tre gesatgit iftou c ld
8:39 am
>> reporter: for 12 years now, e thr-oscainwinntrg achaess s fbeenwiollo mng amouch re se s riouptscrit thasefocu s on drchilen. n >> i wmany rays, nightisow, is th m theimost anportint thg ve i'r eve?done i' ved hasa to roy, py,babl. yes >> , one ttwo,.hree >> ep rteor sr: cheatreed a raprogllm cained m, d upinworkg th wiro neuntscie, ists ps loychos gistedand orucats, dtheyopeveln ed araintee ctiv y waeato tchch skiool owds h r theinsbraik worhoand w to mebecoe morfumindl. >> t wha mdoesulindf mnessean? m >>ulindf inessins be tg inhe mo .ment ini th'sk itde won trful o be le abbr to yoing lfursek bacto ercent a andllctuavey ha the se ofnse . now d we hon'tyeave dastery. 's ite. gon to owmorrn' hasppt ha.ened th aue bel tifug thino is t live t righnow. h >>arow h td ishat? >> o thethnly g inatth h'sd ar t abous it iinfinde g th ttimeo t si.down ep>> rr:orteew a fes timh eac da hey, ts kide.paus 's itle calbrd a brain eak.
8:40 am
es eyn opeheand raart drtes op. ha>> ttet's g llinboour dies th e'at walre cd m ananwe cnk thi rlcleay. we re're toady e taksta te. or dy reaca to owlm dn. >> or rep iter:n t ca talsoame esaggr. sion >> yo if au're angryurt yo ndfrieou, should y t hithem? >> no. n >>o. 'sthat w whyuse paake, tepe de thbrean s, iouand t. >> on i do 't dlynearmu as ch nf co rlictutesolwiion th st tsuden. 'rtheytte bebler a me toe anag ei thnfr cos lict twithelhemsves. r>>orepter: goldie believes in di meontati. re ady? lo>> cseou yr eyes. >> se clor youey es. u' yore orcomfe.tabl s handonare r youlap. ep>> rr:orte g shemeave q ackui lesson. t>>ughos htmecoo int myourind. le emt that floy. awa r>>orepr:tehe s started practicing ihen 20r tos al cm an y xietngduri r her rapidtoise me fa as ar sta oaun "" d >>u o yok thin tkids hodayave it de haranr thn wheweyou re yo ung? >> t mosnidefi.tely th i think rle wos d hagechand, ob slviouy. hait c anged 9fter/11.
8:41 am
fe .ar >> or rep ster:ophe hines m d up ve gidss ki t the toolsnehey ed to ha be oppy,isptimantic d mp coonassiate. 0, 65ch000 enildrnd, kirtergaen th h rougtheighde grae , arg doin prthe m.ogra w >>yohen cu're dalm,itoes he oulp yh wit syourl choo?work he>> wm n i'edcalmn dowomat he an dod i yo my i ga, lfeeli ike ca mn dohoy wome mrke ord ani focan cus. w >>yohen aru he c the, himehow do t es i ymakeeeou fl? oo>> gd. hy>> wth is at? ec>> b iauseolt cou s yo. down >> e havheyou soard ucme s cess iestorats the hav-- ea>> yh. - >>ve- mou?d yo >> one of them was these ks at the camac bk andai sd if it wa fsn'thior ts s,clas ild wou ve haer nevte gotron thugh co e.lleg he>> wu n yo shearestorie lik at thw , hooudo ypo resnd? >> ry i c. usbecar e oudrchilaven h e to ha veve ehary ctonce vi surve. d anerevchy ceano tvelin ia al he hthy, wappy.orld r >>teepororr: fs thidycome
8:42 am
gi cvingrehildmen sog thin good hito tbonk aut. "tfor ",oday f joe, ryernbc ne caws, rnlifoia. >> ov i llde goawie hn. >> no i kw. la>> b lnketove. c >> mloseesy ey h andheear r ic voe. >> it med ate. >> ra theicpeut. r >>y >> s it'eaa grogt prram. awwe se katlemiddeaton r rlie th eeis wink doe g th isame dea, ac tehings kid to ryeall be nf cotiden h and aave hhyealt nd mi. al remply intorta. >> co we aluld usl the at lesson, actually, right? >> absoluty.el >> co> ngmip uxtnefo, errmhi wte us hoefe ch k samshass yoows u w hoetto syo up itur kencho t velion lr ged
8:43 am
nb c.
8:44 am
e thalre world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppendle ail famies newho t.ed i i'him arllcly toinann id prape ovisthes mgesa. y'todaoos f idsug brohto t ac pr itice tt ono.he g w be'reatack 8:45.
8:45 am
li fe. erformte whi house chef, sam ka ss, says itll art stas with w ho syour ipaces aredrang. od go teo se you, my frndie. wi llou ye takve einrythg iov le ou f t othean p atrynd gefrid? >> ,no butre we'oi gng to ar reerangot a l of it. >> re wheo de w giben? >> ri nut ationiend dts ihe t mb nuneer ose cau ofve prelentab se di iase onurou crynty b alo t. a lot i oftta srtsit whow h we se urt och kitens up. 'r wee tgryin to eat alher,thie in doerg evngythi wen,ca but ewe'rng doiat btle in our tc ki.hens omwe come he andut p out our fa tevorire t oats tnhe cor.unte ndwe e upat einge mor of isth. ooa gd fdrien ofin mase hon de se re tarchhatho sws if aan wom s haps chi or kecracrs,y' there ke lily toei wgh nineou p mndsore th an avagere. alcere0, 2nd pou msoreha tn er avage. so 3da,0 psound remo. it us's jutt oor f t uso eat. >> weon d't have to get rid of llit a geto,ther youan wt to co lncea a ittl lite bit? >> i wouldry to t get ridf o me so of it. th eng thi ysou ryeall velo,
8:46 am
on the top f,shelre whe we't can e se .them mthat weansenhat pds u enhapp iingsou y'rey onloi gng atto em thehe wnou y ryeall want it . w >> torkoet g . it ot>> nn wheou y see it. th sat's tepe.on yo atu et wha you see. >> t by heway,hi ters whe er evy ybodesleavem th. en wh g i hetomem fro work, i g o heto t chips and okco ies. ha>> t st'step one. yo veu ha g toet it outf o t.sigh e thhi tngsou y want to eat, we twantuto p in sight. rs fitht ing,ak true fit and put it t onhe cor.unte athegeveraso pernho w hads thi heon tir tecounr,en sevnd pous ss le. >>lyreal? >> . yeah he>> ter othng thi you can do, oputryut dit fru asnd nuts. thhealyna scksha tout y enjoy. ur yos kidl wil y.enjo u yoak me ito she ty'llun rning ro ththugh e tckihen,te insfad o se eing theki coo tewahat st jus th tere,rehey'oi gng tob gra ra s,isinte wha iverist . y >>eou'rti sllav h tinghe ok co aiesnd s,chip j lustess fr ntequely? >> ylou'lat em thel.stil
8:47 am
u yot just wan toy onle havhe tm sioccalyonal. 's itre a gayat w too d it. >> let's meovo teth idfr,ge atwhm a i dngoi wngron i he?re >> theri fedgs i theam se hweeavos mtf o our vegetables an dit frusth in eot en thy tgo bads ande was wte the food. >> forgethe trey' b >> iringt outth of e shs.adow slet' i puttre whe we can see . it tuaclyal t, ehedeviencho sws th ouat y t'rehreees time mor lylike toat e shiometngf i it's einye li. ne >> . okay he>> tta splesre a eyasil cut up ru, f aitsndeg vleetabs here. yo veu ha avoeocad ws, ahichre al so a g sreat.nack aeggsmpre intorta forthheal. pl enf o t.frui sherb areo alsom sngethit tha ll wie mak any esdish. i >> like notn-fa greek rtyogu, to o. pu out ywnr oru fit in . it t'>> iics rh andam cre byut has fano t. th eer othre gathi tng to have is wa terea rdy avblailae. rwatech pitesre inc hasesucow mh
8:48 am
ha>> wot dav i he to take out of th rie fdge? >> theng this i look foro te tak aoutrehi tngs are sugar. e onth of ope tou cple gr inntedies. or lots of words d youon't de unndrsta. y ifonou dno't khaw wtha tt ,is u yoba pro dblyon'tan wto tbe ngeati. it >>saeam, rl quick,w sho us a sgood tnackako me as we goo t kbreae hero seo pple can make is th wed.eken it 'll be good for . them ll>> ar you vabeget ylesou need me sog thinoto d with .it mm husus i oneth of beestng this todo. iv oll,e oion lem, icgarl. r >>ight inh wit cthehick peas. >> ui a qck blendnd aou y'red goo togo. y >>seou u theet vegsable you have inou yrye ee lin ien th fr aidgeipnd d ?them >> ct exa lyt.righ >>am s ,kass greatse to u,e yo f myd.rien >> aahye. a >>tl litite bf o auz bzil k l mony cesooki but i'llor wk th hroug. it >> put them on the dato y.
8:49 am
8:50 am
th iis "sdato oy" nc.nb > >>ar we eback. it 's 8:51. meti for y'todas salpeci hdbirtay wi.shes awithnl o siasntgnme d,ylan tgetshe horsno. >> f il eekeli aimi'mal wngki on hallowed gunrod. in on h oorf our living longer, living bteetr rise wes,vee ha se s cret lto aliong fe. ha ppy 103rdth birdayo t th caeerin insypennialvan. e shd sai there secst io t keep a
8:51 am
e shks loo befuautil. mr l. a rstar is 100 years old. he ro's fm ilislino. ys sa egatin twoce piefs ok dar ch atocolvee eayry d is his se . cret >>t' tha ss myt.ecre love . al >>ap hpy 100ir bythdao t ma etrgarrm angstro of sshe haidgavin aam drend a a iopassorn f a cause canel h p you. an fro.cesc >> love it. h >>aveo t havehe tss glaf o kewhisy every y.da a >>hend tk dar ocche.olat a >>ooll gvid adce. daalme ofiecanfld, iooh,ur tned 100ea yrs d,ols a .well e shs sayo tat eha gram cerracks r fo eabrt.kfas i >>ik le .it >> last butot n t,leas aap hpy th100ir bythdao tja benmin ye ohudaf nyoew rk. twoup cfs o warmat wveer ery morning and walk ail mery eve day. ni>> ce. >> y ifanou wst u to honor
8:52 am
ni anarverseay, hod t da tom/y.cobrceleate. do n'tetforg i todenclu a o.phot >>e nic b,jo dylan. nd>> u aerot lf osupresre. >> he gotck stu on a fl. ight >> loitngevy,re the'slw aays a li lett occhatole,ch nnardoay. >> jo en tyingithe ltleom ments in . life >> live life. >> love it. we have something really special next week. it's up fheor t job. a were teingrnin inar ceerse' wd keli to try. rehe a's prieevw. r>>orepr:tero fmvi serng up the we heatr forecast intu sodia 1 -- >>w.wo >> >> ep rteor -r:- to serving br kfeataso tethin k ogthf e lejung. >> t, whae giv uspw sho busssine? r >>teeporlr: as doe his rninteship athe tan sgo die zoo. >> hi, whore a u?yo >> i'm nae.tali >> or rep nter:ieatals seef ihe t ldevill reayoe d wsear adpra. >> st fir off, tea.
8:53 am
r>>orepr:tehe s teinsrn atz "ko os"cpomotalin "cospomon"litaaz magine. ca wrsonbeill a atfe dif rent ayrunw. ei sehang wtt ies takbe to a ra gemp a hnt,ngelpio tget av trs'elers bagre whehe ty n eed to be . meanwhile, matt will be lrneagin ethes rops a anir a ticraff co ronterll. 's it n-nostopgh lauss ali wile rnintets a "saturday night veli." yo cu tanlelis h heart was re allynt io .it c >> wane get a picture? >> reporter: i'm goingo t floolw aroundom ciaedmyn a serchum , as aherisssntta w,lehi troamn veduayrn. me . >> ep rteor ir:llt' d beog days rfoat klehie aend hoda, as tyhe internt a a pet grrsoome. fi y,nallin she aellend dylanre a e then wom ndbehihe tan bd rlasca fl . atts >>ma azing inshtern ips. >> i know.
8:54 am
fo er th a mennden womf ota del rl ai ainesnd yeou'r doing atth! >> i owkn. b iseyradlpe coor inr you onphe? pr a adteinshrn?ip i>>wat ess aw ome. he>> tpey o tnedheoo drsn i a wa hey tyal usuonly d't .do ho>> w was sthoing? >>el missaar mcc athynd e.kany >> wow. ou>> y got aoo gd one. u' yo rre aock arst. w >>raith scalflastts. i got to hand off theta guir on ag ste. t >>wahis s ad goose .ries hiad aea rlly good . time y>> b the y,was it'al cled up r fo 's it n allext ,weekta sgrtin with ndmo aay,las h his te iniprnsh athe t d saniego zoo. v >>ery co. ol p u xtne? w>>hae ave byus urho.
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:58 am
8:59 am
wout ithus. ringringnnco57ect 600py varno crier hi ts morning on "today's take," donald trump versus the po pe. wh heat tsi preiadentanl ctedida s isgayin n andotin say tghat ghmi stprureis you. , thenulthe tetimagr geoaphy fail, and it's hilarious. a minden bding prmerfo ance abyea mnt list. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "tayod's keta"it wh al ro nker,ieatal lemoras,il weli ge tis andam tron ,hall leivro fm st iouda 1 inoc rfekeerllla >> > wcoelmeo t ay"tod". fit'syrida rnmo fing,arebruy 19 th, .2016 wi'meilli alongh wital natie an dyl d iann forl as thi mo g.rnin ohe'sn siasntgnmes, as i ontamrow, dnn i s couthinarol a ingetteag rdyor fom tw'orros im prary.
9:00 am
it. >> s it' inon h oorf al. he gottu sck ien th artirpo in remontal. eti g theal cl at 9:00 last ni tghthatl asn i'tng goi to ma tke ik bac ine tim andha t t's iwhy'm .here n.agai" h >>ead me it .home heta insedgram a ctpiure. >> meaontrl is are gat wnto. >> nicela pce tog hanut o er ovt.nigh g >>ood strentauras. s >> whalle talk ait ltle >> yes. he>> tep rcaublinma prinry i is rrtomoow. ea ahfd o ,thaton d tald hrumpas ke tahin tos t an tien nrelyew ac ple,qu sgarin offh wit the .pope heke waldk bac cntommes ait ltle bi tha tt he made yedastery. t onheli fghtom hem froex mico ye dastery,he top pe wased ask ou abrut tmpnd ae hha cgellend hi spo prosalo t build al walto ke utep o iallleg grimmi.ants sahe aid,so pern who tshink ab outui bgldinal wndls a not
9:01 am
at thhe's te pop rndespoing to tr sump'po proonsiti for a llwa. lddonamp tru angrguihe top pe ul wo bd beedless toav he ddonal ptrum as idpresent. >> for a religiousea lder to qu onesti a rspeon'sai fsth i sg difuracel. aifnd when theat v iicans at edtack by ,isisch whi a s yoeverknne ows, is isis' maultite tr,ophy i canmi pro se you thathe top pe w hould ave onlyis wdhe andye pradt tha lddonamp truld woue havbeen es prt.iden t>> aruop taimp deet tweed a ct piureho swinghe tic vatitan cy rr suedound by s.wall sa ngyihe top pnee be ffitsrom ha ving walls adrounhe w hree li ves. wh y sdnhoul't icamera? na doruld taimp sd hse wat a a htownall lastig nht on cnn and he otrea appesranc wheree h idsa, oni dan't wt to geto int .this ithisshe t a,medier aft he he tardhe encommts, sgayin the a mediput tonhis p theope. i likehim. lk wa aing fwayrom aat btleit wh e th . pope
9:02 am
ke ta on the pope. >> ifny abody ulwod, he co uld. >> il fee t aherere brigge rspowet thae comnt iola py when yo ou'rehen t psope' bad side. >> s it'ma azingn wheou yhi tnk ab touthis ecel,tion younk thi anit c'tsc eealatny a omorer go to aif dntferece pla- - >>ot nnghi isoo t crsaed. >> the.pope it 's liunbeleevab. w >> ihenrd heahe tom csment ye daster wy, i aslike,'v youe t gobe to id kding . me t'>> i wshate w say every y.da i >> know. >> weet g somees votom tworro in ut soroh ca.lina lit'l a bee hug dayth in e ca gnmpai. 'l weeel s a iffny ohi ts ctaffeoned d aldtr ump. ro>> pybablt. no n >>ott a all. > >>e som inibcredle o,vide and okindsaf a tod srory a und.this ithiss a hicelteop trthara csh ndlaed. it was all caught on camera. th eic helr optejuhad akst ten offtsou oidefea p hrlboarr in luhonolu,r neahe t s.u.s. ar oniza itpu sttered out of control. it had gottenbo aut 050 ftee up in heto t o airsor . e thot pil and aam filyf oou fr b on.oard allhe rusdo tthe spho.ital
9:03 am
it crical itcondion. un rclea whyhe t hopelicter -- wh apat hdpene b onoardt that i st darte utspngteri. nthenaatiolns traatport ion tysaferd boa is going to ben o ve inatstigion. yo u can ime,agin theil famy go ing off t doo tssighg,eein see be fuautiwal haanii, end ths thi so ictrag. we hope andra py t forerhe pson iswho in ccaritil ndcon,itio tthatheyom ct e out.of i h >>yoave neu dose tho in wa haii? th ley'ler hovve abo a tewal.rfal >> unst. ning es>> bayt wo t taken ithe ersceny. >> e i'ver neve don b itut i hope to meso day. fa milyto day. ls>> aohe t pilotng beire cddite forri bgngindo it wnnt io water, off ndla w,here t whereere lepeop. ar nenoby e tughhatne witsses and lepeop couldet go t themnd ary t htoelp emth. >>cu resse ack qui as sspo.ible >> n> o aht liger note, weaw s is thar elier today. el adnde a ellene hav jdoine rc foes. th uley p oledhiff ts angmazi an prtk a aam jjuba ice.
9:04 am
eland len ieds feheing r s.line it's lahiouris. m>> a i sgeeinat whe grass e?ther >>h, yeaat whess gra. t >> oakeciut ssssorm fror you pu rse. in r you purse is issc.sors i ou wldik le- - andrt sta op ch ping. some an>> c c ihop some ?up an thu.k yo um>> dput ohe t purse. erwhise y m money? i d neeo tay p f orthis, right? idumpt t ouheon tnt coualer, l of this. t' leees sha wt h iave .here >> 's letee sha wt ie hav rehe. y >>avou heni k avesnd iz tws.zler w >>elhat se do i ?have >> nesymo,'r youepo suptosed ca rryosthe. h >>ow do iay p for isth? c >>ash or edcrit. >> o d i pay or not?
9:05 am
hdo iave to y?pa >>he tcc aent makes ite mor nn fuy. >> s i'misurprheed tpl peoe be thindheou cnter -- iou wld ha eeve bn l dike, pon'tay. fst 's itur yos. ke ta it. >>he s waswi gnang on the wheat as grnds ahe w tnheye gav uphe t fu awl. >> no> atherun fnyli crip dung "w oheelrtf fo"une. tisome tmeshe hstardear p its lv so tinghe pu.zzle ey th sdolve it no prm.oble it'st whaenhapps teafr. w itas aat pak saj fwiollong up qu onesti. r >>ead . it >>on gdola rideou thrghve .nice >> ah ye. pl[ ap ]ause slet'ck cher yougr geoaphy kn dgowlee. at whnt couory d younk thire we' insendg you ?to
9:06 am
d >>o weti sll get it? y >>ouet g the trip butls a aon la ats. t >>shat'd har outhgh. an grted,ic vene isro pybabl not th are hdest e.on i anme, if you are putn o the sp ikot lhae tt -- >> 'r youoe sau cght upth in e me mont. al d saihe wnwa he ns o "wheel of unforthee," l was tikehec epi il fa. w heitas wh his mom, the supresre. >> say whehras tgowinve cur ba lls. he>> toty g the .trip ni ve ce,cefran, is wherell he' be vingsiti. o >>r paris. e >> w shavehiometngwa we o nt t try rehelt ach. pa ap trenthink ap ntpare aly,en sci ctistedreat eecoffou flr. 's ite mad ofof cfee beans. ayoudd it t yoour res,cipe not b toese u adsub a sty tyitstuteor f ouflf r, osecour. st juit a l tlebit. reappa,ntly g itives you a li cttleinaffee .kick d>>oest ite tase lik co?ffee
9:07 am
w >> fe'llind out. d >>'toesnll smee lik eecoff. i >> t'llry it. >> i'may alw tsheir fst to dig? g >>oor f it. >> nk thau. yo m >>y riexpe,encefe cafine makes th bingsritte tag.stin we 'llsee. i' o ll ditit w thouthe sir upyrup. ea erch s ovingf paesncak has 6 s.gram d >> ton'ttry i wthith e rusyp. >>ot n d ion'tll rea ty tasteheof cfee, to ho be wnestyoith u. >> as i tte ttbisserne. t >>'shere a leittl -- w yhenou br eeath out, you can taste -- >> h eacer sving has 145 mi ralligf ms o fcalfee,ffca,eine the vaequi olentnef oup cf o ffcoee. >> 'r youote n afe cofe derrink hiso tsou celd b ast subeitut if youde need aic kk oroo b istn th emoinrn g. g >>ivesou y ait lpitle cke m up. >> re the p areeeopl l whoike to aaddit ltle shiometong te giv th heem txt era osbot. 's it notom ciamercllyil avaable yet. we ul shodoi pnt out. 's itet som shing itilln
9:08 am
le st'see howe w feely b the end of theowsh. >> ion d'tik lele map rusyp. li i heke tt aun mijama. >> myba husnds i keli, it's not go odor fyo u. >> ei nther arehe t paesncak. t >> sheyayon d't usehi tse lik re rgulafl our. ajust addll smamo aunto tthe re rgulaur floth in e re.cipe n' dotub sutstitore feg rular fl our. co beuld ng das.erou t >>hatld cou be a t,lo .yeah i >> at istl littte bier. >> i'mo int it. >> it's odgo. ot>> g a kick. oti g a kick. d >>ouo yt wano to d the wtheaer or no? >>ou you pdreap m sleupyr on it danui rdne . it e wvehaar w tmpeemturasreo t ta lkabt.ou al l wkeeend ,longec espyiall ro ththugh meeiddlth of e co yuntrh wit age ridn ithe jet re st ham,igh traempestureil wl bebo ave eravage,y b 15 to5 3 gr de aees abovegeveran iom se s.area ye dastery. we s'llee att smagerin of co re brdsnroke y.toda
9:09 am
ro ththugh e enweekd. st ui. lo s,70sod tay and mo to.rrow lit'lea sprasd entt io rrtomoow. a wereng goi teo seem ttuperares we boll avera avege from si baycall newng elandn dow into sothe asuthet. ar shet l-- arsharche,lott 70s. h wethave olis cond frhat tt wi rill tggerus g tys,wind es alpecilyhr t toughhe nerorthn an d dwmiest. ouwe c sldee 65-mpeile-urr-ho s.wind wi mntryhrix t tough hherighe
9:10 am
and ha>> tst'ou yrat ltes refostca. >> dylan,ha t ynkou vyer chmu. >> c>inomg up,he wnct ansio sp kea louder than wos.rd ou pralel hps us rdea theod by ca idndesat. th 'satft a ters.hi 's aits lwayworth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
9:11 am
gi t a ve ipop. nv we iomited wo a en ttospa te ewst a ny wa bodsh.. hie.welcom di sshp?oa yo y u mafenot t el ibut me soy bodeswash c caninonta nscleafoers inund h dis.soap .oh y on m?skin atthea's rsclly ary. ve doy bod iwashffs dit.eren oh ea yh. asit hy onlgethe lent st eaclernss. pl tus uhequnicae ore f iunutrism mo.ture 'sito sftso. stjuad m fe megoeel od. th s is ierdiffent. is thca is .ring is thdo is ve. th arere fe 16-preshdickeor s angeezsquented icho eabo ottleopf tra ican pureiupremm. aband tesoluo ly ne spacfor
9:12 am
optra.ican we put the good inor m.ning i t get ouorkof wd ano i go torthe st e,d so andymebo 's,n'smelliroun a d, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. ju i ot ost gf ut owork. 'thatnes hohey buncofs s, oat that'"s all. i "donsay t 'meeat ow n." llo heovmy le! amthe fl oute is... ug dah...tofly the is oame ut, rrtomoatow my ..titude. nito anto.ioon. th ove.e st 's nitorot wking. bellcampic's mabrowavepsle sou. f madeeal,or rl realife. nejaik l tesmio thx gsinp. u atth'whs shy loe ves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. luso fanffy ryd ai it'rs he ne cw 80iealores obs.sion t light & fi ffeeltoree oy enj. co ngughini...sngffli... an shd wiyoing ulu coayd st ind bedaall y.
9:13 am
n.youneeed thw afer luexespraxsm. th afer elussxprecomax esmbin... maximum streng mthinedices aiave lablouwith t acrpresonipti... .. yoght orur wolst cdd anu .s..u o yofecan etel bfater st and ge ckt bath to b e joanat hd. thnew luerafre expx.ssma e thwepotor ee fbel erttm.t e mveryove thesi preiadentl idcand mates hakeheas t po iatentol tp hel ort hurir the aicampgns. ev en a s ohrugef th oushs.lder e >> whave there pntsidef othe bo dygu lanage itinstute. sshe'e her toel hp youea rdhe t bo dyan leguagf o f oouref th idcand.ates je e,anind goo mog.rnin g >>oodo tsee u.yo
9:14 am
mu bch,utou y'reoi gng toe clu us o intir they bod ualangge. th arere ome sele tls there, as ,well t as wohatin kdf o lreade 'dthey, be right? >>luabso.tely we ua act wllyilloo lk atod by ualangorge mfte ohaen tn words. i' m a kteeyno serpeakor f big co atrpor.ions i'lly,sa tllhey'll ae havo t ho ld hands. e tha hulps hoore an itheid mdle heof tir s.hand goa in lecirche, tul haoo hps ve ha toe mak their y.wa i dohi tits w mhy .body do ? th liey cmbou thrhegh tul ha op hos. s.heel it 'sec bseauf ohe t urgeste. ey th p'llayen att mtionore to e th greestun tha the wo rds. et>> lta's sitrt whil h lary toclinn. play the so und. >>e i'vlw aaysee b snodomebhoy w be edliev andse rai md inyil famy andh,fait and iit wh my es bls,sing a hadppn oniortuty an d oatblig tionelo hp ot.hers 'sthatt wha i'll dos a pr enesidt. >> m you nightote hav seen it. 's it a sdehoulr shrug. tc wah isth.
9:15 am
am>> filynd ay m itfah. >> ch wat here. e onug shr realady. twohr sugs .here a third. th ere we go. the hat t orickful shoder sh .rugs it's rtuncey.aint ywhene ou'rngsayi ay addede fi- - di tifinive eranswt, ian ccels t our you rtcey.aint d we kon'tnow w thathe cysatalt h is fereor arhilly,ut b it'll hu rter h agmesse. y >>hiou tnkot versk picon up e ths cue onsubcusscioly. >> he ty do. ithis say pteanuut bternd a yjell m ony s,sock sepleaur, yo ai brysn sa d, i uon'tstnderand .that s >>ign ofum hyilit e?mayb >>,not' islw aays ceunntrtaiy. t innihe ustted oatesamf a,eric dwhato youan w ftor lunch? do i knn't ow. sh e's idimplong here. >> 's letoo lkt aon dald p.trum ofco,urse again,e w heard a lot w of hhat he'sad to say.
9:16 am
eo>> p aplereuy bing .it yo nou kwt' is hainppeng. >>at wch his ndhas. re windit. >> s usehe tan hds a lot. e>> hs doe thise mov a slet' ndrewind ach watal dond tr sump'nd has. t >>d urnetoout a be stdisaer. yo nou kw ws hat'enhapping. >> lw i a tays ohinkhef ton mkey th wi the turamboine e,therhe t cy s.mbal ni'mayot s iingto t dipesresct do naldp.trum mthisovee her thate hoe ds co ntnsta rly,beememour yin wd up th y e tothand nke mosey ie lik ,dingng di? t inhe w >> dhat ioes ttell you? t'>> isne conctedit w pheeopl twhohink idoutse oef th box. ea crtive tinhinkg. at thhy's w g youet sneomeoha tt nnrug inr foesprt.iden lhe'l o behen tnt fro lines intalko g t ptheeeoplin comg to in our bo.rder bo rder pa.trol ticreathve nginki. ifou yan wtom sneeoha t htas that segtratity wh crvieatity. t geo int .this h >> ae's chr.oppe
9:17 am
crdemoats aoond l bk ate erni nd saers. yo ayu s to keep anye en ois h fi . nger he>> wn ik talut aboem dtiocrac so iscial'mm, i notoo l akingt zuvene oelar cuba. i' m lngooki aten d amarknd enswed. u yow knot whas goe on inho tse co ieuntrs? >> s teehegi wagng o tfhe ng fier? le t'sndrewi theli cp n.agai heag wss hige finr a. lot 'm>> iki lootng a bacu,en d mark andedswen. kyounowha wtoe gs on? >> wngaggi the fi,nger jenudgmt li s.nger en whe we wav our erfing,s it' mejudgntav wg.erin cepoli do s thrkononis, g thed!roun mayou eey fudl j bgedhiy m. bu st i hein sayget som hhinge ha sgm judent to? dg ju cmentould meco. so onmeoue celd be, lik ise hhe t
9:18 am
>> or rmaeprigndint whas he' intalkabg out. ta ca lystis. >> or aig b ngba. h >> yaveomou c teo ass cla at th ode by itinstute? sp r.eake w >> he'veouad yer he en.ough t' leoos ltk aar mco rubio. fa cialesexpr. sion >> i .do y >>avou hoe tle ctar i up. if ou ydo n't,eo pple say, i t bmust euetr. d hetidn'ut refe it. awwe sha wte h did tor. dar cson in waiohi, wasch w g.wron h >> ieret s.come >>y treygowde cam up with a emstatent, sgayine h nwaso ng loernd engorsi . me at>> wch his face. it's sgdiust. hi pes uppr liin comg ,up eyes d annoseri ws.nkle w >>w e sa hwhatde di d tor. oncars. h >>e's sgdingusti. ok lo athe t brow. 's ite liks he'ro dgppin a no rbn-veal f bomb. d we kon't wnowhathe tal catyst is . c weasan ,sume and m posteeopl wi ll,hy w would someone sdprea a mo ruhar t nt'sruot tet thae w
9:19 am
s weees thi dit.sgus >> t forheto phoshoped photo. >> we tdalkebo autla hilry y.earl weshe reng doish a rug. 's he ngcot.ruen n'i doket lit thaapit hdpene d an we e seconrucong.ency >> iet m jidoe benne o time and i say, let'sow thrim hk bacin th x.e mi the'suyhe gt thaps kee it.real he>> t t way rhisace is ingog, mhehtige bth in ixe mn i a up cole s.week ysalwad goo teo se you. thanyok ou s chmu. > >>in comg ,upro fm "acameri's t go nttale" tour o udstio. oz arpeanlm(b alaseb tl oninv kg bacd)rounwi eath hairt f, lureerdang isysalwath on see ri. sy wmptomsseorcan beuse your heart isn't pumping llwe. er (watng fillim) roo t 50abouce per pnt ofdieople (doge mp whiering)
9:20 am
buert thmee's so thingcan you do. ta yolk to tour docout r abthearur failtme treaoptient ons. e becausmorethe k youhenow, t l morey yoikele.u ar(d.. mpog whig)erin kee to pp it.umping we won d an red he. he re.heand re. , he uhre. ialsoren he. ckbare the. hibeernd he. en evt to nexes th, e in n then'atiorgs la est,deinenpendudt sty, otros metricamjust nveed n rizo onumberwone netrk e for thtififth n a me irow, re he. w soe hen thr guothelays cthim they're st, e bembremeer: th s ere' oonlynune, omberne. an w d nol we'luppay $6 to t50 oswchito te thstbeet nrkwo. othisigne rerht he. ini'm go shag to pre afhoto ogg my effleo wan whes it pop'sthin so interestyg honebeca i'use inm go shag tore a ph ofoto go my ege wafflen i whpst po up. (w erhisp'es) l eggo myggo r:anncde golisn crwapy, anrm ufd flggfy effo wales.l'
9:21 am
do len't crt a d ackeshwind ield yruinplour trfet sa. liteh witlisafe te'sclexe usivmy"on t wayext" yo ku'llexnow y actl wwhen e'll tbe. here vigi yng moue ormetior fha wt ermattsts mo. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. "y ieah,ld cou t usekihat fnd oerengy? typrete sur'sthat n howweuts direerscoved. la r.rabama food rom de my nd son ad i useatchto w thed rerpcahoet s owsn tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictaebl e oninthneg i ted o beedprblictaise be to la freke fe. beca i use sehave u ad headshound s lder yfor 20ears. us uled reg, itarlyov remupes 0% to 10flak of es epinkeug yoot prected ereveky weev, moery h,ntev y eryear u reyomaady ? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it!
9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
na ture valley granola bars. >> : kim hi thkiere d m an dana wa agnerwst nen 3 irya vey bus newsmog rnin withbrngeakis new thatcouentin ps tolay ouret he ca lolly. >> a: danre the peleoper w e otsh cltoose l theas s vega p.stri two ofm the wereedkill. ma a d n ana n womae drovthe ve e hicl tintohe smcoleo vat st ju ouar30nd 1s thirnmo adey h enbet. sho the mawoedn diht rig erthhee, t n mawas kitao ng tanunc d rwundesuent y rgeran d is ctexpeo ed tsue.rviv ira thd imvictwe as asll w d foun ndeadarot f omfrmo harn d anporila s. wit ase thltresua of ghfit at thk tooe.plac
9:26 am
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9:27 am
me l dicaercent t andhey will haverecompivhense rtrepo s on 3news aliveont no datoy. d >> ana:t'lekes taui a qck ok loou at atr weher cafore 71 is d any sunny.toda
9:28 am
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:29 am
th >> ta> ngki l ak oo tat he headlines. prthe enesidd t ant firs aladynd th pue icblre aay pg innafil ecrespodts to ay temsuprure cot st juanice n toniiascal. ro thutugho d thethay, ndousas of lepeopl wil bfiles y hietcask, isas hy bod iliespon ren se i th eae grllt hath of pre sueme co urt. wh scere saliad ervealfor most e thrededecas. hi nes futaral plkes toace owmorr asin wtohingn. > >>ak bre ningews this rnmoing, fa medut ahorpe harr lee has ed di. ow knr n fothe stbele-selr to kill a ckmoiringbd. in,2007 -pthenderesinteo grge usw. bhse pre hntederh wit a idpresalential med ofre fedom r foher tsouintandg ricontonbutis to ama'erics
9:30 am
ha lrperasee w 89. > >>ithosparals poe reg rtinan al ngarmip jumhein tbe num r of fl seu caous arhend t. u.s cioffisaals e y thompredt inan ra stitin h ptinge eopl gis aood h matcthfor rre cuflent u va e ccinthand e ey'rngurgilu a f ot sh a fore nyonhawho t s yeto onget e. e thesbiggskt ripe is ooplever o65thr e osdeunthr age ofe , 2 or tho asewilso hrth c onic esillnses. ex s pertreare encomm ading flu ot sh e foronveryx e sihsmont of e agoland der. >> bi> a tsg ar c ands rafte stor ecis rngallidr hunofeds th ndousa ps ofctroduats th may ve han beeseexpo md toold. e thllrecaol invmoves hare tn 25 0 0,00sepoin fttiarslowe and daholipey paxer bos. th erey wlde somi at l'chaes or stases lart ye. e thaichsan tystha th maere my beonold the ucprodpots, asingk risto pe woplealith ielerg ms toold. umconsshers rouldn etur tthemo aemichfol's fur a efll rund. > >>foand osr th ye ofhoou w lo hive c ackenafnd w, fles , wellnamcdo ild'ssts tewhing at ul co td beexhe ng t big.thin ouit samnds g.azin
9:31 am
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9:32 am
d ans 50back b ha>> t yt'sour ltates fostreca. m >>y mind ires alady ntbe. e'>> wre t >>hrowin it a thewhir, eratev i >> i't donw knot' whas hag.enin i >>uf yoch wat"aed cameri's got nttaleas" lt asseon,ou y re izcognze o arpeanlm. he wowed the jsudgend ahe t au cedienh wit hisag micf othe nd mi. n >> how,e'll try to get into ou ear hitds whma azing kstric. oz oo, gd mog.rnin g >>oodmo g.rnin ksthan forav hing me. >> d weon'tw knoha wt to ctexpe. >> a nleotabe game her on the od "tay" ,showwo tru t athsnd a lie. >> yes. e'>> wlall pty i in a fun way be ecauss it'in agast a almentist. al twaysbehe st.
9:33 am
>> we veha, cesourt ty ofhe "t " oday,show two uttrhs. an d a lie. >> biglie. >> ion d't deecid who esli. youid dece. t' leeps keas it do ransm a ss po.ible ll wi tie, takehear c adsnd mix themup. e'theros nay wou y know which is h,whict wha isatwh w,hos i who. u yotcan' see,theman c u?yo >>no . h >> oand tneo dylan. iholdt c tloseu.o yo an yone y an yoneou .want is th f is yorou only. dlookown and s weeerheth it ys sa o lier uttrh. ho tld i c tlose yoour dybo. we 'll do a thacrowbk. th sere' no waye w c hould ave dhearut abos thi t onhe .show t' leos g wayk bac in time. ypupp love. yo irur fst boenyfrid. fyourirst giierlfrnd. fi rsth.crus a >>ere way s tinghisn o tv? >> e' wllse e. >> okay. >> no w,er he'she t game,ac e ohf tyouhthoug of p thenersoor f ur yo.self ydidhiou tnkf othe rspeon? >>sure. >> sure. . yeah
9:34 am
l iike it. w >>erhoevad h a cardha ttai sd tr iuthois gong t telle m the ut trh. ll te me theea rl rspe fon'sirst me na. i >>'t dont wano t -- >> us j tthest fir mena. i >>ouf yrar cday ss lie,ak me up ak a fe mena. wh veoe irois gong t tell me the tlie,hinkth of eak feam n neow ouso y't donmb stunle o air. li i owke hli wilse wa rvneous. he 's nuservout abo tngelli t he tr uth. no>> , no g,oingk bac -- . yeah >> t oruthe.r li oi>> ghrng t toughcahe g.talo t >>he cogatal of rlgis? ou>> y just g yoteloursfn i bltroue. >> rr soy. >> n' wasmet . y >>idou d it on your own. wo>> t o yfouil wlel t tlhe tr authnend oel tls aie l. slet'o d .it fyour irsth?crus >> . okay er>> hee w go. at wh t wasamhe ne ofr you first cr ush? >> a.laur >> insttereing. iik lehe t way youd saifuit, ll e ey accontt. wh asat w n theamef or you first ve lo? >> y.tomm he>> sit hesated a hair. u yoer nevw. kno ta na ylie, fourirst h?crus
9:35 am
g>>doo menaby, he t way. so lidcechoi. at th d wasitefin telyhe truth. d ion'tnk thiou you wavld he ma udepui qte ae fak name. w ho i dido d it? did you tell the uttrh? mmmm-h. iewillou, ye wer rvneous. tyou toldhe truth, as llwe. syouaid mmtoy, w whichas a yo rou pybable havot nho t oughtf e thst firsh cru in arye is,s at th right? >> t.righ >> iee s you and him and goac bk wtohenhi ts was. th ainkboutn whe --ee sow h you didthat? wthatgoas od. is th s hashiometngo to d with sc .hool ha>> wet ar youki picng up? >> ,oh my . gosh he>> w dnidou yee mm?t hi >> hintkigander.rten holdon. so inmethbog atut i isea rlly nn fuyt thareyou ermembut abo hi m. dcoulav i hend fous thion fa okceboon ori onneli? >> no.
9:36 am
s wa aun fny orsty. on e ,timese cloou yr eyes for me , n.dyla >> tanalie, oklo. wi .llie at wh waso s funnybo autou y and ythe oungn?ma w >> keind ofot g eagng aednd idsawe we reoi g tng goet iemarrd. >> w you gere toingto ge medarri in erkindengart. ok lo m at ieen th e.ey it sedound --eo p dpleon't lie bi g. s if sheaid mmtoy, itou snds ke li r theeal mena, bobby,hi wch s wa his,nameas wn't it? i >>t was. >> itwa,id d youal tk be?fore >> iid d notk talo t him at all. h >>ad youet mim h fobere? o >>n k.brea i >>lk staeder h for ntmohs. >> ha we tveong briby bob t.ou i' mid k. ding d>> i ton'thinkob bby rbeememrs . me ithisays w ckba. l >> set's sayhiometng blnotae. >> am g.azin >>li wile ishi tgnkinbo aut .it yo u're at rkwo. hayou heve t gesreat jtobn ithe d.worl lyou tike imef.of >>. yeah
9:37 am
nt med,ione i'mor wking rdha. thsome aingbout a trip. a iptr, a vaoncati. >>t.righ i >>t wan youo t t ohinkf so inmethg nleotabro fm your st pa. gh riawt iay,an c tell, you dnwoulav't hone dhee t ouobvis. th noining l theyeast r ar otwo, rr coect? >> ghrit. >> oo lkingac bkn ie. tim w homanyea yrs agore a we ta g?lkin >> e,thre i inthk. >> t thald woue havbeenou rghly 20 13? >> '13, . yeah iv>> ge ore. tak >> th is at ghrit? >> ig mavht hene be '14. >> yeou'rhe tre with mesoone. eei s you ilsming. i on d t'tnkhi you did the vi ob ouscechoi. so ermewhn e i the,u.s. iats th co t?rrec >>yeah. >> i feelik leou y dtidn' want to go over the top, agbr.ging i tsawheeg smentit wh veenic d an paris. hthis yas nourame on itn i a dweiry. wa twist is and turn. veenpeloit w yhrou name on it. ta nalie r knorsralllemoras.
9:38 am
d >>o i get a ?trip ou>> yol hd oton ,this tanalie. ll wi tie, yhreeears ago,he wre di d youth go asat w blnotae? >> thend grany caon. >> ayok. ve ha you monentiedt i o anir ev er? >> maybe. l a tongime h >>anow my t hripsaveou yee bn ouin yhor wle ?life >> ndhu.reds ou>> y t'reinhinkfg o a feemal rs pe on,t,righ notou yr wife? >> no,ec bause youai s ndoty m wi . fe >>odgo. >> he said,on d't gete m in ou trble. >> t jusbe to clear,wa it sis h ru le. >> i rip tenop. e'ther ns aote siinde. >> okay. wh hat's er?name >> at nalie ramo les. ea>> rhad ttut o udlo. >> sg eeinleit c, arly hthisad >> erloud. n >>ieatalt wenn o ari tp teo th gr andan cyon andad hhe t best tr veip eitr wh iewill. w >>ide d aw shot a thera gnd ny caon. >> h h >>idow d d youato th? n >>haot todt goi if ytellou.
9:39 am
reyou' edincr. ible oh>> y, m gosh. >> unevbeli. able >> azam ing. >> azam ing. >> that's ibincredle. he>> wre is bobby now, we want th owe kn . >> mi> co ing up, tt onlya ook w fes secondher for tlife o ch ange for.reve sh and be willrfore pe fmingor ext,us nut rb.h azamg!in ve ai have drir. namehis ca is rl. t bu nthat'stot whawe a avll home in cmon. t wetoalked our ors doctt aboutmtreaent wi arth x elto. ltxare is o enprov toeatrd t an rhelpeeduc skthe rit of dv andlope btsod clo. xa reltoalso is ve proren to heduce tk of ristr seok pinple eothwifib, a t canoedusy b heara vat e prlvleobm. pe for witopleibh afcu y rrentlwell ge mana ward onn,fari ther le is imitedfo inion rmatowon h lt xare ando inwarfarre compa in ci redu rng theof sisk e.trok yo , u know wtakingrin,arfai dhad totheal wit tha bl stood teuting roine. uli co hdn'theave a y althd salaerwhenevte i wand. i fod unotheanwar y. , tryeaheneatmwit elth y,hey safetfirst. li llke aod blonn thi ers,do stopn't in takltg xareo thwitaout inlk yg torou ctdoasor, hi tys ma
9:40 am
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9:41 am
eere sonn mopaing zzparabai.n ldwiw threshhis toe a otphphograbeers mforeaaking forun ".r it poo myshr caocmere sks... al ilexa, worl you anotder herf pair oanbresciis. ordere bringnirescia. socks isokay l..ten. n yo candu sela some orwyers meth soing? ng(moani) .. .alec? w nou yon caeacr yterouow ton ouritf yal atli o gvedear n,sttiar ang$1t 992. .oo ch ose 3 ff 10itavortoes oy enjon on ate ple. usplnl uitim sedadal d th ste ber toutaof ily heis t y onereou c ate. o at gliven.arde fpainyorom ayur d h can yauntatou ht nigdo, t n't adl vi gpmesivou yhe tea hnglisl p eeu yoedne, inhelpu g yo afallpsleed an astaypslee ad pmvil r . foala he ingghnislt's eep. mmmm mm mmm mm mm(l teaughr)
9:42 am
mm mmm, mm mm mm!m, m mm mmmm, mm . mmmmt.yoplai upone-r you acup. fdd aew lesimpre ingtsdien a forck snae the fawhol wmilyveill lo. mmmm. do hees t o smellesf a fr hlyun boend prestation yfill woutiith opmism? ldo youyourove el wir ess rdkeyboa re t mocehan fartain mily ers?memb ouis yccesr sue s duilto a fing stem syy onldeyou un?rstand ridoes pg frntinouom yetr tabl y towireour plessrinter gi yve jou at olonof cdefince? if y so,ayou mgear be ricentc. some whone owo kns that the right office grea he u lps yoatdo grengs. thi thand onere's e e plac hasthatit all.
9:43 am
> >>e whilhiwatconng "poce un a me tiut" rh bte wro a songut abo rpeten. pa s >>he pdoste itn oe vin and wi thins day had ,08400ie vws. >> t whamebeca h herinit sgle "l ostboy"hi wch youil w hlear in a few mos.ment ksthan for jngoini . us >> t yhankorou fin hav.g me ou>> yte posoud y srong on -vine- well, sixec s aondsnd th enlu incded more oef th .song ythenoulo expded ovghernindt a no w h youave aor recald de. i >>t's an incredible reco.rd bit'seen ameweso. w >>abhat thout spe inioiratn r fosothe rung, th? wh atke rocu d yoouas ye wer hiwatchang tt? i >> w wasinatchg cannc"oe upon a " timeitand a was pbout peteran d anari sttoted y plaan a rdom ch ord andyr lics and iui blt it of ff o . that nd>> ain v iesit llyeral six co se nds. long
9:44 am
>> howo dou y geteo ps ple' ntatteinion s sixdsecon? i >>crt's azy. i kthine vince forous y to be veryre ceativhi wch i'mnk thaful fo thr at. u yo thaveo be supergi ori nal andll reay wow a thencudiee. me soisone ng goist to ndop a ec chuk yo out or sl crolt righ ypastecou b iauseont's ixly s co se nds. ou>> ye hav a o lotewf viers. do gon't wh anyere. ru wth bngill si b "lostoy" r aftethis. r my haied ishowt. vethen eing rythgechand. tr ininoducg new and improved garnier olia... th lye onai horrcol we pod re0%by 6il os, ze onro ammia ve ti lohat, with olia... .my ..irhaets gttbe ererevtimey u i now n'i do t seeesdryn duls ors.lnes l ali see is shiny, brilliant cor.lo an gd zerorays. it feels so soft and healthy. 's ithe tt bespeexcerien hai r ve evecohad ng mloriiry ha. negaw ier rniaol. anbrillilor,t covi hesibly r ja lneesiko tx miinth ugs 'ats y whe shvelones w light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse.
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
risees onto "y"das iud proly enpres btedy citi. >> pr as edomisre, he i nowsh rut wi b heth tev telnisioeb dut of e th s hit tonghatrt stated i all,t"los "boy. t whereas a teimhe wn ias w ealon n reowhe to gond a nola pceo t ll cae hom m ynl oy fdrienas whe t man in e thn moo a nd evenet somimese hld wou go aw ,ayoo t he tn one ni aght,s i cdlose my ey ies,aw s a swhado fglyin high e ham c teo meit wh the sw steete smile t moldee han w ttedo talk for w a hile h e ,said peter pan, tshat' at wh they calle m iro pmise thatou y'llev n bere ne lo ly nd ar evee sincthat day i am aos lt boyro fm
9:49 am
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9:50 am
andr evein sce that day i am at losoy bm fro rlneve and su u hallyngangiut oit wh peter pan andn whee' wre bored wey pla hein tds woo a slwayth on eun r fromap ctain ho ok n, ru run,t los boy,he t syay to me wa ay from all ofli reaty rlneveand is homeo tos lt boys ke li me nd at losoy bs like mere a free et per n,pa trinke llbe,dy wen rl da eing,venta capink hoo a youyre mfe perctto sokrybo ve ned,rlan i love youo s ou y are now my home sweet me ho
9:51 am
nd aor fay alws i will say i am aos lt boym fro rlneveand, llusuaany hging o wutith p eter pan nd a whenre we' bored, wey pla hein tds woo ay alwsn otheun rro fmta capin ok ho run, run,t losbo y,he ty say to me y awa from allf oli reaty neanverld ise homo t lostoy bs mlikee a osnd lt boys like mere a fr ee neanverlds i htoome os ltoy bs ke li me nd a lost boyse like mre a ee fr ap [ seplau ] >>wow. st ngunni. g >>seet ud toha tt bifeautul ic voe.
9:52 am
fmoreromh rut b. k than syouo chmu. 'r wee back in a mo.ment this is "toda oy"n c.nb
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[ plapseau ] v ocal lnsesso hereh wit ei she.nell i >> a dohell tse tshing now. >> for your vo ice. ec>> b yauseou lostou yoir vce a e.whil w >>vehaterkr wos. w ho are you onhi t fsine fr?iday >> gr eat. 'm>> i soxc eited abouts thi ystor onfr .iday ewe'rng goi to iduntroce youo t uthisp and cgomin side.gner 'she7 ye 2s ard frol qomunseequee.ns york fashion week. it was packed. er the. people lov ehim. si de gns. >>nice. >> iop he youot go tp kee them. >> ll we'k talbo aut . it
9:56 am
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>> 114'" thghthough >> ou ann: ncer nfrombc , news ithisods "tay." withat klehie ffe giordnd aod ha ko frtb, om sotudi a1-n i ck roleefelazr pla. >> he y,ybeverody. racongtitulaons. yo deu ma it tory t day fr,iday fe rybrua 19. ha>> tont's me ofy "c bake tyhe n"ocea by cedn . >>la, la, la. >> 'sit- - ak c te bycehe oan >>,go lori. >> ll reaody goh witthe s.hand o whnv i litedori hllaugin? uyoh bot havehe t malusicte tas of aea17-ydr-ol .girl
10:00 am
ouif yw gre up inhe t 70snd a -- 80 s and 90sr oou ye hav small il chdren ate hom k younowbo aut "f ull usho"e. 'l wetl pui loro t the stte. l>>ook hooow gd sheoo lks. >> no i kw . >> av i howe knnou yce sin w ias 16 yrsea old, ke athilee. >> ?what >> w sheast a e shn' hadtn eve testard. >> wne ca risemince r.late at th's elyxact t.righ avwe he nen each other for.reve sh s e'ethnl o oyneha tt lksoo the mesa. e ths guyfrom finlipposg bton e arreheo tel hpnc iasree the value of yourom heit wh in ibcredefle banore ftd aer ph otos and ouren fridqu sire has another uienbele vably stor that ocannlye b dibescred a as god .wink witliliv ge you ilchls. is>> ms lori,'r youe teexcid? >> i'm teexcid. >> ng goio t be fun.


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