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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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ouif yw gre up inhe t 70snd a -- 80 s and 90sr oou ye hav small il chdren ate hom k younowbo aut "f ull usho"e. 'l wetl pui loro t the stte. l>>ook hooow gd sheoo lks. >> no i kw . >> av i howe knnou yce sin w ias 16 yrsea old, ke athilee. >> ?what >> w sheast a e shn' hadtn eve testard. >> wne ca risemince r.late at th's elyxact t.righ avwe he nen each other for.reve sh s e'ethnl o oyneha tt lksoo the mesa. e ths guyfrom finlipposg bton e arreheo tel hpnc iasree the value of yourom heit wh in ibcredefle banore ftd aer ph otos and ouren fridqu sire has another uienbele vably stor that ocannlye b dibescred a as god .wink witliliv ge you ilchls. is>> ms lori,'r youe teexcid? >> i'm teexcid. >> ng goio t be fun.
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adownnd hearing about .it an hed tlm halark thing, >>rd thi asseon. >> an c't turn onv tho witut you i ont telaly. e thaitrler, unre aion,ll of .it >>pp atlarenery the is big .news al ert. we e havdfoun out t iheres a etstream ned dahori dve in s.texa d>> i bon'tveelie .it >> oklo. ye s. ho da e.driv y >>urou se it's not rhoda and inmissg a erlett? >> it's .ho da hout ps theo h in daho. >>ig tonht uglah, . lori ai>> wt a mi.nute it'srt staing not to sound alre. ob>> bbyin ple cal id itn. t ishis a joke? he>> s drovey b the sttree w ith huher dsban bing bycros who dn dian't wto tto sp so s sheent aoo ggle map.
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th r eateor aie movnd ahe t lepeopun aroud yo are hag.ckin htheyaveds col orez sneer o at wh.ever [ congughi ] >> it pphaens. [ zesnee ] >> t is doe pphaen. i w aorry mboutfyselou cgghin an d zisneeng. n'i dotit nohece wner oths are do iting usnlesis it si contsten neand oxt t .me i iv gee th k-stin eye. s>>he'sot g a steyink-e. >> ido. >> rehe's the inthg. do tesn'te mathar wt i k.thin itat m wtersthhat e wrritem fro th eel tphegra .says th i inke lif hnsappend aft oen s timeouif y are ,sick no,on d't go an reywhe. n' dotec inft ybanody. th wat'shat ial cl lfseish. >> . yeah d>>on'tec inft adynybo seel. t buom sesetimeb somodyks waly b iand get ame sllf ohe tir pe e rfumomor sngethi and irt sta to sn.eeze th at iid dn't cause. do gin't ve me eth snakeye e- - [ sneeze ] >> f i yavou he a ldco,s thi
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i atwas ic rh- -richwi -- lle wi solkern erwilks son'chchurmi in ami. i a had cold theee wk fobere. lti feet bter. u yo get ati .ckle wa i nes fi forou h arsnd -- >>n theyou cn'ouldtto s apnd u yoneed aou cgh . drop >> itap hdpene inhu crcho s i sthad uff imatmediely. be e caustheye car about oppele. yifeou'r in the terheatnd a ey the hav mpaidoney to see a , playthey't don like you. >> thete wriror f the traelegph nt we to aho sw and was sops uet wi eoth pple ugco.hing he wre's shathe h tado not that thisum han vnoolcaf o ph legm was onale. frfar omit. he hadom cs radehein t fhourt w ro bdehin and toy mri ght. w itas agh couing cironsp acy sfromtart to nifish. >>yeah. e sh tsayshey need tort sta ngmakiou annenncemts ,like ea plouse cld theud ae ienclestif any ugcohs. e thnwomand souse lik a cur mud jo hn. >> setifl isth. >>if le enhapps. pe copleough and eesnze. no bodyan wts tops uet --ou y kn ow.
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ac rto orre actssn o agste. it a is ti cri lcaleinnd a a big ug coh or sn. eeze r >> oinhe tdl midf e othein le yoand tu ge radist.cted ouif yan c't get out and peeopl e arps uetau becseou y n areot ly ongh couingnd ane sgezin and inhackoug, y'rery ting toet g ugthroh, slitumbng all overhe tm an eyd the havis msed .it he>> w ynou get akl tice and you n' ca ftind aou cgh ,drop ts hat' wothe ferst el inng i the world. >> y theo alse hatha t itn tethears. >> p stowhg.inin avwe he aay w toel hp if you aneezot l orr youid ks .do th avey hene bech teaing peeopl neto s iezentoou yrar m. >> thelb e. ow t>>s hi ais esn e.ev i it ss aeneez argud. usit mt beor f drchilen. yo utu pt in or you arm. i >>et g ,it jo anne. >> s thiupis sdpose toe b so the ki d walksun arodh witthisnl oe all y,daki hacndng a sinneezg
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w>>chhius mbet ra attectiv at th de en oef th day. >> he tne wip youre nosn ot i --and e w. ke tat i offnd a throwt i ayaw. i itns te drsolla for a ckpa. g >>ood idea. buttu picre the kinids le ho scol. it l wilbe a g.thin n ca you preictu it? >>e wer you a mean rlgi? i >> o wasn the rvieceindng e of me iran gls. >>yo if reu we a doghi w bchreed d woulloyou ok like. we ho swed dimereth. >> e her is miteredh ander h dog lo ok alike. sh e's ake docanr spl rer sepanl llye. t >>heych mated me up ton a anafghn istahound. 'swhatng wro with lori? ug[ la ]hter w>> iasen offd decabeeus i do t n'oklo leik that. >>ou y kind ofdo . wete wan tdo try aernoth preictu
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>> ynoou kw ?what rs fi at ofll, wshat'h witthe ha mowk? , oh 'sit also nnfuy. knyou ow ?what ug[ la ]hter a >>igll rht. .okay m i' a lepood. a >>y verut ce po.odle m i'tno a lahighhind wte rr te ier. at>> muet laulr wo ad be gn erma hesheprd. >> y. oka k >>ofind . >> weri tedeg ris and he's a tabritny. >> t than'doesokt loe likrej. >> it's f tunooo lk at m.hi t >>ishis anapp? >> ha ws t wait? >> youan wt uso t do you? t>> iil wl beik le theer pfect g. do wlikee wanto tee s atth. >> why dsoe myoo pdle get
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why pickha tt one. he>> tey arha cg ngins.the a.t. >> i hated it. >> e hav yourd heabo aut the new ve n?rsio t>> iheres nooc varabuly iosectn. it'sdead. u yol wilbeui qzzed in math and thenidev-benceased rngeadind a wr g.itin >> i adylreaat he it. >> sohe t vulocabaryor wreds a t inhe rngeadi andri wting gm seent. so h you tave konow howo t use e th,word notus jtor memize it th wish flads carhe t way i did d anor fget every one. hi>> ts is aam geo t show how up ste id ware. i >> adylrea .know >>ha we arve hd s.a.t.ds wor fo oundn buvoca.claryomo t try to ss guet what i me ans. he>> wsre i o thenet mosel liky tor hea a -- he>> ws re ionet mos lylike. t >>shat'ha wt i idsa. y >>aiou sd "the one". >> t' le gset ckpiy. th nat'sheot t rdwo.
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>> hi ts is ditefinately the gym. >> 'sit viob ous. an>> pea mns -- us>> jyt sa one. be g.wron as>> blebal game. i t don'.know >>wa ardser cyemonau becse it is iba tr wute ihichsha wt id. sai [ owbls reraspbry ] >> be numr wh oichef thol fnglowild wou be sc ded ribeas techrpsiore an? >> ve noril, cminalri tal,let walal wtz or a soe?uffl et>> l me kbrea it . down >>il i w wl goith l.nove [ buzzer ] a >> wa ltz. d>>ibescresng this hgavin t doo th wi ncda ing. s >> ie therone more? i hope not. he>> tt las one. h whicheof tlo folwingou celd b de bescrid as --'s let seef i u' yosre art smas a we are, rilo.
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st paana, fcy tehol,ib ssling or a d goo t'nighs eeslp. >> iug thoht lenssbia. >> st paa. [ buzzer ] w >>thayo do inu th ikt is? >> cy fan l.hote >> oh! >>.no he>> tor restas h esendls sy tibaric amieenits. t >>wahat s prdengessi. i >> wasri ght. ha>> tounk y for atth. >> 'sit timeor f our - - f>>riday y!funn [ htlauger ] >> ri lo, youns a wwerhit daho. it s wasod col- - >> howd colas w it? >> te insadf oli yelng freeze, e th jcomeustl yel edo g ou e!tsid t>>wahat s odgo. t >> i swaso cold -- ow>> hd col was ?it - >>-ch hitrshikee wer hngoldi up preictus of umthbs. wi heth tir ovgles. >> no. >> i't don write these.
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h >>owol cd was it? >> - - gra'andpees tthe wer techat, ringinhe t asgls. >> oneut o of e.thre >>two. outwo tf o th ree. ll>> aht rig. h weaave ul flou hse today. 's itve enul flerec bausek loo swho' here- - lori. nd fi outt whahe s'see bn up to vthatyerew fen wom have or so we inthk.
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> >> w shenlas oypo supsedo t be in sixso epi bdesut the fans ve lodi lorhllougoin sh muche s pl edayun abet y ckr fovesen onseass. >> n sheowrs stan i ls"cal the he aart"ndhe s'll beac b ikn the otrebo of ul"fl e"housal cled ul "f lerho. use" >> and she andle unc ssjeeti sll go t it, enve aerft all tsehe aryes. ta ake oklo. >> d gooinmorng. [ rschee a anduspplae ] man, oh, man, i'm haexd.uste o >>eah, yh ? lfromast ghnit? >>o. n fromki walngp u andow dhen t ai sto rs tthe tiatc. wemade that climbry eve day for ve sen s?year >>hm mm-m. noon wderr yout but waso s firm.
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et>> le m-- i did says?wa i ea mnt is. ki ss me. >> oh! t >>herelw aays was a l ootf ngloving goi ,onas wn't e?ther w>>ere youot bhgl sinace bkn i th y?e da >> no. i was medarri b>>kac enth? >> .yeah wa i sar mried toom seonee els backthen. >> en were't w all? >>t i enhapps. >> i dveiscored big inthgs. hayou eeve bn medarri tos thi eogorgus iantali manor f how lo ng? >> he'sro falm cniifora but immasso. 's he aou snther coralifnia boy. we e havbeenar mried8 1arye, ge to athertlmos 22 or thsomeing. >> yo so ued liv and arle ned. he>> toure y go. >> hasow wt iet g btingack with yoeverne? di u d yo istayn touch? >> wree weay alws inou tchit wh ea ch heotr. i soast wn't keli, oh,we we re ngseeih eacer othor f thest fir .time mothe st emnaotiooml m wentas lkwag in tonheou snd agste, ei seng the
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xa>> e tctlyhe same. >> ct exaly thesa me. we e werinarguatg th c the ouch was dienffert. . no adwe h aig b cgerouch bthack en. th asat w m theost ioemotnal. an stdingre theh witou yrir sc pt and beingn osetit wveh edyrybo wa s easurrl. th t en iwase like wel flac bk to in our old rmhythik lee w ne verftle. t >>hosee werpy hap s,year t >>wehey re the best. e onheof tt bes ifot nhe tt bes jo hab i veve er hadas w ul"fl us hoe". >> al usueoly parple e on a show afor le whi -- >> es bt iniotentns. >> you n'cat. >> d weid comeet togasher a fa .mily r weyeall do loveh eac heotr. bosomedy at tfneelixsalix hid iave ne wverdorke on a showre whe i ve han see a castly truon b ldike yous guyav hede bon adnde lov ch eaer oth that y.wa e >>boven b t.sage >> we love bob! e th new show ne"ols calhe t t"hear s onyunda t,nigh h i ave
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e tht cas ofde wonrful ciaanadn rsacto in ouvancver. we e havsathe me orrappt. th wat'shy i love thisew n show. >> i can't believe it's season 3. >> w.wo ou>> yke taldut abot ier he fo bere. >> ha tt's aea bulutif se.ries >> t i. is >>lm hal darkoesre gat work. >> arheret, gat mo-itherwn-la.rals yoeveranne cch wat it. i' m d.prou >> didou ynk thi if theul"fusl hoe" wo beuld so ic. onic >>di synoncati kept it ivale. avwe heen gioeratns of fans that re we bn'torn whenwe we re .on y >>e ou'rnot ddkiing. wo i liuld kewo t toe comve or w. no tt lileei rlly and heres bt friend esree. >> !hi he>> tamy ceo tyosee u. 'l wet l cuto crcommeinial a co send. ithiss ryeill and e.rees >>.hi yo meur anrical gir s.doll w >>e'llak te ame comlrcia br eak. fit'sun teeo s you, . kids he>> wn wee comback, a fune gam
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wh brich oeedfog dor li is. n'dogot anheyw. re >> a buteaulif one. > >>plushe t guys from "fppligin
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> >>ar we eac bkh witi lor hllougeain rdy for a fun tarivi me ga. rs fihit, wrech bed of i dogs ri lo? l >>t et ibe ad goo one! >> am se as you! yay. >> iud sydenlik le my br eed. he>> toure y .go y >>ouie lads adrey? w >>arhat e we indog? >> t jus arnswe the quonesti. >> et g ready! t >> fvyamil iitr ca n't.
10:22 am
the ilcowgls, aam fily bandt tha edgainul popy arithein t 6019s. >> the pidartramge f ily. ha>> wt? ll[ begi rinng ] >> s it' anud aio tiqueson. na heme til famyed comhay tt at fe turedhe fwiollongg sons a ththe eme .song ov le andar meriag l anove dri marage >>.yeah h, oo al y,bund ar"mriedit wh ch enildr." >> n >>thame se thowhat freeatud th mie faitly weh thlo folwing re the drchil-en - ,d.j. becky an dendarle. >> oh! >> "rnnoseae"! >> .yeah >> ik i le it brette when p ilay on .tv >> t wha youal tking t,abou wi ?llis w>>t'haths que ties on? >> you hit the erbuzz. >>e nam gary macolen's ch tearacr. his name is wi.llis otthe her one. >> y,he llwiis. ar !nold >> , ohyou got e.on
10:23 am
>> iid d kn'tnowou yle yelutd o a neli. ite madno e.sens >>as bned ipr sieingfwhld, ats i th mie falytu fea irednhe t ng loest cosit-m. >> py hapda ys. >> ve lea it to be?aver >> no. e th mpsi!sons >>oh, i't don- - >> t whaelse? >> av i hvee nerat wched it. >> one more. >> fouams seecrn .grab te ll usha wt family show it's fr om. >> b therady bunch! >> rilo! th eri pzesre a aslway telerrib. l >>whook at i get. >> oh! >>le"fulr ushoe"va aleilab br fe 2uary a6nde "onls cal the he art"hi tsda sunny oal hk.lmar l we'ligbe racht btek afurr yo ca lowsl neer, evy.ybod m so dy dsavon't h fore toage,tw got to jobsy a o pagamortge, d anve ai'o lst a goaibrn.
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> >>ouif y arenk thiingf o ru sp ucingoup yr ,homee whave tw ouy gs wanho cp hel out. te pedr an j.t., realat este dd buanies ed thta sfrs o pp"fliboing ."ston htheyidave teashey say wil l addgg braing rs ightto any home. n'i calit betheve reey ahe re. so dymebo. st juin sayg. me so ibodysen friitds wh l altyrigh. at wh w aree gngettita s rted ?with inmoldg? f >>.irst oudo y see?that >> dot i aiagn. me co ,on ncfay. th weere go. >> ta fan.stic hi>> ts is a be.fore
10:30 am
is th s ismicrea fngor .it e therheis tef b aorend the r.afte is th is mpsile. mpsile. th isere ol a criumn ght e.ther >> .nice ro>> cwn ldmo.ings er th ae is splitor befend a te afr. 's it mpsile. ajustdd aum colnn i there. it es mak a big dienfferce. >> naorte, too. >> trigher he fobere. tpushalhe wl back atl lite bit. c werowns thiff o a le th wat'swehat didh wit it. >> gee, iis wh c ildouee s it. y >>ouou w lldove isth. >>.wait ke ta a look. t>> ioo lkszy cra c uoolpre the on the wall. look. it us's jret the psiecef ooo wd put thtogeer. >> i .know >> youne kw .that h>> iitave ll a the time. >> then tthaoe gs upik le atth.
10:31 am
>>ac bk rsfit. ld moing. th haen tt e.piec go es leik that. es doitn't k loo ?good >> h youbeave ipen d ipingnto my uf stf. h >>ere we go. >> ng goi .back he sre i the rebefo. w >>shat'ng wro wthith e rebefo? >> be,foreas blyical wedd a ed this in .here veyou'ot g toav he style. u yo thaveo put a leittlwn cro inmold.g on 's it too plain. th e temas,rial $500 and r.labo not peexe.nsiv p >>lusr you "lh.ayba" it as h an r. t >>ishis th at ge bi box store. easy,upas ey do.wn w >>s hat'that brisith? >> 'm im frodo lonovn, le. a >>igll s>>ceinn whe areou yro fm lo ?ndon on>> hest, i am. >> t ies com t.ou yonow buhtroug it outf o me.
10:32 am
>> s thiisth anoer binraggg gh rit. awere showing you how seimpl it . is rewe ami fra ongut the wall he re. no pw weut theal wl .up hi>> ts is a faux plfireace. bi ang bg for your buckit w hout kibreaheng t .bank pu t in anle ecctri refie.plac ithiss asplter. itoo lks leik concrete when fi shni.ed erthise the dye. ho epme dot, $6. itput n oik le isth. a >>hend t fheinisd thing? >> in fdishe odpruct. keli atth. >> r theighthi tng is on tv. >> erilectc refiacple, elmant. we ge'll t erthe. we e havthe elmante.piec is th isua act allyn old barn. s from from .here mydy budar cvedt tha out. he s doeal it lhe t .time pu reedrpos the erlumb. ithishus a dndreea yrs old and it 's inamazg. >> inre theer, the,re the you d coulput fls.ower >> nice. >> oh, see?
10:33 am
a vahzf o fls.ower >> wait, is that anct eleric fi acreple? >>ecel.tric w>>hore a the gooood-lking esladi. >> oo latk he t esbodi. >> hoda andly kel ripa. i >>f yout wan tino sk this, isths ideunr two leti ,$2 aqu sare otfo. di enfferlot cor. is tha is ke darr .gray ctheyomen i beige. al renily ce. olotsf chs.oice t >>hat adds ,0$100o the t job. ep keha tt in ndmi. i >>ddt as vlealueo tr you meho. >> yes and .no is th one i say adds luvae. no w yavou he ait spl face .tile puthe tm toergeth. >>omboka-chaa,-lak who'sr you y?dadd >> iik le itor me othn ee sam pl ane. slooke likbosomedy wasn ihe t e.sauc 's it ahe tme with you. >> s thiisea rl onste.
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alre onste. th ddis as 00$2,0o t ,0$400. realst one. >> ahye, baby. >>s thiis aic ne ciclass oklo. ai agn, rpoepursed lu.mber t pu that thtogeer. and tshat' aas g refie.plac yo imur sple demowol, t angrd. uper heou ynd spe 00$6,0 to $7 .,000 d>>reiffent house. >>ot ls of onoptis. >> ayok. an thk you. >> souc m -h-'m iso rry, . hoda ig>> rhtth on efe lt bea.goni i' m sorry. we b areanack dll we' give you egoos bu mps. nd>> a how toea whir wte and do r itights thiin wterer afts. thi ha>> t gnks,uys. o want t yougrowirr har? longe it thentohas ro be stnger! fructis reinves ntthstrengfo ir.r ha ne uctiw frows grg. stron e thtopower e ha makp ir u to ro10x st.nger on e, owgrtron sshg anampoo d itcondioner
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
an jehis, wte on white. >>'s sheea wring ate whiim den nyskin .jean ai avelablt a 'skohl. is thyo is ur wrintehi wte mixed th wi off itwhe. vi oby ouslin the sneaso now wi nter e,whit offhi wtere a the s tone syoud houlbe weinarg. of f set it whit n,ta celam and ta eup and stuff. we aeddd aud need wgeh wit it. ay pling adrounit weh th locors. we kepthe t jryewel maminil. >>t' tha stypret. >> c youanea w drreiffentin kds of itwhe. >> soablylute. x miandch mat .it 'sthat the sinlimmg tiqechnue to lo ok slr,endeon lgnd a lean. >> ma anda has aut ce white ilpenc skirt. iov le this ckjaet. >> soablylute. th jetackero fewm nk yor and ancompy. in n expeesievut b ylstish. re he we hecinc td inhest wai with a ltbe. en th theen pcil irskt. re legardfss oha wtol cheor t t skiris,t iislw asayoi gngo t be th s is ifrom bugtrlinon.
10:41 am
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10:42 am
y, he rlgi. m >>ore icnautal. >> ex y.actl i wdante to do a spin on utnaalicit wthh ble k acd an uptaane bed e ig asllwe. enthhe t erevodybway s nttono kw how to arwe ahi wteap csri ttha i'tsn to o eeshr. th s is ifroman lds end. ddwe a mede etaic lk--et mcalli sh oes. is tha is la fth wit tseasl ac ontiro fm aerool s aess llwe. e thetjack is cn alvinkleim fro &lord ortayl. itee kps aua casl oklo. >> h wit wthehite pants you see u anwenderar neli. it h'sardo t wear white ntpas. >> h you tave hoave ahi tcker nt pa. at thhe's where tye pol csteromes in . >> and j jey.welr s >> cuperfrute omur btolingn. >> let'sng bri out the laesdi. >> thksan, nidese. w >>as itus jt anc coiceiden or
10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
tledo an aisstonhingod g .wink >> w iasil thr wlednhee jak ke asd meo td rea hisoo bk re .port i ha cnged some sinpellg andd tol hi ham wt aat gre j hobe had do .ne e thmena oef th bwaook s "shoot r fothe opho" about a little boy wh oed lov to play skballetba. wh heen t boy cameow dnh wit a ouseris issllne hisen parts wo 'tuldn letim hla py oranyme. na fillyhe t drocto andoa cch inconvhiced ms mo itou weld b sa ndfe a he ended upco sring the in pot to t winhe mega. that ineveng,he wn i gotho me, i ll caed my son and htdaugn-er-itolaw ti menhaon t t somethingro tduble me. thatak je ldookell reay thin. his mommy a saidhe s adgree and ha red aladyed schuled aed mical an chp ge-uforda mony afooternn. te lada mony iot gn arm alaing ll ca. my son mattas w cnghokiac bk te ars. he told meak je had been nodiagwised thuv jeenilia dsbete
10:50 am
wa i sea nrly chspeelessisdinoagsis. my sond sai theoc d wtoras edamazh wit ithelintelgent es quedtionng youe jaksk aednd a pe wopleere awed tjahat ke se temedono kw elyxact what to do en, eved piciatrhiing sge finr t toest his d.bloo k inewmm iteedialyt iwas aod g .wink llof ahe too bnks i theib l rary cjake houldaveho csenor f his rbookt eporhe hadke picd ot"sho fo her t opho" w ihichs about a y boh witen juvile etdiabes. asit w not coincidence, i was su re of .it th oke boas w put inja ke'sds han topa prereim hor f wwahat s to .come toand keep himro fmng bei ra afid. ar gen'todin w ksndwol?erfu y >>es! ey th are erwondful. >> they are. >>t wha aet swe st ory. be>> fuautil. >> ky vic rteporha tt is jake, wh o turns8 1n o ndmoay, nt cosinueo tag mane his jiluvene
10:51 am
ju ikst lhee t boyn ihe too bk he nt we on toy pla etbask.ball as a srenio inh higolscho he's inplayseg baball and otfo.ball >> . whoa he>> tes msageth of ore stsy i tisomemesgo we ou thraygh dsn e co riuntengan rdom deacci wnts,e k thin atheyre oneft aer an r.othe whbut yenouul plac b akndoo lk t atheig bgertu picre, you see th heat tsre i ani magntfice de .sign it 's all put theogetr godin w k odby g wink. >> t' thas ghrit. th yoank u so .much f>> iou ye hav a godin wk y,stor swhatd houlthey do? >> re sha it on gkl and .chodaom. we e lovthe sts.orie >> youig meht b in hist nex ok bo. we be'll ac bknd a she's st hyaleric.
10:53 am
10:54 am
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10:55 am
avwe he sq'suire ,wife louise, e onheof tos mt biarillnt feemal esimprissionn ts ithe wo rld. r >> olefema rsimpeoronat. i >>er nev know who'm i wgakin n upext . to >> itou celd b judge dyju. oudo y see sdtupin o my fo adrehe. >> or itou celd bhe catrine urhepbn. >> fr or an dreresch. m >>aybe 'sitar mge mpsison. t >>hatld wou be cool ift iwas rt ba ,man. thatld woure be cally hool,ey. >> what if ist wa --ar bbara lt wa ders,o . it ar>> bbara erwalts, oh,a hod .kotb i veha inietervwedve ee ryonfrom be rort reddfor-- to >> see atwh i ?mean >> 'r youe inamazg. >> soh muc love. t >>shat' all lkfos. >> in comg ,uphe t mriystees of alaurr staeb dra inmessg. >> dos thi as geeorg rnbus. >> et gea rdy.
10:56 am
>> te whaver she said. al so jenny atsle, lou ermanf. dini nd>> a my netrair! h>> aaveat greee w, kend ybeverody.
10:59 am
rgi foheot tm. >> t odayonac rhael ray love is inhe tir aas winiding aee wk coesm fornf ugeorabttle colunconsi. i>>'mtt brireney ated ding hunter f2 our ye1/2 arsow n andlo fve o myif le hisas d.ease>> you nelov lfoe urho s rtdaysag ond ari by ttnerpsuserider h slou meath witclmirae chtelonoygha tlot al hwedoim t see heror fe th vyer first meti .>> yaou cn seee hr. >> yeah. b>>ut hrunte h sad aisurpre of shi own. ne>> ong thi tcohat uldak m ehitset bter.
11:00 am
oh, mshy go. . a>> ondur teawm as tasked with puinllg off ts hitrexrdaoariny event in o mneoremleab week on day tw h tlcd elpesaheary yes heto tss dre . w>>ow.>> day three regisr teyda. ou>> yen wopt shgpinve or a d,bel ban b andndeyo ahend t ycidetoded coverr youir entere rygisty bnnsiinedgv oer $6restgi brysiy ednng inerov $600,0n o trehe. .>> nd an o day fourre the inedcrleibak byerincredible bakeries battle datoty ou to bthake weeir gddin keca. >> we'reoi g wnghite cakmnurbe three. >> ands it' bee allan ledingp u to tish.>> nt huer and brittney are getting married tayod. dan n,ow ae ruyo rdeafoy r chraela? . a>>igll rhty. lcweome,ry eve.body r>>elacha: od tay'sw shoisa


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