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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ldunfoing inth nor v las egas gh riw.t no one baouby feand dd d anotanher ba adby bbuly ase. tw pao see rats casehiof c ld ab use,quonestici fang cepoli ni to wght,ho ispo reslensibr fo r theiriinju es? > wivre lee whcepoli ve hat juspewrap ad upws ne co ennferce altelocandd a sedenie , ths casethouat y de unndrsta art e noterelad. >> es yis it ew somhat uaunus l at thy theulwo cd beniombing twthe seo catos inolbuone t as 'r weare le, ning bothta deenisd th nla-- t jus wthis eek. apa atakek, loos thiheis tti m ve la, ndersibabyg ttinondfrie rtsfi onve mldth oy babte ing po sliceashe wst frud rate when r e th wbaby nouldtoot so,yicr ng. at thld chi t wasn hrownsagai t on wathe ndll app dron ed o his she head, d dieuafebr.ry 5 er sethe ccond 3ase,ar6-ye -old nc ej ala andri wblesngorki andequ
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du aringen sevth mon b old aby bo toy in c hisinrib ervemb . hemedfferveirrelersibn blak ai brman dage. ai agotn, bsh jut starrehied t s ek we afanter atd th it etest d d anget thheem ts lesinensiv ve inatstig.ions >> ar p, ents yourtinos ce i thsomeing sepleak asquonesti s. ll te onsome e. so al at sathe imme t e we want heto t battbysianers d tacare.kers liferis oic unledens. ouif yw're inatchg ov cer a hild and fiyou ound yf rselgengtti us fredtratan or gry morr ad o for evwhateer r, asonketa a ti t.meou >> a nowr s foarch ges, ndlaveer s facecoone ofunt rd muther, reetscounch of ild e.abus strobue onofld chise abuth wi tasubsl ntialybodi rmha . it neonher e heof tys baberitts evhad ader hy anacconttht wi ps c rebefo . t bu bothghtonihit bend rsba . po reg rtinvelino in larth s
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>> i its caso sfored r repa nts i wknowho cayou usn tr t to ctakeofare r you ki ds. no fw at ive,mepotro lice ieentr llkioner t wightho otsh o twn wometo atde th ontrhe sip d andewounmad a n. j >>caessi: v thencioleaie ag n th wia out inparkrag gat ge a ra mi mcleatile hntparec clo ll hod.ywoo leand ccothe olsmop itana:leva t. >> im j : 'rwevee lis las vega lastghni t. o dtedeivct hese avy anid wea ho eythrucurkwoloing ngoki r? >> vis avae ridescn,ptioal a me isin h rl eas y 20g ivin120 5 to cyota.amry e we'rinbeg to ilda s rvey vi tolen t. 'r weare heing freoom pwhple o wo errk hone als e lavetrgas ip on howconerni ig it s toes inconto ue t hearouabest th e ol vintcide s. >>aclltuavey han beedohene t th 20 . >>onleisard k taling ouab t working here along the s la s vegaristgup rerlatora i ise my il famy.
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ci in odentn sthe htripimas h nc cod.erne pe>> hopletoave e wakup er the e arr othepeoule t er th ysideeloursab a th>> ayey sig a ft ht a the uce etplanly hol lwoodo ed t co tishoot ng antan icterse ion. o twn womedeare onad, n e ma the ouseriwosly deun d. c op pehole wto -- t urisheto t crnsh ngooti c arernonce ed. >>ifmy ws e wandsecoss-gue ing w usngalkin dowstthe forip r at thso readan to y. es>> at thes maks guy tlike odd ewh ndo hat s ouoncoupr s fo s h s,showre ext nmelyvoerbous a ut ol vi tencewohat hauld tppen his mo g.rnin en i'>> rem sure the p aree eopl e that look at and say hey, maybe that is not -- those ciinntdears the a ptexce ion. es tedeivct test ha have r eisurvllance video identifying the suspect and the car. a dark gray 2015 taylor camry iv dry en baca bln k maisin h g rl eas.y 20 a stheyhiay tkes ma s a l entrem idoust mpachoon tpci
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in a safeennmviroanent d r thei racames evheerywore s i t don' k ey thn cat jusliact nike a mals an wd dothhat ey twant.o do >> anlid poarce e ngaski for your thelphtonigtr to y an d nd fi m anyore rminfon atio on wh at haedppenre he. ey th a areinviewg su llrvei vance ideoof t thee hre erdiffinent ntcides to a try nd li nk emth t allheogetr coand me up h witmoonre hest esusp ct. we l wilhaorve me inatform ion co ming aup00t 6:. las ve gas st brip,toack e th . >>jea:ssicla a s vethgas at is e undr ar nrestacine d cusean in tamo dethe ofath 1 hisar2-ye -old enro whson llo kiimed h wself sgu n. en -y 31olear-n d mabunot sssine q ilchabd e usarchs ged anysbo c ckde . le ma ssttreth is the faouer b ght e th tgun,oyhe b t usekeo ta it r e thsslese ut i ttoe ak lite ik isthee wndke . it s il stilr unde stinveioigat n. >>m th teyteaseo pe,plhe t l re thope pen le oolle wa
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mvpr ntegnaen wom . i otdo nge foratt whpe hapatned c e thy bunnh ranchoand a y po imt rtans it i wthatkee ma a is th. and re an thu.k yo ise es>> j: sicaon ammdy bun is cse g llinvehis n rsiohaof w t rswe ownt d an atte provest o r , fe l dera alands t hicarevo ble nc raarh newoly trs yea two etus s yearnoago w. athi ths fas er ictexpeo ed t be ubr t ough tbacks o las vega from imor segonafoon grter juand ry 1 iheretendicm d hi non ar umbe ch haof c rrgesedelatth to e on ch e thd stanndup ake bunllr bi . s cl enivun b wdy aasesrrd teenwh sheppte oed tff phenelan i po ndrtlahi on y s waeeto s his dy we figeln or ad armepaoccu tion .egon s th both of avem hsoe aln beeers a di in fctedheor tke brollr wi ot pr est. qu es>> j: sicaem remcebrane . aepr enesidamt obd a ant firsn dy sac elmichbale oayma pthing j_ d sp reatect s themeuprert cou g. a ea atprivree ce wmonyelas h d as ijonmy f fory,amilen frindds a the inremasuing e premt cour icjustees b tforemetcaske sit
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isiju e sticiascale ll bedburi e mo to.rrow l >> ithise s thesbiggart li e ve i'r eve.seen tei p , evenlli wi w payevhat en or o marco rubi hsaid ae is ar. an end whol a piaiticysn sa ot anpoher cilitiisan ia a l r, i havedofvenearr heatd thicofobe re i rco sfeltodo go . j >>caessioe: dpus reanblicndo pr enesid ctialdaandionte d ald p truminlettt g ouclhis t oses n va ris.l senedor tz cru piwrapp ng urhis rihetofoc be rrtomos ow'danevadecrdemo atic uscaucutd solicaro na's blrepu>> j : an d itdesps e histlate rati de, tr - im -trumuicronse cestinuca vol e thosn in op.trum ur ey thw sho ssome ltillg ivindin s h soutlicarohina ws ch iin5-pou r ea ah cd ofe ruis now. ma rurco isbio ni runhing ty rd but owfolly ed b jeffo, west john ickasosan- -among the ahatop d li pa 16 ointn.adle . e es>> j: sica i andoillin s na mechce ngallecre ins easel gh ri rt toorun fsi pre dent usbecauce brs e wa iborn c dcana la cewrence joykitaisng h
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to cr buise oeinghen t ilislino im prary otballt lef nextje nth. ech maris inintae ed h is ap r bna l tura cbornenitizce sin hisr joyce ermotham is u ow knal donumd trs p ha also been aw re thinaten sg to suicrvese o r e thusassuis e. n ina evad t,nighis it alliac ou abe t thcrdemo aticiia es prtiidencaeidat ll hiclary n intoand be rnie ersand s. >>m:jier ththe bo reheth in e st poer owsh tingache re r fo ithemckn ne d an hneckineadg to inor tom.row nd saisers ti getng bia rsg ve us ni ght frheom trk cla co unty k blacucca us. >> assicoh: jaytrlonor ok at thene kvadaauid c cus,he is li heve wre thnde saraers lly is ingettg deun.rway >> weju're bost an ut aurho ay awm froa ncco tert,hen rn beanie s sderset toak spe re he at re p8:00at.m. the acarr vi pa ilionererhendatson en gree ll vaarey p.kway s it ilathe testaicampvegn e nt a ldathe asta hn beeaotypret mo bu n sy idaneva . d t --nihe ualvers t wasenhe c ter iof p theicolitnial ue.vers in e icamer a. saun fo>> llr hiclary n into
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the ia e white houshemarcghs rip r ro ththugh lve sitaer s te. >> ct iss aucu oian,ayne d r before democrats will head e thuscaucuncalos tionalto t^ti to e argucenvinh eacr othe th h rougrkcla tycouneg del ate an d whvao ne da'sidcand ate sh ouldbe t is iusa bda ilwe wt l le cthisesongr tsmano u. yo it>> is ysalwait excing here velas bugas t we have idcand ates ahereurnd sterogas aland esl ey o aren ne.vada we>> ca tughthe corengwossn me inbetween campaign opst s. e shis rkwog ine thonph, es in rydustd an en rkwothing rme foslat et cr sey etartaof saste latgas a a y ralletto g t outuco ca us. >> yifou are tatre fedrlai y cin w thelaorkpouce y a aree morgre s od prveuctilo emp yee. >>e whiltoclincun fohesed r dspr anide vad ne bda'sstigge
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do wn. >> u yodocan t it, ihereo s n onreas w whyn'e ca it. >> sa suonrand wast fron an ntd cepler, d aye l t al over tey tr alsociia med . ab is thpa camseign glemintsy ge x un yo ger. l>> e th qonlyiouestftn le , ir re weshose naheup we n th orde s door aopen it 11e n thr rn mo ing? e thidcand uatesorre w king reha o rd t smakethure o.ey d na ra >>ilit w al beasry e y fdme g etiny,today ver busye ciy rall lso y todathand e e ong thin we ti nos ce ilepeopki walea in, rqulo yt of voungs oter bwill e in ndatte.ance will ctheys aucuemoto?rrow ithats e thqubig onesti me re imberu f yo s twant o uc canus areyou't no gi reedster, yetyou n ca stregit er am cyours aucuuc tilocayoon, n u catan tfind hat nu mber eanlithe t st ae nuermbf o westalesbsit . n re-- mi cop ng usiat ed hwill ave an inw rvie with tnald rump orjuni t asephe rcubli e
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j >>caessith: u.yo ilwe wt l pul alheof t in atformonion a bsweasite l we l asthede nekn to ow erwh e f totind he uccaocus lonati. ne iws 3ars geing upma to ke su oure y aystth in oe lop wi th th sue reoflts e thdnevaa de atmocrauic crrtomo ow. ou racovebege ginspo weenwh the ase uscaucat is 00 11:. a.mthin e rn mo ing. >> e jim::0at 4.m0 pnilwe w l in bru g yotr d hanofour e life amte ve co oragef thuce caesus r ults as y thecoare ming win ith po calitil antsalysgh wei in on at whre we' ngseei . w itbeill llfo bowedy tndexpa ed ne ovws ce eragugthro hout the ev g.enin cayou lsn as o ha rrow itwebsocsptrananort r d our bofacendok ateitpar s ge to track e thsures ltea rtil me an ald asojus sst taid,ndo fi ur yocu caucas lo.tion > >a:ssicmi cop ng u anext t un fi , veremond aor mnee dava ns ho edld m icalrimajuana cards. w wesaill aty whaddione saspen l ul co ad bee gamachfger mp coioetit wn toin ov er pa tstien . >>udjie th platest john
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s in14how ,000aunevadans hold medical marijuana rdcad s an ctheyan narrow weekly by camediavl le e. >> m:jist moeily bng clear cl coark .unty er ov0 980lepeop hameve l dicaark ri maa juans.card agthe oue grthp wiste mo rr cutimitabeons entwe as t 55 64and rs yea d. d anheso t ne dvadansispes arie e arinfillheg t maderond fl m al e thoscmedimaa juan enpatipe disiensar e w non ope frome hllaugo in t s.vega enwe w t toiemarnpe disy nsar s open awithqu unie istwr t fo ntclie. ne sws 3raand goenzalnts we to ec ch ok it ut. >> r foea30 yavrs de andas wa a dpepo oliceerffic m for.etro ss foand g rcinlathe w. 1 >>ewe we esre rrcnaicot ll seugd drckaffi ers. >> lnohew s ienopg inup a dimel camajuria anspdiryensa in la s ve gas. he fe sufrs fr pom aulainf di e seas sthatk truchints ce ral ne s rvouah de stsy em. >> t inmihe oddlee f tht nighmaco e ge i at up hnd iuo to g
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in my .feet he>> red tire00in 2d 9 anin 13 20 a, heisnd h close fr iend testard inlooktog in the esproc os ofngpeni uped a m ical ma anrijua dinsspe ary. on e busssinet thare sallyk truc aca pl se in an fr scancie o thanst s an fro ciscwhseich mrved any ti pa oentsthver e e_ofage 65. >> s wa eheon tsi pashaon t ey th a had hboutnadici l ri maa juaniovn prreide liefac thfor ulrticatar psient >> el a rnsatio whipas edform th wi thecoy mpana and deoncisi s wa madexpto eheand n re ilas ga ve s. >>daneva isng goien to joy so ewme n taxe venu dthey o elmeno het ote rwis ahavel wil se ope a aioidtiddicaton r e ob pr pablyetlummit as has e thr otheesstat . >> ryan c tdsonwnhe of er o e thscancicao lo tionne ys sos dthatrsocto s are ltillinearn
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rth aiey sucd edlfurse as ch mupo as lessib . nd sagora esnzalws, ne 3. im>> j l af ot oplpeoe yitr ng to h getome ouabt t notto sart th weeir d.eken we ntwao tecchk trfiaffoc r yo u. j>>sies: cae' w rechkiec ong ut wea t ciacntdep u to shwagtinn.o >>e w shaveome hive hcles it pr ettyha ordyon u. th isisus joft off chierist neland a shwagtin.on u yon cae seatthh te eso twrsca t hit righthon ata rncoaners d itde oklo lede ikisthsle veid o r d anfid ocke aintor cafiatth was o t onssldshous er a.wellicast isths impcotele blycklog in ri ch istiethn boec dirs tion on the north side of washington . an itd s imesointhyog dou tn' se eve y ery,daer hise id v eo from a few minutes eagwho yen ou esemesoe on aonor h sestju re uadtop ha aveoo l.k they're all unmod te aup nd adrety tho e aipre.ri rehes ia li svet hoaiagyon u secan ise than is eqriuestan ua hbneigodorho . ve sehoral huseshaere orve h ses in thent.back sca e we'rngtryike to urep o al detitu ds wet o nourdist b em th m too uch.
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h nort osideshf waoningt . po reg rtin sfrom mreth e. j >> im: opraw no, fivetiprac dr adngessik bacgoin ossip ver e clost ndfrie bshipenetwemoe th esl d platejoope auhn pe l thndsecoe c hrth e e onieearlisr thk wee we to yold ouu abe t thy newl re edvealte lettonowshthing in eltensoty eml ionai re onlati shipn eebetwe n th popedea anand ri amephcan opilos her. th cho exedangrd^ttleaners d ar chfripndsh l the essse er ovye 30 ars. pe pon joh epaulven ca alled nna wh s o wamad,rrieif a gt fr om go d. pe po camanfrscis thaid fr shiendetip bn weeapn a maa and e amwo isman a not a sing ddin_an that lla po canna quvehalt heao, la reshtionwiips aln wome and th in t. j >>caessi- : -thout noere is o notriur fend. nd a -- es>> j: sica ink thiot a l of op perele ath in e mesak boo .book maphar scistheat t y e arutabo ecit b ausethe enpoll s isgo hih. th>> lle poasen w in h theigh gocateutry b bee causof po
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eno int goitg qu ce as.razy alnormouly yeer brcozy iondit ns yo usu pe h thleprobllm po ll ov heer t.lley itbut isogo cg toe hangan ermulbhary .benot vien et den ye d t anknyou s at i incom an atd thus is albro.e tht wors i rd yayo tplantecrea is thd ekenwhand o not? ho ouw abe t thtamoun ins. it l wilbsbe aeoluteogorg us ue heup t re. ne otxt ne tak thisrheto t mp teureratndweex're inpect g i mo to.rrow e wee 'rg gointato sn rt i the a` r uppe, 40s tei han whe i do thatr uppe b50s dmy mingorni d an tinto0she 6r fohtlunc ime an w d loidto m b-70se y thn af ootern to owmorr w theotll na be fa , ctor pmostn ollencco erns r fomothe q wpartoue she ld bu re velatiolly plen afreehand t t ll wi abprobhaly c nge nextekwe . ou arhend t cotrunthy e er is lverye ittlg goinison hst fir we r.athe mwithax in w thebuest t is g goinheto t cipanofic werthst. e themsyst g mayive w the ind h rapudly shedterdtowahes t ea grl viklandes at jusctorw fe dsclouki wor ngtheir way into
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no oorthwd. alactuthly, at emsystmu is ch ak weo er swhnow en iern fass ar a so rou par imroct fatm thel ivean okd loahing wiead heth tm n ts jem treayicarrveng einryth g emwe p ll uheto tth nor . a s wed houlorbe f the pmost art hu remphel r fonethe l vera .days c^ cmeans loud bwillo rd t bcomey. lothe onws t ightar oe 28e n th tamoun34in, inumpahrmap em 40 in deboultyr ci . t noa batoo r d fouafebrhary tn nub typretn dar.goodesbaj a gh hipe temreratumos to, rrow rme tesquilo is g okin4 at 7t n eedegr0 s, 7auin ln,ghlir ove eto huthe 1 nt 7s yearheto t 60s i inn ndiangsprid s anh deat mior eyvallco subounsci.s 79 thfor s e las vegaeyvall ni to 4ght,de8 unclr a skear y ni to ght. no o t to imuche n th wind gocatet ry ate ll. to owmorr oenty hine^e d anor74 f h the igh te atmper ure. th meat soans ehbneigodorho s oca ndn fi t midpeo ups r 70d an ma , thenavwe hd e hatr11 st aigh odaysinf be lg at eastn seve eedegre s th 7lastgr0 deinees uafebrry. eyest drdaythown e 60s d an
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70 s. en thwi we ll bek bachein t 50s nobut e w thn sevedarey fo, cast e we'rstngartiew a n st.reet n evepeticooutht gh i lis aye a weunre r ning unat ouebof fy ruar n ys da . da toiny beg e th, 19thweif rr ca0sy 7ut o fore thofend e thntmoe h, w hwillave anr othe akstret thallwie takus --ho ex y.actl a:ssic, nono j >>r* w. >> tulhe rroes pt hibith at. 22 23 ri ght? >> si jes ca: ty. im>> j w: a omanst rartsiningg do beor tllo nohwrtt esyisa ng th sate hd haenbe dnkipeapand d ne ededel hp. ngcomiat up 0 6:0 ghtoniowt, h sepleaicd qubykly twthe o sp su.ects es>> j: sica a ands the pr enesidl tiacaidndesatal r ly
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be nforecaomus tw orrowe se ont a -oe-onne thwila hilry in clatton t of dabig y tiell rrtomo ow. atths il almico ungtop atday x. si im>> jhe: ts irutis oth wi a ne amw sct tha neednoto k w ou abexur nvet fie , tho th yingseeou n d tocbearn gu d r fothe x taonseas . >>ssje: ica newerconcvens o r th e erdangcoous ver dsboard yar findthout w e nes step the go meverns nt itao ng t keep osyo fe. a we>> o aree n th troad co ialumbth souol cari ina e ea ah td ofephe rcaubli n *.pr y.imarbithe org strey hes i
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s theae grwt no fiveenrafede l ns co umer etysafech wat dogs] are we ngighion in e thr cove dsboarahincalle g thormoaynd .
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guien rtrepo fs ofesirep rtior fngm rol ma unlfioctngnir vearbo.dsco th u.e s.nscoerumpapruod ct sa tyfes insengdi tinos ce to re ertails numaurfact aersnd -- aicont ningsatyfe standards. if th seyndtadsarre a nomet t th weyl ilface conceque es. ces. >> : jim o you dwn a, roneo gi reedsterh witfethe l dera tiavias nmiadranistn.tioodo te co l ntrolraiafcrtht wat ay we s . all dresonou bt ghbe fore mbdece1 er 2hatove be gi reedster by y.toda ragist ftion eesguvee fi ll doars ifand o youmown th nean om, dru one1 ragist tion willdethver llem a . were ahavem scat alergfo you fr tom j>>sies: ca l emaiteand g xtin sc s ame ar aup opwh 4ping00 pe t rcen ythisear. erov00 1sc0 s amhave been re rtpo edin january alone.
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aytaxpiners mentinth tking heiranl 4 0 de cioffiomal ccamuniontiars omfrhe t o irs iherse n th h tecindustry. mbremether, s e irwi ollnly contact yoegu by raiular ml if th isere any e wiissuouth yr ta xes. im>> j: llfinafiy a wve,e shave aittory w h alaow al w tribfa orctor f. you engala a cticg veilinnea i ecsptoies ep r laceotrthneis o th wat dastres ioyede n thla ddead raly cthsh in vee moja , se delmrt atwost yeo ndag o. d. j >>: essica m you rightr emembe co sta teot pil k wasd ille in a os h crasthbut ewis nte sta . ac spp eshibuwas wiilt th tor ovimprtsemenpr to suevent ch a as crh. it ks wor tlikethhis, ie u e lather mo cshiphearry tsh spacee f50,000toeet in air the . : >> jimn in thear sepd ate an blas ffts omo and m re thee ert s timespthe of seed .ound recsi enx passn gers od wiboar ll o rit spirut abo m sixesinut of deig wenehtless ss. es>> j msica: anore th 700 st cuhaomers alreve paady id the pric r e foeta tick t, once he go foes r $250ahe lr 50$200, 0.
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im>> jn mutoo orch f. nowelesp^ pe hoy fullprthe entellwie com adownnuto wwehaill ve as .ance a:ssics, yedould . it ve jim:t a loltuefreq nt ma r flyes milea and t shorntamou t of ime. >> pjeicss a:m i'not resu it wo lrked, latth t butrihe t ereith. way >> m:jiat thl wilwrt ap i up fi rst 95 . an thu k yonghaviin us .side^, es>> j: sicac nb po tlnighwsy ne
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in th wior me ne th pee onrsho wiv l hese ers ha tosoe lvobpr alems sg biheas tld wor. and as small as your kitchen table. that t's jhe.ob y everday. d anw,nohe tir f lsty adowh lphe ged hetlteaarhce r fomi8 iollkin .ds th see tonawhr heo edlphe tit c yri aseinga. th see etcry ar softetaho wod stoup a forcameri s anddtare wndoos hleti leaders around the world, is e the onndcaatide prfor enesido t whevhas yter hing tit takes eo do pveryart of the job. e' shevll neter lon any eprative izciso salurecyit meand redica. huor swnt donn plaared pooenthd. she'll take onhe t l gun,obbyna figelly uat eqy l pawofor men, an opd st r theliepub fcans rominrippl g alour prreog assy.wa o sobrn fe 2uaryst0th upand forarhilly. ca beifuse w youa ant idpres ento whs knowtohow p keeicamera safe, and build a stronger econom hy,lail'sryhe tho ce.ic i n'womat pkemiros secai tn' keep. we can make a alreif drefee nc inpeople's lives.
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dopeveling news to t.nigh mad.dash shouror befhee te vot in wo t ccaritil esstatru, tndmp uer fi vere ohar wet h has id saut abohe t iraq war. d anarhilliny cl ton tifighong td hol off rnbe slamming apple. eths fed bfireack in a fieryat b otlever accrngkihe tan s be arrnnodi killers' ho ip ane tndmpru ca inllfog a r ycbot.ot herovarbo d crackdown after dozens ofs,firee somni burng meho tso the ground. the government say s en .ough aja mewor nni warng th ouat ceald lod t an igoutrbaht n. w ngalki free. af foter ecur dades lo ickednit solary co innfenemt, a stunning twist in one tof mhetosam infous se cans ier mod n icameran sthiory. a nd hrarpe lee di tes a89 . emwe rrembehe t le argendy,lu esive thau oorf "to kill a mo inckirgb"d.


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