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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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oft feent io thejna c itee's b rn ayeall dltficuas ffire oighterut hr e fo refitefighrs. weer undd stan tthat'shere no wogrkinre fintydrawh any tneartacan uan abddone e.hous thso adey h tot car rwatek bac fandorth flarom se vgas ulbordeva andfiir a f lra hydas the ey'vtohad th do orat f the la rs houer va ffdit icul ffire wighte deunndrstae onef firteighasr w reinjundd a en wasntake pihosln' dore o shile w beay oks we icde unndrstat thaa onpers we aken tpi hostal withke smonh iialaton and is ossuppoed t beay ok. obackut here l esmok stillri osinghut wasat w is nowa la coldpseoo rf. syouee then orage glow,ha tt shaee bntn eer- - inmitert.tten int, fac'm i sartngti to hear som feefirhtig oerrve here, let'sgo erove h,rend a youee s ritghhe trey b utsoh inpot, tath
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tou trhe le,as vaseg buloarevd, fill up the water tanks and now he's going to make his way around and make a left hand turn dano c bmecka over here to giles. it's been that kind of a fight all throughhe tht nig. anwed nd uanerstdne o effireright has been dunde isthbu, lot s okkelihe trey' ingotog et gs thi ofireut. he'sreha wwet no kabw t oueth uscaofe hi tris tghow n v,yer preliminarily. th teynkhielomsese ponrsas w hineerer ppshand aha tst'ow h fthe s.rted irso fhtefig hers bavele ab gto in as tvehey'n bee wngaiti footr wheratero t get heern ad eesw tpohrhugha tto heus whit asflighlshto tee s ianf odyby seelas wn ohe t ghri ntowe w jstu d'tonno kwas bweineg to see theng orae esflam lapp. u ani ffireteghatr th adeylo ceonin agas to gerash freer watn l thene sc that's thece serne h te at la abneandousd horee fi. ckbayo to u. j>>thim: yankou. ththe oreer bgakins new'v wee enbeck traft lessahou ondsf
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a langr toransf emersxplose cau mae ssivrpoweta ounge i lliaughn. j>>icessta: ipe hapnedro aund t7:00his engveni. njasok toos thito pho ofhe t efir l notgonft ape hapned. >>m: jiot a l of peeopl viinsitrg oi livnng iau linghl podstetu picresnd aeo vidn o cisoal mediaho swing the fire atthed raght rigft aerhe t osexplion. >>si jes oca:rsthere we keshoctod seeau lnghlii casnos inch pit darkfo sralever h.ours dan we are toldt thahe ter pow went onus jt mteinusgo a. j>>im:o n onewa urs htpo plexn osioiror fde anr ty heg rkwonoing fw toe igurwhout i uscat.ed iden erjerep moak breneing thws, noc tiomme cfring urom ogh neio ttoeshe wt. eanquarthraake d ttles partof utso chernoralifnia. th3 e 4.e quakedjolt l theneucer eyvallt norfh o fr. beau lepeopeg ier sevchom ctimunies eprdorteli feet,ng iospuu b anthlykful r notsepor inrjusier oam d.age im>> je: w l'reess t 1han2 ho aurswayom fr thene vada shwnowdow betbeeen nd sa ndal hiln cliton. >>ss jeica: thosedi cansdate
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upseportefrs boreo towmorr's big day. we have teamov cager te ofhe cucausni toght. >>m: ji keyels tashom a wast btheeernide san erhend es>> j: sicafibut jerst e jousins e liv wfrom hhereryilla toclinokn spnie toght. jeyoff, pou sonke ne o w oneith thtinor fsemer arcrette staraba >>or rep iter:j _. odgoen ev ting ewe'rng goiut pt tha full rvinteiew onew nv.s3lcom. i'om c mingtoro thughhe tcl ark tycounve gontrnmece .nter ndbehi me ishe tm ahephitater erwhbe aout an h aourf hal orgo a00, 12pl peo heeard the tclinons maketh ecaser foa ca vucusryicto. >> for over threeec dade she's beengh fitingor fjeos, s sit'e tim thoight r>>orepter: call hador the cln into cfull pourt.ress sal frheom t genau dr.ghtete >> ou i ct ldn'inimagto et b
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anw mt cyldhinreo tro gn i. r>>tepor er:s m frota sbhu wand,usho jppt ha neo tbe ethnd 42ves pret.iden >> she's the best changeak mtos i'veve eowr knd >>ep rteor ar:am fy ilshpun ioch whs at iinshapupg o t abea nedavaai nbil r.tena ntmogohs ant cliadon hs thi ulcausk he in ckr bake poc sthenrsandege surd d an cln inton is igha fit. rleaatier to a s dp atolel s shighl chookei asdondr d he y whis this race in vane tetighngni i>>hi t tnky'he areaylwtis tghto cabethuse pat'sofart the cot.ntes ep>> rr:orteig tono f >> i wtheystill wiand m tomorrow, i llwita s and fndhtig foemr thou thrhigh tmps ca mnoteatwhr tho ree blpuanicr mino.nateeap e th itingt wantoyou em rember is r theliepub hcansbeave en teafer m y forsear andmi'e sllti
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>>or repter:k bac lative the occl ckertyouner govtnmen tecenetr, let's s s spoll thowsineo qisthte conn es toowmorrwe betanen s adersnd incl cton bouldta >>je a:ssict' thasob prably bwhyothes prtiidenalef hopuls rarengampi up esthe tak,ttac nghopi t fortligh nestre win'shatsaom bec aingk necnder cknece ra is to serte sta tour ceeragoincontuesth wi lske teyshoma inen hondersre whe a srsandeal rly tookla pce tot.nigh ep>> rerortrn: beiean ssder infeelneg ezergindd afi contden ghtonit. sheaysif peeoplw sho up motow,rro hedcouln wirshi t with all eye osa,evad igen cr aim tec w >>ee'rng goike ma hytorana toowmorre', woire gino w, he nada. >>or rep: teriebernde sanrs rifipng uro cwdn ide hen.rson
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haeppns inev nada anday ss thi wahes teg bininng of the pocalitilev rioolutn. er[cheds anla app >> rrtepoer:he t onvermt nasertowa nggi ae hatedtl bate whiith yllarnt clion,in makg his fi pnalhitcbeandeto rse te vors houun orbefhee tacu caus. wh>> een wga ben thispa camign ninemo , agoloree wecl% 3 pothe o esguats whos th hingschave d!angeee r>>teeporn r: ifihis toght fithe , nishersandyss sas he'on mia n ssioolto sncve iome inliequa cty,inallng oagce % r foinraise g thmuminigem wa 5.$1 >> ar we ine goog tat cre oecond ha trt wodorks f allda ,us ezt jus aio he tm. 1% ep>> rerortwi: cthtolinno n onl agerre su bvadaneva ndsaki malet c hparath conlydaandiorte f %gehan
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weed neh cgean er>> b bnieieern bieern! r>>rtepoer:of be c brseeerni ersandigs m b f idconf tenthtonig, butwe know it allo cmes downo t thepoouurn rrtomoow. l five honderss keley mathoabs new 3. >>ss je yica:eou'rem th rig lske tey,'shatass new t3 isis aploce tiamo to frrow lecompote cgevera ntheaevad modeiccratca .ucus couragoverein begst a :011m.0 rign whe theuc caus gendts uer way. tthen iunen 4atp.:00 m. for a spleciar houg-lon dcbroaast urfeat ingltresus andol palitic alan wystshieigngin . uyo acanowollon alg on nev.ws3lcom and we'll post teupdans o ourooaceblsert twr ittes.pageu* j>>weim: al'll e so bkitrace e thltresumis coutng oso of s c rocanaliom troorwhw eerst reicpublotan vwiers icll pm eithvor fa grite. .o.pidcandne e thstlate n nbcpoews holl sws nadoruld titmp wfih a oive-pnt
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th aat'se rac hthateeas bn rrnag owinas the week goes along, they are followedy b rcmabio ruheo, tb n je.bush vane rdaubepcali wnsl ilveha eithrnr tus thingcomisd tueay. >>ss je nica:oow t a vedenglopiry stom frort noash ls re gavee s a n womaksknocdo on inors a rtnot hweseyvallgh neiooborh kiasorng fp, helim clashing e d ha kbeenppidnaed. twopo perele a j in cailedharg twithercr ethan woms say*n wa en taks faei nrhghboneood nnheyede an om fopart abuche nat matoged on caesnhpe ud.arme sbothctuspeoks to t off heanotmmr coy unitr afteleshe not thuse hod e anedcall h for ora shmet tier lat o theerffics ptca turedanhe m w and nomanear raw inboaland deexanher, t umcirccestan ts ofidhe kinnappg e arl stileaunclr. j>>a im: erkillon is r theun teafrdr mug erinwotwo onmen esheel s las vegap strishand ngootitr ma2 trmeyso saer seveoal pweple re voin ilvedfin a inght the pag rkingegarath at r e milakil -mile- ramimicle sh ops. eon womanas w found dead had the rsinteonecti in front of that rertso.
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itcricalur inj icpolele b shepeustef ark gray 2015 camry. if you knowny ainthgt tha cr lphech catm, thel calecrim pestoprs. st ailld,heait a caly heel mting tu irns anto lat helyamilra af.fair e>> ja:ssicy whma law wkers tinhroweyg ha er makoms, ctar k>>: evinola coar stot tr you rdsatu^sni mor^ti hor,wevell we' o getf ut oona 40ics quankly had i b feinelyog reu'oi g tnglio tkeme weenekfod un j>>: imd an nupt,exou c beef jerkye b ienredit in dt? hiargohi the tew nud floravpi sngci. p uodgo health. t >> yhankou,im j andes jsica danry eve estn i va mide h low aave.eregrac usplic musiam y fr heom tjey toee wd.ken
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ghnit gh lin l j>>itim: on's e of themost pupo slar fnackoodsin aicmera, and i poners nallyevert sart a troad wriputitho it. kitalbong a butpoky jerun bun t careyou iallydencluse tho
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tuourns ewt npter o oionsf kma jing berkyrette y forhaou t reveo bef thsere' hotrk jey, spicey jerky, an rdlleace gjeood rky. juost te nama. few el ,ke liiyeriak jkery. >>: jim you nowha ve more och tices ehanveref bore and nyma t ofehos ceshoic may aclytual b beooedor f you. w >> hichdwoul berk tueyer jy,k oris venonah jkyeres j>>thim: as eg rreistea etdin icia tsaysewhe ne rsve dionsndo tebe to he higr in prn.otei >> d weeeo nomd spre notei oce ounta jas vro psvideer taboue.4 9ms-gra of pinrotehi wch uiis qte high,t' is a gatre ghhi otprneic snak. j>>me b sut dhes oeutcaniol thf at ieayou e t thewhol agpackn e, i cmany tasesshat' noftee morn tha s onengervi chwhi can t hel levs oflt sa aet somat f than what'sgg suedest ple whor day.
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therehat rlyealve lohe trk jey. j>>im: the g goodood wio san mi cho yces,eay b able ftoind a hhealtierti opon ofur yooro fav.rite >> k got oind qyarthki vo flaor t it. >>: jim if you dp keeji kiloor ab ven nisoy,jerkke tur j_n mlk e*s y,jerkn eveo.ig all aator riosterch jre aus jat o few er new cesicn ialgof o f floravs. asor f yho s uldeat it? na>> s,cksbe may at sooch mesometis. >>im j n: boim teom ndaay mno ta bader j ekyr.ithe ngaaloh wit tr^gnrecoleizaby dbranezn cham nikeck jank lis and ralbe mto, manyeatrk maets will soale make homad mek jery,d ana liettlug pl for myav fteori, rrlay's greates wtern smeat on valleyew vi. thidey d pn'tay me to say ,this tbuey thak mean ftitas jerky. >>es j:sicaest tavegro a ywithnou opeki ewndo1, naldru tmpys sa no tole app.
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utso chinarola laot votboyct apeplro pctduft ahe tce tche angiief aedleud jsge'or der to un tlakehe hoip onefne o of the san bernardinoer trirost osherots. trmpuen w otontay s theho soter ddi o notwnhe tne pho, thety ci cyagenat thlo emp hyedim, did wh tichithe cys haso al comenfird. thpe deenartmoft t jusiceil fed naewio motodn tayay sing muost c wmply government'san demds. >>: jimo alsew n at1, 1 aep gr resescu aan womro f bminurng wrgeecka inh cina. urslaveil vnce sideohowshe t anwomas crh herel icectr rcmotoyclent i aoernothic vehle anoud y can see a fiveco mes trighp, u a nyearbetve suros teawam sha it appenhend t edrushpu to hell tan womro f e threfief be or ritlleagey t ouonof c.trole the 52-year-old woman swa i\ sphoizitalbued, stt juh witne nomijur in, riesksthanth to v odgoar sams.itanila thhee otivr draser wes arrta afr tennrug inayawro fthm e sce.en
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all caught on camera in estennsee thghe fiokt brt e outeafar athe dedcuisiossoun abt nafi.nces r aftemathe woyor 'tuldnpo suprt spa ngendire inc oase,ne mmcoonissialer cheled lir a ar. th'sathe wann heotcor ismmonsier std eppendup a f the sistsedtart ngflyi. ethng ici t on take,rehey'u v l alterela e onmmcoissioner is the mayor's u thfather, hee otrr he hebrot-lr-inaw. anwod i nould ntt wabe to a rtpath of faat tmilyshanknggivi erdinnbl tarsonven.atio i>> j qxa e.ctlyus onkovioo likks l e3:00riditoeeal m, tingewherei vikelkn wad s ansaand eys h s need tmorefoime er thth weaer. >>in kevoo: gold rode m felsor ethir ent tn. ldhoon, i'm sosuppoed tl tel thyou heat t aertapm shimi beeref jusky jlit ded verefin thcke bau j>>caessiat: wha inconccide >> anchor: nice plug there, odgo stuff. >>si jesitca: actually is. k>>: evinweyou alre tking t abou pthat oowere utagr^ lainughl h, wea ave racame hebullitad c
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ithistin mondon a'l youe l seon e th ltime, apses look alike lelitte hazthand fle reonecti heof t, sunwabut thtch ghe lits ogon ut olathe inughlip str, ghriert the. eythst're onill th on ize arona sif de ocothe doloraer rivut, b onnot n thedaevae. sid ouif y g'veomot sshingne theeis wdken rinreatimi mae ec rndommeve mn.ntaiti ou tt atakhe lote nh muc w teexpecd. twatier s,ool gt'sgoin beto aa eoorg rred mockiou cld ore,, two o butrthean th tt 'rweuste jki loofong aroces to e la excatra mors, adoha tatn wh tosaw ouday tt atedhe rk roc .loopant an yd ifanou w tt tothake oe tw a and hhalfdrour toive the eai'st, cod red mmen, zionit llwia be rg go deousesa mesodongiki. kelae mad 51. al coori fdayht nig,u beand wi peto s. of mplaing atde 56 s.gree and fnnkli3ig rhtno w. typretd goo reang ddiepenng on
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thsou hernlaighnd at 51, wndontow b 5na que thoue minnta ica m. 30son qumes citegomin c 5 at hllaugobin slvioue'y wve had soowme per oeutags, soe w hatven' hadny aea w rtherrtepoed rehe inthet lasou cple of uhors. fiofllciay at mccarin ra datohey, t toppe temurrate. 74 ubo rncedtighck ba to the 70s dande 11 esgrebo avema nor raftete yes'srday odgos, new wll ase tho sgtron ,wind mner. seze notng goio tcar cr,azyy onlllueveod meeratnel levtempof er ssgraed we74foven l t bulyreal b themottone lie heros is't don uod t70 yspo llpo lmuls, rylbervotas nl owsh yn upndet at' thauas us thrse worot, py babl swilltart in n thecoext wuples.eek tomorrow will start in thee s.40str adhe ing tbackowhe le m a70snd likeay tod notuc mh dwin etexpecd. sdhoul be a buteaifulu sat.rday thereal ystoris theje t amstre ta ekingytver thingheo tno ba r ou bwinhaag to vien wrot thugh yedasterouy, you shavld henen se
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tiguspng udeun aro md 70 piles thour.odayo uras ote sysshm puased ed.twar evnow hieryts ng ingmovi t offo ethrt noo soe cloasa, wtohingren, on,go eythl'let gh tleurbu atweher. we h'llerild wal wongrkito in nut soa.evad n28 o thent mouain thtonig. boruldety cil wil bmotto out at 48. hi tghsromortend aonerno28 hrpa 7ump, ugla hlin erov 7ton5. orf tashe las veg vy,allele car a8nd 4 for your sdaturaymo grnin low ertempe.atur yoigur hh backo tm*maaha t hewere wnadeakeda to py,tyret sirmilapationdi ions,llt wi 48 evaren wonmer da sun su moinuntaos lgokinma a at a 7f o th53, tfter*xi8- 2eedegrm inmornw g loyoand evur sayen-d caforest. hee re witgo with wh mptetuera ireshen t 7 mid aysund. yma u0ser 7see somr* ignehohboranod thd wat'senon 'rweine go pg toitark gh, rit toint nexk, weell we'mpi mtu up per oithniver l
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coreec exp bted,ute' w hllave enplfty oi mghtyin feth weaer. >>: jim sound fstantaic, vke tin,hank. you stillhe aad,ar pentsra outged af ater sintunngla cssroom incident was caught on cerama.
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things this substititutete ouwhen yne get o int gigternefr tuom cennk arylirind psm tvan ey'rd ththe boer delived supon aaser-fr t fibeknetwor re dio ctly t homyour e, mait's azing. it amaz is ing, bu yt dohiou tnk his delivery was a ttlit le flahat on tone? ju -st -ye ah. paum, thul, i ink ait'se littlrebit moe, lik s "it'g!amazin " , wooh w.mooh, tm, thawas lyreal good. th you.ank [ ]ghs likfeel eho a d llywooder.insi
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it..w ..prisith m tvus plnt gig it sperneeed
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es>> j: sicaw a necomexih hig olscho n isownv igestigatin a seitcuruy g aard fterhe was catughon de viosi ungfa pronity hein tas clmsroole whill fiing inr fo ae theacr. >> ou cld you help pick me up, i >> jim: students filmed the guard letting loose in front of t chesslaomro a,on l wgthi making fun of some students he also talked about buying sex toys from an adult store. j>>caessie : tholschoiz dictstris sayemthe eeploy was imatmediplely oacedavn lee. ilwhnye made stuannts red pants weutre oedragth, oster tsuden ridesc tbeduahe g euo qte, suice. >>: jimos alma nd sou cyomedti rourne oe somg.thin
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beecaus yeverng silein th g sasy irdecoay ds. j>>im:e. tru ngcomi upi tonght, twoated mixo
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e dect o tdst hou
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rfoh higo schasol bbaketll te.ams there werewo tgh hily tiantecipadupatchirs, f bishop gorman taking on centennial. troyr bn,ow firstua qterr, coinll is tsreheor fhe t putback, he had 24oi ps.nt reheom ces thedo llbugsdo and that troy brown, he d ha19oi ps.nt budoll lgs edby s ix tatheal hf,\l buor gnmaco smeac b win by a buct,kes a thedobullisgs m ethal finpeho sts. codorona winserovl eor ddoa. onhe tth o sereidof ha tsu etns amchiophinsethad l bulldogs, -129 bishop gorman 29-2. big game here.
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buetck. we had baa ll game. ceentiannlo chach weite ylo a emth sinaygou y needo toc fs.u apo 15- wintin for the ladyel llbu.dogstien beli trty, gheypuntun s amchshpionitip w a big win over otfo.hill andnl uvti getngs a winor f the cnewoach aandum n23ber e tas, 4-3 t oeb basall se.asonaas whout abon`s, thi tme leegnd, eygracy esin agaa amshcrok. thseetw a b u one in 9319re whece grayon w. hiw.te akt desnow rosham pck,dsounim h out. shamrock not happy that it was
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sae hnc wbajain f st buhayrass gets the win. grciaes gethe tin w. who\l. autboigim kbo,ak tngin o apparently a former high soochl classmate. these two gsuy wreeel sf primoclabohe tes b street fighrsten i.iami d gadaoeswn do with a yheaves pu
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>>: jimot g it
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lo pcaltsarenn joich sool stdirictst tru feesor a t oourf thle cark tycounod foer sevic tckihena tody. j>> tim:heit kchendu proces more than a monillial mes eyver weorek fo lcal enstudts. repa ntsandus trtees got to sa fmpleoodrv seicea frem fro thpae stan d got a tstae of what's in store for meals of the tufure. >>si jes ca:o clinfiude tish s gcks,ekre yo agurtrand g.noladu eythll reapey upe d th.antecmi >>: jimn we i dcornanogs zapiz. >>n:kevine wed isdaysus c danf tur ch[ rs aeeppnd a]lause s >>frteve: geom sta at one iverunl saudiosthos d,llywoo in gelos an calles,niifors a, it' he"tonig t shtw sthoriar ng y fajimmonll." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, de latovo, mu casigul t,eshe tee wd,kn an fed uratg ine thgelearndy


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