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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 20, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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i otforgm. the my mission is simple. to make you money. hei'm o re tl leveplthe g ayin d fielalfor vel ins.stor th ere's always a bull market whsomeere. i isprom he toyoelp ndu fi it. "m onad mstey" nartssiow. ihey,ra'm cmer. we e lcommato "ned moy." omwelc ce torirameca. ot peher wopletoant e mak ndfries. i' stm juin try sg toyoave meu so y.mone obmy j't isnt jusntto einerta ra tobut ca edundte ach tea. you puand it itrsn peivpecte. ll caat me 00 1-8-c-743nbc. or et twe@j me amimcrer. i' ayll ss. thi bit'sr ette ithanbet's en. ho ouw abatt th a for t wayewo vi rka mahaet tnot's ge lonitr que p sohiunisng. or er inhy entlabunsts le. th rke maouet co ld g gdowny.entl drdow ngoppi n 21,q asda ncadva.3ing 8%. al tl ofudhe sitden in's k ad of idplacir envntonmeat, th 's ain
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oudo yw kno iwhatdot's ne? th esis luts bracal bp kdro weallo td usalo aninyze dudivial oc stf ks oviindi cdualniompaes. an ked maiv indl iduamejudgnts be tforeeahe yr. co be lmingmiess do bew's erst panformorce f6 201 is thk. wee at whpe hapthned akat mhies tngs le hass c.otic fethe l derarvrese pe isngutti se itn lf o.hold c p t' let s no atalk rbouthiate kes. it ht migju be hast wt's de pivelong. pl ilus o c and ahinaehre bg avin sethem wlves lhichs eave earn .ingsveve th tat'strhe ssuong roit aund he n re o m"mad."oney ombott as upsinalys. lo haok wnat ma hgersbeave en ab o le tevachispe deslite g owin thgrowwe, a oakereaversrks maet d anzaa bidorre hiwn sn ft i umconspeer sg ndinmafor ny it pems,cuartiy larliofashd n an reappaitl.av en evth as nse co humeroras me sp chare iangee n thetpock th tankstto bemper eenloymd t an pecheas.r ga
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th mee gan planefor eext wk. mo sndays tart awithpa comny th bat'sineen c theharossofirs inwash.gtonom fonot ndr futaamenls. th aat'sgallern. mo alllst adi cans date want espricn dowmeand s rger thats r lowes taxe tlikeeahe datl th th ree fodoign lemicido is ing wi fith pwhzer wiich esll rinult ntan ethity anat ce givlfitse a x tak breausversit if e werin am a.eric gaalle an isse jermpy coany. ne otw, n i thed slanof. my ri chae tablt trusctat aion ow pnerscolus.s m haa oc stn'k isint doatg thl. wel apperheys th s can opell ut a mroadorap fig a hprher iced ma onybe ate thow alle s th ancomp ay tovechient evey uallat as le$6t a cr0 in ieasee n th oc stick pre. en wh o thenarigilel alpfgan izer ti we-innnas aedounc. 's itn beeuga rodeh riow to n y anmapharicceutomal c wpanyith th cee exn ptioohof j &nson
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teafthr cle e os hwer eaomfrne o tof mhet osrocontiaversl mp cos anieolwe flow. fi .tbit i daam a tmantishis j notust so orme s ft ofl,ossiar appel, ac orcessy. is thhe is &althln weless co menfir dd byavr. dguid as, th auf or o l"the yucky" earswho is thk weeheon tw sho said cedevikes libi fitn t ca aplay ta vilel role in enngthliing ves. wi t ll iermattn ?ho we fi'll utnd o. w novei haac to leknowi dge have be n en owrthe siong f de othe tr heade n re iffmy aonecti for tbothomhe c apanyhend tck sto.ti usagen monti hedthe ksinpp a le llwiam do g azingsthinh witthis
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and wellness. n cakei taom a mtoent a saypple is in taklog a pt oficolital he orat fta a shand tdet maot a l s of ut coveprits tsoducor befe. e thancompcoy's memmito nt t acprivy. em sed s od tthatovhe genernmt is as tkingooim c vk toteiola the cypoli t andruhe tolst. t co s ok it a lo pmoreawro l fo enenrcemant ths he'raporty. un i tadershend tk rocthand e rd hace pla. pl apvee ga i youorts wu d yo p d woul phavecyriva. ey th't canba go n ck oasit eily. .ploy s it ieda plhage tnot's sit ealy ok an pad apdorel poing aorly s we wisaw orth nomdstr and ppdisainointmbg nufrers f om v .corp e thesgoare omod fo eir thocr sto ks tslget d amme t asarhey lle we t offighe hhs co beuld ig a s wn ofhahat s ppen mwhens acy'rtrepoess tuday mo g.rnin n'i ca tt bepohat vesitiad ahe t ofuahe q.rter
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s sellmutoo roch p fductvfrom rp cod . ans it iaya pla on erweakla dolr.he bu ht wea ave ngstrola dolatr th hwilleaurt gsrnin. t onthhe oaner homd, hpoe det hwilla ave erbettry stote to ll en whre it s portheat te sam .time lii betheve aney cse raiai maestiantes lkd taut abo ti rentreme m andhoore olusehd rm fon atioauis c msingore re limodelkng. st onra ta is shugeieuppl r to dhome.epot do i knn't f ow i dhome epot od goim a t te ass.hing akto mare shdeehol lrs ae ittl mobit lere p.asedme h ve ins storngtakiin an sttere in mpa cotoany nko lio ed tthe pr ofice . oil
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af thter ose cldne wey,esda we he roar famm craver fe sa orlesfce. th cee seo edemon cdefi antutbo s hi-tlongprerm ctospeens wh we ok sp se in fanncracois l atlite bit moreha to n tws weekago. stthe isock l welthoff ghe hi $ ofor82 mane th m twos onthago. th waere lks tat thaosmicroft wo buuld e y thwasoftonre tta liitle be mortinegahave tn ua us stthe prock maice fly rethect at ga netytivi. ur th wsdayvee han ear fingsrom tw ffo dit erenppdisainointg ga ilretaers. se anars hld ko's. 'skohlld yie b hastheen tte boom t ofrohe gthups avat hlle faen on d hars.timefa
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ar qumater yoybe y u bu'skohl ea ah td ofeshe r.ults ybmaite an cou be ncywan.ay ar set's, ists ju. bad yo owu kn i who w bethaill ve a rr te sific ttoryllo te -- mi do pno's.izza cthisnyompals seld gooa.pizz athey tre aolechncoogy y.mpan olwe he d thsecheeou in usr hoe wh e en wr ordefavia okcebo. mi do hno's bas areizarto hisry of li selffng ogo in arod egsn in raand ngllyi h.fa bi'lll e al iover ht toyoelp u ro ththugh mie do sno'stiituaon. th ayursdge we sut refrlts om apalo olto,hane tt t pu on a dgoodftay a rer atleleness co dursen owtelat ly.
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edvaluhl higy. if a youncre id lineuyto bo pal , altot limi dyouru o yo know aside ds itcuoes f t of your deupsi. ly onu $7.upon ulspecs ator ilovet. it ne's ot thadoyou han't o ve t n. ow on o the hther fand,looot cker ralsotseporfr on loiday. k wefonow arotweon is te ofhe ro stt ngesorsectt s oue.ther ooif fckt loeter gt s hid aheaof quthe r arteomon s te ofthhe oer re wtaileseaknors stities 's h wortngbuyiec espy iallikas ne d anr undeurarmoor replet sas. xt nek weerewe a a all bout inearnmogs, rstlyl.etai hayou o ve t ypickspour ot. ea g rninmaand menagent
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ponesilrevale whi o thes ther haget edmmer. th ra tererthhan dle eness tr g.adin t isn' eitctxa tly whe iayt sh ldoue? b bero irtnon h rtrocanali, pl seea. ro rtbe .atd mmmm >> le calimr: jan, thorks f all yo fu doheor te homertrad. m >>eay pl.sure al>> c aler: tfterrehe garat en gs inm froabalphaset wre the pl hianytthng ohaer tn of prakit-tthing auat cthsed e 0 $9 idropicn prd e ane wherdo yo inu the k the priceais h ded. 'm>> ing goius to e e the pric sthats oundcuridi.lous t if i vwered alue tlikehe ty l picathgrowck stoco it uld ea tsily trade,0o $100. my ri chabltatre t usnsowt. iertr it p wasprure tofitg.akin ov heer trs cou te ofexhe n t 18 nt mot hs id woulsunot serpri me haif tntt we$1 to .,000 'sthat s howg tronbuthe sssine . is inben a, iowas plee. n. be al>> c tler:ishis f benrom io wa. th fanksllor a d your o fous. i shown iaresm n sas adamisand imit t me toa ake ?move $1si fo >> ct i ay uall clikeelonstonlati
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it ot's gon cord a anelmo d alond a odgoin wbue nesindss aft cra er be.nd li i tzke s. os incar o. ohi b >>ahoo-ym., ji is thos is cacar g llinofout to le o do,hio. my st queision ut aboat marhon oi rpl coiooratthn wi b oil eing tivolat le ae theslsleve. wa i nds wog erinhiif t as is od goe timuyto bat maroihon e l.ilhi >> se it chems bueap eat chp n' isttt cuiting th in l e oi d.worl d we lobtsthike ore sties. st fu indaloriea, plse. st al>> c jler:, im'sit p aaslee ur stoakpeit wyoh u. >> ha tounk y. al>> c yler:emou rmeind my of th faiter w thoutache fhaial ir, sa tame s. ture ha>> tounk y. c >>r:alleta he mughte e th e valuivof dd idenksstocn whei
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di i kdn'twhnow r etheuyto b remor ow ho'sitoi g. ng y>>ldies i913.%. we av hthe cee ono ec rtleny. he el t alsre g satryto. rehe w'st hau t ifsthat weock o re tk breaback 5 to 4nti wa t youllo pu the getrigr. sh [ n otgu] th rke mas et iy heavthfor e oc stndks an whegooil owes dn is thck stos goe wdownitith . ey thd laithout ore stouy abt wh thy satulho'tdncc o.ur uc45 bneks, evxt lo el tbuy. xt nek wee ait'sboll aarut en .ings na filly. gothe neod oevs prwhail thile e ot -hersll- wein, pa. ic wh th isayhe wsh it boulde. ghtonievt, rth up wne laow risp ingins he tir a.e. ch i ineck h witgathe wes pored ui eqt pmenr makegsbrig and st onratt. ve lo p thectrodus.
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l ofgaionsilte fms. hwhatneappe td totuhe sdio be "hindmemad ndn" ae "therhung me gas". i bhavesteen ngudyi t andhey st meump . wh n'y dou t yok stic cwithr!rame a >>ounnerncdo: t n'ssmi a ndseco"m of onad mt ey." llfo @owmcjimeraonr wi tertt. veha q astuen?io tw creet , amertw#mad.eets jsendn im aile-ma to ma eydmonc.@cnborcom e givus a
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theaddmo ma.coneyconbc.m. bi'ven eemyon l al feey.l dam i'!bushedyea oome t. seexcuco me...hrming t!ough de riel the ge wavomof c fort wi dth schr.lsol ssmaing agl gesoleins. e they'r provento g yoive oru comft. ic whlps h hefeyou el nemore eedrgiz ..ll.aon day lg. i want what he has. n mate(s):rnlyhe wore d thyou k inreyou'ng? goi mumr. ocus: twork th, wi you. tacit'seso tuday. yman:e noou'rmit cong.
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goi'm llod a day. [a ncnnouer:] ne mucieps x keinworkg. not ot4, n 6, 12 but rs. hou enlet's d this s theyhen ay wclmr. ean l saw al theerdiffinent th ngs hissmew phart esone do... reednd o himhif s gimaasc erer. notit'st jusfor onmarks ls.. wal. it gh's toutc on ki hensegrea... an bathd room grime too. 's yher.ou.. ll...aun arougd-toeah-cl ner,. mrn.clea er ths e'moa ereoyabnjayle wge to ft your.ibertry liphilbeps' fi gr goodes ummi eplussunergy pport. it ew's a ner s fibemupplatent ths helpppsureort lagurity d in anescludam b vit hins to coelpt nvero food m, tmmmm ahesed!re goo nice k, worip phills! the y tastf side ofiber,
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>> a> ate tim swhennyo ma oc stavks hene beih annedilat nc si16e 20s it'h wort mbremeg erine therwiare s nner thout ere. btakehlbg shegs ter mak of so ga elineesngin o fororutdo po eqwer enuipm wt asasell shfiniroed ps duct like ge tonerandrs are pursswae ershs. stthe isock 25 up ar% yeda to te
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br r oades.a.j. e thonreas t forerhe panformce, th waere sts a qrongeruart on ja y nuar20. th mpe cosaany cales n me it ligh t bu dtheyereliv6 ed 1s centearn in eags bf d of8 an 1 bcent asis ingrow ag at8% 30.p clialas ses cl de yinedovear eaer yr. ma menagelsnt aiso raheed t ll fur -yeainearnuigs ge dancand yo owu knt? wha ghthouy the rhaveerun he e th atvaluision so reae.nabl st trock g adin3 at 1s time next 'syearn ear eingsatstimndes a su aortse nic y2.5%.ield let's take a look with the chairman and ceo of brigs and ra st tttont o getta beener sse of re whe c thenyompahe is .aded omwelccke ba"m to onad mey." re>> go at tacbe bimk, j. an thks. h>> itoave l tel oyou,f ne o th ase rei ons edwant o you n is aryou e e th pbestrmerfoing st i ock owfoll. w hohais tsst po?ible rs fi at ofoull ye mak snow erblows. avwe h hen'tucad m ah ofw sno onseas. co sehond, owly c. is th't isnn lawngmowiso sean.
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ra st?tton ha>> wu t yoseare ieinge s th re osultlof a ht ofwoard y rk b r ywheno ou g aback y few wearse ra altion pizedctroduer off, ings ctookitapact.y ou ywhatreou ain see ag is o lotf st coin comrog thugh. cothe avst s.ings heat te sam, timeerwe we rk wooning ot a lin of tinovave pr tsoduc. er ov l thetwast aro ye hs weave co utme oh wit imoreatnnovion th e an w ihavelon a imng te. 'sthatwe sho id upe n thinmargs, o. to it th is ece exn utioheof t ra st ategyarnd hrkd woth on e rt paou of amr te. w >>ine thcak beweuse f areans of e homt deponoand pat aprel. doyou i bignanteraltion si bu, nessthbut aney w st topend to e makhothe orme mlue gsbrig s andtotrattsn fi in th ere. >> h thengousike marint bewng do ha id ant mpacs.on u
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th reat ast fire tim bhomes uyer wtheytoant e tak ocareeif thr ve inntstme. er wh'se itn, bees it' abeen few to yeugh ars. no aw weeere sthing boe reinund hothe g usinetmarkch whi was ouobvishsly g owinheup tn ca beofuse l theweink e havto at thel's h, pfultoo. wh ouen yk looheat tos expweure bhavetreen tyingveo diy rsif si bu.ness rewe a30 70-, now au.s.nd no .nu.s r fow a fes yearidit dfen't el od gong beitl mosu.y a ass. bed mp cowiany heth where tsi houng ma wrketas. w noeeit fools g bd to te inhat .spot t we whink ge'veddot anaitiol co uentin gs too. th i weink co'll uentinse to e an up iticke n thetmark u fors. h>> itoave l telyou. ve no 1mber010, 2nd5, iiaustrl
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th h rough marcheis tin beg ning igof hash seon. w hoigis hash seoion gng? w >> iell,tot's rlo ea ty toell. we s are itillisn thny fun odperi. or strees ack stoored f the ngsprili seleang sson. oit'sf ne oosththe gsinhe w re 's itgh toute to hell whire tngs gwillo. a weptre otiimisc. th ace plt emenetis bofter arf ye er ovr. yea rewe ati cauatous s theame ti me. e thera are oflot ng thiins gog i one n thetmarkwe beten di siscusf on otinegantve it eres te rad s anr othegsthint thawe ar ute calyiousim optc,isti if yo llu wi. t we thinkcohis beuld oo a gd as seoron f us. >> r all.ight a i'm usbig f er o pyourctrodus. we e havn an imyand t bes ie fryond, owu kn's, heem a do gu y. owwe paser wmyhed ce plaed, us br aiggstrnd sn attoi and see yo veu haet som thingmahat s.tter m i'kithinbong aetut g itingt. hayou n ve aneengit' thaies qut we pochr tegynolo.
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ybeverelody isse, itn't ? >> is it . it ne's oth of ine the gs ware tistarnong, anise ord starage e re thine thusgs crstomek loofor an erd usoks lo i foruin eqt.pmen so t theolechnyoogy feu re r to 6 isui6% q teterothan thher ings on m thet.arke rit'skaemar jble,heim wu n yogo ro thitugh . st ngarti o the tther.hing rewe ang usihi litonum i tistarn ng olka wain behwnd la we mor. at thif's dntfere. avwe hmoe a yower n u cad stanon d. en do i knn't boow aouut yt , bui n' dovet ha g thee arage.spac i d coul ahave-c tenarar gage an t d no ehaveh w mostand llow ayoows gu toain ba arck gspage ace. e thosinare tinovainons the cpaste oupleaof yrs. ha i heve tvi pri olegeinf beg tablee o se'swhatth in e lipipendne am i ateexcioud abt at whar we mie coutng oh. wit
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t greatequard r anagco. hawhy t ven'beyou uren h t by ?that t'>> it s noucso m.h ag it aw's ld n anengard. rewe ad tie tmoreuso hothing an ri agurculte. ywhenooou l hk atngousi and op peowle mlaing twns,sohat rt t of.hing 'sthatre wheli we ifve, you will. agthe ltricuinure u theis.s. sm all. en wh l younaook altionitly, 's a sm paall f rt onebusiss. re iallytht's use homaing rket cuand g ttins gras aheren nd i eu . rope >> s it' abeenar reme kabl year adalrey. it g's a creatnyompa. l weyoove rour ps.duct k thanfoyou mir con ng o "mad y.mone" t >> yhankjiou, m. c >>mahairren, pntside c andeo of gg brists & onratt. velohe t pirduros.ct azamg in sto tee shecktoo d llwe. th ey have the better mouse trap. "mad money" is back afternoon.
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ar hie edingwhveryere. e thetmarkit's ps fall cthatan't be n seeheby ted nak eye. ll weam, crs er iingettt g ouhis ma yigniflang go ss t yhelpou otsphe tid hn deentr fds yorr ou rtpolifoo. ju astadhe. (cell phone rings) wh are ere u?yo well the squirrels b are ack tin attheic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i callou y m back,om? he says it's personal this time... if ou'r ya e m,mo u yot call arsthe wome.t ti 's witt hau doyo. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, yo itchu swge to ico. it hat 's wdoyou . wh are ere you? vit'sudery lore. the e arkiyou ta ng aa zumbclass? hea t artaat doeck'tsnar ce ou if y eve rundary y, or if you're young or old. no matter whyou o are a t athear ctackpean hapn without if you've had a arhetat atck, ba a r yeaspirin regimen ca hen velp pre nt heanotr one. ur be sale to t youk to r bdoctoryoefore ginu be an ir aspimin regen. r bayen.aspiri th s ere' an thd s ere'vimong
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it t hasplriace-ontiuppo srt fo yor jurntois, ca e rtilagneand bos. d anke tunliighe b os biteo-pi flex lls, allit'son in pe tinyill. f movetrree ula. yoget e ur movon. amy sonsend i u watd tohech td re scarpetwshotv on now, i'm walking them. life is unpredicbltae on the i ing ednebe to pr taedice blo is t fbe usbecavee i had he usendad ald shour ers foears20 y. egused rly, ularemit roves 10up to f fl0% oakes keep yoing pru dotecte ery evekweever, moy h, ntevy yeerar reyou y adma? always life is unpredicble,ta embsorace it!
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>> er> evce sin6 201n begawe ha eeve smon a r nste osellff.
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ny math of oce streks all sti tr edoubln ever afterethe cent y rallieearlisr thk. wee lki tao ed tabyou hoout w al celianwo is burth byingseecau stthe isock ch so eap. t noy everthgrowck stot' thas en beit oblederatne is arcessily wo purth sirchaerng he. idconsheer te risfaand f ll o sglionenate aitertt.nmen mothe anvie led teonvisi od pronuctipa comehny bthind e ng huamer gmaes, n,d meng orae is th w e nek.blac e thk stoc rkeptngoarile endssly hi tghers hankavto w he of its, 93 2% in013. thbut t en ieaplat iued,ngnchi pup anterce20 in o 14 t32. $4 n1 inbeovemd r an ugavep a hu huge cf nk os gaingiplunng en dd ofbeecem cr to ulosee p th byeary arelorup mane th 1%.
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st feory pall an rt i.2016 sever tince rheerooew nea yr be n gae thocsthak bes en meplum ltingthess woan t.s mo ki mat ng iofone g the reat ow grtoth sofcks m thet.omen cothe y mpan ilostojts mino gog om frel a b novedtoame la a py in th tg ofhohe selrt sinler co reimrd te. t' lears sttht wi r theofise on lites ga. on c itentngs ki f andeaor yrs li gaons adte h h thestotte tv sh anows and freschis. ey the madlla kioning er div ge ndnt age hunmer gad s anare be shindofome b theshest onows linetfx. at whyo if owu plun a bf ch o y mone aintope proanrty 'sd it a op fl. li gaons s te i agoodt rsdivengifyidu proffct ogserin. ey thdu pro12ced 15 to ms fil,
3:27 am
tw ano fre chiss film rthatitake t in abothe fix ofce. heon tev teln isio tsidearhey e od prg ucincosit ram, dma, re y,alitis mins erieand ex incell tg inonhe cts ten ro aculss me tiplfoplatrms. th reey aben't enholdan to .yone s lion dgate'toesne carouif y tc wa ch on, ablelinetfulx, hu d anshthe arows 2e on4 tw ne.orks cothe y mpanisis dinciplheed wn c it tomese o the movingmaki de si. of70% ns lioe gats filmare pr abofithile ws ch igha hi essucctes ra. re moor imp ttanthahey evve ner lo orst mane thmi 20 n llios buck mon a.ovie ey the hav abeenci disedplin ay pler. ey th't done mak mmanykeistas. en why thea get r majoerpropty li thke "nge huamer gthes" ey ma fke aneortu. i mmrecod endestthe foock ur ye agars mo, a bonthe eforthe rs fihet "tge hunmer gaams" ce t. ou stthe trock aaded1.t $134 th tanks yo myerounggh daui ter rheadthead oke bod s an iknewt ul wo hd beuge. u yo ahave g 75%siain thnce en. fo onur magths eno wh s the tock
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:46 am
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3:47 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:54 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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