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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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hone t theub repnlica showdown in south ca thwiom se on this gh niigt fghtin for ivsurval. >> na> fil farewell. ethun faler ofup sreme co tur justice antonin scalia. ripple effect. thousands of students atli pubcve uniitrssie rrwodiebo authe tir futures, caught in the middle of one state's lipocsti. race for uaeq.lity wheon olympic gold in zi narm geany. w no n aewm filbo aut ejess owens reminds us of the eurndgin ggstrule. "n lyights" newin begs gh riw.t no >> ou ann:nceris decion 20 16. th sis i "ninbc y ghtl "newsh witte lesr ho lt. >> oo> gend ev tingo ou ier v owersen th st weas cot. i itres go at tbeit wh u yoth on sais ayturd. vo dtingay in twoey k presidential contests.
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blrepu icanarprimy. in s outhcanaroli, wh tereolhe plsse clod hoa srte tim ago. nnbcews nowje procts na doruld tilmp winl w at thma priitry wht wha pe ap tars ao be de vecisiic vtory over crted nduz a m arco orubi a whoren i a ba fttleecor s tondhat is toose clo to llca. t thhe oacer re da tohey, t draemoctic ca esucus in naevad wh nerebcew ns pr tsojecla hilry cl nintoea deferts bnie sa s.nder toclinbln aoe td hol backsaerndss'ur sge following his b wigin in ew n hairmpshe, his ss loig tonht co campli htingatis ph to thenanomi.tion we g'vetot iov cered b in sothstate ni toght. we rt stah wit rtheace ouin sth canaroli. tkatysur i there. ty ka? r >>teeporler: ,ster is th a issi masinve w r foal dond p.trum gh riwt no heou cld ng coioress nal ridisthects ire,ef h do haes ttt ins meae h awins0ll 5eg del ates tforhe atsteae, mning rthe faceecor s ond tand ihirdsus jt for sh t ow a thist,poin ey th't wone comy awa d anen esslytialy onl
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the exitwi shong orterr aaj morss iue am ongtevoasrs, l wel heas t mmusli ban. so cauth naroli is ewher i heduntroced s hili musm n,bare whe t hed alketabouer wat bo ngardiot n being ug tonoh eughn i the fi tgh aingast setonar. he al tboks autip dngpi llbusetn ilo bndod a tishooerng tstroris wi thth aem,ll meant p toroveha ttme arica tisn'gh tou l anyronge ands he'he t man to ke ma t it oughaiagn. ut soroh ca vlinasoter em se a to wgreeith th at. no we h ahasll the mo ummentng goio int sthe aouthnd p hroofe istaelecble. ltheronge he stays in is the rache te mor pr hoofase h that he ov omer syebode lik rc mabio ruro o ted cr suz iua actlly taelecble. >> li halcke jason is al nso iou sarth caolin ll fogowin c the ruz aicampgn.
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nu smbery veref carully to a see tbouthe se cond place shfini. iehall? r >>teeporikr: llle a s,of u le,ster the ca gnmpail tel us 'rtheye winatchheg t re ssultl rol in, ca usutioptly otiimisc th heat t py'llrmerfo re heth in eop t tier, er wheye tht wan to shfini. in beblg aoe tin f ish hein t t top iiern so cauth narolil wil gi heve them ten momtum th eeey nddi heang into th are mch 1stou snther im pr aryesstatla, pces we onre dtrald aumplso oklo at hi tpos tintruhe cz aicamplsgn aooo lking er ov to m arcorubio. l alk weeg lon the mp ca haigneeas bn pu gshinar a nverati at th rubio hasot n won s a ytateetnd aha tt is t wha we areea hring tfromheam cnpaig ni to eght,tissen ally tipoino ng t the ebscor aoardaynd s ing orubi n hasetot y won taa svete efn ie h twereo prmerfon ithe to iep terr hne i south ro ca.lina eit'stissen lally ike inlookveg o arnd ca gllin theco sarrebod gh riw.t no
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ma 1rchst esstat, the ccruzigampaann wts a o- tw man.race l itooks cleart tha vi moutng o ofth sou licaro ina, at'st as le t ae-threman e.on >> co mario rub ie s th dthir manop hing to do ll we in s outh ca naroli. ve daie gutrrez is fo inllowisg hpa camign er the. at whhe's tne sce e,ther veda? r >>teeporeyr: h er the, le.ster th ear mubco rio aicampaygn shes tty go twhat heyedwant t,his is a now thmaree-n ra ce andy' therey ver op sttimieaic h ding nintoaevadnd a super datuesy. ey the cam a off va deinstatifg fth pl facehinis n inew ha eythe 'rpihoedngs thihi ts ca ran eitse . e th key isev seral key do enenrsemn ts ithis st ate. se rnato timt,scot and rh pe maps ost rtimpoy,antler govnor ni kki lehay. to ergethh wit o,rubi ey thpa camdigne ro thutugho thee,stat ll ca tingelhems tveshe w nees fac of ns cotierva.vism twhatubhe rio mp ca saign tays hey whope hillnappe is thatub repnlica
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dr op out,t thathe blestaenishmilt wl al co aescedrounco mar bi ruoo te tak on lddonaum trp. w no q theiouestiln wl e belyxact s howgtron isir the fhinise her nsagaiedt tz cru and wh apat h wpensthhen ey ad he toad neva next ek we. le ?ster t thhe oiger b or sttoy t,nighhe t crdemo caticseaucuns i daneva a andig b win fo ril h claryonlint ov erer bsanie s.nder kr nisteke welr is in s lasvegani toght. is krten? >> or rep ter:erlest, go 'situi q heteerig r ht w. no ibutst wact eleric ehereerarlin whe cr seyetarli cntonas w vedeli hringicer vtory sp .eech cthe wrowdasha cgntin "h ryilla!" er thse waot a l of erconcmon a hngster orsupp atersnd wnithi r hepa camignt thashe wo lould hise ts vo pi tale.stat it a was nbiail-ter ti unlhe t endut b cr seyetarli cnton cc suulessfly cedourt eded af n-ricaicamer aansnd un wionrsorke andl wil
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ngmovirw foard. he wre'shat sheol td su tepporarrs e lier thisineveng. t >> oens tfanhousds of men anden womh wit ds ki toe,raisil bls to y, pa andre d ams wthat on'tdie. ithisous yr mpca.aign iandt is aam cnpaig to ak bren dowve ery iebarrhar ttds holou y ba ck. ewe'rng goi b touild la sdder o oftuppornity in ir thece pla so as a farous yarr hd wo rk canak te u.yo ep>> rr:ortes thiis a gn sianificost lsor f se rnatond saers. it se raiser sious tiques aons hboutis ab yilit w to tinhese rg la mer, doreseiver at stes. bu et hd tol his pp sursorteig tonotht n ivto g.e up atakete lisn. >> atl litele whigo a c idalle upec sryreta cl ninto and co tungradlate a hernd he tar sorff fhe t vi yctore her in daneva.
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aicamp agn,nd i pl ap taudfohem eir thr fo efrts. >> or rep ater:ownd n bo anth ctedidares a vi monng o nitoght. se rnatode san hrseads to s outhroca.lina se arcretliy c nton inheadog t texas a for bi amg cnpaigly ral er the. tand shenlhe'lnd spe o tws dayre thesi raing ymone c inoralifnia to tr y m and satchofome e thli milonsha tt tosenaanr s hdersas edraisli onne, le.ster >> iskr tten, hankyou. t uthe ocome in danevati setheng t estag fort' whast nex r foli cntonnd a nd saers. an mdreaelitchoil jns me for atth. wh tat'sheh pat teo th no timinaonk loo like ghtonit? i >>oot lks terough r foni bernde saers. he 's got tove pro by rsupeue tsday t hhate n cart sta wig.nnin he ot's nn eve iomentningth sou ro ca linaghtonit. at thhe's tt nexra ce. sh se haot a lf o ngstrethth ere. he s sayy' theoire gng to e mov t ono invirgia. he t hasroo pe ve hcan wi nn i texas or or ge ogiaomr s te ofhe g bite stafs o super datuesy.
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wcaninn i mtheore di eversat stes. arhilliny cl htonas ilstab hizeder ca gnmpai. is th a is m bigtomen r fo herghtonit. a >>andretc mi,hell an thu.k yo slet'ng bri in tipoli dcaltoirecndr a de morrato ofee"mthe t es prhus" cck ddto. he ee's b lnngooki at e thli polfng oer vots in th souol car ainand va neda. wh taat s nds out, ch uck? >> m lettae sutrt o th wi ne.vada we saw theam se ne geonratispal lit. th sis i the newiv dide t inemhe dtiocrac nt coest. sa snder b wonigh wit yo geunvor ,ters cl ninto b wonig with de olr rsvote. lo t ok athis e,on nunious hodsehol. ly on i oneoun fr uscaucsgoere wern ia un hionhoouseldut b sh ne wom they b a gn sianifict erdiff.ence th asis wen esslytial e thab estmelishnt st ngrikick ba. t' leovs moe tth sou ro ca alinaxpnd e lain dwhyd onalptrum was tablewio n. l i aooktt i by id gieolo calkdbrea own .here gamony ver ns cotiervave rsvote, d te cruzwon.
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th eaat me ns h thadhat ev liange calppsuort. dbutd onalptrum won hein ter oth id gieolo cal ca ritegoes. so atmewhse conivrvate vo ,terst tha awas big tr umpwin. an mod ang matodere te vo ars, alsomp tru n. wi heso tst firta ste ewhers he'on w .both at whs doe that,mean le ?ster hiif t ws is hhate es doom, stewha ns cotierva avesnd mo tederaows dhen t ad rot', i tsheam se co ioalitnt miteyromn ed us w toinhe t mi noonnatioh, jn mc icainn 8,'0rg geoe w.h busn i .2000 it ow's h you win nanomi.tion a er funalas wel hd ytoda j forceusti niantoaln sc wia,ho ed di w one aeekngo i xa tes. ve sethral ndousa op pettle adendehe t rv se iicen shwaoningt. we getor mem fro our st ju cicesporrentonde te peli wilams. >> or rep jter:ceusti al scania wted aim sple ne fu iraln ais par h chchur. i asurt t nedout, more th 3,an 000am ce tohe t
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imthe lamacute co tincepon. th ase mass w le ceedbrat h byonis s ul pa c, aliathoc ie pr pst,ofart the no ytablge larli scaa mi faly. >> s he' f therathe at th g godave us for e that gre atudvenref o mi faly .life su hre,e ftorgo our sname ats,time or mi d xeemthp. u t bure the aree ninf o us. >> or rep lter: ike iascalms hi telf,he se ervic wasee dypl sp itirlua m butdarke th wi humorh sucs athe or sty oef thim te st juiceli scat a goa risurpefse bore nf coonessi. h >>oue fndse himnlf i c myssonfel iona.line ug[ la ]hter an qd helyuick pa de irtedt. as he putt i lerat, li ke hkec if i'm esconfsingo tyou. ep>> rr:orte jceusti cl cearen tshomad rea fr om scurripte.
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r fo us int thale whi wweeerti sll nnsiers, ch drist fiedor .us r >>teepormor: aheng t urmorsne v,eic pr idestenoe jid b en prreenesngtihe thi wte ho e,usnd a ted uzcr, o wh cciritized pr idest enamob fa or tnoat th ree pntside and rsfi ltyadai pd tirhe respects on friday. e thth oeren sevf othe co surt'ai remning icjusteres whee tre da toy, aser wewo t ti rered icjuste, ev st aensnd utsoer. f asor a ccsur,esso e th w hhiteousead me a po tinri fydaf o sh gowin pderesint ob amaki walitng wh a bi onderfkg bacdroun ma alteris ablssemyed b s hi afstf. bu tts hiswa aay d of mbremegerinan a m vo de ttedeo thw, la s hiit fandh, ais h lyfami. pete iawillms, n bc ,news shwaoningt. >> >ij fi was breatted to bdayyne oth of e mo owst plerfuyc cslone onrdreco.
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d anthhas epis rort. r>>orepr:teyc cnelo nswintora cedsh iont fi wjihit deafening wi tnds,ntorreial ,rain andus gtsf o 186 mi anles ur hoif, lting st reel loofseik espiec of p, aper inleavg tstouris and lslocaro terd rizefor ho urs. hi>> tsyc clone was rr te.ible it wasri tergfyin ev whoan cou yle s wepnhe you have aon merst th 'satve o yrrou house? >> ep rteor tr: he ansphisug r byamte i,n fijior f training, aypl edfedee,ns precot atingch bea re wsort aithe lin of sa gsndba. e thst montoer srm is ofone s thegetronst ev eper rdorten ithe hesoutrnem hphise,er a gocatery 5 clcye.on tropical cyclone towinssn io s mveassi that it is the fstir ev er cegatyor 5 to hit fi .ji there are reports of ho smefl tbueo pepl are aealrdy toule cinar agywa the worst of witonssn'
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th geerovennm ht as cldeedar antmoloh- ng atst oefme eenrgcyo t se ashess t da.mage y kellelcobila,bc n ne ws,ij fi. > >>n wheni "y ghtl "newsti con tnues his saturday,ho tdsusan of co e llegenstudn ts o aedge s aawdrtn-ou bu etdgat betl th atresenun fngdior f eith rschools. and the won'mes ccso termeaht figing
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er summic olymps. >> n > ithe meiddl of th see ermest, th ndousafs ole colge st tsuden in ioillins ha nve add aedor wry ghtoni-t -th wheer th l ey'l imaket th hroug s thelchoo ar ye andndbeyo. at thec's b tausehe icpubl ursniveity st syn em i sthat tate auis c ughtp in a bu dget crisis thahat s go one fn eorhtig mo nths now. bleakcc m hoy oas ur pore frtm >> or rep cter:esharl pr nestos ia srenion i caafriern-am ican iestuds. t bu ythis heare's tt ge aingsh crars coue intipolics. i >>l feeik le my go mevernasnt hle faid me . r >>teeporr: ponrest an hdis csslatemasre a in limbo, ctaughn i mthee iddlof a state bu dgetlebatt, uensur heif t by'lllee ab to ad gr.uate is thr yeani uitvers y 'thasnme see dd aime om fr thee.stat
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e'statths ouber plic un siiver.ties >>hi ts is a em trusendo st diioractn. l a oevelf ir onresplisibihaty tt i n'haveeet snn i my ye ar. >> s thioris heribl to me,y m fu,tures thi uncommity. i' m nothe tnl o oyne thin is. i'mht figfoing eir thr tu fus re a.well ep>> rr:ortest preon sha ledte head mo deatnstr fionsrom ch oicag t tohe st ouateh wse, therehe ve gontrnme is addecklo.ed a newep rcaublin go orvernts wan tout c dispenndng ake wean un its. on o the ther,side a democratically co llntroed le atgisl wure,nganti r to taise aaxesnd pr totecio unns. th ree ,sultin illois ghasoneho witut a bu fdgetorig eht mo .nths d woul cyou tall ahis cr isisor f liilisno? >> t' i bsoneyd a iscris. s. ye e thte sta b has een ma daged. h iopeot n pairrey.rabl but damage that's going toas l ft moryan arye bsy this tipoli calundysfn.ctio rv neous. enstudts. it he's tfa ltcuy. >> ep rorter: back at ch oicagat stboe, eny
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gr teaduas thi ce de.mber 'v>> iore w kedsoso, rd ha. >> or rep ater:nd yo su'reloo cose t ad grnguati. a >>'mnd i c so tloseo graduating. and i just can't af tfordtao svert or ag ain. >> or rep ater:ud clo u oftancer ointy aver atst oef sfdyiounctn. ak ble moycc, nbc wsne, ch agico. >> u> nptexer h e nitot,ghel craebngti thee liff o anmp olyic tr lbaizelar.
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owens. s the lceneast
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th .se uom. wen's soccer team playing ag nsait trinidad and to goban i qaliuainfyg ur tontname t for his su 'smmer olcsympi. r foethme acarit ns i 'twasnh muc a of nt coest. th ecey s auredce pla t iniohe res gamit wh a 05- victory. e th. wilbeng goi fo tsr iou frth st htraigmp olyolic gd da mel. > >>wa it s aernoth mm sulyer osmpicht eig de scade agohe wn a un yomeg anricase caud a sa sen ttionhat ve reatrberoes ts thi y. da onot dnlyesid jse en owins wr fouol gd me italsran tndck a el fiutd, b in doing so adhe me a pfuowerl st enatembot araut ce. th weis d,eken aew n fi pelm onsut abohe t alifeimnd tfes o ejess s.owen an e d wget more tonight from ron mott. >> jsees onswe was the fast tesuman hf ois h y.da >> ep rter:orhi t s su er mmmksar0 8 yrsea si enc jesse owens mi do tnatedhe 1936 pi olym thecs,us focf o a ofew n opicbile cald ac "re." >> you want t woin a ld goda mel? >>resu. y>> woutando to it ne inour ablet arn?
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gold medals stunned s hi host,do a lf er hitl. >> re v we'ery glad to co utme on otop. >> r orepr:te while his record breaking rfor peemancad m e ad he flines,or many, enow wasshe trong w r.colo y >> friour wendsill ohave t t usehe iceservtr enance. >> reporter: the actor o whys pla him,te sfan ja smes, taysovhe mie is h mucor meha tn kblac andwhite. eo>> p lple aookimt h an d say, i hfne cao d hwhateid da at im te p and whelaceere h did it, there'sea ry nll o ex secuor m fe not to be great myself. >> r teeporr: "race" not only highlights eththle actiro psswe esof jse ows,en it shoalsoisws h mi hutylind a grace ag nsai ractlia stinju aiceisnd h mm contitmea as il famy n, maet som hhing is htdaug sersasay wt mos po imtrtan to emth. >> ha it add h toak me it in a tboutheru te or stfy o f myrathe and l alth of ine thhags tt we en wtht ugrofth aer th lye osmpic and how
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t >>he etaxpectionas w that wule wodin fish ho sc,olo go t nno,oot go t egcolle. go to ohio atste. >> reporter: before iucasslas cys row to inprom aencet mohammed ali, or joeew l is re hachedisac pinnle, ere th jwasesse enows, bl gazinil a tra for rsothe f wholoolwedn i hi ras tcks in theac re to tngreaess. ro ttn moc , nb, news yonew rk. >> p> ut nexe her ghtonie't wllt mee me sopl peohoe w did 'thadnn beee don in years.
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th edey vot. >> in> f allytot,nigh w asvee haen se,s thi es prtiidenamal cnpaig s harg ene sizedome te vooors lkingor f te alivrnatoes t nd caesidaty the ns coider inmaamstre. asry ker srsande reports fromou sth licaro tna, iheydenclu voters who had pretty mu dchedropp. out ep>> rr:orteay tod 51 -y 51olear-aud l rie bi ns .road rherneturth to e vo bting foothneor o as re don:d onalumtrp. i >>t fel odgo. f ielte lik i was tivong forom sodeby wh ouo wold d wthhat ey tsaywehey oire gong t ordo fch a ,ange a ort as leryt t .to r >>teeporner: o in ten voters whoen w tto th ole pnls ith sou ca liroodna tsay i a so-called lostvo r.te
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wh ado hen giv up on th roe pcess until now. o whs waethas l t es prtiden r youbeememr ti vong for? >> uh, rdonal re.agan >> or rep tter:wahat s >> 'r> weree bg akin fawayrom nilyghts newau beconse dald tr iumpivs gingis hic vtory sp.eech w >>nte wa tako te youe liv to southol car.ina >> re we'na gon t dohell wa and heby tay who, ws ion gnaay p for hetal wl? mexico i gsonna poray f the .wall vit'seryy. eas theer othol piaiticns, youn' cat etgic mexoo t f payheor tl. wal iai sdpor00 1mo avwe h$5e a ll8 bitrion v fidewicit exth m wathe s ll ia gonned $1ll0 bitoion ?m\x12 $li bil
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e onheof tof ex-alficim\ a a neonws cncferede anou ann wncedc llwit no bo pfoing her tllonal w a oe d mmp trunk thie h is. amhe doe t me,he tre p--ss e h to me, the pressam ce teo m and d sai wtheyensot na ue ay p qu thlle wa. ydoavou hcoe a t?mmen iandd sai, yese the goeen fal tler. [ rschee ] li moveex s ie lov^,coexi iov le ca.hin ie lovy man of thesent courys th ratip us offau becwese e hav adle ters ahatreom incnpetetnd a tdon'w knoha weyt th areoi dng. iov le theseou cesntri. eyth g are.reat iav he tanhous adsnd tanhousds of hniispacs. we g're toingo na.evad eai l wdith thepa his.nics mi'di leang coun inte nove e pthl wi hithe icspan thovey l.e me vei lom. the prthe m oblehais tatt th the
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etwhither ex's maietn hwhics.oi duig a bbe num t righornow na chistue t na,'shat thige b ohee, tlosre gtates ase aofnt couhary tpahi tnksim, q' i eveer sncinayiallna chi whheat t dy've u to tegreainst sglehe tnft i the sthiofory the.orld y'theakve turen osos, jobeciey monc ytever.hing ewe'rng bri oing jor rol ffks o wtheck, f.olks iw kno howdo to it. 'vweade h sony mare incledib doenenrsemtsd an toe met gting ethre gstatend ersorseve ha dendorsee. m llcaco in hasiguienca iashn hdo rsendon res--l carhn ica has doenrsede. m
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we're gonna do a lot tibeau wk. 'rwe tonnanaermite acobam.are ilit wel bva mmi terd.nate itl wil.ver ee[ ch]rs jo >> s it'g goineto bheea repled. it toing vamacep rado.nd a hwillmuave et bter hhcealtare at a much semallrt. cos ouif yk, look looat the crins easeouin yr oremacaiste 25eove e 5. 'sit dd. 'sitt nongorki ewe'rna gon t go shat' agonn s beuco m nte beta so muches lsxp eveensi. t >>!rump >> on secmed antndmehi, ts is a r toomhat l,ove t shedecon enamtdmen. anthouk ywsello. isth a isej toomsoveda end a hchesnmrto aqiend cesrish tece s a m.eant rewe'a -- m.eant ewe'rn goig tot proectr ou ndsecome antndme. mmcooron cse ion ge. rewe't get ringotegf omo com c orce.


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