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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  NBC  February 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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twha can w edobo auth tis and ho dw woe vemo fwordar cinomg up? ap>> rl:hae llheo,nk thau yoor f injoins,g uod tay dinealig wth esdomtic olvi,ence i amn joied by er intndim acu exeetiv re dirctof oy m stsier's pelac d an rmcaen. i th as isn itmporanto tpic'l il be short andle t you doos mt of th e intalkg. >> e wre aon at en i four wenom pe excirienngom dicest vnciolee
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su ise is inibcredlyge hu and at cr caitil lleves. mb nuers ofen womom c iingnnd a iseekng serhelts acsros the tcounry ydeveray. stdomeicio vcelen paimcts peeopl no mrattere whehe tey ar ofrm, ha whet t yoklo li, keno meratt irthedu eoncati ellev. isit ari caltic ntpoi. >> wave hec reahed thisr calitic po in ct,,arol howo de wip ch a yawa >> i think it is leik ca rmen said a paicndem. if we had a hhealt suislle, a our iesssuou wbeld putow tards insolv.g it
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f mouren andne o in senev men liunbelyevab has eiexper nced severehy palsicl vioencend ahe t fe efct on crehildns awell. r >>elaphaou: ye hav t tohinkt i ais hrd to speak t.ou how do we ewemporeo pple to seek l hep? >>er clytainn kgowin what the si ognsf dtiomesc are. kn ngowiow h to ewempor uryof,sel twhathe lloca recsoures >> a>> rl:phaet wha sareometh of e s?sign nssige w think arem noral, je saloualy, fls i lneovnd ays sa i e lovou y veryly ear onn ithe re onlati.ship gsthinke libe ing itsolaroed fm ilfamy and frs.iend hiwe tbnk aouthy palsic vi ceolen, sngeeiom seeon with a bl ackeye. rethe aren thigs iel tl lepeop , kchecur yo gut. in thhags tont d't feel orcomfetablor f you, mwoen, we wknowhat dn'oest feel co tamforble. ifou y are unable toeg nteotia ur yo tirelaiponsh, unable t o
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re onlatip,shit thais agn si of me sogthin not .safe >> ha rap iel: .see olcar w,hat can weo d from a esocital anstntdpoi? re he? a wh tt ishet nex p?ste d >>itefin nely eedbeto e mor urresocest a theov genernmt l,leveor catpore ellev,oc lal uncomm itylevel. we in fd in c.d. fxaor eempl yeverr yea we do an nanual daone-y ces,nsuow hy manol fks neturd ayaw. 008,0 fieamils tdurne iawayn e ongl sine day. eewe nd to p mutore soreesurc d anlk tab aout it we 't cank talou abtt ioo tch mu ic whsh ihy w a were happy to be here today. ap>> r:haelat th w ishy ian wted avto houe y to feigur it out. i niteed to all come toegethr. ol vieencin agaomst wen act,o god
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i ist fug,ndin reseourc cadvoatesha w dto we need e?mor >> wee havre pntsideen bid who orauthed the act. urresoceme dosticl vioence sh eltd el shs,ter n we meedore hog.usin wexp ethect reey aay oker aft30 ,daysis it ot n the case. mi ae surro ca clan talku abot .that weee nde mor nglorm-tesi houng a nd voads.cate eewe nord me uresorcesor fo fslk to atysrne. e ned. e thld wor of gomevernnt. r >>elapha: ion d'thi tnk i am
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ho anw c i hpel myri fsend if e thsre i not aro piofess inaln hi ts ttseing? >>i frsthi tng aosnd mt im aporthint tsng ite lis annd be su tipporve. he olp tem rpoweh toem te mak rthei own deocisins. ry vea esyor f uso tee seb somody in ael rnsatiohip we d fon'teel is hthealndy ata srt to iccrit oizerhd witl rawa our suort. th sat ibs aelolutey thng wro gthin to do. at wh mostp peole need islm aost un itcondalionpo suprt. enlist bing, seingorupp t i,have wialloheng tom tke ma their oi ch.ces sopern leave? it ise vry cocamplited. of tten dheyton'av he any place, th oney d'tav hhee t urresoces. oecon amicbuse is au hge p oartf do timesc olvie.enc mtheyhaay ve ilchn.dre atheyrefi guring outow ho t
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to oschol. ap>> r:hael ahere treit souatins w phereeeopl sldhouo g tool pice reand oachutor f their ndfries? > > wnheyo uee s viceolen i,ist im anportt. at thur srvivos ihe t ex ipertn e th atsituion,ki taltong your enfrindd ain makurg s tehahey ve e th soresurce k andnowh wsat i ai avelabl. yo anu c look oenlinle pnty of re csouresev dinelopg aaf sety pl an. u yo can talk w yithour fr,iend o wh would you goo t ifre the was mean ecyrgen atsitu?ion kn gowint thaer pson a isn pe exrt. fo yor u, as a ,man wek talb aout thisue isss a it is j austbout me won. wed neemen to raiseir the vo ices andal tk tohe otenr m wh hen tey see shiometngo tho ld each other unaccoetabl.
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we'll be rig >> h rap wael:meelcous isn amada and opandrail wson with h oousef th ru. an thuk yoh bot foro jginin me. ry vele pdase a youre reinte tstedeao hour yr sts,orie damana, tlles ur you st?ory >> so rean i gotnt iohe tie fld ofic vtimoc advacy isec bseauf o mypeexcerien w, i fent rom ioemotnallybu aesiv to ph alysicly abveusi. s aw thens sig andid dn't know wh oat t o.d asit w aar hdce prosso t t.admi
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in' didt wt antol tel my fyamil or frs.iend hai d cut mfyselff ot a my ab 'suser qure.est r >>elaphaha: tt is tr.agic rr sooy t hear atth. pa a,ndorl tel me atbouou yr st ory? >> im a av surivorro fm my fa .mily myot mher wasn a aedbus anwom. my father was a goodan m to me, tbutohe t rest of mya fmily he as wr had. tc wa hhingim abias my meroth g ave t metrus iss.sue i amtno going tor ttus ,you i am goingo t go left which tsome cimeseaan ld toff esectf o ba d cidenssio. ba alsicoly averer piod of meti, gsthinld woura spilut of o rocontl. fo beoure yw kno ouit ye ar yi sahng whaat eppend? u yoarery ting to feigurt i out.
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fi egur h outucow mfh o an acimpt ha ttad hn o my .life ytoda i am glador fo huse of h.rut ey the gav me anpp onortu tityo f ind me andsk aue qonstis why u yodo h tis? r >>eaphantl: iteeresnd i that, am .anda at what point dyoid uli reaze yo u nedeed p?hel >> ion dhi't tnk i rheeacd out forp.hel i had ben en ithe hitospalso an my tesim i had beenes arrted be ecaus w iasfr aaid toes ttify nsagaiyt m eabusr. h iad beenat beennt io a coma: i wasf araido t talk tohe t po e.lic t itookot a l fors thi one ec spific dtietecve inai fxrfa un coty toe tll m te ihiss what ayouoire gng to o.d b irokeo dwn and said'l il do at whreve yout wan me to .do ap>> r:hael i sfonomee was in yo ur tusionati, howld wou you
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>> re the s areo many sores.urce at thecoouurththse, arere e vo adescat andom citmuny na altionet nwork toen des domtic vi ceolen. 'ltheyell tlou y theou hsing urresoces. w iisho semeon hadke ta tn he timeat rher thanou yve hao t go in to urcot. wai sa afrfoid mrlfyse andmy il chndre to do that. ienacoureoge p tpleoe takhe t ureso frces tromheir chchures, mi fa ly,ndfries, mmcoy.unit sit iry ve d,har i know. it h wasard fore m to atdmi i ne dede p.hel iad h to startro fm the bmotto up. i t wen to a ltsheer, tr tiansi onalhog,usin ginettg a ot prveecti o wrderasd d toyay m aerbus is sngervi 55 ar yens iso prin for theri cmes
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>> wow. i>> tpeell eopl h youaveo t ak te awayyo ur perid s andttar at the ombott. sit ird ha terove leaha tno t ayst. r >>elaphat : impis intorta to le ave,t?righ >> y verrtimpoant. >> >> h rapael: paa,ndor wmhat ade yo gou toou hofse ?ruth >> vi hang soyman tstru eissu s, myou takehe wrong sidecions. t gryin to acti lke youri lfe is manorndl ary evengthi is all ri wghthen you have peroblms i n your feli, my thing ,was go to sl eep, wake up i,tl wilbe ngoe. w tithhe uabse,he tyld wou fi , ghtiul wod go to eeslp, wake eup,thveryings i nefi. re he isou yr bfreakast, heer is yo onur mfoey r h,lunc gon o to sc l.hoo me sos,time psloychollgicaouy, y
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j ust putt i on theac bk rnbuer, w itill go aawy. ethosbl proemsne vero g ayaw. he tkey ep cgomin and cgomin ti unl evalentuly,he ty erovetak yo u. u yo havetoig fure o wuthat i am ggoin to o?d id d youch rea t outo hseou of h?rut >> iep kt tngryi togu fireut o h owo dyou goou abtoi dng ?it ut rh. itbehas en b theexest perience mofy flie. >> wl bos. t >>ehes areoi cledow bls made t ou ofaz mag.ines th arese ade me out of m.ats onatinal gapeogricham ceo t us ho e ofthru. th erey wooe lgkin forft craers. w itasal cledn ear and learn. ild cou tn'think how am ioi gng to e takar cfe o meyslf fi ncnalliay.
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you howo t do this. al ylou need to do is crteae. i srtadte wpirapndng as thiis he tal fin ropt.duc it is allctuay a maingaze. >> ha rapel: anamda,ha wt w ould you say,f i you couldel tl ybever wody,what heas tst mo po imtrtanay w youel hped seyourlf? >> us foc osingny mcheildrn. adi h been away from my dteaughr a eyar. sh ase w oufr. s myonas wei bnghy pllsicay us abited wh wes,aponry ve adb. i had tole t go of myr foo and ta ke a k.ris it was ak rishe t day efalt. it d'tidnet g erasient uil it got erhard. oit tokre theea yrso t get ugthroh ltrias. iad h to startru tngstieo pple l ike she is sag.yin me soonete yllsouh t iis gsoing
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u yo thinks thi isno toi gng to beokay. utmy g sdaiat whha tt dtietecve w as tngelli me is thee bst seadvi c she houldaveiv gen me. ap>> r: haelarwe oie go ng tbe trighck ba to ctionuenhi ts
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olvi >> h rapael: wmelcoe backo t ig "rdhtsi e"rufom, i amap r hael trarms songngittin i for ar onmstrg wimsllia. e wareti congnuinan in po imtrtanve coniorsatbon aut me dosticle vio ancend how ivsurvors areti getovng erhe t h ump. eher is meari. c jones of l. & l. ulconsg.tin
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>> nk thau yo forhe t viinontati. e w areo s eedxcitut abohi ts it inveiati. m iet mecarnli earhier ts yea r and tdalkeut about aboer h su tipporomng dicestio velenc su orvivrs. i c pithed an idea, en retrepshneurouip celd bar a pt t ofhese cerviers h niorgaonzatis fofer. e shk too mep un ot i and ve dedlopere enteuprenprshi 101 se armin for w.omen we justin fdishehe ti plot and a su sscce. u yoke spo whit paa.ndor e shwsa o onethf e rtpaanicipts. arwe e very pedleas how it neturd out. r >>elapha:e weweral tgkin tabou how hdar it is to airegn fo g.otin na fillncia y,uryo m poneylay as b ig .role
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setho of ust thaav heen se wnome d anen m that havevi surve stdomeic abuse, you think why e thck heid dou y not getut o of e th tusionati. fi cinanal sitecury is a big im mepedint. no otionf enretrepshneurip, we ndfou in this p silotuchn a po eminwerga idet ies doe hlp enwom move tot tha placeey th de unanrstd, i can make diecisons f myor f,sel ian ce mak .it eli beievre the a isn en retreprneu a infll o ,us just ate matr ofi strking that s park andin maktg i owgr. ap>> r:haelre cgatin a snsefe o lf set-worh. >> we e havur fo setgmens,is s ters ngdoit i for emthvesels,es do ma edamke wal srtpiri l wiveith
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lehandr youin busess. bu sssinesn i'tlw aays a syscor o m. ib bu sssine ceseomn ill ae sid ses and apshes. i t isbo autnd halingr you si bu.ness ap>> r:hael a youre wngorkio t fi hend tir tenalts and ohm power .them ayoure are golat re l.mode one oef th headsf oer vnizo te onleph aes,re you ableo t tr atanslhae tnt ito a role mo del? >> ihi tnk o.s i hi tnk all of ausremo ved and irinspedy b pe.ople wthatas aig brt pa of this, ki matng i craultully leret.van
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a wayy theou cld rsunded,tan b othck blaen womki wor tngghhrou acobstles. ea clring lehurdnos, atils bngei evbelied in. ry vech mu ari shang poopitrtuny. c wedalle thero pmgra a shgarin rc cile. weimtparnf itorma aionlso s rihang withch ea oerth andll a swork getor.the >>ft fiyrs yea ago, aac blk w omanou w'tldnn bee aeblo te b pa frt o a mpco.any ihi tnkis it itmporant for you tohavese theve conirsat aonsnd intalkg to ethm. >> iav hene bes blesed andar pt ofy m matotivion is a youre seblesdo tbe a blngessi. hi ts snghari ceirclni iivtiate ha ens be ade wonlrfu op unportity.
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k,bac allbo athut e ambenj ins, twha a tcachy mnae. >> in fiaancl rliteacy. l aot of roomor fc teahing w hat ison mey orf? doou y earn top s oendro lokt a ymones a a l.too u yoehav theor opptytunio tus e itn irorde to --vi hang the dg leje ra to do thege bigor mre rtimpo tantgshini lke finundg a si bus,nesup sinportheg t csause so imanportt. how to use money,o san myre a ba und.nke howo tusedi cret to your ow kneledgnd a make s ense pnotut yo uee dper in a wh.ole >> fcinanial lacitery is an po imtrtan ecpie.
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" isrigh p>>pleoeha tt ntwao tbe omprd,otele eedvat to pioositns ofo pwer ande mor nemo yy,ou emayb t inheir way. e guss awht? ou y mayan wtha t ptioositn ur yof!sel nihumanty ohe tal locel lev, nt co oextfi famly and siniblg lriva nry,beighorsnd a ne orighbdhoo lriva cry,itynd a ty ci alrivry, piolitcalea lsder an dit polical lrrivay. tnansiond ant inaerontial ri alv.ry onecmio ac pndiolcatil lrivary. aallboutpe comtingum han
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>> ha rapel: tkshanor fin joing ht"rig"side i amha rapel ar onmstrgli filng in for ar onmstrllg wi.iams i wtanle to yaveou w fithlina th toughs,om dicest enviol ce, gitra tccopiec effting women and me nroacss eram.ica weed ne tveo ha indudiviedaliz re cat tha canbec reahed out. w iant toha tmynk el panist who he dlpe user unddstanha wt is go ing a onndho w hardt i can be to get bkac on a fcinanial infootndg ahe tde harst things i c gomin. out ingettg aa cll for p.hel w iant to t hank fyouor wa htcg,in im a relapha trarmsong. co amingtou yxt nee wekl wilbe ms arngtroll wi.iams
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iocapt cningnyompa] >> announcer: the following is apa reid patsentfoion rde xcrm evelusita insnt
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