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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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owcr iden hrsdeon thtig dann ior n lth q vaseg sator ma rrcoli ralites wh ar cowd outte at xas sotati mn,ongse tho snowrtuppoing him, of one the emmrsbe members of new kids on the block p. before you spend your tax refund this year, wait until you hear what one expert says you should do whitha teron m wsneh tere leiv11 at rt stas right now. ew>> ns 3 starts right. now a >>yell es onh teanve silatr ste asopwo temdi cans date nghopima to ske at prinheto ten shfinie, linh botcrted es and marurco ta ol h rdingesallie herqu ghtonit. odgoni eve ee,ryonnk thas r foinjoin.g us atnew t 11,anhe ctedida who miegeedt d oucrted n uz ihsout licarolna arrso ala in s gavevig tonmaht, ajub rasio war eegrbyted ke pacoud ht a astexta sn.tio h>> that teon cutstition is
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to itsgi orinalpni meanong, t atwh meverngeaniwn yieo td tacgive at g anyoen momt. ad>> h aleoupen dozenam fily mersmbe t in c okspoue abnit ungfyi the pureanblicty parwi grong our mirylita andti cutngax tnes i ptheastou cple ofs dayhe has ckpiuped um a nber of eorndntsemencs ingludi sorenat hdeanrelle w whonas o s wiubth rio thtonig. as wellr as ick hisarrndon a neve s ariurpsest gue,c ator singeron deniah wg lbur hsayse isow n spouptirimng h for esprtiden pt. i gdidoet tp seak withub rio on-oe-onneed immlyiate fwiollong ghtonit's ry.all e>> wve ha pick upo sme enemdorssentre heec ry,entl a lot of srtuppoarers hoe sgutin theer tmco martmen m,tht 'swhatp uhap ninge her? hnu we pehoo. s i t think'shat ws hat'ggoino t enhapp ase wllh witer vots. neo of thihe tngs toem rembers i lddonamp tru hadraut abo
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bit'sstiv d uidedespy br 6 pepie nlet'ow iwiarroong s we th iink bt'seecomque es ho cfice or a loloof 'sthatng goi to gtive husst boo nweeed tepo kewi groung or aicampgn. f >>romer he roubids hea to nohert nrnadev ta,nhee h is back consaucu f dayora r aallyt5 lvsictu tn yesdahonni morng. t >>u t putinhem j our tailshey di'tdnay phe tle erictbic .ll i lthike ucat mtth be 'sthato s much br.ette ethos ls ightewerru btal. tareheyom cfring tomhe dieshonstre pss? >> li ear t iightast w lsht outt aan atltta ahe t r fallyor reipublcan pderesilntia ndcae idatlddonam trup. utrpomp s tkeoup serport aet th orge wgiaorld cesongrnts ceer in thide mdle of hispe sech the li dghtsoid g a outndhe t ubrepnlican frotne runrse udt i torg ene tizehewd cro. asveg.
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so putht oin tandhats i etexpecd etto ger undatway 7th in e inevenfg, aterha tt hel wile had to norktn r nivese lveratetvve ents be tfores day'cagop .ucuse gohionooverhnr jo \cas kmeich an meti nou ann gny a danevausigampansve enehe afad os datuesy'scu caus. deatmocrnds aub repnlicas pogurin inor fev nadate sta sernatob debiemi sth, the tosenar of ss parkini_th norern nerud dieytodaer aftmug tod igfdean ccer. isncng bei reremberor hn foef trtsil fam,ies cheildrn, andro impvedu eoncati in na.evad thsmie som of t01he 25 sonessi raftede unleoi glieur si for hemor tuc washe ys 60 oearsld. a clbicywaist lls kierarli
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wthateias bring dbyven rspehoon wuosas py siblrunde ennfluce. thraat crur occrored und 1:.m30 ais. thni mor nng tearhe ronq r st.k par away ani-go e thclbicyistel bd ieveto b9e 5 s year doldied ahet t s,cene ewhil d therrive of theonteff od roa clvehiwae kes taon tcigoit w linon-fe ttehreaningelkasinj is.uriech d thees invtitiganto s ioion gci e tht firstcourangeari t forada macun acinsed ea a dmot shoing on l theegas v_ctr shaip tftt le bbeo pdeple ndad ahi a trd rspeouon w indedt s se rrtomoow. itik's l30ely r yea y talltwon'_den eve arppe. llta hill,erowevav, he to arppea inou cnrt oayuesdre a 72 huerzrr ameaignyuri hea ane d h crse isin facglos muleltiprg cha, lu inc tding tscoun orar.urde po slicen enal t ang veseeo ppleol invved in a fiigst fa den irka pagring awt ga aragere m theleiracl mal pishopalng mrll eaidy fray morning, shots there were fire
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police saysc aar cro d iveo nteth levaoft he tpoosmon lita awith llfatau inj wred oman aand wounded man inside. a second wanom was found dead in the street. e thtwo w homenaven bee idfientieds ais melsado menza danen jrnife -he - tr seach ntcoueindas grktoray cyotaamry beevli tedbeo ar poft he teras ce. ilsteal ah sd, ainhootmpg ra leasave mu com initybaho sck. tot nighboeighrers a ooshter. al mso aie movhe teratha c ndis uirer fnie toanght arac fing anal hill legalebatth wit
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p >>e olicalin koamazico mnhiga ehavrr aadest ma n they w sayent
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he od penefire atre the diefferocnt lnatios stihoolng geihteo p sple,ix ofem th tafally. po sliceheay t veniolce arsppea tora be ndomhe tifdentied thnme gus an ar ead olsojan ltda thooe sh sting cpreenuontiored f n tha hfour soursintartg at at a anmpart centeomplhex, tel inuea dhilers ahen_ un reursta pantinark. lotti i>>eg hrdeaom shiet tit sinreedheckl al b theack wisndowd anpeas,ar ce vi dri itok loo-out ler. - oe w >>o e dde jan ht' tha nscontisteth wi e thencvide atthcht ea o onef estheae crenm sct es ialwas evthe ceidenth in r e caelas we r s >> heven aoursrfte tent shots were firego ol pventce apenprehjaded to dalthn witou ciinntde. ald wton das ar rive ufor onmslaiesro he hiith di_ be hforearas wr c l ud.este evbeliy the wknowo ap hdpene whand aso w rsispon bblesce
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ghtonindt huofred pl peoe mereedmber v themictifs oat th lydead^ihootam re.pag ayprfoed her th eig pteeoplll a tohegethor we wert. sho orzganierssk aedeo p tpleot no onraly pry fohe t vmsicti ask th feirieamils a butlso for ltdaon. c >>fi to hond tn s are edeplyasti hur tng,ev gri rustnggglima to enke ss 8 this. a >>pedecontodl cans ig light v hwas aeldqrac loig hh soochl foar tu sendrg aisnd hhe fatho reweti vic tm ofashe mu shtiooo t netw aa, 11 a alassnction. lat wsuibehas ilen fed astgain amche tsater cinlaim tghe chain kemaits d harforli beond pple tooy enjo gtoing theuns.ovie osthste lin ed i l ssuitay camel rar y ro pdvidesiounctgnintim au ddioesevicarend aften
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orla py theng wroud a scdeioript sns. staffimometes ndhao e plimeusto bajev dices inedtend t for whoseie daf. aasmc h c notntommen ed othe mar.tte sit ile cale d thrsupel bow of stcock acar r cing,ngomi, up ekylus bh began hispr scuint p f dinalseefent a the daytona 0.50 yrandls tel useow hosieis fin. hedntes mico ainext rt spos. 6 >> 7cioffiegal d orees alnorm 6asuny bdatuese'y w g goineto br lose t anormoml, sine wy refotcass it' uphe aad. wstayith us. > >aerachnyl: ainthng cape hapn on ano sw y.da >>hi tsig mht teake m bdeyon ha .ppy
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sinwed h wit s>> ati men aonede t th otopf isthad bro,castll aen attntio wno on ther ilveestatt^iados as anslwo t anop ctedidapes hov. tmake i tt toinhe fale lin he ed t llwe. isthpe hapnedut o at the, uh, ndhenerso cntonveionte cenr. nathan'n owaeil s t, herehe ijosns uw noiv le fromen honders heat t cntonveionen ctertondidhe tre. na, than cwhatouan yatgol telp _ s? ue >> dr hunfed oeo ed tz cru orsupp tterscahat ome ta erhend wson, hhatdea hay. ik spothe wiot a l osf th sursorte andcowhim acexhe tirce conrn ishi ts ecelntioch psycle s tsahey id silymphe t witanou y t to aakeo lok at omseid v feomro a ltliteit b iearl s tatormaruz gkin a lfinah pusin ad nevaus jyt das ayawm fro the se'tatsub replic
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cropuz hingo t ggrain ioundn had srilvete sta sinpeakeag sp tkingo dscrowrl eaier t iodaynah pm.rum suteor wrsaiting to hear from the presidential hopeful. acit aedutboot lf ou dfeifntre p isessuse, ndco amendment rigsht ltod anghri.tsi 'shein try mg toa ake fcase cothe vanser vtive hote eerex kema c thetoase nn tealivrnathoe cnao do p.trum talea mejte lisn. f >>olor fa a whoce conl dthatd onalp trumotis n bequdi can tdatetoead bl adhei w hlailyr c noervembt, isom beccing erlear danar cleeer wre a o thene cagnmpaiha ttan ct bealddona tr iumpctn fae' wrehe tly on mcanpaigpahahat n eatelddona p.trum >> d anom fre herat senorru cz thasoo renafewmp caaignto sps sulchedloed aheng tre asll we. rya ve busy sulchedeea lding u tosd tuef ay osecour blrepu cicans aucu ihere daneva.
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naanthnhap vy erchmuor f that. apecprati the liveep rt.or s>>, ir a[uirg ]ng >> whe er tis pheicol s>>?ir >> l, welwe as o toud yen sator cruzs wa sakpeg inrehe in erhend bsondeor befate th testarffd o a dayt aal ry l pahrump, speakingo tgbia cwdro escort u by policeer aftom se tyfpe oer vballt atiercaoton g a lelittt oubi hli of ne. ju aquhe wu n yoghthouut yo^ peou cld ketat thaeun refoud y ttgeenpl smen sogthin it, wanng aloes comid an fea o ywhatpoll reay need to do with it . chris has yourr stoy. > te> atngmpti toqur you x tafure tndh iulnd ygersouf,el
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owi knt thadssounid crainzy cra jubut su ay dal tot relaxation. >> becausehe trs is in o peaco t cereveit las yeas r'77yn pill rendfuck cheas tht receive rj ab c i >>namagiorry wgeld, tso sean tickets to the panthers. >> t ioe dtsn'ak te much imagination to figeur out what yohou sdould it wurh you refnd. n >>erumb, onehe eitray ping off ghhint it eres drate ebtand that's ticyplyal consumer debt, like credit cardd. sai >> i adv chrisde ob hk a rryst sap^ credit card debt is the most insidious bauec iserot g y.dail reduces the potentialor for me de, btdanhe t dnepositing much, i nf, alls hat' ileftont a remetirent antccou. h>> teaat mitns emaher skingure
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out, butor me irtmpoyantl maybe starngti aor rhota. >> e somct praicalic advehe tre. don't ft orge dtheate toub smit uryo tax rn eturbehas enov med backou fr days. this ysear'ea dedlin falls on ap trilheh 18t. lalig rjeht, brry irowns here w,no w andirar a. ki talde rbo a fsteca ahi wasch hnon bee enice herqu a.ate s >>ewe'r goo thave at litleip d hwitme sods winom cing in. aymonder aft,noon andue t,sday buhet tar cleai sg.lin >> g not toingol feei ltroin w ethre. ju0sst 660s and'v weeso e s70ea. bulutif d, odaysun sh pinerein domated and you can ese w ge'veoten glyeralar cle iskhes tngvenid, ans it'
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ouno d abttbou kita angk looe somr ou atwe sherontatis onur oth weaer bug nrketwolu excesivo ts u. ethrese ae liv rngeadi2s, 6n dow onh teip str,h wit tahe clm swindpe 26 ntrce telhe rveati hutmidiaty thp's u ait b since eaerrliti, sller vyom cabfortle. onfe o thele cooos he tetrmomers sornuthehl hig, andstaou sth utsondh wiats th jntt wen dow -mto 2 ailes with tighe lhtez bree, crlose in . home d ourowowntudn sto 58, tharese le alrinpdat ig asamst easphek, te' lak, s 60ra utsoash est laeg v,as ta, sby,oyd maiount en'sdge at 62nd, aun arohd te rn egio51, pap.hrum 38 at mt.ha ctorlesn,t i0is 5 ardouncon m. prilo cioffi d l formteg vdoas, wn -d16e egre ofromffur olicia , highn57 i., l.a.6 nd 3 i
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wainown uenarizo rrcuy entlixhoen a few high cloudsip zhr tghou sk glyeralea clen ve ohtrnig, okloth at alrontte sysfm of cthe,oastua actllyme coan inld owne th croole a sirrttagino t iworkts way in. isth smystell wiu bff o tur swindt jus l aleitt cyouan t seeheoi mestur from atthte syss m iggoin top uand ovheer t o topf thihe gh supreshare t a stmo ot thatemo tuis areocm foro sofshnow boulde inhe tnt fro ra ongefol coorad. tburo pybabl no snow rtighe her from ourri spngnt mou.ains erovhtnigs lowon t,ight's let etak a look,hr36pa, ummpt34 a amalndo, aor tomsrow' fhs higge co oupleesegrele coothr an toy da bonanal bce sutllti ragene illyen thanie0 7eos acres th gireon. yoeoticnte laho torse n w c mnin toght,
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withth nores wtez bree 5o t il10-manes ou hr. 70r fo trromodoow, wn a ceoupl tfromhisft anoer'sonig hh the teafnrnooez bree 10 to 1le5-mis an h.our youray d,:0 7m0 a..,de 50-sgree upha tt 20 b non. st tarti notcet ihe tn. 7-dayec for hast,eree wgo as ldtora geourd y can seehe t ertempeatur dipon tayuesdt, bu youno kw ourma norl4, 65, 6o s ewe'rng goi b toeht rig inhe t pballark. and t68hen oned waynesd m,inus thein whod, suld bect alyual a ervicy naye d and wthenem war up neaoticobly hun ty,rsda ask enth pngushide 80-sgreey b the wedeken. saayturdu shoeld but beal.ifu prlyobabl wil bew fe low0s 8 on thste eae sid ofe thle valy. attho's smere pnitty ceea wrthe nowe th csaucuesre a,ha wt, estudayh nigwihat ell bo tinolyceable cooanr thay tod lia pdy win. xc>> eatept r theesalling this llwiuhe be g atinheup tre.
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ha>> tounk yte jryer. nolew s t'ecchink ra w70 pan r , howeashe hoo a l tk atayhe d poin srts. t >>cahey t ll itr supebowl ofca nasayr, dp toa00uh 5a ondayt0 a 50orin fabuyle esh h0 icame t ray'soface f a win. atthoo's gewd necs bthe laist ts e hdonace ra tck her beok a leg ande wut oor f lhaaf yr. llwe,yl kste teard i int the csedon roway todeh bind cehas liel, ot y20rsea o,ld elliot, well, he's young, trying to learthn on tckrasp, s int.ou nifiedsh 37th. ledaar earnh junior is a ven,teraha he oud trwible 3th0 lae ps go, he spins out hits the wall. danica patrick, different car this year, same result. gets bumped late, esgont is to asgr fs gothrom toird h 35t e plachein tnd all come down atoho p ftoisin h. ttmaen kthseea lngdidr, sop
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esgooro ahiund d m an ait's y thwiti maruen tr un jr.iol clesos r fisinath daynato00 5 sthi,oryrbuyle assh wld.hir co umingig tonnht ort so a inar wfeut minou y'llea homr fr kylend any dan hinaml,e moron theto dayna00 5so, al usnlv' big winv oerdaeva p macw crase it's notis h bstigget shof o the ,yearl tel youy whin comg up.a bia ghg fi,onuse e montoy in f'shterk poc ynf tthell haem wot t d at whao. wyou tanteeo sm thedo in a fight. andow h atbou lloca hm arleeglob trerottco soteri chrnsstiaon omfr v lasegastt aiemptng a 10oo0-ftt sho atp stales cr.ente nafiul rof nd o ntheorth n trtusbu, abbic wsoatwin athia 2-otshea l rmcal tants forget. anheotor frmeeb r reloo m,re
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kiffck o g therss atwhri, t gh tin hhee olr foan ac he, weldouhinisoe ninesnder 18an0 grefd deinitasly h a meto at riviera. buabbh wsoat snat bkac psiosybl rcfoe ayo plaff. amadt wenlo birdie birdie at the end of the road. he doesn't mes up 18, justm tsap iitfon thr i eyasa one-stroke win. scott remains winless onhe t stourince mayd. df o.2014ebe te s >>nluddehey tnerst lano,ole u beinur sinpris,di bir on 18nd a theri dnve o the set shoinxcitdag to d tinit posanion dd had goo e tim isi wld cou huse j bemaytwr oet brte maybe now and gotten myself in a playoff ottr goheen ty .oday >> me it aans scootot l. uyoerndev nnoer kenw whr youlast
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myt lason i win w hadheas ttronas lrt o ine,at greobubba in wwa and pul ol ut aingh touoma w itve rm > >skbabaetl,leb lnroam js,e licavabeers east t imhen t et, fo gurames over toronto at oklahoma city today who would be th se 3eed ien th west, okc, coming down the floor, ruselsl brwestwiook heth t, jam afteri el alatthll a eroav crsalieh wit p smith. a ita lnteai r snbowhen le jbron iamesins gol o tcome dondwn as he'g goinnut i e threisof h k 25, levincout o 9of 2tth as arrav c.oll tssporht nig m.utes an>> rthdy, yankeou vh. muc stand uill 29 he afiad, gndin a acploe tl calir thecomo ewn o f>> i leel s um,ano my oppe alere mngissi >> dr hunfed ounar piv lining stfo c sar i rheght su p thtas al vej
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'weell bht riga bck. t>> ima's a nzingao beied dd hatht watme ecyrgen rndespoers saregayin afterea relsing the 191 c tallsflhat d oodeasin lt lyjum fropl peoe ctaughn o teintersta a 15 fsroire llse atr ouaremhe tm. stli tenednyo math of caose lls folpr he i andduntro ycesoou t inpromlent egas veaas l wder tohad r u\ f l ccsoerlays. ketan.iste >> l, wel k younow,ur d tinghe k,weeri ced tc isheen regrt fo ethad neva semystbiig hrhe education. but on theee wndkee' hs a soccer add stlaul jane thd oc srce p erplayres we t onesa to n egdir o fooca sfi mchat. thsiis what they fnou sethemslvegh r refi b,lduigin skemo,nd a ndhureds hedundrfs ori dverstr sd.ande ourew nsea tmot gld ho of the 119al chels tm teaac fited wh th leife or death sittiuan.o
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w>> weerea cughtgh ri ndgrouo zer tri horfic, yo kunow,e. fir a >>isnd hre cw sveurvidd an jo ainedou crse of other suorrvivds anc resueer pelsonn whoay ste rkamwo andas ftit acon savediv l es.h te, manhe t memoannt, ed thve sadde leaprshi .p ftheire eescapda mon oightn wsneiv 3 l1. on>> tie mor 3than50 ilch idrenark clant cousty foer recacaire w tting ao beeddoptaos in f_il famy. riche stinhakim res moan on rteffoch matse thes kidin e thunemsysth witanperm lifamion he>> there te faccela crk cotyuntrahi cnldreb er eag f to ainden e lo aving acup stipory amilot call theiras.wn oca. erlipt adoed fihive cnldred an t hasoy giloids. t >> cheirptorrus age r, fou cia, 6s1,0, 1d an 12. he>> s h anderus h fbandirst
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>>wedo a bptedoth kids. h>> teirnt isteredean begs an evsient rmila t toohis hne tereni yreaeo. agl fa 035ld chithren ate fos stsyti waiong f pr a laceto .go at the very first wait no more teven isn laeg vas, t cheyount sand atatere wkiorng poro t amstreprhat s,oces inbr tgingaike .tirinng inmach je tos rt sta >> se thold chie wer othe wi e thambiofs.ilie >> ro shaorn f fd of oocushef t fa smily ways ocpress,re the'sp. hel >> r fosuil famzaroha tyst san , goshn'i donot khaw tntecou cld keta a onlar ld o c yld,eou'r nooit dhing ts by yelours ffl. erthree ap suport sceervihas tt wielll houp y dot, thao tp hel tmeethe'shildds neeo ado toqu lphepo sup el ou y. an>> cnemagi l her wit thouimiiv fope ad chenildr. el fee,likeno m, smany pe aopleisre m osingut. s >>cho muo, she h'sopope en gtongrowi s f hery amil mevenore.
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uyootoave qde wonatr whn joh onlenn houldsaave boid aut isths-i a 4lonch f ck ohahis ir ldsos thienweekdeor f 0035,0la-dol rea di actoret thponucti ridescitbed l q as,, uoteeslargt ckloe oh f jnnn leliaai herr ev reoffectt auion. a dhairerress t onehe sft ounow ictor on webahe tscta sngrririno lene f cld ippe btheleeatais hr r fo mopvie aartlot thaayas wde in7. 196 u yoavdo heo terwondt whad he' benk thiing. ne>> oon w,derses y. inimagt ha>> teefonks tcr wa, hingwe
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