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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 23, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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u yo thavelio besheve n e caease o upe n th-bantiesusins orrhetic. th isere ia a de.logu w itbeill ot a ls lesedheat if sa s nderidis sedelin. ll cask me caeptincl si ae were th stree iatesn. s it leemswhike heat tke mart s ha sbeeng.ayin hi y llert spen wtimewaith ll st erreet ts ofedhe hunge fd d an stinve bmentngankiie var.ty is thsnoeea't meyn th h owner idcandbuacy ert th ae is ogdialhiue ws ch i tmorehan sa s nderreor pntsidema oba fe ofred. e thetmarkws knola hil ry's ramodetate snce. wit'souhy y d seeanrug nkd ba ksstocin flyd g anbiwhy h otecis qu a ite bit. th ete rh cordie wn do. th eee twouts cecld bfeome wer an r d faeebetwn. nowhy t? h ifryillas runnsagainat dold sh ede neers evnny pee y shcan ge t. avwe hume tro p whs seem tlikehe vo fa.rite phe'sgoure held w cn it tomeso th oce strkk mandet ain busess. apperhe s th pmostusro bs ines nd cae idatisin h.tory af thter die meona predounc sa s nder gis a aonerrund ts mp i
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e th wdaysthhen arere sie buness pe aopled rounnethe rext pntside wh tto mahoer w t ands hingd coul doget ne. t don'etforgla hilatry sth on e ar bo wd ofrtalmae oncousurrnded by ta capofins us ind stry,ix ye ars. doyou sin't ert thd e an rail nsagaipit casmtali. th nat'sllot at thae drovthe ma trket.oday g weinot w ad ofen pot dtialeal. an thu k yod davir.fabe edunithn tecieologs s waigup b. wh aben froer bheke try sto it s walibrilant. vei haid no f ea idethe oual cld be su conedmmatau becf se o an ruti-tonst cs cernthbut s is i ofone wo my s rriet abou, 2016 e th olackrgf mecter ay ivit g beinagassuefed bouore esr ey. th cee ofo on hweey tllinrytog ge bt ite eforinearnurgs tn ou arnd. aiwe wr t footthe shher o oe t idropinn cha. asit hn't. lyhighib vishile c pnese.lays it em's rblarkaw e hotiposiheve t s moveare.
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e thtsshor't canss pres betand bmanyomig cespanie , thksstoc st ju t gotheoo cap.ey aly ralbaing o ck t onreas lables eveld aideby ho elneywl. in o onee f th bmostreizar is twetts yt jus wlaststeek ocks edroarhe higdar toy. yo ouu sho ld genlistth to e ll ca. wn dot beat aboufathe s rmerand pr ctospe 2s of016. haso wt? mo n re o lthat.ater th oce st rk isngunni. es three wels calt tharecolod adtrg in aineg nivatwae y. flasty,rida t nowarhey e nn wiers. th fat'sast. no ket lith anyhaing inppeng. no rordst 4m up..47% no s. new ey th a hadat negquive l oiingohig ergh. o twbupro sssinedi it neisher ri a fofend l wal etstre. ch a e inesy stor rthatesefus to ge gat ne.tive rn ea fingsveorgi hnessave ea cra ted gnbenien mom gt ofood el fe fingstoor stecks ysn da af evter neeryoe gavn up o.them e thnistunurng tnnn cae ot b
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ayit m r notctefleth anybuing t t-shor ctermdeonsionratis. hwee avw noceonga a ginteotn ov berghouant ard due foe a r wndorntu. oytrn iorfla,idle oy tr. es>> yo-, bo jyah,im. >> -y bootrah, oy. al>> c iler: w wasinatchisg th rn moaning u d yo-- y >> mitchar table orustwns bo th. sa dintppoin ed i obankerf amica. pniceaiay rorse f c theeo. stthe isock ng doite betr. t inldhe os dayuli wornd tu se my ulfidpsdoe fwn coricom re .lief i now t can' i e thcaceo n me o m"mad" oneyand br moian anynahea, plomse c e on "m onad mtoey" la exphein t way hn jomp stu did. sjohn laid,n,isteha we adve b anoil s d gas loanwebut are cr iziticthing chem, ngeckim the anout had i aive ftuth silmp wl
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b ofesusins. no nkw baam of a eric- as -p.chea we falls isrgo at gre . nn den is iigmichan. de .nnis al>> c hler:imi, j. awhatoure your th oghtse n th rl aistine , ocksarin platicur lt ded a anlujetbe? i >>e camlaout eest widk, d a pi anece e d th bweeke efor ot anpiher saece tyingtohe scks ar o e top.chea en whee i se, fiv, sixn seve s timeinearnhags tt's ri lodicuus. i like delta and i le ik er am.ican i think they should be bought. kei lith sou vwestmuery ch. i' im ele n thpebullr n foonacti ne owy rs mitchar table.rust ni n ck inoilliis. .nick al>> c bler:ahoo-ym., ji oo>> b, -yah.nick al>> c bler:waeen ngtchir you ow shce sinas i wit a lkitle d th wimo mtem afhor scol. ow>> hyo do keu lit? tha romy pr ducebehas eren hnge loer an thm. i a s she'ana grnodma w. st judi kidng. wh uat'sp? c >>r:allequ my onestiar regding sl te ga is tivenebhe r ioundn e pricoudo ynk thiis it oo a gd
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>> e samg thineson tla. op peetle ged tirit of . itbut a is scold.tock er the e arlepeop l whoteike sla m sothuch iley wy l bustthe ock. d it'toesnte matour abt lu van.atio do t esn'ermattut aboni earngs pe arr she. do t esn'ermattth if reey a ki maonng morey far a c. u yon'cadet tnym he tel rhehtig to uy bes 's ite likrsa fient amt dmen suise. l alghrit. th tisn urt can'habe tsit ealy di sesmisend evit if le refcts ortempneary enws, goughneood ws c to tausearhe mtoket ly ral g. bi nitot,ghs ip gangtaki f theall in heto t c gapigampao n to li l?tera ey the havggstruled. u yo wwilltoant r th ten aofale r twol etai st .ocks mbcolundia aco vf rp. la east y$1r a il60 b tlionhe de o al t tformarhe l dgestrug co y.mpan t i gepdan ufrate llom an erga
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tiso sitck wamh crer! nn>> aerouncn': dosst mi a se ocondadf "mey mon." ll fojiow @memcra tr onerwitt. ve haue a qn?stio t tweeercramad, #mtstwee. nd se a jimman e-o il t or give us a acall80t 1-3-0-74.cnbc ss miet som?hing ad hema to eydmonc..cnbcom. ch iseck thbr out, o.'swhatt, thaheim bro? iti swo ched togeican mod got re. more in savcags on inr nce?sura ye ro-fah br,essoor and me. ke r lirsentean insurce. more s sav brnice, to co-tahip. at th a's notbrll, in so-te.hake hageico torcs mo yclervand an insurtoo.ce, , oh athat's mor lote. oh i yeah, a'm all bout, morebrteddy t.osevel
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degreeot menionss se i thed'worl srsfiodt det oranvaactibyted mo ntveme. as you move, fragrance capsule sbutrs rtoeael eseraxt freshness all day. timoseone.nsro piotect kn to eepu yongmovi. deeegrit won't let you down. th lat's af diot o&shesno em probl. ui'll lotse ade of t.tergen sh idiuess gets? scadcaple inumat. paone eansc clgh tou b foodthetter an 6 pacs of the bargainbran mbd coined. sc caade. ghenouss preinure e heryafor ?m i'a gonn mtakeexucin nusimas-x. too late, we're about to take off. esthsse di folveast. 'rtheyw e neidliqus. gel yoand cu'reg omin mwithe... yo reu izali e vehaol gstd usat? ci musinex manus-qux lielid gs. ssdis olvefast to unleash max strength medicine. le ent's isd th. olay total effects a sk tinnsforaatrmn ioatths rivalthe le
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3:24 am
orvf casp. h m toobrany tandso na heme tl.m al u yoremay izcognmbe tinderla, ut naanica hed otrs. co ialumbt jusrtrepo bed autlowo qu r,artete betanr thec expted le sa 3s up%. mo r nsteea15% ngrn it beaa off c 75baent sis. vf p. cor a hadly tru sa dintppoiquing r arte 5down% ar yer ove, yearnkshrigring oss ma s.rgin so ndme uelerwh gmingncuidae. w hohiis tsss po?ible coyou aruld vfgue p. cor got ll kiy ed bwathe earm w wthere e arnghavich whivf is p. cor did t ononhe cncferelle ca. cohow olme ca umbit isn'nghavi e th psameemrobl? trthe isuth um coltobia y tall br d ushethoff ate wesaher ying dtheyelid wuol, qdete, e spit se unabasonarly watm weher. o macromeconhaic cgellens, cu cyrrend heas windand
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
ul woand chhige ty's gunds mi. gr inant o, ohias plee. an grt. c >>r:alle j hi,im. th fanksakor tmying l. cal q >> wuitemeelco. al>> c iler: b'm ar ankeiswho y 79 oearsodld tay. st a t udenheof tme crahor scol of es invt.tmen wo i liuld ouke yinr oponion rg taet. >> ar tt ge aisutboo tpore.rt hamy cblritause trnst ow it. i onam cedcern. go baing itck we h tharresech ctdire sor ii aid t don' iknowf rg tas et iupset a ford goo tequarr. aihe se d thatvaluision lo so w we e havakto te e th triskhat oit'skay. th asat hn beeicdiffult. k thins it inean isixpenve st ock. ma n tt ijenew .rsey tt ma. al>> c hler:jiey, m. ve lo s the how. t >> yhankmaou, tt. c >>r:allean i wurt yoni opion o on gpro. loi edadea h avytht 0 e $1.mark cui'm s riou twhateshe r tt ofhe ar ye l mayliook n ke i your ioopinn. 'm>> i a not o fan pf goro.
3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
>> st> lae timhewe c ickedthn wi le al trganomhe c hpanyusad jt und as wer mnggiit wh iz pfn er i iwhatsi contoder be a t nc siene th s the htockeeas bn sl d ammeksthanpo to calitil gr stand ngandiin agaigst hher ugdrri ps cet bueythep rteora d erbe al wiong igth hr here than ex edpecten revriue dbyven ngstroes sal o but gtherood th , ingstoo. su irejut edmput bhe t ireres mo ro o om tgorun ining heto t rg meiter wizh pfer. s let'k checitin we h thceo t brendesauno rs t atalk tbouthe pf dizereal. welcome back to "mad money." ahavet. sea >> tnkhar s fonghavi. me w>> iput itu.o yo is th b wasr y fabethe uarter
3:36 am
yo veu ha. w itlsas ae o th qbesteruart of ph a cearmaaluticpa com.ny bi h otecruor d tg in oermse f th ernumbne of prw aps.oval st lrongrseadepohip onsitis, at wh a youoire dng. nuthe omberllf bidoion llar cfranz.hies i k thin syour wtock boulde up imoreu f yo nwereerot m ging pwithr.fize am i in try rg tonaatio tlizehat. >> wa it grs a queat th ame tefo per wrmedell. we d areesie v atingin busess an ind doprg a egeintonrati to pf .izer sp dethite diose ctstra tionshey vedeli red. w>> ioras w aried iboutt. oui thi ght dnwoule 't b tableo rsunde itandt. wthisouas year cl qnesteruart llof a h theerer ju s yo have ne do. th neis owe shoe d thracentl ne s rvouemsyst d youatomine, wo s men'thheal. th arere are s eadii 'tdnno k t buoguroly, ileitabel bow. th e ero is s gmuch ooingren he. trimet time to rge? >> s thistindus ry ig goin ro thmaugh e ssivgechanch whi irrequases m csivelionsoondati.
3:37 am
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3:38 am
tt behaer tthn i rke mailet wl rr coovect meerti. it a is t greartoppoy unitfor odanyb ey inr ithewoof t co iempan gs i t >>40he $li bilouon ye mget, aaybe, prilmay. >> ar we mist for e thofend q theeruart. c it souldinlip ecto sond qu c it bouldrie apl. evif tnta co trolsshhat thow, ey ar ine dogrg a joeat rkb woing ha rd. >> 's letk talt aboucothe y mpan i as wf itnoere rgt meg,e in not at thob -- slviou iy itrgs meing i'and fm in oavore f thermerg. bu pet pi mlinetoilesnes. st aecsheti. w >>vee haot a l. lakibenc lau ahingotnd borox f fo adrehee linh whic mis iay ne ed. d>> i ton't shinko. bo mtox,neany diw inoncatiuts, b no ti menf on o twhatarhey e. e >> wedtalkut aboeh foread li nes. ow cree's ftst outhidu. weand e havesdepr.sion bu e t th fdataheor tre depn ssio
3:39 am
t firstequarxtr ner. yeaherebeave anen mtey atmpts to de do sipresndon an evethe st be t out hherefaave .iled ho yw doavou hnfe coceiden? bit'ssoeen d. har w >>vee haon a lstg hiinory de sipresoion gacng b k to prlexao. t >> ia was k breaugthroh. w >>dee unndrstare depn.ssio t if where cas anyompado to a ug dre likx botodeand sion avwe hate ther exp itisee n th gu rerylato c andcalinil ve deenlopmgat ortinizaon. e thiestudves hapl to utay o, whsee there tae dals fal. a weptre otiimisc. 'l wee l sethhow tae dads rea ou t. g >>oeastrolnterogy. w >>ste ju a gotg druibfor sd. e havfoone abr di etic rogastsipas. ne eaw trt tmengocateorry f sedithase asat hhan't d a tr eneatm 3t inar0 yes. >> se thee wereaa brrok thugh ic whs h waifterr.ic
3:40 am
hwhenryillant cliweon t eted ab drout thugs tiey somll ccke ba ouobvievsly coery y mpanhahas d ic prcre ins.ease ithisbrs a hreakt.ough tn withess mbe nuf er ofda feapronassio 10%. i bcomeanack y,d sath is is a ink veu hake to ep hiwatcheng w bthere erniersands wdoessoell la hilliry c nton s stayh toug tevenh hougshe re edceivug a houe amf nt oy mone thfor uge drpa com?nies >> t allanhe ctedidails, h lary in cl dton,d onalp,trumni bere ersandhos, w iever, t is it's orrhetic. h wetoave se parto rhefrric om re y.alit goter us indthtry at co semprisss len thaof10% the to cotal f st othheale, carg dru ic prcrghly go needtiat. ug drves sa s them ystey.mone h wea ave odruga nce day bianti.otic on ndce ae. don ed usbe to d teninays the ithospal. w noaryoe taabing a out co tupleanhouslld doars. d weino thhags tvet sa the
3:41 am
maulti mtelydrany nougs rew cu lepeop. go afing thter % e 10 dthatsooes ch mu goosofor y ciet isle re jallyrhust icetor. 's itre a ghiat wg at thhe's te casusbecae er evy ybodhein tus indcotry mes w tok oryitr tngdoo oo gfod r op pele. w >>yohen oku loth at mee ti fr tame,haeva cs to bloset ut i se yemedaiou lt d oueta prty cl deear ptscriofion t whathe ea tr msury wightwiant heth t le rud s anifhow y then'havet gg sud este tthis chirde oursby no oue havtogot in be d goo e.shap >> th we weink . are onst tcteddehis n al ia hi lghly wegalay. co tinsulheng tld wores's bt ad rsviseho on dw too it. f weweolloe d thlaw. gh rit? >> ht rig t >>rehe ty asuredissu two cenotis. f weweolloosd the. th reey amu proatll gthing ose. elwe b tieveishis ri ameca. yonceolou fthlow w e layou ou shavld hrte cey.aint thfor o em t icomed n antotry an chhige t ts ininhe nnnth iing em sefas un sthat taid,dehis ilal w l go
3:42 am
ll>> aht rig. ifterric. w it gas a qreateruart. th i think ize pferer misger ifterric. qthiseruartne alold woue hav elpropthled oce stk tasubsllntiay. en brunt sa oderslef al.rgan th tmostparans orentf e th cdrugniompaes. ev hieryte ng wedtalkut aboin is fithe s.ling "mad money" is back after the break. othervel leleof citan to . it just kinda like...wiped erev cything.lean 6x c inleang tmyreeeth ang glowith. reeyit so e. 6x te whining i actually reayllke li s the 2.teps ep 1stcl, ns st , ep 2s.whiten y ever utime ihisse tto , gethert it vi...leahe ng tisdentcet offi. cr . est hd 6x cleaning, 6x whitening wo i swituld o ch t crestr hd ove i wwhatsias uorng befe. takei ic pres tu sofriseun s, bu witht y mck pbanai i co dnul sle't ep anged up it men ti. th ouen i flevend a pm. ale ev is pme thly oon tne ocomb a ine lesafe s pep aidlus 12 hthe paour iein relving reng stf i'm back.
3:43 am
degree miootsensenth is woe srld' t firsordeodacant tetiva d byvemo.ment as ou yov m fe,grraceanap clesu sbutrs toel rseeaxt e frareshness all day. timoseone.nste pp moyou .ving
3:44 am
3:45 am
>> it> s imeti. it s imetior fhe tig lniht ng unrod. yo y u sanathe omethf ste k.oc i t don' tknowalhe cr ls othe na omethf ste k oceaahofd im te. i ytellheou w tthery o buor se ll. wh yen hour eaisthou s -nd- [ zzbu ]er t--hen the lightning round is over. ar yoe reu y,adke sdae-y?dd
3:46 am
am cr "er'smomad "ney. arstngtiit wdah y nn ninorew yk. nn day. c >>r:allest fire tim tlongime. >> d gooavto hyoe u. >> le caly r: m wkids tatchhe ow shry eve a daylwnd aasays k me to l calin. ex als a hasathe irme by thdaas u.yo weand t wanskto aut abo eli . lily t >>nshe aiswer yo if llu foow c myrihabltatre t usicwhyoh u n ca bdotay ngkihe tul bfol r ac otions wner.cplusouom yw kno iitjus ast plain out buy. i inthtgk ves cryaphe. spresione nccovaeie blattht iy maveha good alzheimer'sle news telainr e tharye. gr iegman lary.nd eg gr. >> al cr:leey hji, m. is thgr is roeg frym a g biueblra cbob yao- h. t>>nkhaou y! >> le cal pr: id ulletrthe r igge to s buyrapectrg eneday toy. >> yi it 5elds%. in e thet nd ioiis go ng tbe ssfo fill uelared ted anenwhil o goes back down it will be erhamm eedn ve iifsht ldout.n'
3:47 am
al>> c hler:imi, j. en y joe thowsh. >> ha t ynk vouy erchmu. >> al cr:lee wl alowknou yre a a fa ofn ri bolstye-m -rs- >> ri bolstye-m!rs c >>r:alleor f l ag onrmteuy b an hod ould would ye givd a noto ab . bvie >> is it ng beiom recedmend i and th ghouitt as wom i s waepskcatibul itt id dee sm ch p.ea 'r weine go rg ton on is.texa ron. >> al cr:lei, him j. th fanksakor tmying l. cal f >> osecour. c>>leal wr:h iteibo'sng an cenoun omentwef felir deesveri of f thehtreigfi cond gure747 thand rwe foguard ceidaner aft rethe ecentngarnills cami seeng g to tuideewhe feler dieivers of drthe lieam --ner >> oe bg ind ha aanouccinntg suise. kei liin boeg. i w sa. mrnemceyrn. eythha cednghe teo clr adyea,
3:48 am
ji ism on ge. ju tsts hiteafoornn. lli wil teli you otcann get ndbehiin boeg. htheythave coe acngunti re irrigulaty. 'sitee ba n stmie akenwh h ie av idonet. m asasuch ik i leie bo cng ian't ge hit bet.nd i i gecan bet ndhini ud te chtelono agy indan wyot tou wn o ho ywnel.el ugdon irtnocah liro, naugdo. >> al cr:leoo bah-y. y, heme crar. e wherweare h witcmg? i>>wet dntn owheto t 4 low00s d anaiwe s'sd ite. don t we phinke eoplt won'be kithinbong a. ut e scoliix hsmontm fronow. yo hau tvekno sowcktos tianpaci dteliecs ned an they end. y buipchleotve eupn er he. d i'velohe ttom om cone he t sh ow. isdennn isdenn. >> al cr:leey hji, m. i cuwas s riout aboupot. ta>> sriy cuanous ayd sty. awa we don't le ike thrmfas ercoinme la bastnce enatemndts ay theare co dmingown. i inththk seyulhotad ke
3:49 am
llse. moone re. pe n te ionariza. te pe. >> al c hler:, elloyaboo-h. oo>> b.-yah c >>r:alleg lon ltimeneister. my ck stota is ser. >> is t'chtoo eap. ti tmebuo thy ste k ocrehe. it a'soo gond e. th , atdila aesnd gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> aounnerncth: lie inghtng unrod is sponsored by td ameritrade.ently. onloly fs nase iedapprov re toe lievtcboth i hy, rywates eye an ngd co.estion thno oaser nllal a sergy canpraysa .y that wh bren we e ineather allurgens oes bodict b reay ov roer p sducing ix keyflaminrymatoan substatces th e caussympour . toms llmost ailergy pnly ls oroconte l onncsubsta e. asflonroe s an isd six ater gren thaone. co lemp ateerll rgyieelor f coinletemp. let uryoyes ededeci. as flon>1e. 6nges chary eveg.thin
3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:53 am
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3:56 am
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