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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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he had aro portestas ltig nht aandeys thdag dra hnald, out t aihe sgote wano tch pun him in the face. llyou'e har thatro fm dd.onal igrowht n' letsr heam froly kel ereath er.ente el>> k bly:yreezdi constion eryest adayhand tt'st wha we peexoct tasday ahore w ertempreaturooleke53oo, ant 09:0., a.m 59 atn noond a 0.4:0 gnotg oine to b t.oday twhenllhey'et r turn,hats i ngcomi up. >> : kimkthanu, yo k.elly heso t rliepubcanau ccus here in daneval wil hnappe this engveni. w whate're goingo ttei\n,al touk abt ghriowt n a alla laas l t.nighme ldona irumpatct ahe t sirlveno.oint >> a: dans newas3 wcuvolvhe tre. >>m froniegintng ias w ntviage ddonalel.rumpt\ adaandi cithas phres. >>re we'ng goi vamo toslald bui w theall anng goia por fr tatho
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who? r >>teeporasr: w sn'tuco m acampellaas peas s cal. inupterr btedyro portests. >> i do h t dt lit protestor. get them the helil out. theel hva.ut o byeye b. >> o rep: rterroa psemio tge dri ofmm coon core. shica eduntioan pl cut costunes imeprovs.core owh too dha tt? lotok a hisigampa ve>> eimry tteu yoos mne ar ndconiitionng undit amirery evee tim s uyoen sdha ttt unint iohe t edunitta s ytes,rou aeoi gng to ypa a5% 3ax t. >> ep rteor hr:h wises t pounch abe numfr op peonle i the face. >> likeo tch punm theth in e
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>> theon ddalhe tan m. 'she gngoio t. e n esprenidt. he d gngoir tmao akecameria g n.agai ghe'sraolvi propearea lhidersp rfo borldseecau w isca a s.lacee >> a: danpi des btegeinr nea ombott ofo.p g.oac. pber. n rscaonti connues hish. pus ptrum had anim estd ate06,00 peeopl at hisnt eve. nbeso carn had thaty manpl peoe, sodr huneds ofpl peoe. teafrin givg aor shtpe sech, he eansw qrediouestrons fhem t d.crow oncarseris findehed doclad nst i saayturdma priso in canaroliy onlivrece7%ing c ethhaas.ot v pyouricolitsts deioinatrn fo cogeverantig ton tht,eher eeu sest thteu linedu wave hege rrulamned sch nestwsca5: at 6:00, :0nd 7su t ecspreial aport:t 7htonigu
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shavealpecic eletionov ceerag and then aul fral wp upcoming wyouray on n 3ewse liv at 11:00. > > okim: nther tewsalo tbok aut thisor m.ning hiin tars platicuge trady, so lunds iiketta srted with a motoryc ctliskigryin tooo zm stpaar a cs caued a fivea cr uppilere whe p onenersod dea and f oours therouseri hsly.urt ithiss adiccorng toh higway olpatrgayinra tr qap hdpeneue a eblumo diandil me mr arkeo18 tzu xabe ect. thperee oopleotn msycle wesera tngvelie throuestb elan b ofluemo diand and ofne oes_n e thrsrideed tri p to tassicraff 1 by ginng liah t oteosi l tandra cdsheo int aor fd e.edg
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hthenit a hondahirv woc byhit o twoor motiscyclc ratngvelii behhend tgi orinal penrsoot mclorcye. th preeeeopll alhe rusd to a e capiosl.ta d>>a:anun rn nibere llsk ooto budiln ot thama drae ve olp theke weonend r thetaoad aj onse boite staight.n e thres gamerebefo m thetaounin eswa rn tout.amende se dniorsay ithur sat wdayda ti bereakls tngyomi3 e onheof trt stasters ouill t of thnee liduup, moane irgant,s ounte carosr lort fj whe t onseas z andrmimme iannn. out >> m: kiis elvsl predoet g spleciaon horit for f a king. rafte the raiver is disemolhed ofalficires a ggoin eless prcoley nsabe en r rarivevio els peyresl way. kclar ctyoun cssommierion sgayin
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ofrasm las vegle boud var tall way to thees wewher lepresrmerfoed forrs yean whe it was theillt honac bkn the and the inanterationefl borehe tn. el pviseyresl peass if you don't haveic tkson d't worry,h teir f 1st0 mesinutl wil besi ud.we t leted bnginnipr 7:30 thonigt. k >>miim: lechels i goingo t jousin laterit wh aiodditnal rminfoonatiut abolotos on t.ightse
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insay wg its siui se,cid ter othet e in sayy mo n wy. itdesas htala o d twithyhis i n womawhand shere s e wadfoun el anhod shw wae s found at a property in dowowntlan aseg. we e'llinxpla i aadheni >> an d aa: cetld gghaut in a huge fight ivnvoling a endozp peotle a lt.eas anoud yre aot no ggin toel bveie what popularta resturans thi otokce pla in. im>> kd: an 4 a lvek loor abat fs ulouvelas asgas we wemelco i thenanternatiocued m owto tcan beweuse i are ercentth of lie poltica otspt lighy toda twithevhe nada caesucusrt sta uinghp t evgenin.
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ofrasm ltigh_re whe he im>> klc: weomek bac. its i:3 4 9 .enni morspre we'ic hearing from aidra gtndfa oherme aos anwomt tha f wasdound deantiut a tn ombott of a lryaund s.hoot d >> hana: te'she gfarandrthe of thisom wan. ats firolt picee wreal cledo t inigvest aates aom hdeici besecauhe t ssne i sopici cepolill stiin tryog t dneermi ma tifana om w mujie d ad ofic hom git's toingkeo tae som ttimeo tedee rmin.that heon tne pho\an wom gratandfsaher e ys h ndoeses bee lievwoshe could smmitdeuicicde anlid be sevesitecurdey vio owshheed s n wasitot wheh r sbhu wand shenenhe w_ nt iidia o tlynn rhen t>>he o onlyther analter itives bosomedy hedelper how dnre the. doi n't want to gore the but if atth'she t c, aseani c'tie belve witeras h hndusbat jus
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>> a: danth so ane grhedfatidr sae washe ccs suulessfhe in b,r jo r cuacsesed illedlln coanege d d happa hafey li. bheveelie hs vead otoh muc d to arinkadnd mer oucl ddediecisoon tt gema unla sdrythoo atdeh. pocelire a siltlnv igaestigtin and don't know ihef sa ws kdille by soomebdy else.un im>> k'r: weine goog tg lentth i lup aleitt b ota ldeeeoplndy theenve hava intwbl dououe e.her is atth lnaeoord driicap?o's thatishe aad. an>> dewa: n at0, 5:0ik meys ton feofngri are pyttig bew rdaror f foinatrmnio ldiea tngo the arstref oho werevnt sletomems ite mfro the inanteraltiongoxin h oall wame, hhate'sfe ofring new at0. 5:0 im>> ker: thse i theui bgldin theat b harsamis ne,m trup. ihe dikn itann. towsaci he p hade eoplfiall upred c e thh soutt poin nlast aighte
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im>> kel: w bcomeack. 434:. eapplpo supsrter are pnnlangi a big potrtes aingasthe t f.i.b. it a'sll sulchededor fom tworro nwhe donemrastort asre expecdte tota sprt ut a 5:00 p.m. in ap splestore ascrose thte unid st.ates uda jge oedrderpp a tollss aist in tanhe s brdernaino trerro veinatstig bionely hg pinthe f. hb.i. iack[subhe tt^rtiho s'soterdag loedckph ie.on so far apple resisted. 'vwehee d aromfrhe tea hofd he t mpcoy,anen koo c ak, hnd seida 'sitarerlipploy sitpe sonuati. tifrt stait wh ts,hihe ty coldu catree aac bkda dr ooo y everonpersph's io viimctofs he tas mreacre a exctpeo ed t ataken ctiougthroo eithtor at trneyroomorliw fique
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> >: dana hwe u l auaoo ll ofnazalamgichian to find a timoehve bind theot shoing that llkiixed spl peoe. eon t ofheur injed aye 14-ldar-o irgndl a now heren pararts apo tag lkint aboua: vi wckie aipedteway asars ordoctiss vn h her aours trthe y.agedr anshe r d heanhusbved hat sat bedside by their daughter since theho sinotg. eithitr l,girlga abi iil, tfigh fingor here. lif >> d myteaughsr i notad de. esh isve ali s andpor ig fghtin hfor wiboveryody t h understand that. d >> aana:ilbigaai remnns i iccrital ctiondion. anmeewhil thepe susdcteot shoer shaen berg chaedh wit sixou cnts ofde murr, wasde nied bail styeyerdai insde art noi mothave sn beeet dneermid. ofalficiavs heno tou fnd a cotinneciton wnito dalndn a tng imvicts.
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ifn cedvict w he bill esent tncedifo l uri pson. k >>thim: tae stkeouam c for caemillos cby. billos cby'sif we adgree to eranswes qustionsbnd u oerhatex nt ntmonh ichassatsuset. isth t has dith aam defnatio uilawst. it j was yustrdestehaay ttes cioffi salspleios cwo t dan h aalf hours arnsweing esqustion att tha moarritt hotel. we hvea that stakeoutam caer omfrha tt property. then the rest of the time was ba ackndor fth bweetener h atrntoseyci ona wt hae shoush swan oernor ant erswma we t s stthe aysornesi outfde o cothe ouurthn se ingsprid.fiel . sh ne'sdefeninant he fadeonmatiit sued filu mwoen. bheut s hase* paee bllompelo qo t iftestroy th tugh dhisiteposa the osmewoacn sicu bnglil cbyos j damefginhe t bmen dngyi
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ast.saul etht nexos deponiti iset s for ma14rch . an>> dtha: ate naliontb fooall ueleagil wlet r$1urn il20 mnlio ith witd helro flam psyerer ov cthee ourshof tase lhrt tee eayrs. this scomete afr anit arbrrato lrued inav ffor o p therslaye ciassonatioen rectly. three rtpo cimlas anit aud vere aaledcr discepanyt thaep kt tikectueeventelaym pldo saeslaril okspn esmathfor l e nfedcall si inntcideec a talhnicgte cc ainount sis.ue >> kim: before we know it, it's g goine to bbabaseeall ss aitt lmoss feel slikeg prin ndarouse thets pare k >>: ellyoeit dels fee lik t greangsprith weauter ore the. rehea is k loo e tims lapas frnte yes, rdaygay binlookor^ ats, thiea a bulutif. daya woyou 'tuldnw knoadwe h
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lsomeioocateens sguing assts ca. his gh ail45 meres pr hourebefore thtaey s trtede o di idownen thc inevenurg hos. mpteureratiges rowht nre we' in thpee up'sr 40 hesonder 5t'snd1 arnnenteim tap t bu aweeare d wlingithty gus ndwis. ntcealenni rtepor wingsind lgulingaln .o 18alr ndwil wilusbe g utingp to 30e milers pr hou tinyallegsta tobuday ght hiuser grets amoe peex ictedrth souclern tycounng alo,mo coroldoaiv r va.lley ouif yke ta aok lot a theig bger pie,cturos mtlyun snye skiss i atwh wexp eectod tay. ydrdi constion u l cooer terempesaturod tay. highf o5 6. wi ondsfut o the neaorthst gungsti to0 3smileer pr hou. 65ha, tt isor nmal.
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fbeorhi ts tmeif oea yr. 3 ovgherni wt 42moith cstly s.skieura hiregh pe ssurovis mining ghrihit behind td s anewe'rl inlook gg atngettik bac tintoro 70's. 73th on ayursd ' and7"on 77 da friy. >> im kw: heeav b aakreginew n enev ttathak t tesalen phoix, araizonhe wreo yuee si lve piesctur onr youcr s.een tnoy onl areir fe olsicia o en sc mut bo s are police. eyth both responded ton act aive sherootki sonuatire whear we ic ttgereing s port athatil famfy oias de foasur hn bee `st shohon a me erthice whsh io alse then sc rea fi. 'rwe te aterhe mic^ afatfiline iaixhoenh rig n. eyth p areblroba a inau psen their coverage. we have a team of people here in las vegas who will be monitoring the live picture os outro phnioe
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veliic pretue wl wile takou y ckbahe tre. awful infortimaonom cing inut o ofen phoix. avwe he anat updehr tn defeofral alfici ts asl ntco tinueveo inatstigate the hecolipter crash in pearl rbha.or 1aye6-olar-asd persengas fas p rofhm tienjur thrais cap hnepe ldtas. sphotaiicfflsiaay sin abl teeenagy boas found uspnen athe tc seenas how n pseas.d a cadannian ad tehre filamy ermembs were in thatic heleropt wnhet i wnteow d inn t whesater trigh theret arl peaar hbor. reuscseray sh t ana teewager rastedppnt ihio ssteahe w tnyhe took him out of the water. twoam fyilme ermbda rem hoalspit iizedtan sbleon conditi aandhi tasrd he bros re tes earelsed. d >> oana:iafficnls itr ausalia abole t g.e firnd ueron cltro buto ntef b ioretau csed a
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ecrwst batle their f se 10estorie q up. taslahe f smesdpreaua c the'srane t gian carmmeara cish tngto he grunos fioflsciai belenncidt asw rult of an erilectcal fihre tatrt staned i thera cne's mo.tor >> : kimselvisl prehey capul im>> kin behd
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seenan pon tt meem hi where they rvintediewe f himor rngolli nestoaz mag ainende som say that edhelpd lea to hisap rec.ture an>> d ha: augeig fht breaks out at chuck y cheese. it started after two women burned into each other. things escalated leadingo t a ho lwgonig cha dilno kedckow d and anothers ersuffevar morin norr ates weerad meec bauseth e gr oup blefteeforundeic off riar vedthbut aeyki looong f thosenv id.olve >> > t we takeouo yw neam hrepshi hewrehe tyav he a tdiraonti erth aetefrhe tyc seor aoa gl, th teyry to get aonish th to e.ic isthuy gad h l a oot tfubron trngyio trotha or.vello nerkw yoy cit ditn'idgot ve oll th sisulhobed re py ttsyea
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the. ice they do tshi inen wam hhipsre rafteey th srecohe t first goal of the game, they try to get the shfi t onohihirehe t d ilos k >> iim:at mey bmatiradi bon, avi hineeltg iello. gu fy'sime. hdoeseicll reaoky loi_e like leonardo dicaprio? >>an d ha:doe .es ecch itut o. ldho your hsorse leo. 3aar3-yed-olsi rusan sitecury gudars igivinar lge as ledoonarap dicrio.
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veiors,not ninhiin about. him shi beartgseloneo l. ethcr desdibe asfr idayig nht, saayturdlor m.ning shiwi t rnliep des indo aw no the celhann 24as hin gimn h a showal cledom rancewi th diiocapr. shi tvho swis a od mdifie kema.over akt veicoe lsoessnn adon csult awithti die.tianc hehi t inks t'eatrildmanl deunoergcos etsm picceroredu tss okloz meorik li haswradle w tayouhrgh the rntemnais, lwiz tran cgwlin hiays wcua
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ho sgppina mll. fohor t osef youra won't dhink t ey bthrea much of a resemblance, keta tt leonardo's twin is aec ratrenio ofhe tr beais polghinre an ocasr utstate. im>> k'r: wee fwiollo tngwo bige
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piurttsbghen pvansylnia wrehe a sc bhoolusnv idolve a inn ciac odentnhe ter intestatis th rnmoing. nnfo itiormanon oy annj is.urie >> : kim awe hlso aavere bgakin ne ews dvent iireatn nure plgayinut o inh te phoenix we b'veeenoo lngki at roughiv le ctpiures aiassocted with it beusca weree' at thecy mer of ethep rrortend aho patogr ophern th.cene eviva the ey'vedpoppk bacgaup aa isthaw is flivephrom x oenie wherfire ua sit.tion ether r aretsepornirmin com_ninn ene ouwsr ne trooma hat lyfami hfoureeas botn shth in .homee* attho alsscthe ofene ir a f cayou e n se athatg8 4:5sit i equitoe.ctivre eabrgkins newsbuitts edlvinvoa ing olscho. buse o eabr nkingixhoenco voinglvinectivac sonuati. hweea brkings new inur ono
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a pbossie. bas k >> wim:ave hree bgakinws ne. syouee kllendaet gtinge ryad lir a epve r i outen th d.fiel vewe'tt goepen r torts ahat bhas f jead a upcofle ors hou`l a weta'll ouke yhe tre inen momc an>> dnla: oakn "w we upith thene wagrs,"on crsumeor repts ste ttedhe topa cnrs ie th unco.try ewe'rn goiog tel tls chi wco meca o outpn tontdch whimomid de noait fo >> : kimkemonusy bsines espac. wew kno wsat is enng goi en. l.vira llwe'e tak youp u to the rninteonatipaal sat st wion anxp enalaonti.
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welcome in on this tuesday morning. breaking news out of phoenix, a family of four shot inside their home. >> kim: this is an active shooter situation. a fire is also broken out at isthme hocuarti wlar eth fr fou hen be unfo.d nit addae hci brngeakis newnt eve thatesak tus potsitrgbuen pylnsa.vanies una vesy bu n morning wh ereaoo schusl bt tha w involved in ancc atidenn o intaterste9 7, iouf yre a familiar with that area,ha d erevhiyt sngpptoed in this rtpaulic sartiec oonpif sbttghur tasinhey igvestthate i deaccial aswe we e lcominyou tu on yesda inmorntg, i is bvery. ot nes lyonihoents pithburges bu ot inwur oky bacsteou y thwien klldaos py siblheon t escen a ofbl doude muro an>> dloa: loked tike here


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