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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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rg ta tetssahey yl wil be hit tfirs. > >>rt heaal heroth pmsblebi a is sueor f wvidand a icpart wular iomene n th caafriern-am cicanniommuty. wh yat couu dtoo ta sary hee h he y althijte >> ou ann: ncers newar3 stts ri noght w. m >>llichegoe: od a tw eoo pstple fillhiertir thenc ve lites afhar trat too shting sp iree ezolamahi mic hthatneappe ayturddiue uig n justdel.awfu ry>> k: stals it'ilerrib. m >>lliche he: tard rao woup yr he aaddrounalrely. >> st kry ial: est doman't nyke a sesen. a ea14-yd r-ol, girl ooneef th rv susivorng cli tingofe li as li poryce t toig f oureuthy w thisen ev enhapped. 'snbc ron remo. r >>teeporr: aye 14-ldar-ol gir ooncewof tvi sur fvorsthrom is we dekenot shosona aalss mi .zzou s she' tbeenedreatbr at nonso th mequspt ho aitale s thelr st d unneuncommtrity tyingor fi ogurexaut e wctlywohat uld
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sh>> se ive alie s ands he i tifighorng f l her ep>> rr:ortete lada monary te an ped hom fropathe s rentn of a agail cough e thgeyounicst v hein tam kal sazooinhootreg spe. a >>ilbigast is .rong shand ut bea un yoadg lndy a dtee dfi of n isth. r >>teeporthr: r--yeaold wa ots shkeracarr bl rk pa lingn monalitg wr fou me woo n whewerelsi.lledho at h thetaospiigl abwaail s pr nconouevad.dea wh doctorsre prepa forr oe na dontio s shezquee mo 'thernd ha the elderur srvivoia t nasha a lebul ltd odgeerin hid kneyut b is etexpecd tos rez pr ecosutors say the suspect so jaltn daason hmi ad tted lvinvotemen t inanhe r dom paramkihat eoix pt f>>m rohis responses there's ry vetl lit >>poreerrt :lstilewe ansrs to alhe tst quepe [ c]musi reunt hu edndrmes cage to atherer
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to y prathfor ure srsvivo and mbreme tervihe s.ctim_ a ar5-ye s-oldctuspe d is_r ac bnk irt coure he aam kal azoo sobew fks weerete mn oh marcay moron nbtt, nec ,wsal kazamta. >> ch mi: elle new[m`2: 1sico n akore w tnedtos .s uda. to rs hatah reioliatern ovnn plaed jo mintailitisxercedlann houtcaea kor nh.mont th inarnes comla he enightened tnssiolo folwing a nu rcleat tes r andtocken lauch t bynohe rth. e thhnortll cas then anual south u.rc exeor arprepnsatio w forndar a ut roy inel tvowstao ree.liat hnortre kotan s tateielevne sa .sid uli. mi btary iasesian as an u.d ms.nlaid anulwobed s ko s rea'idpresalentie. hom er amicanko rea. >> tu> sindy f hath'eartariaea smw ve leosls r finter tw tienh etntceyurha tn the
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pr ioev 2us0 70arye s.iescisnt mecao teithcor lunconsiafs r te cr tiea angod m oelchf geanins gl sobalevea linels p the ast 03,00rs yeapo th ayey s's itre extel liky th ate rase wconte fas tr inor 19 hu rend tdsanh t inc pviresoua 2 ce re arseerch ssdaii woutht hmaun edcausde la pchnet tange rhee isdel wo hauld eeve blfn hawh of tat i m was. >> ha> cn mpio land oxere e ke mion tyser offa ing rdrewa to fhelp tindehe p wrsontho s em itoms frs iernttinaalon bo ngxial hofl am f i po celi s sayodomeb sle wdorl amchonpiipshel bston belging to encarmnd ay. ton ontys is oinffergis hlo g avesnd a t-srthine sigdy bim hen for odanybhoy wderoviroeolicb_ece wi noth eor infonmatiao t re ar sstboome.dy all right krystal over to you. >> st kry wal: ie wall ttke i ro fhem re. ne daw to ayt onno, this isrt hea thhealre awaness mo.nth w so cenuontieo t ttryoai rse a neware susha tlyt on g h te onrys sh utow bth in omis ctymuniut abo
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lyrealtaed.ff ae aom w e di pospronartio itelynk thiot a l tmore phaneeopld tenm izrealnc an rotheup grot thads tena fe af ctedilheavy, af n-ricaicamerans.otpo h wer d theroctong goi s toth to at ande somth of e ef sfortei bang mdeo tak me op peorle mwae afre oe som of the sk ris aiassoc wtedithom s oef e thrt heass iues and also what we can do to stay heart alhethy. an thu k yo bfor weingith us. t >>s hankforin havg .me ry>> kl:sta a wecippreitate . slet' t gett.o i i kthinotrevant it's on amwg .omen a, t tha lapopun.tio ,alsoit whin cinertaom ctimunies olof cpaor ulrticar af n-ricaicamerans. >> abtsoluely. isit thebe numrafs.r ille h e they.untrhaco [ diinau]ble tmore00600,tapl peoye a ear odiea elea he.seas on e of ut ofourom wen au[ ine dibly] b heart die.seas
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an oud ych toun ohe t ri afamcan-aneric lapopu.tion k wenowri afamcan-anerics are ch mue morpiueel liktieno tlodeveghp hide dblootereas pleure. [ diinau]ble s.e h thel ak wender a d wewieal o lot licompiocathans tant cd leao at deh. d anfo bere the age of 50 caafrien-amn ricalepeop 4 are0 ti orme mikes ldege to eat h urfail be isuseca od bloo supresre. th mat'syostlau becfse o ne gey rallkispeaheng te y ar ex d pose ito [ibnaud.le ] tthey tendeto gh higss pre ure erounga. alsofr a-aicancamerins un unfortyatele havit limed ssaccerci spestalirs o ss le yikelk seeee car when pt sym[inau it ll's a adi le]enprev.tion kn gowinr yoube numrs. kn gowinn whe ton muee sch muoc dtor. >> st kry kal: ngnowiu yoht migerte be e mor.icenetally pspredidose s tothome ling ikes.thi an d also justea rnglizit thaou y njusteed to takeos the ev prtientastve eps. ota lf osit i anewaresss i it t? no
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no wtngaiti t forheym ssptom to ha .ppen p eeopl n areee f aling i sonk this it' afinet'nd i lyrealut abor youernumba h wethave roe acabnym c s. as n.piri dblooes pr.sure yknow s.mberov c chteoles.rol k as d theroctoha w stdhoul i be ta .king an id ss smg.okin ce on s youtopmo si\e tak urmeaso es t sstopngmokir youmas ri edsk r.ucesc e >> st kry sal: alo her thies stlife.yles smnot g,okinin eatalg her,thie er exngcisi. d an y if dourroctoge sugnt thaevo e yo keu taas an n.piri vtlexac in [ blaudie ]. if d you hon't aveoa d yctor ha ove te haver ordoctan an ed wdavee morthan 40cslini ugthro thoutvahe .lleyo mos we e havstalmon opeoo das
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ow knt whate do. >> st kry val: goery od. th yanko ou s fmuch weingunte us . a wecippreyoate oru fcu disgssin vthis ierytmpor ssuee usbeca'se itim ulty atelall ouabsat ngviiv anthyok fou et l s'sdent iut oo t you. >> he mic lle:e we'rg goingo li o ve tarcaesals p wace yhereou e set thaut bealifut possgalonp p r e thdesif oe thllwahe wn u yo are driving down the 15. ce neliio dn returns to the stage ni tom. i iters h first owshin s hcere husband reneng ailelase pasd aw eelinussate posondeer h fa bocee ag p shatrt cadedi htinghoer sonw tla er he latdndusband a her gemanar. if d you hon'taveic ts ketheto tceion s yhow,tou s t get etaee s cabeuse e'sh also going to b putting at least theil f tirst mi tenuups n o l aeiv feed. they're dedicatingt i to the mo mefry ocehusband. es th e ey'rincall ag ite lovpido cadedi.tionbec an atd th b canene sece on line .cdionom. bu e't we ll binpoet g iuron o iwebsque ew n.cs3lv
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>> st kry tal: lohe gain com f! of hi>> tuys g is erthse'e somgthinng wroh wit this de ic>> me:hellpu reanblic nd caesidat t arewihroowng dn ju oust htor befnie tos ght'roe uc ca what one candidate said that landed h iimhon wat r tethwi n o vrstend ae twamp s lk ta aingere the y whhan eas w as t s andvoy dre gu\ ay del of aoodbaitertntnme. i a wishllad h^ s-vll-aonisi ca be wuseave hoe sfme ohat oo fnd i siotudnd at iks loo and sm sells\nod goe 'r weoie g aavea sneofeek zc enweek bd'srelebnatio dentr he n re ietenimwnto. k >>: ellyve we'ie d ling gwithndy wil s alinmorna e th ngoodisews se thods win are go toing rt stare decgasin aswe ge ntt iheo tte laer aft noon s.hour
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th 'satom cing p.un >> > w'shat going on i sso sad
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in cha we have ade traic defit it whih cna of q0 $50iobill n auer ar ye 00 $5 llbi.ion tandheya tret us leik -- they tdon'e havchun r anyctespe f d\f. usic ne no. ey the comth to trounnd o es givn cm the ana sinak d e m i'donot sting deakrsinne for ethesop pe soingngin drsneor fr oppe tlethare t uat. elro py.perlloen w no'rtheyile bu idinghn te so cuth shina ey th bg ldin m p- -ata >> st kry tal: i lddonaum trpep sgakinsp daneva. e thcodaandiartes ue ont il ful eforcda to nas iuhinas las vega lght ni dr g awiniga b crowd. omarcbi ruero he t aodayt the ersilvton. we o als\ltxpec t t esim yayterdveelie sut alobeell narso cre n ime sumn.rlio. th eey'r out finullor fce um stgpinr foe votss a wead he in hto te uscauc. m >>lliche se: ngtayi t on hat c,topis aall earyes ne o ne ,vadae' wveen beal t akingbout
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blrepunicaansaucuimoig ton t ksspare havlrealeey b fing be n tweeethesatndid 'shereme soe lido les lite casos lihigh ightsseca m youd isse tc wah. t >>guhis uzy crs lie tmore han hany bumanse i'vr eve dale wi be unablievle. th gisuy is cksi. e'theroms sinethrog witng wh this incre^ e inglet som co omesut of thees czruom cpaamnig 'sthatt unrue. >> he mic lle: fcruz hiredis mm coatunic dionstoirec-r - did hyouearbo ahiut ts --er aft gaallestiont tha theru cz mp ca waignpras sneadigie ls a oboutther caatndides. he wasn't they onl onen ihot te war. jo hnas kichcagacine ru basackl er fo ffan os uhe c c tte h ma de ndmoay. w heason ctefronyd bne o oef thmi du sursorteth in crd. w >>ste ju a gotrmn anoieeo p o whmaand omny whoen wt lefdso their kitche tns oo gondut aor do o-or-t adooro nd tyaput rd s ignsorup f me. >> l i'lunoco ome t tidu stppor b youe
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i >>u.yo la [ erught ] m >>lliche ae: tbouthat co t,mmenil i wmel co t out o orsuppout y i but't ainin comg t ou oef ths_rech kit ka wsichalas t akingtboura avoy 19 st70s hoate biuse t d bu that encommidt d sn'telit witl w oflot wen. >> st kry hal: ase we hav li bttles tlinga]ay sg t.leas ic>> me:hellen whas i wri heang at th t forirhe fimst thie ts mo ngrni m it madeoe gter y catwh? k >>alryste: hef rinerrg to are pusvio .bidkaari an .yhow onso dtrald ta cerer u hi mes moinnts s theigpotlht du rringesalli d andesebat. se ba td onimee hs makeekry pr getty"good ofame on thr es"sen ch tearacr. ck fioo a lk. is thfu is .nny b>> ievelimextresu meares ar wae terrand. t >> pheleeopt tha w are m v^d 0 10t ercene are thlepeop . at>> wh ? >> thepope. e p th wopeas in comexi .di oud y know ?that he negabhings . me
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he >> tenti pot i b ud. s is ng bei d toldtronald isump t no onpers lddonamp tru nery iceo pe .rson ug[ la ]hter ry>> k: stalt tha iseldo d hoagarhil.ious ic>> me:hell l i ove.this i oyssimo it. >> st kry sal: onomeede decido t e merg the lddona'se faco int di tfferenhara cs.cter they did it lessflawly. woritnks i all theys ioscenar s. th wat's shat'scoo f the ajteste ove ek welend ay hread moe a iomillewn vis. ey th'reng doi some funtu sff wi llth as thiit polical stf. > >>el finka ol y ala ce spiyartid fa -ns -el i toul yas ihat w iwhatod r lly,lyreal w po t mell yhatwhant ouat yok tod re , allylyrealal, reanly w t i iwantnt wao t wanue yan wo ququ la [ erught ] 'r weave h ingeittl f th pie sceir grels aeb celinratg a tl lite anrsnive.ary
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al rerely, y all want ic 'sthat theon s wg weerein tryg to sing. >> he mic: lle s the gpice dirlso a ch muet bt*baobj it e's b9 1 y sears tincehat glsinye b the worldam f gousprou se ro to n therumbee ont spoon bobills ard' hot100. ythis -ear-h gos iee flo s old -- alsoar mheks t tiewentth an rsnive oaryhf teir f airstlbum pi "sce." loraeleb wting a dr icamatd rea oingef tham fous gson as a soapp oera pesurrsta. h >>aa h ha !ha i' elll t ylhaa wt i t.wan what i ry,eallll reay ntwa. elso tlosha w e youn gl.wante ywhateaou r rlly,y eall.want i' elll thal wut yodewa . wh i elll reaeally, ry want.
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>> m llichehee: s l looksike sh po . st>> kryheal: s cha isinnnelg po sh. h sheas a ositcom sh tee wris,c atsnd aro pduces tele lnove se i a n-noishspan sgpeakin ostarn thep shanis novteleela. it 's so h great sheows i able to fliphat tmfro ag son, into ke li,um >> he mic lle:s i wakithinj ou abw t howeyou elre t mlinge. du oringf ne obrthe teakshat di u d yop-a liinsyncntg coest ja gi e >> st kry wal: tue ac dallyd ance heto tce spils gir. m >>uichele_n we g?arin eno >> st kry ial: w wasngearie blue whand beite otll b atoms nd a lelitte bluwhand caite opmi t. es, li ,ke,as i war scspy devio. >> he mic lle: h we taveo pull it t. ou ry>> k: stal who d'tidne likhe t
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ey the cam out iwhen wasn i ntseveura e las adgr 'rtheycke ba ug[ la ]hter el>> k ily: s t wafun. re ballysringk bacl vme.ries ic>> me:hello smil r weeallyt wtan re lyalre, lyalre, lyalan w todgo atweher. >> kelly: i think i can help yo ithmitonc ma nybeigot rclnow. it liee brzy. we d'rengealikellh wity:o ty gusque d win eas wpuese takvea lik lootoo ah so asuthehn teclicare caer ac myade ca.mera mp teureratie wseol coerha tn at wh'v we beeen sgeein telaly. aot l ohaf wtve we' beenea dling th wi a midndpe upr 70s. to day traempes tureewhery the ou sheld b t for thisime of eayr. tdownown9 5eg d.rees erhend csonngomi in a sp al vley .57 ntaliae, a youret a 59 grdeees. winow nd stgus. th oat'sur ie.ssu encentnialig rhtow n il29-m-he-anguour bsts eing rtrepovo ll ne8 is 2s milehoper *m an rthemtieporae ca-m28anile-r-hou tsgus. nd wiils wusl g0 3 m iles hoper orur f n the cextleoup of ur ho ts inhe vyalleef btore
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he s re iooa ltk art ales at thre we'ei se ten we emos vti s aave wis advory in a pl fceorou srnthela c crkyount w asasell theor coladoiv rer ll vandey a alonge lak que wi arnds use g utingtes 4mi5 sle rpeho .ur ethoo ghi t ng tisishxp eesir em0. 4:0 lwe'l o beonnd dite wdean s th a de mo sstlyouun yl el cytr sskie. at thha's wlleee stoing an e d th cnexte oupl.days tjusew a fgh hi tfau clon e we'rg goinsee. te atmper, uresin sot ioi's getng g a leittl bit ercoldni toght. ta lke a aookhet t 7 -day re fo.cast 'r weoe g wing rarmightk bacup. mo to'srrowh hig 73 othn daursy. th iden m ander upp 70s ase w ad he i tntoheke weend with lymostny sun s.skie o antheru bealtifu enweekd. k >>alrystka: oey w t'll iaket o frre aea bulutifee wkend toet g out
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we so're le pased tove ha the r -f coeroundth of mais a zinga en evt. a >>as pletoure he be re. th yoank ru foin havusg . k >>alryst y: ndou ar youlyloveant fe wiee im kyberlmin ae zi amab joa inputtisg th. on hi>> tss i our 15th year. >> he mic lle:e wer youn oour ow sh last ?year kr>> l:ysta .yeah roou b tughtcill grite mase th wi. you pjohnonrest. j orh,osep s i'm jorryohn. i yshld nour amet.righ ic>> me:helle' wgoust ake to l calchyou rief gasll mter. ho ouw abatt th. k >>alryst: i s.good he>> tnt sceres a pinmeatst ro om. >> st kry wal: ane cak't tite . r foos thhoe w n may wnow hiis tit - allme- i an, yrs if d youton'eyonow veu han beemios t di hindng u rer aa t >>ishis ut abong bri tinhe be mla of gas ve ts to hird* re stndet aen ogd. d ane we'vvamom stanhe tt mos el ss pateionaogaleta,nteddarulinmedi osa
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k chucerfarm h andeis t 'rtheyine got g oue ther theco e tastsoand oundsulf so 26the ndth ah. 27te 'sthatda frid y anrdsatu th e ey'rg goinavto hmee so inamazrbg ba.ecuepalos th e ey'v fbeenreeatu td one ripl d. ey th're kn 'v weote gju cashn p.rim lecobbar che am gazinbb co.lerssa we g're hoing baveaar b .u ll a the best. >> st kry eal: tanterntinme . >> iv lc,sice 'sdj m>>heice:llob ouviy sl'sit s louut bhe w pnpleo ceeomsen th t'is it s no ojusthine t ng mu th ouat y g are toing riexpe.ence o >> n'sitot n. 'r we or hon jings eo poshat e arun pehale to t dtgreayothgs. we ll wike ta o tta\n lo tok a gat th ewe'r awlcknongedgim thet a
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em frstont oreete n th mainco e.stag a de wonyo ma wel bex ho d.noretehonores de igema a co lmunciaran bwilow ell b l ho d.nore co cuntyssommirionel wilsdoe bs ho d.nore ry>> k: stalur satday and nd suay. >> f noyridator n haat sy.urdacear t 11dno mi ight eachdaso ifnt lyou lnisianda adeow dar mdi gr ne, lew or ians, seoi gng`o tn vi v beil sime t to vi enenronmt. ry ve fee.stiv mvery ouchf aty par festspatmoe.heriv etherbeill smoke paterme ing athelate t allat gre ba uerbec s andoul od. ewe'roi gong terak y i odfond a k>>stry: al w itanhe tr glil ma tes trlles uha we hasha arprepiged rerht he. mynegoodss. >> g wet.ot sis loule stymar .ribs otwe gtedrill icch.ken otwe gms ya and weot g fa usmori fedri bsket which we smoke foren t s.hour we got carolld gnsree and our
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ve fife diffuhe c esesit. f em sh . >> he mic lle:p we llut a the rminfonatio t onsche .reen avwe hoe tap wr. is th g isgoin b too meeso. ec chtk iytot. ouda br fe 2uary a6th7nd 2ouet yr ul so a on theheweat k thanfoyou rin com gout.
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'l we rl behtigac bk. >> ly kel: os mtlyny sun skies da toy. atl liteosszebreeryy. da to hy's65igh e 'r weige rnk bac tas70s so etwe gto in o endthf weekel danhe tdod.eken ic>> me:hellom cuing omp tworro ooat nacn lpe ur youes sho. e th alnnua runa ywaitvoqu cire s delolei i 5kba e 'ringotog av h aemi scpelia gu teso tel tow hve eonry e ncaak t petarnd aiv gkaco t
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hplusse i aca lo cliohampnnd a w no ihesop h tingoin wt nex bigttbale. 'rwegoe oi jngnis u u le ivusdi stu reto pr p fouphis ngcomiht fig hagenine heredvla in ry>> k: stal r all.ight l we'l thaveanhat wd aehol m tore tlsoghoni bae w a ur yo porce fn thi tipolics. we er covthing epe rcaublin ca .ucus avwe h iellt aov cdereo f weav he ateci speepal rcoort ming a up30t 7:. p.m othenrn ou st si s ationp.:00 n m. o cwthe pkee i.ed tun rheht s tls an ws ne.c3lvndom ack cheut on o ciso maledia as well. wel'lp kee youpd u tatedhe
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rhone]ings r>>e:afer hndna.ez gh rit. ye we--,ll stjuee kthp sie steurece. lli'av hsoe e meonetherin e fivteminus. s >>: hawn hwhatyoave t?u go>> e: rafl, wely thedfouna , body ljustike dr anide say thed.woulin f theatoundofion t tha dibuilffng ote rou 47. ne i oued ygo to n dowether ruand e n thnsforeteics am.>> wn shau : yolyrealnk thi 's itfa ste?no's r >> wafe: tell,s hat'whati cneedrmonfied cso iinan f pallyhiut tses ca b to.ed.. gofor od.>> e: hop, hey hhey,.oneyar u e yo?okay>> ra ciaah: yem , i'.fine h >> bope: yaby,ooou llek pa.>> ra ciare: we u youerp the lk tatoing se cha?>> e: hop i no, g was toingo, bebut iforeld cou,i a got .call e chastahas ofken aif agn. ia>> ci ra: ghthouu t yohad ar guolds fnglowi. him op>> heae: y wh, ias,bu dot i knn't ow.he t- jusse-he toems ha isve darappeed. w ho tmany dimes ho wetoave htelle'im h ds inr?ange odmy gw , ho tmany?imes


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