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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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arcaea n'tie belhve wasat w gooning e.ther re>> eportr:ht rig, jim, twhad lepo lice here was a tip fromef firerightwhs o rndespooed t a blazely on to findpe ople cnalli gthis acpleho me. gdo klennes,ai rat msstrean d si sgnsoomeasne wvi ling .here >>n uevbelileab. there issh >>po re:rterli ace is keshocd. >>it'sdi bisturng when oppeeele feyl thve ha d too atht. >>po re:rter asar lening lpo ficedounx sipl peoane d a gdo lgivinn i six u.nits >>h i tinkf iey thrm stos -- >>rtrepoer:ur cry works at a tosgerae nxt toe thor stage rdyad an hasse enop peleo g inouand t. >>we hado n idea adynybo was lg.ivin
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edosn't cear if ppleoe live th--ere >>me sostimeey th mebeco y.rowd liyelndng a smicreang. >>po re:rterth ere is no mbplu aingnond le ecictrity. fairst forrg saentan ry k.coo >> i washo sgckinto ou ye, w wad nteetto ge th rrcesoues toue her asu qick ase w sipos cbly.ould onwe d'ta wntit tobe acome entrd. r>>teeporr: allry cur wa--nts >>the sy afetofop pele. >>po rer:rteic offers also ndfoust a georan uit thatad h stnoleor motecyclrt pas. ethrey'o liokng to, intoow h whoed own it and how it got .here reporting l nive, ews3. >> orancha: thounk yor f that. now at00 5: an istnveioigatn erund wayig rhtow nto in a dlyeadi fre in theo sasuthet lvaley. >> anwoma was kedill srengcui d her fogsrom the burning home near hrmaon dan isnellfo bere n.noo pfoureeoplie trd to get the woman out but the freias w ootnt isene. ethog d ds idkema it out alive and no one else was nji.ured he>> tn macu acsed ofll kiing twome won and ccaritilly
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vegas strip told ctdeteives he wasto oun drk andi hgho t emrem aberhinytabng out the oshg.otin therminfonatiome co out of a rtcouea h.ring o tmarallycc aused of kiillng nijenfer casheek andot anher mawoan lst .week rge aldsojacksn ill sti ovrecgerin atum c fromis h dswoun thtonig. visdeo sshowim hht figing wi thonvacs in ark paing arg ageheat ts ir m macleu opshor befe e thlydeade irgunfe. i>>e f thidpreshaent ers ev t nighomto ne inatonsomete bu s let'fonot trgetache ft atthgr conisess ep a searat eqbut brual oanchf vegontrnme t andehe s natehas ev eryhtrigt no a toonct mte minonee. >>ch an or:raul pa rujera titcheep thrakson poclitiatal b tle mnoininat g ati justoce recu eth 'stionpeumgh hico urt. igtonhte nffef nfve gorn brianan sldovas iam ong the cdaandibetes ingo h>> t ieres alo t ofde pri in thes. new erseveal nws aigences
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sporet" aor rep ttinghat na'evadpus re ablicve gornor biseing vedett by the crdemo watic hhite.ouse ishe thema no wh could br idgethispo itlalic dedivi ovheer tom nioinatn. >>ep rr:orte gnooverr nsal dovaneis o t ofhest mo lapopuver gos rnore we'vle d.ha hahe mas a de ntef os shp to fi ienik loved grserno cothe y.untr adhe fte sta lrsmake oua ne'svadalrg lar eveta ju hindke a b wonanut c he roveau step rliubnscaa ta sint oe th cipr. sues court? >>ow we ise thnt coury a ch, oice ithatacs ex tlywhat we g'regoinee giv.them ep>> rr:ortel pau oryann hetli polticag fioht t nanomi te a jusceti. colduos koovan svdoeal be th pocetenno emine whold cou akbre a blrepuicanbl deocka tinsehe .nate >> i rgnecoizeol psiticre a
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ereasiin thtog dveo gibn n ire ext mo twii_a pd anan st^ tpato nd dinnothpe >>s thinanomi stiondnhoul't fbed.ille vthisnacad houlbenot nom fi blledisy the lam idpresent. >>or rep ster:d appeval debescri ad asub repn licawho fainlls ta cer ointyef th y'partols ps.itic adnevema t mictosena^a wengighio i>> wf hepiere ickedld wou orsuppe t thman. hea is d goopors peon. he h aat greor recste h bhas aeene tremendously odgo governor. >> reporter: the "washington post"pa inrtg sa vppedal m yda moniy w reteid gllin h himn loalthw goti vetesproctos ad ahe wlastne 'svadare icpublan sernatoid saou abhet t usqleabber ovew a ne mxico onnati"s dhoul the idpresent dedeci toom nteina sneomeo ta e themsuprure cot? o whowkns. mae yb witl il abeesone n.vada de crsiticy sa ai_na salndov nanomiontiou c ldkyisor fa
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bacealan b ricpubl -- precaublindns ade wheason e of thest fir vgorserno toemimpl tenthe afdaforcable re act. dhetidn'va adhe t fight aag sinstseame-arx mgeria and dhetidn' sipeon to a ecdonisi by ttthe aeyorn ergen altojo in aed feral laitwsuer ovth er penesidt's exivecutace otionn igimmonrating aloth wi 20e ar i-- w pot 25 sther .atesas saalndovd saiouit we ld ba ivpre ilegincalle g themsupre urcoe t thncesse je ofceusti hiin tos cy.untr houldere evve lea u stheate ls cale? homnar saalndovin sayisg thea a ybri inisto hst firm ter vego.rnor l>> imyove . job nei mo'sy ith suciva preileg erto ss ve agothe orvern of thate st ne ofa.evad ep>> rr:orteic art ole 2f e th iu.s.tunsti rtionreequis e thidprestoent in nomate juesstic w andseith nate comanfir rtionreequis stju tices o beinappoted. atis thin ponot ntommeom frpr wthelse houut abo enpot cnd caesidat ldshou amico ndo san sedrverederi st rtcoulynear fear y
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goorvern. jecassi. >>oranchdo: maes ske u udpro and att lileex d.cite enevou thghon ly eight peeopl sint o theur cotw no kethind' ahearjo mar casee nxtk. wee ltheawal so tslimirt aboion edproc turesamo ble torst rgsu cicalrsente. oppegale a tinstawhe l i sayt mili wts anomaac's tcesso oabnsrtiole whire pr enoponts guarhee tw laed neoed t eprotcto wmen. newbltrouone tight un draemoces prtiiden\r ndcae idatarhillliy c veoher trnai e-m snt se iwhsele grvin tra st.atebanero >>er fedo ge judin rulhg t nt cli seat st g pdeenartmoft alficihs sdel beiouest unederndoa in th eai-m--l at oinh ile-maes invtitigadio ethge judl.iv goth essidti unapl 1ril t2o lay
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p lanecsubjt vidoou ci prap.oval ssat isue i oth wheint cli e brokrafedew l lasibybyng r heatprivmae e-eil srver toe takre cal pdeenartmust bs.ines losnk thiodd milale css llwi be erbett edservby hirylla. ikthinat th mywo rkwi th her erove theher ise' wven bee sohimethang tae i'vedlook un upboon aweut a. a>>r:ncho ghhout he wabos aout t ftis a ctu sa nrday itdespthe te lap ntcorsrovevy ocler nintor aie-mouls y sawar hry reid withroisng hup sportbe ntwee conlint t inrahe ceor f the whitese hou. >>nc ahor: conlint w aout newa ity bunlee thy pa rersutell pora o sha mbe r eahbyad nt poi hilas rgeleet ad ine th race fsoar. thtwe ond caesidatua sq oreff oncenagai on sdaatur ays eyth tfigh towi un soth olcar'sinaeg del.ates f>> o secourf i you lniste to het piund tswe n'weret
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el je' ws hain w,ningstnginni nnwithing une cotry. soouon c intryois gong t rtstann wi*nn wi inwinng. a>>r:nchodo he oves lee th .word oued sfnd oct vi foryrom dodnalum trwhp ono w,o e tha vaneada cco en an ldedsli d heke walayd awh witete ea n of46% v theote. marurco cabio inme co se withtabouet >> third place wentot ed t uzcrit wovh 2er o1%thf e voe.t oa pg cduonedctas lupuig nr ryveep recart yeun, fo59d % of nevada republicans who uscaucreed ary ang a the the felderaer govt.nmen oit f und six tsaucun sgoerox neret pensid eto bomfrou idtsa t tipolical eabstshlinmet. ru sbiopent $,0920 00andruz sp 790cato gnmpai. >>eornchrc: mal^t etexpec d toic aalivote rol 1 gast_t sngoldi20
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apa cop wh 7le deesgatar e sat ntakeextue t.sday vos terinla aa,bamsk alaa, kaar,nsasrg geoia, samasetchusts,i motnnesa, okmalaho,nn tee,esse t,exas rve amontvand ilst wlte ma tking cheire hoichein t fraceiror va.gini d1237atelegrees ade need to win. tafmaer 1rchhe5 t ubrepnslicasatominl ru gechanrgbi s.time asttes w tward gadele ttesano daandic atthains. >>dth bo men areg tryin to ban is misberseman d suprtposer omfr iusng their sialoc media ssite toruit rec new owfollers. theeovidow shs a urpictfe o themdl ridedwi thle bult eshol. eprntsidema obald hesu a mmit ab tout iatthre social mdieod tay. >> morem aanericars eck baing het.i f.b.'san dem tdhat eapplve gim the the key to a
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aew n rrseutepo le says 46% eoof p ple tpplepo hpel f.the ' invtitigaoon n e do dse'sy eadlorterr t i aack in b sannaernodi. 35sa% thy seyulhodn't help. however a majotyrith of ose pe popled ollen'dowat tnthe gornventmeo tvehacc as esto thr eionphane ind ettern uncommioicatns. ap hplenas u tilayfrid to rendspo to .i f.b mde.ands ed>> fisnt age gelar pamolygistco itmmunies aseft ot lasla ceue cing them of de--m*inccusemg th deaufrngdi e thrafedel ergovtnmen. >>e tatmper uresincontoue t licmb. so mehbneig iors tntohe
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epst uping nc>> a phor:e olicstarre mesmber of twoyg polisamt groups nglivia estof las asveg onch sarge ofd foo st ampedflaw. ngamohe tmth eth broerf o enwarrff jes. >>lynear andozee poplewe re esarrinted h, uta and ecollttewi delanit cy,ta uh.
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deleaorrs dderebe mempsrshi to give theird foomp sta betsnefi tothe chchur. befensitrt wohll mi oionsf lldoars. >> r theaidsa hedppen yrdestenday ane witssesll te ussahey dew feagral miswarheng t t two.ownsn t>>ighe bst quetoion t,nighe u cothuld usis bint breg th expolyt amischchurn? dow ldgeralo is g okin tintohat. >>or rep tter:exhe sst hat br -okenct- se b hasn rokei toin d tworeiffearnt wo nymaie belarve wjeren isffs s inrunnrdg wa. run bhisherotlyr rsothed anerey th hi-rghkian mngbeemf owa ihes the brother of se-plfclromeaiprd hopet wraren jseff.od aheennd ter othfrs thom asectnre iiglesus c todyraftei predlortepicons tring deudfrade fe sralan pldir whhicof rsfeodfoas stsicean tosumase thod. neeno her
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toat sne owophe trl fds urchutch bwo uld takeno ergrocies h.ope therc chuh would ridistbute fos od a stheyaw fit. >> ias war awef othetr .ends >>ajo ep rr:orteli wilral std udiepothe milygaecst st ckbath in 0e 9e oay sier nesaver odw foud fra h but arheabd t ou iitwan ordne. back in the m 2000's, news 3 covered the arrest of warren jeffs and many speculated it might mean the ofend he t gapolymiste sct.wi owith1,nly m000rsembeude renimaijeng ed beslieve th a, lstateve demelopount cmeld e tha w in defyitel notth en etire poamlygist flds urculte. >>my sense is thatat th arplticuarta ke onats
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rishg nkinhiin tmms coy.unitige q k thinrois pinsperg. r>>teeporo r: sthall e 06,00m me ebersatstimned i sthe whs at i dalsoreiffebont aut rdwanargwo tpi eth edvernhaou a cncil ofeo 7 p seream* rsfi whard ttadov gderne by as lesingeph proetd anma ny st illevbelieh tat man is warrenfs jefn. rai we s'llhaee wapt h npens,ext nktha youfo rt. tha ri nghtweow nt wa toet g a ckche o ofhef taf trfic on a p hum edayinveng. >> reporter: tom is up in yskelerernhe cg ckina out lecoupados cofesrash. t>> ihererps bu ts onhe mphu. onlcihe tou insdpeo 9re5 obprm leerover hare ndouhe t lvaylevi tewra honcarr aea. yoau hnve ade antideth at sp olitein thersi de. yavou he a cploueud alexs. so traffic has tohr tdeath e nedle ue tphedd mile. nscontequeatly r herslow on eth. 95 it wasen evl sower a meinutelce
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i'gell at btock s uj.thata ithisers ovrm wapoin stren ouar15nd 2re wheou a c oplef ca hrs cit aar tt n.rave that 5 boeastund to rmwain sprgsro ad. it'stt huingth ert pu on rwams ngsprio radtb wes.ound as lweackp uth emp ra you caeen sat thit 'sesfc butin erbump t allayhe wn o tto eefry wamico ong off21f an5 d heinadovg er wtormasp s,ring rethe a is big linecaof rs ghritht tle me b it tdir velit shore heeil i'l a_ owshu yonde vim ro fstm jusp ouabtwt mio tenuags o. yocau sen te thaor f m ameont itlecomp stelyan. dow e n theedopendal vetraanl lndes ae thle t ticraff a gongai butt i'sa ssmeth on boe in 5unden ro a vay lle.view st>> 215f o,aqca nascer ra e.ther , tomkthanu. yo .ighto . a>> gs weveet oe rhthhump totnighre we'de heantd ip asfant ticenweekd. >>oranchwe: hidownntll i enweekndd a iluphl one th traempeture ggae. i>> dont wa to twin with
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the inanteraltionac spe lo stn.atio nit'sftot oheen tt y geto y flhein tth nor erntsligh. hecthck ouis t. ouyn ca t seeoghe fs tecrea heby tnaor aurth as e ntitierna sonal spaceontati 107,50es mil anho ur. our wviewas g.ood bemay noti qu ttehat espso ecutabular wt ittias sin d pr gettyood. frheom te nprisemae rveserna y cie okloofing tf totrhe sndip ar ndbeyoou a cofple n thihigh cl gouds toingghhrou. tuac wally se'llhwitc and llewe rdstwav verether n esjonrei. d cayou fee aorew mc ouclshds, aouldn dd ageoran aglowe s thcosun uentins to sed t anrscolork spale. easist fde on, towck che intgr deees. no atthnd widacke time. donwn igide heney th'rean enev0 6aqesegre theteswett par eva lley atdecur,64 . yifarou ead heingt, oulaerupp p 50ns i64um sanmerld. wit arnsheto tmi d 60s
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neofck tsiuact etsidum ethmeeyvally verrl.mild aalittch illyon themo av\ thkee las ugla ahlin. 70fue ofiafic tlly today mtetupera t itve.7. 6 thatpl coufe oelgr deees abor nmal. ethrn mo ingwalow s 3gr deees elbla tno .rmal rtomoitrow 't wonhise clo. we willrtsta t inpphe u 4an0s ad rouce ma arne sgree lunchtime. midmar fol. t ertempeaturmo to arrow tndhe dwin ts,rehey' gone. don'tx epectmu ch air emov.ment ldshou l be essthanmi 5 les anr. hou ar oundo ctun ryour windber^ baow blmeugthror rehe. oan nther wightreseve weather, especially in givir nnia,orthro caa.lin erwhe aw feto oernadves ha nbeeot spted. rehe at whomeead hth ee vry thclin oudsgo th hroug atlmos ootin th todocteteyed bhan het ittellute bk bul osi wtheereath up trt noh dan w the estna caasda phighssreeur strengthens. wit illwallor ou mpteurerattoes rm wa anda wrm
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thews loig tonht20 s in the ntmous.ain umpahrsp iin goog down t3. 3scu hiemgh ttupera mres,ci ea6.t,7 tforashe lg v47 . arclet, i't won behein t 40ers vyg. lon tonce shatunco mes up ortom m,nings atur terampeesturi goong tas emp ju ecexp atingh higas.f oaq imaot n s,at wh orfavteite rampeetur is, hii tee'rin gotog d fin iter ovte ae we e taftoer omorr 7 mp fry.idapero hwe avegomin tusa.rday htmigl peack pa aup cofle o redegnes ou sy.nda nda thene th bzereen kngocki the-- oh, myo gsh,u yoea m awe hitve ouy d n'tat whci eeve'ryonvos fa mpteureratutis belo,er thise u thsomeining f ityoverne. >>uponne loe we's itke litene hetx booc chs.ate yoilu wle bab le tomp sale a fedif orentne. >>u yo k do wnowyhat ouare ingotog get. >> udfauay.ll y>> toud t>>t'hag anth yku.o m>>orot vehiclists wreaking
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fwieee' sthn sys gu gllinem usts.nt het ytpuhe teoid at. 6e0 thni ware loro f anhed t y toou. >> m cofes ns n xuse itansmted asdisee, nohew the althst dirict sis auesbl puaric wningut abo het oreutbaks. sohimet-ng -ause thori stoestr alral bewnd n0 6:0. a>> t5:00os n d hom abitout . dasog iue's mann'woma tbesen fri butht e on^ed bredc^ thopat tems th. all ewe'rin gog to tell youwh s
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h>>s ow i fin aor awa ngrni? ustgnnineo vid ef ancht cetigarlote b wingnup ianra aunert apace c poket.
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>> the sceneok to pingelac in kckentuy. eth manha son secgrd-deee rnbuns o l hisegom frt i but he a isble toa wlk. >>he tst ore clerkhe rusd to elhhip ndm a he hsaideas w sedhockt tha it hneapped. at0 5:0gr gowin c o tihe fdare sngertooc assdiateokoloc wiovth hdsboar. a>>ntucdo he tte last mpcoany uto pholl veroa brdsr fom irthene li of pctrodus. it comes days after thera nsco pumerduro sctetafy cmomsiis doncleedaral hlerov borda ssauntta ereth anbrg ayin ptheyanose asunreleonabk risirof fde an explosion and don't meets defesaral sfetyartandds. at0 5:0tisome lmesngiki or dikisli png as cfak eboondoesfe't liel du itno's eugh. >> neomeour s.gery areyouu sedppos to like that orsl diike it? noouw ye have thio optn of rengacti a to t.pos yallou do isol hddo wn the to butorn er hover ov it anthd ue yo canac cessfi ve
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icjurytoses pr exess- - jiemoos tpr exessms thes.elve ow>> no the t wllt wiy the k thinexof nlet fi o volvunanno icingntt wai reacplcae ker wysh ituryo. phone. thgie diketal uly wo bd belue toenoth d ableugthroeh th t smarphone which would be able to start the car, and the same device would be able to hand multiple digital keys one for every volvo car in the family. w>>nhet ico smeto do ,gs bslaul r ethme acrian kennel club declared thela adbror retriever america's most poulparog d. >> breeders say labs are popular because they're intelligent, althoughin m lab i would dig beg to differ about that and family friendly. >>e has hr special way of
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m>>ostul popar dogs, german shrdephe, boulld gsand beesagl. >>ha tti w wllrapt iup for
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>> > bakreing news ni toght. a newreoutbak of ad detoly oernads. r agisinl tol with
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now on high alert. 'sherehe tig bstge th atreet y to come. >> >lo expdingir a bags mb bol.shel newsghtonit, half of al arl ceis bngve drin gh ri ntow in acameri mi nght teed boe re edcall. the air bag maker co uentinod tec deive omcust eers avenerft deadly hecrass. >> >trump's landslide af cterinrushheg t competition in nevada. ghtonihet 'sin aimg r fo aup sueer tsday kn utocko. so alar a r eone-on-one rvinteiew. do hees sr evenk thi ghe's tone oofar? > >> andho sgckinla bst caught on mecara. a n' maske poct su endd blystursnt io am fles. to tnighar a w fningor ev neeryo whose us e- cigarettes. "nightly news" begins right now. . >> ou ann:ncerm fro nbc wo nrld ews quheadrsarte n inew yo rk,s thibcis n"nbc ni y ghtl"newsh wit st lehoer lt. >> oo> gevd g.enin e thth deal tol has se riven eign hher da toroy f tmhele viont or stysm s ttemhate tor th hroug s the aouthnd


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