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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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now on high alert. 'sherehe tig bstge th atreet y to come. >> >lo expdingir a bags mb bol.shel newsghtonit, half of al arl ceis bngve drin gh ri ntow in acameri mi nght teed boe re edcall. the air bag maker co uentinod tec deive omcust eers avenerft deadly hecrass. >> >trump's landslide af cterinrushheg t competition in nevada. ghtonihet 'sin aimg r fo aup sueer tsday kn utocko. so alar a r eone-on-one rvinteiew. do hees sr evenk thi ghe's tone oofar? > >> andho sgckinla bst caught on mecara. a n' maske poct su endd blystursnt io am fles. to tnighar a w fningor ev neeryo whose us e- cigarettes. "nightly news" begins right now. . >> ou ann:ncerm fro nbc wo nrld ews quheadrsarte n inew yo rk,s thibcis n"nbc ni y ghtl"newsh wit st lehoer lt. >> oo> gevd g.enin e thth deal tol has se riven eign hher da toroy f tmhele viont or stysm s ttemhate tor th hroug s the aouthnd
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ni toght. as s wetart ,here ti ciroes fasm e tern unng,np i adphiliaelph, in includheg tc. d. ea arre, aer undhe t atthre ofadtornoes. l ateastou forr me pe wople keredille is th rnafteoon. me so in rlwavey, vi iarginhe, where tre ha ees bign scanifint da fmage aromn reappant rntoado. at st leaev senpl peoe ve had diece sins thi me tist yey.erda trighw, no at least n tete stares at ais rk fr tom sheereve we ratheh wit the eshighort t rnado isk thisineveng. nb sc' miguel auelmagr re sportm fro the storm ne zo. r >>teeporonr: t ight this is what they fe .ared elfunn cl,ouds ss po ibleadtorn aoes, weatherte sysm still ck paing pinoundaig rn d anhi wgppind win with at ea lstr fouea d d da toy. d ofroangeeaus w ther l stild.ahea >>,oh my god! r>>orepr:tehe t cafore cstlsalor f il70-m-he-an ours.wind tens of millions in th ane d gerzone. e thke wicind wter at we aher,ow pfuerl neli sarteysmue fdle tbyhetr sgeonstl e oninoren , cordngraki ssacro s tens.tate
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nd lae,scappi ripng ap hoart anmes kid tang ve lis. he>> tss glaas w breaking. yo anu cr heang this ip fl apingdroun idoutse. ta tol agcarne. >> or rep wter: ith ethrele kilnd o es tu aday,oznd dens ju in lred,iaouisasna w t in hebu-ell'sye. 16 om0 hesmo deedlish. f >>throm ooe fl r to cethe g.ilin fr heom tl wal to the r.floo r >>teeporbrr: n,axto s hie wif andee thr lsmalld chirene rod touhe tto s irm tnshi trailer. they were pulled int o athendir ale rold ov ever s teral imes ssacro s thet.tree sa ahvannng cliing to he dar erughts, a she bwaseinguc s okedut a of ndwiow. he>> s l wasikely fing ou het t wi,ndow te lillray. i ad her h byer h klan. es r>>orepr:teit w uhp to 0 3or tdona es reported, in ns pea,acolor flida, a tw teis srshma edarapt an pa amert ntcolempx. 's itcr desibed as a ho mes shedredd, rvs, fl dippe ,overs car letangnd iee trs. th wi s theameea wther stsy temggriering up to 18 inches of snow
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as let 67,000av het los wepo ar, nnd mowe or ulco td,.oo state of emergency as ethea thract trosshe ea snst ive't ot.r ye t asaihe ronn cestinu h torammen dower hne i le ra wigh,eem rain runde aor t nado wa g,rninil unt a bit te lanr o ghtonit. le ,sters thirm stos i ngmoviar towds wa gtshind.on, ac.,nd yo reur ana i new.york eit'stexpecod t hit th egat r aiondroun :0 11to0 t.nigh heif tsre ie somd goo ws net, iul shod be inpackg a bit of a gh li terh.punc erlest? m >>ligueag almuer ni to tght, hank you. t htonig the dascannvl ingolvi erdang aousagir bnds a ll mi oionsfar cs arappeos t bewi grong rg laiter u. na senvte igaesti tors ngsayiy' theve un recovevid eedenc at th theat taka rp coiooratasn w ce degivin toaursmake r fors yeaut abo its fe deectiv air.bags tand iheres awi grong po ilssib tityhat the llrecald cou g nowrow c tooveral hf of the ocarsern am ricanoads ri noght w. s nbc'cotom lostel has de s.tail >> or rep iter:st wa st juor bef ceishrastm
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kn ight was kdillen i ut soroh canali. 2his006d for rrange .road the takata air bag pa imct. >> n whe m itade acconthit, tous cld s hith deald coue hav beenenprev ted. ep>> rr:orte the rocorneou fnd malet th ugro th ahe birag al evso sered his sp ine. fe lderaes invtotigars op peavle hene be in d,jure l ateaste nin ki flledromlo exp ding airgsba. se natees invtotigars sa y inanterlai e-m ls sshow taakat was e,awar ifla infters we re deivfectte, i ce de tivedhe au matorskeor fye a 6 200at taka el-mai id saor rep wtsere cherry-picked and me so woneasmo schozed to ep accert ctain vi densatio. c ameustowrr ,ites if onsomeake mnes a di aue't, wavll h e a olotilf fa, ures tisome38mes %. t buak tatapu dis tes hewhether t wrrite had rr co ectleknow dge. he>> tery we
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ke ma l it look tikehe osexpldeive wviceas in t fac fesa. r >>teeporr:at taka said it's dy eeplysorr alfor tal faesliti and ju inries cuocedrr. an hed tue isssai rsed t in ehels-mail wil t no t beatoler oedr repeated. it lr's a beady heenit wi rth adecor $70 mi nllione fi. atu sgnnin 24li milon clvehies are under re fcallor a te pollntiayec deftive air gsba. th aney wot t idenclu er evy taakatir a bag inicamera. po iatent lly120 iomillven eshicl. at thld woune be arly thalfarhe c ts onhe ro ad. me ilanwhe, in sthou ca liro,nahe tgh knit fa imilyuis sotng bh ka tandta ad. for >> t thaeo somoune cld be soon incrasidefte o onsomelie's fe. ep>> rr:orter ove an ai agr b meanto t s ave s live ithatadnste ok to a yeternoth. to osm co,tell nbc , newsinwash.gton > >>al donumd trsp i mi aiorng f a koknocut te afhrr tee sllandide vi iectors. e th gopnt frone-runr co buldeae hded for a
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hi spp otsonen't can op stm. hi trfrusnatio g isngrowi sfrom iomen thety par as io rub andru cz nt co tinueoge tart ea otch nher, tothe manswho'rg cha ing rdtowahes t mi noonnati. we e hav itll aer coved ni to sghtintartitg wh ty ka i turn ushoton. r >>teeporoor: gd ev g,eninst leer. do tnald irumps lo gokine mor andor me ke li f theitavoroe t n wi the notiminaon. an owd n thet las nenomiite, mmnt roey, is in takm.g ai lddonamp truh wit an evcagelieal l pderat rtrobe isonirn vagini da toryy, ting to hit te rud chez wre it hurts. ta inrgetgis chrtian erconsvevatits ae r ja ntivunsier. ty i>>e'vot go te b a odgoer pnsoto y.da at least for the next ur ho. r >>teeporomr: c ing hoffigis b i winn va neda. >> n soo c theryount is in goog trt sta inwinnwig, g,nnin nn wiing. >> or rep tter:nehe "w rkyo"ers ioo lngkior f cka loth on e mi noonnati. so ronerr athe than la ter. >> we might not even ne edhe two t mohsnt, to e b sthone. r >>teeporfr: i
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caindi,tion hule cod bet.righ e>> w won the an evcagelils. we w wonithou yng. we w wonolith d. onwe wh wit hyighl ateduced. we w wonithrl pooy ateduced. i e lov p theyoorl ateduced. >> or rep nter:aevad mb nu lersikeew n mp haeshir s and outh licarohona sruw tmp wo n evliange,cals co vansers,tive de mos,ratese tho who ieworrd about mi imiograthon, those w nt waned aou ertsid, d ane thosarwho e gr any. tr sump'as abrivee ton inworkg. s >> otaycon ,urse ay st onagmesse. >> or rep iter:fan ct, lddonamp trune alo got remoot ves than total svotet cas in daneva's g2012op uscauc. ni to mghtroitt mney ulspec tated hrumpas so inmethog tde hi. t >>eahe r tson ihat in ththk sere' a bo elmbshnl ire the is usbecavee eimry te 's heed askut abo his xe taes, h dsodge and de ysla. >> reporter: trump not onresp tdingheo t al galeontiin, eastd ca inllrog eymn f al.oo tthe erumptffec is in fu efll .fect nowhe's lngookior f a oc kn. kout is>> hee thref chi po opsnent h all taveo
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tr cump bould teat hem all. ha ecd bould keathasic ohin io,e h couldt bea orubi f inriloda and ouit cllld ain beg xt nesd tueay in texas er wh be he teatsed cr uz. r >>teeporher: tal riv pis u for a lone star st ateowsh.down ka tuty bcr, n wsne, ho n.usto 'm>> ili hale sojackn in te xas, a state er whhee temy rrembe e tham al bo,ut it's a di enfferint kfd o ba .ttle naewol p slhowsed t uz cr is upbl doue gi divets oonr dald tr ump. t>> i g is toodeo b me ho. r >>teeporr: na altion ly,ghthou, he's nkec and neck wi arth mubco rorio f co send acple. e thotw fhtiggino t be e thmp tru tealivrnate. um tricp p ukedp le desgate and ntmomeum. >> 'r youase w ytingour ti mett angacki rubio in d?stea ha>> ,lliet' thans a in sttere qingiouestn gi tvenhat i am the idcand wateasho h co tensis pntlyedoint t oual donumd trp's be li ralrdreco.
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>> at this inpot, he's n wo o twohef tst fir th reeesstat. d ane i'v won e.on ep>> rteorrur: cz lo gokin t nowoer sup tuesday in texas, er whode teay h wonhe t endorsement o tf he governor. in h his some tate ewher m heust win, his idconf centigampa n tipoino ng t,027 00 luvoeent hrsere. bi ru co'sigampan uaeqyllon cdefi intn eithstr inwaitorg fz cru to la ffy oru t fmpor now. >> i don't haveny a tevors begging me to ta atanck .yone m i'e mor hthan tappyo ow sh ffdiceerens. r >>teeporutr: b the or fl sidaorenat has hiswn o alamo toht fig in the sinunshe e,stat icwh hawdsarll a its ledetega ts to he nnwier. a se-pcond flacehinis wo n'tttmaer. thatma prihrry t ee sweek away. ha lliesojackbcn, n ws neus, hoton. > >> pderesintba oma t hik bac at blrepusican s whoay th iley wefl r tuseo ev eeen mitt whny a ntpote nialeeomin
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idpres ients eld.ecte c nbs new hasrn leaed th hie woute hsse i inbettg a rliepubcan ve go frnorheor t ca vancy. a e movt thams see de edsign to put gop tosenanrs i an co untamfor ble tiposion. ou usr j tice escorrenpondett, pe wi msllia,as hai detls. th>> sere' some o tw- -- ep>> rr:orte a at it whuse hoeee m ting twithinhe kfg o rd jo tan,rehe pntside ie trod tp kee theea ht enon sate blrepus,ican tandheirde learit mch m oncc,nell forin sayg e thos choing of a su e premtcourti jusce sh bouldpe u t tohe ne prxt enesidt. >> theri amenca ppleoe can gauge whether t he onpers i natominsed i wwellnithi the stmain. ream ha>> tnk you. an thu.k yo r >>teeporemr: dtsocra iletet bno kwn that a lo lngists iri ban nd sa,evolhe t re blpuanicov gnoer orf danevand, ast fir anhispedic f eral e.judg t >> ihis ws aoray f mo descrat t inhihe wte us hoe toxt eract mumaxiaim pnn o pu reanblicns, oir the an stotce n h toearny a no e.mine r >>teeporutr: b pu reanblicays se vic idpresentid b sen aw inth tgsirhe way 24 ar yeos agn whe he rechaihed tat sene di juyciarmi com ttee
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irconfonmatiurs d aing es prtiidencaal gnmpai. a >>nctio on aup sreme co nurtatomin mion ust utbe p u off antilfter th ece el ctionigampan o isver. r >>teeporr:ds wor th enat sate pu reanblicres a gl lleefuquy oting. it he's tki ranng re icpublnan oat sene ju ardici4y 2rs yea ago owhai sd crmonfinsatio ou shold g d ongurin a mp ca.aign t>> i is this prs,oces aro pcess whichul shod note bha cnged for tielecoron f ex dipecyen w,chhias h si ifgndiehe taj mitory of ur o system of governance. >> reporter: the presiden stdaie' h ll veha a noe,mine quote, tin whe eeksahead. peteiawill nms,bc ,newssh waoningt. > >>ra a dcmati day in th ive cawil l suit ghbrouyt brt spos re erportri en dranews. in rt coure andws lo ookednn irs tea as he thr faeser tedtifi ou abert h taraumer aft a manre sectly fdilme r he a in hotel. dr an iewsuis sng her kestalndr a the l'hotewns oer and rm foerag mantemen mpcoyanla cinim tgyhe le it tppha.en
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details. >> or rep ater:n em naotioayl dor fri en dr an wews,gipin away ar tess aer hhe fatr de bescriers h a as el shfl o p thenerso e she oncs. wa >>sshe'ri ter.fied s she'esdeprsed. ishesot n the girl th e at w tusedowo kn. >> or rep ster: teve dr an aews,er vetan po re,rterfg toe on behalf of his daughter, a hnder $75 million suit against the man convicted of stalking and secretly fiinlmheg nredakn i he r shnaevillot h el iroomn 2008. s >>ephe kt scinreamg, m i' on the rninteet! oi'mn the inrnte!et m i'd.nake ytever ihing w'vedorke ifordos ne. >> or repr:teic melha etbarrtem roved and te al tredeehe pephol of ewandrs'el hot ,room t and hhen ueldp al celho pndne a re edcord her d.nake h>> wetean adm roo gh riext not t her. emi rrembenk thi tingo my ,self d how toeshis pp haen? >> or repter: ans'drew to at crneydalle a ho alspit eitytxper to thest and. >> to geiv somebody's
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let them know they're st gayiner the. >> or rep tter:he l'hoteaws l byerslame ly on thekestalr. >> he cede,ived nncoediv ,stkeald. that's what mr. rr ba ett did. ep>> rr:orte mr. an sdrewie bel ves onsomeeee nods t pay wforhahat edppen to he dar erught. for >> f the tirstime in my,life aser h -- rrso -y- as herhe fatr wh ieren' didtw knof i washe afs se orno t. fireea fdor her .life >> or rep mter:norga nflad,or nbc news. >> >an melruie tmp en op uingbop aut her iamarrge toon dald tr ump. whether she ever thksinhe ro's c ssed the.line wh apat h openshon tse oc oncasihes ty grdisaee. >> ls> aauo c oghtn ca ,mera cie-ttgaree ba ytterwi blopng u in maa n'sckpoet.
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su eddensixploons? wo wmanouho celd b am a'ericsst fir re foboign-irrn fst la ndy ie mor than200 ar yes. nimelaa trump, the on mee-tirc acthite ure enstudftt, oen ense , nbutot oftenrd hea speaking in publ, ic w noeaspngkiut o. 'sherec' nbsnd area mi lltche. r >>teeporonr: dald tr isump ry evee.wher bu ist he wif miaelan s haav doide the ot sptligh forhsmont, ea sp okingnlyef brily on thel.trai he>> w'sngorkiy ver sh haed. he ov l esu.yo r >>teeporutr: b now tt si ding wown ith -nbc- w >>eav h aehi tck
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pe woplejuill hidge m. d an peeopl willal cl tandyheon d'tiv ge hi emhnouged crit. >> or rep tter:he fo rmerrmsupeodels i tr sump'rd thi ,wife ibornn enslovia. >> m i'mwny o rspeon. hhe'swnis o onpers. d i won'tant tong chae hi m. d he'toesnt wan to gechan .me w >>abhat mout any hfeltnse idulte me nsxica? i >>'t donl feehe in edsult the mensxica. he d saieg illal mi imtsgran. d hetidn'k talut abo er evy.ybod ut>> b'r youne a mi imt.gran >>yes. >> y doveou ehir t nk ghe's toneoo far? i >>lo folw the law. iol flow a lawt thas i pp su tosedbeo . n ieverho tughto t st eray hite w hout pa . pers he>> wen hke tald ab aout bann o immuslids, d you worry tabou? it w >> hhated sais i it dwoul be ortempary. an t'd isot n for all th mue s.slim 's it o the -nes- we tneedcro s eenswho' mi coong t thetrcouny.
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r>>orepr:teel miaan ksspeaer seval ualangges. bu hat wout abomt sfe o thegu lan hage er anhusbd esus? d >>o igr aee ahell t me tih witm? hi ino,n' dot. d anel i timl h that. t iell him my in op.ions eli timl ht wha i in thk. me sostime hestliens, me sostime he n'dot. ep>> rr:ortean melia tr iumpsar clely a key so ngundi board for the re blpuanic on frnnt-ruer. an mdreaelitchbcl, n ws ne. w be're iackn a ntmomeh witar a w ning tabou a ptiotenisal rk in theat wer for ch dril aen pndgnretan me won.
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er am cicanity. >> n> aen urgt wngarni s han beeue issved or ad lend fou in w aatert raseveoml hnes i ck ja son,ismissi.sipp ewhil c theity cslaim s iter wat hasot nn bee cl deared un,safe napregomnt wnden a yo cungrehildren a gbeinrg ued tonk dri tt bo oledrte filred wa ter. th eley b tieveeahe ld rois fomm he pinlumbg co iorrosotn, n the rwate ursoce. >> n> int ke,ucky a
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ex ioplosaun c oghtn pe ta. m aakan ten by lecompteur seprishe wn hi ans pocts p kets tburso intam fles. an cie-ttgareete batry b isdlame t forhe as blt. asnbc's joe fryer ll teuss ,t' isdl hary th ire fimst te so inmethikg lhie ts ha has edppen. tc wah. r >>teepor r: a omcustaser wpl simy op st fpingnaor s ackst a tu ken gckytaas stion twheneche syurit racame creaptudhi ts tlstaring memont. he>> tasre wla a bst in hiske pocndt a there was a big refi. r >>teeporosr: jh hamilt sonfeuf red co seegnd-d rees.burn aihe shed tre spa tt ba feryisor h e-cigarette diceve exodpl.ed 'sithe tat ltesnj iyur edtio tle eroctcni ve eril ucprodts. re s portinpopp g up ofromomklah a to focali.rnia t>> i plexedod. >> ep rteor dr:tooc rs at haorrbewvied malic ce internea sttlee hav se iven fife dntfere ti pa ientshen tt pas ve fint mohs. >> w theheay tte batry i ishen t videce, it be scome a hiowgh-pered ck roet. thatan cse cau si ifgnanic ftceornd a in ryjuo the t paentit.
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leprobenms c aterdroun lithium ion batteries wh cichan ovaterhe, pe eslycial t if he gwronrg chaser i edus. th eri amecan pivang as atsoci sion waidhen ch darge and used under erpropnd consitio, it spose noth o ferire sk rin thath oer ucprodtsha tet us iulithm nio ttheyell cuerstoms, n' doart chery t ba ietterns iou yr ck po ets. om>> sesetim m itight ucto thhe lseooha ceng y in ouretpockr, o a key. wh at i cored,mmen a lcase ike,thisht rig .here and pyretth muc pr teotecd. >> or rep ater:edvic to ma urke seoe pple don't ve hahe t refirkwos. e jo fryer, nbc ,news s loleanges. >> he> wen we comck ba, r ouer int fviewrom or bit. wh stat autronatt sco ke lly said he's ok lo fingrdorwa to
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ly nearsp a in ace. > >>al fin lyghtonit, 's itn bee anro aund wtheorld jeyourny man stimer ove for as autroncot skett lly. ghthou nhe'severos lt si oghthof me. bit's reenight ts ou tideinhe w odown e ther intonnatial sp aceiostatn. te af yr aearn i orbit, hi ids race bok tth ear de spartt nexek we.
5:57 pm
wi imth h m oneoree tim be tforeighe b me hongcomi. as autroncot sttel kly i isnhe te hom st h.retc s>> iedtartnt cou ing wdownhen we goto t te ayn dfts leic, whh s waw a fe adaysgo. >> ly kel isne of o two icparttsipan insana's ss mi tion,heir fst am aneric s to apend ar ye in t.orbi asf o datoy,el k hlyas or d bite othe rbit 5, 344 metis. ta olk t a me tbouthe alment and hopsyccalogimpl i act eiof bpng u there. yo eeu sil fam iar tssigh. at whs doet tha t doo yo ou tch watat th? y >>ou ,knowou y fi delynitee hav a di enffer ptecersptive on theearth,nd a gsthint thaap h pen downe.ther m i'ua actllyki loong at it right th wie 'sndowop en. f iwollohe ts newy ver cl y,osele hav o itn ri duheng tk worda y, d an in the enev.ings so ip keeba pro bly imoreoun tchh wit wh gat's ooing onn rt eaheh w'mn i in espacn than whe i'm ac lytual onh.eart k >> hellyeeas bn inpostgto phos on so mcialedia
5:58 pm
s hi e-awirinsping ct pi ouresisf hom he etplane havom bec ae hu hige t. yoare u ait b no gistalsc ar youe tim en d? >> thebi alityo t pr oessimur l wits ith rdregaos tlo exponrati d ansc diy,over ink thi 's itn bee avi prilege b of aeingt parf o .that iand st'shiometng ss mi. t bue i'vn bee upe her r foon a l tgime and i lalso fookrdorwa to ggoinme ho. t >>sthe autrona is ho mimecoexng nt tu y.esda kwhen welly urapsp s hiss mi hion,eil wl ve have tra mledore th 43an 1li mililon mes s in.pace tandnehe ong thi 'she lo gokinwa forord t the wmost hhene getsk bac me ho -- h >> umanaccontt. th eoe p ypleovou lne o rt eaouh, yfar ,mily yo urri f, endslepeop u yo .miss w >>ise whly kele saf tr savelk bacme ho. > >>t thal wil do it r fo o ushin ts eswedn dayt.nigh li'mreste ltho. r fo o allf ust a nbc , newsk yothanr u fo
5:59 pm
night. >> gh> riowt n n on 3ewse liv at 006:b mayoue y'ven seehe tm avwe iingnd anout ofra t.ffic blngockint icterses,ionpi popng wh,eels gsroup o mfcyotorcle riders cngausi chaos onoc lal roads and thtonigro mets ha a wagrnin for them. a al locan wom k isdille in a eshughre fiin tryog t s havet ghtoni'rt welke tawiing mth aan o wh iranensid t toory te sav her. > >>asit w f thesocu m ofy ecsp rialt,epore thoo hpku.rt ale lo rlea tier mthon. syilphiss ionhe te rise hern i kclarnt couynd ao tt,nigh new ernumbs show the outbreaks i ttge eingvens wore. dozens of motorcyclist seen taking over valley roads, causing big problems and ticreaanng poric fe oth erdrivs. po rliceveeceisozenaquf o scallcl tboutehos eueto molircyc indriv.razy dgoo envenig. anthorks fni u jei'm assicre moo. '>> imm jiny s.der vei' slaadas s aquhe tm.
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you,rouldhid treey azy gonna yo or ure aon gitna hem h. toan cniolaastesn iow dn oud flgoamin. uyo h arengeari r,ersis thco seurpohe, trey acel uscada heaschery eveone. r >>teeporotr: mcorcyidle rers teell my thee werelloki looorng f cepoliic off tershao cs m. the itom's s parf oa cauam gsar anor attv deep rntrese rcmotosycle t say'shereza n tth sto auchame. we t areold theer ridse were her tjuso tav heot f.un r >> ep rteor ar:ik basnvoniet to ookr vee thristthp is weenekd. rirsdeop pedp wheeliesg miftdanoer ronhig itro f ont eth paris. just dnowth e bcklo on tpro and las vegas boulevard a,r swafm o rsride bedlockffrac.i d anhetid rserr tokohe tir stuntstrop alerl ovhe tes wvat eyllpieegncu trmelio pousce b ur>> oic offaters tetempod t


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