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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ansswera bea hll^ ou yay w. d >> gana:oodni morng. bweeginh witak breings new. ithoticoa cfst o enconvceienn in oew yy. cit atth isa is fghines vsel pt thaarte nra dencgr a eound tngorni. aoa cstua grdes vselve onertures u af iterast w sutt on buis ass thhi fis bngoat that ran ouagr jndust offf o thest coa of neorw yk city. lal t ofehosar abod thehi fisng atboe mad itel safoy tre sho. isthpe hapnedt jus ait ltle iwhlego a. nero siousnj iesurio tundeor rep tfrominhis ntcidet jus t coasen ques. >> a: dane fivtcoasrd gua ermemblls, a of thems cu res e isths.ueenmb coa k >>weim: so alstelloav htrama tu picresf o aif dntfere
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orairpect beaus ofs mas elcancolatiecns b oause tfhe atweher. d >> tana:doornan es o fthetron si odehef trm stod an snow on the bksacdei. tom jsoin uros fhm teff traic ercent >> : tomav hene o frende enb derin a residential area just off of ann and duecatr. 'sthate th only aenccidt cnausig obpr alemshet t mt.omen we g too thes. u. 95re whe we have at lo ofk worn ila pce th oerehen tly frove s butspeed inlookoog gd. anotlo tf oeo pple outh tere yet. wwhen eae hrbo authe t peroblms incausgay dels, were appeciat the wheeatrer he. k >>:elly h we lave ootsf hisuns ne,t59 a 9:00 6.m.,8 at onno and wee'r gngoi to bea bck tinhe lowo td mi0' 7sod tay. weou clde brt fliingi w0th 8
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we'll break it all down cgomin ho upr^a k >>riim: noght hw webrave eak nen ws iowour acn bd.kyar >> a: dans thi isita h an ed piestre il k oled dur oe seoc l waroad emich jllesoinf us romcene w tithes latt. m >>llichehee: tsre i an inecters htionereeh binds u rewhei polceay shi ts happened. not a lot ofiv actity. apit hdpeneun arod l1:00ast nisght heo tey'var cle t n e.scensla p thase reeon we arol out i^a usbecanersopnsespoible fohr tre the. atthso pernhe tayy sun arod 11 l:00astni ghtit h andil kled aan womrqueas wki walnng i t eaar. atthso perasn wovi driil sver edmerces clk and t oookrff fom eth s.cene erovghni ttyheer w sehearcing tforhater pson. icpoljue llen recocor infusmed he h fhand te lil sver meercedus b wonbanded. thoey d naqe hav tunersoe
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they bevelihae tast w ale sto clvehie. nsohow treey arski loo fnge t thaendia. pe wrson tayy ss n qu ki alledma wounki wal i a lreaobht nig ay theado. hogpineb somodyh wit imanfortion w cillome frdorwa. rtunfoelunatey w't don know a lobot a tuthis sctuspe. they h'taven given us any deriscipt.on di'tonw kno if theyw knot wha atther psonoo lksik le. it d wasarkt ouer he. itry vea pear dt k ou.herers nlast wightthhen apis hd,penea reunsuut abo m howpeany soples isthos aifdynybows knoth any cot ntacerhendposon .lice atheyopre h tingino fhid ts rspeon. if prenymoor infiomatn p'lweinl bralgoay w im>> kan: thu k yo mveryfouch r atthe livat upde. an>> dmea: stro tayss e setycurird guasperer hts m va slleya hot anman eyd th are trfur fig tut oraas lfsee-def igaestigtinkii_is thn ciac tdenthat hneappend i the hwnort pest oartf theal vley styeyerdan eve aingdroun0 7:0.
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thisdace a manitecurary gu ad atlli ndcoomo c.plex stheriecuuaty g then aredriv orarol thed t he fe faredisor haf setynd air fed tw aicehet tal the n mas wahit and taken ton cum. iheri caltic but sletab ndcon.itio >> : kim n bigewseldace coninna l goorvernth of sece reicpublrian bvaandooul, c fig be shosf oat le prsu cemetourti jusceca slia? we werehe tir fstew ns niorgaonzati t toalk atbouh tis laste wekft aandee wtigot ju ofomf fr n nbc t whis inbeag t alkedte he tsa wno rmonfin atiomfro theer govsnor'ic offet thaes y, ethte whise hou isti vetng, him aep rcaublin, aod meerato tll fi that pn.itio i>> ld woupo sup. man she' a good pn.erso hheas a gtrea rdecornd a been a
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nite spi h ofgavin tol dea with bveryig peroblms >> m: kit thaha is rry teid, nomi lrityr eadee thes.dayslae sheheaid ld woupo supimrt h cabeofuse ry hard reieche b dea fejural cord het lef lthatloife inappot tmenecto bgoome orvernde 'shere scoatd tht seae twicin ecel.tion ashe her a vpuy poralar ting hen re idaneva. % 60orsuppvet go srnorvaandol. 'weezal tabked hoout isw th tipolit cs aasitstblades b an>> dita: mccch mllonne s he wo hn'tngearis. ifan sldovas i put borefe them, llwiel hha cgen q his tune? giesue' we s
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rirsde. poinpp wgelhes ie tinheid medl tofhe rd.oa eth riders tried tic ente lipoffce orsice esooleha c lloca ayorneho wep renrests morctoliyctssay sths weyeer stjue hre to rometnaay seys th f are olatut lreckess. >e> w n'reotoce heral motorcycle riders areb^ b aad th aeyolbselut hyveahe tig r toeusur ooa raydw wehorvehe w ynid ran m eythe'r endangers ppleoe on eth ro,adh tats i notep acce.tabl an>> dfa: i s youhiee tspe ty of tiacas pler l calaqoc picol atheyayre sthing reey aot n lyones eanndrige tngirhet oiv ln p budat eninngerurg yoelioo tgenam polyssib im>> kna: da i didt. dii id itrln odalori 'rweale tgkinou aboct lking rsouselve out of ourar cits wh theye ksid inse. iny me cashe t car wasni run .
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ye oaromf sinetharimilsmo th at's hif mnllionu caor mran thr wa feollae y. ago uconsremer tspor t hasown hcorr^ quily andaf selyet g back on theoa rd. >> being in aur hrys i ofne o thore mome cmon rnseasot tha car kendys ein up w thegron place at the wrongi tme. >> a inlobric pan a, inh rusot, ne ntwa tingeo bsi,ategredock my keiys hen t. car >> c myaar wngunnid anke locd ethr dooys bis m.take >> don't p,anic a lot of gas atst cionsanlp he. flintiighng al baloonnd slngippio a loong hntk iheo t tdooro uknloc it. >> o 99%f thee tim wean c. h>> wf at i ayoureke locd out witthou a gasst natioea nrby. ftaor ssrter tauspbo aouut ymi satyfe i>>u f yok thinyou are in danger call 911.
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llwi. ak>> tdve ageantarrr o_veny a l refoae rtassis car prraogyom er he.av >>llcaow tngir sceervi b kemae sure hav tht rigno i uieqntpmenfnl uckoou y i>>tos ct $ me a125ndn a hour anda al hfat leor for wk. >> a key podh wit a ceodom cse o sneomod m, elsrethe are ckloouttevi serlices arn str atthast co0 $20e perr. yea acallerrum nenllaec tihnican icclpks oheen tmdeoo droor f pu. youed e therapare haps tenn op the doitor wnne phogra wowon't itrk wthh f one phbre in c theitar we h th.keys to av>> haning ra ext m keyeeay sos olhod scutol bwo it e we'rtanot g lkint aboundisla a nelist, juex an ketra y. u yogecan met a botal ox t y s
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scar, atash i keyon yhacal w uror pps u yogican neve oa to ndfrie. atthtl litmee co qmeparthant t uerndatneh. d >> tana: nhisasty storm mgovin tupheas eto cast atnd i has lekild abe numr ofpl peoe. 'sitt lefin behdth .is lwe'l heavhe t lfrest heom t mstor de.amag >> : kimrewe'ki talnngedeut abo blrdizzabe barthcue oris mg.nin nevehahen ouve y wastyereaths o. yoveu hao tat e 'wedr tkeaou yo the tce sl delar bebecu he aad. d >>: anait's a must seeho sw on brayoadwes thaye ds. itis htamil aonnd now the srta tofhe show mayosig sdne m ananr otheree. rolpugn
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k >>liim: nam fro: ear o'h orairpt. atwhespees ms. atthbl is makey.cco apse uod teler and osentr a heanottar s tionhere in town. ethess day he works for nbc news dan\l es he'st o eep rnortiu^ atthat loca beceeverda atwe hherca chigo,lo csedwn do scs,hoolan cedcelum nserou fls.ight
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may be frtligin >> a: danak bres new inu,alibes licaiforna. isthke bro oatet a] thortimedana icacifatoasayighwli im>> kis: thli mabu area. 20re ace. firpa est 30i0 knturreeily bng evtacuaedro fmt wha ials cled bcampfiloomeld. thsis iea rllytt preyen intse atwhre we'in sees g a afars the refi fighth t tathe figirefrshte ehav30s esn ot* hheir randsow. wea're et thc mere def o l
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thopelic tter ihatsen ptcagurinse thege imas. isth iset somhingt tha wlle' best ypaanpor go asi tenelth to h roug yodid elu rnatios thit brasoadct. >> a: danti muliomilloln dlar h aomesre there in that im>> kte: kaso hudasn h >> >ub repnlicasi preiadentl caatndidiles wacl f oeff thonigt nikionoust >> a danis: thl courod p wofirerks. ptrumlodeth is ncnt froiane run wno t inache r*n pureanblic.sideleta rcma atoned t.ruz may ta ske ahotst. him weelsn doehy't say aw ig fht. >> : kim hweave a stiituaon at a
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>> a: dank looks lieorirewks. k >>itim: apetuac-c eetigar ttbaery t bhatuplew t inhat gu py'st.ocke rheunssi out adendie trs toe gt shits panff o. heve elntualyoe ds. heoi's gngo ta mke a\lll fu rerycove s buttill sreuffed coseegnd d bree ournsisn h leg beecaus that bryatte spneontayousle comd estedeinsiraqu shik poc d >> sana: 1omell5 miion amanericres as thieto s'srmgr thpa. eth mesturessiackfde oeavien thhiis t inge du proed l atou of sn iowll ioiin as iianda.n awereee sginon lll lesin d a o'hare. fidnt sn see lot ofna tor,does abe numrf o pe hople baveeen kleild. exnsteeivam deagp u andow dthn e eata cstoa c aro tis thing continues to move into the henortast. k >>: imuyoa h avezz bli,ard no barbecue, that iha w is
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isthll iinois business owner does what heevest nen i cl e thlemiddute win'sr he\ incook ag uprm stoa in rm sto. hhetad iepo n ois hr avhewfnolal^ eecxpdtet mos of theay dn ien ctral ioillins withus gty w.inds i guess maybe good pcubliity tthau yon ca g-et - ifthey are go tingrao b nev ehentlemela tgoe o thaurest trantt o ea hetk coo u om>> t mhatsyi lng beecausis han ptse wer on f.ire an>> diaa: l lr, piar, oantsn .fire ynow donve gsie inalonin m
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k >>him: se in goiog tah ok. >> ly kel'm: ice conrnedo frl al theoe p npleotbl ae toak me their ftsligho tga ves. ne crvegohicat tha't canak me it. foher t peeopl whore a sktuc rehe and can'te mak it tokedo p cho,icag h we gaveereath yfor ssus nj ehaoy t a hes re ioka lo thak rocc tvisip sup cortrenteerraer camoma fr les p yedaster hi tgh chinsloud nte yes.rdayo befuautihiay, tghsinopputg o a lelittve aboma nort l buerclos wthan whatae heve blyateo danyerlo c t wet wl wil be ttge iing tntoheke weend. thisni morngad parise. 47 isnell at 42. chyillts spou oht teres thi mogrnin m so sake h. atco. e th ngood iewsis wrend a l ne'reeaot d w inblowolg plen a dnd austomnd t tisn' a madet m eerith which is dgoo n.ews ihere ls aook athe t radar upictre.
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,arealo cudso tou res wt,ig mht see aew fh highi tnlo c audsnd th aat'stbou itod tay. a high o4f 7 w lithighti wnds y.toda nto cightealrki s,es a low of 0.5 ita ltleme warr andn the our sedaven-yec forast,k loo at esthenu s,mber 77om tworro, 79 on sdaatury. 78un sday. thine w wdsillic kkp u ait ltle bint ot^tuon m bft aonerno t >>keom: ows knold v get when she throws around thater rdwo. dnoselayis thy sobar e ftrafigic lnd a lngooki gdoo th.ere nouct mhff traicec b iauset's yearlet y. toh t t tvelk loo ,goodry evegthinun r aund
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uninboid to ki loood go. >> a: dane tim to go leiv to the loffor o theda nasq. njaine ksg in joi uingsa tody. ap wpleants toke ma aom celplety haunleckabtaon iphe. >>n ever*le app w be ablit thackndne ain eng heers rkwoned ollsta thewe n horec syurits mea bu mat ke issimpo fibleheor teno gomevernndnt ale appha to ck toinse thone phos. ifey thce sucned i.dipgra tng risecuepa comld woun creeatig a scnifienhallge rfow lacenfor.ment d >> iana:er unddstanra y h t altmos general hantf oescamerionns d't ypaencomnra vt aery. ho tw is phatblossi >>lm a qual hi anricaebier hoolusehdods, pan't ny a
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ithis la ase rep.rou coinme. ththe oergh rouly half get en toughenak brenos ra es ehe t taabx liy.ilito >> a: dantioo lesphol. anthouk yy vere m. >> ikim:is momtt r gneygoin see io tld y?ou s.vega big wndeeke on tap. yifoue lov theie movs, the roscasin comg up onda suny. aaciveo l outlo of ges an e wher git's toingkeo tace pla thman00 5t-fooad resiuierar c erolloscaut orsrdesteay. itll widacketh wimiibimep rrsorte pandgrhotorsaphe s and atars hudrnsedf oeo pepl who just love the moviesnd aebelierits nhagingut o inhe tle brsache. amongho t wsengalki r theed catrpeor mganre f,eman john ledgend an theo hsthi ts year chris rock.
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omfr t allas fonhi son moayndor mngnier hn oe "wakup wiheth tag ws.ner" iar hel d arrokeal tkingbo aut isth ande h n'sot anelo, ao pootre e z of buzndsurrouieril hamton. cretheratotar symaetri_ adtrising htume cosr foron ldon lilamp lghterook. she'al tkingh wit disneybo aut a le adle ro in ateence pro ss"sequeed s toy mareiaop p pins. 've wed founmily ounblst i dneissy' topho cice foher tle tite. rol s >>sounde lik sheas hn't acedceptet y. threey aai wgtinheer h fortoy e teryo sas ti'lla honiltld cousonidoom coe t thsmi`ns laen c.ter 'vtheyecea rel seduchedle. threey ang goi t hhave pmntoce nd a someer othl coo sshow. ou>> sfnd oi mus ics g toing boe onamheg tx miasel l. welfa
5:22 am
wnelos ig inss. w ahatu yoelk loo l we'l ylet know in theat w co.oler >> : kimita kten whit an insttere fingreatuebe ryston evenshhougad iksoout c an.illy wlle'la exp winhh "enwawa > >aerach ll:et the good meti s llro. awerehr towing a bowling ptyar wi thra cig usfergon.>>
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>> i don't know >> : kim h we baveinreakewg ns thatak t uestos there shofs o ma wlibu there aheyre o fnire thisor mg.nin evtiacua aonsre under wnay i the sloel angesre aa. tycoun figirefrshte t onhe e.scen
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hitas adylrea shcorcted a lteas a20ecr is tneh mibalure aa. >> a: dan d we ton'think adynybo heeas bn iednjurta dwe kon'tifnow o anyiashe ty vern peexe nsivs homeinare e dane e arinmornt g bul we'lincont onto m titor phesereictuts outur limahibu tng.rnin >> : kim alsolstilo pom camar a anedr cwsinryg in courters h dda w itasp u on thend sta.
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rhen i trsea im>> kfe: satyon cscern. udst aentsndta srsffe ats thiau lohical chgh scoool nencerd ouabatt wh a youegee s lalse tho ts carnd a what sdoeal donrud tmp have to do thwi it? lo tweeakantens itohe s adahe. >> a: daner gov snorvaandoal idcand fateor t shemupreoue crt. why wlourros d araemoc pticidres ooch rcublidonaov grernold cdo swanoa ahed. im>> ke: wlar youpiolympr stioatd n anwenow w knoct exa ewher iteng goi itsheadeio. lwe'lke ta awe long for the toura heario thoris m wningrahi ts alhouf hitr winreak
5:29 am
if youe arus jtow nak w uingp thwis. u d >> aana:ed piaestrnil k oledn ethoa rydwaou hrsgo a. milchelse i onou brldeh higway anhed t perit h t fof s hll'tasn been f.ound ign ahtunro 1d001:. the er nis aotot lo towshou ye t bu ithise s thrsinteonectinert whpoere slicehiay tpps ha.eneda rethe wason oe'reerut hise th p rnmoising au bechase trst peon atth r isnsespo fibleitor hgtin ngilliom a whoan wers wag lkinhiin teas art lastnighoo e isll sti t out.herenh rcme wedesthhen apis hdpene h whicrewas edportle stondn a tthen oookroff fhem t cne sce vileahang t p tsonieo don e.herho lipovece ohtrnige werea snrchig fo trhat pn ersoandhe teh veicl aned thynf iedorms u noto to logng aheo tavy he l car. bu wt itbaas aedndon t anddohey hnot taveerhe pnsespo.ible hat t wimee't done hav at lo nfof itiormaonon s thicuspen
5:30 am
ridescn ptioe so wt don' wknow threey aki looorng f t butca e arngaskibo anyhody wht migr e hanfve itiormaifon, t youhink yosonow inmeth sg oraw mesog thinhaand nyve a rminfonatiot tha h can icpollee, ppta conenct hoders lipota 'lwey l trctollee mor rminfoonatig wf fe oindut aninytheg, wl wilt leo yukn ow. >> a: dannk tha ygo y hesonderlin poavce hacir thek wori__ng cut t outhfor em. ths is iola staren cer, p thdid oois tf.k of hedo tvey haoo a gscd deioriptn sorilurveelanceo vid? osthree ang thihs tayat mp heldem emtht buonarri notestoin fhem. im>> ke: wve hait addliona kibrea ith uakess oustrloshe t. co oastewf norkre whe we got orwden momts agoha tt aas cot argudes vselve onerturftd aiter swasent outo tss aist ais fghin
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the_lst coa enit wact whn k ca fi ass ar aus taeshiblishng tmae i bgesut evneryose in goispk. ouo an>> d pa: 7e eopl t fngishi abondt ae fiv coastua grd mesmber andry eveybods ioi gng btoek. o lo loksikehe tre ael hteicopr abovet is ae wa spek. k >>alim: ell whal tndt esel wl. thiss ius jt a very rare scene 5 mis. u ot t a be tblerdvi pro e thesesimagyo to thu wi ngoodtoews a go wlongue eabrnt eve >> a: dan w we tantck che onff traitic whm. to t >>weom: 'vead h oned fener brende a in renesidtiala. are wsoee'r lngooki at t bheowl e everything is running e clos0 to 6smilepa rr. hou* hdownonere a i15het td foming
5:32 am
e therel wl. aloverral tveles timki loong odgo,tb eas 2oundn15 i gtrea apshe as is the 5.15 tle c'sckhe i wnithendoe k el>> kouly: ear w ithers l eagrlos od tsay a21es ttli cle toolrma or mg,nincolly teatmpersureareche t's 40 g sorab ack jan et o wtheutay o r.doo olotsy sh sunod tay. 'rweoe g iinghat stll iu shold ibeen ths 60' byenas eoo ndan tond a74ac tslo oo inunshe xp edecte. sit'ng goi to getm war terhis eew.kend llwe'e tak aok lot a thatgominhobe .upr^ante d >> aana:al locgh hislchoot srdidupte p byeeoplss dresed aes kbe mem nhe ttarge vaisndal a groupf oee trsnage hadir the carsag tged whitay spr paint w aithes mesagb aouton dald trpum. tudaes nyhtig two mbeemrs sedresikd lekk k ermemb cs tameo
5:33 am
wnor sea iin f the oppehole wag tgedes theoc lal t>>dehe i sa ofodomebomy cing undp aurpres dintroyhiomethng ton isrs you ud kinnocf shvi kema r youizealeow h -- >> no onen intraus c.todyr po slicet ay a pthisntoihe ty don't even know who did.his athey sreltilrc sea fhing tor oppelei behndis ths da van.lism >> : kimeawe r allyinre e ntcefer oemohe t iolit scalrephe sethea d.ys rouep rcaublinov grernof o this state,an brido san bvaleingno nscoedidero rceeplali scaa on thupe sremert cou. wee wer thest firew ns orizgannatio t theort sta lkta aingbouts. thi ti l wasastee wk. atthis he wn weo gta ip tsc fmro
5:34 am
was oake tt k loonbla bri ovsand al,ert loa lang thiois g fori hmh tat rliepubcansnd a deatmocrsnodo mi lske airamosel w briou yan tave sindoomeb atth the rliepubcansl wil nfco.irm lwily thenf coirm one of their own. this isit policalch misief toopara wangntie m rubepcali inarit posion. k >> yim:eaou hrdoh jnnd ieicat yharrei rdei\po supbrrts iere saalndov tthae ide evibent secau aptepoin hd timo thealeder chbenrs yea apo atth a isyaiifetioosit vego drnoredecide v toeacat h sopo ucoeecomrngoveden_ a l uthtais sce twir. ove theov grernoff oiceon cmsfirhe t ewhitse houon ctetac tdfhem or ethet vgtineserce proec
5:35 am
twon' cdeonsinyr a bbodyhtroug arforwd. twha ifhe ty aring qwhqu pureanbliceaevad iho adalrete vethad, when? k >>heim: a unis hc pani tandblic reicpubl nans teedpa his ushoe. wh bus t lhe tasto be eabl to curapteha tt cnommuity hwit. 44% eyth have to gf 4% o nolatie votetto gto inothe iwh hse. d >> wana:noe khaw tat be numr foorenatps ulla le reeoncti swestat rcaublin nses ator iandhef tony d sutpporis thom nineeo des that thurm the gngettida rteelec >> : kim hi'mngearilaciur pr tas k o ofin maaie sd hesld wouno aow ddn anpowialk th pablossieeominsein seeomg sn? opperele by awam fro the ristntngeor ce. wen caou cntn oen kldalo t lienght it up a leittlit b.
5:36 am
ether is o snlycho mu c youan taake ars fke mth as pe toaiar^aew n >> a: dant' thaats whan i w i edwantse to ate tha on iln urth.sday alookut youn >>oo lo.t al pha t d ghri 5: i30 tnhe mrnogin and we are a tthees fvatiloi gng on tish weekend. we are goingo tav heot lsnd a
5:37 am
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5:38 am
siasntgnme t ofheni morng. thank. you we c'llheck inor meias. kealndl. >> dana: we're five months away from the summeram n a armeanic gniymst is tnooi gg.n wh wyldoutn'he s go to the summeram ges? 'lwel let you know. >> kim: her dad said on the stand that his daughter changed because of that man amo ceinrta cotel.hain wel'l takeensid coourtroom fosaramvein com up. d >> wana:ae hivve leic psture a h brus ofireoun ycrr seen. eaars. hwe'aveneat hfrd o aotmonjny isuriesma erthd e ant don' iknownyf a ethme hores a ilerang.
5:39 am
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5:45 am
rerdcoeder h naked inside her hotel room. yedasterery h desad tietifd in the case. cr>> sngeami o i'mhen tenpap inettern'm, i* ed nakistr shesri ter.fiednu sshe'toep dedress. sshe' not g the wirleel* dese uo know. ahes relat frhe, i ddni'tkn owut b iea frr fo herif le. >> 75a il monliol-drlaaw lsuit here. d >>: anaavwe he ai lve look out founo deio r tngornire whe gaorrsnize t ofhemp olyices gam oabivut feth monsy awase prented ethrs fitch toray rel theret tha veun tiledhete rout tha the olcympime flal wile tak. im>> khi: tss i sooo cl. ie lov t.his choueck ytourcr seen. dana: talsovo drg oinaniz estom ceemitta
5:46 am
s virureoutbtaak s ttingll toforhe trseareeinog t bote prodcte in theam se way. do it gymnasticsha cimp sonays isheshr toughh witom ctipetion utbot n retiringet y e shn woe thldgo medal sierllou f yrrseag a london. she won't defndel hed msalpon het gbemes ecaus a of seriesf o alhethss is.ue hweveae sen teh lsta of her etcomp fingor herelrounty. im>> khe: s wasec expting to get ldgo andheve sil andas wpor suot n p haiy w hthlersef and ended up inbeg any funen momt. no ew we tak youo acrsshe t onpd. esduchats kae whos swingf of her
5:47 am
clicinr stlcoand. juurdy m wrayhos ihe t moertherovmoerth ofandy mraury. thmo oerfo.w oklokeihe s's a smouper del. esbabi. fi w she'teren addore by llmiions all over the globe, people would not like her. >> a: dan shea mkest ioo lk easy. hit'sard]in lose g thhtweig rafteg avin >> : kim b ythen alla.o sy. bus >> : tomasit w n theotre impssed cefa. esh p dayoseh wit there pntside handnoame sa
5:48 am
>> im k'r: welwe a gays toingo mere hmberorer f tcrhe sdewe up .face >> a: dan l shesaugh about it ethes d.ays el>> k ily:'t donnk thi peeopl mwill takehat face atbou our fostreca. 'weoore lgkin atta fancsti atweay todla pim s ousurrg ndinosthe wcars whate dhate yesyrdae exc lpt aeittlid wa.rmer ewe'rng goi to getac bknt iohe t 70's. paphrumki loong at ai hgh today 7of3. aytode. vig h losn i 7pahr lofts oumersh sun.ineat
5:49 am
tifliritng w 8h0's as wed hea intotheke weend. t >> tom:icraff f so tarhis rnmoing i'm notssmpreed. atth ish tooe lg kintrighw. no 'sthat how f ieelh witha wtis im heon tprds roa no'st itat thha tt badut b it's slngowiow dn ait ltle bit. nwhe wee tak youn dow to5he 1 p ewve hare lalockun siindehoulr. nourt seha wts ioi gngn out b peaptars eo ba ou rtine manaintence i.ssue y tourlrave tsime a leittl slow cueou s inlookog gnarn oia.h tndnbou 95 and t21he 5in comg inm fro hesnderon. k >> iim:o'm lgokinw forardo t ithisvinvolomng tn eve
5:50 am
hito het tge stala in egas nfo per trmedheogetnr iste life. buhet try ahee ttompte cen sarde onae legs v nrhghboood. >>ib lceeran ad melicha jonacks toegethr. tom with aliberare p o yhtonig's ecspep rort. i >>t's as man jion wustest ofm co wndo town bbutretten estano k n lthri vler.illa ormehe t mt thave lidh tere tpar time. usiitom's hib lacer llcotiec ,onhe tos cmetu portraits,ew jryelnd asa mebimorase hound i licberaeus m.eum ethol ciolectns iow dirnstas whileac jn'ksoyer^es rceiden i was ba >>il a vhla t slo andne a tu.nnel ivhe lsoer thite wish hn drchil nen,yobode else loalre theor ic>> msoacke m*ib leeracs 'sletro therheatev dpeelor
5:51 am
i'llla expin how it allom ces gtorethe in mype scialep rort thege l nendsextoo dr thtonig. d >>: anaoi lveow hom t finds stuff like this. thsat itr a seangri paing for ar\ juntut bosesnterg.tin >> : rtiden orhistwhian yich p seedaomo y la y evereswednanday w d noe nitoatght a.1:00 >> b dana:seecauree gw up rehe.
5:52 am
a group ofl all girahohe super ouwhen yne get o int gigternefr tuom cennk arylirind psm tvan ey'rd ththe boer delived supon aaser-fr t fibeknetwor re dio ctly t homyour e, mait's azing. it amaz is ing, bu yt donkou thiel his dyiverwa tts a lit le flahat on tone?
5:53 am
, um, i paulkthin's ittl a litt moe biikre le, t' "iazins amg!" w.oh, wooh m,, mo thatre was gooallyd. an thk gh [ si s ]fe eel lik lla hoinywood ..sider. ay, ok wi'll iork ont. it ...wm h pris tv gpluserig inteenet sp d enfrom clinktury
5:54 am
>> a danm: tire fo w therate ercool on thisrs thuday. u'yootve g to check outs thi cpi oturehef tagnt eyilke ganllo x laxi. thusis jtgay.lax e tharshstpeap mf oe thky mil ewayvere. mad mhow sany itarsnhe til m? waymapa 20 t b 400onilliway?rs staat loced in all ofh tat. sit i spectacular fore. sur ne inw le ofio actn figures200 a nterceros allse the girl surhpeoser.
5:55 am
inle ttgefiguto sres. t ofpar d theheuper .line nsfail wbel bl a so lfami feacs. the newla css of srhupeeros ins orstees nisxt mrisouse aliar donned kteitit wh an inretegstintu feaoure cldo gup rfodo atipon inay ds. s>>he a is knitte w stmu.ache wsheouas fnd in a datononiin b. esha wva bugroo tcaa cues p.grouda f saanlly oun she ld by readfor
5:56 am
eshl wilapt adonithi_n numi k >>wim: ae toke t inwash,gtonouorgeivs le look on your sencrem frothe shwaoningt menonumt and wee'rm lkta wing tith aracybout the sspoitibilfy o ourub repnlica ovgnoerrec bgominhe tt nex prsu cemeourtus j.tice an>> dea: we havve liic psture ooutfal mibual cniifora where a usbrirh fone cestinu r toage. th heyad tocu eva sateome drchilen. ween hav h't atsepor inesjuri and't donw kno how
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
.areatr k >>deim: y adl ahitndun r. milechels in o ttha.tory an>> doaa: cuast g ird of p.hel >> m: kik loc oedut. ith as is n3ews lu exc.sive 'sitpe hap tnedheo tt bes of us dan t nowhisni morng theer expts whiton cmsuer roreptsoi gngo t makeur se you get y kour oeysut e wven yhen aoureoc lkedut. d >> wana:ve ha le afot oe
6:00 am
saak toe tu,alib licaiaforn. im>> ker: whte aesejoea lre0 acqu haonve g ie upamn flhies wle stmoyo of eu wlere sg.epin hiy.ghwa th s artedtboulla0 3:0 to u mog.rninsted f wromstnder30and earng beiatvacumem fronos lecoup of camps int tha area. no iinjures to rrtepo and so far ewen hav'trd hea of any structuresha ttav heee bn loswal iwedn the fs.lame .york ayoureki loong ate vidom fro memo antsgore whe tngishiuntr ve rsselgran ad.oun titth is lit wyeall incont juer austas co gastduare cam t inelp hacandi sed. 7allbe memonrs the fngishi aboatllnd ai fve mrsembe of the ascouat grd aree safnd and sou but thathi fisng vlessec bea


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