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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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gleerdiffond aod ha tbko. li ,ve fmro sdituo 1a in ro elckefpller aza. hello, evoderyby! es gus what? >>rs thity urth.sday fe rybruah 25t. i >>us j rtead the o therday, i nhaddeo ia tishis a leap .year >> iat's ea lpea yr! >> we'llav heo t haveno ather da fy o ferybrua! >> 29 .days abhow outlepeopho's wse bi ayrthds anre o the 29th? i >> ,know i wronde ify the brcele oatenhe t8t 2h. tnothest 1 of rcmah. i >> would .wait ho ouw abt gwen anstefi. at thg sonut abo blake shn.elto ke liry evegthine els .is ak "mee m like .you" !yeah l>> iike .it ai>> wt a numite. dai-ho y.da op stat th! at th was good. a >>rill ght. we doe hav ad goo owsh. >> ye ah, .yeah >>e we hop bnoambind ake bla are hiwatcng. th eey'r g not toingiko lite . en wh c i hamefrome omho sgotin th heis tth oer y,da twehey re oallver me fisnifng.
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th wisdeonulrf acple, clealdhe t ot sp. >>ahye,e' wre ierntnsor f aay d an wdeec dedido t ierntn aat gdoas wnghi and gomroginnd a pl inayg an id wtas -- >> c uleanp some pooo-po and ufstf. >> uilnt it wasn't. >> and two luckyad lsiead me the tr fekmro the river. th otey g shambued. t we ihinkllt wi beor wth it ca beusey the get their glam lo aoksinny m utenow. e >> his a h >>.e is ghe's toingo tusell ut aboom se qu fickixesor fe som of your ob pr.lems aand t newest that canet d ect mold iniv f eteminus. >> ,ohha tt's great! >> t' tha seagrt! >> au becseal usulyt' is a - lot- it xp's eveensige to t it te.sted >>ahye. 'l weeel s ift tha rkwos. >> i bet he wn'ouldrit bng it he fre it in' did twork. u lold wouot nte wasur o meti. >> lould woun'to dh suc a inthg. r >>ealui qck thingro fm ssiriu eryestday. gr meatpakeu andai hr psti.
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sp inreadheg tnoir kgewled and laangese basttas w on and she wa uss jt -- a >>ot l of class act she is. lo .vely ou>> yw kno what myav feorit in thasg w so farbo aheut t rnmog?in >> ?what ve>> ery nownd ahe tn youic pk a up big gylossea hvyaz magine ll caed u "durjo." d >>jou ur. a >>ndn the youay s oh, t iheres he cnnelavil andou yli reaheze t sgoodtuffsn i't jtus on the co ver. th isere mo gla srous otuffnhe t si inde. th kaeeie l has a nicetl lite sp ireadn rehe. d an teahe hedlin -- no>> , no. >> just the heneadli. ge"fort nssu."hine fo nryearl 30rs yeahi katee le ff gi hordeeas bhen tri bstghte in thbog aut wgakinin up er amica. >> wo w. >> a howbout atth? >> e tak atth, youer hats. >>ywanay,t' is aut beaiful ar e.ticl it'sil avaable onew nndsstans o id fray. an t'd i rs aeal- - >> ink tha all my fdsrien for ly aing boutme. >>re the's a lotf o wrfondeul in thbogs ayout u.
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>> i'mpl deey gfuratel for atth. kyou wnowho has theld wory b the?tail >> who. >> adele. nlastight was thet bri arawds, ei therr v osionhef t grs.ammy >>de alept swe thatrd awa show, ok toe homr fou hitropes. >> her cdas w "igel.ible he>> tso rean shen' wast ibeligleth in ete unid atstes, rs hee cam t outoo .late >> sheon wt besem falert atis danes bt m.albu yo "ung. 'shere p herrmerfo.ance i et'm gting oldnd a itak mes mekl recess wa it uss jikt le a movie wa it s justik le ag son when weer woue y ng >> ie lov her. l>> iove her bu out y knowt wha d ion't get? i >>di .dn't
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be ecaus's she 28 yearsld o or so inmethg, t?righ or.26 27 . d angs sin "when wee wer g?youn" pl .ease vei hath clo oesldern tha she is . d >>ouid y likeer h star dress? >> no. lover,he love her, love r.he t buno . >> i like it! yo nou kw why? it 's whcaimsil. shand 26e's . >> 7. >> seplea,om syebodet g thsome ring oightn the prm.ogra l alt?righ ayanywhe, so als won thelo g bal essuccs izpre,ch whiog recsnize cc su essovaserse. sh ote gti emo donalinur hger chspee. >> he s says's she a cryer. >> yep. i >> r wasyeallos lt for a while cever ome.back me- - ee[ chndrs ala app]use ani wt toha tnky m bieoyfrornd f sungortime . d an not bad for a girl gngetti ob glucal s.cess k thanyou. yo u're a dream.
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-ofulln ,coxyou y know? just adleorab. t >> whatas eagrt. >> and she alsoub pylicl su teppordha kesur d tinghat sp .eech >> so did jnusti bi.eber ok ay. >> yhanoo, let's move on. >> ift ienhappves or erthhoe, w ot>> gid m twayghhrou atth. >>ha w t?else >> are gat toacr,ve we' had him uron o show fobere. bu wthat i was uneawar ofs i thate h isls a ao ngsier. nd>> a a cimusian. nd>> a a muansici. >> hela pys piano,s allwe. >> he pshublihied ts song he ewrot on aginstram. le t's enlist. e i'vee bnti waingom seetim for laovee lik yours ea y h s>> it tha ?good >> llwe, yeah. i mean,e hta cer cinlyesarri a tu ndne a hews kno his dschor.
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>> you aslway knowf ieo somne is iand er nev .know ouif yld woue havd sai to me at th waso sit pchy i andou wld ha aive sd ahye, ist wa so tc pihy. >> hoda, it's goodou y don't ow kn remo. 'sthat whyou yoy enjmu so ch si muecc, b yauseavou hoe n eaid. yo veu ha no -- youw kno the old yi sang gn"iceoran is bl"iss. ho da. >> 's letk looth at e n'womas wi ne rkwo out. hi>> ts s ithsome wingne ca get .into er>> he nams i april y.stor >>e' her hsow she ciexerses. sh e useser hin we beottls a her -- kind of her wehtig. a >>nd her glass. >>nd as it'on ge viral. e sh isti sitng on the .wall y >> bwathe y,t' thas a good ex seerci. >> dneoggo, ithe s's smart. e'>> hois gngo tnc iraorpotewo t erof h fitavore gsthin. same epconct. ne wi andki worng t.ou e>> we lik her. w >>ike le her. >> pblrobayoc dtors't don co redmmen it. o wh recas.
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to i don anyen giv y,da dyoo u ysa'm ing goi t worite a list, ewritn dow ethveryingav i he to a doetnd gt i cedheck off. >> i tryo tdo a mlenta stli. >> d youon'tri wtte i ?down >> .no stchri mine,y ndwol,erfu ioprecushr cneisti who i co 'tuldne liv thwiout, ae t th nnbegiofing w the geek mivese an ovewervif, i h iave ata denl ap tmpoin ent yor,ou owkn, ph alysicer thapy. in thikgs le thatha ttre a cyostl y ifisou m sthem. >>.yeah ok ay. >> yeah. >>hi i tnk i like tori w te -down-et som iimesri wtetu sff do wn iw kno i'mea alrdyng goi to . do ilikeri wteow dnth in ore mning en wh i'mit s atingt my table, i wr diteown ouworkt,au becse i e? se i t geteco chk off that it wen to .work andl i'l writead rio --ff stu do hawn t itw knoav i he to do. >> y butouw kno yeou'rng goi to in goog t rkwo. is - it- whyo dyou do it, daho? >> toro cssng this off. me sog.thin no>> a, igree with .that n>> a etxper ine timan menagemt ttold dheailyl maiha tt ao tdo ti me. sa ys.
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sc desribe him as ala pcehe wre po imtrtanks tas t go oe.di >>,nos it'not .true be ecausou y won't reermemb. w hoyo do meu re mbergsthin? >> ev oderyb ly's iifes ff dit.eren sandomepl peo heave ielnsany -- yo nou kw- - b>>usy s?live >> busyiv les and very co camplited. an ayd s'r youen ant iern o forn a wintour. ou>> yte bet kreep a stli. ou>> y brettep kee a stli. th at'st.righ kispeafng o restss,s it' time r fo i .hoda b >>e y thwaouy, y'reoi gong t ve lois th. is th a is thacrowbk. th sis i a wbthroacko theanotr ti ndme a place. ar ue yody rea? y >>eah. >> ut o.kast w"theayou y vemo." couan yee flt tha b-s-a-s- a iik lhee t way youe mov iik lehe t way youe mov i e lovhe t way youe mov i ov le theay w l iovehe t
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s >> apendon lge tim onhe tse cslyri. n te times,o s r!fa c >>ouan yl feet i whenou y're t on dheance r?floo >> ,no no, no. >> re we'ci danng. >> y,sorr !hoda i love the way ie lovhe t y wa a >>rill ght. if w youant toea horr mfe o at thou, y cano g to myiu sirs sh now o sdthuray. >> whyou would yt wan to? nd moay anded waynesd at .2:00 seplead sen in --ve eeryon has a st ory. if 'v youote g a greatov lery sto or --t jus anyre g atorsty. ne fed aewf o osthe. >> allt.righ n' dot etforgex, ntsd tue waye'll igive tayaw. >>a hod didn iorjunih. hig >> m howtiany hmesheas sd sai th at? ev ery .time j >>ustea hrd for their fst ti me. >> l iove .this >> allright. so c yountan e oernce a ekwe. fo omr cepletes rul and re tigula honsoow t enter, go to g kl and
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e'>> woire gng to oddo.le dispennghe t day as dog megroors. >> d fin out if we're up for the chthe ngalleaces f ingcothe y untrr neve.stop eiso n dtherthoes s.e u.y. arm tweinra. apadt. geand art smter. ev soery r.ldie erevity un. ev daery y. t noeeto k p upthwing chae; bu tot ve dri it. bononody khaws wt leprobomms tw orro bwill.ring bu dt weowo kn who swill tolvehem. 'we nretoon se'p, w gve otta ohavextur erora p.tein ko oiips trerle zeeo grn k no fatrtyogu 1 hasam5 gr ps ofinrote. azero sdded,ugar ze rtro aiaificswl neeeted r an fzero at. zeand olro h mdingcke ba! kooiips trerle zbeo. to unsleppab. dammm nnon happening now? the perfect owbr. new brow drama pomade cronayro fmam elybneliew nor yk.
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. olays.ageles d trangey re neristo-micrptinsculesg eywirl. iittantns hlyrateyd sto pmplund l at.if > >>eb somody ad rounhereec dided th ewo t of usde need toet g a al re b,jo orle at tastry e.on he>> tyan wtedse to ef ierwe we up t for jheob y.toda an ind sce n oone ththoug we co beuld st trued tok worit wh alactuan hum inbegs,he tidy sa
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t >>heol fkst at spoin canelu cb iherenew nk yor wcityerera czy ghenou toer off seomes lnsso in pa ermpgin pe.ts i >>'t donow kn. mi'ot n seurt whae ware indog. >> annt ihiernsp ofe som .sort hi>> t ts ishe .spot >> s it'al cledpo st ceanin ubcl! e'>> wre sseuppo tdorn lea how gtoroom dogs. >> e take car of gsdo. otwe bovh le dogs, but i'm ex eltremyns intiste learning how to o d expression. atth wlil hpele m iny mwn o li .fe i>> 'musnauseo. >> 'm iit exced. >> i'm nick. >> hi, nick, i'm thkay. 'm>> i .hoda >> w weanto t learn how to be oogrrsme! we ot b hheavoo gd gsdo. >> we,llin me is. >> omawese. me coh wit me. >> hsere' ae nicuz fzyog d for yo ou t try. you're going tdoo oyka whithe t ba .ck y>>'rou ne gotngoio t sias?st i>> g'mngoi to >> a yre roudyea for a shamo?po e aruyo adrey?
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un lyru. eshef ditinyelee nds reca. po tornghi. >> ooh, ooh, cafurel! oo h! >> ra cedck poopn o her butt! oh d, itidn'n mea toar embrass yo u, eeswrtthea. i' m sorry. snowhe's like, thanks a lot. >> d i'tonan w tto tchou it. wheerre aou y ingog? deunearn?th >> we have to get ibhorrleer belly. >> goodgi .rl >> we have a lot of soap here. this is fun. so y.rr >> she does not leiko tbe yesprackd bare the. eshoe d'tsn leik it. women don't like that. >> all right, rose. uyo rey?ad >> ooh! sh eoe d'tsnik leha tt she doesn't like it! >> you'reen b hdingecer nk t oo chmu. >> no ,'m i t!no >>es y, y ouare! >> ohyo, reu'h sucoda go. dog >> he tre we !go dweid it! i amn ohi tens d!
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>> om se oft ien w it mnmoy h.ut w>>hat's happening? >> this is a dgyog is th w is whereeak tear ce of do gs. >> t doheyom ceth in eor mning danta saly l day? >> heo,ll erevodyby! >> hi gu, !ys >> oh, gdoo babies. everybody wan stse omvelo. >>'m i gtietng st.ares e ther aisot l happening. >> hodi! >> what? >> foundom se doy.od >> er whe? >> r ightrehe. >>.ew >> t tha one isoi gng tod nee a ou scring oe>> dsn'tt ikemaou yan wto t takee hom a leittlth brorer o >> ybmae. ni'mot .sure bu e't weeve bnd har atk wor to hday,'taven we? >>ut bt' ibes en fun. th 'rey seuchwe settl lite cr t>>y'he sreo hpyap w>>e washed them,e wri ded bweshruedhe tir left to do. l>>'setal w tk dhes!og >> ve ery day wnhee w wkal the
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>> yeah. >> o she ty c'tanet g aywaro fm . us heif t gyet away from us -- t >>shat' not enhapping. in>> fhed tm in y newciork ty. c>>eom ,on l'set go, let's go. >> oh,y m gh,os i'm exushad.te >> ho, dan cauyoov me ?it >> i'm >> d hol on. >> come here! >> o savhey. >> itea rlly was fun. >>we we re soap hpy dgurinha tt sh woot,'teren? we >> you hadsk aed rlea cier, ould evyou orer wt k a palace like ?that ouif y y're aoung nndeed aoo g d job -- nyobod likeso tan cle up l alth of e poop and stuff,ut b gsthin. i >>ow kn. >> bignk tha you to all thein kd af sthef tre andll ath of e do sggie s atpotin cane .club sp leciank thas to r wose,ho let xpus eenerimnt o her irha. >> i know. sh ase h g aotg lon fuse,os re es do. >> pp atlarenhey sti s hllasom se ypoop on her ombott. ishes nacot bkt aog d gy yc daare, berut har pents sent us a o.phot sh ase wup sdposeo te posit wh a ,sign s butheec d tidedo s hred it . >>oh,ha t t'seagrt.
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a ll right. if you wantn a > >>riall ght. if w youanant y eastoway do nyour oailse n thgo. o >>u r yonecan fiver ound yr ke ikys leod han i thebl bom ess pitou yal cl your purse -- >> --n theou yan wt tock che out e thrt smaut solionst a otyur sle it edor, bbboomi ths as iinbuzzg wi tthayod.
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th eeis w fk isun. th arese tte lihile tthngs at ma ifke l me soeauch , sier ar st wtingsoith inmethatg th er ev oyonecin soedal masia h en beki talbong aatut l tely,he tw .eexy ithissis a nelicog rin that s holdila nais poltth boo le s ythatanou cnt pair yous nail-- t >>s hat'y.craz >> wh anyere. i >> tsn'tsohat l? coo ra>> czy. o >> scayou on bee n thr go oon e thh couc tlikehis. i dnwoulec't rndommepp droing th loe cor. n' isatt the? nic ha>> t st isaro smt. s >> fo italits zel sitl botes. th fen iinell e lov -with- i ve long beie ableeto s my ma , keupusbeca ye ifanou cee't s it u , yot won' iweart. t nobeall cauty aubeshere t me sa c, sorieleb atiesre gr ngabbise thers ove ized ni va ttiesarhat eae clr. th is. bu hit tsea buty chaube soo r imn theac bk tod hol thesege lar le patte ttpale bes,esrush in thero fnt. 15 fe dif lrenticipstks. t soishis h suceaa gry.t bu br s.ushe t >>arhey se soanoft ttd buery. out. wa mytch d. han oudo y t seeabhe tigle rerht he? y >>eah. >> yo do seu the lie t ghrntun? o
10:23 am
rumminag agunrod- - canou yet g a ht tigt shoid inse this? >>ahye. >> - -hi tsig l, ht it luilnamis.te t bu gthisnglowi w orbjuill st co nemes i ouso y h canthave n is othe wa o lk tbathe omthroni at ght, ckeysg ominidouts ye tocaour r, en op d theoor. >> t wha k ieepst -- >> s it'erbattery op, atedall hi iddene.nsid pewe s5 nd 7 odaysr f ou life ralite--lly l >>ngooki t fors.hing ->> s-rceanghins ie idr ougsba. ou>> ye havtta liitle be mor tthan dhat, yon'tou? >> o. i d o >> souif y i put tt in, here cayou e n seytever!hing w >>yohen tu goabo gret somhing in r youe,purstu it onrns at th uce toh. i soa t's h toucorsens. d an blastotut nst leam , i' ob edsessh wit cthisd allethe fl int. i ite s thscold rhoolr olle-- >> h. yea >> -- tshat't jusn bee verein.nted twyou itist -- >> t whaoudo yn? mea h,>> oin a lllt roer! >> t andyohen n u ca rjustitoll t righ ubackd p anitput yo in ur rs pue. 's itra retlectib. n' isatt thsm so art? >> t' thaevs cler.
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e th cinontatoer sre. i tloveonhe certainre sto. >> d itoo o. it a' i>>'tsnha tsot oo cl? >> he t ase are ellelxcntle. >> ha t ynk, oui.bobb neyou o ed ta fix lecoupng this t bureyou' q not suitewhure at to do? >> 't donry wor. we go've r t ouu lod anl ale th oltoyos neu , edbyba. ma r>>htigft a yerr oucalonel .ws fortifying the gravity-defying... adventure-collecting... friend-connector... rt fo tifyingoihe g-pngcelas... off-to-the-races... day-seizing... u.yo u'yo strreg.on and we're here to help y soutay thayat w. w nel speciaisk nourh. grmulti-flakain es uiwith q appnoa,les, mo ald nds anberrraspies. ne w special k nourish. ifforty.
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im>> ke': wre ingettadg re y to idsle into the weekd.en hi re the kianm dad naag wr ne at 3news. e thone anwe w st tohaee wt ha aenedhit a gh olscho. ec cht k oue thes, carsedtagg wi prth saiay p.nt e thmbnu oerthf e meagss es go g int outea hameful e ssag ou abnat doruld tmp.s thi ldunfon ed oeswednwhday ile enstuderts w e incl ass. sethe archisfo on osr the ndbehi m theask. rebut ermembe , thhichgh s ool th e psame wlace oheren tuy esda t nighdu tringhe blrepu ican uscauc a co oupleopf pele owsh uedjup lste ikatth k kk me ermbs hog ldins signin su pport of dalond tr
10:27 am
ey th do b notveelie thisere ce neilssary y anecconn tion eebetwn tho e twciins dent but th ey e arstinveinigatg. >> : kimig alro ht s'lweanl std p toof atthes invtitigaon but ri noght w u'yooire go ng tvelo at whly kel has stoeray he e sh is hanwhour r ethea w30ereath nt ceer. e thbesix fuautil today day.>> ceniht ligd winand mp teurerat oe isnce agonain thsee ri. 7prim t6 tohe anindiin sprgs inlook ag ath hig 7ofak0, le ad me 75 linegas vas 74 eedegrdas toy. 77rrtomondow aer upp 70fos r e thekweend. th e e onoklos great. can't wait to get outside and enjoy the weheatr. d ancai wnnotait r fouryom war 20. you will not boxing but you will interview him. >>im k y: etthste lae timhe inwas the, newswhwas e en w d hainthe rastagm post t he vi o de ofhifam inllofg f ofthe hover >> dana: i reermemb. k >> im: wit cas atmhrisas so i' allimsk h ouabtht ndat a thenlli wi h askim about the wax figure i think they did a great job on that.
10:28 am
figure and also how often do pe leop cop me usaand y dude i love you in the hangover? probably all the time. who does he think is the best boxer on planet earth now that
10:29 am
and what does he think about t >> >mb aush mveakeosr iug broht y to bouy ngfihuert. fi hungert,ow nou y tshopoday at ngfit.erhu com. i tt'styhirsur th,sdaynd a
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wh een wev r oealur- - >> "ahmbus maerkeovs." >> ourla gm squadff ohe tza pla in to our mpakeu room,o t rlevea br neand-w los.ok >> colontr yolfurse, .hoda inworkheg tir magic is ssttyle heto t s,star ou l lisaricia la l laa l >> thank you, ladies. h>>owid de w find our two lovely ladiesod t?ay e>>yass a e.pi we ad h a neic crd,ow theea wther uiis qte y,balm tuac,ally for ne rkw yoda toy. >> i know,ei w rdy.da s >>e o wwere atoble k picwo t ve loadly l iiesn memonts. o >>ur fstir lelovy lyad is nejat,4 6ea yrsld oro fm diman,so n ewrsje.ey sh ies a riretedxe eticuve mi adranist tivesiast,stan ma drrie a fortlmos0 3 s,year she eris hne i y nework on a girls' ek we tendelo cteebra her hdbirtay. she describes her styles ad lai ck ba andsyea. ta lke an.iste he>> wen wke picd u,yoou ye wer al lse kiss and gshu.
10:31 am
u? yo i >>us'm jtit exc tedo get a an brwd-nek loo toy.da lo inok fgwaorord t .it nd>> a cnousiie anns ipi lipng ou t. >>go my d, she is a new dmgranrothe s sohego is tingo t ge d alldolle up forer h new ba by. >> re we'ng goi m to yakeou the ho tttesnd graermothth in e un cotry. >> aww. >> i lovehe tm and shehe is re th wi her co,usinls a boest fr iendniane. >> hi, niane! p >>eleasp keeou yr bfolind oldn r fot jus a se,cond okay? he sre ian jet rebefo. w! wo ni ce! an e?ni ketaff or you blolindfd. >>oh. yo otur m wher bouldeo s proud. oh! you're aubefutil! >> oh! do w you tanteo seur yo?self look r ightrehe. >>h, oy m d!go th k anu!yo >>ha t nku.yo y>>ou lkoo
10:32 am
w he tanto aedmir u.yo te usll , uilo as,bouthe t irha. >> jiwell, co sred y.toda e tht moser intngesting thi here -- co of ,urse youe mak ther hai ita ltle epdeer. rtheneasois , theng agice pross goeson,ur opl comnexiong chaes aswell,nd ar you hair color ldshoung chaooe t. sh se i ay verng you n,woma but we t jusad me it ae mor opappreriator col andus jtad m e sher ckinolorom ce e.aliv at th's g areatai h,rcutnd a we ha heve ton wulderf narso with us to y.da pe ecrf 'sit tf ouit. if h youave a tiny waistnd a a dr tess nhateeds mpcoonleti, fe ele freo tak teha tt off and mi ndx a tcmah. >> and didha tttt prey kemaup. >> of e.anni rwalk ighterthe. >>ur oec sdon lyads i sanus
10:33 am
a ceo andhe motrf o four. e shlymost worksm froom he so n'doeseat rlly dress upes unls sh eae l tves hheousend ahe ss i et prowty l manaintence. le ht's hear ery.stor >> n,susaou y sdeemere ptty ea fr okedheut wen who cse you. w ho aoure yli feengow n a few mi snutete lar? >>erbett. ahye i,hi t inkst'ni .ce ha y.pp >> oh, odgo! an d i i k ynowerou we like, y,ya wwhenice p kedher. >> ye s,e i'v beenry t tingo get r he to doom sngethiit werh h ir hand, a daupteer h look a tt libile t. t soishis it excing. >> ok ay. 'r weeng goio tak ted gooe car of yo u. >> allright. an hed ss ihereit wher h da erughta sar and rasa's anfice. al ghl rit. iherenes o last look atus san sojohnran g ndeerebefo. an etd l'sri bng the s new usan out. ow>> w! >> oh, my god. >> oh,y m shgo. keta offou yr bldfindsol. ge tadrey.
10:34 am
>> , ohodmy g! >> oh ! >> ! oh >> ou yoo lk crinibed.le >> dyoo wau nt to see? tu rn around, sweetheart. >> m oh, ygod. ovi l!e it an>> c - you- >> ou yul shodov l p >>eleasp stewa a fyort jus a ntmome. >> .okay is thws sho how aim spleai hrcut w- lotemaine.nanc ithisos nbl proorem f her. 's ito alse morro apptepria for r he tee.xtur a itlsows sho a le ittlbit more co llor,ooks yor.unge >>lo taywir saift hw.r no f >> ourcose, enid. >> t ihink i rniecoghaze t t etjack. >>.okay isths iew n dant' i csleal ad flawy-ay mpjuitsu. ok loth at ess dre- -r ove the ju itmpsu. wh iichser sup tyrendht rig now an cod ol. .look
10:35 am
>>t' ikes li aa pso los .pant >> s thick ja iet,fou y't don tmindngurni around, has al scnglopin dowhe t ckba. i n'doknt iow yf souaw whene w t goes drsed. >> tibeauful. ha>> t st'still waleshab ,t?righ >>ahye, waleshab. >> lereathha tt'sha was ablend li eightwght. so tr atveacti. >>ig bou rndf opp aelausor f obothurf o dilaes. >> the bifeautlaul gm team. if h you aavebl proem and't don owknha wtho sdul you do? w>>lle'in foud rthtigft a er isth. rebeforo fibgimyali a, onwas g theo.i orwas zeganid. wai dos a er. enth c theichronde, wiadsprein pain dray ed mgyener. my to docd r anrei aged ngmovie mor s help easebrfilgomyaaiia pn. alshe so crpres libeda.yric brfilgomyas ia ighthou bt tothe sue ref lt oacover ntives.erve rilys ca ievbelied alto cesm thrve nees. r fo psomentaties,
10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
10:40 am
>> im> teo t askou lbo aut a ll e thosypesk housebl proems you wi shou you cixld f yolfurse,f i oyou knly wnew thato do. >>well,m fro howo tec dett mold inr youom heo the wn tong chae yo mour ske msalar a,llou y need e ar a fewrt smas tipro f m ay"tod" cibontrutor andos ht of ou "hse arsm. ts," l enou m for y,dean hse' got a na hame ttes namit wh pirani t >>shat' o onef my fitavore st paas. th yoank u, esladi. >> t' is eheit trtha orny tee en weie. >> nk tha f youor the ro.tini i likey m rinothei t brigge si ze. >> h wead a tiqueson, hucow mh u youl shodep rlaceou yr msalar, ho ngw los doe b theryatteec afft w ho it s.last et te ce era,tet cera. >>hi t as isnor imp tant tiqueson. i t wan toak m seureve eeryon tc wahing hashe tse dtoetecrst a
10:41 am
makeur se yavou hrbe caon mo denoxiet drsecto onry eve fl ofoor r you meho. inrtpaaricul, b theryatte op ederat ,ones makeur se t hey getla repcede onca year. e th dtoetecrs sd houlepbe rlace yevere fiv to n.seve fso i d youon'tno k twhe agef o ,thishr tow itut ond auy b new .ones nit'sorot wth .it >> s doema it akegi pinoung snd orsothmeg?in t>> i ch.irps w not whaenhappss iy thehave te des.ctor al seited lhiumat besterit tha la orst f tenyears. wh ten irt staos t irchoup, y 're ggoin toow thr thatt uniy awa pand autew nne o on there. >> ie lik that ttbeer. a>>nd then someer new te lochnorogy fotm bhit ktand a rs fit eralt. es three art sma des.vice th aris platicuner o is a li insteng videce. yo nu cag pluo intr you home. d anwi it ll hear ifny a dtoetecr ogoes affnden sd your o a mi faemly m aber .text inimagfe i h you aave ptaren rs heelf. yo nu caec dett thatnd a first
10:42 am
tu ac aally ilbut-inec dettor th oeat dhes tam se thing. li bttleorit mexe ivpense. >>arsm t,th.ough >> 00$1. >> w but orthit. ea>> r wllyorth it, luabso.tely >> a rmeecomiondatorn f a good fi trst oolkit. >>hi t ss ishiometng iw knoou y bothee agr with. li sfe i toohe cap- -r o too sh ort tonk dri cheape win ando t us hee cap s.tool >> .okay t >>o get aap che job done. >>rrcoect. th sis i ale colnctio of some al rely -qhightyualils too i put thtogeer. cecresnt chwren,ch whi makes es three gwrat esench. ithishas cnnel l,ocks the an brds. tscrafman. th sis i answson. th olis ciolectign rheht re, a mmha,er ulitity e,knif nechanlux. th onis w bderar ishe tat greest th ing. >> t whath is at for? >>erevngythi. ll pu aing ,nailti getng un eadernheth t rpcaet. li gftin up p aiece ofur frenitu ca be yuseeeou n tdoet ger und th cehair tout pet som hing >> .oh >> s it'al c aled wronde bar and th ree gtates g.thin
10:43 am
th is cctolle oionfls tooos c ts runde 200ks buc but yl ou'l have ithe tt resf or youif lent u il lyoudegen the hramme out and no bbodysring back. v >> eryrude. h >>ow du o yo wknowhenou ye hav ld mo in your ushoe. u yosaidre the a isck qui .test ye>> ah,hi t ts ishe thing. moste hom tests,y verd goo it te st. is th a is 3boutuc4 bhaks tt you wo uld take lesamphes, tye givn a loenve tpe, hhey yaveaiou ml it . in iandn aou c ples,weekiv ge you th e surelts. this new coy,mpanel hpful ,home fo r 40 s,buck c youant teshe t moldnd a knowit w fhinive teminufs iou ye hav bad mold. th at's a swabt tha what you do -- y >>oub swa it. >>s it'like are pcygnan stte. puyou tll i f,of youqu seeze is th a onndn there the is a tt li le qp,tie onc lthisdiqui igoesthn ere, you plult i and wnoou y sbwa the aare wreheou y th yinkavou hmoe ld. th ouen y gove or tohi ts leittl napreg tncy test hingerthe. y ifavou hnee o neli,ou y't don ahaveny mold. if h youave two nelis, you ha ve- - >> ou ye hav mold? >> n the h you aveldmo. n soouow y go teo thex nt level.
10:44 am
yandou think, h iave .mold >> ou yt jus swabhe wre it slook --av i h sehiomet angbove my we shohar tokt loiks le it gh mi.t be u yot jusb swa the one eaar? th at's it? t >> take hat.home >> w andet wano tno kw rrtomoow. >> ng bri itk bacom tworroh wit ur yore pcygnan test. y oreou'r prntegna. i t don'.know tdon'b swa yolfurse. ne>> oou weld b aac mirle! >> re we' hgopinor fne oe. lin at th was a good e-onr.line d>> itidn'ec exptt im froou y, u. lo off i h youavest queions goo t g. klcom. >> ro fm ani ktgh in shining armor -- >> nikolai custer. >> new ntadveure. nd>> a the geam of tonhress fan co umingtep afisr th. kiso my on'tds de havagto forgoe, o jot two bs tmopay a ,rtgage and i've also got a brain. feliho's s, rt italkchs eap. i' blline worke g whilsleeyou p. l dostilthn't ink oti've grain a b? thinyou rek a esume's nough? wh
10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
nanew retule valcey s.realt ale t asra10 gms pofteroitin wmih lk, d anuca toofh et sweness fo rer thnee tw waysr o powe youugthro dh youray. i've n beengcolorinc siwas e i 19. haimyowr shed it. en e ththveryaning in uctrodg inw ned anim proved garnier olia... e onth hlyrcolai or poreweby 6d o0%s,il ammzeroiaon i ve tlot,haith wiaol... girets better every time u i now n'i do t seeesdryn duls ors.lnes i all ssee is hiny,librilcoant lor. roand zeys. gra eeit f slsfto sond alt hea.hy it t's besheext rienpece ve ei hahaver lod coy ring negaw ier rniaol.
10:48 am
cent inurylm k pristv has al url yoit favornee chanls, ns tove of lirts, spo mo and re -- al cryl in-cstald.lear h h whwatcnden a y wheretou wan awithd dvanceesfeatur li ur wke oesireltos set-p box,whol mee ho dvr, prand tism onhe go. chand rooose frim a va etyof p greatsackage fit tor youhome. .. call. nd ...a sta get wrted ithe thm esprisiasentunl tv b dle. u' yo tll getv pl tous up megs 40 tuof cen irylinknetnter foall $r onlyon75 a m th.this l dea gsoundsreat, es alpeciyoly if su loves.port t pr geesism l sentiatv d up an40 to of megs ne inter t r fo75only $th a mon . sc ore! , or youife lovmogreat .vies.. so [ rnuthecc a]ent hey, clementine, go and on tge pr m esisntsel tvia th wito 4 up gs0 mete of in rnetfor $onlyon75 a m th.hy ah!whip[ ck cra
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stget darte pwith erismtissenval t pl p us u0 to 4megs ntof it erned.spee $just m75 a fonth yor aear awithayutop . d speenomay at beabvail lein r you.area ly onm frourcentk.ylin acallwind stotch day. > >>se the days, naiikolte cusr is t beswn knoor fng swi hingis
10:50 am
on hbo's mega t,higa "fme o th s.rone" n >> aowew nil f cmdalle "gods ofypegt." heys plahe t godth of ehe ir, leftbld,in and gets aur sepris si virot fm a almort. ke ta a look. y >>ou preilfed ofne oy m ll fo'sower secorps. >> they nevern eve got oscle. >> e givm the to me. >> y notet. >> e giv me my esey. i>>av h ae proposition. >> youar b wgainmeith ! >> oh! >> e giv himhe t .eyes >> w! wo u yo a go fterhim. ou>> y don'tee nd his esey. gi heve tom t him! >> ,oh my d.go >> s iit fun? >>wa it fsunnd a cocamplited. do i knn't f ow i youtinoce, but i wasig scanifintlyal tlern tha th e human. >> yeah. at thll's a cgi, t?righ >>l wel- -t' ils al i-cgish. th hie tng s wree we stillre the sh ngootige to.ther d an banrendho w plays beck,e' hs my zesi.
10:51 am
sh oot theam se snecewi tcend a ge to.ther asit wy ver cocamplited. he>> wun yo saw ital finly -- ca be iuseust mbet wrdei wnhe u yoot sho aer ctainay wnd a tc wah onee-scrn -- e >>iaspec wllyhen iea rd the ri schept tst fir time,he t whole in thgt thaw bley min mdas whe t sizeerdiffent. w ho y areoiou go ng tdo that? d ant' whas azaming,n whe s youee e thfi lm,wo tut min iesnto the movie, you justcc aeptt tha th at's -- >> how it is. >>ow ht iis. va ad,ncedy' thehare tt .good yo onu dee't s it. >> t' i isthn e sc ene. >> th by y,e waho tses app -- ldshou weal tkut abo ?them >> t tha i,cg tshat' you? >> s it'le cald cgi. ju st m one ore.time me co .on i>> snwlo miootn, >> we like it. >> uh-huh. they're going to cue it up. >>no,ot n atth. no, .no no . >> no. >> did you have to work -- >> it does look vyer ,cool th .ough >>ki woritng whah tt eye patch, wa has tt radistg?ctin
10:52 am
we had --s it' anio actn ve adenturor sty, and t aherere so y manio actn ensequces, gh fi ats, lotf off stu -- jared bu tler plays thevi el set. yo nou khaw ttng thi -- holdr you th at. >> t waia mi.nute us>> jrat gbt. i >> er cov your eye- - nd>> a getit. >> y oh,idou d it. y >> couan'to d that? tr aty th. >>ol i td youef bore,us jt enpret-d - youno kwt tha in thg- - i >>akt tes a mi.nute ca be yuseou doav he oneye e 'sthat nadomint. co tverthhe oer eye. ve coher ter oth one. >> allright. ab gr f myr.inge ul co ddn'to it. e, ses it'ea r rlly,yeall .hard >> y didout jusay s g mraby ni figeshinr? a >>rill ght. an -yway - e>> w tyoold u -- >> s"god of egypt"it hsat theers mo to.rrow >>e' w bllek bacit whe mor in a me mont. fi rst,hi ts is "y"toda on c.nb
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> e'> w uresed toea h aringbout ce itlebry suises,ut b simomet es mit'sessyhe w knidsre a lvinvoed. >> an myta srse hav ivenvold ei thidr kns iir the besattln i woneray o anr.othe e so w wereasked,it is okay or t noka oyo tri bng k iidsnto s?feud er>> h we'shat we had to say. >>s thi qiouestn has a onrde-wo sw aner. ne ver. >> , oh thatas wer vy nccoise. i say ,no inot's t okay. if youan wto t guar e,argue. t bu seplea l,eavehe t k oidsut of it. >> ct exaly. y >>oursad h fewer s.word n >>.ever >> hm mm. ou>> y ,know simometeshe ty so cundrleven whee w do them. e>> w ogapolize. >> toowmorr j,oyns turar ms tini >> w. wo >> h andewer nk boo is t.ou
10:57 am
a >>nd the new movie, "zooop t i ca n't"ny jenla ste ish wit us. >> andow h toov cer wires. >> and a music leceiobratn! >>nd aad meelinps hel you clean
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10:59 am
ha ven a> no> anr:unce iist he tay dn o ra aech lray.> >ha racel! e[chendrs ala app use] nn>> aerounc:ra c figguernso
11:00 am
i d'ton kwno why,'m iur tned on a ltlit ebit. a>>nonceun ar:nd jmaeff uro ma ske t taterot and rach's kielbasa nachos have flavor to arsp.e >> ac relha t: ryit, peleop. a>>nonceun r:w,nore aou y ready for rachael! [c ehe ars andlappe]us r>>haac:elll a t.righ lcwemeo ,erevodyby.[c rshee a anduspplae] >> ha rac tel: wodaye'veot g a ow shh wite somig mhty big bas.ll >>t' thas r>>chal:aee' wreoi gng to roll with it andav he aow bl a .rama odo yu bowl?>> ,no i'm tgryin to mere,mber is th is day meti,he tl balff stui ou c ldy,sa i can't say.>> ch ra sael:nyay agthinou y nt wa to say. s iayal bls iny mse hou all the me ti . >>.yeah


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