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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  February 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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cu seldea hrtdquainers li grthe beoup edheadse 12 tycuri ceoffirs. th lie mis tant tusedeahe hs dles esbodibl to rock loadsngeadi to th ece syuritd heatequarutrs b ey the wernt eveyuallve driutn o of then.fice ff buan womin is to cus af steroyhr tneeatehed t es prtidensdebi fnt age tw r.itte e she madhe tos ptsn i atugus wi heth tam nes,it ciesnd ane pho m nu obersf t fnt agens u ords"wtoted ki "ll. in igvestsator says she'an isis atsymprhize andst poedhr t eats 7on 9fe dift renunaccots. > sr>> i'saelen definse mriste seaccurad ifn oil buding an in atternlionaro teretr nkwor th atlu incransle s cepers kpstocg ilin, armsllinteceigen d anatoper tivesrio stn ke o ancommacd plnces ingludi in eu aropennd i u thed niteestats. om fr t therierrolesm aesrt dnk is f washington, d.c. i'mlos on jn athain ia el hi >> d: reena jo, thank thanyou. >> g,> bi n bigtoews frday om ap ple. th e ey'rngtakihe on ftat aer re ngfusial to thlow i e fbto un alockrr tet'orisps .hone twha y dothou ink? wh doich t you ihinkors m
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u yoestoo lgkin aoee scrn pt ca oureurf obsweite. he vead or toew nlvs3om.cnd a ig wenh in o atth. m >>: ariepa cam pignrsoste are en se o allver airn'spicatal. antehr t ashe cryountp preares iforts f eirstilect sonsince e thle nuc dareal last lyju. ir nsania wshill apehe t feutur tofhela ismic rliepuborc f at as let aa decden whedl harine and de moratedi canatdesat betl ts hi ekwen ile eioct fnsmro iaparl.menter pa merliailnt wenl thos choe e tho snextmeuprede lea mo hare t00n 6,rl0 pantiameorm ca tsbine c areigampa aning head heof tct ele ionsrrtomoow. >> d: reesaran t'ys iins gos c toctonduoc a rteket n st i fnextayew d ps asofart t whac\ ll casps a laace punchamrogr. m >>: arie o butf ut o two ilmissse teasts lalt ft'l is ra gisinbr eyehi wasn ngtoe swithsaome syingteuch atviol ues ase.n. tycurinc cou soretilu.on j ou tir na conalsporrentondeias iskrnetira fzao takes a look at what a'sstt e.ak
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on iranian state tv leaders h fl mauntleissira stoacge fy.ilitac w noinnew atformthion lae is blrepulaic petns yth anoeser tele a e spacchlaunth in mie coe ys da. t >>sphis laace vunchleehic will have a rae ngayof moube fr 5 to k,000etilomers. th s ere'hano cthnce hiat t s is safor ittellr es o ppretnguttiser nk moineys pato s ithistes a f st oies >> or rep ter:c te intirconalnentli bals sticen ssmie ilsttere aot nro pbihid te byhe tra icln nudeear al. bu st heitays o 's nt doub'siran inflexs g ith bot withprt te costs tenducd d ancea re erlettth to ese prt idenwa essugg ttingoahe g fl ofngorci er ams ican tbacke o thlal* ne atgotitaing r e >> ld wousun't serpripa me f rt os pr atovocstive enatems ts i they
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ofout u thed niteesstat ep>> rr:ortenc coonessikes li tiaddi sonalioanctelns rief. no isw racoing n ncer from aklawmoners h bot osidee f th e.aisl re>> ay thengtryita to orgetur ie frlinds srke iael? ho e w ar ttheyg ryinhrto tn eate bathe e lancowof pn er ithe mi eddleagast t ains osomee f th r otheramodeunte srani-ab ti naons. >> ir theiv acts itieouare e tsid heof tblir oioigatn that's not leverageha ta t's e causfor sa onnctis. nd ahmunist en tbyci in atternl ionauncomm ep>> rr:orteil stoml, se pe excarts rall iacn's s tionl pr agopdaan th wi s the dtatetmeparsaent arso fre thee hav nbeen no vi ioolatus th noughubo dorlt woadd le e threfutuan of ea alrdy de telicaat relhiionsngp haining bathe e.lanc asin wtohing'mn, ist kriine ee>> rvid: rece pntside joe nebiderin ar ivingxin meitco cy su .mmit su.s.taecreomry ce mercchpriter d anriinteecor sryretaly sal we jeonl amosg thave trg elin -wwithidethwi n.bide s he ictexpeo ed t wmeetthith e me nxicae prntside. xi mendco a u the a.s.ajre m or intradarg prstne m andrsembeunev
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fr raee ma>> rie:. u.sma laws ker cu acaakatgakint tes re ltsu ts uovere p thri odexplaiing irbag.ssue poa rerort fe m thtesena mm co sercececiene an tr ctionttommireit cere in alternum doc fentstarom kata hein tt pasea12 yrs. th hoey somw cnypaff oicials argue data onnf itelauar qylit d anst teginas wpa mipanatul ted^ dehi thefleprob th eat nlionah higwayra tffic sa yfet aisdmintitraons sayhe t de ivfectei aagrb csldou eloxpde insendetg malg frasment finlyg hwhic c canoueri rc r >> eed:erconcvens or a po r pulaucprodatt thli mil oonsf er ams ican uhave fseds daryes. m >>: arieeonohnsoh & j ca dncer.eathas s nbc'anmorgfo radasrd hre mo. r >>teepor ir: ln aarandm sidecit. a sis louy jured rul th johnson &oh j mnson t dpaust s l mi$62 n llioubin p lic-- pu venitiag damo es t fthey amil
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ro feri ova nccaer. hefor t r buotfor woher .men ep>> rr:ortee thy jured sid th wi p thetilainhoff w 72d dies e agnt sa ying that talc found in the company's baby powder ntcoburid te htoaner c acerr ri in 19a 97er intmenal mo a camedils conntultart aleed hn jo& son sojohnhan ttny a body dwhosenie the aiassocntio of t aalcnd o crianrance de g nyinusbvioth in cee faq a ofvill ee.denc 'v>> id e ha fveryurew j ies daware morey mont thas i a ked for. th urd awarmi $1 nllio er evary yet thaen 1s mis unli d anatthas w- - hwe oady nl keas fd tor ten15o r>>orepr:te t dhecuisssion ou arhend te saf of tal kum powder fis hnjonsond arjosohnhan ec dneli c'nbseq resut f aorn ivinter ew but in de ta snttemela..rotehe. t p utalcumurll oserlo g ucprod clyeful ctseleed. th eeten recs.t u.di verde noe gs
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pr inovthg sae tyfef olctas aa co icsmetod ctosgrinntedie. ny madi me ecaltsxpery sa glohe tba enevidsce ilteimindd a c ncincovelusi. >> thisss atiociaedicas hn beeto c re rtpo iedson ho r,wevere the m areotany n ud stthies avat howe shatn th lctase uct alua dlysoeot n relaliny ascrehe tise rfk o iaovarcan r.nce ep>> rr:ortehe tri ame can cecan s snc iasree ri isks lyikelo te ber vy alsml. buter othre chsear eaincrisse r hk as aigh rpentcea es cipelyalf ien womicanal tsg t 2hanye0 ars. pr ctoduits walh t koabde powr co uentin b tolde som you fcanctrodu tne o at thla repalce tc with corn stcornarch which show no's kwnno nk li s toercanc. as j &nsonns joh,t's fa gciner othdi penng latwsuis. f >> torhe fstirim te lepeop who e us tctroduduen hn jo& son sojohnpraby t oduccde
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t firs ttime'rheyune r tninghe ri fsk oti gettova o esnccaer. >> po re: rter c thenyompas say p it tlansalappe fortoeiga morro ne w nes,os lel anges. >> d: reee th applech wat infail bg tohee tai f ling lapoputor sgckintu sffert tha am pe hoord fho alt iughik le .mine rdaccotoing ew a npo rerort fm a ma rkette inlm firle apppp shied tabou 4il.1 mlionit of ars smt wa hetcdus ngrihe tas lthr t ntmo 2of015. that was much lower th an peexedct. ba ickn july ceo tim cook told ysanalhets tery wnconvithed h watcdwoul f ne op to ft gi ts ofolhe hs.iday ar>> m iie: ast w itoo lreks gatyo on uy m fr.iend ei b hjingas reedbrac ne orw y tk asithe cyh wit the mo st binallios.ire thene chiseit cap cdaine 32li bilreonaists lar yeaafor ta to l of100. rdaccoing to who runor repts stlateba glo rlich stli. yonew hirk wopch t tpedishe lt r fors yea is now in sdecon place
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sc mos ow id thir 6witho ll fo bowedngy hog konh whic i 64 . r >> eed:w no'sit l atlite ea ersio tndsen aaiem wl,chat a mo ee sorf ure thb we aone southwest airlines flight.s so hwutt es pistnarinerwig thb az amayon ps mentetto lad pa gessenuyrs bes acc is ton ig flifht wi. st cus omerwawho o nt t send lsemaitc, wavih mor es o tsurfhe b we lwilln og i twith heir onamazcoede crelsntiario so esuthw ht isg opinr theisr pa tsymene morleseamhess wn us patoing b gralla wa oetn a plane might makop pehle t ink cetwiou abmstdeor.ring f rasteiv del dhes desi re of anybody who oerrdsos s upoo lngkio tt geodgotos co umnss iitins stveg in ainam s de de rylivepa comalny cdeled e-liv .toen s upyssahe tnv itmest enllwi he ilp mt becoore itmpetinive e th dsameelay dy iveretmark. de flivedeounayr sams saye dt vedelisry idastannt >> rs> fieat brt kfasdaall d y an mcnow lddonas's ier off lingow
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c oforalif niaescitiial pe iopleosn lel angndes a san godiede et ga twoif dntfere low ca rb bfareak ls bow ltheyprook gettydoood t ey th. sa e,usagna spindch ae. kal asit h0 25 and othe htheras sc lerambegd ndg ari cho sasauitge wash h*nsbrow 'sthatt jusal0 46iealors. cd md'onalils wl bnegi gusin erlow ciealorek greur yogt in thsmooies. >> ie mar b: inoxisg oo g id n s lagave bs'r weoie gng bet yo uav hene rve snee leik iths. a nine-year-old r>>d:ee c inomupg n ihe td gdoon ufst hf sow fhelsee about being a role fodel hirlsager c >>e:hlooo likks lhees tndarun s sk anies ard wmth weailer wl co uentinou thrhegh tek weend. t is aherebnd e inig shto t our
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ll i'l tel nyouext. ee>> rsod: rme bngeaki news to ss pa along. y sk3ve oer thne scef oa sh ngooti e in lastegas vas. he sre it wha weubt^owkn o metrcepolili tels ng utlshoral fo be:re 3he00 tndespoica to iu po ref rt osia reiadentrgl buas ne ikar bsting jreetofust f of tamounisin vneta .ar uuabend amo bo r.ulde ar>> m pie: eolico alssay a pr topernay ma wgerasck che oingn aac v anthouse. thatrs peouon fnd sonomee s inide. th were fas a aighthend tso pern s wash ot. stheecuspast hn beeak teno tde b su isnrhoe itsp walunith n knowo nd con itiohiat tmes mo^ on aceingaky s f 3inlylig ve er ov s the.cene o we d ahavew creinheadatg th y. wa l we'lg brinmoyou nfre itiormaon s asasoon co it inmes ou to r ws
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lk taabing thout ode goff stul fweusocn oosthnie ace nd ftuplisting s orieouar tnd he rlwod. r >> eed:nea nir--yeaold ph enenommo has eers ye ton he vecod teldgo genvelol ha l zencsahahez e s thy.storlo ep>> rr:ortee shonmay e ly b ynine oearsbuld, unt por d fo d pounarshe lyguab m hasore he anart bid am ttionbohan xers ictwhee agr e. >> j it uskelihe tsp t.or dmy aadedske m do you want to go toymhe g i alwsayn so .ye >> reporter: jess alynn has be beninoxsig e ncshe was sen ve r afteher dad took up the sport to os l esheg b teduto pve glonds at sonceidhe d g herwaift n>> iedotic s sheedtartki picng t ups hingkequiccesha t.n me mi so as i we lik w-- ir u su serprid. r >>teeporhor: esw dofe it el wh eoen pteple oull yt thareyou' omphen aenalpend s cial and 'ryouoe sdien tal^. >> ma it mekes l feene liky happ tnz nofor g.thin m i'indog this for everybody. andor fys mfeloo to s c i an deolr. >> ep rteor r:hi t 7 pound phenom works out f norrlea ty
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he agr se uhealsu slyap wrshit o erldoy b lseikhe tr-y tenolear-d t indeeovid igfht. he rh conampi bshipeltan hings e thresox bgying sheres.rainch_ w >>i hen mywon st firch mat f telo ghe wy thesn u putyp m nd ha i' unfedeedat. [ htlaug er] i cn'atai wtor f m nyext ght. >> or rep ter: i sheras tg inin olhe gs loveelch mar r heac come foro r prr boxesal wi nthrlea30y ea y erserxpe ienca r ys sas he'r neve aseenen talt wi esth jlos 'synnnteis dinciplte a is the. i >>'t donve ha a tose o doe yt an hingncetwi. tisome mes'sshech coa watho d i ndotexom s pepleoeas hha tt de resio t beffdienert. atth'she t unueiqness. at nine yrseaol tod a wnt to be if dntferew, noh seas ht tha work hiet.c r>>orepr:te y aoue ra role model to atlof oit llets.rl y>>hea iow. [ htlauger ] ota lf o leittl g firlsowoll me on igrnstaam. ite felsoo gd they am irinsping a lot of girls. >> ie mar'm: ing goilo folw her. >> d: reeo n ibodyois gong t
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m >>e:ari n i teedolo f hlowte nson iamtagrd. r >> eed:goi'm ining uctroden da erught s andhiay t as ise t' lents co tinueonhe catversion. ho yw doeaou touch yirng go ls t me sae? tim .well dohow t you yeachsoour o ns t alo reuply s tportinhat ici th oris wnt ee tw t us ie@mar3lnewsd v an dn@reelvews3 y andanou co alse o ee twe t thiostatn ew @n.s3lv ar>> m hie: ngittie likrla gi a isd gooin thg. in jo c thersonvenatio ce faiky "l oing"paur ge. fi undys b.rc sear fo[risn k ne 3ws lass.vega ee>> r td: foime ar k loos atwh a'sadhen ovelit avefi to ghnit. m >>: arieer gov bnorch sandoval tells the president n' dount ka it me an assi posble no e minethfor pre sucoeme urt. at f ive, what's behind his sidecindon at wha teans stour ate. >> d: reee thinman rg cha e ofs th fbe spi kiea ong aututbo e'applfus retosal e giv tthemm_ ke toy nl uk oce thonphofe a
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fate,ivha wcot d ulppha tenia ap ifple y thet don' ohelput wi heth tes invtitigaon. th stose s orie yplusfoour streca d aneca ch yk oftrour c affi sfrom tky 3htonig"n on 3 ews ada li t ve a".five ar>> m tie: f wo o fthisielashst rf persorme h whoheit tge sta in velas negas pverrmerfoed to ergeth l in bifereut ate cenr st iageespne oev v las he ig nehohborod. >> d: reeadorib le eracdiha mic el sojackngn loe gonnebut 'sws 3 m toeyhawlla exp tins cilegaowes nre shaosac spee wi awere ct aleoup ears ago. so ol co sth is. >> : tom i its aa mnnsiot wes of do wwntoffn olliciaya nmed ci haendao pal bminoutet bter ow knesn thaye dss ail thrler avill t foranhe m who ldive th erear pmet-ti f 2nt uil hi ats den h i.2009 it quo alshonow o me td de li rabe cceleolioctn. th lavish costumes,e ptrortsai wejey lrmeand bimorathlia at we oure hinsed m theumuseil untplos it se cloo1 20 e thaecoll ition.n dowrsstai il whn'cksoess rceiden was in b ack adiccortong theer libace un foiodatren pntsidehn jot tha enhappaquerrwa v>> a tillasthat aandselon and is cednecthe nd uouergr etunnl.
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il ch.drenvenc . a ep>> rr:orte y soe ou'vgot mi l chaesojackibn, le,erac ns co rntrese ther co ieuntrds an's letow thr e th dateropevelner iheto tmix. 'l ixpl e hlainowt io cmes to ergeth insp my leciaor rept "t hecadsegenbeksonex nort dohtonigero no cimo " on 3newse livleat e"ven. ar>> m iie: bet's cen aeoupl of d oaysstf naey wrathe a tta ut sotheas t andnt easso oaseabrds. se vererstofngumpie huge ou am ontsfamn raipwn spa to osrnadn do ofzen m. the e thesurpictrees a o outf nn peansylvia. mu leltipld bui cingspsolla e as sthereeveth weaover mhred tough bu ant me eopl ntookofote a y wa gsrnin s andt oughteshel diflooemng r aainsce con.rnrap e thonnatieaal w stherceerviam is asueder genloal farod w ning pafor ofrts ns penniylvadaa toy. > >>invirgneia oth of rde haest hi att stes. fo eour pweple ilre kbyled the msstor. e onth of tem aeawo-yd r-ol ldchi. e ther sevth weapaer s awned or30 t anadococes g rdinheto tictiido
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ftime cor a oheckr f ous r >> eed: ftime cor a oheckm r ouweown r.athe ar>> m wie: kee lica to odll tay id frveay e. ws nes 3 i wyourereath th auy.orit e chlodsbearhaley ods gos new iwhenmet co s toheweatr. c >>e:hloea grewt neas h odedur y. wa equit w angarmind tree hinded r ouec dirntioht rig yretteosom cabfortnidouts saplea ontdeutsi ma.this s ertempesaturde 73 s greet righo fonow s r las.vegapl 'r we te inidhe m t-60sahonop. s 70cayou e n sefrfor aesnond al thong ase cos t 6070and s. mp teureratsee wire we'ng doi ir faelly wl. en evk looauat ln.ghli encurrattly esegreht rig atnow ne benlett earment ho sc htsligooly catler mi flaanngo a ul bohider y ghwaidouts d anss tacroalhe v80 te atmper yuresanou c m seeost ne orighbs hoodhein t r 70s ight ranow g ngin tfromowhe l ve ses ntieumin sinmerlpe, upr s 60blfor iaue d, mondeg78 drees fo nrr su sise,eaouthusst jt op drdoped o wn teg77 d.rees cayou e n set righe.ther 70mid-r s foerhendson. we lo're tok ae nic mandr we r.athe
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wiany thnds ftis aonerno s te atmper huresinover tg inowhe l_ s 70r fohrpap umghrinot pe ups r 70e quitt a bierwarm at la eake mved, o arton3 nd 7for yo urur c trentraempe ftureor bo r ulde rcity nightow. we go're g inntcoueinhe tar wngmi entrald thl wae iny heto t ek weend. we rae av phighurressate thl wild inconto ue tngstre othenthver e gi reon. th gat's toingino brg mp teureratp es ucoand ionditns fodry e r th snextalevers. day mo f st ostthe acorm tytivil wil incontreue tg kkinheto tth nor ofus. ho rwevee, w g are toingo ti antecipae somng chan es i the casd.ahea th ilat whal ss hinge en li e ttl.bittr* er ovt nighghtonin't wo at bes ld cola as nist .ght inlook lg atinropptog in ar ea. a t lighzebree o oute f th hwnortisest ec expted. lo n ws i the f40s moritesquane s er ov se 36 re degahes p rumpmgherni ghtonit. y ifveou' b cs to iatchte th inornt'g i toingeo b. typretce ni. ok loun.thata rnea 58esegreht rigun arod 30 8:. a.mhein tsiieneor m.ning ut rt cey ainlg goineeto fkel li e thte afn.rnoo rupperasqs me, uitedov 78 milaor d.meacerc pa p.hrum we l'reinooktg a78ead-mintseveies fo our b clder aity6nd 5tambi\eg d rees
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et lofs o phrumun seshin ahe bo tardsroomorftw aonerno is wwhat ee'retxpecing. ertempatures youan cee se wll e abov nouralorm bye th ft aonerno. d an as wek loowa forord the t e we,kend wea cll itid fr eayve raty ar hound were,wearm r atheedhead urin octdire 's itr neaor reckibrea nwheneay n meahe t rdreco onur sat idays3 8 gr deees. i i bel ieveast wet sn ie th .'60s ibut pt'syrett aicertgonly bingome waranr th wwhatpie tyy callthsee imis t y of alnorme'ly wn re imithe s.d-60rau 'l wekel taon 80 at a sy.urda incoolwng dogh sliiftly the aweek wheada ith lelitte morof br a beezeesy tuday. >> ie marra: gl tefue pr fo.thatue ksthan. r >> eed:flthe syingmacotsn, on e of t wheldor m'st osmofa us eastlom mocoveticks bath on e il raths. aie trt n sefroff om lo ondons n ittfirsrn jouey fo inllowtg a eaen yar ne rly il$6 m freit.
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sit it prety t.rain entrem dousorhisty. >> d: reee thin flycog sntsma s wa fthet irsntrai b toreak at th00 1esiler pho b in n 1934. >> ie maro: tly hol wwoodeher e sh uis fp aor best actress a arawd. b eutnvef ien jernifre law nce n'doesint w she can colonse he f rsel twithache fhat tt e'shs hi ts year'sig hstheai pdsc oar no nemie. coacinrdtog o fesrbag minaze lawrencear edne $52il monlior f f m ronejuf o mnd ae jun*os.2015a enlawrain nomnatiorers h at 5 2h s ie tshe yngoutespe onrs erevit who fur minoatnnsio. sh woe bntesre actss for ondi1220$ si erlvin lgsinla pooybk. la enwr gces etidpalm atoswi t ce mashuc1 aths ec sd onghhit es idpasc o atth l'sneodoaric drap who ma 29de $il m.lion i in go hg to taveooo lhk tun up o ta m skeeurut bf ir i n'mb akmistheen sse raistd a ink af r ilvengliniays plll ngsayi m howi'uch t m moingettg id pamu as s ch aguthe ys.
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