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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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ve fies timr fous weekago. i>> y sawepou ryoeat lfurse tfive fimesseive s condago. s he faysive gsthin, we're going to ak meri ameca n.wi we g'reoing toea l td inhe po lls. >> ou ye 'rl allktand ao n onacti. first of all,s this guy'ake cho starsi t andguhis a y's .liar >> nd aho t wsee erstjuhe t ow slomer m.ents > >>lodeve opingigvernneht, w tades ilon the kansas shooting. ur fo dead, 14 others injured. andn erind awsreea ls veeth th kee naded vikeo ta hn byer > >> tplusathe lloest gag ves os car. ly"earay todar" stigts rowht n. > >>
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blrepusicane cam out insw.ging fbothr ormeidpresbuent ndsh a rb babuara ersh w ae indattennce. th nae doasld wonn't se toit ba ndck ae taktait, lke aatook th teop tweeted moment ofig nht t onheje sub octepf rnglaci am obrea ca. >> so tshat' thenl oyt parf o e th anpl? tjustnthe iaterstmpe coioetitn? y >>l ou'l mhavediany enffert an pls. yo hu'llcoave itmpetion. yo hu'llsoave y manerdiffent an pls. >> now he'sea rep tingelhimsf. >> . no , nonono, . i wedatchim hep r heatlfimse fi imve toues fekr weo.s ag >> iat wchedou yep reatou yfrsel ve fies time fivndsecoo.s ag >> iat wched him melt downn o th ege staik lee i'v never seen odanyby. >> 's letp kee t onsuhe t.bjec t' leals tkut aboou yr . plan h>>eay sse fiv gsthin. u' yore goingo t makeme a rica
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>> satenor biruo, pl.ease ve>> eiary nll. >> as pleope st. >> tt aacks on umtr pp'sicolital do onnatis. >> t forhe book -- >>nadold, do,nald larex. >> i'm larexed. u' yohere tke bast case. god.ahea go eaahd. >> 't don getnes.rvou d >> ioest rkwo? a >>hend tnru czng briss uul fl rc cilemm slaingmp tru onas pt he calth arepoonsitis. >> e hav youd sai'r youe a be li oralnlt heah reca. >>us exc.e me le t metalk. >> k tal .away aiexploun y rplan. ea plse. >> p my ilan vsery si.mple ili wotl n- -e' wre goingo t have --e w areng goi toav he pr eivatea hcalth re, but iil wl notll a poweeopl toie dn o the de siswalk t andheee strts of our trcouny if i'm esprt.iden myouayet l ,it andou y maye b fi itne w h. it >>s doehe t gnmover pentay for er ev'syonelt heareh ca? ye s orno. >> we are going toak te op pele- - us>> jt arnswe the quonesti. e >>e xcusme. >> oned waynesd trump washe t mostgl gooedan ctedida in the st oateexf tndas ain durg the tedebahe, t nrsumbe wereim silar
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ge g ttina boost. um trpin domated terwitt erconvonsati andai g tnedoshe mt fo erllows. biru aondas khicer we second and th ird. tela cr,zruke tald to snbc' iehallks jaconbo aut p'trumsax t tu re rns. w>> ianto tet g youren sse- - at>> rheron astngishi that do nald stillef r tusesod han er ov his tax rnretus,ai rsing a re ueal qnstiot' wha isn erthe? if his asuditev reals he' co temmitaxd t fraud, republican im pr varysoterer des tveow kno nthatow a nndotn itheen geral tielecon. >> -- irs. >> i ,do but thatsn doe'tea mn an cyoneoman cmitra fud and audefrhed t irs. >> governor kicash maiaintned a po vesitie toner aft the badete. >> s a the field gets narrower iand't done hav toht figor f me ti, it a lewsllow me to be in my kmpt nezo. w iblas ae to gett i being co ucnstrtive notng bein iar a w. h >>e'sct ayuall ghrit. e haddg eed outar mubco rio in
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dr en. bso carned endhe tig nht intalkog t mssnbc'hr cis me nedici t anduthe fofure his campaign. nd>> a peeopl aske mll a t he ,time do youis m sdime?cine and i aslway y,sa is mis the way itse udo t. be th ouis weld b onef o my algos. tory to t make minedice fun ai agn. m to iakefft enticie again. il>> woul y be withs thi race al l theay w top elclevand? i>>tl wil ryeallen depd on how ma elny desegatre we' llcongecti, d an m howuch esinthu wasme veha. >> meilanwhe,ve orn o the de atmocrsiic de,il h claryonlint peis sgakin outut aboer h la reshtionitip wnah doruld tmp. h >>urow sedprisre aou yt thae w arein fding- - weok wep uft aer daneva and eboveryndy i sh waoningtid sa, oh,y m god, gthisuyedoi gngo t be theex nt no timina.on i mi noonnati. i >>n' didot n him.well mostur sinprisg to seeeb somody
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pu reontati b ofeingig bgerha tn fe li. al reraly t ifficn a lot ofhe t udprej aicesndan paroiand a some of the cntomme'ss he ,made so vi di asivend me-sanripidte do tesn'te quiit fit whah wt i ou th ight knewut abo m,hind a so ti ihinkt'soi gng to be in stteretoing see --f i heoe ds ge het tno timinaon, heid deces to do with itow h he pntreses ms hielf, but heas hea rllyn bee nsoffe aive,nd iny man respects rp sungrisi t tohosef os u who d diw kno m.hi t >>he "yonew imrk t es" oredit iald,boarch whind edorse cl n,intono is llw cafoing r r he rtoseeleahe tns tratscrip of pheraidal wlee strt eesp.ches nt setsiment tha heram cigpan va rierl bsanie s nderesagre th wi. >> ie haval t akedbout theac ft at thla hilliry cnton has ce re mivedanyli milons of ll doars from walltr seetor fer h ca gnmpai andor f her super sshe'ei recvedy verar lge
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tihinkse thore aor imptant su ises. an yd b theway, i ew "nk yors"time ediaitorl, ngurgire sectaryli cnton to re eleas thera tipnscrtsf o the chspeehees s gaveeh bindse clod do torsalo wl etstre. >>nt clion rndespoedit hting ck bain agaerst h crs.itic >> theea rlue qnstioer undhneat is th is- - ok ay. if t youake moneym frol wal re stet. >> gh rit. >> y canou rategulale wl restet? >> ghrit. >> llwe, bk aracaobamk tooe mor mo neym froal wlee strtn thany a idcand ateswho'r eveun r for pr enesidt,ur t nedndarou, pdasse anig sned the dddonk/fra bi.ll i nk thi youho sulde b jdudgen o wh ouat y 'vedone,nd a -- and i -- i'mor m tehanap hpy to put r myd ecornsagaitni bere ersands. if youoo lkt wha cdause the ea grret iocess an,l bile h voted fo nr i 0020 h,ad aat greer im tpacthant mos ofhe tk tal th e'at wowre n indog. so 's let --et l's getve edyrybo ooutn tamhe s eelfid. f i leelike -- you know,on i d't mi eind bng onresp.sive n'i doint md arinsweng esqu,tion
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ev oderyboy t haveo t swaner. >> ri ght. esi r tpecthat .call ycanouss athure ere am ican lepeopt tha youid dn't say yt an ihinghon tseec spethhes at wo uld rmunde yineourro pmise to oube t oghnl wal sttree and big ba nks? >> soablylute. so ablylute. t >>he full interview with hilly artoclinirn has ss airat ler this inmornng o c.msnb > >> iner oth news,hr teepl peoe e ard deand a 14 osther iednjur te af r agunman odpenee firt a lt muipleat locions inur ral ns kaatas lese yayterdft aonerno. e th aedllegot shoer who hasn bee id fientied as sckedriry laror fd wased armh wit aon lung gnd a a st pindol a kdille byol pice anexch gingnfguire. nb c hashe tor rept. >> ry evebodyai sthd e ers wa gu tsnsho, a ooshter, hngeari pop,pop. >> or rep nter: tearndhe e o tfhe wo ayrk d when ariuthotiesn i utsoh calentran k wsasere cleald to a ooshngti a,nd a rorept by ot anrhett aack asth anoer
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teshoonsr i eidexcel inridustes. >> n' didatt mterho wt i s.wa nope sccifi ta.rget sh ngootion anyhae tott g inis h wa y. >> or rep fter: hirstote sh so emeon t in het'planski parng lot. >> looking at him, he yelled, went --er entedhe t bungildi. r >>teeporulr: metipl fitatalies d an gmorein youedar. i >>ensid the binuildg heho st a to otalf5 1 lepeop. ur foe wer edkill, idinclung hi f,mselhe t teshoor. >> or rep tter:hehe sriff s ays ltheone angunmas wil kdle by w la foenenrcem at hftere wentn o a sinhootprg see asr fou lo oncatis. th auieoritavs hote n yetev real ad tid mobuve, ayt s thepe susct wa s elompdyet ahe tla pnt. da ann sh nman,ewbc ns. > >>sa kansov grerno sam ow brknbacrd oeredla fgser lowed to idayn honor ofhe t ctvi ims. a ppleed fil a mnotio ur th tsdayoac vate a dgjue's or tderhat itis asst the fbin i ssasse tinghe iephon ofan s be arrnnodi serhoot sayed fkaroo
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th ife fthnd amementig ranhts d da smageitecury of their od pr.ucts fbiec dir ctoromeyou cednter the mearguntay sing theod c weould wonly iorkn okfaro's e.phon og gole, cefabook and msoicroft pl an to sellep satare acumi osr iefrnd of the court briefs in orsuppft o applehi withen tex nt we ek. >> > aoo lk atou y wrndeeke we r,athe 'shere nbc te meogorol bistill rikans. >> d gooinmorng. th ese wtas h been ryeall nice mo fst os thi ekwe. t,quie v noteryst .ormy stwostorm toea dl with going ro thutughor you wed.eken tfirs aacpprohing caloast eaar, lymost ak weato srmec aff ting henortalrn cniiforrta nordhwa in br rging aintoday, eiaspeclly yfor rouride homem frok wor and olscho, 5: .m00 p. no tticerehe gsen ihe t .rain rt po,landin defyitele hav um labreleas, sttle l aeittl rafte 005:. ki etds g home fromch s aoolt as let andth fur serouth inhe tse sarea of focali.rnia
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a io perfd o light inra. t noot a l ofn raiut o ofhi ts sy .stem ejusth nougouif y'reon cedcern ou abett g tingt,weav h tehe br um.ella to sday' fostreca,ti slly ver warmre aasro fm niphoex, tu,sons los ans,gele lngookiar wm y.toda rdsatuay aic naye d for ev neeryo. e thrm sto t ineshe wtov mes t o miranaiountn ,westho swers ugthrohal sket lay cit and is boe. nd su aay,ig bgerrm stoin movg sh onore. no aticenc chae of terhund i n stheleeatt area. he r avie,rain traempesture typretm war but theig hhest pa gssesngettiw snoro fhem t or stsym .stem tc wa thinghats a the wlntra onregoch wat tingheai rn fo fou r yor late athisnofteron. > >> iss guer youk picft aonerno in the we sst,daatur yafooternn. ok loiks lhee t best.
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appreciate . it j ustd,ahea an angmazi camedil first for n.wome > >>pl ,usn a emotional erin andrewsea l tveshert couroom as th ure jyws viehe t naked video sh boty a cctonvied kestalr. >> nd> a ama dratic ueresc. po plice aull mroan fm a fiery ca rar csh. da s me tin.woas (bl ebalvon t b inroackgund)th wirt healu faidare, ingerals owayse n th.rise mssymptosen worusbeca e yourart hen'ist pumping well. at (wlier filoom)ng r ab pout 50 ercenteoplof pee di w (doginhimperg) in withrs 5 yea ge ofg ttinsediagnod. thbut soere's gmethinu ca yo.n do t talkur do yor octoheabout faart e trilureneatmont optis. beca thuse ye morew,ou kno mo theikre lu ely yo are...og w(derhimping)
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opshl' tisrshuy da thugromoh aynd..!. becausyee u s2yo re s wardermembkes ta eanraxt0% 2ff o..!. an ead trnplripoe tsin! -plus k gets ohl' tcashoo! rn ea r andm edeerdrewas tspoin k ands ohl'cash th horougheut tre sto! llenroay todny - acaone n - 'situi q ack inds t'syea!
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>> il> ch alingncnd urtomfoable ntmome cs in tourtcahat used in erre ando ws te leavthe co oourtrm. rsjuro f sawheor tst fire tim th pee tath at nte cef er oher uilawsatt thgh caur t hed nakein ho roare s olgt bshotsty a r.alke we e hav.more r>>orepr:tehe tid v teot hae sh says changed her life was shown to oo a rllm fust of errangs. aerinwsndrepp steuted oth as e ry ju i sate n th wdarkinatchg e thosenstolge imaews vied
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>> t sohis is their fst onet a nthenaatiol rrma.iott eccorrt? >>yes, thiss ihe t one. ceont' is on internet ist' on in nymaav hmue iplt cleieopths >> or rep mter:elichaid dav rr baalett d terepethe olep he of ewandroos' dr aawnd s her ingettesg drsed. he a aitdmd te ftoloolngwier h to hr t deefeif hrents otelssacro cothe y.untr ffhe o aeredrf teapoul a, logy be g gginfoher enrgivess. is>> hlo aposngy ioo't gd ou engh. it sn doeak't teow dn theeo vid f of the tein.rnet i'veed criug enoh andt' iots n ki taheng teo vidn. dow >> or repter:ea r,rlie ans'drew er tht apisridescthbed nie pac ewandrels fent wh s herertalk go t t ouaiof jd l anwashe sn't .told an s drewxpis ed ecteakto te e th d stan wnexteek. arheg inw netestimony from the man she says left her hurt and
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morgan radford, nbc news. > >>ra dcmati mtsomen as aol pice ceoffirn i cs orpustchrii, xa tes, redescu theve drir pt caures devio. l alurcaptn ed oo.vide g >>utet oth of r.e ca ge t.t ou ocomen. or do. yo arur con is e. fir , dudereyou'fi on re. t >>ffhe o bicer trokeinhe wdow th wi b his aatonhend t an hend se lvera onerlooksle pulhed t erdriv to syafett jusef b ore efirefengulisd th. suv the driver was treat aedt a ithosporal f no lin--tfeeahrniteng juin.ries edincr vible an rgd su ieonsevn cld elan y sa htheypeave merfore d th t firsusuterns trat plan that us edru uteros fm aec ddease or gan donor.
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at pregnancy. > >>stjuhe aopad, wirah y nfre s losemi$24 n llioeias wght wa rstchelo is ngsie mor than ajust p fews.ound daone riy a mader dde aioecisn. e thondeciside to rion a snde idhe deco saed tve bymoney hi switcng tohis mo rcyclesuraintonce . geico e' therhas no sin sme g avinmoney. n,ride oe pr ridoud. ge o icrcmotoleyc, t greaforates eat r grs.ride i thisere s whi y keep hi you ts nk it'shysquiin o therethr someing,
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tchoosenehe o re new ltvlon ue-alimat-ol-inne. revoour onlutiscary maara li de 5 lverstrash-miansforbeng ts.nefi vo meluleng, , thfinideonti, anlift, nsd intelor.e co sechoo love
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th oris m oningodn "t aay," hi behend-tne-sceoks loth at e lyhighic antedipatfl nethoix sw ul "fholer "use. t timeo getn dow toin busess no w.
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some elompesyepi sedn oni amal tsrigh viactists. a in atstt,emen awseldor sdait i nt waoed tnt mai tainhe syafet andur sec oityef thpa comny af ter itec rdeive ths.reat ce oeo janl mi vte staatd th em fl ow em eeployres a noon lgeros ping asni almaht rigtis acs.vist >> ah> opros lt 4$2 iomilln. do fn't teel oobad. ov leraln gai nyearl $75li milon si snceeche b tameache fe ofhe t just ahead, which ciclass i filmsti getng aqu seel. >> > usplay, m t ohedds areve e r ouin yr foravhis t suaynd. os rcaet bs arein . yo wu'reinatcharg "eodly tay." rei su l had amyot on d min iwhenut got oe of thitalhosp a dfter aodvt blot. clowh utat abofami my ly? i' my lddy?l bu and iwhat hf thisd appenen?agai s i wan giveinwarfarin h thetaospil
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my thenordoctd tolaboume iqt eluis. el s iquieatr ats dvt bnd pe cloloodts d ans reduceriskthe th of em inhappenain.g ag t on nooely duis eliqt s trea dvtpeand c bloodlots, t buuieliqsos al hadifsigny icantlless r majongbleedith hean tar standtrd ent.eatm g knowinseliquihad ..both. turn roed aund nkmy thiing. n' do et stop uliquiss yonlesur tdoctorouells y to. iq elcan uis e causs seriouinand e ca rarfases eetal ken't taquis eliyo if u havertan aiaificarl hee t valv or a mabnordil bleeng.if had youpi a sjenal in ctionile whlion equis ll car youordoctht rigy awaif y avou hlie tingng, numb , nessclor musake we.ness il whkie taling e, quisyyou maui brorse msie mand ite ay taker tlong hanfousual dir bleeo stng top. ek seed imm miateiced cale foar rsuenddig sf ns oeebl, ding li nuke u bsualinruisg. el s iquiinmay se ycrea ourdibleeisng r yk ifeou takce n rtaicimedines. ytelldoour boctor a ut allned plancamedienl or dtal edproc.ures uieliqtss trea & dvt lope blotsod c. plusad hess l jor madibleeng. th boe sw madinitchelg to riiquis for ght me.
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a ndow n s forome en aitertt nmen -news- he>> t osscar ares thida suny ni aghthend t v lasegas ds odrsmakee hav enspok. od ds fort besic pture tl"spo,"ight 4-5 .odds driicapo,oo lkse lik his rs fiert-ev"r in veeserlt nan" "venanten"rev"ant. an ild wlri brse laakon tome he
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andnd rouing out theop t ed pronicti saw,ards bests odd to bwinest dtoirecr for "the ve re"nant at 21- andk tooom he st la arye'sar osc for "bdmir."an eth 88th amycade dawars airs thi nd suigay nnht o. andtr sngeamiig rhts for od woy allen. re mo for his pourevis film. >> doing well with the prize bs suticrip ons. le>> c tarlyshing areng chaing in w theorldf oia med aszo aman wsthro out $15il mlion foroo wdy n.alle
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iske tald ouabt. >> >tu "sa nrday lightive" re edleas its upline thet nex cub of ekwes. ma 5trch onh, jah hill,ic musal tgues feutur andch mar2 1th, ar ianagr,ande new c,musi slhe'l behe t host and malusicue gst. >> is> th"e is tarly."oday do he ses t omellesf a frhly und boenpresontati fill you with optimism? ou do ye yo lovirur w elessoa keybrd more n than certailyfamime mbers?is r yous succes adue toing fil osystemu nly yorstaundend? pdoesntrioming frta your bletouto yler wirentss prier give you a jolt of condencfie? o,if say you mar be geric.cent mesowho one s knowhethat t rightoffi eace gr yohelps reu do ghingat ts. d ans there'acone plat he th as .it all fi ofepotce dic off gefor up t.grea ol tayal eotecffts a skin transformatio n rthatalives th adinledeg ntpartmestor ise mor.turize s reviveo skin tghfit 7 signs of aging.
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ol elay. agess. teafyir trng ksbroochide atocol e, peleopal t kabt ou oitinnle. aloverst fistt ta e.i d woulefliqu y itd ane i rscuu,e yook bro!side uryoef nioar pusnsla vehauc sedce. ed nefarious? are we still talngkiab chout atocol e? oobre.ksid lktaut aboic del.ious > >>di leaheng tew ns -- in the f sanisrancco "c ichron dle,"esna tting unreitesol canombite sisftrs aer 30 rs yea.
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getrigd re aanlavahenc. th ste siweers akre tn en iand ra bisedpay se frateieamils. t ondahurseyy th f metheor t t firs atime tfter dhreeesecad, and a social media aicampgn, and a dna .test > >>m fro the bbc wsne, ol"hy ioauctned. ga heve ttl beaes aec rngordi racont 5ct,0 yearsan lheguisd erhold. w not thaar riee pce ilunve aednd up s foraleea bring the ha itndwring of theab f four's gemanar. es tetimaald vpwue uards ofs ds 14 t,000.l wilo g fore mor an th atth. i >>ou wldnk thi . so o therri stoes we're owfolling- - ma rk erzuck wbergotas nas pleed withcefabookta ssfferdi finng t ou sneomeoha wt fadecingss mratteos prten ihe t bu a ur hultf eerxpnciee for the entire black commitun y. nd ael msaisli cck fired by
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the board voted 4-2 toer tnamite cl kicor fon confrtita wonsith li pondce ade stunts dgurin uscamp pstrotesve or rlacia juinicsten ifathe ll. cl haick s alopozegi fdorer h tiacsonnd aai sd she was very st ssre aednd fstluedert ae th time of the incident. >> is> th't isnom sngethi you see er evy day. ansc eaped icunorn. i n' did rtzeealire the was such a tnghiin posgs aco unirnot g away from her neowr. af rteou hrsf o chsearing, re ntsideers wble ae toie t her wdownutitho juinry. >> pute som wings on. >> nd> atu capring"t he march o f the pensnguin" o a eatrldmil pap cu te pinengus it par of one ud stciy sstentis uccondted. thowhey getun fding forse the iestuds. >> i owkn. >>er obsveshe tai gtwe betaten f
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fatgu pen ainsre sintrik lglyess dystea onhe tir feetak mingm the re mone vule rablreto pntside rr teorter- - atpred ors. a nd tngalkibo aheut t $1 bi ioll mnnooho st iatnitiive to ndfi ae cur for nccaer. edtapp p byderesintma oba to le hiad tns i nujaary. de biosn ltis h son tora bin ercanct las arye. > >>p kee itig rht d >> dana:yeadl sinhootg. rth peeeeoplre a dead a4nd 1 juinred. amorebout t shectuspe that lepulhed t terrigg and the tevenst thad lep u to the hosg.otin re icpublaneo facff. nno oele hdk bacin durghe t pureicblan debate last night.
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coming up. >>e on on one with meik tyson. kiermb slyinittgow dn on the ucco wh iith mronikeal tking about that wax figure, rfpencormanes i moviesan do mre. cowelme in. sit i fy,ridaru feb2ary 6 and we vhavee lit picuress out oidef ethe hom of thell aegedho soter tiiden afiedsed cricd. for che'sued ofli kilngre the oppeelt ai hs place o bfinusses in kansas. im>> kus: jnt au awfitl sonuati that pdlaye outte yesy.rda 'lweavl hhe teel devnopmehits ts rnmoing. le wt'smeelco you oinn a dafriy. awecippre yateout get ingup yearl with us.
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>> ly kel's: itti getng even rwamer ty.oda tslo ofsh sunine. swind areyi stangh ligt butk loo tathepe temreratus. at:0 90.m a.3, 6 72t a n 7oon,7 at:0 40nd a it's going to get eevn werarm thiske weend. 'weoire gngo tak breit allow dn yforouom cingp u. im>> kn: ise ca w youerewa ay omfr the n tewshe other day, th were aas ganunm that kedill ethre and wedound i 14n a shinootrg spnee i kansas. an>> dsha: nsot iidea numaurfacting pntla. >> a msiasev picolere psence oudetsi ofhe tla pntn isa kans rafte a gnunma eednterhe t lecompndx a oedpen f.ire erwork isidnsehe tui bgldin ridesc abedha cotic s.cene >> er evdyybo wasun r,ningpl peoe werecr sngeamind ary cing. wen did't knowha wt too. d >>eo peplun rnnignd a ita srt


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