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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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li poowce nie bel hvings e wa se wrveda ith rarestg ininr orde ju pstorrio te texas smacowkdn. things getgl u ty athe re blpuaniceb de at mascoarub rio an d d te bcruztaoth king atrepehoed st ts alddonamp tru. >> in he teheri00d $2li milon, u yo wknow hhereule wo rd beight no w? >> no, no, no -- a >>e nyono whalre clyedarbo aut il galeiml grmiioatwon dnul b'te hi iringalllegig imms.rant >> mp tru t notg akinyiit lng do wn. t >>guhis a y's ajoket rtisand this guy's a liar. as>> h l theoaow rcod beheme t w ne troade o thnanomi?tion we'll talk to senator >> o > to thardtco wah. aerinwsndreks wal w out thilehe vi atdeo c ther enteerof h $75 mi n lliouilaws st is ihownn co urt court. andrews now preparing to te ak the stand as early as next week. >> d > ancared rrpet.eady hollywood gears up for its gg biniest bght,hiut tars ye, the glitz and glamour will be st d irreitup wheh a y alth dose
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'lwegil yve aouhell tt plo s liney,todada frieby, fy ruar th 2616, 20. >> ou ann: ncer nfromewbc ns, th iis"ts ayodwi" mtht atuelar d annnsavautah g, hrie fliverom st 1udio ra infeocke pller.laza >> d > an mgoodngornier, ev.yone lc wetoome " they"todaw shoon th riis fmoday g.rnin w >>a hat tedebat last.nigh dthey non'tmoeed toderars ym an tore,nehey laed p-py-bylay an cenounrs. >> s thilyreal h gotd.eate we ha'll ucve mreh moth on e ba den te icoa sethnd, .ough ou p r toy stor mthisngorni, th , oughhais tagt trhoic sg otin agrampt e ouanin ksas. is thni morweng, w knothe tiidenf ty oalthe d legeteshoor wh eno opired f ce onrko-woers be hfores e wa ashotilnd kbyled cepoli. c' nbaks blcoe mc ay ise t th en sc te ofhohe sg.otin e,blakd gooinmorn yg toou. >> or rep gter:moood g,rnint. mat pfoure eopl hdead iere,dinclung e thangunm. 15 ur injed. blateinreakisg thni morweng, leare ngarnit thaguthe hnmanad be ssen ia ued airetr oning rder
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sh [ ]ots this is video of the gunman, icsedrk rrlafoy , rdstpoed on hi fas boce poke,agir fg inatwh ap arpetos e b aanssault rifle. fo irdhin las 3te, 0sntwen oa sh tioo rngpaam agetht exe l ce du inesstrito facatry lure thsday af ooternn. an isd thni morolng psaice y a re instraoring mader vey han bee e thonreasin behe d thckatta. a >>d roun y3:30rdesteay rnafte toon,hohe s hotereead bn se wrveda ith ecprot ftionrom abuse order, and by 5:00he, sh isot hst firso pern. ep>> rr:orteic polnfe cothirm e teshoos r wampan ee loyeheat t fa y ctorh whics makerideing we mondrs anc laweqare enuipmt. an im est 1atedeo50 pweple re in wsidethhen nfe gubrire oke out. >> ll af osua enddpo, pp,, op p,poop p. >> e hs wallfoinowpeg oopleut e thckbaan, i d outht gh whe as go g in stoothoe. m r>>orepr:teol pe icy sardfo pe ap tared so beinhoot g at nd raitom w ah anltssaule rif. whe aaso lsrrcangyi a se -amiomuticatan hundg. ey itewesnesspp stoo ed t thelphe un wo ded. >> go he ott shce twith in e es chnct, o te inrmhe a o andnce
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r >>teeporher: tpa ramtage srted ab anout r houieearlssr len tha miten awles ay. tlshorfoy be:0re 5m.0, poce thsay nme guroan dhrve t toughhe so ceuth-l ntra otownwtf neon, en opfiing n re ocatwo ndrs a riinjuneng oso pern. tfrom, herecepoli t sayhe ecsuspovt drghe eilet mihes, wre he le stoar a c i andednjur ot anpeher .rson af thter heat, e madwahis y to e thceexfal orctiny es honst, ooshngtine oer pn so tin he pa g rkinbelot mforeg akinhis y wadeinsi s andinhootnyg ma re mo. th auieority s saguthe wnmanas l stiltishooheng we n tht firs of r ficevearrid d anabwas o le t ta imke hn, dowin savnyg ma ve lis. n >> iinmy mhad, tfit ofcer sa a ved e wholoflot es liv, ca bethuse hois s wotert asn' do ne. >> or rep ater:hind we le wdo kn heow tma gunrkn woered h e at is thel excus inds triedibuilng, fi ofs cialhesay ea apptored be ngfirira at indome,nsid not ta inrgetyog anpene sc.cifi o we d tknowbehat lforeg ivin he n re iaskans t forashe lvet fi s,yeardi he ved libr in d owar co , untyidflorhea, wolre pice sa dy hehaoes cve anarimil
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w hoashe we ablbtto othain ose we s aponaris p tt ofhe in igvestn atioheby t. atf tt mava, sa?nnah ll>> aht rigak, blcoe mct y ouin ka fnsass or uhion tors sty. bl take, yhankerou vchy mu. >> m> wenoove tw tohe pr enesid rtialanace atd th ra s ucoublrepu dicane ebat last t.nigh ma rurco anbio d d te lcruzg ayin tintorohe funnt-r dner,d onal um trryp, ttoing w slohis me mo antum hs weinead upto ser tu daesy. ll wiwo it orrk, it is l tooate? 'v wet e golecompovte ce.erag pl weus, l wil ttalknao setor ru inbio t jusmea mobunt, t t le b us teginmohis g rnin nwithbc na altionre cordesponetnt per al deexanr. , hir,peted gooinmorng. >> or rep hter:saey, ahvannod, go mo g rninouto y. r aftee threigstraht ub doigle-dicit vestori for lddonamp trurc, mabio rud o an te uzd cral finanly gupged on fr ruont-.nner th wi s thes take eherebiven gger tthan, exasfithe feght orlt me ke lira a bwl. heat tes lonsttar state ffando, o marco rubilolet ose. y>>ou're the only person on sthis ttages hat' bevereen fi foned rir hieong ptople k wor on r youecprojllts ilyegal.
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th age state thir's heoed pple. u yon'haveret hiybd an ody. w >> iell, bf hes uildwathe y th y e wauihe brult towmp t ers, 'l he ul be isingalllegig immrant r laboo to dit. ep>> rr:ortehi in sts land sta rebefoer supsd tueruay, bio il sklylful t, at pimesullayfly, mocked front-runner donald tr ump. ow>> ns he'atrepehiing f.msel >> i no,ot'm nea rep.ting , nonono, . ve i' watched him repeat himself ve fies timr fous weekanago d -- s>> iouaw yea repurt yo self fi imve tives fcoe seagnds o. u yo fsaidthive -ings- yoever dne's wumb, ge're toingo amakecameriat grein aga'r, wee go toing , win wwin,hein, 's wi g nninhein tls pol t and'shere ne lious arhend tte sta. ev niery sght,thame ing. r >>teeporner: oth of ste be s lineheof tht nigbi, ruo questioning trump's success orst y. f >> iadhe hinn't herited $200 miiolloun, yw knoe wherouhe wld r be nightow? inselltcg wainhes ha man. ttan r >>teeporher: tio rubpa camign tr tyingpio cazetalith on e memonlnt oe,inun fisd-raofing f fthisadake r d fo0 a $1p trum tc wahah, sedttere facaland l. oheres n hi thomeinurf as tex, a -wmustexin nekt wed , te cruz talsod eamen up op.trum
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e tht fighnsagaie t th ogangf t eighstamnelly bier, whs e wa do ?nald he f wasg irinisdennma rod n on eb"cel arityntppre"ice. ep>> rr:ortemp truen def, ding de tiflecanng, lid derive ng uncorptechun. es g>> iloot aitng werh evy.ybod yo t u geg alon nwithy.obod shyou bouldhae asofmed yourself. d i hamaan a rzingioelatp nshi wi olth piaiticns. th uyis g j's aaroke atistnd th uyis g l's a iar. r >>teeporher: tsh bra iobille nair falsod endethoff is lo co arfulk ttac ffromr orme xi meprcan enesidcet vifonte x. >> n i'moiot go ng tfopay atr th bl [ ] eep .wall hohe spauld r y foit. he ot's g m the. oney r >>teeporskr: aowed hwo he uld t gecomexipa to y? w>> i aill,hend tl wal gjustot n te tfeetr,alleie m iifou w hldusave veed elfn ha of t tha, wordouit wavld hene be onnaticaal s.ndal r >>teeport r: as,time the ba deevte dd olve aintoac deble. >> al doneld, rax. g >>eao ahd. i >>el'm r.axed reyou' b thet reyou'in los bg so, adlyyou n' doowt knt' whapps hag.enin >> tl gen, emenlegent--men >> or rep bter:aren c lson,eft
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>> s canodomebtay ate,ck m ea plse? ep>> rr:orteco mario rub t anded uz cro alsispromo ed tasrelee th taeir tux rewirns tthinhe ne 4 xt 28 to 4s,hourti putewng n es pr osurenan doruld to mp tdo sathe me. um tramp blheed t f irsisor h y,delain sayatg th t tworeo the s'yearth worhi of tus rearrns e cu tlrreniny bedig auted. tt ma s andnaavanh? ll>> aht rigte, peexr alr,ande an thu.k yo en>> s mator rarco iubioths wi n usow. tosenaoor, grnd moing. oo>> grnd moing. i >>ea'm r ading o lote f th ewreviiss thni morng.e la of st subveantisus isthes, ings li bake oremacas , hinghiri tiprac pces,edlannen pard,thoo e thncvaca ty atuphe s reme t.cour s wa tthislahe pl n alg,alon to ri stogng tr ethe kthisofind su ntbstaative otacke n th 11th ur ho a, ore t th h11thtoour e leav fthis ireshe n ths mindof te von rs or supedatuesy?
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pri'd nefero ot t ahaveht fig and an argument with other blrepus,ican d butd,onalhe as mi reevnds neeryos , ha vdoneery ll weth in rle eaaty stanes, d we on're v the oergevif hang someone take over the erconsvevatiem movinent the pu reanblicty par's whoon a c ti arst. he ut's ore theli teleong pple at ths he'tifighng. u yo, knowtahis argetncudiee is wo g rkinicamerwhans e o arlyreal st liruggveng oe r th flastew ar ye ts inechis y,onom h bute sphas a ent ercareck stiiting to ki wormeng ansrica. th wat'si hat powas nginti out nlast. ight y >>aiou secd spalificouly y do wan't o nt ticcritotize her re icpublans. yo su'vethaid veat od r an over ai agutn, b i wase t thtestragy aito wtit une l th mlaste inutso at ths it'h freshein tds min of te von rs odatuesy? >> no. wthatheas we n thtedeba is. d anernumb, twoe as hndremis er evy ybod aovervend oe'r, hs do weing n ll ipothe lls. i'so, dmll a'mit iun an ogderd. i peask topleino joef my fort at co maro.rubisocom ca we t n pu st a o op t lthisy.unac rewewe g not toingrno tur ove th nse cotiervaovve mt emen to a n costarti i wholls tepeing ople thone buing s t hat spenea40 yrs ic st iking wt tongorkiri amecans noand aiw clo ms thebe tir
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>> o onee f thesissut tha came up t last nighthwas xee ta s of do tnald.rump by w theyoay, d u antosenad r te uz cr y sayl ou'lasreleure yo re s turnhein tin comysg da. do tnald srumpheaid 't can ca beheuse ei's budng a.ited r heleevea hd heeead bdin auted, ac lytualr , folathe evst s eral s.year t isa hat ffsuieic rntsoeanon t elto r aeaseast lertt pahi of s x tardrecos? el>> wirl, ff st o wall, e'll re e leas, oursnoand lyt onl wil we ea relurse outs, bdo we a fi ianancscl direlosuh witthe na sevete eeary yo r, se'thers re nallyffo diceerenwe beten os thnae fil ncialodiscouse yrs d antathe xes. ernumb, twon'i doint thatk th's ou engh. th i teink uzd cr a hadd goo po laint igst nweht, d neeeeto s th reose s turneeto sth if e ff diceerenwe betheen tit auded ve n rsiowhand e at hd fileare enevidf ce ogdwron.oing t buini the k thonreas why lddona't wonea relisse hes tax ecis b hausesne haad't mare nely as h mucy monee as hmsclai he do es. ani meis, tha is thguy at's ta trken aiump esrlinkr ban upt, p truma,vodkod nobnty wat,ed i um trrtp mo wgage das ateisasr, p trumeruniv wsity fas a.raud ani me i, het s noicas r hh ase ai clo ms tbe. er evy ybodinin f kance tnowshat,
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an , d soini thatk thhy's w he seexcu o now af an.udit ait'sd.bsur et>> las me u k yo, thisr afte dethe , bateaihe se d thonreas ahe'sedudit t allimhe t e is usbeca'se he s toog tron of a stchriian. oudo ynk thit that migh be a orfact? el>> w ml, i tean,ishis ea unrl! me i agan, tain,guhis ay is con ar .tist gsthinan up od noolne himds h unaccoe tablitfor . ani meu , yo ahave w guy ho's be suing iged rowht nor fra f ud r fop trumeruniv.sity d an hi'vetoad s wriesenritt ou ab dt myngrivior recoud, y , know wthatd e halired ght racameke ticts. i a had goguy k bacwrand a ite st abory hoout enw whas i w 18 s year iold, a gotterresr d, o te ci sd, id houl fsay,or kidrineeng b ar ink parr afte s.hour d an'shereuy a gng beid suefor fr faud,efor dinraudopg pele. 'shereuy a g h whoo ad ta pay mejudgornt fin hirlig posh wo s rkergailletolly ld buimp tru to , wersheand ei's breng t ated wi idth kve glo ms byinany the a medihein tes hopt tha the'she mi nonee. osomeemf th b ared.iase th ley'dtoove a seeer libal
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blrepu pican, artyotand hers ow kns he' teasyato bee onche ge hets tre. heso, ha'll o ve tasreles e hi s taxehiand y llartoclinlln wi ta imke hrt apa. s >>orenates, tuisday el hugy po imt rtanyofor u. yo edu nein a wu , yo need gadeletes. ofone r youaicampgn ok sprsespeaion su d yod woulwin fl a.orid aryou ghe riw t nondbehith in at e statouby ddible .gits ywilluaou geerantt thallyou' n wistthe ofate ri floda? w >> ne'reehot bbyind bl doue gi din ts iidflora. e thoss poll tthatrehey' do --ing t thareyou'in cit g is g.wron no lyt onwe do e havowour n nu s,mber i butw knotamy ste. we go're toing f windalorid , an 'r weine go dg tollo wesu on per es tu bday,t'ut i ts upe o th pe wopleinatchisg th. th wat's'mhy ith on is br asoadct. y ifanou w st tothtop anis m, do tnald, rump cthisrton a ist, fr akom toving heer t ns cotiervaovve mt,emenn thei k astoyou on go w ourteebsi, ormarc.cubiosiom, p gn uheand lp us d , anl we'lanput t endiso th cyluna. c wet anno oturnthver age rean re tivoluo on tonsomeo e whhas sp a ent ercarest of ngickito it rk wopeing aopleownd nim clas to be ir themp chaion. >> at senaror mubco ricio p king up s thiinmornerg wh le heeft f of nlast.ight tosenahar, tounk yy ver fmuchor tyourime.
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a >>ownd n's letng brinb in c ne olws paliticly anaicst n olle ll waanace rkd mape halwirin th bl eroomblig po, ticsgimanang ed .itor oo>> g bd tothe wi. you m >> yark,erou wyie saheng ty re weow threving hierytutng b the ki n tche.sink in s thi, caseini the k th tc kisihen asnk wo alsudincled in ms terma of rurco dubio g mpin enthe ftireonile mp truom, fr e theruniv tsitye o thnghiri of gaillerkl wotoers f the raud uilawst. w itllas ath in aere, gnd iuess th ese qu ttionmohis g rninis, itwas ug enoash, wto it teo la? it>> k schen bink,ubatht and ev hierytlsng e he inrsis a.enal knyou thow, oris m wningyoith u ys gu t, hed alket aboup trumas a co tin arst. oui ththght asat wor a me cu fomesed e ssag lthanniast ght, er wh de heryid ts lotof ff dit erengsthin. to nk thima if rurco habio d a orperfe manc tlikemohis nths wago,erheth t thectrajeory d woulifbe dntfere. 'r weyse day awa sfrom uper
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in o alle f thesstata by tasubsl ntiainmargce, expt te sxas,tho i heink te waio d to tlongt o pu kthisofind rf pencorma. e in n >>e,icolon i dhi't thenk tre's y ant doub wthisaras mubco rio's pbestrmerfo ianceden a .bate itwas al donumd trwop's rst? >> do it t esn'ermatt. ahe'ss lwaytypretmm crundy, a evit neeer so ms termatt. at whhi i ts nk ireinteg stinis, so ri, chris ch dstieo id to marc o rubi mwhat rarco dubioo id t na doruld tanmp, e d thcteffe of wthatncas iblredimae dao ge t rc mabio ruuto, bis chris chrtie ouwas tht i leink hass twen a ek te lar. whbut asat wer intngestime to idis dco mario rub c, as hris stchrimaie, t ke iereasi for uz crwi to xan tes? rudid brbio e eath lsomebaife ck in llto ath of poe ops nentto tr ump? is thic indt tmenruof tn mp oall buhis sssineli deawangs was alys edviewtr as s ump'llachies' he el. an e d thermyst ry inliepubcan lecirc ws isidhy dann't yone ma hike tses caor befe? a >>alnd t aking tboutffhe eect w nohiof ttas atmack, tork, yo oeu, diss th m buy rarco ubio so imme te?
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ya los,list p thee eopl okindf it waoning s theinideles wo innder mg if rarco hubiot ad i imin hgo to d thencista ae --re ey th o nowheff tel sid ainesnd he oi's go ng tanget lu inf x of orsuppd t an?cash >> l, wely theaicert--nly e som lepeopl wilncbe egeourad d an wsay,weow, ov'd l se toayee mbe on a -oe-onebne dbeate n twee ma rurco anbio nad doruld tmp. e thleprob hm hes as ir supe datueshey, w mn sodeany telegas e artaat swike, o th s many at stotes voning sd tueay, e'ther ss no atateist thnt poi er whrce mabio ruulo con.d wi wh heile s sayouhe cinld w or fl aida,eond pdople thubt at puand pblicngollisn doe't gg suheest , can hit'stoard see w hourhe ss vivethall y e wato idflor aa inpl coueke we hs ife es dowin't sin a sngle otaten pe suesr tuorday we betupen ser es tuanday end whri flootda ves on 1 the5th. heso, n 's iroa st pngerioositn wi sth agetronbar dete orperfe,manc i butstt's ill h tougeeto s t howtrhat atansles wintonginnite sta ts inhohe srt rm te. a >>igll rniht, e,collk, mar is th f wasnaasci.ting an thu k yo mveryuch. go o od tyosee ysu gus thi mo g.rnin >> an> mee,whilme forpur reanblic nd cae idattosenandr ligrsey aham
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do tnald orumpe r thanshens igan of s thiaicampeagn sson. oohe tink tho gs tw a nel leve ri duasng lght niwat's gtshinon pr cless ouub fiondatnnn dier. ke taoo a lk. m >>rty pas y ha [goneep ble ] cr azy. ouif yl kilcrted n uz othe r floo tofhe senate and the l triainwas s thee,enatod noby co could t nvicyou. n i raprfor enesidd t and i hato t geout. en i eddors b jeb aush,e nd hhad to o getut. i' e m thkedr. iavorkn. of the republican primary. ghtoni t -- [ htlauger ] en i e dorslddonamp tru h andope at thnd graic magll stist exis. s >>t um ireup pwetty nill, coll sn enk. e >> hdid. an atd who 's sreinteg stinis th hiat trts pas y hagonow s t it
7:16 am
an rcd mabio ru to isnlhe oe y on th wi h theofope ef beng,itin i th aink,ist thnt poiom, fr all e thesckattas. bu tht i reink icpublarans e erwondwhing waere iss thcr outy? wh waere iss thte hysria? do tnald hrumpeeas binn dollg we r forya veg lon.time o marco rubiowis nis satg fyin an ced acleptaba to d broah swat of o alle f thblrepus icanwho okindugf laathed se thoes jok. wh waere e s thngstree th h sp did laye nlast, ight six, se n,vewo tth mono,s agn wheit re cally houldpuave rct mao o rubihein t p topioosit an inll t of phese?olls t >>uro yont poi's, it l notike e thess linettof aweack re nghidith in she bues. t >>'srumpin busdeess gsalin are n knowndarou y newanork d in bu sssinemu comesnitid , an th e ey'rllfinainy bet g puinout su n ch aesaggr wsiveitay, 's ti sangsfyia to oflot pl peoe o wherwondhyed wy then'weret rl eaier. i but e agre mwithhaark inlper's al an.ysis m i' njusturot s te if'shere me ti. o >> kay. >> ol nicthle, yoank u. >> an> thu k yo mveryuch. oal'se n th troadmohis g,rnin
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l it booksifeautalul, . mgoodngorni. i >> gt isouorges. 56 re degwhes, weich ld woue lov ewin nk yor, cityfebut a els li cttleheool a re, lelitt ee brzy. we no're mpt coinlaing. it he's th 15talannuth souch bea ne wi f andfeood alstiv. 'r weree heso at beuth ach. an me, times let' yshowhaou wt 'v wet e goigon rowht nun arod th une cotry. ag tain,oohe gwsd neth is ings ve hame calwnd do t foroshe mt rt pa. 'r weeie seomng stie acovon ming to in p theicacifth nor, west no rnrtheif cala.orni wi inndy n theeaorthst. lo orok fe som-elaket ffec snow sh s owerndarou g the lreat.akes en plf ty ohisunshrne t toughhe gu oalf cst. th aingsucre mlmh caoder tay th hean tvey han beelathe st co oupleysf da. at thha's wgot's oning . we e 'ringotog et go t lyourocal
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ec30 s.onds >> t' thaurs yoes latatt weher. ngcomiin up n thehaext oulf hr, asomengmazies wavha in .waii yo llu wi b notveeliee somof th viseoid. >> n i'minotice g thetjack in am mieri the. >> h. yea y >> yeah,eah. lelittsk bri i butokt's ay. he 'my, iki coo- ng - gi've ot a bubig crgerg ominup. 'l welll te a you tbouta hat
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>> ll it'us do go no n od ithe iostud, , alwebut re appe ciat it. co umingewp, nma draer at in ewandr75s' $li milivon cil iatrl. cwhatd ausetoher de sudwanly lk ou tt ofouhe comrtro? your guide to sunday's rsoscaom, fr the wide open races osto hrit chcks ro t andhe roconty vers mthatveay odorshaw th ghe nit. fi trst,ishis da "ton y" o
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c.nb >> ju> astadhewa, inshg ma inch, ese thowsher, your ch d'ilcus .ps on se rospon re trts,anhe dusgero mo hald tn t caidbe hining r you home and what u yon ca adoutbo it . >> >lu ps my days an aer intn on am huy scs mer'.show i a had tolot rn leape, eslycial ab t oumesointhcag edllir fe wa erth ie its. te afurr yoal locs. newi k thin iit'stamporornt fev neeryokn to haow tert the is
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
fe olel a cre cd sog omin on?ly oneva abrhecan inal it s a few as two and a half days whe n ausedfit the gnrst si. p itteenetra as deeptartnd s s to i worktemmedialy to block the virus and protect healthy cell.s. doton't h ug oit,ut k itknoc, outfast. ab neja's always on the move. luckily her light & fit protein smoothie can keep up with her. ckpa wedh itgr12s am poftero inannod dd a sedarug. so c sheatan werch hor cal iesd ane whershe'ins go t ghfi& elt fee frenjto e.oy am i er nevet gngtiri mar.ed ne r.veps ssssh. anteguared. ckyou pieaed a bul rutifing. th k anu.yo we'r
7:25 am
m.mmm-mm e.breath ve i lore it he. we ev are niner mov thg tobue surbs.we ev are nettier gneng oth of inose (m).ivan we re n aerevavin hang heotkir d. i'm pregnant.i eram nevting let l thr alvee nelirs in stfe, farmate th is ere. get 30% off every guest ev y eripshn ie thricaeabbn bu rrt hu ty,ofhis r fetwon' st laon lg come k seeyathe ro l bbeacarin okbood t aay t 801-ro0-lcyaibaranbe. it's fr! iday a weredi slintng iheo t ekweend.>> : kimowi kn,nd aoo lk at all this blue sky, and our
7:26 am
slet'ck chewi in th sere'ly kel ancurr . s >>crun s aeennd ngsueslasses, aus mt the'r youedi hea ongut da tory os thi e,nris ,52 athnd eak les 57 an red g venyalle ahend t ctexpeed ghhi, 78 des,greech whi isic typoral fhe tdl midfe o ap nril,heot t end of brfe.uary 79 and sunny,os msutly annynd o 78nun sday.>> 'r youe cgomin in fromhe t ut sothwesle valy arnsweak me the aexitt borainw.go t aic hcup rightre the a nd onsomeote gn i tleroub mgakin at tht exi and it isua actlly kiblocheng tam r apnd peeoplre ano blt aesq to eueez ouar snd,o th at isef delinit mygakinhi tngssl ow. tohe t 215 and i-15,nd ae onc yo muake that sitran,tion yeou'r rein gat shapeau becse the 15 is gdoin gr eat. tthelraveim t oeen th 15h wit e th cchithup, at i wshy yeou'r hein tlo yel awndou inbndn o the , 95 butra ovell'r youe intt pre
7:27 am
: kim i like thein actgo tgo galon with it. 's itde acawamy ard wed.eken u yo gethe t gnolde atst ue. >> he t oarscsom cuping da suny gh niutt, b meilanwhe, angmazi pi esctur of aou hse firen i the ll vaey nearnt mouain vistand a fl goamin eryest aday,nd y couan se ehe t fmelas weerin ragg deinsis thi ushoe,nd a ckluy,il eth wanomha ttes liv got outside beforehe s gotnt io anyge danr th bere,utse the urpictes are usexcl tiveuro osr newoom.>> im k :wow, lookt a that! look at the firefighters, too. doesn't it give you appreciation for what oural locre fitefighrs wheny thehave toes rpond to so inmethkeg lit. tha
7:28 am
7:29 am
eabrowk dn ' uscai'e gom a nnanstbyd u yo > >>etpr dty.ay 7: , 30idfr maynior, ngbrferyua 26 , th2016. d anerthare soe pmepleoone th patzalaha twit blleve en pphar ie jint usmoa ntme, be uscague s esatwh?
7:30 am
le eaap yipr trlo to ges anles. l we'l mhaveonore t thausin jt upa cof le ontmomes. >> ho sd ul fbe.un let's ta akek looomat se he neadlighs riw.t no > >>asit wll reaugy rod h an letumbte in laxas igst ns ht a e thblrepu picanderesil ntia idcand fates oaceds ff athe fi denal bbatee eforr supe datuesy. mboth rarco aubioednd tz cru dohit tnald vrumphaery rd. s >>fiaid hive t--ngs yoever dne's humb,goe's toing amakecameriat grein aga'r, wee in go wg towiin, inn, w's, he nn wiining p the aollshend t ne lie s arndarou s the. tate >> ca he len repaase east yrs' ta tux rerns. anhe cit do or tomrow. he sn doean't w dt to, o it be e causumpres, ablye'thers me sog thinhein thare t bt isad. n >>ngothi. i >>erf thnoe's g,thinea relse th omem tw.orro >> y' thelrre a peadyrerepad. >> trump told the audience he rwillseelease tho r taxnsetur omat sine pot. c heedlaimca he rin't noght w be e caus bhe's aeingedudit. the alleged gunman who ll ki ped 4e eoplinand d jureat le 14ast er oth ks ins ansais be iding fientihied trns moasing iccedrd. for
7:31 am
woas ter othat loc bionse efor being shot dead by police. tn wis esseridescthbed aoe chs. >> ad i hid no haea w dt too. w wehoere g ppinesfenc. er evy ybodruwas g,nninpl peoe re weea scr. ming w >>wehat lo're g okins at ithat ou ar:3nd 3st0 yey erdarnafteoon, th ooe shhater end beve serthd wi pra ecotontiro fabm e usdeor r, e thl finar ordehaof tndt, a by 5: , 00 shet hofihis perst . rson >> a and ipplefis oflycial now ki as fng aalederge jud to ve rethrse rdat ohaer tult wod fo thrce che tent giahe to help t i fbloun ackipn nehose ubyd ne o of s theeran binnardooo sh.ters in ot a mfiion thled ayursd, pl apcue acthses vee gontrnme of inseekngg das erour powe that es gol welndbeyot jusphone one. > >>weand go've w t ne de pmvelo centsg ominofout sp rortsteeporinr erre andws' 5 $7iomillvin ciial trd l an ta nas lie' fbeenwiollohing ts e. on ey>> hys, guod, goni morng. ur th wsday aasif dcufi dlt fayor an s,drewmu so o ch s sthathe ch toose ve lea c theroourtom
7:32 am
vi atdeo c ther enteerof he. cas in erre andtews sg ppinofout the co beurt jfores urorthsaw e vi osdeha that bven eeunhangti foher arr yes. >> d why won'tare sttht wi the t firsone? >> or rep iter:dan a edrken co oourtrthm wiur seccaity s mera keblocord, mane th/2 4 1ut mines t ofoohe f stagenghowi the sp rortsteepordrr unngessi in hoher rotel asom wye plar d fo th roe jurs. th owey nn joiiomillhons we hav seen the meratl ialion. ne >> 16,800,000 people, conservatively, have viewed the video. r>>orepr:teic m bhaelarrett pl deeagud tyilo talstngkind a tishoo tng nhee uddevi ios20n 08 and served 30 months in prison. th viose sdeos ltillonive l line d an pmoree eopl tvieweahem ch y, daor acc tdingmpo co uter ie sct ntisarbernnsd jasen. t >> is worktoout ry eveut mine ab 1.out op5 perele ach wating th idat veo. riso, noght omw, s'seone tc wa thingvihat deo. ep>> rr:ortesy a phechotstrapi o whtetreadrd anteews iestifd by o videt aboupathe annic s drew lt fen whesther r alkeougot t of ja ndil a w shet asn', toldas we s ll aanthe h guisfeshe lt
7:33 am
>> c shen'ouldt t geugthroe h th y daouwithart fe a andtynxie. r >>teeporndr: a s theomympts exshe enperiafced beter ing pu lyblicil humd.iate >> w sheepas dedresssh, wae s an s,xiou w shebsas oveessi and ir blritad e antireacve. >> or rep bter:ttarre a hadedlter e theppelehof odrans'ewel hot droomanoor lmd fiered hti getng es drsed. he s wasngtayith in ome rot nex ndto a, rewsthsomeheing had esrequprted toior a hisalrriv. a but esreprtientarove fm iomarrnttt itierna tonalfiestied rthatsteque n was peverd asseon t toashe nlehvilel hotic, whh is a chfran ise. a >>ownd hta cerrein a t youhat th nfat itiormaason wer nev uncommedicatth to tee hol? i >>00'm 1rt% ceain. nd>> a h the motelaiaintitned nodid g thing,wront thaetbarrt de edceiv m andulanip tatedhe st syo em tthget ome roht rig xt nean to s.drew ur co nt isot i dr an tews,h,hougec exptoted ttaketahe sonnd manday e d th se caec exptoted on go ou thrgh ne eext wk. a >> o lotopf peille w l be tc wa thing fhat, sore.ur
7:34 am
it's going to abeer vbiy g ekwed ent ou hinlyolodwo. the 88th oscars are sunday. d ana for ndsecoai strt gharye, cla ofoud tr consyover is ha inngovg ter mheieov industry's biggest night. nbc's joe fryer is at thdoe lby trthea le inngos a.eles e, jod gooinmorn yg toou. r >>teeporatr: moot, grnd moing fr heom t c redt,arpere cur ntly co d verehiin wlate p.stic w noesorriat, thl wilonbe ge by su .nday no n raihein tec forast. is thr' yeaows shl wilurfeate a tr unuly icprede table-threway fraceesor bctt pi bure,haut tt story line has beeovn sherowaded by another year of controversy over diversity. headlines will be made not just heby trs sta a whon re orethe d rp cautet bo alse thoso whe ar not. swill amithisnd he, wifa jad pinkett smith, are bcooyg ttin the show, along with director sp leike n e, iwathe okef an r othersoscaitsowhcke ba.lash ilwhale eyl aes orehon cstishr ro , cklkwag intoin s auait tion tataor-made for his sense of mo huhar, wllt wisa he y? l>>'seto disth.
7:35 am
co anmedike is g epinira faowly l pr e,ofilti pos fng aeaew tser pi cs. outh oghtwn teitstr lath mon, he di lld ca o thes scar w"the hite t.b.e.rd awa"s. speaking wit"th olhe hodlywo poreerrte'," ht s nonggiviy awa joany kes. ig>> rowht n j i'must nc coatentroning m thes,ovie you ow knat, whhe's tje subthcts at biare hg inwoollyod. ep>> rr:ortedo we w kno this arye s'sw hollwiea fretu a vedie rsatslofe re persents, in includoog wholpi gg dberand ke havin rt. d ane jodebiwin illrontcedu dy laa, gagho w p'sfoerinrma g nominated song from a medocuy ntart aboualsexu assault. e'ther ss noaghort de of rama su ndrrouthing eais yber's st picture race. l>> imyove . job >> h youyoate obur j. i >>e lovobmy j. w >>vee hage to e t themsyst. >> t' itis , mebbroy! r>>orepr:te three films are vying for top prize, allf oemth inscore-g prr oscaorvicties. "r anevenont" w a top fctorrom th die ctre oore ozilgu ad, nd "t bhe sigrthowa" ths bie g winner at the producers' guild
7:36 am
fo r lead actor, leonardo di iocaprlo is g okinopunste pabl isin hst que t forsche on ar i hi fts fitih acomng nioinatn. w >>s hat'g?wron >> and first-time nominee brie rs las on ictexpeo ed tlewin ad esactrr s fotuher s rn aa dn kid,apperi impd soneermoth in "r "oom. supporting actssresh is g apinup to e btwa wao-bay lettet benwe ea broukthrtagh sicr alia ka vi anderatnd knse wi let. y >>faour wtherpeas s.cial ytellheou tth trudo, i knn't ow y ife ou'riaspecl. >> or rep ater:n nd ithe supporting actor race, momentum is it wsyh eslvr tealstnelo, reprising his role as rocky lbba, oar fowhich he was first nominate39d rs yea. ago ythis hear,ule conad fitally ke me ho g theold. th eais yier, v wwersnoill atice we edlcomng chae. erwinnlls wi r nota ead long st lina of whmes iven gthing ose ptacce sancehepeecs. in d,stea t the-yhankwious ll ro scloll aheng tto bot tm ofhe sc .reen hoso, llpefuhey, tec spewihes ll hobe s arterornd mmoe mee.rabl ma ndtt aan savnah?
7:37 am
ksthany ver.much we go're toing e hav omoree n th ca osinrs, includedg pronictis fo e r thr majogocate iriesr n ou hnexthoalf ur. fi ofrst , allskaraoncarsba is ck he re. wi lyll sll stawione nan filly? >> es yhe, l. wil leand oro, fe. sur nd>> awe we t ren'g gointo odintrcauce , rson hjusta ave sc srollg ayinso"carinn jo s us "now. >> th my yoank-ilus w l be ro scg llin hsoonere. >> co welacme bk. t >> yhankerou vchy mu. le s t't gea check of the atweher. 's aln dowiain mmi. he l.y, a h >>guey, hoys, w e aru yoindog? 'v wet e go gsome vreat.ideo th oeyy nlldhohe ter sngvi viintitaalonve e trye ime th ve wat s ge0 to 35 or 3.feet hthey'taven done it in six aryes. r foe thrsfitit imesin yex s,ar they did it,nd aoo latk he t se vewas. an heyw- re - osomeesf thvee was e arg goineato r0 ch 5 tfeetall. me i unan, evbelileabtu s.ff d aneythay shi tiss om sofe he t ggbit esvewaths 'veysee ien40n aryes.
7:38 am
wwereg ipinout. ithat as --t'nd igrs a eat cu exusse j pt tothlay awe "haii fi h"ve-ome the f, soe,or ms it' wi a n.n-wi s let' alookatt whoi's gn ng o ertempewatur aise,r s faouas yr y ife ou'rweout mast, oun, y are ca bethuse t e jeamstrewa is y up heto tth nor. an okd loth at teese atmper.ures id fr74ay, sa in egn diego, vas 6378, de in .nver th rme wamo-up eaves s st awe mo ntve ituo saayrd. te ermpurat ges ieto nte th e we'rinlook pg atblossie rdrecooms frsa kantys ci, ic ch iago,nandias,poli t allhe y wa idownsanto ton annio. d anunby s tday,rehey'n eveinto th rte not heasr afteola co down y todatoand owmorr. llyou' w seer armeheweatomr fr ll taseahasewe, nk yor acitynd u ontop inca chindgo a ev cld.elan 'sthatt' whains go ag ond roun
7:39 am
here w'shat' t >>shat'r youes latt heweatr. gu wys,e're heret a theou s th hbeac5t 1hua annl winend ad foo fe alstiv. we n , i nthe hextalf urho, will ve hae mor chefsn thaou y can sh aakeck sti at, ifha t yt'sour ea idf o aoo gde. tim >>at nalie isea hdedou yr way th is enweekd, too, al. >> 'm ide hea yd toalou, . >> she's aud j agethe tge burr ba sh. >> 's she a erjudg. n te psoint foral al g >>uy d,ahea anopeye-geninos rsen po rerts. >> good morning. i' efm j fro.ssen have youn see these photos a mom po sted on bofaceok? inshowolg md hiddenid inse her ki ds'py sip cup?
7:40 am
in sidein -- lurking inside your home? ethec stre pcela tsooo l tko epker you filam yfesa. in msideyac , tually wphillyhe fas t irsttacapi ol.onh, hnoey... wa d it, distyou jue th havnat o p yourhone? 's t ittoime t mix iup. it, do! dad ah, yet!do i e therthouare ndsas of ways in heto tom c hplexlteareh casy .stem it f waszeron. da s ddy'ndhaks looun fny. an ood chngsite unieadharlthce ca hen mlpe itakim ser bpl yg lettinknowyou en whr youm claibehas pren d.ocesse , yo.adrian nostill nny.t fu it unaledherethca ma t ke iina po t to kshopl'oh..s. isthhu tdarsy rothugh monday..!. be e causyoyes2wau rerds me s mber ataketrn exa 20 f!% of... and earn triple points -
7:41 am
t ge ra $5d ewarfor erev10y po0 tsin. pl eus -onverytse ge ko$10 chl'sfoash r ev $5ery en0 spt! cayou rnn ea r andm edee rdrewains pondts al' kohs shcaou thrt ghoustthe ore! er thnoe's et br temeti to n sig..up!. yoan cne -ant' iqus k ic and it's easy! llenrove, sa s and tart ra g ckinheup t po tints!oday 'skohl. so ki my ddsavon't hore to f age,twgot to jobsa o pay gagemort, and i've also got a brain. feliho's s, rt italkchs eap. i' bllrke wowhiling u e yosleep. ilstt l don' thinkve gi' bot arain? u yoa think 'sresumeugh? eno ll swho'uptep n whe gsthinet ggh tou? n'dou t yo thawantt f kind obrain? dea igreea s eedegr. yo onu're gantna wme sokeone li me. buonlyt f iu hayo averain b. is thviol is et. sh beene's ti wai ng for isthen momfot hir aw. le a
7:42 am
wouldn't think twice about. her rsfibowlt f oeerich. os becae usw thnoat cheerios are gluten free, vi etoland , nymather os enare tjoyingirheir fst wl tboayod. is thr, winte hayou pve theo ower t.heal ca beuruse yochas pure of va lise intnesien carveloe on,ti ppsuts tor vheelinas eheal g inojecprt. jo s in up to helnsmillio in si cris he talir rowe b yughterou hdae toy etto gr yousthoneni opi onouabist th c newar. to p keegsthinia unb sed,we ov remlled a l the.ogos s feel alike. bmw re s mind lme aeittlbi lt ofanike i. aud so is, th carorsuppppts aarle risiop, mens.ap e sh mgetswoe. w. a ithalso ens tedr tiverolechnogy. eitmuven thtes die ratio unl sethe elat brets akl buced. i' rym veio curhaus w it its. th s is i20the he16 calvy mibu.
7:43 am
sitrttaats we ty-nto twvefi. atwh? owoh w. i wmeanh itl alisthec tolhny.og atth g's achame r.ange i chobanly 1simp.00 's itnl the oght y lik gree yogurt thwiero o lo thive tfes lito l is ive.nit..uralat. ly wd(croin cheer g)miabdoinnal pa. nturge diarrhea. it could be ibs-d. new prescrtionipax xifan is a ibn d trs-tmeaten at th r helpsve yeliediour arrhea doand abpaminal ymptin soms. n do xot usean iifaxuf yoha isve a htory of si sen ttivityxio rifamin, ri n famycibiotantigeic ants, ny cor aneompo xnts of.ifaxan outell ydoctr rorht aigywa if our yardiea wrhseor nswh e tailngkiifax x,an as hi tmay s abeign s of a risesou or fa even condtal n.itio te r ll youor idoctu f yohave r liveasedise areorin takr g othetimedicaons, us becaese e thinmay crease th ounte amxi of faxan y inbodyour . ytellctour doyoor if e u arpr ,egnant an oplben mingcore pant,gn
7:44 am
the most comn mo esideecffts ar eae naus and ncan iinrease liverzyme ens. k as docyourabtor out xi new n.faxa w be're 44 7:. awithra bewnd-n rnossere s.port this mngorni, preictus of a ch sild' ymold sippyup cha tet ar tr ougagin ntpares. >> t tha has jeffse rosn th nginki,re whels eeig mhtd mol bein hidng i our s?home od go inmorng. >> re we'ng goi toel diver ito t you, osgrs,snesut bse the are e thho p wtose're tngalkiut abo we e havhein t hawe ve. ex spert c sayeshance, arre the m is ioldoun your hseht rig now e whercayou sen't .e it thisinmornheg, tde hidnla psce yo u should check today to keep your family safe. r>>orepr:teew n photos will make you squirm.
7:45 am
is th kids' sippy cup. th eic ptures posted on faceboo k nby ary ang tfromhe oue,tsid the cupks loo clean, buthe thi cldep kt ttge ingsick. so they took the cup apart and dfoun t allhis bdurieer undhe t in dr kingspout. ha>> ttro gssssne got us kithinng,t whaid hmoden sld i rk luing iensid youre hom or ?mine today, i'm your ga uineg.pi th iis msy vei' iitnv aeder cfiti meddol in ecsprtove o tro peok aunro ad ithistus shaff tant cap hnpen i yo ur ushoe, too. th sis i matt. di oud y find hianytng? >> re whe you kpee yroule cinang pr ucod,tshe t ires alu pinmbg leak causing mdol growth. >> anythgin seel? >> up here where you keep the spons,gen dow t inhis aytr , e'ther asot l ofla b gckhrowt in erth e. i>>e'vev n sernee atth. th iis wstha'm ile cinang the di esshit w ah tndhe cups. >> exy.actl e onng thi a lot ofpl peoe don't kn boow asut i unender yathrou re igfrater.or erthise d apri ota l of metis, ,yeahoo lk at th at. >> , oh my t,ishat ouhides. >> s thiis all moldnd a
7:46 am
>> ier nev knews thiwas h ere. os>> mn't dot. >> d howouo y fix?this f>> i youan cle itnc oer oce twi antmoh, it's enough to take recaf o . it t>>shian c meak y souickf i ftle uneatrted? >> it could. >> reporte wr:ngashi inmaches, a ee brding gd rounr foldmo, cr peapd crap ed - -ra tedppid insehe t do.or hai ve,it too. t >>ishis ou yrhi wasng mae.chin ha>> t t's.mold h >> dowroangesus i ?this ou>> celd ban dusgero ift' is ai nerbor and'r youe bhireatng it . w >> dhatouo y ?do >> make sure it stays dry. ot an hertip, if you tcan'ea, lve dothe peor otwn beeen wa. shes ep>> rr:orte theos mtge danrous ac plore f ldmo y,our baomthro. t >>ishis s myrhowe ahind ts is t no we ird. ou>> ynd aou y wr hifeaveot l s roof psduct here. wh en you don't use them a lot, yo du'ton nicot tehe bup.ildu
7:47 am
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7:48 am
a inannd c't get t.ou ifsacr oicen ne ithe thbatub. cu tt in ope and seef i t ihere s .mold if re the, ishr t towhet res out. i >> think i know what yeou'r in dohig ts enweekd. >> the cinleangad l iys fired, d ant' thas me. >> i washe cgckin outhe tip spy ps cu. > >> d,aheae tak a .look co reegnizr? he t no you, ca.rson is th is a fmeorrld chir stand a bshelewy awahe t ce"voi" accos.he esh sndou s y whentypeour 2 ab diumetes n bers 't areng movinhe in tt righiodirect n, it e can brdena bu. t bu if whatcoyou keuld wa up tolo r wed bloogasur? im e loagin yvingmbour nuers. diovsc oncerile-dakay invona . th wir ovell6 mi iones prticripanons und co,ting t it'sprhe #1 ibedescr 2 sglttoinhibir w that to orksr lowea1c. voka in ina as usedlong wiieth dext and terciseo gnsiicifloantly oower blgad suinrs adult typwithdie 2 .abetes
7:49 am
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7:50 am
in using navoka w aith su onlfylurea or insulin y maseincreak ris of w lod subloogar. aginimlie witfea h wer loc.a1 you are nglovinu your mbers? s there'neonly ookan inv.a
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
nn tv aodcr: goerno aftevon .eryone g morninals rituspare ecial. ouwhen yre w shayohat ..u love. .. wh.with loo you ve. llogkes g'ostefrfld es.ak th grey're rreat! mopet arments tie beau unful, ylesse ou havieallerg s. ythenesour ey see may itendiffertly. floonly inaseovs approed t re bolieve yoth tchyur i, ewateryyes an esd cong.tion oth noaser neral allaygy sprn sa caaty th. mp co alllete rergyorelief mp inco.lete let eyourciyes dede. fl e onasgeschaner ev.ything stenli up!rei'm het to gee th oladythf hoe e us obackr fen heet.d anergive h str thehengtd an tenergyay ho sthyealt. o' wh ms withe?!th lee compalante bnuced ntritio g of tasreat etingnsure. 9 withms o graotf prein... d ... anitam26 vanins rad minels
7:54 am
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7:55 am
, mmmmaiyoplt. lea g adinumconseser t tingblpuioicatcen re tesntlytede thuntop ladetedry tsrgen. th wie -nnerer p2 sil 1indi, 'tdny onl tidbeate... eait bery t evlesingte detergent .sted bo om. ch swit to il ppersearocl 1n 2 in. #1 . rated .>> a: dand gooinmorng. 7:56 on tshi ayfrid. an thu k yojofor g d m an wdanar agnehere.>> : kim oh, it iso sxc egitin at th we'reli sdingnt io the enweekitd w whrfondeul wereath on p.ta 'sherely kelra curnh wit de s.tail >> yeah, .guys sit ioo lking ntfac,asti in fa
7:56 am
al rely nyicelea alrdys thi mo g.rnin gh rit w,nomm pri lychil7, 4 gr de yees,lou'l want a serweat an dld boucier ty,'r youeea alrdyat 61eg drees and ourig hh y,todae' wre talypic for meiddl of l.apri d 78esegre the etexpecd te atmperure, ,niceig l htndwis, 79 troomorw and my ostly sunn sskie s andtillll reaym war on nd suay.>> we sedhow you a caddy mpwa as atsituionh wit thislo bgckin on borainndw a 215 .ramp nit's oowffo t the dirto she t it exs i still onpe butra t ffic lstilre ptty slowng goi by.le t's get d youown to the ag spi hett,bowlre whes it'lo sw twithhevy hea ticraff5 i-1 hbsoutound andh tatns traslate to fliow, l tel youha tt chmu, th wi heavyra t officen th15 2 ea unstbohed, wree who swed you withhe tar eliercc atidenth on e ou sh aldernd sboouthund ,15d kin of ,slow not as bsad ahe t lt bebuway t .slow
7:57 am
t bu sisluggth a the bowl, kim and dana.>> : kimm, to t yhankouor f he upads- . d >>ana: a manas wt shoand ki illedns thi home twahat s ossuppedo tbe y.emptth ane mnd a womanha ttwn ohe t erprop sty,dhowe upnd ats sho re we fired t and mheant thaay m ve han beequ sngattit a the home wa ous f dndeadt athe scene. no wdsor ifny a crghaes wl ilbe fi d le ton heseca. k>>:ime' wllee kpou y uatpd ed on he t veinigstioatn. a adhe,s-up'm i seur ylou'l wa
7:58 am
7:59 am
nd sunday an o ndmoay, it :0's 8 t0 on soday uper l modeylchergs tieti crid cize or spts illustrated for usi ang
8:00 am
d>> i ton'tnkhit' ihes thaly. her cefas iaubefutil. be fuautil. but i don't think it's healthy in he ton lrug n. > >>enthll a about amy. >> here's my intern! >> hello! >> y howoiou dng? g>>d.oo >> ou yer wlae . te w >>e'll see if savannah has at whta it tokes an be er intn on e thofset h thehoit ssiw inde scamy r.hume >> i'm really into you. o >> tkay,s hat'great start. so you fardo're azing have cy mer. chwe catwith up r theteeunid stcaf ollfu herseou. st juth as neeir riw ses es iset to hit netflix. i >>vet neopr stped. weep kdot g inllfuou h iseoun r n owmeho. riseslou wy,nee r veftleac eh ot her. an ofy s. u t >> fodayy,ridaru feb26ary th, 16 20.
8:01 am
>> d gooinmorn og toriur f ends in port orange, florida. h>>loeltt oo>> grnd mo aing,sarkans! ap>> hirpy by thdaurto o! mom >> celebrating britney's 18th birthday! >> we're back now, it is 8:00 on fthisy ridainmorng. 32 re degutes oth on ple lia lettre by.ez fe s elilcherliha tthn .at a got gnice oroupopf peo le swe ghthou'dt wee comanout y d sa o.hell e'>> wivre ga ing atriptoway s loleangeiss thni mororng f ap le. day avwe hloe a pt ofe eoplinlookg g ton et ihaon tt. >> ct spearacul. t >>rehey'dy rearo to ck. r >> teady.o go ey thou go lt to oa on scar enweekd. t >>.oday . yeah t'>> ie s thenweek bd toere the. b >>thy wae sy,omething big
8:02 am
ydo kouw noisthex sboy tott ha sa nnva hah basn eearweg inr fo pathe oust cofple ks wee? we go're toing e mak ethatven re mora atte ctiv awithtl lite -- wh o at dalwe cisl thaz bedg?zlin >> h. yea me re tmberhohe spiw mmpriy ?de it - 's -e we'rg goinimto p p my .boot it l wilejbe bleeweld. it oi's go ng tunbe f. i >>iss thon a locg press? ho maw rnynehionst wespue ont it . >> ou ye 'ringotog o d?it es>> yd , an wi'llitear lo as ng i as w canalith osl thwee jels. >> t tha bwillbte sule. t' le is goe nsidlinatas e haa k checheof t s topestori. mo n re okathe snsasinhootg. era shnoiff vew reg alinthe lylikeiv motr e foshthe ngooti mp rainage sa kanurs th nsdayight lthatfoeft eour pdeple ndad a w 15edound. shed ainmgu canriedfoc hrd ad be senveerwid athorn r de of otprtiec iona n medoicst violence case less than two s hourrebefo s theinhootg.
8:03 am
re stthet, 5 en 1 imoree nsidthe elawnmequipacnt f wtory hheree rk woed. he a was wrmedh it aanauss lt flrid e annda hagun. wabut lls kiy ed blia poce ceoffir. hford lad acrong aliminor recd, d and haposted earlier video on so mcial tediashhat howedim fi aringsan asweult .apon th pue reanblicdi cans date ga ve ga ouve stup ury esdarsvote typlenth to abink onout ur th nsday.ight us. od goni morng. oo>> grnd moing. to co mario rubam's cn,paigs thi otphyso saal it l. bi ru to on aheactt ak,ngloit wh d te.cruz na doruld tn mp onsdefee. t bu mthisngornium, trp's tw ngeeti a out n newamicknr e fo o,rubi m mr.oweltdn. t >> yhankthou, yoank u for -- d >>d onalp trumingett g it te liy rall bfromsioth des. i >>a t's oflot u funrep he. m>> rarco tubiongurnith up e at he. w >hat r you oplann al herethca? yo n'u dovet hala a pn. y >>avou hnye mafe dif rent s.plan
8:04 am
dmanyreiffelant pns. >> he's repeating himsf.el >> i'm not repeating, no. no. no . >> c ted truz,g akinruon tmp, to o. ou>> y't done havthe endorsement of one republican tosenad r anwoyou itrk wesh the op pele. >> at senruor c z -- y >>hoou sbeuld am ashf ed o seyourlf. >> yo if ntu wabe to ed lik in washington that's not a good ibattrfoute prr a enesidt. he>> tnt frone runigr, fg htin . back hi>> ty s gu cis a ahoket rtis and this guy is a arli. >> de on e fensouin h ostonver re inleasx g tarnretus. >> il i wsol ablylutee givmy re s.turn i'but inm bedig aufoted o r twor rethare yeo s, sn'i ca it dot l untiauthe isdit is fin hed. >> p histiotenemal dtiocrac l,rivala hilliry c, ntondisounng slike lhe'sngookiad ahea to ibposshole sn wdow hwithn im i mbnoveer. >> e somheof tme comhents 's demahi w hche avenbee disive iv an and meri spidoted t esn' quit with what i thought i knew autbo him. er>> bsanie s nderinargu cg hean in brang cho ge tinwash wgtonith
8:05 am
h >>reow a -- e'>> wavll hlle bi oionsf lepeop -- y >>eeou n vd 60 totest o gea mi nonee. ll>> a c thedaandinotes w tt gereing foady e r thl fina re stbetch sfore tuperayuesd wh onen dtrald p'umris lsvail wl nd fi i outeif thbar dete rf pencormaeres woue eno gh tslow wndo the front runner. ee>> s i howayt plt.s ou ll haacie j iksonusn hoton th . anks > >>tosenabir rus o wal stilon atthe ttackmohis g,rnin re edpeatally c tling arump con ar dtistg urinntan iewervi rl eaonier ay tod. e'>> wotre nng goitu to vern or th nse cotiervaovve mt emen to a n costarti i wholls tething e lepeop t one bhingasut hnt spe y 40 searsintick tg ito er ams.ican h >>ine thruks tasmp hn't asreleised h r taxnsetur yet ca beheuse ot's nwe as y althas c hes b > >>ica unsiorn ngghti had ca rnlifoolia pchice g asinthe cr reeatuou thrragh t.ffic ithislis ju, ettenya pori weang a ngsi hlen or cofrsoue.
8:06 am
y.part e shquwas y icklptreca.ured th horee laurs shter oke to off agyet ain. th hie waghpay oltray sths e ll cares wein com ag in about un n icorinrunnucg am tk onhe ro y.adwa ha>> tnot's ret a nial u?corn n>> aboeighhor's warse s br t ougho in t hcalmer. c >>ouan ygi imahene tl calto 91 1? e'theruns a n icorheon tse loo nn rudoing hewn tdl mid te ofhe hi y.ghwa ha>> tounk y m, souch. > >>ieearlisr thth mon you abprobemly rr embetsspor lu iltestras d wabrcele fatedor tt pua ing ffulledigurel mod on it mos fawius sitm suue iss ve cor. he>> taz mags ine'sidecisnon i't tt siweing itll we h onerform su odpermel. ho s da i wheremoith n re othe co ventro rsy. s >>dei mapl a swiash tsth i nu anwial sitm suue iss. ch teryl iiegskis maavng wes
8:07 am
co r verlgio theanotr. tssporus illedtratni turheng t ti n de o ibody fmageeechurating eyashlha gra tm onhe cover. it ms see e notonvery oe ise n th me sae pagheas taz mag ine. >> do you love the fact we're pisteputng o osider f ouorcomft zo f ne o wwhatowe knth is e mo fidel ?gure a >>llctuadoy i lin't t ke ithat we ta're g lkint abou ffulledigur women. ca beituse la's gzimoriheng tm. or>> fsumer odpermheel cryl eg tills tee ing anewst a eo pr pscar wartyithen es com to limodea ng, cpluse an bnua mis. y >>e ou'rt waisldshou be sm r alle 3than5. yo owu knat, thha's w. t droz asaid'mnd ick stitoing it. r hecefas iaubefutil. be tiaul.fu t bun'i doint th'sk itlt heahy tin lheg >> tiegs slamming graham aiz se . 16 oo>> grnd motoing shday ow?
8:08 am
y todaieearlisr thth mon. i>>hi t fnkunlangtiou ycur esrv does take a lot of guts. >> t but tiegss hinkamgrah and he otusr ple sizmodels promote an ea unh llthytyifesle. w>> ilwas athays ndin a f fitor my g ownheood .alth u yo, knowdni dio 't decit bause of el moding. >> ie thogs wce grae d thr coveof sports illustrated threeim tes, also appeared on today earlier th onis mth. sh cee fafi as tore sn rm oalsoci me widia anth mmiy coo ng t gr 'sahamen defse. f itfiull d gurel moden'doest otprom ue anltnheaifhy lleesty tebut ngachils gir h youtoave a bee siz dzerooes. il whahe grasam h t yetspo reond t toemhe r sarksidhe dk tal ab heout slr difoike e r th term us ple sizngduriin an ietervw th wien ellrs thu day. >> n i'm pot ateromo or ofbybese a orxinorea. h wetoave mo proomte wo en tbe
8:09 am
>> os a pe itivagmessome frt wha me sosi conleder hass tden mol ha be. vior >> re we d achetoout h bots tieg d anamgrah c forntommes. s tiegtadid o ke ttetwit ar inn mpatte ct tofylarit whasashe id sa bying aeingxinorelec bu emic an erd ovhtweigs doe tleado ob pr.lems cayou e n sethwhy otis t ally odexpled. he>> sme seey d waofout t steon is th. w >>utay ost of ep. eyashlha gra gm isouorges. sh s e waiton wu,h yowi on u s >>aihe s ed on, llen ait'sbout g beinthhealaty wh yeverboour dy si etze g utingd p anngmovi. ah wead, ge're toing ao do ec sponial ar oscti edif on othe fr fidayowishbl. ge cit ex pted,e.eopl av>> sh annamebecoy s am meschuinr's ftern dor anday a arle ans allutbohe tes ls
8:10 am
fi trst, mhesegeessas.geind,... ...i wasn't cinolontr. ne i feltver is sat.fied.. hatter wthe t tiquan.ty was arafterwfeds, i o lt st upseyswith melf. lea toorrn mt e abou..b.e.d.. o ...gingeto bin eatsog diotrder d com d anittalk wyourh to docr. we offeder a womenmyst beery reauty t.atmentat whe madrtheisk orin mdie raant? atwht!?! wai lyone dov1/has 4 tumoisngriziam cre. oosmewth diny sk. do yove, daur beily auty tmtreafoent r anradiint sk. he n vire indnela o, homeprf sso,ogre we al love nds l kihiof csocken ups... jubut ostinne kofd ck chi.en it whste breat ch mean icke every.time
8:11 am
wdot wehao. dmake..t ipr inearnlig und mite bcashonack pu serchas. at th w's ain. buagt imrnine ea ting it.wice yo wiu can cth thedoubiti le ca arsh cd. it l yoets cu earnbaash ck e.twic w onceu hen yoand buy n agaias u yopay. itas's ch back th asen cckh bain aga. thand cat's ackash ba-win win. e th dcitie oublshca card. onthe d ly caretthat lu eas yocarnk sh bacontwice ry evehapurcse 1 with y% whenuy aou b% nd 1as u yopay. twowiths wayn,to ear it makes a lot of other cards seem o-sidneed. swhey e,eetis it'.time o eyee f thr tige nn tv aodcr: goerno aftevon .eryone mo rirning artuals eciae spl. wh sen youhahare wu lot yo. ve.. h ...wityou who .love kellogg's frosted flakes.
8:12 am
nejaik l tesmio thx gsinp. u atth'whs shy loe ves new light & fit greek non-fat yortguou luso fanffy ryd ai it'rs he ne cw 80iealores obs.sion t light & fi ffeeltoree oy enj. ing brit. w di hou d yot do thadnyou dieven't e mov hyour!and? 's it i alle n thtwrishw scy.artz.. ri al aght,ernothe. gam a,alext wha itime?s it it :4's 53pm. i' otve gab a teale r ading6:t .00.. halexa, theow'sff traic? fastthe roest 4ute iste5 minuto ds owownt n.n caake we tbithe ke?! mo c'arn schwtzy! ..jason. in getsithe arde-c.
8:13 am
uifrt. nu ts. si smlky thook darocche.olat inrevel ple thee asur of new fdove andruit. nut >> e> w arek bac now, 148:it wh
8:14 am
hethe oartsfto "day"w sho st hos. 'v we geothe tda friyis fh wlbo. wfrom ihat deunndrstahi, t iss an l-alrsoscasi verf on o "the fishbowl." ut>> p men o thet spo rehe. th ove mie ie lov toat wch as a d ki was -- .gosh .""e.t >> ca.rson hi>> t iss nnfuy. >>iv get thas i saahvann. hi>> wch oscarin nomated for best preictut bes dibescres you? youan c't swaner. mad max,y fur adro t,he big t,shor orhe t rtmaian. g i tuesshe rtmaian, right? a leittl sypace tisomemes? >> no, no, .no ou>> yav he aun f snyense of hu mor. >> i buton dan't wt to be ur"fy
8:15 am
>> s it'ro py bablerbett you ea pl tdhe ftfih. f>> iirstie mov iem rember se eing is- -he t wdizarf o oz. ac blndk ate whith in feirst lf ha, c ioloren th se.cond 'sthat not .nice he>> wn my alarmoe g osffth in e mo grnin t i -hink- it's a nd wofuer lleifr fi de.nite ly "sm.crea" i >>ouf yifr le was a mo vie, wwhatould behe t tag ?line meco .on t>>heag t neli. >> ha tst' a hard one. >> "monissi ssimpo."ible i 't don .know >> i gothe tg sha .mary ahgo ead. >> nnsavaah. s >>aysha sg mary and llki. s. mr biro,nson bo derekn i 10, pr ssinceia le. w iouldar mry pncris esle.ia th iiss llsiy. yo duo yrou esquonti. ydo woutane mo tee kpoi gng? >> 'r youe angrguiit wh seyourlf. ar ee w on ?tv
8:16 am
>>he t movie ire regt sgeein - is-ou y can'tay sau becse th peseeeople com on all the atimend tshat'oo td. har > >>e here w go. we g'reoing to kick off this "p oparstt" heren o fyridah wit ie br rslaon. gh riowt n she ies th dsod-on vo fa triteo winhe tsc oar syunda forer her panformnce i "r"oom. bu het s pdostes thi photom fro 2005la expginin that she sangn o aar bbie ctlasfle t oathwi a da gncinar bbie and ken. she mbreme,ered yes,ak tet i in. d wepug u thear padeid v aeond e'therris beso larnig rht erthe. ro gckin outn o the biglo f at trighe her in y nework city. >> he s can sing. >> abadorle. be stf othe lucko t berind a evyoerlsne eute ohe t irenos l geans.le remember the cldhita sr who
8:17 am
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8:18 am
fi utnd o whatch coahe sic pked wh ouen ych watso seanen t pr remie ofe "the.voic" >> tshat' shesamels. >> s doe itme rhyh witstchriina? >> g youoto tch waton mday t.nigh tgotoee k tpheag mic"t of he vo ice" alive. e' shres gat. a lotf o good ttalens thi onseas. > >> fiy,nallel gise chbunden, to ram bdyav he a new diadonti. rheid ksre a orve theoo mn autbo th reiew n filamy tno to be tdoueonom t poste d vthis tideoo higighlht the circle of life givingit ltle uf flfyhe t treneatmt.
8:19 am
in in . w >> ihat ts it khat yeeps ou guys cgominba ck? ir>> f ostf all,mi mian ithe erwint?time ani mes it'typretzi amahang wt le de's aonehend t whole uncomm hitydoas ne. >>s it' allbo aut laschop,rshi to o. a >>nd gngetti the youngpl peoe urenco iageden thd foo itrndusy an had w wte. do sit iy verh muc ang thi that ey thk loo frdorwao tnd a we look fo drwar toin seeacg eh heotr. >> o alss thi event has ryeall gechanowd hmi mia eats ander oth ci stiesdhoul ry eall ntakeote of t. tha ig>> bnt eve nitoght,he t brurge ba sh. >> i'm jug.dgin >>at ptyt mel -- oh! t is ahat rgbuer? tdon' fo,rget wean w atlso you
8:20 am
onta ins agramt od"today >> >> ysguon, cruts withro fot loops on them. breakfast of champions. >> all right, buddy. take care. let us turn now to more of our special seesri ,p"u for the job y.toda" i>>o g the tont ionern the set ofed comy ntcesral' "iidnsemy a meschur."
8:21 am
gainbb wghity mew n bties-e - no t alrely. irmy fayst dn o set of ns"iide y am scr,humed " anmei ca to avle aen imsipreson. >> i'm nnsavaah. >> i'm luke. ep>> rr:ortee lukrm shes an ithe si aststan diorrect. >>'shere thel calet she w hich ehasvenor meet ddaile fo iniormatnn o f therontnd a the ba ck a yndr oulkwa tiekiale fe uratgin6 1 cnnhaself o fun. >> w.wo s>>ohi t is as b oitf a sestrs building erexseci. so thmegine w heavve ery ierntn doir fstay dn o set. fi retcwanghi. vehaou yve e hrrdeaf o th?at >> no. >> lkiuclyt i dsnoe't iolnvve li ,feli .mb ba casiyllou yta s and ttheac bk of a tckru and youee kp an e ye gonr ear foe thewcro sha t t eython d h'teav to dot io st tha ctheyan d toheir .jobs >>'m i sndtainger hste juin makg re su weon d'tet gro ?bbed >> ou y d'ton haveo t take neanyo odownr anngythi. >>ha wt ifom seonees tri tkeo ta owme dn? h >>eit m t onhe wa.lkie fcallor .luke >> okay. asi wll reayop h iingn' didt
8:22 am
>> ic noe t mtee u!yo >> ep rteor br:ut wlehi ias w bu syha cinttg apparently myir fe wa ngtchi was inlaggg. >> ino kw u.yo u'yo resafe. but iee s yrou i ee sou y rinpot. i was talking. i as w tngalkind a i wn'ast al re-ly - t >>hat pphaens. >> .hi w >> ahat yreou shooting? >> th anoerul re ofe fir tc wa,hing't don rleveaoo th muc to sterrangs. >> sartandind lses it' is a ercomm fcialor yomasennai. >>s it'us jt a cocimmeral. ye ah. for maaiyonnse. du re fcedat yomasennai. it 'sll reay alher,thieus jt li r.ghte yareuyou gs rnintes, o?to >> >>ayok. i'mnnsavaah. is th m isyst fir day. >>'m i shjo. ni tce mot eeu.yo i>>'m chrael. ni oce tts mee you. >> id d yous guye hav a lot of afunt this inshternip? >> yeah, i'm hgavin a t.blas >> t wha do you do? i us jtid dom se fire wangtchi. w >>e're rngunni allun arodd kin of ik leee k epingthvery ing thtogeer. >> y doou everav heip scrtde ias th yat jou tust ohrow utthere? i>>'t donno kwf i tshat' the
8:23 am
ev neeryo has their rctespeive jo bs. >> yanou cad brocasthe tm to yo ur in.tern >> ot g it. in matain lfsetr-conolt aall s.time ta>> synd b to log it up. >> copy. >>nd a we are rog.llin ro g,llinll roing. >>rog.llin inrollg. j we ustwait? ye>> ah. typreth muc likeir fe wangtchi. st illrog.llin >> still rog.llin >>t tha was odgo. >> or rep ster:goo od, in fa ict, was let i onn aaj mecor sretf o wo grkin t onhe id"insemy a hu sc mer"set. ee fras mssage for erev,yone co syurte of h>>o ow d tyouhink'm ioi dng ju sst a annt ierno s far? i >> w sillay ,this thet nex time yeou're fir hiwatc ng, onsomehae cgellens u,yot jus tlookhem sghtraitn i theeye, ke mam the knowt thaou y are a wa hall ttno cant be okbr.en s >>rio bngom se more cdeonfince to .it >> yeah, sure. >>ayok. o>> sow n ias w lseoo andim lrbe danea rdy for at sho at the big ti .me >>.hi
8:24 am
>> hello. go od. >> w youere tela. 'm>> i so y.sorr >> ea i hourd y were gtietng ma e.ssag no>> no, . i g wasoin ettgy a youreal cl ee shts. >> ,oh you goty ml cal t.shee k thanyou. let me just check .this ay ok,pr ap.oved wh idy d you w tantoer intorn f e thow sh? >> ll we, im a just ryeall into u. yo >> ayok. at th's a greatst art. so farou ye'r doing azaming. >> i don't owkn,t jusee smse lik emayb wule coand hutg o thtogeer. >> co we huldang t.ou >> e m and you. >> w iouldov leha tt beut w tu ac dallyeeo nd you trko wo to day. h.>> o >> yeah. ha>> wret a youoo lkingor fn i an teinrn? >> llwe,al usuurly oer intns st aanddroun andy theak me mfuncoblortayee eta conitct wh et ohch ohe otr. t buhe tn at thep wraty parhe t y dget erunkhnoug toop hlyeful ke ma it out. >> haveou yrd heany agthin ndarouhe tet sut abo whatd kin of innter'v ie been? >> ry eveoneai sdou y'reng doi a lyreald goob. jo >> alrely. i >> wast jus keli, ,yeah ,well
8:25 am
ian c b'tveelie hower slyious u' yoalve t tkedeo mik le .this >> .oh wh datsoe meak a heol mean? >> t' thaset somhingou y h'llave to o gin fd out. ch su aoo gd teinrn. >> i love amy. o90% tfhatnt ivierew was ai un rblea. bi hag t tnkso her. toluke, myui gdeor f the y.da thent eire ns"iide amy scr"hume .team it perremiprs ail 21st on comedy nt ceral. >> t' thahas w it lt isike th .ough yo u sit ndarou. >> hi ts enweekd, dylan and an chntel i oernn thed roa k >> iim: 20s a 006:. a.m on th is bufa flousy.rida , hiankim nad da gnwaerer h e at news3.
8:26 am
we d eken aherend y,kellr you t greawsnete in ofrms et wh her fo r usy.toda el>> k ly: lisngookiat gre da y. ts lo of sunenshice, ni t ligh awindnd teatmper ureswag rmin eaup rlly quy.ickl adalre dy 63esegre laand kes co imingn atan 63 d mmsunderla re alady is 64.hi ghs to 7day,8 des greehais wt we ex're inpectg lwithofots su nenshi t for odayd an78h wit lymost susknny onies suaynd . k>>: im i mamg akinkfbreaast ts ou lide, unchidoutsine, d ner, yo piu wcktehar veesis br t fo you. e thheweatllr wi obcorre.orat he awenthend ts newdato y, a n womais cklu by toive ale in e thllva aeyerft r hemeho ugca htrefi. am dr aticdevicoo ngmiro fm sky re thste yey erdaevg enin near ma lary and ndwi.gwam hothe wame lls fuguy en lfedat is thnt poie , thwoanman o d tw dogswe aree blto get out unfortunately one of the other
8:27 am
de viomo fr e thndgrouh wit lepeopm froneiphos ton he sc ene. gh riw t no atheyre t no sure tlexacy atwhse caue d thfi re bu eyt thnk thi ayit me hav been us cay ed ba gacie.rett im>> k: h oosmy go h, swe will ostayp n toof al tl ofashat r faheas t veinatstiganion d ad hep 's u athat oflot a youre g goine to bhiwatcheng t ad acawemy oardsn aysund b andy nd mooray m ningstminder a s. mr, reyou'ki loot ng ae th fmrs.yerom ars opaste n thred rp ca a lindelshek vs of egas zimagailne w l bevelist in udio with wae alys adoesul fabjoous b i and k thinshe hdoeseser bt an jo rsrivefa as r aso wh were indested etto go- a nno shfa ion po licentmome.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a friday morning. it is the 26th day of february 2016. we're back outside on a really fun morning. a lot of these people are standing on the plaza today. some of them are carrying their itsusecawis tthm.he because they're looking to get a cechanwi to fan a usbulop trito s loleanges. rewe ang goifi to utnd o t whohe wi s nnercoare uming jp ina ust lelittle whi. >> ea ry lleagrpot erst bs,thy e wa y. doi t n'owkn. it g'sngoio t tbeghou co etmpioitn. >> an> mee,whilan savisnah in , sideinhelping blt g ouher .boot ho iw isokt lo sing,naavanh? i >>lot's g okinlyjewe. >>y verbelejewed. i >>.t is w>>lle'he c ock tut fheheinisd od prinuct it a b. >> t, mats thi bwillxye se by th mee tire we'ou thrgh. >> gr i aee. >> s it'togot ea be sy ac ibcessle. yo veu hage to e t thinleg er the. k>> inow. i .know >> an i ct jusl,smelre we'ng goi ucto a ttionofhat f. no ue qiostabn t speaking of los angeles, it
8:31 am
i islet too's e? los ic whovh miel wilde be edclar best picture? omorer f oue guidheto tde acamy ar aws ds ingcomi up. we e havt a loetto g to. s let'owgo d an to sl in outh h beacchand oueck e t thheweatr. al ? >> , hey, guyss it ilyreal au bel 'r we me at biami.each ri noght hew, tth souch beae win d an ffoodvaesti al is tbouto ge ft inswull ing. ec cht k ou@tour fodayood in rastagr m fokiall ofnds uf stf. an me,time's letk loo at your ek we send,yohow atu whoi's gng on . ah yeby, ba. ar st otingitff wh rdsatu way,e e aroo l akingent plf ty o hisunsn ne ieathe st. e thnl oy real aitctivily wl be sn owth in e innerou mnntai onregiecs, rordig hnhs i the henortrn aiplns, ywind nd consitioun arohed tat gre la kes. aysundsu, ,nday we'reec exp ting rmoreain and s inowen th pa ccifino esrthwt. corerdig honhs ce tinundarou the ce lntraat greke las. wa wrmerereathov mntes iheo t rt notheasnd aid man-atltic st .ates al oso,scar ghnit, theor ftecas ok lo ging foodor ywhollood.
8:32 am
re cad .rpet linatande a i will bere thend a gbrin youll a the oscarz buzn o mo ndayrnmoing. 'sthatt' whaois gng oron aund thetrcoun hy,e'er he uyy, gn s, inethe ouxt hr, ou odr go g pal diadaure laisenti wi e ll b, hereg doinkfbreaast co g okinusfor . >> ha he l s alluthe ck. >> i owkn. >> oo lks ameweso, , alk thanyou. > >>r aftehsmontbu of p,ildu "f r ullee,house " thotrebo of
8:33 am
linetfdax toy. >> ourio nat cnalsporrentonde ai crelg m wvinasre theth as e st ca b gottoack ergeth. w >> yell,noou khew, ty y sayou ca ven ne br gohoack game ain. 'r wecke bae, homch whi is in ibcredle. ef>> bweore fu go r,rthean i wt s toneay ong thi. llwe ak loo.good ve eerrywhu e yo look >> or rep tter:thhat soeme ng. ou>> ygo've , t it.dude h >>meave rcy. av>> hrce mey. r >>teeporndr: ase thoor memable li nes. y >> mhekitcn! >> ut cou it t. h >>udow re! >> ep rteor hr: iasret lyalee bn mo hare t yn 20 sears tincehe ca f st ol "fule"housre shad a se t? >> be ho.nest di oud yr evehi tnk we'dnd e up be ringatoommes? >> o notnce. f>> uors, we never stopped. we t kepg doinl "fule"hous in ou n r ows.home ouserisly,e w nevert lefh eac r,othe o any.f us a >>cht eaer othed's ws,ding hdbirtaray p.ties iv>> ds.orce s >>alever. r >>teeporher: tne tanmir faly an d -- om>> hwee, shoet, me.
8:34 am
" oferfullse hou." jo tahn s umos, jncle, esseneis o ofhe t pdurorscees rnspoleibor f e thotrebo. w >> de'llo 13 esopiwhdes ere lwe'l i pop annd out. 'r weean hdinghe tho swve or to ethesy verbl a yeoung eythov mine tto hheseound a ha tveeehrid keys thra're g.isin kit'sofind tc swihed. i >>wht's ho isngelpi r youaise yo kurs idcabee,us un rtfoatuny,el o onee f th pa s rentpahas assed way. >> b youhaoth o ve te.smil n'i doowt knt whadoi'd yo if u re wehen't re. >> m tea the. >> or rep iter:a t's role rsreveheal tme fordsr ki of "f houll suse"heay t ry're eady for. >> i at's oboutur l aiveshand tt el feiks lhee t bstigge an tronsiti okef lier, thlie's ke l ae ittlofbit ss prefoure .r us >> tyfros ckcoilta? i>> rememrbeha wt it wasik le growing up andoo l ukingpo the t ul adnts o the swaet, g ntinrthei approval. op>> os. r >>teeporn r: ole"fulusr hoe,"
8:35 am
ra gisin her twos son and a baby boy asilongde kimmy bbgir led an r w >>s ho i fyouritavorste ca mb meers? >>te sanph aie undlences >> t whait is ut abole uncse jes? h >>fue's nny. >> n whersi fimet ca, i'm like, hi pl, i axay m. aihe sotd, nmo anyre. yo fu're.ired r >>teeporher: tre'sta cer inly nort shoage ofum horn o set. >> hloe s vetthig in imethn e .head w >> ahereoure y? >> ot nnghias hha cedng. y25rseago ae wreweik lthe .at >> d gooinmorng. >> ep rr:ortei lorhllougthin, e lo beauved ecnt bagky, . rees >> ckbey. pl seeaal cl me y.beck ec>> bi ky, tlikehat. >> st fir i day h got iere, had bethe imst te. i uglad he hsod are thrsfit ekwei , edusto schmaus mescl'd i veneusr efed b ore. ep>> rr:orte s thes how'tocrears pr isom tesehoig stunarean tner lyfamien momrets ak. bac no a nd tolgostaanic fs. >> l fule.hous r >>teeporitr: wenh plf ty o h freslyfami f fun nor aew
8:36 am
k >> aingscend auls, fholer use. >> i he op gits oe tup10o 0 as seons. >> hi i thank wult wo gd be reat i isrtf path of ule "fholer use" sh thow, etey l s bob tagetell isof hor favite kejos. >> m oh,shy go. t >> in is olinetfatx, mt. no twt netvork mo anyre. up ne wxt,hol wilal wk away wi thn a o sscary undat?nigh 'r weeae br dkingthown cee ras
8:37 am
8:38 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. 8: 38. 'r wecke bah wit omoreisn th nd su 8ay'sac8th y ademdsawar. thget ofose hf myead. >> e her awithvi pref ew o ywholls ood'nibig anght atd wh u yo canxp e iectves dage karr, st hofr of ruont s nneron fa gondan. go o od tyosee u. >> , you too. e >> w thavelko taut abo the rsoscatr consyover. hii tnk aot l of peeopl are wo innderowg h a wndhenhr cis ck rohe tt hosig mhte tak it on. ssi a hume ge's toingoak tet i . on
8:39 am
n it oheat t o tope f al esl eyl wiln be othe gh einut-mionte mueologdo he es. he te test d ou msomeiaater al at tcnighinlub a losesngelt las .week lepeop w whothere saere e id h re dallyotid nd hol.back er th ae is a bit hboutarow mtin erluthg kinwojr. hauld ve th t ought abou cthisovontr ersy aland atl th. ini thopk perele ang goi to re sallyhaee w'st hen beeg.doin the'serhe p gfecto uy tbe ho g stin ythis ear. ig>> me ht b psomee eoplhein t ad aca emy lelittvo nerbous aut at whha he ss toay. th eee sp wchesbeill it a ltle di enffert. op perele ang goino to tice me sog.thin 'r weede usse to weingrsinne get up re the r ande amblndon ank tha d annk tha and k.than htheya ave fenew e.atur >> th so e ey'vd askethall e mi no tneesbmo su lit aofist me na as incedvan. if y the wwin, thilerehey' vi giheng tpeir s--ech e' hers an ex e amplhe-- tilre w al be ro scll --nk tha youon dh nas -- fo trmheo tnn aeounc ande nam l alpethe toplewahey o.nt t tis ing goi to work? >> iik l tehe .idea n'i dohit tt'nk iins go g to . work
8:40 am
m i'scpro-.roll hii tt'nk igos a deod ia. t >>rehey'in hop'lg itoml prote mo omre m oentseaf sp fkingrom th are het. 's itar a hbid ha bt to.reak lepeope havlepeopy the twanto an thk. >> y andetou gvo nerus. i itget . t>> i ihink wt'llinork e som >> 's letpr go tiedicons. a oflot pl peoine thonk le ardo ca di iprioshs a hooe s.o-in >> co of , urse.yeah bhe'snoeen temina md soany ti mes. 'l hen l withfor ghe rit rf pencormae. he waser tc rifithin "e ve re."nant >> t besesactrhas, wgot's toing enhapp? b >>larie frsonroor "om." al reak brestout ar. >> 's she e wonthveryleing g adin up. >> sheha s. er th se'souc mhov l eralorsuppt r fomothe vie ic wht h gosta beec dirantor d st betu picomre nioinatn. >> hi i teonk ps ple'tshear are swithtaly se.llon ur>> se. ev hoen theugh n' wasmit nod nate gufor.ild araw pd,eeopll fee ke li he sdhoule hav won 39ea yrs ag wohene h was natominored f
8:41 am
ev tenhhoug it wones bttu picre d heidot nwi n. th s is iy a waigto rhaht tt on wrg. he>> tt besorsupp atingssctre c is?lose et>> b kweenwiate t nslefor "s jteve aobs"lind avicia erkand "tfor anhe dgiish rl." te kasl winet won in theri b tish emacadary awds. t bu she was notp uin agast al .icia an mey tis it' abeena liciin he "tis danrlh giai" agkanst te, al wicia ins. th i itink l wilenhappin aga. >> t besir drectond aes bt ct piure. th ey't don aslway god hann i .hand heon tt bes redi? ctor >> i thinky' thellha go n nd i thandtihis me. >> t>> i ihink gt'll to tohe "r anevenfit," evrst o er twin ba o ck t bbackdiest orrect. ihi tnk en"rev hant"heas te. edg "m axad mll" wi a win. ton >> hi if y storesprove, tru u' yoe ll be writ5%on 9th of e ed pronictis.
8:42 am
d >>kaaft ,,rgernk tha. you w >> he'lla ave , wrapthe erwinnass, fs,hioner aft ieparters evngythida mon y on ay"tod." na e talialand l wilivbe l e in ml.a.y ondainmorng. > >>brceleg atin osomer f ou s heroonin hf or ok blacorhisty nt moh.
8:43 am
8:44 am
is ths iod"t" ay non.bc w be're aackt 8:44 with lo gokinck ba,ov ming rwfoard,n i ho onor bflackis htory ntmoh. >> s thini moreng w craelebhete t hi acenevemfts ock blari amecans th avat heae mnt souc mh to us d anpl peolle aun arodhe t rlwod. la>> bckto hisryth mon for me is tr aulycamerin sthiory. i >>tiv gses u aen momto t fl re oecten th pesrogrs that 'v we meadeut b a hlsoowar f we ve ha g toso a a cisoety. la>> bckto his irysut abo people who have bkeronar berri is anll endeavor s. >> he w ither t'snotech,logyhe t ar ts, tsspor. ro>> fm politics to pop culture, black americans have left such
8:45 am
>> theug inaiouratfn ore pntside ob iama20n 09, i inthk, wasne o t ofhoseom mentsha tt i will fo rrevek talou abt. >> on i d'tnk thi you hado tbe acbl okr a psoernf oor col to pr apteeciait . >> co ranglatuontis, mr. es prt.iden [ plapseau ] >> ve ery space of greenwe beten e thio natnal monument and the nc li molniaemorasl wer coved wi th lepeop. i >> o wasut o onnef oeth etstress a theot mdeorca was ki mang its w taytho cae kop llitol bu ngildi. er evyybod e wasexcit h andad ca uughtn p i thentmome. >>n whee h and mrs. obama got ou f t o cthehear tir fst time, lmit a costn'ouldt gire. ster hi>> ts is ciex.ting >> i remember diane carol was th festirla bckct aressn i hi ystor tor sta in her own te silevishon ow. >> 'v iet jusee bnd tol'm i rirest tctedeo th clinic. >> i thought that was thrilling and she was so betiauful. she was just isexquite. th neen of o my fitavorect aors
8:46 am
anar osc for a bifeautulov mie. wo a man w>> a womanhoes i r apectmnd a inwe a of was ruby brgeids. th weere re so manyeo pepl ch tian,ng o,tw four, six, eight, we't dont wan to inattegre. sh en' didnot khew s was mgakin orhisty. e shgowas toing olscho. >>an rchky ric had thera couge igto sn robinson to a moraj league contract. that took guts. then the sheer tenalts ofac jkie ro onbins w who oentn the field an pdyelad ttho e highest level every day andgn ioredha wst wa wnthrohi at m. d an a setta sdndarbo ave yt an ahingenyon hadee sn rebefo. those two guys inom ctibinaon e arck blais h mtoryontho t .me j >>essewe onsnd a his performance at the 3619li bern ymolcspi. i thave phisreictu i up mny of fice. i gives me chills every time i look at it. why was it so significant?
8:47 am
nat aly os mpicedhostad by olph tl hier. th ent poias w toho sffw ohi wte su acpremy. at wh didse jeswe ons d,di the n so of a arshppecroer? he spdiverod the entire rytheo. >> cnalvi p. was an important gu fiore t me in sthiory. ai'me hug golfer. he didn't start playingnt u hile s wa, 24 from oidetrt. iem remberee sing him as a d,ki hiwatcimng hk wal t out oheren the golf course. no at tmereoundsun amot of riafn-caeramanics. lo efng boreig ter woods. am gazint thad he' gon oto a am chpion lfgoer. >> ck blais htory i asbout icamerisan h btoryseecau the two e ar seinblparae. ha>> w wte debescris ahe t mptriuhantom mtsennd ahe t di icfftulen momrets a all a part w ofho we are. ne>> o of myor favitear m tin erluthg kinte quoss ihe tar mc tof mhealor ursnivees i ,long bu t it b tendsdsowar justice. i think there's a lot w oforko t bdo,ut i thinkhe tre's aot l of gsthinbe to ud pro asof, l. wel t >>ndo uanerstomd se of the terrible things thate hav ha ienedhin tsnt coundry a the ff sugerint tha hasap hdpene in th is cotruny. tbuls aohe tre gathi tngs and
8:48 am
fromatth. nc>> oeou yw knoou yr orhisty, u' yore ate betrer p fsonor it. >> i thinkur o hryistos i intertnewid, so as youoo lkt a at wh aplccomenishmavts hene be ma tde,heyll reay are ablack history month. r fo allf o usbe to or fever re edmind t ofhose ricontonbutis. >>y verfe dif arentnd in sttereing chs.oice >>abtesoluly. >> fevrom neeryo. > >>in comg up onke weend datoy, sh lleinee isng goio tha sre her family'snf ienlu ocen wichita, kansas. coming up, we're sending lucky fans on a leap weekend
8:49 am
8:50 am
fi t,rshi tiss od"t"ay onnb c. welcome back to "today." all morning nglo,ve we'ad h a li ttle artsnd a csraftje proct in gog on. avwe hene be zzbedaling my otbo. we e hav a,eric ydi rtexpe, un fo oderf s.p. ie mad e'sh bsneeoi dheng t rshono. >>. hi >> hi. >> e' hers our big vereal. >> t wha y doou k?thin >> ie lov it. it dd as ait l stlealpeci so inmethg. >> i wdantet io tbe taefst,ul esgoit w herevhiyt,ngik le a ut ne ral. i>>ist . >> ry calst as are utnel.ra ddiou yno kw atth?
8:51 am
ho w subtle you kept .it i ho thtugt iswaoi gngbe to - - >> t wai a numite. e'thermes sogthinci spenal o the sibackde. >> tshat' .cool >> suanperm. e >>boveryeedy ndson mmogra in ei thlir fe. >> nk tha youo s chmu. o >>urf cose. >> e' herhes t , dealit's fu onnctiablend a iofashe.nabl i >>ouf yt wan torn lea how to do , itbe mayot n on aed mical ot bo o butther gsthin, g too to coday.m. h we ksthan. o >>urf cose. >> et> lov's mn e o otourig b contest and send lucky folks to s logeansleor fhe ton l lgpea yda weenekd. pe leop ca,me bsag paedck, a nd thwi pteos trsoel tl usow h tyhe ulwo sdndpe the extra 24 hours. >> a reermindhe, tp tri idenclus a rethghe-nity sta at thein le ho tel. biker touheon tch bea. an d a drinne at ppfilihee, t an orge. al l cesourtyf o scdiover los an s.gele
8:52 am
rwfodarit w yhrouos prtend a itsusecao tec rveeiou yr je ifnn aernd rebecca. these are friends that drove omfr delaware at 001:.m a. ifjennser i aan crce suivrv.or >> a rllhtig! >> coinmb,ed ty heveha eight childrent a >> cgronatulations, you're going to l.a.! >> thank you, thank you, thank you! >> om ceve or way too. g itwa, there's remo. tika aend gamen. eythe'rol cgele romaoms.te eythav he no meyonor f tveralo s th eyearecr tedl. a.lamandsrk th ey wtan to vitissi ung props at home. congratulations, laesdi. >> ha t nku.yo >>om cvee or .here y >>eou'rng goio t l.!a. ha yppea lp y.da
8:53 am
k>>pee ingog. w>>rehere aim knd and amaa? ho ping to sisurprehe tir da erught m whooved to a.l. in ne ju. hkimas nevern bee toos l an leges. th 'sat a rllea gydoo >>ov le it. >> cotungraonlatis! >>dy reao t ro?ck >> er he you go. w >>ayo t go. >> mo?re >>ahye! a>> ahlend aef jeyfr rehe? th 'reyeel craebngtihe tir5 2th an veniarrsy. th 'reyeop hginhe tid k dsoot n roth aw hseouar p otythn e way. je reff hy naserev bneeo t li caiaforn. mecon o erov, lhea and ffjerey! l>>astut b notst lea -- >>t' thas ghrit. hweeav izeletab ah,re you here? sshe' co.ming e' shns i y new forkor a
8:54 am
eshec dedidhe s rllea nydsee so me sh se'ly fgin loso. abeliz ceth,omen o do.wn yo aru gengoio t a.l. e sh haser h bag ckpa. ed t>>yhell aav heir the bags ck paed. >> dy rea to rock. t>> hank you. >> hpyapea lp day arye. ppha typri toos l geanles. ve hare a gat meti. al ghl rit? od go teo se you. ha ve fun. o>> s happy for you guys. >> ngcolaratu stions. >> p. yu t >>llo a ourerwinns. 'r weace bigk rht aerft isth.
8:55 am
pl[ ap ]ause k >>im: t i 5is a t6 onhis ayfridni mor ng.>> : dana wd e haeka weend pety inof m adsetd rounheitre wh ll key. a eagrekt wetoend be oue.tsid el>> k yly: e es wloare g okin f atesor t t itcoionditthns oer y dabaand ck ertempesatur re alwaady g rminup ni.cely eg64 d reesarand aounddylrea 6 at2. da toy's , higheg78 d.rees ts losu of nenshi niand igce lht .wind asfanttic wed ekenetto g ou rstdoo. 79saayturd s, 78y undaan d do fonot rgetsuthe eenscrn. >>dana: furor su'e yoll need l wilarbe w tm im>> k c: it annobee liev it's uafebreary w.ther
8:56 am
none,o chs arge bhaveeen d file vehowe r, aisman t shoidoutse vof at acan homenelaar fo ming an isd thpe hapned styey erda af ooternn. li poce y saanhusbd d anfewi who gemana throis py pertowshp ed u itand 's suedpposbe to a ca vaomnt he. t buit n washeot te timheso ty nf coedront mesowhone s o wa in tsideouhe hse. asit wor a s t ofstfit figh that br ouoke d t ana hu d-sbanwiand-fe teidam de hav a we waponthith em. th hoey se t thgun d anedkill e thwhman y o ma have been ttsquaing deinsith of e erprop ty.we arenoret su's, it st ill un r cleavehoweigr, rowht n no ar chhages ve beilen fn ed i this .case im>> k: swillontay o topf th vee inatstigion d anouof c rse we 're edheado intthe enweekd en why manlepeop g are toingo h watcacthe y ademdsawar on su ndayweand l wilurdo o best rjoans iveron mo mndayngorni. wewie ll bintalkg t aboud tren wo20 t d an- 20 -ilwe w l be lk taofing h theits and mi.sses e -- w wantyou to a winn nd o
8:57 am
ac tscound anilwe wl bee her with-- d >> ana: it'sfulon i t,ve i
8:58 am
8:59 am
wh doo esnoret cath anying this morning on "today's take," ed harris, one of hollywood' bsgeig ststs,ar with aew n role that is a true fyamil affair. then we'reea hddeo tou sth be ach,re whe al is cooking with gee yan a.giad >> w>lle'et gou yea r fdy torhe ac emad ayrdwas whitn a oarscs
9:00 am
all that and moreom cg in up >> nn ancouer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al r,rokeat nalie lemoras, willie geist and troamn ha,ll leivro fm udstioa 1n i rkeocllfeer azpla. >> co welome t "t."oday ayfrid rnmo fing,arebru6y 2, th .2016 infeel lg aeittle mor like wi tnter todayhan it hashi ts ek we. m i'li wile alongh wit linatae. la dyeyn drerh witus . ontamr iser cov tinghe pr enesid tialaicampgn. sal i inmi mia t forheth sou ac beinh we andoo fd ivfestal. we t'llalk to al. lhe'l getoo c wkingith agiad in a few teminus. dy nlan,ew chose the jam. >> en"que oef th ghnit,"tl lite wh yitne tohousn. >> s getyouir fedp uoere dts iom ce from? it 's a greatg son but -- >> g youett in ir you . head ou>> y b'lle queenf o ntheight to t.nigh >>'l i il bed n be:0by 80 but- - ts gefi me upred 6: at 00.m p. w >> heaved eri harns ohe t
9:01 am
w >>ree we llequay,ik le vo fariteie mov of his ll"apoo 13." >> s he'o s .cool ihe'sn ay plah wit his .wife an>> c't waito tk talto ed in a li we e hav t toalkut abohe t tohousn. soan m pyeeoplav hene beal cling onar mcoub rio and tedru cz to ftgo aoner daldru tmp. th saey id,s it i too late? wh reat a youai wting for? ,wellco marub rioid dot nt wai y an ngloer. la st t,nighig rht outth of e x, bong goier vyon str aglyt do ldnatr he are'spl samef oe somth of e anexchges benetwe t the.hree >>e fivgsthin. er ev iyonembs du. lhe'lak mmee arica great again. n, wi win, n.wi wi g nninhein t s.poll >>at senor r -ubio- >>er inh ited$200 iomilln. if e hriheted20 $0 ll miion,ou y knowre whe trump ul wod ?be se gllinch watndes a tsha. i >> find itma azingon dald ptrumnk thies his drecovehed t su is oefll iegal miimiogratn.
9:02 am
s,texa i pseromid toea ld the tfighin agast stamney. in 1320,n whesi waea lding the fi ghtin agasthe tan gg of 8 ne amsty ,bill w whereas lddona? he wasin firgen dnis rodman on el "ctyebri aptiprence." ha>> tt'st jus ain tyam s oplef wwhat oentn t forwo a andf hal s.hour hyoueard ruo'bis line,ha tt na doruld tmp wouldua actlly be insellgch watesn i new rkyo, cabasisally hying be'de a hu rstlen ol canaetstre. no wco mario rubas h a serhatted wa otch hnis page. heco sredoi p wntsthith e enaudice. wh enub rio wentft aer himor f gealledlyin hirgeg illalor wkers isat hor rest. >> 'r youe e thonlyer ponson the st thage asat hn beedfine for nghiripl peooe tk wor ourn yo oj pr iectsalllegly. >> t i'mnlhe oney o on the stage at th h has pirede.eopl hayou t ven'dhirean y.ybod o>> s marcoub rioe cam edload. h head aot l of oitppos ion se re.arch
9:03 am
ta alked wboutrehy aou yr ot cl mhes iaden moexic andna chi ifou yay s theob j asreoi gng th ere. e>> h didha w ht head to do, llfinay. >> hedid. th ese qu tionis, l af ot olepeop asare ,king why dtidn' he do it fo uron mths ago? >> it'sdw sandiche into this one de . bate t>> as thiin pot,ru tsmp io s farhe aad ofve edyrybo else. th g e bitiquesison , cany the en ev make up the gdroun that has en bet los all onalg? >> s tuperayuesdly, onew a f ys da away. e thineveng'sal viruo qteam ce om frso carnn o rcieplangnt aonin iascal. i >>ld wouk loo atha wt a rs peon's life has been. hwhatave theye donn ithepa st? at whud jtsgmene havy the?made awhatiassocstion doy theveha? ey thl will tel youor me than an te inwrviel will tel you. ftheruit salad of theire lif is iwhatou wldoo lk at. t >>ruhe fitad sal ofhe tir li fe. dr ar. c asonfter theeb date intellg aep rrorte he mitesquod a bible verse,at mthew 7:16. heby tir t,frui youil wl
9:04 am
ota l ofeo ppleki talngut abo at th. h >>deate and fired up de.bate lepeopl wil sowee h itys plaut o on super datuesy. >> ot a l ofpl peoe h tadon tur it offec bauset iwasoo th muc abackfond rth. ju igst fghtin and amscre ing. he>> tasre wot a l of scinreamg. o atne t,poin itot gth to e in pohet wre yould coun'tve en de unndrsta w whoalas tking or wh heat trey wesa . ying >> aot l of ovlkerta. w >> se'llf ee imait s.tter > >>sc o tarshis ekweend. e th prtiedic oons,ur pr tiedic aons,e'nd weell s if ey th pan out. t' leos g tghhrouom sef o btheig no esmine. ar st wtingbeith ikst bturee tururpicte mi nonee. th ige b orsh bt,eridg of spies, klbrooyn,d "ma fmax:roury ad," theiamarthen, t narevent, room d an spghotlit. at th's it, right? t gom the i alln e?ther >>yu p. >> e her o areur prtiedicons. ll wiie and nieatal cinhoosg ot spt.ligh al wenth witthe vere,nant and i did,too. mr taenon witt weh th bigt.shor i >>nk thi you andl a are pr lyobabgh rit. >> ihi tvenk edyrybo isin say g 'sthatng goi towin.
9:05 am
eglob b forest drama. mathe n rtiabewon st cadym adedomy. sp ghotlit. at tht sor ofer detsmine how pe tershinkf o thefilm. i >>'t donow kn. t >>rehey' g allood vimoes. al hol tseom nesinat are great buthe ty'reas vtly ffdit.eren bthey sringhiometng cetompl ely ff dit.eren >> hard tmpo cospare ghotli t to pl apndes aan or ges. urmease. >> he tev ranens t wat abouleo, on mae n, sinpeakg . up >> h ae is ulso fpheor t best ac tornenomie,ng aloit wh b ryan an crston cr onanst, matt damon,ha micel ssfandbeer and eddieed rynma e. m>>toseo peplre aay sgin leos i going to get it. >> he's wanted it so badly and de rvse iedort fth oer rf pencormaes. th tiis me, hulopef hlye'll na figelly . t it s>> i itrd wei ied vot for h im thfor eev rtenan t andeshe bt
9:06 am
mo viet?ye hi've seardoh mucbo aut . it ou>> ye hav to. >> theuz bz is eagrt. >> t bes assctre mino.nees te caan blt,chetri be la,rson nn je iferlacewren,rl chaotte ra ngmpli, sseaoir ro nan. l>>ike erintia, sae.oirs i >>h wis youol tde mt tha be ifore ietrd. yoeverne said brie. >> ien hav s'teen oo"rm"it erhe t bue i'vrd head goo inth. gs w>>thaav houe y seen? t'>> i gsreatt thareyou' ad leing isth. >> douid y seel"pau blart: llma co p 2"? t'>> ins o madend. >> i wastin nom atesnd.
9:07 am
ch iaristlen baom, trd haary, mk alruffo,k mar rye,lancyl servest al st.lone yoeversne i ousbviolyin sayg al st.lone >>ti senalment but crinleedib rf pencormae. >> pr surifise do he tesn'n. wi a >> wlsoheon tde goln obgle. st bepo supg rtinacs,tres nn je jifer asonh,leigne rooy ramach, racael m,dams alicia -- >> kavi. nder hy>> w i amea lding isth? i >>t'sun fo t stlien. >> e kat lewinst. >> e davar cterd saihi t as is rp su.rise ll wiie,ou yd saie kat wit.nsle s >>ashe wat gre in te"sve bs jo." a al wnd iwient th icalia vi erkand. "theis danh ,"girl w she as stalmoqu eally asmp intorta as e th leadactor,s a eddie dm re. ayne >> tnamrot wen withoo rney .mara eni wt theen jr nifen jasohleig d an iua actlly saw "the hulatef
9:08 am
iand rvintediewe her and i li ked r.he g >>reat res.ason w >>lle a alreveedwe we re ne host, esconfs,sioner vy bad re pagntin ntmomes,ng thie's wre t noud pro oft oualthegh wou cldeh somauow lgh tabou t itheex nt day. so a youll spred.onde weov led- -e wot g inteundad wi th so manyf oou yrwe vier s,fail as well. ybeckd saier hl fai w washener h htdaugeret gs her ears recepierd d anpt erusnt io s.tear shech reaes into her purseor f uetissth, noexing acept maxi pad and idsa,hi ts is all i .have yblowour .nose tacrysenl wtin tubg withen frids e onke weendnd a used her son's pabacksck a a ercool. th e fwiollong mo,ndayt wha haens? sh ete gs a callm fro a camp co lounserin durg srumme mpca.
9:09 am
d hatwo opun benedudie wzisweers in hi s backckpa. t >>shat' myad lyig r htth ere. as>> ,hleys thiis ad goo one. he 1-r -oyearldpp atlarenasy w nggivi a her run for her money. sh e puter h sonnt io tiutme-o, or not tiutme-ont, i tohela py ro itom werh h pppuy. wsheento t take care ofhe t la y.undr co mesk bacnd aet somhing ssmell ke li oppo. sheug thoheht t dog edpoop. , no the 1--oyearadld h poopn i hismo euth,g atinpoup inginupg ppy . poop t>> in' wasist h own? >> the pus.ppy' i >>'t don thinkt iat m ters ewhoswa it s. >> an i w ttedhe des.tail t >> whereas a lotf o peeopl who re dlate toal's story. yo eru w en't,here n,dyla butl a alreve ted aimehe wn he and de hborae wer iatntimnde ais h ug da whteras hiwatcng. yw an oay, onef ourwe viers also id say the sdharet tha pe excerien. 'l weetl g toha tt story. my ba husnd and ier weim intate an d i heard ack smand a our
9:10 am
id saat, whp,'s u .dada e sh hadma s mckedy hndusba on hi ars beot b ttometo gis h ntatteion. th omat croes fm dabren. >>oh, enbrda. >> w. wo ur>> to n tthek dar th ere. e>> wov le emth. k than fyoueior b hngtones with , us as.well i e hop itel fts aoo gd to ev oderyblsy ese a itid do t me st yey.erda g >> tood goet it offou yr t,chesre sha theen momtsh wit lepeop. a >>e nd w ewererambar bssedut ha tppyoll spim the onio natnal te silevion. >> ah ye. th ere? >> w.wo >>yeah. >>,well'm i abouto tk pic a emsuprure costt jufoice r br aseakft. tt lirule falit shead re. >> , oh .okay i et g it. ayanyw- - ll>> a comesl ful ci. rcle . go an ,ywaye waren dow here for the
9:11 am
od foes fltiva h,whic of urcose, oiis gng to beig tonht and th h rougthe enweekd. imiambe ach,l poo , sidenot too ba d. 's itit a l ctleoolut b i'm not in gogco to inmplaec bause i know it 's 31 desegre e.ther t' lehos souw yha wtha we ve ggoin on for today ar s faas yo eaur wtherco is nencerd. e welover ok rewe aki lootng ade milirr a ki matsng i way .east ou wet st, man, ime an,e' wre ta glkinos pesibl corererd-bgakin te atmper.ures otif nda toy,er clytain by rrtomoow,ll we'ee s mpteatereur20s ss0 1o t 20 desegre eabov eravage. ul cod be 2030 to re degboes ave ssve abo av eerag inspots. nd su way, ge're toingo be intalkbog aut mwaore earm wther co iminghen re. ani meas, toty, stooeas ty,tytoas. en wh c we omeckba,e' wreoi gng b toeee mte somf otheul fabous schefre he,nc ingludi bltroue. tr eoublh wit aap cital .""t
9:12 am
>> t wha yarealou tking about? om>> cing up in >>y,here we'k bac swithfaome b we e hav gour fooddrienex al. g >> oodinmorng. >> we'veo als got geeorg ezmend. >>d goo rnmo ing. >> and ink thi s youdhoulng chae nyour tameo adgiaas lve gas.
9:13 am
myew n name. y >>ovou lein comg downo thi t s hsoutch bea winend a food ivfestal. wh sat i it abouts thiha ttes mak u yop keeom cing ?back >> ?alex f >> mor teo y?sa a >>lexpe oned aes rantaurte her w. no >> yes. t'>> isll reay fun. ho lynestou, y owkn,re we' new eryorknds aha we ve a ca rnlifo wianeeho ndse mor su nenshi. 's itet som ahingbout ammii. e then ,ergy the grinntedies, n,oceall a thtogeer. i >> tt'shean oce air, i think, ink thiha tts it' aha cnce for ev oderyb gy tooget tr ethewho en tjoysamhe se g,thin w ihichs fo ndod a ,wine and allf o u wsho n' dotor nymall getse to ace e h he otr. >>luabso. tely un>> r tningathe p ahlong the ea ocn,om ce .on th ure b ger.bash e itxpecr you tevos. >> oh ! ihi tounk y've gotri t ucksp ur yoee slve. >> i do. >> dy rea to go. >> ou y h'llave a stecre gr inntedie.
9:14 am
yo owu knt whais it ? agiad las gaves. ys gue', wavll hore me cgomin .up ha>> wtct exarely a youri dgnkin e,ther my iefrnd? >> s it' the ecessenf o giadaas l ve gas. oh>> y, m negoodss. >> , oh s >> save fomeor me, .al bi'llehe t reso.on >> ha tt kkeic idnui qlyck. >> c>inomg up, herat tostool hd th ke teyoer h ptasn o the hit nb c series "bndliotsp."
9:15 am
in k of a7 daysphilgo, n' waskit thinoung abncint da g. the wasg hinkinouabst hijo .ints but now he's taking ostebio lex,-f d noanciti a rngl eafferdiceenin h jisnt coifoom.rt fethe g elinatoriginthes in areais ... resps thadugrout tho in cidung hilariously high levels of embarrassmentn is sohin. kno het'ws iins workhag by tlookt abj ofhuect iomiliatisn on hn's so.face you were made to dance, ilph d. so.ance ow shovs improinted jfo com rt in djust 7ays. biosteo x.-fle
9:16 am
enhappw?ing no e thoucontlored .ok ne stw ma cerurontoit kfr beom maye nellinrkw yo . our contefto dine. blus toh ccen at. . .. gh highliurt yooo lk. th nte coreouokd lo. wa aly.ys eas r neveneoverdo. yb ma'sellineas new m ternt cot.our ki imakeent happ. yb maneelli y nework. nejaik l tesmio thx gsinp. u atth'whs shy loe ves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. luso fanffy ryd ai it'rs he w ne c80oralbsie oonessi. ghlifit & elt fee frenjto e oy. increase speed, full throttle! (over inrcteom) ann, are you coming in? netiga! veayst on target. atwhre aou ys guyg?doin aro,tohr tteus! rseythe'r clinosing ! lli'ua g trd r foy everlyfamit tha s live wstarars, th iisths ple e acerwh earstar wlis erwha e laga xyfar, far away... closer than ever before. co jmen oi..uss .aarstar w sakaws.en no ww atdialt sney rlwored rtso.
9:17 am
>> to> sep m if'v youead h tshi bad drm.ea you have to climb nakednd a ta oott oed outf a body bag in th eid mdle ofim tes sqreua. th 'satow h things got started in th ne ewnbcer ssie "blindspot." >> i'vead hhe tak nedre damn i th edl mide ofes timqu sare t bu- - >> more on that later. >> jamie alanexr,de ojar nee,do is ry ting to uncodehe t my iosterusto tatost thaov cer r he reenti . body >> the caseset g morend aor me da erngs.ou gtheyavot dkiid .lled muhow ch lronge untileo somne else gets ?hurt >>e' wre noton de uilnt we gufi oreuthe t ootatthos, w did this to you. om>> sngethipe hap tnedo you. >> iw knot wha i sdignep u we allno khew t ouif y't don want toe com out in th feield with us ane,ymor st ju -- >> n no,hao, tt's not- -'t don
9:18 am
ay pl ring iightnto their s?hand >> mija ge,ood rnmoing. icso ne tveo ha you rehe. t >> hankyou. go od inmorng. >> li wileug brotht ip uin durg theercomm,cialt thahe tec s ond sthishow arstted,ry evebody was ho oked diimmey.atel iwhatts iut abohi ts showha tt ha ves edyryboal t akingbout ?it >>me. be s side me,,no it'st jusuc s ah cr azy nccoept. at whe w do ise woo tk an aoextrarrdinony c aceptnde mad it rebllatae. 's it allng this that we go ugthroh. in thhags tte w riexpe.ence it us's jt heenighted. i hi tt'nk i wshat works. s>> a theea sson ogpresress, you le earn tachoattos i a road map enhapp. >> -hmmmm. >> w areeti getnyng ase clor to inknowhog wut pll ahe tse ta sttoo y on ourbody? >>oh, ahye. h we saveome major, major eransws micong,n eve ien th tfirsso epide ckba w, ihichs nd moay t.nigh 010:0. p.m on c.nb iand st'so sayitisfng. en wh i h getd ooke son a ihow,
9:19 am
fo rreve to einxpla thsomeing. >> t.righ t >> shishow teliy,rall by is ep odeo,tw y kounewt whawas hag.enin meveneae r tding hesc,ript i'm ke liwo, w,ka oe'y, woire gong t doat th. l alt.righ >>. good >> aot l more ac.tion we a'vellctuay freactod a lot re moor humnt ieo th .show y asouan c e,ses it're ext mely nsintee. we d nee h toave ait l btleit of a rr olletecoasr. >> em i rr embengseei f theirst oprom onnbc. he are'san wommb cliing ofut o a bodybag,to tat aoednded nak on me tiuas sqre. si wae, lik i .am at wh h isniappenng os thi show? avwe hoe tk talut abohe t tttas.oo u yovehaea rlat toston oou yr n.ow ethne on o yrou nkec is not . real or>> f the owsh. >> ye t. n>>otea rl y,et tlexacy. >> ut bea ifulta. ttoo ha>> tyonk u. m i' s not wurehatt iis. i callt i aoc mking ginowg cr. ul co ad be ra ven. oc>> mjakingy. >> et som whingthith e "erhung s"game ga . mes" ak>> tboes aevut snden aal a hf
9:20 am
be ecausis it a zzpule. avwe ho e tbe cularef about how p we eiecethvery ingthtogeer. if one orwo t psiecere a off, e thle whoy bod is off and 'rtheyeot nn ithe rhtig otsp. 'sthat a pain. >> t canheyo dt ile whi w youere sl ngeepi? i >> shwi. iis wh i could float. nbe i aer zora gvity atsituion. i nd sta up stmoly. it 'sin wter on s ourhow now,o s t >>hehat lps. ut>> cows d tnhe makeup .time ha i nve azi amang kemaup ar,tist o wh ilove, andhe ss let mes mes th wi hernd ae jok adrounnd a li sten to silly simuc. 's it aoo gd meti. d >>oha we ve timeor fne o ootatt? c >>eleb taoott. >> y canou iifdenty ?it w >>e'llk loon o the rescen. >> iov le daddy? >> pull out sl. owly f>> i youon d't knowig rht ayaw- - >> di ggs. et>> l's done o remo. t >>ishis aoo gd one.
9:21 am
>>ld oeran hd,en hel enmirr? y >>otou g it. >> iug thohtas i w going to fail is th. j >>amie exaldeanr,nk thau. yo "b splindot"ic pksp u mdaony ni tgh 0/10:09:00 racentl. ja wmiebeill ns angweriou yr qu onestins oeb fac lookivehe t xt nemi 15 s.nute ogo t bofaceomok.cda/"toy's ta ke." ge tt a it. >> nk thau. yo >> > up no yow cau crn teeaou y rn owurtof oalit y oatveliar gn,de arstngtit a2.$1.99 ch 3oose10 of or fav itesnjto en oy oplone
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9:23 am
.ke maa it t poin to kshopl'ohs... th tisrshuy da through monday!... ca beyeuse u s2yordrewas mbmetaers n ke aa extr %!. and earn triple points - atno mhoter u w yopay! t ge ra $5d ewarfor erev10y po0 tsin. -plusry evegeone ts 0 $1'skohlh casfor y eversp$50 ent! u yoeacan ndrn aee redm warepords aintsohnd kl's ca hrsh tououghe t the!stor th s ere'etno btiter me
9:24 am
and it's easy! ra po tints!oday 'skohl. re ae w extecid. ed ri harss i . here e'>> w tllalk h toimut abo ristarngpp oeosit hiser vywn o , wife amydimagan. al ha, wto d you got? i >>ot g agiad lasgaves. wh reat a you ngmaki? >> i amot nin makg ainnyth g svega ylste. gh lit. la dyn? ye thah! ouat sgrnds t!ea could they guess wt ha wit?as very rich d anthsmoo. lyrealam crey. i epkeou tinchmyg ac fe. haso wd t hasewe ud? atwh w?!t!ai my n skinidefi ftely eelschmue moranradit. sthat oensevif hang slikeh moot sdewykin
9:25 am
r fothsmoo er,remoia radkint sn. do yove, ur y dailtybeau eatrt tmen fordiraskant in. oklor ing foig24/7 dve estippsuort? y trn foalignor a ,n-stopt- sweet-gotreassodne -oholdurnto-yora,-tiaki dand-of-y. veli4/7 2thwi4/7 2gediivest pporsu t. y altrn,ighe u tisndted pu g#1 reemmcoded waysi alp keen it oinpot. new stma persereciy skinn fr mombeayinllnee yow .rk fiour alrst swaysharp rowaterp lof gel...iner de edsignma to ster the pmost ereciseksye loo. ee slink. def ped. on.oint mayb neelli 's pmasterse sreciy.kinn i makeent happ. ybmalineelew nork. y im>> koo: gd mog,rnin ia t's ayfrid andenevyo if veu ha to workrothlaugh ntte io e th t nighili stl frsay s idaye ar th e stbeau becf se ofrthe iday
9:26 am
ere.>> a: dan i tatogelly itt . d anvelas wegas re lutocky be al ive. we hairve fndes a nowwe he av ho e usrefis kelihe tmo s ake nd alooke t thesflam.hitfis re br e okouout arnd diernnmeti ye dasterevy ineng near maryland d anwiomth m. e thn womanodid owt kn the ho wause s onrefi. e thnehbigs ormeca over, knocked on her door and she got out to a dogs got out as well. ho r wevee therwas nomet ti to fi nd athdoird icg whh peedrish t inhe fi re.bu lt at eastthmae wot n goout e.aliv im>> k: hlookntow i enseth at is . d anthe lofical firersghte got th noat k cked fdown d soal r thes umorof ro ute sa alndovr , ouencurrt blrepu gicannooverr iheren va neda etwhheher wasg goin to po lyssib tgoghhrou theinvettg oc prtoess tfilleahe st of the edunit st satesmeupre co urt.we e ll wdo t no iknowu f yot go es pr fsurerom llfe ow re icpublans t bus he iintellg e the white housspreulectfi ly, dot no twant o becoernsid
9:27 am
oehe ds noalt reanly w t tobe a po calitit l hopo etator ithe gh rit? ca bethuse e tesena a hasdylrea tsaidrehey' notgotoing -- >> da lna: tet'salk ouabe t th hot heweatw,r nona molr alre ly ha y ve bgaved s anr a fo this otimearf ye itde is tefini ly i th soink eome pple d woul idconst er it hoheif t y're mi corong fe m theaoast c st ri ght now. k >>: elly by ferybrua an sts dardan cd wealan c l is t. ho rewe a okloating teatmper ures hein t up70per ans d enev s. 80 hllougin 83re degdees, ath va 8lleyda3 toy. an s d las vega78 grde ees.lo f ts onssu ahineicnd ne li ght we e ekweloend g okinrmwa as we 78ll, gr de 7ees,th9 raer on
9:28 am
9:29 am
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9:30 am
rk woed. he n themestore d tht,plan oo sh 1tingop5 pensle iide. rd fo who had ari clminaor recd ed di in theot sho w-outthith e li poffce o.icer s onurges inve cle hlandave an trntspla. aew nnt frothier imat a gs toive wo amennc chate a napregncy. nithe oune-hrgr suwaery s rf peodorm d an 2ar6-ye w-oldoman us aing ru uteros f m acedeased do nor. th eyou annncedhe ty'dtt a empt isomen ali cl nical.tria ed swepen rd ortefithe rst su sfccesirul bacth b k in.2014 ota tfal oe fiv hhyealtie bab s faso r. >> we> ifll, ou y're lngooki to asavetl liteey mon onut ao su ineranc m youightan w ttoe giv the honda oeydysses a tivt dre. at thcc's angordi to in ncsuram'e.conus ananal rs king heof tt mos andea lsten expsive ve eshicl toreinsu.
9:31 am
er av oagef10 $1,0 a year. the cr-v lxas w the cosend. wh 'sathe t most esixpenve clvehieo t reinsu? e thge dod gt viper, agiverang mo hare tn00 $4,0 a .year >> r> aare beseatlor recding has en beke tucawd fayor 50rs yea is go oning a theonuctick blot nex h.mont dethe ismo dldc hoos tw songs ohellit ltleir gl and a vonersi of tillre the wasyou. e thea b utlesitsed ge to t a re ccordacontrd t anelit b ongs noto a ether larlypoiverol mu ansici. i itsal c aledy holil gra item an e d thissky l the oimitnce th dde bisting . arts le get's cht a ofeck the heweatr. . mrok rner ith sou acbeh, miami, wh i ere bwillone so. t >>s hat't.righ rewe ati waiorng f b youseecau i ed ne t youlpo heri bombe se he otr dgjues. whmean wile, ge'rengettidy rea r fofithe acsh tos. e' sht s goifa kne.
9:32 am
lo tok a tusa. rday oo>> gead w atherdroun the trcouny. >> wi it ell b pyrettic ne tu sa.rday in th agsre kind qofetuin ictfa rdsatuay. pl enty of nssu,hineor recigd hhs t inlahe pins. lo orok fsh suninine p theicacif hwnortalest e l thinway to so rnutheif cala.orni aysund, ndsuay, lngooki aort me co reigrd hhsak m tingheir way in tohe tat grees lak. ci panofic esrthwokt loweing t ai agn. ns su thineghhrou g the ulfascot, on into the rtnot,heasew n en d,glann dow onnt io xates. hey, wabhat out the os?scar y,sunnht ligds win t foredhe r rp caet. af ooternign hemh ttuperabore aut d 76esegre. l >>egas vas? >> i nots n las.vega
9:33 am
'sthat wha >> agiad cedlean her hands and >> now atwh? >>da gia hasan cleed her s.hand er evngythi is lwe'l be minakgis f-h -ac bok t u yogu ys. >> ha tunt soelds dusicio. an thalks, . > >>, wellared hisris o onef th ose mtog recblnizaace fnes i ll hod,ywoopp angeari o in ver80 le teonvisiws sho andms filve or th oue c orsef his ca. reer e >> w shaveano my vofas,rite so he here te y ar3 in 2ndsecos. >> best and the finest. im>> tesre a t.tigh >> onco-catspiror. >> nt gen,lemet' thaots n ceacabpt. le i>> >> looking for inghsi t. b>>the wi,0 10000. >> s it'. safe t'>> imes ti. y >>elou t.l me
9:34 am
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9:35 am
yo u , know -it'sm'- sangs lauage in p the, lays rit'sy eall be fuautil. ai kwti poeutc, bo als hveryuman an ryd vech ri. 's itll rean y fuorto w k on usbecaere evghy niu t yogo de aepereend dyoper.ndu e. up t'>> iots gbe to fu n,ha ttr you ownwife, amy gamadin,la p ys syour tagewife. 'swhat itlike? >> my a and ior w tkingheogetr n.agai idwe dla a p cy aeouplea yrs ago wi heth tam se ougrp, a new group th r,eate andot g to knowco stt li el tott,heis arttic ctdireor. he sk aed if we wdanteo t do "b d uried"chilet tog ahernd w e id sa, sure. 's itat gre wngorkiog trethe ca be wusehae s wrehate' wre do actndss a it's n. fu y >>etou m t on hestage? w >> meetng doi a ayplah, ye. arrehesal19 in 81. asit w aig bcl cire of -- se rcmicifle o seats. th waere ns aty empha cexir nt to me . e sh was.late evi ner seen t whisoman rebefo. sh e wdalkero aundve edyrybo and dsat nownext to me.
9:36 am
on . l my inewas, i liker you cksos. th asat w theig bgest g.thin >>ha tst wa it. >> yeah. >> ss claic uppick .line iki loue yr i thinkhe wnou y're ed isharr, w itorkste bet trhanf i thet res u ofs say, ie likou yr socks. we at wched the mgeonta ofli cps yfromour ca.reer wa i s going tghhrouou yr dbim .page it h'sard tok pic a fatevori. 't"donep sle do sn't oleephen tck roy, b the wa y. >> or sry to cut you f.of i wedatch "aopoll 13" soan my me tihes, t vcr e.brok i at wched itnd a unrewotd i over an dover. si'mtillbs odesseh wit it. >> odgo. d >>nyo af ose thoje proctsum jp ou t? >> "pckollo," ior wkedn ot ifor syear andec dir ttedhe g.thin tfirse timir i dd ectelma fi. w ityas mba by.
9:37 am
howe stt i in 9,'9 i k.thin i' rom pudth of at. d antheth beeoven film,t i awas re calllhageenor f me,or wking wi th myd goo fenrid anholld. t noan mopy pelee hav seen the lm fiut b i feltd goobo ahaut wt di i id int. >> 'v youe hn ad aedincr ible ercare i andont cestinu t onhe st age. "b durie child" ise hern iew n rk yoou thrprgh ail 3rd. greato t seeyou, ed ha. rris >>ha tnks b for heing ere. a itl w giadan ith souea bch there's only one egg that just tastes better. fsosh frem roe fath.rm delicious. lyongg one eh mo witrere gnuat n.tritio .. tlike 4orimes mtamie vin d tand 10orimes mvie n tamie. an 25d ss% le saturated fat. ly oon ened gg googh fenouor ilmy famy. be uscay e whvehain ordyar enwh c you hanthave bee st. d'egglan.s best the only egg that gives you so much more: erbett. taste be nuttteronriti.
9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
m, mm aiyoplt. >> co welme to tosday'd foo ed n,itioha we ve giada de ur laisenti. 'r weowe dtn ahe tou sthch bea afoodinnd weti fesval. >> m howanyea yavrs hu e yo been gdoinis th? a>>utbo5 1s year now. 'm>> i at11,ht rig hibend you. >> t wha shfi? >>ou yan cse u any whisitefh, sn r,appe f anyitle fedish. we m'regixin upan cubnd asa .lt we're going to put it over the shfi. it l'lti s lckeik ,that added fl , avor okindddf as a leittl ca earibbn -- l >>ike a >> tlexacy. ha>> w t is?this >> qu. inoa >> you pblrobaaty eui q noa. d>> io. little l >>eittlds see i andt coats it. u yout pt i ien thot h oil. re>> gat . idea t>> i cresackl,ik lave h ringice ff puns ohe t oue.tsid anicend pycris. ut glen free ands doe .that
9:43 am
wh thile at cooks, iak me a lelitt salad ofpe gratsfrui. ai agn, nice and t.ligh ieg sment if efgrap.ruit eei pl it, l iike showedou y rl ea aier, tndhen youme segnt it . >> l howong do youk coo each si de? >> en depnds o the icths.knes th neis o is tsohin ba probly th miree s.nute >>. cool >> i add kickf o spesic. rehen i miami. lt sa and ntcilaro. >> er vy nice. >> i mix atll geto.ther jnow, tust ao addit ltle o bitf ju iice,al usuakly te grapefruit and go over the top. it 'sre ptty and works ni.cely oc avado, smash it. t we tookheit p out rleaier. li meicjue. ze st,,saltix m itog trethe and do.this ce exoupt yd nees thi t.firs >>ig ryoht, asur be. >> em remweber ke talbod a yut,ou re weng goi to smashhe t adavoco.
9:44 am
g>>aho deand ame s oarn the tt boom. >> ea smr. he>> takn te aie pce of shfi. t >> phenut somef ohi tsn o top? ut>> phe tad salht rig on top. if w youant ,to youan c toast e thui qnoan i a n,pa dry pan, an utd p it on top. >> wow. >> tshat' it. l iove it. >> fhinis it. off agua cafres. w >>arhat oue yoi dng nitoght? >> cgominse to boe aut your pa tty. >> myat p tymelt. >> om cing tohe cck out if'm i ngvoti forou yrat p mtyelt or so emeon seel's. >> i love you. >> gonnaos ct ,ya. al n>>ieatals i cgomin down,s a sshe' dgju ing. rosca ivtria. whows kno ?more myn,ma wi,llier o n?dyla nd fi outn whe weom ccke ba. sk reinca benow s cometiskinacve.
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:49 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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