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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sldhouo d,f iur yos ist solen t.oo ne 3wse liv tyoda sttarigs rht n.ow > l>veiro fsm lae v tgas,his is wsne 3da toy. >>ch an or:dgoorn kthanu yo mso fuchorta sgrtin ryouy dahwits. u kloo ats thiea buutifliv le piecturm froh teme ca.ras in theie sks. hein tun monstaio g te havu yo with us. rfeby uar i27, c amsthriinem. ki >> i and j amyerrw bron. >>ch anor:od t aay imac bring gfortreaat we heravi herd hea a boutallek we. w>> ereath: 78st yeayerd. 8da0 toy. wit billece ni. noo d aubttbou it. we havery vem war wheater, frueby,aroe d nstoe fel lkei it, oeds i?t aslout hor frhem t ppersveecti heof tin sprgs perresve. yoanu ce se lotsf ol ceark s.ies ewf cs.loud sibaycall n ratetre. awere cenurr5tly 3 ath te ntdowownt sosudi. aspleyantlo col.
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ndami huyditmi co dngown. ombar ietersig hh. 55. wa nrmerhorts la vs.ega 53 dowowntn. hesnderndon aou ar tndhe rn,egio 44n i puahrmp. nda 5 to2n i muesqited an 60 in berould c.ity so stilli m tlde.her daner thoue y canee sh tel csoud hthatavee galner mlydove othrugh. eskios tday. iit wlle be bifautul. hshige pngakit a o 80hen ta est sifde o the veyall. uer0 7sn oh te stweids.e rlyeal nice. nyag thinheweatisr whie ts w?eek wi aillenswrt thaincomg up. wwe lillook adhea rtigh tuhrogh tto fhetirs week oaf mrch. >> aonchir: amap a hpy gal. w>> ereath: you sldhou be heweat wrise awny ay. > a>orncha: chdrge fthor ree arye fsor stome thing what nasot ilalleg. neon ma is oinpengp u after the felony cgehars angai hstim were inf dallyperopd. ande h tells uhes t arere ptylen moere p lopleikem. hi
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wyouill only seen os new 3. >>r foethree y.ars ikle? >> ssftresul. nbueveliablyt ssfresul. myi wfe,y mh creildn. it is j suststrel.sfu >>e rteporr:n iie lne mldica rimaajuana pnttie lsikeo je utsonher hson tadoro gwhe tir own o pd t anheid d. p23tlans this a h.ome eon day he got a c.all oodr. esamek weep rcubliansre we tinourog pant plnts iiz arona. >> toko my grow labs, and ptslan allnd aga lel. >e> rteporr: ardccoingo t urcot dmocuents metro fweollod hhimomeom fra a muarijsna ,tore ando nedtich tea muarij gna,ot a arse ch wrraant. 21l psantr ovee the lgali lmit nof.ine deso miternede hus mte b >>a wnglkiy mo dg,u pdllep u. danid sae thoy w suldthooy mo dg
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usbecaee h g wasgoinr cazy ecb tause rheyanp u one. m uti py m dg onihe tck bad. yar t mookoe til ja. >>e rrtpo:ero sheutsornnp sten otwa d ysina jil,15 $00 onai bl andethres day to wtaior f day nirt cou and paidn a arttoney. utbis th t ishe tg.hin olp niceever a oskedne very mpiaortnt question. aswre sosrenonl adlowe toro gw emor. nda w heas. it a isai wver. eaftnr iiejursro fm ar mtocycle ciachdent teyl adlowei hm 21 lap wntshhic ish weat ha ws earrdste. for >> in kiew as wn iennocnt ad i aswll wi tingoo go tr t.ial tbust jui lkey ma lrwyea sid, tanyghin cana hppent a t.rial >> aorncha: thta whns jo atre rnorrepo ttinghiso mg.rnin aweabre outo tho swou y a re hcent bomearurglyn i ogprs.res geimaays me mako yuan wt to epsleh wit eoneyepe on. eka wego aw, toneen cternd a yocann run. callhtaug onu sllrveie.anc cyousean te ier the.
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ame ho ofe thlk waaed ndrou and bgrawhbed eratevhe tyan wtedll a lewhie thpl peoevi linghe tre eweree slgpin. bthelurgarsed us the fliashl oghtsman srtho pnes to lookro aund. ouif yco rezgniie erthe ofs thee ecsusp cts,allme crit spopser. thatmb nuers i02 (75)3855-55. and aca lool w imansgh fiting feror hi lfes thirn moingte afr bgeint hi by aen teageiv drer. itpp hadene atm war sripsng and spr encerafte0 3:0id fray afoternon. po lice tsay whenomas wa in a crsoalswk. wnheh teee tgenarl bewhr tghou ethnt iseerticnod ani hter h. dan sheu sreffeid sfignicant inesjuri toer hea hd. andff osicere arot nur se ifhe s w millaket i. thee teenagiv drer was not mpieairnd adma redine once sne. atheenccidthu stwn dohe t eintctrse fionorve seralo hurs. dan aow gringme crir tendll wi hayove uo de ublccheking the backum bper. cr aooksreea stglince linse peslatm fro acarsutnd pting thnem ohe otarr cs. metro saidh tator meh tanee l ndhuredl psatee wret snole
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danmv de beslieve popleh toat d tnont wa toay pe rtrgisoatin sfee aret sinealghe tl p.ates iandfo yurl p aatessre n,tole sbe tureo lethe tmno kwnd amv d wlile racple temh. ia cten oull y itpp ha tenedo me asll we. m sake yureoue fil ali poce rt eporeas wll. >> and aca lol dad is hit by sonomeare cgryin a bb gun fhougt hisgh nitly w.alk igfrnihte engunconter ulnfoding n text aorc chuh in a nhorttwes nhbeigooorhd. own w hesant the poners spreblonsieau cght. efb soreoomene else gets hurt. elkyseh taoms hashe t dtaelsi. >> hirdea the vhieecl mesointh lgudo. >>e rerport:l ea cnptai and alexandere wesdnyda nghit. enviolt. >> t atphe oointfmp iact iel ft .bad nthe ike loodo trwady m leg where sneconed ot hi andai hd oobl td onath. >> reporter: drive by bb
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greg is hit tweic with ptlasic petells. ncone ie th. arm ndace on in the leg. omsy?ebod o,n i its ninoth dgeiffrent than viha rng aeal leoadd gun. ride. really want to hurt somebody. >> rertpo:er for gegrit s i srcayo th tkin he cdoul have enbe winalkg with his wife. >> you tk hinayou inre a safe einoghbdrhood, an you k ynow,ou ndae com to findu ou t yoare otn. r>>poeter:rr g egotis n tgakin anyh cs.ance >> packing a gun, no problem. >>po rerrte:ow nr peotictng hseim alfs heo pdsunhe t pavement. >> i wishth eyo wuld geta ct.ugh >>e rteporelr: wl,f iu yo are aa ffn o tvhe te sries break d.enba ether s istomeghin c tokhecu ot ate thmobu mm.seu vunedeil newr bngeakiad b ibexheit yrdsteaye friatung llyeowma haztu sitor wny br bian nscraton. antd ie freatuhrs tasee ga msks and au rbberp a uronsed inhe t
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ecchtk iu ott ahe tob mu mumse open s ofneveys da ak. wee danpe hapgninay tod. ofne oe tht mosor colfulce ras fo ther yeain takgce pla in dtoownlwn asga ves. andrt paanicipits tnhe 5kor col run hit withor col peowdr eyver kmeiloter. thaley ctl i hiappest 5k ronun the pelant. ivdrbeers w a oaref culos.res psart l ofas vsegaul boreva adnd fonremt setreilt wlcl be dose omfrrl eaoy mgrnin to 1:00 p.m. uyon cand fi more irnfoiomatn on ethor coln ru ons3 newcolv.m. j cust olickhn t feind it utbton. eth time is: 6.08 loercko romr devio thegh fiutchra cedptur incausg ai ftoresrm. hewt re ienhappned ahyd wre the ois more te thor stham tnha wt youee s. splue, dadly ch.ras onmpeth ivll loes lftst aer a f rireeeesr conash he tr fayeew. u llte youha wte ld tohi ts
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sy tathwi nc>> a ghor:moood g.rnin cwel bome.ack etil is:1 60. hosg ckineovid of ao lrckeoo rm b irawlan snn aiotons ia cgusin oa scialed miai fstremor this moinrng. aphnepetwd weo eks ago, after the learg sretudntov prdoke alsm olerntne ihro tgowin a unp acht him. anmyu oagtreda sgyinhe tc shool trdis sictlhouod dme songthi ouabtu binllyng ie thho scol. solchost ditricok spie wth ccoaahes het tho scol and let emthw knoat thi fghtsik lhie ts lwilt no bele toeratd. wnoordet whher thest intiigang student was pniudshe. >> aonch ar:nd at lteashr, tee read dearafte a fiery chras on los alngees areaee fr.way sraevetl orhes are hurt in the pip.le u nda ate l oast,neem sir t aucknd evs ceralarse wren ivevold. danuc trak cughti freft aerhe t
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anlld aou southbnda l onesfh te rsinteetate fivee fr wwayere closedo frev seral hours. ftaheer t w.reck dan ary sca ride home fonor e tustdener aft a crash nlyear ntse s aolcho bus o aver hidllsie ine pylnnsivana. kloo ats. thi olp sice tayhe drriven aned o lemiddho sctol sntudere we on rdboae thu bsh went i cedrash toin the grauard nilearn iadian owtp.nshi t shey tayrhe drivee wnto tak me a trighd-hann tur w hhene sjmiedudg it. hihet tar guildra. sitent et tengerier ov thege ed. thuankfnolly onert hu. owt truck wase abl tofe saly rveemo thes. bu peolic sayci intdenas wre puly anc adeci.nt daniv drier w nllot beha c.rged >> and your weekend morning spotss iupex nt. state high school basketball troumnatenon cnutisen atwd o calo tlmseaoo tk heom big wins lasti nt ghinen ro. ew hveahe ti hlghhigth ad.ea m oanysf uve ha dones. thi lngockiur yoys ke in the car. cumonsr ereports explains how uyoan c get out of thatam jh wen
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ndang rif oon horr wliestngt sar daaom cle i ts inheu binildg.
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chmat tniohtg. a>>ornchlc: webaome ck veenryoe. uyoe ar f in tor atreaca beuse ryjer has ary veod gows ner fo ynou ie t ormshf teae w.ther s.get twha y canouy? sa phincur yof.sel it f isarebruy. ono d aubttbou it. byout nu cae, se weve ha t.eas andiwe wall hveo cspioum atsoun ouf snenshida toy. iit well be vry,er vyar wm. rcurlyentdo 58 nwn o thetr sip.
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obarermetwn doi a bthi tsur ho. ergenallyig hh. cbrakenl enteme,arya estid se, lvaley. wbutinds arelm ca. 5andgr0 de reestigh one th buttonst weesid ates wtch te cleharn stoandhe t5. 21 pair.ort usexcee m3, 5 ine hsondern. teupdan evegli on our xceuslvei wlytheauer bgwo netrk. mtaounine sag58. 49ru pahmp. 52 muesq.ite 5o2 munt clharnesto leodg a5nd 9 n ideboul cr.ity wek looou arnd the roegin. 54 ociffi allyat the aoirprt. aound yn ca see 46, wayp un i inw mteraocc and salt lake. nda o 43 iveritn cy of alsnge. biig prectu l isow purresse. yerer the. yoanu ce se the unco-cterkwlocsise wwirlith cloo utbt i sayts north. we hvea a few cdslou ziippng rothugh. iow sh yed touehos t athep toof eth bdroat.cas t buwe are in shunsine tyoda. ewfou clds onver.ight
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igh ths,odayll wet le me get out heof t way. danok lo at tehes besabi. earllyce ni. 1 8elak mead tort oveon. p78umahrp. d an i77on beruld city. veogrnioht lrews at noat th bad. oucl wdsill pirov sdeome iatnsul.ion cerools, aay alws over iyen n cy.ount i37an pmphru. nda52 n ild boiter cy. yoau cann h tdle.hat enevy wa up i innndiari spngs it ss taythin e. 40s s fo 80nor aft aoernonh. hig seastide. ti,hinkmm suierln,e widstse, eupprs. 70 c yanouan hdleha tt? mward anry d,un snyo cionditns. hligtin wds. t abou65,:0 90m. a. aby erlyf anoter on,76. and 78 ase wea hdow ttard hat 05:3un sset. eaftonrnoh hig of0. 8 mnorsal i 46. we shouldta sy th soseay nabl wcool aith mix of csloud andar sts. yoif reu ad heato up e th mountains. .60 t75 a redck ro. andouif y h areieadngou arond t thegi reon,tt ge aingknrl eay st fart sorkiip tr.
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yverod go. bsnow dirdoing well up in va.lley andi serraoi dngel wl. mmamothig fureot ls ofno sw in rasier. t81 ae tha lke. syunn andea pltsanh witgh lit dswin. hitss ih teve sden-ayec for.ast i w millovede asiou. yn cake ta oka lo atat th. oolk atis th. digestt. i iitso see swt. oalmstd e.ible 709, 8gr de.ees y81 bdn weayesd. fewee brzes onur thysda. wiloll bw d usown tod mis 70 byid fray. bugt, aain, wayov aberm noal thhroug touthen etirere focast poderi. aand as imyi sang m onyit twter aunccot,ri che,stinch marmi cong inke li aa l.mb >>n ar:choy mos gh,o lgokin at ertempesatur f inarebruyn ad cmarh. dwonulerf. th alis hwaysenapphes wun yo inare au h.rry hitos mgertgam kiag wnerea tms wupithxp e ertsathe tns corume rrtepoo s t ygetuou oft o am ja ewhoun yee nd itst mo. >>e rteporr:ka oy. t mossof ua h dveone it. esomno do ant wot tmi adt. it
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ofyo ura cyor, reu aot nl aone. ffarrom it. aaats gell ca s 4limil tonsime ey ver oyearfo snemeong doi this. anhd tsat'f hal all miione mor t thanheyw sa aw feryeaso agby ethy. wa danl, welns corumepo re hrtsave soime tnps oo hw toic qukly and selaf gyteou yac bk o tnhe road. bgein in a hursez one of the cmoreonomm roeasnst thaa cr keys endin up theng wroc plae tatheon wrgme ti. >> in a panic, in a rshu, nto twantoing be late. m>> cyar rngunnid an i ldocke dthesoor byi mkesta. >>e rtepordr: oo nt p.anic lafot oas g sontatis can help. iklwe oner alexer fndnaz.e lainftes aa bonllond al sngippi a hlong ook tintoeh door to lounitck , h heas aod goco rerd ofsc reguinys ke. >> 99 percent of the time we can. >> repoterhar: wft i you are lo ockeduti wtthou a gasat stion bynear? ftor serarts,in thkou abtr you styafe. > >yodo uin thuk yo are in
6:19 am
call. 911 pceoliy mae abl tolo unck it. oinr fomd s eonetthall wi. >>po rerrte y: ifreou a in a ssafepot. tadvke ataange of aaar o any free rsoadide astssi pancerrogam uyo maya hve. >> call aingo te scervi btu mkea se ureytha h tve eheuiqmeptno t uocnl kethar c. k ieepin myond wuillr pblobay e havto payor ft i yeloursf. i>>ot cste m1 $25, and aboutn a honur a hd aalfe latfor work. >>e rteporr: cidonsier hrghe stechtolu.ions eykd path wi ade come cos on omse models of fo,rd loincln and rcmey,urnd a tenh areldya lkoc out srveceiske li's gm onr sta thatst co0 $20 ar. yea anald cl 8 an00mb nuer and ectichnnia ciclkspe onhe to dor for you. rtheree ao alsp ap lthatet you enop the carh wit y pourehon. cofseourt than' workt wo if the nepho is in the car with the yske. avhing an extra key made may eesldm o solcho bitut iris ted danr tue. lsaouo y can gneet o ofe th cdis mreet betal toxesot ahtac
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ewhel. nda stash anx etrae kyn i a etwall oru p.rse smake uresit i notn ih tea cr. aand hve aoo gdr fdiene kepn a few ideas. mkine wagner, ws. 3 >> aornch:om seoo gd iactesvitie, because wn kitow dcoulpp haoen tn ayf os. u ihandvt oer to randy for ormgninpo srts utepda. r>>repo ater:ll rt.igh ti was c alean speweeur sornthe evnada solchos, b othboys and girlss gigonemi sena fill bsack estatmp chashionips unp ien ro. aslti ntgh. wodul have four schools ceelabr steteta championships. foreman leading for the title. taking on cugorsa,ar elyn. o right of off the break. o' orgn,ma out quickly. and more, from the big man. this time holland.
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time out. settle down a bit. gales too strong. tyhein w by0. 2 5th strahtigte statl tie. thiser aftn,noork clal wilke ta oner destne pisd phosiivi aon i hacompiipnsh up inno re. hatht sdoul be a gtrea g.ame and asdleonly ral l.ost thoey d not andvace. mlsetaay plr fo ate stale tit isthte afonrnop u i rnineesy. glirs division i. centennial 31-1 ranked fourth in the poll. taking on liberty. liberty down 4-14.9 and 22-point deficit. centennial a machine this year. and off the ms,is jefferson there for cleanp. u corangtulations to lady bull dogs. winner of the stateit te.l fiin tshp ovefihi ts yr eain steatol pl wthiha tt cmhaonpiipsh tphroy. irgsl disivnio i ata steem si infl.a
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taking on fallon. she gets two of the game high two. scott ahead to harris. ftaer the steal. an easy rush. gzriiezls. rrhais later. she goes all the way on the fast break. she had 23 points. prsing veally w.ins danat ste on -- ksleyus bh,tl ataanlo kiong for heto pem pole for sunday. of fastest on teh tacrk. sonec fdstastear c is older btror.he kurt bshu.
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afrte a o ne,twoi fsniho fr hebrotrs. ylkaes cdr di notas ps nsitpec.ion so kurt gets pole foru sandy acre. next toc mrmuy.ra danyl keas ho tt st arin the bkacf ohe t pack. nerumb i 43nmo to'srrowce ra. lalgh rit. tthal wil do it foror spts. baock t. you n>> ar:chonk thau yond ray. ecs yond iearn aw, rog rin of hronoeb celesrat itsni ansverary hen re ilasga ves. wthiseeekllnd a f theitavore sstar aree hre forth 14 nansaiverry. aoind j uninghis tsrn mo ingis adamle co. formerng ri of hronorl wod cpihamon. th yankfou oor jngini us. t>> khan f youora hg vinme. >>ho ancir: ve ha tove gi you recyodit reu wegh figtinst la hnigt. otg h anour ofee sld p an ihes h uerendp arl eay. > > maybe aon hanur d a h.alf buat h tppy boe h.ere oiggng a tainhtonig. a>>ornch s:o yeestrday was olsutd o >t > iwas. >>ch an tor:alk atbou t allhe tiacesviti. eth cd.row ian me m hustaveen be etixcing. >in> rfg o honor been androu 14 aryes. th14ni ansverarynt eve. regat.
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ndaer evdyybo was eedxcit. i clhaldenge for world hacnsmpio lhip nast.ight utunforlynateid i d not walk ayaw as werinn. utbig tonnht o ringf o honor tv bmayne aeroth oni dn't kow. ocltk ip u ovn t. >> aonchwer: ll wi rfooot r ouy. t>>k hanyou. >>ch an sor:tomeghin ueniqu hiteas yrs ih tyoat au hve new eatm. pajan? >> yeah. rwe aei rngf oo hnorr wliestng buta perrtnp ui wthe nwa jpan pror wliest angndu nr mbeone cnyompa ina jpany ba fr. msoanyo sldut oh sowsll a osacrhs toe cyuntrr fom the in n.japa hetomm c oingvero ts ura fo us tand ieaman co tergethr cseate ae mgaho sw. i thes ryallit exc singyohow u nocaneet sn areywhel eseut b ngri ofo hnor. vso ta tgpeinil wl bex eincitg. d kinikof lnce oe in aif leetim oropptytuni forr wliestanng fs. >>ho ancllr: abo autei bng e,ther ande fngelihe tn eyerg yoand reu aa sg yinrethe are lstilew a fic tketsut oer the. >>ea yh, and ha.ful iso uf yoe hav aan chceab gr the ktic.ets ythee ar thoteickt. band teingeherve lie, seing it tonndv ay- pa-per iviews exncitig.
6:25 am
th tat'sheng rif ono hor peexncrieue yonn ca pot aut prtaice gn o. th'sat the btig g.hin n>> ar:chot wha ist ib aout oringof hnorha ttt ss icktoo yu as ar werestl. >> ihi tnke dtefinilyhe tr cowd rainten.ctio aoureudi inceso mrea pnassiote tanhan y fans. jnotustro pre wnstliutg bn i sp oortsrn eaitertntnmen i ergenal. cnehanll awiong ths. u loveo smeh ctearacr. ohates.ther sit i al b.ast esomngthi c yout annoput ari pce tan.g o n>> ar:cho youll aav heou yr oewn pnarsoylitt ouh tasere .well imakoung yiq unue. w>>hen i put myar gen oi am emoryo in aur fuce btis th ormg nini am tg ryin btoe reedferr. paerofonssial. >>ch an or:hayou ove too lk arforwnd oat thr foon t.ight >> iet g my acdisioretnuf stf toute.her >>ch anor:op pele cantc wah par-y-pe.view e>> ys. royt anghin inne ge,rald fin it on oure we,bsitat wh t isv ligsstin,y- pa-per,viewve li neveants, inythgke lit, thal al tonwhe ebsite. a>>chn eor: ivents:0 60 at 'samwns toi lve. y>>es.
6:26 am
andd gook. luc goodck lu. 6:00m' saswn to. andef hopy ullyoul wil get some lesep. >so> abelluty. a>>oncher: salverrs hout, a l.east kthan you so much. with the te imsi 6:26. aoc l daldas ip sineakg out after ac sary encounter. coming up. tell youut abo then iencidth wit oan a doot ne mssi wthhi tso
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happens if you pshush >> anchor: right now on news 3 live today. casyri satuotin. aal locth faert sho atil whe on ak. wal atwh h hetoas ay s about the pser tonthau pedll theri tgger of a bb gun. fplusngixi u itp. onehof test mong dauerosad ros sin heoutrne n.vada aweare tglkinou abt theld boer hhigway. cgomin. up w ihatins beog dne toma ket i fesar. anod rngutia vy.lle onea morn fcedo te l davelonad
6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:35 am
au gnnma stthaeerdhe t peeac in shes ptonleeophe gat tredo emremberh toseos lt. >>o wrfndeule p.rson gesreatrst peion e havve eret m iyn m l.ife my bestr f.iend >> reporter:e binnjamas w0 3. rib an, adropndo lvedoc rk imusc. hjosua 31. yagounhe fatr. itwenessys sall ae threie dd when cwooerrkt ahe taw lownmer foractay wd lkein to wkor urthdas ayd nrstated tooo sht. a>> ollf add suen pop,p, po p.po >>po rer:rtem comtyunii greves aolnd p ciceiont rnuedoune th locckes invattig.ion hthey aaveadlreny iietervwed t mosheof t siurvs.vor d anthey are still gtharieng idevcen iednsie ofhe ta fy.ctor 71h sot. pceoliy sarseed fickordse ud aass rulte ifloto y hu unthe t imvicts. nfoow rrmei grirlfend is in jail. rasa hnsopkia chdrgeit wh wikno gnglyngivi ai frmrea to viconctede f.lon cshedoula f10ce ea yrs in ponris ifo cctnvied.
6:36 am
sla wedthi a rsteairngni oerrd yb a dffireent erlx-giefrind shortlye brefoe hnt we on the shngootiee spr. thisrail of destruction soptdpe aby l poneeolicfi of tcerhat llfodowe him into thea frec tes ndat sho him toat deh. nl>> oyas reon heto spped is bauec tsethas iff oerict spoped th >> reporter: sterovs bvera,ry grfien ad an adotnrhem aiernca twno erwhe onohne thtoug w itdoul eerv happen. chrisa p.lone honesstns kaas. >>ch anor:rk mack zuererbg callsha bervio ofoe whver schcratuted o ack blaes liv tmateer mgessa onmp cosany' fusamo noes rulgn sieaturl wal desisrtfpecnul adli mauscio. heid sa ite cam one sam day faokcebote hosd aor minity sentudrt foh teca crreeru fom. myann oo sacil amedi cedheer ckzuererboog tk eomplsyeeo t ktas. heotars sidt saffs i only p2nterceac blk. annd eeegingrinud st aentt
6:37 am
that beingir hbyed e tich frms h talfhe bleatt. many new mrinoity hires face a lchagelence oney th p are oartf eth caompny. ddonalum trndp a lstateor endser new jeersy grnovehor cris hrctiis centouein tdeh atatck of arm rcobiuo on the cmpagnai tilra n oahklaom cyit. cihriestn ad tmpruen wtft aer biru ionr fton of aow crd of tsahou.nds aoklahoms ione of 12 stetas inudcl iedn serupu tayesd pry.imar d anethera wsl al ar pstoteiner hetow crd not farr fom t'srump iupodme wngari a shirt t rhatead "kkkn erdoseum trp"th wiow crd bgooin him. mtrukep ased sitcuroy tco esrt hiutm o. >> youe, se ind goold oys da, lawfo enmercentkc a qteduirk thans. thi
6:38 am
in thed goo olds dayey, thld wou rip him outt thaav he steao s asft. >>ch anor: t srumpstart rdsatuiay wth aa rllyn i arkansas followed by aal rly in nviash.lle aonnd eee wkft aoer suth olcarinate vorsnd hared tump a .win reipublcanr pryima. ist iow nhe tmo detscrarn tu. livect piuref oo a vting cinarola. erwhell pos areen opom fr0 7:0 t00 7:. p.mst ea.ern aagver--ing la hilryin clton 25nt-poid leaer ovrn beie sasnder t inhey. sa ma brgineetwendi canesdat is as dewi asll poingdi ins catewe c hould aavenn wierrt sholy teafhr tell posse clo. ofur cowese ll wiin broug y utepda assy theco bemeai avelabl tughroeh thy dad ano als on our ebwe,site anhd tisuy g do notss meth wi. jeeannie mose tllsou yat wh enhappfs iou yh pus andov she thisbo rotno eugh. andus pl, tom' hisde vioul vat
6:39 am
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rfo t t bhe b n>> a: chor gcan moodiornng. cwel bomeack. noit noce t byull a r.obot peslleciay a new vioersntt geing r ravewsevie forb aieilits. engee rsporth wyt ia hod t get keponded aov shned ade tasedo t hosw o tfffhe ats. >t> i a is ww!oom mt.en rfoo rbota fnsnd a iesmprsive vnewiersfon oe tht alaso rbot nvueeild. a wndatht sleas thee lim lt?igh obrot ae.bus >t > i iisrnteinestg that meaa ricis bnooig rsobot that eop cpleanul bly. 1in ea00 yrsh tatc seneil wle b in thero vbotioers onf r.oots u yorsunde ttandhat?
6:42 am
tbue mlnta turorte. aby heocky sktic tteaund and asteed. t ahisfterng doih suc ae nic job. iflting bsoxe. tahke t jisob and sehov t i am touf oe no weondr atlas fans vaisulize rotboe rgevenc srienaos. ahind t ns isothe tir fstim te. lyhighe rdegardob rote dsign omcpanyo bstony dcsnami has tmisteread ar cioeatn. >>he tore yu ae.r it is ao rbot. >> actually trehe is a prfectely oogead rfson orhi ts robotb aeus buase. mwhenost rtsobo fall down. they cannot get back up. het oyenfta h vebeto ciarred o fffro wbuthenhe tew n atlas was forced toac fel p.ant
6:43 am
andl aouthgh ittu slemb tsrohhug ethn sowi lkei bgo fotev ner elosas bcelann on uevener tn.rai t'thas a veryig bea dl. enve i ofen cmmonteerot ned lksooke lie mo cmingom her fom bthearas lti nght. tlefu yoh tinkn eeeginrsre a rubtalu besllia lgckinny aen sse ofu h.mor thais wass lte yar'shr caistms egregtinm froo bnsto damyns.ic evenf i tirheob rs otrea not uglanhialg lhe ta wy. jnieaneo m,se c nn,newrk yo. >>ho ancthr: at is a stigh to s ree,tigh? well, the t imeis 6:44. and your winning ways helping your flamiyld bui a sngtro oufdanontio ptsieivi fetn assdn health. how one group tackles tough issues and hoping to change the ulcetur y ofouthp ss.ort aahend iid veoa vult. reftmonre stet beeforhe t eiexpernce. whene terenag wsdoull foat tughroheh t cari wsndownt uil icasnosan wtedom snethiget bter
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>>ch anwor: meelcok. bac insirclar bcaoadsta lheuncd a tparshnerip. hyoelp aur fymilui bld a nfouondatir foi limfetfe o nefitndss ae h.alth bwegrino tergethad leers in rspoets rrcseandh are tnatmeot t dguie you onv ehierytngr fom trngaini to niutrtion to iienjurds ane r.hab ithiss cynthia gold with your winning ways. >>e rrtpo:erp stsor can play off in huge dividends and build teamwork, character, confidence and few collegeho scshlar.ips doner >>ju ins.rie sommetiures bun ot. bmayeae hfrd oat th. iitsst jusu unistalenab theandehndds ape extcta aionre
6:47 am
>>po rerrte:ch miaelrg beeron caro-shedym olpicmi comette cosunsen osnth youpa apusrat dloeventpme. it was aut oowgrh tof theor wk. wi othhorticpedu snrgeoe lemac fo iund go the organization. they are tackling the tough issues with a core group of internationally recognized leaders. all advocates for sports working to change the doialgue. > >awe hve a very veulnlerab opptula tion,he yhout, bgein nama agedond cedachy b pleope ath mtaye b citommted and nteihusicastd anin dog it for htrigas reonst buthey are not quialifed. ourporesilnsibsity with youth rtspo ts ofhe aimer icasots n justuc ed tatehe pntare bsut due tcatehe cesoach to eucdeat the sport governing bieods. >> rpoeerrtt: hey will provide information and a patlorf tmo implementsd i consensus. guidelines make sports healthier and more sustainable with a
6:48 am
otanr hegoal to make athletics more inclusive. too many kids dropping out or burning out with emphasis on playing on setpor. e>> l nt'sotr tyo t makeh tem rsupear sts 1at 1 o12r but think about what could happen later on. >> reporter: he hopes to change the culture of ythou possrt mkia ingt less media and dualt > > hweave to ictmpa and aesddrs vee sryetak heoldr ivenvold. hat at'sug h teskaut b ksid are counting on us. >> reporter: for your winning w, aysim ath cyniauh gol. >> aonchr:ck cheh witryjer rob fwn aor l aookt the refoscat. hie jyrr. >> weather: lokongip sdilend. clouds down zippingf of. atheyreo gne. theye wnt. -bgoodye. yoand anu cee su cntrreely wre a erpuch ot ath tet srip w -nwesthwort bestzeree at 3smile hanour.
6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
re rd ock75. a60nd t atodhe lge with a ltigh reb.eze datown theak lece ni. a1 nd 8edegres. wandsinde ar not aob prlem for beroat. hetoy w bulde onht lig s.ide 08ro thouughrot thuughoet th kwee. besreezow bl in tshur,dayid fray ormg.nin olco ds ustoown 7 mid b0sy dfriay. wyohen reu aol co ding towno mid 70us yoe arng doi ptrety w.ell teermpurates arebo aove nl.rma n>> ar:chost juin e ths. 50 tkhan yourr jey. wvee ha aev pr iewhaof wt to eexpctri dugn tashe eoe rse sntegmemo tow.rro ltelu yoou abnet ope scial
6:52 am
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6:55 am
>>ke ta0s 2nu mi tteseto gom fr eoneo nd tthet oher. ysgunds as girl. >> rrepo: terlasas veg veonrsi aofanmeric gitraffi. an>> w rt toideou arnd wthie m? >> reporter: the placea jm acp akednd guys rinunng beeetwn hetrs ca and jinumpg the cars itw ghs.irl ndaa whvet ha you. wed hamore fun. >> rrepoter: csruiing tseen ndid botgrinsh ca to the ascinos so shown rtiendionf o ropedposer expeienc foremnt. -d3 otsbjech wziizgnv oaderhe. dowowntopn presertild sond a on epsbtem, er 74199me tir fo the lasti rde. itwh al cicassa cren evt. it>> s isad nreveo dhi ts iagan. utbat wh au tutrno. t wha ga greatprouf oe pe.opl sthi isw ae.esom hwitan a bg. >> rteeporr:r ftemont setre experience opened one piecate a teimn iat le9 1.95 b sutnciea dony ae qesuonti
6:56 am
magenaenm otf a pbluict setre. >> eight hotel groups pay fro $7i0 mnlliope exnrierece a a rtpa t ofhero gup. tnowithe cyel tls mehe tr gound eundher tst treell stie bslong otbl pu bicutv etheryingov abe itn aoud artnd i isnt colroled byh tnae maengemrt g.oup einaxch fngeore hglpin toy pa rfohe tro p,jectey thre a tenditle tool hdpr teivav etens inh which t cey kaneepo yu out. >>n ar:chot thaa woms ta hwley orrep.ting moree rtlcenoy, fo ce,urs rocontsveroy abute prmrfoersn o theu pblic ststree. orwnth g otinonfremxt eeperince ise fivoc bl aks sndptris i i4 mles wn ifisuftciena citpacy tonhei sdet stsreef iitas w scloed. sor foo nfw, i youan wt toee s stthe tripedurnnt io a edpiaestrn m.all htougce on aea yrn o newea yrs e.ev ithishs w wat heveao frer ho egstmeno towmorro mg.rnin cteahera srant was toac teh chenildr toa cre for oerths, but noyt bll teing themut bho swing het.m
6:57 am
atho scol to make lhunc hophosleme assd nddaing to a pamrogr ceallwod tu lnch tuesday. each mhontt sntudesri bngn a e bxtraunag lcho to de.nat m>> itapornt loessnshe tyee nd ltonear. nda t asheacerse wee nod t ondemtestrat. tha aandsd as ultsit io gfood sr u toe rbememr. ist ii se.mpl tot- geetogther. aetnd gme sobodye somnc luh omtoorrw. a>>ornchou: y w canhatc the nexto herry sto tomorrow six to 07:0.m a. f iyouno kwo semeon inur o mcomtyuniat the wntov abe and ndbeyo. pseleaar shhe tet s.ory
6:58 am
6:59 am
eseou ya bcker hemo towrro > >>d goomog.rnin edjoin t athe hip. tishoong from the lip. ar>> mubco ryoio, amur cnpaig is almo sterovdd, buy. c >> christihrisens tur akttac dog for dd onalp.trum rubio firgin back. on>> ddal pblrobay needs a lifeline after last ghnit. cheleald inis chrri ch. stie ow>> hs thi t tag ceamould pa imruct tmpn o super datuesy. il whhee tem dtiocrasic de, the
7:00 am
arhillcly ninto and be erni ersandkis tahong stts ah eac he otrs arsvote sso gto the polls in he t pmealtto e.stat > >>er h oicf.chie details autbohe tic polhie cef able toto sp a gnunma eg ndina mp raage in nskaas. arrest. andak breheing r sie.lenc je ifnn gerarner speaking out for th ire fimst te sincett sli ing bwith enflafeck. at wh h sheassa to boy aut the ynann w andhat ryeallro bke tmhe .up nd a minov agndro gg.ovin idpresobent wamaanith pr imuompter panformceur ding the e whitehousbu trite to ray lechars. hey o h e >> tvenhe firstad lyoo lked surprised. today, saturday, february 27th, 20 .16 nn>> aerouncro: fbcm n news,


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