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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am PST

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arhillcly ninto and be erni ersandkis tahong stts ah eac he otrs arsvote sso gto the polls in he t pmealtto e.stat > >>er h oicf.chie details autbohe tic polhie cef able toto sp a gnunma eg ndina mp raage in nskaas. arrest. andak breheing r sie.lenc je ifnn gerarner speaking out for th ire fimst te sincett sli ing bwith enflafeck. at wh h sheassa to boy aut the ynann w andhat ryeallro bke tmhe .up nd a minov agndro gg.ovin idpresobent wamaanith pr imuompter panformceur ding the e whitehousbu trite to ray lechars. hey o h e >> tvenhe firstad lyoo lked surprised. today, saturday, february 27th, 20 .16 nn>> aerouncro: fbcm n news,
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1a inoc rllkefeer azpla. >> el wcome to "t"oday on sa ayturdmo g.rnin m i'ca eri .hill >> ief'm jfse rosnng aloh wit n dylaerdrey andin sheelle ne jos. >> f the lirstadys ioo lking at m hi s andgayint whare aou y g?doin >> s you yaidouer w gen'toing to doisth. t >>he songe lik atth, j youust n' caott n do it. a wellta s trtedo get in on it. >> nd a demi lo avatondzo arina sh .akes >> andeo ln idbrges,er he fe edatur t onhe "t"oday .show u yo canch catha tt nitoght. > >> our ttoop shiry ts mngorni t isache re tola reprece pntside ob ama. re icpublan frurontnneral dond um trp'spa cam signgayin he will beac bk on the trailod t wayith hi ses newt ppsur.orte ne rsw jeeyov gr ernos chri stchriie. ma rurco mbioimeantes i rngampi upac attnks o the billionaire. hiarlliny cl itonsse poiord f a g bi o winn theem dtiocraidc s e in s outhlicarona. we e havl ful coverage forou y th is moinrng.
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ckja isonnas nlehviler cov ing theep rcaublins. ha ,llied goomog.rnin >>d gooinmorng. ev enug thohhe t #ntreverumps i ditrenodng toray fse tho not su tipporheng tub repnlica on frnetrunr. i hesin makgdl hea winesho is. s chririch.stie acembr tingheil bonlireai a nd ingoong he t >> ep rteor tr:etogrheod t oay n raitr p,umhe tyre aak tgin it on urto. ch s ririchiestow nut o othf e race, but backth in epo shttlig as anac attk dog foral dond um trp. m >> arcoo,rubir youpa camigns i stalmo ,over buddy. sh g owint a loof deatsperion. >> or rep tter:he esendorment of th ewe nor yk bliilaionre sngendi kshoc w tavesghhrou the blrepu ican.race i >>oo l fkrdorwa toki worng withhim. >> or rep lter: astntmoh, heas w incallgut oni carbaval s.rker >> showtime is erov, evoderyby. a weotre n ectleginn a te ennertairn if.chie
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ch ierist h canelpim hta syhe aad c ofanruz d biruo. >> se the arewo t draespete lepeop. sa i imw hac bkta sgeh wit kemaup wh herese i tgakin itit wh a tr aowelnd pnguttit i on. he wasoa skinget w and he was you know, iy onlay st i bauecse ho lynests thi isot n a idpresalentigu y. r >>teeporubr: ririo fingba ck. >>look,is chr isn aic arteulat gu y. na doeeld n lds ainifele after la st t.nigh >> or rep hter: oe'snff oense w. no ates tim gllleefuy. >>he t ma tkeup ahinginpplyg ke maroup athund use metachh acmusthe. >> or repter: nbcew ns srtuppoing th ppe suertor surpeac p srtupporuing bio. ru hobio hping aisudttites inot
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>>ou yll aav hfre ndieths kiinng ab voutgotinor f dd onalp.trum fr siendo dnot f letdsrienot ve fo onr c tiarsts. ep>> rr:orte all oisf th tr riigge snglapecutiont tha ri chris ch mstieeay bng a ling aforig hh level pioositn in a ptrum niadmitistraon. ma ybeic vese prtiden a ornettory ne geral. ch ierist is itinsisngn wheshe i ni fi,shedis her t nm aserew jsey go orvern i, go pntoteriva ac prtice and makeot a lf o y.mone >> llhaie sojackhan, tnk u.yo >> w iant ton tur tohe t de atmocrhes wodre tsay i pryrima idayn s outhlicarona. pivotal reacea lngviil hryla cl toin annder bsanie s nder with thsome tingo e.prov nb c'sri kstenke welovr cgerin e thoc demrats for i usnth sou ro ca.lina kr n,isted gooinmorng. r >>teeporjer: gff,ood mog.rnin e thol pusls jt odpenen i s outh ro ca.lina ai'mt ali polngla p icen mbcoluheia wre folks sedtart to fi leugthroh. cr seyetarnt clion has d ae oubl t digi
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no tak t aingnyes vot for an grted. se rnatode sansrs i notiv ging up. st ill slyharpus foced on s uper tuesday. hillary cltoinn andni bere nd sa tersgryin ttco careh fi at theys oteroa rst fyrida t.nigh ngmaki a sserief o s atopst rsvoted heao tthe s.poll >> 's letav he aat gre outurnt in utsoh carolina. >> theou sarth caolinma prisry i onpers iallytamporntme to . r >>teeporndr: a the draemoctic idcand aatesre senharping at s.tack hi y llartoclinitn h stingrsande on nsgu. >> weee nd toip str themm iyunit at th theon csgresed vot for, udincling my poop,nentin givg gun msaker and srselle imtymuni. >> or repter:nd a srsandein tryg to rt couti crical af n-ricaicamerotan verse her itcrediciz cln'intoans stnce o e thth deana pelty. >> my oenppontie belves inhe t h deatltpenay. i >> ep rteor tr:he tghoutes words
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ap slped theer tmer sup ed prs.ator ssomesaw a a htslig. >> w whereason crnceor fla b ck ys bot tha l areyingd dean ithe st reetec b sauseodomebosy che to ca hell tmer sup proredats. r >>teeporhir: tfts aner a ogapoly for the 1996 comments rl ea iiern the week. >> do youpo azelogi tola b ck op pele? >> or repter:nt cliond sai she wa als t akingbout dgru rtcaels. l,stilli c tntonops af n-ricaicamer bansouy dble tsdigi, lngeavie somo t wronde if de sanrs canto sp her. c >>an a draemoctican ctedida thwin e nanomi?tion >> d i ton't hinkso. th eic afrmean-anricaoa conliti is pblrobay oneth of ose mt im anportto taem dtiocrac ca atndide. >> andhi wleen sator srsandes i pi hong toar nrow the gape, her e thpastk wee he heeas bn
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wh terehee racs i cl.oser in ,fact hes iot nng goi b toe he here when tes vot come .in eainsted, hl wile bdi holng a yrall in esminnota. je ffnd a icera. >> weil w wlatch it. kr n,istenk thau. yo ldharod forisjr. aen teeness recongemss m aberndol palitic ysanalt. so ish jos ba.rrow nethe rkw yoes tim rr condespoent. go mood g.rnin >> d gooinmorng. >> ic noe tav h yeou with us. th isis chris chrtienn aemouncent ok to soan my bypr surisehe wn it po uppedp on ourho pnes st yey.erda reintegstinpe scacifillyau becse me soth of emi tergynolo u hesed d toibescre dd onalptrum in the pa .st na ive. on eb fyruar 7th, heol td awd cro hes ius j ntot theig rhter pson eto bsi pre odentef thte unid at stndes a nothe tso peren w want rseepregntin our uncotry. at wh is themp iact ofot ny onl th lie flop frop fm stchri bie,ut e thnd emeorsent withen comes to te vors. t do heycare?
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ro rnaldneagase choeo grge w. nn ke cedyhose hnjoson. avwe heon a lgis htory of .this wthattasn'he t big rpsu.rise suthe serpri s forwaome ats th ri ch gstieives hn im ainimprt of anst eshabli rmentliepubcanit wh him. t ihink mostmp intorta for stchriie,'m irr soy, trump, ri ch wstieill be anor imptant rr sueogat whiith imn thear ely esstat andne ofts aer .that ma tkingashe ce tthaub rio is t no fitbe to esprt.iden po imtrtan day for trump. >> shjo, areou y sisurprhaed tt o marcorubi g isngettior me ag sigresve. ta glkinut abo kemaup acapplition th wial donumd trp. w noom csmentut aboon daltrd ump we gttin his s.pant t is ahisma srt tcactir o is it toolate? >> d i on't.know hii ttnk i is very late. h if weasng goio t do ,this he sh hould dave tonehison mths o. ag she iin trygbe to dd onalumtrp. y whid d hean wt the fullgt lenh rr mior? it isea rlly gnundid.ifie
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formo,nthsne oth of ees cas is do tnald irumpoos t diuniegnifd. t ifhey onl way toea bt him is to acte lik m?hi n'i doowt kn. a wehrre tayee dswa aym fro su pertuy,esda it isoo t late to tmakehe ifsht. if ou y are going tot bea umtrp, yo veu ha to m hake limook small d an silly. ll caing him a conrt aist is a good neli. ll caing outmp truni uitverssy i g aood call. yo nnu caakot mee thum arg ent qthislyuick. do i thn't yinkanou cea t irt wn do t inhree days. he>> t qiouestn ishe wre was is th be?fore e th atinimandon a eonmoti and in potedat s.tack igr aitee whyo u. n'i doowt know hhi tsti scks twithrumps thiat leth in e ga me. >> ishe tnyre agthin at this po tinthat rubio orru cz can do to ak me a vemo? i >>nk thi w we kill tnowhat by hmarc 15th. theub repnslicard awaeg del ates pr tioporelonaty.
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>> youav heas tex ien th t.firs th e wrinne take if mp truin w stexas, l aot of ,thisor befee w geto tthe5 1th, u yo tsee brump aeing tbleoe mak th ase ceha tt'm i pbirohitive trfronr.unne sit ifi dif tculttoo spe. m mayou e y se moreendoemrs.ents ha>> wtut abo theoc demcrati de si? y anh pat forer be nindsas?er i >> its alchinlengg. ywhenooou lk at thete stasha tt h is aavedylrea voted, sstate athatre fabavor tleo sas.nder pe eslyciala iow andew n ha irmpshe. ifan sders was going to just at bela hilry tinalyonale, h ob prablyde needo t win hwae io 2 bypo0 .ints bohe aieut td it. hede neeod tin wew nps ham hire 30by . inth souro ca,lina he can lose bit,ut lose it by toomuch. t asaphe met gsor mile fled ,in heti con tnueso unerderp,form he ll wiot n be the minonee. >> two weeksgo a. e thry sto waser powifful nd sa persdulleff o theto vicry in ne.vada hii t tnkheir cha fman srom outh
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e them dphogra aicsnd the af n-ricaicameran pupoonlati, iebernde sanasrs his .sues i know he hasne o sgaurrote ab thout mae re srksadhe m0e 2 syearo. ag ptheathee soms te havro nar wed hein tas leet wkr o tw o. l >>otso t watch. ha frold jordndr. ah jos rrba o, k than you. bc>> n t ishela pcebe to for rsupesd tuecoay gevera. jo in lresteol ht andan savnah gu ethri of supersd tueay here at :0 100. >> he> trere a newel devntopmes in theri horfic mshass ngooti in ka .nsas the ooshster' -gexriirlfends i into cus tdyhisni morng aedccus of ginivg him the gun. nb c'ske bla mccoy is inan ksas th mois g.rnin e,blakd gooinmorng. r >>teepor r:a,ericoo gd rn moing. le st's wtartthith e -g exriirlfend. al tong,uthe atihoriesan wted to ow kn howed cric fordas w able to hgetisds hann o the guns.
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ra hep satet desk bac dedecas. cepoliw knos thini morhong w lp heed him. th wi the ksansaor wcekpla sh rootede ad,en atttion t turnso is than wom. ra sah inhopks. an ex-girlfriend who is crghaed withno klywingin givgea w tponso co tenvic fdoneled ccri ford. athe lseer uhed ts gun inis h ckatta. li poce rovecedern a -saktyle as tsaulle rife lik the one on rd foac's fkebooe pag and kgloc .22 stpiol. e th -gexriirlfendrr adeste is a erdiffentom wan thanhe t ex who le fid a raiestrningrd oer nsagaiort fdli calng him an hoalcoiol, v alentepnd dedress an dom s ieoneeen nd of draespete hopsyccalogil .help w itheas ttr resngainier ord th olat p biceveelieau c fsedord oto g t onheam rgepa and sh ngootiow crsorkend anj igurin a 14ilnd kling rethe. >> i n severeen it ngcomi.
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it out ons uand corowrske. we or wd kendhan--indhait wh ce icdr dr ceic. >> or rep ater:the til vigt las gh nit, peeopl rbeememren ree ambenjin. >> he s aaylws had a e.smil r >>teeporr: b srianskadowhoy w ve lodk rocic mus and josh eehigb. geengao d tbe rrmaied. he ea lves bdehin a ar4-ye-old so n. >> s hisason w hisrl wod. >> e h aredohid m. >> ep rteor hr:higra peis tshi rnmoginor f the cop intdeieifd as he t wnto'sic pole chief who ha tiledhefi gunre toe takhe t oo sh dter bowneefor upback vearrid. >> ed sav l aotf o velis. ep>> rr:ortee somim estatesut p th ume nberf opl peoe iensidhe t il budingeh bmeind we bet00en 2 d an0 30 athe te timf othe oo sh.ting thehe sriff saysf i theic pole fchie n did fotace that greunfi an und r in,re theld wou have be oren me atdehs. he s sayhe t serhootld wou not
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>> akble,ha tnk you. i wnngashiton e,stativ fe pe aople dreeadft aer a sinhootg agramp tehat ledo t a tense dostanff. e thus sctpe gedmaun cnleal td he sheriff's officer tyo sae h shot s hi own mifaly. th eic offered raco t theom h teo ne atgotiite wheh t nmguan. te afhrr tee urhohes, tpe susct wa olkedndut at shose himlf ri ight fnront oef thaw l fo enenrcemt enagts. a .a s.w t.t.eamer entedhe t me ho. a ivsurv aor, -y12olear-d ,girl wa sak ten te o thithospal. >> oh> jn le'snnon widow yoko oon is in the ithospal. wsheas rd ushe hfromere hom g amonrtrepos ofon uncussciond a su infferg a st.roke se anat lerai sd hisot mheras w ff sugerinm fro deathydrion. sh se ixp edecteo tbe rseelead sh y.ortl n owo tthepr oahff eect wh micheay b inub trolehi ts inmorng. o none is rhius tnghoo aldak be ,sale h buterot btom line is sm r.alle
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wa rstche andn mai esspokonpers. th eto s tckk ooalu ponnge id frosay c htingeren t osf iomillns. avwe he oalivirn stesit wh .more ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng, .jeff whenpr oahoi j wnedteigh tc wa iherston oc tber,ophe hse i theag m ficalndix ang bri her pstar towereo th b arandnd op worah muld waketeighat wscher dytren n.agai hiif ts weeks rtsesul are a e,guid the talk show queenld cou bein loserg h uctoh. >> are you ready? le st' t dohis raoph, weitgh hewatcsrs i a good sh e sugtredglor fea yrsit wher h ig weht. wh eto bterbe to theac fe oef th nation's largest diet >> ve ery te imtri ied again, er evimy t ieed tri again. asit hug broeht m to isth. ep>> rr:orte inbeoctor, hopra
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si gnkin $43 monilli ty o bu a10% ak ste. ig wehtat ws cherledoub md inore th an amonth. in arjanuhey, sut put o a eetwt. >> ov i l ed.brea ep>> rr:orteag ain, a spike. bu t on idfray,he tto sck hecrasd. ra ophak ting a nyearl $30 iomilln hit. >> he tom cnypa reporting a drop in sales as itt losor me bs suercribs. >>hopra is not a cepanaa. r >>teeporr:ei wwaght rstche ys sa the perartnships i o tffo a st rong the opportunity is huge. 2/ of3ca amerin a adults re igoverweht. coof turse,hat means co itmpetion. >> k loo s who'?back ep>> rr:orteny jenig cra and ig wehtat wscherm see out of te da. y >>anou c gete fre aspp and uryo wblearaes. yo n'u doavt ho e tgo to a inmeetrg oe hav aco ach. >> or rep yter:ou ,know foran m y of us, theus foc is more on
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inworkg oute mor andot n just un cotingor calies. th ute tr,h ishn tecyolog g ives us onsptio tock traur ots die fo frr ee. htweig weratchss doee hav their rk wo cutut o for.them n' doeet fadl b for oprah. e sht losrl neay $30 monilli ye dasteruty, b sheou bght the oc st wkithen was so p,cheahe s il stadl me l a ootfon mey oen th in mevestnt. at e thef nd othe day, shes i lstilin eatg d.brea th ieres a win.n-wi t >>shat' a win. ivol,iaha t nku.yo yl d danyere hr tashe cckhe of he tec foronast s thi rdsatuay. go mood g.rnin oo>> grnd moing. >> at eing bread? >> i'may alwsat eing bread. a were lngooki at a ryealle nic rm wa t upghhrou the ekweend. we have the b rigidgeth in e jet st reamhi pusheng td colupair indacana. wa armerroir fem th h.sout mp teureratoses mikt lelyak bre re s.cord in eaminns,polihe t oldor recd 53eg drees in .1896
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la ok homa,city 73 grdeees. enchey ne,wyg,omin .65 same for the cinarolas and new cyork sitydhoul belo cseo t 60. we are lngooki at 55 in mi kelwaue. w asoe g into ndmoay, wee ar lstil lngooki attt scaered co rerdsbe to enbrok. pe eslycialac bk tghhrou the mi tdwesh wit l st.ouisn ithe d- mi60s. li rttleock in 70s. le ra aight 59 eedegrs. d weon'te havot a lng goin o da toesy, b tidesarhe wupm , br ieezyen thrt not.heas >>heweatgor: usrgeo rdsatuay. ian mep, uper 70s to atbou d80esegre t on ehesta sdei. sunny w andarmn ady. dr w winds billegh lit. noob prlemat whvsoeer. leet mt ge out of way y soou can lo aokt arg goeouste la fuaebrry. earlyrc mah. s-devenoay fasrect,ay sting trighr nea 80ti unlut abo tdhursay. thenee br bzeslow usa bock t mid 70ys bda friy.
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cngomi inke li ab. lam nd at' thaous yres latt re fo.cast >> ladyn, th. anks wo>> thi micgan lkeawmarsce ford in a sex salcand arein facg lo feny gechars. rm foeper rntresed tod ercorss i gecharitd wh mndisco auctnd in lyg under .oath he c fould15ace rs yeaer und pr .ison othether isha crged with sc mictondu inff oice phunisbl ae f by yive iearnpr .ison wthey ierevenvoldn i a slexua af .fair toneried toer covp u by fg akin lea ma tiprosontuti anscdal. >> >om cing theoget frorhe t ut soach beodh fo w andine ivfestal ivfestal.
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wi th fenriydlom ctipetion. twegeagd along for the ride. >> co welmeac bk to i,miam al. >> ie wak up to yveou ery inmorng. >>re we'e herth in eia mmiin we d and footi fesval where iet go t be ae.judg a hard avi he toat e may way tghhrou the bus.rger al, paaplyrent, has a krille burger. i can't wait to try it. >> abrisket burger. eth gedrill cheese. 01,00 ndisla. icsl iet up. yo u're nedo. >> howoo g ids th?at is tn'ha t tthe btes one? we ee nyod vure.ot help a brother out. give us your vo. te y>>ou tnkhi ttha burger can beat that rgbuer? >> l aoiot o
7:21 am
m wee ade thnaficul t. >> s thiy is my buddal. he as h been coongki up a storm l al t.nigh >>e w tmadeophe t. ten ou>> y? did ni'motpo suptosed no kw your erburg. ve gi a meit letl tebi, al. l aeittl bbni.le mi' judging. ok .ay al , i've danied ned go to he . aven ll>> a of a su,dden a ite 47 rg buers. >> t' thas cideli ous. >> n foworhe t award fheor t st beur bger award. it goes to jersey dog. >>ht ligs f,of rtpas y' wh o didhe tte betb?r jo r al ome?
7:22 am
me tio tgoo t bed. >> d goo night, nae.tali l>> a h bas aweusy d.eken a hendal natffie o to l.a.or f the caosrs. w weill have a r oecapf all .that >> itil wl bed har toet g into a sdreser aftou yav hene be lechal wnged aithholl tse erburgs. i >>atn th is when youo g for th e o-mo.moos a ec r oapf the week's gg bi sestestori ahind taus c ght on ceram amemont. awhen sman'ke poct cchates on .fire > >> andem rember thed goo old es drs badete? we hadt thaer he ien th iostud? es gus ?what i itsxa ectlyea a yrft aerhe t sdresma dra and there isll sti
7:23 am
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t bust firs thi i > >> i andt is still to comen o "t ,"odayyl d aan sndinheleels a te inrn rnintes.
7:25 am
ha>> tst i thet las timie iecrd. ethun f we had t>> hebest. >> i'm excedito tee ss thi pi ece. yo eru wave r aingbout it in ke maup. ho rew gveat edyrybo >>ho ancoor: grnd moing. i ham cinristie km. roggwinim cr tedren to have you oud cblekhecur yoac bk berump. epdmeartfnt oor mot vclehies say roc aoks srelteaingen licse teplars faom crsan dtt pu ingto omhthe o cerars. etmairo s mdore t30han 0 peslat w sereentoll aaredy tshi yare. and dmv bveeliesop pehle tdoat tnot wan to pay rsegiiotratn eefs are lyikelea st tlinghe lap.tes yif pourtela aserto snle be urs teo let emthno kw andmv d llwipl reacehe tm. letut's owrn n to aee wkend
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rrjety iok loske li a wndofuerl keweend. ea>> w: thernd wol erfubemay yanshou souldmetatent. jabust tesoluely pctrfe. 80 degrees.
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mwar andry d ctiondi.ons > >>s what' o going hern ine? hi>> notng! >> d whos?id thi >> s idhe d! >> arli. >> tattleleta . >> thi wass an ciacnt?de >> t wi i nllerevap hn peaiagn. >> ll a s,girl weid deced toe hav mercy. >>om seng thisev ner gechan.
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ushoe" fsan wa.nt ul"frle" 20 yeaftrs aheer tgi orinalt wen t onhe omorent tha in portpsta. ou etsidn o this tusa,rday uafebr7ry 2,thom se cyhill fans t oue.ther n >>orot f .long ilit warl wm . up >> .good ttellhem atth. >> i .will gu iys, gt's toingo warm up. >> ck stiun arod. a >>aynd s w itith ami s.le >>er he is aoo lkt a heneadlis. do tnald orumphen tpa cam ign ai trl. is thim t weithis h oneim te ri cval hrisrich.stie ch ieristnn ainouncgn o fyrida he is esindorrung tmp for es prt.iden onhe toc demc rati, sidearprimy y dan ith sou roca.lina hi y llartoclinoln h hds auge ad leth in ole pvels or be erni ersands erthe. t he irex-genlfrif d othe sh roote in ari horbleam rpagen i ka nnsasower undes arrt this rn moing. po lice say ccedrid' for s ex inknow gglyaveea wponso tthe
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> >> and imanfor ftionromhe t irs inshowg ayb cer hack from 1520 isct ayualluc mhor w tsehan ig orlyinalho t.ught agthe nencyayow singac hkers ce acssede mor than0,70000 xp taayer unaccots. th ats i mthore an double tha n atwh originally tht.ough let's begin thisf halr hou wi th "the wndoadlo." nesheiislle e herhe twith the he adlines. >> from donald trump's win to e thor glailn i acspe. aherere theto s trieshat cghaut rou teatntion. >> aat hck trior fon dald trump. with his third win in aow r mi cohing ts ekwe. e that l iestn ne.vada e>> we havo tgoll a the way. >>ru tmpiv thresea ldingo t re fisworkh wit r theliepubcan tedebaad ahe of super tuy.esda >> if he htadn' innheterid $200 mi n.llio t >>oughue isssor fhe t crdemoats. >> il h claryonlintin aga pedress
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ou abert h ganoldmhs sac sp eseech. >>f iaryou oie gng to a fskor gsthinve, edyrybo sdhoule b on e the sam pnglayi fi eld. nd>> ade sanrsha cgellendut abo wh ate h isaidn .1974 >> have they done things which eyth sulhonod t havee donon ha bef lf o uthed niteesstat ve gontrnme? so ablylute. d >>yeadlth weaerip rpingos acrs the onnati. av henoy sw ien th mit.dwes b >>arlizzikd lone conditi s cr kiacng power lines. >> it is terrible. witlilet g e.wors stay meho. >> e morthan 30na tordoes aoscrs the h.sout ly>> fouing e t thwi.ndow i ad her hy ber h ankles. >>ha w dto we ?want >> protests outside fbi headquarters aspp aleis rests th dee orors tes accsn a ipneho used byne oth of e san bernardino rrtetsoris. a >>pple isil w tlingo ,help but nott i isga ainst ctousr me pr y.ivac
7:33 am
y bu ana s ackndis h cie-ttgaree odexpled in his ckpoet. th lpe curit? th the li iumion bay.tter a hhig plerofitl bate sh inak ugp theus micin rydust. sh kenda adu pro dcerr.e luk are fi ngghtih eacer othan in td ou t ofhe urcom.troo >> j audgeen died the ersing's tobid re be edleasm fro the rdreco cingacontrrot fr.m d .luke eth pdurorcehe s isng sui al nglegi slexuaau asslt. >> ys allal rglyinor f orsuppt. r.>> duk l teook tott twier ngsayiid i d note rap kesha. n oow ter out acspe. d dis thi glaoril swatoway onhe t in atternl ionae spacatstion? >> it isst autrona scott kelly ha fvingun in a glaoril suit
7:34 am
wh dereeid h get the suit? >> acme. >> no, it wenas syt bis h twin br r.othe a atnd ke minck dnonoes a me an hryilla and erbiebt , bu wthismaill ouke y a dobl doue . take >>'r youe ellen. >>co of urse ido. i' lem eld n ananwe dce. >>'s she got it down. >> e kat mnockinnoe ds aet bter nellen tha n.elle a >>ndhe t ebbis. .true >> ladyn,ow hbo a autthnoer ecch okthf seuratyda atwer?he >> ware eoo lngkit aro dhtug co itndnsion ica foliiarn. focali hrniaad ad goo run. w we seregeeinot a lf o rainnd a mo inuntaw snoch whi isti sllp u hein t ersira. li be ievert o not,e w have the ptexcelionaug drohrht toughos mt ca rnlifoia. we l wil a see cehancf on rai as owe gnt io next ekwe bend,utn i the anme,time itl wile bea rlly
7:35 am
61% ofif cala ornirundext ereme ghdrout. 38 % is the etixceponal ghdrout. we havett scaered srshowe ien th fipaciorc nstthwe fromea s ttle to laportnd. th ats ihe wre weil wl see sh soweray tod andmo to.rrow we l wilta s nyice and dry. es alpeci ily na.l. forhe t ca osrs. it is ad goo timeo t stay dry. th exe ntot srm smystes i m ooref p aicacifth norwest inthg. 1 to 3 isnche of inra. ygustds win m andaiountn owsn. pe eslycial t inhe hstighe el ioevatns. ne eext w ikendhes waln cniifora wi eell som s oeef th inra. whelseere ascros the uncotry, gsthin are t.quie c we bouldreak rdecor h fighsrom th ela pins teo th mit.dwes nn milieapos, >>at we her:eogorgus tusa.rday ei m uan,rppes 70 toou abt 80re degnes oe thst eade si. sunny w andarmn ady. dr w winds billegh lit. noob prlemat whvsoeer. leet mt ge out of way y soou can lo aokt arg goeouste la fuaebrry. earlyrc mah.
7:36 am
trighr nea 80ti unlut abo tdhursay. thenee br bzeslow usa bock t mid 70ys bda friy. baut sofe t sayt thach mar is cngomi inke li ab. lam > >> ahand tyot's atur lest fo streca. >>n,dyla anthks. up ad ahent, iciroduheng t ramise mblefen o stinm.agra whyre ase thes guy so uny?happ >> it wan tow kno ifef j hfas po edst ytannghi. t>>t'hames . >> f but nirstsaecesesry msage
7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
ac bowk n on a saturday rn moing. me ti a for leittl nd"tre"ing. fi uprst e, tht mos breizar food co atmbin.ions ff huoningtt pos cslaimhe t asere ir wedly cidelious. we av home se to try. diingic p aklesndng orae ju ice. i' m tgryin .it no ot s .much
7:40 am
>>ic pklesst firng thin ithe rn moing? >>es chee and yoma. ha>> tst i gross. ld ho on. t>>he ltas e,on ian cet g be .hind d myearen friead yrs agool td me y ifouk soa sbetrawsrrie in ls bac almigavine mr it iakest ee swndt a i its lides.ciou >>br it oingsut the tnsweeess? >> thet goahe cese and pteanu tt buers i ryeall good. y>> m dad used toak tee mo t wworkhiith m. w we sould atophet t store and t ge clahocote lkmi,al usuly ooyooh and slim msji. >> youon d'tik le isth? ha>> t mt isore for you. >>l i'lat e the pteanu erbutt.
7:41 am
fi ne then. >> ou> yem rem tberhess dreas lt ar ye? e thte whi andol gd one? on thene or -yeanianarversy, er the is a newat debe dinividg pe oopleocn sial a.medi ok lo athe t etjack. so me sayhi ts islu b aend white. rsothe sayck bla b and.rown eei sck bla and br own. s>> ilaee bck and .gold d>> it idn' seeit. we e werve tralings thi week. as tkedamhe se quties.on you have pteanuut b rteright e.ther avi hoe t t yellou bseecau i lo veyou. 76 t ofhose rndespoed say i its abluewhnd it was in thetu sdios thiee wk. w >>dihat eyd thy? sa he>> sd sait i is b alacknd e.whit s >>he't can >> iug thoht a theasddidbo syml s wack bla t and hene.whit >> ee i s blacknd a ldgo. >> ok ay.
7:42 am
bu nt o t,se %.75 r fo theth oer .side >> >in fally dato oy,ne'm ie sur a olotfhe t menan cat rele to. th eed borom of sinhoppitg wh yo ur ouspse. kchecut o the antccou mabiserle me n. sh ngoppih witie ladsnd a sb huandsti getng dedraggon alg. th aesere hyicsteral. >>he t ayre not just bored, but pisleeng. >> c yououldak te a nap. >> i'd go sheomewre . else e>> wav he k wanyeanest d ug da nhterorthas psed out dgurin r atecenpp shoing t.even w>>hereo d you shopt tha its i at th fancy? >> they't donho s wphere we . shop >>t thaotis n are sto i'm lk wa ingtoin. >> re the is aue gst .list >> shkea has aes msageor f fa.ns slet'ov m te onoin sheelle in ps po.tart
7:43 am
w >>lde to t youeghe lal beattl ke ishasnv idolve inh witr. d ke lu. e shd file fsuitllor alyeged dr nguggi andau assgltin her. gechares h nidees. e shas w ddenie annj iiounctno t kbreahe tor recding racontct. hashe ces re aivedn tpoungouri s ofrtuppo froman fs and brceles.itie snowhe ians th ekingonverye ro th tughheed mium sheno kws be st. c.musi ne>> oo,, twee thrur, fo. ,oh ion d'tw kno what ild wou do it whout you ,oh no i 't donno kw >>he t ea28-yd'r-olaws lyer po tsted ohisn twr.itte ,nexte w hbeave enli telng yo ubo aheut t "full e"hous sp finof formo.nths
7:44 am
le"fulhor use" is flyinal here. asin coue y wonder how they addr messary kate andsh aley not be thing ere. >> w ihats isth? >> ic mhelle sendser h love,ut b e' shuss by in norew yk rngunni faher n shioreempi. t >>heyad h too dso inmethg, t?righ theer siesre pedmiero tix med ewrevis. fa nswe tetedhi tngs like jesse ng si fingerorev and allf o a aw edun atky becgs sin too. m i' a ssme. on uee qnstioem r.ains onhow earth doan dnynd ase jes an hed tes rtk loo so odgo? llfinay,ll a eyes o cnhris ro sck a hets hos the 88thnn aual ac yadem aw.ards y if aourety rusn o thees bt
7:45 am
fo lks atfagondan has you ve cored. ha>> wtt's ill a ouabt? >> t' isut abo a bigall t pnerso an drt sho onpers. i nk thihe t ayreif dntfere. t >>elle mut abo the rtmaian. a >> guypp tra oed nrsma. no food. no water. no in nothg. >> whota srs in ?that >>n joh f. key.nned ut>> ce. at th s isthomeing othf em. >> i ittes cu and adleorab. >> eishe,nell th. anks 'm>> inn a boyedyes jse ospan inlook sgo .good "on savedy b the llbe." >> the wrong .show >> jesse sakapolutos. > >> up ne,xtre the iset som hing if you have modera tteveo sererh maeu atoidhrrt litise ikme,
7:46 am
ouaba bit ogol...ic this is humira. ithishus hmirapielong tre e liev pmyain d anecprotmyt nt joifrs fuom r darthe.mage this is humira helping me reach for more. dos ctorvehan beeprescribing humira foror mthane en tears y. hura wmiksoror m fy anultsad. it ar tts agend helps to block a specific srce ouof flaminonmati thatcoribunttotes mp ra sytoms. hu anmira c y lowerabilour ity htto figecti infons, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, av as hood,e bler liv and ne s syrvou pstems,roblem riouseals rgicleea rionsct, and w ne worornise ng hear fat befo treatmere gnt et teedstor t fb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certn ai fungal ctioinferens an, commo d anou'vif yd e hatb, tihepa atis b,nere pro to ioinfect,ns havorfle likeu- mpsymstor oresos. don't start humira if you have an infection. lktao yo t durtor ocd ansitvi mirahuom.c.
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thi'm foere ssr beie. thi'm foere y.r ra loted baved llseba. . dr lphil tikeso h watcbafootll. e,renn w who santsy lopponjoe th nue mery eve. day ro s sie'esmy biet frnd. elevikyn lo es te.danc ieharrantt werts hed friri shs mp a.well al anice ikne lanes vceilla icr wieam hoth ctecolaup syr andinraspbow lerinks. gtheymeive mu so acch bk. cai evn't maen i hgine ow iulcossd po giblythive haem wt gtheymeive . rn eauning telimishd cak bacon hapurcses. th aat's. win
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u yothcan wiit the cublei do sh cad. car let itu s yoasearn c h back e.twic w onceyou hen anbuy n d agai as you pay. it's h casback th asen c ah back.gain d an's athath casinback w-win. tithe cioubl dcae carshd. onthe d ly car letthatu s yocaearnk sh bace ontwicry evehapurcse 1 withen y% whuyou b% and 1 as you pay. twiths wo wayn,to ear it makes a lot of other cards seem -s oneided. > >>co welme back. y ifouve erde wonred ifst ghos rwere oealr not, askhi ts one re he. d >> hylannad aen advture inleadog tst gho adurventes. i' min uetrigd. >> d wehiid tsk bacn i beoctor. a it irsghtonit. wet weno t aow tn inal cniifora so ayme ss i had.unte w weent inhe t sicano. ba nck i 1920s, aan m wast sho an ild kledft aerus accfed o
7:49 am
i nd fou outhe t sytillay m be ta glkinbo ahaut tt mu.rder ou>> wldou yho sw yourself to n?dyla nidefi telydid. >> ee thron strgig s inalsssn le h anour isl rea for theho gst hu s.nter theyan w ttedo azenaly their id ev.ence n >>o way. >> y didou seet thack sti fi regu? ethic deve i was hngoldi for ho cursan pupick rg eneiesou y nn caeeot sr o feel. it picksp uti sck fesigur if it se n es agyener. u yo hseetow i looks l iiket is ha gnginm fro the inceilg. at th w isheret ias wor rumed wh ere sneomeo was hungth in at bu ngildi. nokejoy,, jahe t ghost hr,unte heel f at osnoe adroun his .neck its airn o the tlrave nechanl. ou>> yuy b all ?this >>0%10.
7:50 am
>> i n'cat. inc egeourave eeryonls eeo t tc wah. oni w 'tp.slee > >>h wit that, will leo falinly wi isn hst firsc ondar a w whoill t picture award and best ght?os
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
nc>> a ghor:moood g.rnin ci amsthri kineim. ginrowrg cimeen trod te havu yo dleoubec chok yacur bkmp buer. drtepa omentotf morhi vecles say cksroo areea stglinic lense lap ftes cromars andu pngtti to h oomethers. car m setroaide morn tha300at ples ewerol stlen adyreas thiar ye. and dmvie belvese p tople hatdo noant wt to paygi reatstrion f aeesreel likty sngeali the peslat. fiur yote pla aserto snle be urs teo letth em kwnond a dmv will raeplcem. the
7:56 am
wheeatorr ftecas. yjerr l itsook like ea>> w: thernd wol erfubemay jabust tesoluely pctrfe. 80 degrees. s.unny arwndm a drydi connstio. andilwe wlg han itht rigut abo 0 8rdeggiees rve oke ta agr deee tghhroud mik. wee lcooyer bk' wees. end cteourofsy e som bzreeest tha owbl inrs
7:57 am
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ot endbr fearbruary oo gd mog.rnin jo ainedhet thi p. sh tioong from the lip. donald trumpn oe thcampaign trail today. hi sew nest supporter,is chr ri ch bstieisy h desi. crdemoatsoc fused on sthou ca lironare whe i pt isryrima y. da llhiy arinclnto hgopin to kp ee her lead over bernie sanders. we are live onhe tam cigpa n trail. re binakg her silence.
8:00 am
r heub pli scitpl whiten b af ecflk. e th asccesli telng what ledo t eth lecoup b'sakreup . >> a> inderntnsth to e stars. dy nland ahe selin glengoio t wworkith cntoury superstars scra alfltsat. fr om oanrgizing tickets to helping outac bk stage and inpickpg u >> lyreal? >> weil wl seeow h the ex enpericeea r pllylayed out today, suraty,daru feb27ary th, 20 16. life is a highway i'm want to ridet i n all lightgon >> s it' ourhdbirtays. sh e's 8. i' m 60. b >>est fenri idsn nhmataatn. >> mother/daughter weekend in nyc. >> and it's my birthday. life is a highway >> wait a minute. wait a minute. we have "life is ahw higay." we e havse thoan d acingnd insingg g.alon


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