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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  February 28, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

4:30 pm
insign fg upor. inour ibcredtole segry binins 04 20h witdea festral ofudy 00 13re ext pmelyturemare in s.fant so arme p sentsaday hid no ea th grey atoeed is a rky ex meperihant tult cojud inrre o ll kiir theie babs. li dttleanreshk coo icamento wothe atrld b. 1 l o, 11z., tifighorng f l his ife. s hiermothrr sha wissaaras bely si ntx mo phsanregnent whwa he s bo rn. risharcossa i ok: mbremeheer t gh niatt then i wtot inor lab, i s wahya erstalicre w. ck i s waraaf, idwai scs edari, wa ins ho s. ck sh ylarho: biw wag hes do, ou y re mbme?er rishar hssa:ule wot d fiouin yr ha nd. ylsharor: shaftly hiter rts bih at u thersniveofity ba alatma a rmbighin, amarshssriaga edreo t en drollanresha in y studedcall po"suprt." e sh tsaysoshe hl pita tgavehe pr imonessi w sheimas sply si g gnino up t"sget rtuppo" in ngcari a forem preie. tyourhthoug, was ywhenou si tgnedaphe p ters,whhat asat w go g in htopeapn? rishar tssa:myhat w son boulde ve gie n th cbestpoare lessib and
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g beinxtas e areme ws itthas, at it ld wouok be ecay b iause had ofall s ar shshyl: d e haluno chee, s ys saat, th " theorsupptut" sdy wa tus ac aallyio natnal ex meperin nt omothe rast fgile esof tbjt su -ects00- 13 tr exemy elatpreminure s.fant itbernwia lesos alee agrd to llenro b her caby,tihrisinan, "sthe rtuppoud" staty he t same ho itsp. al rn be cita:tihrisasan wn borat 27 ks wee. sh : arylmuhow idch dwe he igh? itberne a: h1 was 9 lb, oz. he v wastiery ny. ylshare : sh asayspi hostal rk wooler tr d hestthe waudy s st juco to t llec. data itbernhea: sed askld woue i b in stteren ed istchribeian ining uda sty. th aney wtoted h useedis mical rdreco hs tobaelp ibiesen th tu fure. i and ttoldabhem tesoluthly, ey co usuld y e anrdrecoeys th nt wao ed t use. ar shdiyl: e d sh ytellheou tre wa pos a lessibk riseaof dth? itberno,a: nre thee werisno rks di sescusd. ylsharup: "s" portdsstan for
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pr reessu p and oulsetrximey ra izndomried t al." edfundh wit8 $20.iomilln tax ardollt s, ia was abcolliooratn am thong tie na ionaltunstioftes thheal t andozwo desen rhearc esbodicl, ing udin adukealnd ye iv untiersindes aic medal ho scols. arreses chergohad ntod ionentis. th lrey a keadythnew itat whout ghenouge oxyren, ps emiedcoul t gen braigedama dd orie. t bumutoo xych o tgen,cohey dul ligo bnd. th upe "s" porty studwas ar seg chinthfor eee swott sp. dr hn. joto lanhes: tst queision ha-- wvet le ol ofn xyged woulbe muopti om in trderveo sama as ny ba abiessss po wibleutitho vi haheng tvi sur bvorseecom d?blin ar shtoyl: d fin tout,nfhe iants rweremlandosiy as, gneditas wh th ipe fla of , coinitto eaher lo ygw oxroen gr up ogha hi enoxygup gro. e thy studhereactrd a aagicnd luconc -sione - thesbabith in e ohighn xygep grou mwereore li tkely bo go. lind os thlue unencky toughveo ha pbeenn ut ilothe ygw oxroen gup we orre mkee lio ly t die. en wh f thengindicas benome kwn, lasimiser re aarchd rounthe d worlhawas mltedreidstam.
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de edfend " theorsupptut" ssdy a an er expwit s tnesnsagait fa esmili u whocensucllssfuedy su r fogedamancs, ingludini berta an ard sha.riss . droslantis: th a wasdy stu th asat wl- welgndesied, uccondtoted h thestigheic ethal st rdandaits, wcoh a templely eq ad cuatentonset thawas co tenducthd wihaout g rminany ba abiesednd lan to or imptant infindatg th'nns govea sas lot of es liv. ar shonyl: rl neaery eviny pot, . draemichrol caisme desagre. he 's ntan itiernalyonal re izcognxped eonert ea resrch et ahicse t thhdwatcroog gup bl puitic c.izen at wh'ons wrthg wit wha dtheyid in s the, tudyouin yewr vi? dr ro. cathme: ree paofnts se the bi baeres wen'tot held tct exa ospurp te ofeshe rh,earc the tu naf re orethe chsear t, inerms of e howerxpeniml ta wit, asdan e thskriofs he tes rrceah. ylshardi: ado ng tthe roconty,versea resrsrchen' didt ll teen par rts akaemarfable ct t --hahey ted althred fae innts' enoxygit montoors e givefals ad re singse o thithospal
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ox rygen.ange bi ban es istthe weudy utre p on enoxygit monthors erat wgge ried to e givueuntrfa or lse inreadgs? . drmecaroat: thco is t.rrec ylshar t: in oermsinf thhags tt ve haap hneped in the past, how ba td ishis? dr ro. cai me: k thin ithiss ex eltremriy seanous oud abt as ba id astst ge. ladr. : ntoseeit so ms thame tt er the'los a st ofdecon esgungsiar, m chair quarteacrbngkian, pld inayg tcgo sharyl: the debate would be purely academic if it weren't fo er anorxtrarydinan turof ev -entste- afesr qus tionwere edraise , thrngove amentygenc at thic poltues sthdy esiics ded cwithcsriti i andd ssuea ar seining medictf nt othe go mevernednt-ldy stu. lin ar ette01in 2he3, tic offe hufor reman chsearte pronsctio rtoldrcesea thersvihey edolat rafedegul reonlatir s forminfoed co t nsenthfor faeir e ilurto sc de tribeeahe rblsonay
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olneuralogicag damnde, ath dea. dr ro. caasme we oncnia seor erleadth at fie oforce fan hum se re parchctrote.ions etthe ohicse fficinwas en essce sa tying chesentonsems fore wer hiunetcal? dr ro. caabme: tesoluly. ar shthyl: nce coofept fo "inrmed co t"nsense arom fromean anrica edtrag ty --.she uve. gontrnme's sy isphiler expt imenlaon benck m in ke tus agee,malaba19 in 32. fo yr 40, earsmethe ren we it netoher held trey wea in ud str y notetrear d fotheir ph sy. ilis o any utcr97in 1d 2 leewto n le ru s. arreses chernoare quw re tiredo lodiscisse ro ks t stestctubjes geand eit thlur voy ntarrminfoed ns co ent. stand s udie "likeorsuppust" mt ppbe ad rovethby eexics spert wh there see re iarchnds cod.ucte e thes pwereigrestious in utstit aionshend ter fedal go mevernnt. ho esw doet som lhingthike is sl asip pert evy?ybod cadr. romeat: tha is tgrea nc coofern s. our oowe latked c thentonsems for om frin 22 utstit aionshend ty
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ecprotmat hubjn su iectsisn th ud sty. dr nt. lamoos: f st oeth cr isitic nm isomot cfring om ntpareuts, bm frolaregutors iwho, on myonpinin', dot alrely un rsdendtahe tir cmscuncta oesf ygox ylsharen: wh " theorsuppt" repalents d arnet aboutrthe ue s,risk s theviurvitung sdy il ch wdrensiere arx yed.s ol twhaththougd s dihayou ve? rishar issa:s t walyreal ioemot nal. t a loryof c aing, o lotf sb dif,elieot a lhe of chartae, an end thwa it ges anr. i' m mohis oum, yw, kno i'm su tosedoto prhiect utm, b it wa mos alikst lthe i hirew tm ou heto tve wolous, yw. kno itbern wa: ingas ary. d ani ulcodn'bet e liev sthatome op pehole wed vowo , wh otookaths roto p ptecte eopld woulalactuly hido ts. th asat wd- ylshar y: ifadou hn bee ttoldhe sk rivos in alvedhand weyt th rwerey eallg goino,to dld wou
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rn be aita:utbsolnoely t. no . ar shyeyl: ert three we no ol aps.ogie eainsthed, tpp "suort" re chsearmaers bde a nold,ew ai clatm th'rts paaricully nt corsrove--ial y the tsaidhe bi baeres wtue ac ballyr etteoff r fonghavin beehein tdy stu. dr nt. lathos: ske ri ns ofot g beinhain tudt strey we co armpleabo trithe ofsks ng bei t insthat anudy rhd peevaps en hi .gher sh : arylcadr. aromes rgue'thats mp siroly w ng. . drmecaroer: the' ds nooubt at the somesbabica, bethuse ey re weth in ude stiey, d ad as re sult. sh ylaram: tid chetirismcith, e up "s" portarreses cherand na altionti inss tuteeaof hlth g duin. th auey ld nchebla puamic cnpaig of ni opieton l aterseend msting to ac atte k thceoffi h foruman se re parchctrote aionsnd pr reessu td itspo suend fo enenrcemtit acon. he>> tsa senaltionim clas of ll capeing uopleicnethural fther acdetromt fr s theuserio sc dionussit thas needccto our. cadr. : romerethe chsear
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uncommanity h,d nie havieralld ge to ttherfeo dehind ts un caethisel re, archsoand th at'pas f rt oprthe m.oble ar shtoyl: dday,anresh and ch iariste n ar nbothanine d do weing onll crisideheng tir ch ngallees. bu tht heye avnymain lrigeng he thaltr sglug, esomfr re irsporatpry leob tmsbro nai di sorders. their moms are left asking if the "support" study factors in. rn be wita:n'e dot iknowf it ul woved hape hapanned , ywayor if wa it uss cay ed b. this an 'd its ajuste gamusof jt nd wog.erin issharhesa: b wasprorn uremate, at we 25 eks. , soouwe cxpld esoect hime tngs, tobut w kno sthatotome hers co hauld eeve bevn prd,ente you kn thow, akat me es my.angr d an, so ttohe doctors or to the re chsear bers,thest i ing nca sa sy is ohameu.n yo
4:39 pm
tuthe eeskeger exptsimene, th up "s" porty studrehas edopen in pawoful aundss nd iinraisg qu onesti ts aseto whthher e pr tiotecfoons mar hustn te bj su aectsunre fntdameally edflaw. th whose o'onve cedducts thi ud std y anfethe l derarngovement arat lavge hsie bay callsaid dtheyon'tht think idey d yt an whing?rong rishar issa:' dont hosee w an cyoneayan shi notasng wng wro wi lath p ryinganussile routte bwiths.abie esbabi h whoo ad nsosay , no cechoi a, noinnythusg, jyit trng s toveurvi. sh : arylronumesuus "t"ppor se reerarchhes, tio natnal itinst outesalf her th o anih,nd th ive untyersibi of ghrmintam a ab aldeama edclin i ourvinterew re tsques. af thter ude stvey re maledore hsdeatng amoie bab ls onow ox , ygenamthe anericde acafmy o di pecsatriue isswd ne s toveurvi. re encommondati ks topreep eseemi t onpphe under eth of yge oxen cu rve. o in wther, ordsordoctous shld donot t wha"sthe rtuppo" re chseardiers hd toofalf the esbabi. il steal ah "d on mfullreeasu" -- prthe ofice p thederesincy. ethisiolectarn yel wilhebe t st moen exp isivestn hiory. we 'elll tu l yoe wherthe
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mo ney. ylsharli: pol ticah marcesmadns is ut abobe to gin. datuesoty, viners e mor athan ze doatn stiles wucl car us ocast arprimlly bainots 2 the016 idpresalentite const. so y mangadeleartes se attake at this it wn knosu as per datuesy. su tuper y esdaa has r supeepric g taelas wl. iomillf ns oardolllls wi be t spenttto a vracts.oter t scotthumfoan "edllow the
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cthatisash in comomg fr. as>> wtohing bn iskeron. >> i'fim ngghti y forou. >> ncuo ex nses,suo derrenr. sc fott:throm lee teonvisi ads amto cn paigtsevenos acres th couny tr -- >> gleod bhess tat grete sta of daneva. t:scotni runorng fsi predent is expensive -- even for a billionaire. mr. trump: i'm funding my own campaign. i'm putting in a fortune and spending a lot of money. scott: and a lot of so-called "outside" money isei b pngpeumd toinhi tcas aimp cgnleyc. at th'nes moy enspt by ga ortinizaotons thher hean t mp cas aignheof tdi co acg rdinheto ter fedal tielecomon ciomisshen, t6 201 es prtiidenanal ctedidad s anthe idoutslie pol ticapsgrou sungortim theincombaved he ra edis ny earlil$1 b slionr.o fa wi eath nharly f lf o mthatoney 5%-- 4- -mico fngm ro-csoleald sur pecspaou, idtsgre psouha tt n cappsut orndcaatidutes b are alnot welotod oo cinrde atthwi eithcar gnmpais. d ane'thers egno limal loit t e thntamouca of upsh sacer ps n cae raispeor snd. so er, wh ae ishall tnet moy co fming rom? heon toc dem'rats s--ide ll hiclary n intorahas ised
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nt ceorer fpo rese nsivtipolics. 7 $5iomill tn ofishat si outde ne mothy wi m $50onilline alo fr riom pieorita,s us s theuper pa atc thpe helt d geidpresent am ob-ea reedlect20 in 12. toits dip inalviduor don for is thct ele aion, mt $6onilli 7-- $li milison, li bilreonai il phroanth apistolnd palitic ti ac gviste eorgs.soro iebernde sanasrs hse rai5.d $94 iomill nn --y earlfrall om re diamct cn paigricontonbutis. ersands n hasgieglisuble per bapac g.ckin s hiesbiggunt ch ok ofdeutsi suisort 7 $1.iomillomn fr the io untin na nonals urseedunit. n. sede sanamrs: anericoc demracy otis npo suptosed ab be out iobillesnairin buyecg els.tion scotmot: aheng t r topliepubcans -- do tnald hrump27as $li milon fu g elinprhis enesid btialid wi 0%th 7th of onat momey cing tfromanhe ctedidase himlf.
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$1 il.8 m, lions come tfromhe su paper akc, mere amgrica eat n.agai d te hcruz10as $ll1 miion inbacks g hiaicampitgn warh nely 0 $5iomillmin corong ftsm ouide psgroucl, ing udin sfouruper tpacsshhat thare mee sae nam ep ke p theseromi. th bieir t ggesr donoisis linted pe "ocrn se aets"es th ll biirionalke wiots br, hersat $1 ll5 mi wion,adho mfoe a ertun ha>> tounk yy ver.much t:scotco mario rubnd routs ou e ththtop goree ntp corsende th wi m $77onillihi in rs wa es cht. $3 ll4 miofion se thola dolrers a om frsi outrode gups. bithe t ggesk,chun.9 $32 ll mi fion,corom vansertive tisolupaons ic --igts bgest r dono lis ay uxurdecar ialern so fluth a oridra-- bman mo artorcs. bu net moony aln'e cat anguartee nda cae idat wwillhein t mi noonnati. ju skst a b jebush. e therformri floovda gr ernofar tr oud aise oeache f ththtop ree blrepus icanarwho ile st tl inhe ce ra$1 -- il52 m wlionsoith me 18 $1li milomon cfring heom t
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ar shyl:nd all aha tnet money go. th , ot sct:ti shell aadn o"full me e"asur- - we ea rthd poe litical funny pages and talk with so omeef th ha pieste eoplmein a -rica- th lie pol ticaoocarts nistwho thsee leis en ctio gas aift. thand ese prt'idens tpusho cl guose naantamo. we' tlltoalk i oneennflutial na sewhtor veo gisis a mple
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ylshar p: atderesibant oma's slast otatee f thn,unio he fireaf armedmi comt tmen wthatas pa f rt ofihis carst gnmpaito -- e clostaguan bnamoay. th eeis we k, hunannohoced w he d woult do iwhand y. pr obes. fama:anor mary yes, it ee's bean clatr th the ntdetefaion tyciligu at naantamo y ba ndoesdvot a oanceur ti na sonalitecurity - rmunde iinest. ylshare : th iplanbls a inueprt to pe disthrse re 91niemaing de eetainhes, tt laseaof nrly wh800 veo hahe eitter enorred edexitin s 2ce2.00 heof t 3 91,ul5 wod be tr eransftored er othnt cou.ries rethe dest, edemo t tbeoo
4:48 pm
ve mo ad toil fac yity,o et tbe menan d, iunthe siteds.tate e the white housmsclaisi clong gu naantaoumo wavld h ae andded s bonuavof sbeing n twee$65 iomilld n anmi$85 n llioara ye. . presa:obampi keehing ts fa tycilin opeonis cy trarurto o lu vaes. it er unds minestour ngandi in wothe rld. it vi is aewedsts a onain our oa brreder ocordhof upg ldinthe ghhit esdastanofrds e rulof la w. sh : arylg amone thosg vyineto b e th inexte n th oovale ffic-- se ubn. rweio: n areoiot gong t os clane gumotana. do tnald: rumprewe aoi gng to loaded up with some d bas,dude li bemeeve . se run. cxpz: eitand l andet's shaveneome rrw tetsorisre the. nasesator s:nderhi i tenk w ldshout shu gdownauantnamo. hein tg lon irun,llt wip hel . us cmrs.onlint d: weon'net ed gu naantaanmo h ogingheut tre ov urer ods hea. sh : aryleswedn aday,nettory ne geloral a retth lynciftestied be cforeesongrd s anirconfmed hi t ghesdastanofrds e rulof la w. th raat trrnsfedeing eetains to lathe w.
4:49 pm
essucc isfulosn clgiing tmo ngduri s his yeven iearsn of .fice ce re, ntlypowe sitke wnah setor selindahy grwham, tso sibo on th th pre apatopri aionsrmnd aed se esrvicmi coms,ttee who aiexplwhned 'y its linot tkelyo cl noose w. ho n w cae it bpestopd? se ran. g bham:seecaugr coness t won'itlet . th ere'nos y waye ou'rg gointo br guing naantaetmo desaine si inmede a wricautithola a pn ap edprovth by nge co.ress re thare yeo,s agat i sth in e ov ffal owiice heth tsi prentde offered to help him close gitmo under one ndcoioit--n ha tt the people who are brought into the cerelyntwe, po s wkeh itnaserto li sendgry amahwh, sio ts on both united states be held unr deeth ld heef indelinitthy witrout ial, eqno rmeuiren nt ir a waetto l is prs oners go a alongeys th're erdangous. ouwe cldn'get ert tho,e, s at enthe td ofayhe de , thonly onreasnt guao anamisbay not edclosbe is e causidpresent a obamd woultenot hell tt lef me sog thin dtheyidn'wat ont t ar he. sh : arylidpresobent haama s sh town,h,hougt thaoehe dsn't
4:50 pm
n. seha graesm: y w, he.ould er thule wo nd bendo fus av blaila te toporanshert t pr erisonoms frnt guao anambay tinto.she u. c wean'mat olke ps,icie we're nommt corsandech in , iefswebut c doolontr p the sursegstrin. n'i doe t sescany ioenarre whe cothe ssngreld wouee agrfu to nd rato tr nsfeprthe erisonds an t se nup aaiew jl. e thesnoare mmt corion clsmina . eythen're coemy anmbatthts, e rd haofest h theard. yifetou lm the tout,llhey' go ck bath to ghe fi at ofcamerins ouand lir ales. ey thd neetato s jy in ail. ar shloyl: icgist, allyd coulhe emnot oupty e t thonprisor befe elhe touls y he'dos o?ne s n. seha grao.m: n ' hed thaveveo hads funmo to ve th em. ylshart : buhe'res edleas is prs onerrebefoho witelut tling u yodvin a.ance n. seha grae'm: hs trrepadiate is prs onerhito tourd cesntri not deinsi u the.s. ylsharn : cao he d wthatalith l of m? the n. seha grao,m: nre the' ws noay th e'at hs g goine to b -able- 49 e areddeemhi by s own ad stminionratibe to too erdangtoous ea relse. ylshar y: dohiou tonnk csgres ll wie tak ksomeofind ac protive ac ttionllo te n himo?ot t gsen.m:rahahi i thenk tre's go toing a be rtbipaisan
4:51 pm
tcallveo mopl peosie inhede t un siteds taten givethe itcond wionscee faou thrtghou e thd.worl er wh yeverutou pse the onpris ters,behey acomene magt fo rrr tet orisckattas. th eerta is bolk aovut mthing em to rl chan.esto i tecan oull ys, thire the'ts no sn a llowba'ans chn ce i thellhat ofany se theai det aneesre co tminge o th ibrign ch starlepeon, riod. ylsharat: thig "br" in lechar iston ss inorenat gr 'ahams ridistct. th hee oto r twntpoteial lo oncati ss toguhip naantamo is prs onerinare sa kands an lo co.rado mi cong upn ol "fulurmeas-e" - so inmeth sg isuseriounly f.ny 'wellee som s te ofdihe ealtori rt ca ioonsrenspi td byhis tielec- on -taand itlk weh on
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4:53 pm
ylsharis: thit pol sicaln easois pl g ayinliout rke atyeali tv . show er the e aradalreeay clnnr wiers in tamhe cn paighe-- tit polical ca th lie pol ticauscirc o wasn ladisp ay athe gat iringn wa gtshinon. c asigamparens afu in will sng ac trossouhe c.ntry i >>nk thiy thereare ally erclev f and aunny'nd im not ndoffeed. >>is it ny fun. t >> ilyrealiv delveers ry se s riouagmesses. ylshare : thoocarts nistwere eatrd tekelioc rstk m tolltoofs th "wae inshongt po ."st mattke worr ofli "po."tico >> s thiheis tld worie sers, rc mamah s.dnes d itnooes t t gebeany ftteror po calitirtl castoonians th
4:54 pm
ylshar:or wleker ts uoklove or shhis erouldth at rte cangooni t ofanhe ctedidas. o>>isf thsi preiadentmpl caaign isik unle any vei har eve pe exceriend. is thk weee,alonha we lld hiary inbarkkeg liog a d. th pee poan in aanirple stngarti tw a r ittewiwar onth dtrald ump. i exwas inpect sg toolee palitic ca oortstnis'ea hxpds englodi ssacro c theryount. inho pshto oopthn coe utmp, eri t pue thtlti"we rehehe til wd gsthinre a." arshyl:ne o ptren sanoke d he tupuncthres age imepa camigns d speniomillo ns tt.craf i >> at ishe cap shot. i'm sorry. at whdr to teink am. ytever ihingcus foous grped. rnbe'iebis gss is ue ihireacng ou mt toitinories. e maybouhe cakld tfee a ntw his fr eyom bonce. othisasne wll rean y furato dw. lii o ke tt painapon piter wh olotstaf deil. ini thrtk cangoonist is ill lyrealut abo d thengrawi.
4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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