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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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be inginnhg texat nt job. ase cloal clor f aas las veg n mae aftr air fe doyestris hs me hoov ghernit. go evod g,eninn thaksor foi jning us . m i' gd erarraomalh. g weot anid inse lookt a the gedama y.todand ae' wre hearing fromhe teo homrwneat th try ed p tout outhe tla fmes elhimsf. a ry stoiv l e at, 6:00wsne3's hanatn ol'neies com to use liv in alae t at valyle vi ew. 's it angmazis thieo hom wner 'wasnt hu rt. >> t.righ th fiis reap hdpeneer ovtnigh ou arnd dnmi. ight d anthe hwnomeoerai sde hwas ee slphe w inppt ha aenednd it wa eas nyr bgh neisborha tt sp edott thee firnd aen wto t his fr dont aoornd sedtartan bging on t tha dooro tke ma sure they kn ewe hw kneis h houseas w on re fi. > >> w he uokeply earis th rn mo tingoic panked ignes.hbor >> i wasle sgepinn whee som lepeope camn dowth on eoo drs an aid sed whi tnk y houreous is on fi re. >> is> hme ho on refi. ry garu spntng io acn.tio
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bgrabedy mir fe exnnteheisrnd a ietr td po iutt out. igott outut bt iasw so hot, it st dartek bac . up cklu,ilyy gar and h tiswo da eughtanrs m eageo d t ogetut lysafe. e the firt sdarte in ansi outde agstore eaar. it'sl uncearw hoit t bu for rygae , thgdamase i ir rsreve. ible '>> ieeve bnki worng onis th e hous efor pightlus ye ars. an o d thave this ha,ppen ally m dhark wort jus went upn ila fmes ralite. lly a hend tma dao ge t hthe ouse isst eteima adtut abo 0,$6. 000 th aat'sdiccorong t fire stinveorigats. bu agt ,ain for thisom hneeowr ragird, ilit's keta sgrtin from sc h,ratc onceag . ain >> t' ishe t kindf ohi thang tt ul coppd haoen tos almt an.yone th yoank o u shmuc t forhe live up e.dat timean cme,alentrl valey tmaparent binuildgau c fghtire
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wfe mo. nths th apis hdpeneus jfot bere ten. ve gas eyvallar, pk way. it o tok atbou0 60,00- - and las ve fgas airendcu res aebout5 2 teminu gs totet ier und rocontl. e thus cae is stiller und stinveioigatnnd a tfuhank lly e therwereo n riinju es. e ther nwereffo olicia deresi bnts,heut t mreavay he en beat squeredgi hanutng o in at th ilbu. ding tr meio fre refitefigh rs. ithesir fstnc it idenenhapped in tedecar inl a ta e. eonom wan kleildnd a athnoer man in reju d. e thho sgotint jusor befe two hi ts eth 2er we dreiivnghe wthn e spsutecnd ano aerthus spect re fiuld mletipnd routs a them.
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>> ne> o mani d aedndth anoe d iot onale. r >>teepor dr: d onalptrumt tha
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ra icessup serfi condentl he'l n. wi ut bhe ty roagw aon strgho sgwin inis hme ho setatll wiro pvide a bo ost he ednes. >> i think uh t irumpois gong t n wi allf o emth. bu out y keep hngoldiou yr n.ow r oupa cam pignlan isul tetimaly places. and we llwi. w hatng cha teshis raceis my itabily toi wn in ohio. >> > sorenat trued czel besiev um trcap n be atbe. u>> oamr cnpaigth is ely one on in os ponitio tea btal donumd trp oner sup datuesy. yo ntu wa to stops thimp tru n,traihe ty onl way too do s is eato bthi m on super tuy.esda r >>teepor ir: 'mt seve rtrepo. ing s tuperayuesds newil3 wl br yingou a live picolital iaspecnl o oureb wsite it sstart at0 6:0p.m.ew ns3 aalson nbcpe scialep r torthat ll wie havve lipd u aatesnd re s.sult at thll wi airn on chanelh tree be inginng at:0 7m.0 p. a tind sll d,ahea aoo l akt th eo dans d dtson'th in eoc sial
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fo r a . job ithetampornts tip youd nee to ow knou abte bforeti setpng u at thxt ne teinwrvie. d an arm wa upth in eal vley incont tuesovo mne o up. il stl ah ead. e thre ptipara bonsy our two caloatl werks paro tet g radey fo er thpc uinomg asse. on and plentyf opp otuortini tes o itakeen tha greeat w ftheraor e.caus we g'reg oinakto te aoo lkt a t fwo o tosheve ents tngakila pce is thwe deken.
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. 6:00 > >> a newt six,ou yar heis th it que enoftha, woet gsth on e te in,rnety stasn othe rninteet, d anh wity manlo empsyer tngurni heto tit digalor wld to scope ou ten pottial rehis, youte betr th tinkwiceu abot inpostg. ou r csthriinei k mhase mor on e thia socdil memia esstak you need tono kw. >> ry evebodyea lves a digit at th ege finntrprihe tse ysda. r >>teepor jr: foeoranc says alsociia medll aowsot palenti oyempl tersleo aarnot lor me tabou t youyohan igu mht . like >> c youelan tl a lot by
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im agesy the put lionne. m, umme comntshe ty're pog.stin i sotsn doea't tke awaym fro a b. jo bu tt i m baybeeha wts get you to ac lytualur secne a initervrew o a job. rdacco tingo arresech, % 45 fromhrag manersay s wngritih ne or apinprproiateme comnts as a cmostnommomm iteedia miesstak th akat tjoe bee skersut o oef th ru gnnin for a sipo.tion st poingue qnastioble osphote cam in on sectd a %.35 an avd h ningore pesenc at all n caso al be ae rdla forg f pl ems.oyer s >>o t'shere acl connusioat th ma tybeheyha cngedr oan adv ces thand eec toghnoliesin theor wk rc fonde aow h t ishatoi go ng t terela toow hou yar e. >> ha> wt canou yo do tp keer you on nelima inegi polished. be awaref o whatou y .post ouif yrup sviersors are your fr s,iend tcahey en seat thpo st yo uad me pcublind ah wat your fr siendt posen why the tag u.yo f >>ooacebnk ad ittw. ter hayou veve einrythoug t e.ther smake yureourur secityet ssting
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fr siend l can aooktnd a'r youe no t aillowng osthero tes rhearc l orookh t ingsupha tt mayme co upin yourt pas ore somgthin th apat hedpenr ove theee wkend at th maye affouct y or you have n aivegatute o look toh wo you e. ar > >> hent poios tin ldke in as a e grocat sialt neor wgkin tool to sh seowcar you letant. ri che stin kim3news. > >> o andhan t tnote, weet bter cl iackni wth j berryrownho w ve ner posts aga netiveor fsteca on hisac fkeboo gepa. i >> try to sellt iik le it is. an hd tat's eerasido to hi ts we ek. it'stibeau ful. 78 od touay, enr twirty-fayst d ov abe rmno al. wed dit not se aec r ordto. day th i winke're g toingeto s a co reird horgh f moto. rrow 'sthatt jush tein beggninf o a ce niin strfg oy vert pretys day ah ead.
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whenew nons3 cetinus. t pes momentauare bel,tifu un ylessavou hlee als.rgie th ouen yesr ey s maytee iff ditlereny. loonly f is naseovappr ed toevrelithe bohy itcwa, eteryyes andticongeson. thno oaser nllal a sergy cpraysaan at.y th whe en we breatherin all ourgensdi boctes rea by er povcirodu kng sixiney matoflamubry ss stancethat ca r use outomssymp. st mogy aller o pillscontnly rolbsone su tance. fl coonase sntrolsix.
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mpcotelell agyerel rf ie ormpincotele. yourlet s eye.decide
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d id sheo d it? a womanck loed upr foli kilng he r taat. cker th one ciovictan come dwn to gr icaphte mostiny. bu t 15 s yearatler, srtuppo ers tsayishis aas cef o jceusti de . nied isor jceustive serd? re edes tak c alose oklo. at denh i the rtdese. r >>teepor ir: t's a story she asayshend say ssom se remo. aa tilld tore hees dincribg a efbrutul leas vgasac attk. >> nd(iriscee)nibl. r >>teepor r: dbut toesahe tpe
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>>he t nre'sode evince at whersoevt thaie ts her into sthi imcre. w >> jeustse prent what we veha toaur jy andiv ge aur jy an rtoppoyunit to cidede. >> or rep: terd montay a ,11 a ec sp rialrtepoo tea lrny wh5 1 ar yes later ae datht in he erdesast hne turtod in a des pr atta ple for frm.eedo > >>k loowa forord t her rtrepo. timeanme,he t 8gr0 deee plus we ratheis thk weeht migke ma you th ofink esummr. aandt theer vy aslet,ve gi you a tl litite b s ofgprin rfeve. mm suaer few weeks away now. andh t tewoas lga ves area water pa rks and wetd ani wld at swath ll vaeyn opeed for weneek fdun on ma rch tenine. enth trighu arohend t rnco ter,hree sweekom fr eryest,day inctfa. we didpa yvi a frsit omal cun b ba gahey where t ay'readlrey tt ge ingre ady. e>> w'rert sta oingurrd thi se . ason ewe'v ciex ted. awe have t lo of newng this
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orcomft. rk pa. soou y'll bee ablo tla pyi untl o 10ck'clo w onneekellds a ro th tughheum s mer. b potharksir hing and nitraing srumme workers in ad ncvae of the season. ha tdo dblou ceckheys m elf su .mmer to t geto inri spng. >> i t see hat. ni caos almtme sllhe t croppe to ne. i tcan' wait. co me. >> y ifaou hve ate head ,pool er th ne'seao rson y coutan'um jp hin tis week. 's it rggo. eous et prty nice dato y.danmo re su hnseinn ito sre moto. rrow d weida hveud clos toy.da th iiss45 5n ieth morning. i p iutt in mo. tion th iee v fwrom sec to n. that's wrehee thi actwaon s. mi corong fem th . west 'sthat a pyrett itsn' it. 70t a ourow dwnnto udst ios. dswinlm caum, hyiditwe tpt 1%, ha t t'sorcomfetabl. d an btheetaromser i ups ahe t gerid of hprigh uressse a the
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71 ll sti down aten gre vyalle d anthe 521. at th'sed vanerg ber enelem. tary ho scol. 67 . wi jnds wustentow dn toe on mi peles hor ur. th aeseree liv daup tes. 67in hrpa.ump 72n dowi the 15 in m.prim nd a3 5 way up inne to pana. orairpt. o 72 avert theun srisean mner trighe herch whiay alwsan wted w to warmith tomherms eterand un mo'staind ege at 68 . u yo s can tee aherere pylent of . 80 e therare0s 7p u inor nth las ga ves. su lmmerand t andheak l aesnd mo inuntadg's en e i mtheid 70s d an 76s ill a she wroten down i theou srntheh hig tsle. an melewhi t athe airplane, it is fioflcialy 74. t f op othe urho. 61 n indla a i 59n nore. e'ther ss a stormmyste out in th oce ean. hayou neve o low up erth e.
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d anth anoer falrontt sysem co ming hoasreig rht now pinackg mo ristuoe t our h.nort but ahll t eeynerg isng goi to ay stth to ore nth. rthat widge dillceflete th is mo. ture so clark county willta sy dry th hrougs thi cngomi ekwe. vehowee r, w gare toingeeo s so clme . ouds u yocan see tarhey e ngcomin i omfr theol gdenar be atste. ou shonld cetinu ghtonit. wande'lle havle pntyf o su nenshi. th i einkghnou g to uives a re hcordigh moto. rrow bbutveelieor it t, noe th co reigrd hsh ino at tllhat hi gh. we ul shood d it. 41 in umpahrp. 50me in tesquid , an34 in li cae.ent and4 6n ier riv in la yoff hllaugin. pr metty uchssacro theoa brd .76 an d berould tyci, umpahrp. th eke limm iatediare mine nah. inpush0g 6 t athatou mnt ar cholestn. an 0d 7s as wed heaar towds nc li olnuncoty. 54it wheh t pinassglo cudsnd a as selyonabd milau becse our
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soor f a lot ofou twchdobon ave th e ,normus phing0 8h wit the co re yrd,ou got toem rember on brferyua9 2,thor recdsly on hanen ovece ery four s.year b 76 iackn 72. re he we ,gohe cck out oef th fo asrect for tomorrow and you n cae se0, wet urn i t ndarou atoo n ant5 7pa a. irf o nssevet a:0 5.m0 p. a ay 7-d refot.cas goi'm toing ed deicats thine o to youragird. give or keta,1 8 n osdthuray. so rlutherey bezelo bwing . in wandooe c olff teo th mid 70s ov heer t eweeknd. d ans it'll sti a l wongay f.of ewe'rk talingh wat theng rae e,ther 75 a-82, lot ofpl peoe li tke i leik . that >> who esdot.n' >> >eagr t. llari anthyok u. ap iaprecte th. at >> h>eern ieth toy,da iwat s th e auannl scale, thiwas s the
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soasatciion in nevada. this videoro pdevid byqu maree velas gas a group of short and ngloer-t cmear faliciesti. rtheiar ceretaks ptiarpaciedtn i e thndfi. and this year, more than 600 people all together risegreted for the event. theyxp ecte toai rsee morthan ,0$20000or f theri amecang lun as atsoci. ion t vehe orallin wner this man, ea44-ydr-olho scovol lef o new yo rk. slove tie for 108li fghts55 14 sstepth of seustrater sph weith 77 mesinutd an 22 cose. nds
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th exa ecta sme >> > all t,righft aerti waing st yey'erdasfi xynitri seesay r om fr attlanaro fem thol pe tiposi kon,yle bush wldoua h ave ttli bleitig brge challenge. the carou wld flai ipensictono s
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while curt was othn e road in atntla. a heta sedrthi ty-rtntnihf ohe t isth one. there's kirt and tthaon merst ka ltch he had . 62 ikle 7-14reheom ces kyle. and kyle made a spot. then he was rniun jngtuseh bdin ji ymmoh jnson lngeadiin ve or me tin whe h head ata resrt and ji mmy johnsonn oethac bktr sip tr gyin h tooldff o kyle . bush d anat thps sto t rheacef oyl ke wh o finished third. n carei llcocte whoin fdishe ur foth. andee carr vryictonu mber 76 on theca nasree car rli st. sonlyixve driowrs n are hea ad of hitim we h thtfirs inw. >> once iar cleed the four tt geining n tur ione,ug thoht i ha d r ayeall bigho sft oin takg th e 48. inseefg i c ildou getom mtuenm of tfehwo t. nierev goot g yan. the only opptuortyni iad hwa s to tryo t gout o of his wake. and the guys that did a great
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fo ught. hard d an g weot aod go point tota sy o fut o . it lwe'l gon oex nt week to go to ve gasnd ae s ief we can't secor a meho. town . yup edheadla to gas ves hefartar frrthe in ntatlaa. upon stsporht nig ina ls svega. lwe'le hav are pwvie of allthe fe itstiv aiesndve dri irshen t . town ru gbyom c tingon tow next ek we end. avwe hhee t dtoirec dranle lis mi conng i toak bre down all is th. f viesti atiess . well yo veu han see 196. at tha tplkes aceso al t whiseek with mcgrrego aicnd mie ton s ig we hinginn o floyd eamayw'sther tirentreme. d anin fal roundt of he hon day siclasc. adam scott. a two shotea ldn ieth urtomena. nt eythut p this way left. ndahe t tesre binehd the cl.ouds and that willen d up nd (irnisce)ible a bogey. andar gacind eed utip ngeim ada sc t.ot lo lsttasee wky b a second.
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fo rmerl.rebe tthape helimd hec rlaimth e . lead stheneerge ow enclosed. bo geys on 16, bogeys on 17. esprveerhe t wni with a little car p uton. the falinle ho oef th2 1 craree orvicty. >> t > i pwasyrettod go. i had aot l ofod go rtpas. no st aan meny w itn eryest day. is th a isgh tou tr. ack 's itrd ha teto g it closell a e thme ti. g my iamesin com tgo al realy od got spo at tache bnk ed t ofhe tlas . year nandowrt staingu ot this ye ar. yo knu ow,h witm the winorkgar hd to get it erth e. 'sitli sgppin atl lite . bit it a was bitoo lasse lyet ar. th esi concysten is not ethre. ma omde see nic perogrndss a m,um all s.area pe esllciaybv olyiousot nabicely t onhere ganens aid pdff o the am te. >> ll> a trigh. so catongriulatons ame forr be rel. bu het t iesnter ttingghinut abo sthistory is, he had towi stch om fra thton lg perutt to aho srt
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's hehe tst fir t guyero ev go fr heom tg lonheto trt sho and a win pga. ha>> w tt'sewhe nle ru? yo anu c'tav he ytan. hing chanor. >> >ho ancredo t your wo w, ,okay'm i i out s.gues
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e' wll >> > flyinal ghtonit,o nt elyxact a hotco cholate kind ofay d ment bu rot aund 0 2,00errunns, lk wa tersookt par ien th hot oc cheolat 15 k and 5ko tday hwhicrt staed anded end at the nk lit . i awasea bulutif day r fothe rrsunne ashe ty made th weirhray tough theee strts ck ba t tohe lake. eymonm fro datoy's runil wl ne be afitpp oniortuty llvi age. noa finprot groupat thps hel th ioseen thmu comnityit wh
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and you ,know heanywlsre en e i thent couryt ho clahocote w ould be go . od >> ildetas. we > t > atleas ytoda. > >t' thasng goi to do it for us at . 6:00 we re appeciat you hiwatcng. s beure toe tunn ion tightor f an cenount'r: is ttimeayo pl il"famudy fe." ve giup it s for htevey!arve evst ce:e om..on. let's go, baby. ho y'w l?ala h hhaa. how'evs oderyby? api ecprteiaou y. an thk y'l alnow. k thany'veall mryh.uc ye , ahdoi . pri apteecia y' k thansoyou h. muc ll we, weomlc "e tolyfamid, feu" er evybody. i'm myourtean sarve hvey. we a gotd goofoone u r yoy.toda tu reinrnr g for theindseco day om frme sumlervilut, soh ca naroli', its chthe .amps ' its rithe urdenoil famy. ap[contig indemaos pblsibye fremantle media]
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' itths gle rafaand .mily everybody's here trying wtoin setheylf a o lotshf ca thand sse poitibil dy ofngrivi ofout e her bin a-nrandew, e-statheof-t f-artedord ge t righthere. he ly,'ets mgotee e thanraglmid faly. ss mi tera,es y howoiou dng? sateream: i ng doiy ver,well ev ste. ev ste: gd.oot whadoyou r foa lingvi? re tesa: ami as a poftor pe upoorrllm feipowshrc chuh. h we2 ave tilocaons. e onn is ififair aeld,malaba, th hee otr' bs inngirmiham, ab al aama,'nd im also tia reprred paincil. d 16ayres d.tire wh anoo. d... i'mam d rrie wto arfondeanul m. i'mam ierr sd toa uch erwondful n, ma bute we sharbeour thd wi st 4 ufd fealanims. ev st me:teiss , resaitwhy ok loe likfiyou xin'o tcry?


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