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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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the final poll shows donald trump ahead of ted cruz by only five points. tighter. hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by just 3%, a dead heat within the margin of error. although not everything's rosy for front-runner, the unfavor built average shows three out of every five americans, 60% view trump unfavorably. that's the highest presidential rating for a presidential candidate since 1992 while hillary clinton currently has the highest. 52% of americans have a negative view of the former secretary of state. i guess what they say, love and hate are synonymous are true on this. on the plus side clinton did get a huge endorsement over "the new york times" which calls the secrcrary of state, quote, one of the the most brotdly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history. the paper also endorses john kasich.
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underdog he's the only plausible choice for the republicans. clinton continued her push late last night making her appearance on stage with husband bill and daughter chelsea normally who stump separately while bernie sanders continues to garner ise money. the campaign announced it raised $20 million in january alone and says lit have enough funds to haul. they tell nbc news they expect to be close. with more. stretch. hillary clinton and bernie sanders blanketing iowa, a fight for the number one spot in a race likely to be a photo finish. >> monday nietght could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> let's start a storm of a
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>> reporter: just hours before clinton and sanders in a dead heed. 42% to 45% in the polling. teams of volunteers and organizers knonoing on doors one last time making sure every supporter knows two things, where their caucus location is and how they'll get there. and the clinton campaign allowing nbc aen exclusiveieu at their specially developed app which is like a caucus night calculator. >> it allows us to stream our process and allow our precinct captains move through the processes. they're spending less time calculating and more time persuading. >> the clinton campaign anticipated 125,000 doors knocked alone. sanders' ground team equally impressive, 76,000 door knocks,
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clinton still playing defense like when she was secretary of state. >> i just have to point out some of the timing and leaks that leadled up to it are concerning. >> sanders who's reluctant to weigh in on the issue spoke on "meet the press." >> this is serious. i will not a aack hillary clinton. americans will have to make their judgment. >> who are you supporting? >> bernie sanders. >> why hillary clinton. >> i honestly thinks she has the most experience and can do the job. >> nbc's kristen welker reporting. make sure you tune in on thursday for the democratic debate on msnbc. now, with polling tight donald trump and ted cruz continue to escalate e eir attacks on one another as both candidates attended church in a last effort to court voters there.
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>> reporter: in the final crunch before the caucus, evenn church becomes a campaign stop, but this sunday's signs of piece giving way to the campaign battle. >> donald trump supports expanding obamacare to make it full on medicine like bernie sanders. >> look. ted cruz is a total lie yar. i'm so against obamacare, i'm going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: trump still looking strong -- >> i'd like too win iowa. i'm doing really well with the evangelicals in iowa. >> reporter: both candidates know support from christian conservatives could be the deciding factor. about six in ten caucusgoers ididtify as evangelicals. if the same pling turns out, this race will be a dead heat. >> what's going to be important for you in that caucus room? >> i think the most important thing when i go to a caucus, i want somebody that obviously
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as a christian, as a bible believer. >> reporter: pastors at new hope church clear on what they want in a nominee and clear on what they don't. >> i'm disappointed that peoplele will tell us when they get to washington they're going to do this. i'm disappointed that the republicans and democrats can't work together to make better laws that reach across the aisle and that benefit all americans. >eporter: that frustration, one of the biggest factors fueling outsiders like trump and cruz here. >> very frustrated with both parties, although i have faith that it in marco that it can be corrected. >> reporter: they're all ready for a race. >> the real thing that matters is the poll. it's necessarily what we do and not necessarily what the media tells us to do. >> nbc's hallie jackson reporting.
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more memorable moment, the ted cruz campaign bus got stuck in the mud. it had to be towed. bernie s sders mains confident ke'll win if turnout is high. campaign insiders say if more than 2,000 show up like they did in 2008, sanders will win. there's a storm coming. nbc's bill karins is here with more. is it going to stop the caucusgoers? >> not directly. maybe indirectly. people may choose to prepare for the storm and not show up, but that will beehe only impact. here's 7 ees's 7:00 p.m. when the snow does start falling, most of it will be melting on the roads. let's focus on 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this evening. there's a little bit trying to sneak in here in nebraska and iowa. for the most part we're looking mostly clear. at's a great news. this storm itself is going to affect iowa.
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watch. there will be one in the northwest side of ioio. the south side of the state looks worse. right now northern portions of arizona are getting nailed. we did have reports of thundersnow and now we're going colorado today. as far as the storm goes. california was a mess. tomorrow this heads out into the central plains and that's where weather. all the way to north plat to northern garden city. blizzard watches still in effect. then winter storm watches up near green bay. as farr as snowfall goes, the bull's-eye will be in the southern plains. the northern half of iowa especially. hastings, nebraska, has a chance for a foot. same with omaha. des moines a little less, especially south of you. we have you about 5 inches. the big news is not directly affecting the caucus tonight but
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preparar and g g the shovels and that salt. that's the nationalgs altionaleather. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. one other story, 85 degrees. on the other side an all out snowstorm through 125 through colorado. that's good news. if it had beeee tomorroww then it uld have been a problem. >> thanks, bill. just ahead, two virginia tech students arrested in connection with a shocking murder. plus, could this be the future of transportation. elon musk moves step closer to loop reality. with you're watching "early today." thanks, dad! mcdonald's happy meal. with fresh, delicious cuties.
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nicole lovely's body was found saturday along a carolina highway. david eisenhauer who knew the victim is charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping. natalie keepers w wl be charged as well. all three prison inmates who broke out of california are back behind bars, thank goodness. they were captured in san francisco saturday and have been brought back to the orange county jail where they escaped. at least 50 people were killed and more than 100 wounded from triple suicide bombings on sunday in damascus, syria. isis took responsibility for the attacks which happened nearby shrines. one of the lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev has filed an appeal. this is just two weeks after a federal judge had de night
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and today the world health organization is holding emergency meetings to find ways to fight the explosive threat of the zika virus which is linked to birth defects. >> let's get down to business. today the cdc is expected to declare an end to the chipotle sickness. it was linked to locations in nine states. investigators haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause. occupancy at malls has increased according to research by green street advisers. the biggest contribibing factor is e is e-commercece who has time to go to the store anymore. elon musk, the real-life iron man, an engineering team from mit won first place. the hyperloop is a ground
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> ere she is. this morning on "today," an exclusive live interview with sarah palin. in sports super bowl 50 is less than a week away and the competing has touched down in california. they arrived in san jose looking to catch their first super bowl title in franchise history. the panthers rolled through the regular season with a 15-1 record before knocking off the seahawks and cardinals to advance to the big game. the afc challenger denver broncos flew a broncos team flag on the arrival to san jose. it's their second appearance in three years as the team looks to capture their first championship since 1998. meanwhile some of the nfl's bestt tookokart in the pro bowl in hawaii.
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coach your bin. seattle seahawks' quarterback russell wilson threw for 143 yards and six touchdowns in the first half. leading team irvin to the victory. detroit lions' wide receiver calvin johnson is hanging it up after nine seasons, retiring from the nfl. he report ily told family and friends before the 2015 season it would be his last. drafted seventh overall from georgia tech johnson went on to become the all-time leader in receptions and leading yards. journey man enforcer john scott was named captain of the division squad. hockey a great jaromir jagr skated in his tenth all-star game. he won the most valuable player and another fan vote after scoring two goals.
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making up the four alalstar teams. now tpe pacific team won the $1 million prize. in honor of black history month they'll honor some of the biggest game-changers who all happen to be under 28 years old. you can check it out on on on on just ahead, find out which movies dominated the box often this weekend and which remained steady. entertain entertainment's next up. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear o almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting,g,ou should be tesesd for tuberculosis.
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southern california, this powerful winter storm downed dozens of trees, power lines, tore rooftops from home. a driver was killed by a tree that fell across traffic. a huge tree in pacific beach. that's the storm we'll be dealing with. later today it will come out near the four corners region, passing through texas, traveling on i-25 and i-80 will be most evening. then on tuesday, near blizzard conditions in areas of iowa, southern minnesota and wisconsin and we'll see severe storms possible up through mississippi into the areas of tennessee and kentucky and on wednesday the storm will make its way into canada, still bringing very heavy rain into areas of the east. we're not too concerned with flooding mostly because a lot of
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mississippi northward, tennessee and kentucky for tuesday. maybe some tornados too. >> thanks, bill. for some entertainment news now, the weekend kung fu panda three took the top at the box office. holding on tight were the revenant with more than $12 million and stat wars the force awakens with over $10 million. still going strong. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> he summed up the awards with that one-liner. is he going to be james bond or what. >> many actors including viola davis and queen la tee stay. they were in complete contrast to the oscars where famously nor actors of color were nominated
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i could stay home every night wait around for mr. right >> oh, what a profound impact you've had on me. that was actress vanessa hajjudson playing her. she tweeted out. last night my daddy passed away from stage 4 cancer and she said tonight i do the show in his honor. we are thinking of you, vanessa. meanwhile we had shoppers in rome. owen wilson and ben still lers posed as real-life models in the windows. get ready for zoo lander 2. cannot wait.
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"washington post," eye wash. how the cia deceives its own work force about its operations. for years they contributed memos with false information. they describe it as an important security measure to protect secrets and from a cheap cure for flint. in switzerland a scientist
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that contains paper and milk proteins. a kilogram of the prototype will cost about $100 to make and it can be adapted for use in homes and in water treatment facilities. a little -- too little too late for flint but hopefully they'll get it as soon as possible. this interesting election year has many people engaged, of course, even those who typically aren't. there's one man who might be caucusing for first time because he thinks it might be time for a drastic change in the white house. here he is in his own words. >> i've got a convenience store with full self gas. i sell several grades of ethanol. i've been here 22 years, going on 23 years. if you asked me would i take anybody from washington, d.c., are to run my business?
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they have nothing to lose. they want their pow eric they want their power, and they want their way. for iowa, not only for iowa but for the national spotlight as far as i'm concerned, this is about national security, providing our own fuel and not buying from the people who want to hurt us. i made this statement to a senator from texas two years ago when i was in d.c., and i said i want america to be energy-independent. he said that's a pipe dream. that's never going to happen. i said as long as you are in charge, that's right. i think because we have some outsiders involved in the race, things are being talked about and in my view no matter how much you love our hate donald trump, some of the reasons we're talking about these things is he's keeping it up there. caucuses begin at 7:00 p.m. central, 8:00 p.m. eastern. don't be late because they do
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lastly you must be a registered democrat or marco rubio. unfortunately independents cannot participate. keep it right here on nbc for complete coverage of the iowa caucus. i'm gigi stone woods.
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today." coming up today on agday - the ag department lays-out the latest estimates on the nations cattle herd. plus, leading cattle analysts rolls out market and price predictions. "we think prices in 2016 aren't going to be a lot different than what we closed in 2015". machinery pete digs thru auctions and his own website to find the latest trends in tillage equipment. and remembering florida's storied past in the cattle industry. "my job as i see it is to make sure that the florida cow hunter, a
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