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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 1, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm CST

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on the republican side. ted cruz has come out on top in the leadoff republican presidential caucuses in iowa, pushing aside donald trump and emerging from the pack of candidates. here are the results for the democratic party in iowa.
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with and sen. bernie sanders with
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on the republican side... once again, nbc has declared cruz the winner. tonight: blizzard warning goes into effect. low: 30 wind: ne 15-25 mph tomorrow: snow and windy. high: 31 wind: n 20-35 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you back here
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. i'm hanging out with kevin hart. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: his big new movie, "ride along 2," is in theaters this friday. go see "ride along 2." we're about to play a game called "drinko." kevin, you requested we play drinko. >> yes. >> jimmy: why is that? >> because you're not good at it. you're not good at drinko. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm not good at this game. >> and i was like, "if i lose, what's the big deal? i get to drink for free." [ laughter ] either way, there's no losing right now. >> jimmy: okay, very good. drinko, would you like to explain how this works? >> yes, mr. hart, mr. fallon. welcome to drinko. in this game, the two of pick turns climbing my stairs and dropping two of your colored discs into the drinko board. then the disc clink down and land in these plastic cups, containing some of my favorite beverages such as capri sun, mulled wine, and pea --
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[ laughter ] >> soup. >> what was that? >> pea soup. they must drink a cocktail of the two chosen drinks. >> jimmy: okay, very good. thank you, drinko. kevin, you're our guest. why don't you climb up there and make the first cocktail. >> pretty easy for me to climb the stairs in my cross training sneakers -- >> jimmy: give me a break. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, yeah. >> all right. >> now drop your first disc, kevin. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: all right, here we go. come on, pea soup. come on, pea soup. mulled wine. [ cheers ] >> now your second drink. >> jimmy: mulled wine is, like, all sorts of, like, cinnamon sticks and herbs and things. [ laughter ] >> i tell you off the bat, cinnamon sticks give me gas. [ laughter ] so you got to deal with that on your own time. >> drop it. >> jimmy: can i get this out of the way? it's all right. thank you, drinko. >> there you go.
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>> not good. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not good. >> here we go. >> jimmy: there it goes. you'll be drinking mulled wine and hennessey. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, drinko. >> that kills me. how the black guy somehow mysteriously picked hennessey. [ laughter ] okay, all right. okay. >> jimmy: it's all random. >> it's all randam, okay, black guy. what's next? you have colt 45? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: come on. >> pour it in there, right? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> i pour them both in there? >> jimmy: yeah. >> all right. >> glug, glug, glug. >> i got to drink the whole thing? >> jimmy: i think so, yeah. [ cheers ] >> what's your problem? [ cheers ] >> jimmy: good to have you own show. congratulations on everything. let's do this again. [ crowd chants ] [ cheers ]
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don't move. don't move. don't move. don't move. >> is this your turn? mount me. [ laughter ] ascend the staircase. >> oh, god. >> and drop two discs. ooh, ah. >> jimmy: all right. >> drop it. >> jimmy: how you feeling? all right. well, i'm going to go over to this one. no, no, no. not pea soup, not pea soup. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. pickle juice! >> jimmy: pickle juice! >> pickle juice! pickle -- pickle juice is big. >> jimmy: you put pickle juice on there. >> i got it, drinko. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, drinko. >> nice shoes. >> hey, thank you, drinko. >> hey, no problem. you look good in blue.
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>> pea soup, pea soup, pea soup! [ audience chants ] oh, oh! >> jimmy: no, no, no, no! please, no. what is it? >> capri sun. >> jimmy: yes! capri sun and pickle juice. that's my diet. that's fantastic. that's my diet i've been on. yeah. capri sun and pickle juice. >> mmm, so delicious. >> jimmy: that is so white guy. >> that looks like champagne. >> jimmy: it does, that's pickle juice? >> yes. >> that don't look good. even though he said that's capri sun, after seeing that, i don't believe it. [ laughter ] i don't believe it one bit. >> jimmy: all right, this looks gross. [ cheers ] [ audience chants ] [ cheers and applause ] okay. >> not too shabby, james. now, for the final round, both of you fellows are going to
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a disc into me simultaneously. [ laughter ] whoever's disc lands in the cup first wins, and the loser has to combine both stuffs and drink the final cocktail. >> wait, whoever drops -- whoever does -- i think i'm [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm definitely not. i'm definitely not, but i'm going to throw up all over the place. >> he said the first one -- >> jimmy: that goes in. >> wins. the other fellow drinks it. >> okay, so whoever's disc gets down first? >> does not have to drink the beverages. >> i got it. >> your shoes are so light. >> no wonder why i beat you up here. it's because of my cross trainers. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> ready, gentlemen? when i say, "three," drop your discs. one, two, three. what is it? [ cheers ] >> capri sun and tang. drink, drink! >> jimmy: what is it? >> capri sun and tang. you drink it!
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>> no, no, no! it's killing me how the black guy got hennessey! [ laughter ] he's getting all types of juice. >> jimmy: you're the champ! here we go. >> kevin wins! >> jimmy: here you go! tang and capri sun! >> what? >> jimmy: you're the best. i'm so excited about this. here we go. >> i should have known it was rigged when i saw the white glove. i should have known. [ laughter ] [ drumroll ] yeah, yeah. [ cheers ] >> what did you have for breakfast? >> actually, don't do it. don't do it, brother. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: i'll do a sip. >> brother -- jimmy: i'll just do a sip. >> you got to drink that at the bottom. if you're going to do it, do it. [ audience chants ]
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>> drinko! >> jimmy: not bad, actually. not too shabby. >> oh, god! >> jimmy: hey, nike, if you're watching, i'd like my own sneakers as well. [ laughter ] i really deserve it. oh, my gosh. i'm the winner? no, i'm the loser. kevin hart is the champ, right there, everyboy! >> kevin hart is the winner! >> jimmy: give it up. go see "ride along 2" in theaters on friday. [ cheers and applause ] noel fielding joins us after the break. stick around, everybody.
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sfx: rocket sfx: rocket blasting off sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 rocket hey there, tiny... what beer we drinkin'? i don't know boss... what about that redd's apple ale? you're a genius, tiny! this apple sauce is the bee's knees. the cat's pajamas! hits ya right in the kisser! emm. redd's apple ale. also in strawberry and green apple. we brought you here today to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu.
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it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology.
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tuesday morning on news 4 today... after a huge night in the presidential campaign, we'll have live reports on the results and all action from our crews in des oines covering the caucuses. and a smartphone app for emergencies. how first responders can use it to save your life if you can't respond when they get to you. tune in at 5:00! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my next guest is one half of the very successful and very funny award-winning comedy duo, "the mighty boosh." in march, he'll embark on his first solo north american tour called, "an evening with noel fielding." look at this, the front. and here's the back, the back of his hair. [ laughter ]
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everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome, please. oh, yeah. wherever you would like to sit. please. [ cheers ] welcome to this program. thank you so much for coming on. >> i'm excited. >> jimmy: oh yeah, good. >> i've only seen this on television. >> jimmy: yeah! >> i can't believe it. it's like "poltergeist." i've been sucked through. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're part of it now, absolutely. maybe one day, you'll see yourself. >> in real life, your eyes are like a sort of beautiful doll's eyes. [ laughter ] i might have to lick them in a a minute. >> jimmy: yeah, i know. it happens. it happens to the best of us, yeah. the last time you were on the show, we did a thing through skype. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: it was the mighty boosh. it was you and julian, then. >> yeah, julian. >> jimmy: we played -- it was a a mighty boosh app that we bet on.
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app. but it's one thing in the app that is basically a coin flip. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you guys lost. >> really? we can see it cut out at that moment. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know. we bet $10 american dollars, i think. >> i know. i didn't have any money, so i painted you a painting of $10 if that's okay? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is not what a a $10 bill looks like, but thank you very much. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] it's similar. it's similar, but that's it, yeah. >> that's the future $10. donald trump is on it. >> jimmy: hey, thank you, buddy. thank you, buddy. you signed it. you said, "jimmy, i love you." thank you, buddy. i appreciate that. thank you very much. >> and my art work is worth quite a lot. so technically, you owe me $1,000. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: that's not fair at all. >> you can paint me something. >> jimmy: yeah, i will, yeah. >> maybe you could sculpt me a a picture. or no, you can't sculpt a a picture, can you? [ laughter ]
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much. no, no, i can talk about -- a a good talk. [ laughter ] >> i couldn't do that, now. i could make a sculpture of you with your beautiful doll's eyes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the show, what is in this? stand-up or sketch? >> yeah, i stand-up and sketch, and then animation, and then this music as well. and then second half, in the interval, i get kidnapped. [ laughter ] and then i play a new york cop who has to come out and find me. >> jimmy: you do a new york accent? >> i try do a new york accent. >> jimmy: can i hear it? i'll see if i can -- >> oh, this is so embarrassing. i know this is like you coming to london and go, "oh, blimy, mary poppings." [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: that sounded legit, yeah. >> that was russell brand. [ laughter and applause ] >> i talk about being 40 in my show. i'm like, "why did i do that for?" i had seven years in the bank. >> jimmy: yeah, they thought you were 33, but, no, you're 40. >> the thing that happened when i got to 40 was, that was quite is disturbing, is i find i'm walking with my hands behind my back. [ laughter ] because i found it more comfortable.
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[ laughter ] i just kept catching myself. i used to be cool. i'm like prince charles now. what's happened? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i might start doing that. i like walking. >> "what is that?" >> jimmy: i like walking with your hands behind your back. >> you like it? >> jimmy: it could be a thing. >> i'm there admiring st. paul's cathedral. "what a wonderful structure." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when are you coming back? because march 15th, you're going to start here in new york. so we have to play -- we'll have to do something when you come back to new york. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we'll do something fun. >> what are we going to do? >> jimmy: i don't know, but i'll think of something. [ laughter ] >> forward rolls. >> jimmy: yeah. >> build a tent. anything. i'll cut your hair if you want. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: not now. we'll see what happens, everybody. noel fielding. [ cheers and applause ] go to for more info on noel's tour. stick around. i'll be right back with tech expert joshua topolsky,
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piano music. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food. hi john. hey kevin. spent the day with an astronaut. one more. it's beautiful, isn't it? how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with...
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we are now joined by our resident tech expert to look at some of the coolest new gadgets, including a few coming out at this year's consumer electronics show. say hello to joshua topolsky, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: always good to see you. >> it's great to be here. great to be back. >> jimmy: good to see you, buddy. kids good, baby's good? everything's good? >> daughters wonderful. >> jimmy: good, good, good. you're looking good. >> beautiful child. i'm also wonderful. not a child. >> jimmy: no, you're not. congratulations. >> a full grown man. >> jimmy: thank you. what did you bring for us tonight? >> all right. so i got a couple cool things. this is a kodak super 8. this is a brand-new type of camera. it is, okay, remember super 8 from the '70s? >> jimmy: yeah. >> this takes real super 8 film. you put the reel in right there. you shoot super 8, you drop it in the mail. they send you back a reel of film and the digital version of what you shot. this will be out this year. it's gonna be like between $400 and $750. [ light laughter ]
10:58 pm
>> jimmy: okay. >> you're a natural. look how natural it looks in your hands. >> jimmy: well i don't know how you hold it. >> interchangeable lenses. >> jimmy: like that? [ laughter ] i don't know how this handle works. >> you can put a long lens on it. >> jimmy: you certainly can. >> a short lens. >> jimmy: yeah. a short lens too. >> a lens with a lot of girth. >> jimmy: that will be great. >> any and all possible -- okay. >> jimmy: that's a fantastic thing. >> this is cool. >> jimmy: is 8-millimeter, is that the best? [ light laughter ] >> well, it's fewer millimeters than 16. >> jimmy: there you go. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. there you go. >> all right, this is the avegant glyph. here, put this on. put this on your head. put this on your -- just like that, get in there. >> jimmy: okay. >> go in there. okay. okay, right. get that on. >> you see that? okay. so check it out. so, this is a screenless display. it's actually projecting light >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's not good, right? >> no, no, it's good. it's good. it's good. it's good. >> jimmy: that's not good. wait this crazy. it's like i'm at a movie theater. >> no, no, no. it's so the image is super
10:59 pm
and hold on. let me hit play on this. you can just take a look. look at this. >> jimmy: kendrick, yeah. >> how good is this? >> jimmy: it's really good. > >> jimmy: i'm kendrick, yeah. >> yeah. there's a >> jimmy: w >> it's a sta >> jimmy: i couldn't hear you at all. >> ok [ lau >> jimmy: but called? >> this is call glyph. >> jimmy: can i just wea like this? >> you can. >> jimmy: like this. >> but yeah. >> jimmy: so this is more cool the other way? [ laughter ] >> i guess. in the future, gonna be looking around like that. you'll look like a normal g any ho >> jimmy: you don't know about the future. >> this is $699. >> jimmy: o >> $599 preorder right now. >> jimmy: oh it so i >> technology's very complex. okay? >> how do you make this stuff? >> jimmy: i like glyph. >> glyph. all r very spe one of 50 made in the i walnut. and it can play, from sweden, it's called the and it can pla any retro video game. it can play like, super nintendo, nes, genesis, gameboy, whatever. [ cheers and applause ] arcade stuff. >> jimmy: wow. >> and you charge it, and can play for like it's like wireless. you can just carry it with you. it has a lit you carry it aroun >> jimmy: questlove. >> you freaking out?
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dude, my birthday is coming up. next week. >> jimmy: ye >> get a pair. get a pair of to >> it's about $2,700. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm going to buy one of these things. >> all right. hold on. we have someth come back here. >> this is basically the most advanced vr tech in the world. >> jimmy: this is a htc v-i-v-e? >> yeah. put this on >> jimmy: yeah. >> just pull that back through there. >> jimmy: i have a very irish a very big head. >> a very strangely large head. >> jimmy: wow. >> all right, are you in there? >> jimmy: wait, wait. >> are you in? do you see anything? here. take this, this is a hand. >> jimmy: yeah. okay. so you're in a demo by google called a tilt brush. you can basically pain 3d space. >> jimmy: well. >> do you see a snowman? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: wait. yes, i see >> don't. in that but this is so bizarre. >> now what's c is that it's go trackers. walk around. go head, walk forward >> jimmy: i gonna fall off the st >> walk forward. keep walking. keep going. keep going. you'll see a g you get to the edge.
11:01 pm
>> you're walk person [ laughter ] a very old person. >> jimmy: that's how i walk. i'm going to fall. i see green. >> turn around. turn around. okay, look at the snowman now. you can paint in 3d space. take that right brush and start painting. you can actually do brush strokes and you can walk around. get up close to the snowman. [ laughter ] get in there. walk around back. walk around what's happening in the butt area. what is the snowman doing? >> jimmy: wow. >> all right. [ light laughter ] okay. you can change environments. hold on. hold on. >> jimmy: all right. >> go over this way a little bit. >> jimmy: yeah. >> okay, you can go to outer space. you can switch it on your left hand there. >> jimmy: okay. >> there's like an environment switch up at the top. no, you almost it. the mountain, go back. you swipe up. >> jimmy: no. >> no, go back. >> > >> jimmy: i know. it is. >> all right. go into space. all right, look at beautiful mo [ audience ooh "tonight show" moo >> jimmy: woah. this is just crazy. >> you can tag want. you could do your logo on it. >> jimmy: i wanted to pu can >> just don't walk backwa far. look at this. you could have a second career as an artist. this is unbelievable. >> jimmy: i just signed my name. [ cheers and applause ]
11:02 pm
let's get you out of here. let's get you out of here. all right. that is the htc vive. >> jimmy: that was so rad. oh my god. >> preorder on february 29th. it's like crazy advanced. >> jimmy: you're the greatest. thank you for coming. >> all right. thanks, man. >> jimmy: say hi to the family. kiss the babies. joshua topolsky check out his po there's mor after the break, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to kevin hart, everybody. noel fielding, joshua topolsky, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] dr. lonnie smith, and the roots over there, ladies and gentlemen, from philadelphia. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody.
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