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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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(sheila) good evening and thanks for (matt) and i'm matt breen. the miracle league of sioux city looked to deliver a home run presentation to the sioux (sheila) the organization features an inclusive baseball l cility for people with disabilities. the miracle league came out swinging, explaining they plan to build a "splash pad" this summer, and the group would like the city to contribute financially. the splash pad would cost $197,000. they've raised around $70,000 for the project. the city council contributed more than $300,000 of the total $1.1 millioioraised for the first phase of the park. that includedethe concession area, restrooms, playground and the baseball field. board president kevin negaard says he appreciates the city's support and looks forward to the future. "phase two with the splash pad willust be even more integration opportunities between kids in the neighborhood, the soccer league
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players to be playing together, interacting and learning from one another out on the splash pad," said kevin negaard, sioux city miracle league. no decision was made at the city council meeting, but councilwoman rhonda capron says the council supports the miracle league. "a great quality of life project for all of us," said sioux city councilwoman rhohoda capron. "i just think sioux city is so lucky to have mark helping u udo this." neegard also says they plan to build a miniature golf course that would be handicap the blizzard warning is no longer in effect, but what can siouxland expect tomorrow? here to tell us that is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecasas nter weather advisory for eastern siouxland until midnight the blizzard w wning that has bebe in effect for eastete siouxland is expiring this evening as snonoshowers move east and our wind will ease a little bit anyway. we'll keep a steady breeze tonight at about 15-25 miles per hour but all those 50 mph wind gusts will fade away. tomorrow will be chilly with highs only in the low 20s although it will feel cooler
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(sheila) there's new information,
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shooting involving a sioux city police officer. (matt) 14-year veteran officer ryan moritz, who suffered a gunshot wound to his thigh, is expected to make a full recovery. the man police say pulled the trigger, 18- year-old isaiah mothershed, also s st himself during the struggle with moritit ktiv's mhelle schoening ha the latest details from police. it all started with a call around 11:15 saturday night from a male saying he was being robbed at building 19 of the valley park apartments on park avenue. a lengthy investigation led police to an apartment inside building 13 in the same complex. officers made their way inside when they noticed a number of stolen items. police arrested, and handcuffed, mothershed. they had him sit on a couch until he could be taken to jail. while on the couch, mothershed pulled out a 40-caliber hand gun that was hidden inside the couch. police say mothershed st officer ryan moritz in his right thigh. "officer moritz then lunged at mothershed to secure the weapon and another round was shot off at that time.that round struck mothershed in his own thigh
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said sioux city police chief, doug young. this is video of moritz during citizens academy training in 2015. police say officer moritz's injuries aren't serious and expect him to return to work within a couple of weeks. as for mothershed...p olice aren't releasing his condition at this time. thanks michelle. mothershed is in police custody at sioux city's mercy medical center, tonight. mothershed is charged withwo counts of attempted murder and five counts of robobry in the first t gree. but, he also f fes a charge of home iasion. that follows an incident, inside a home in the 26- hundred block of south alice street, in morningside, back on december 7th. police believe mothershed was one of three men that broke into the home looking for drugs and money. a 19-year-old inside the home was beaten with a crowbar. his mother was held at gunpoint. 21-year-old austin cummings, of
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moritz is the third sioux city police officer shot in the line of duty in as many years. back in april of 2013, officer kevin mccormick was shot while conducting a routine traffic stop on sioux city's west side. the gunman, jamal dean, was sentenced to 25-years in prison. mccormick was shot in the head. in october of 2014, officer jill ohm was responding to a possible suicidal subject. as she approached an apartment complex, she was shot in the chin. both officers made a full recovery and remain with the depapament polole have arrested seven people who were at the apartment in connection officer ryan moritz's shooting, sunday morning. the individuals have been linked to robberies in sioux city over the last two weeks. they are 19-year-old justin ferguson, 20- year-old robert seaberry, 18-year-old jordyn delfs, 16-year-old austin bulizak, 16-year-old jamaal ferguson, 17-year-old macayla knight, and a 15-year-old who has not been charged.
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robberies began on january 29th when bulizak, justin fergugun and jajaal ferguson went armrm to a home at3-21 pierce street. on february 2nd, documents say bulizak, justin ferguson, and seaberry went to a resident at "c college court" armed with the intent to rob the resident. on february 5th, jamaal ferguson, justin ferguson, seaberry and bulizak went to a home at 45-38 polk street where they planned to break in and steal a gun, according to bulizak's affidavit. on february 6th, police say jamaal ferguson, kninit, seaberry and bulizak went toto40 park avenue, building 19, to rob a person of money and personal property. investigators say they held the victim on the ground at gunpoint and took his wallet, i-d card and credit card. the muer trial for a nebraska man accused of killing his wife in sioux city has been pushed back. 28-year-old rogelio morales, from hubbard, will now go on trial for first-degree murder on september 20th. the trial was originally scheduled for march 15th, but his attorney wanted an
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investigate the case and have morales evaluated. morales is accused of killing 21-year-old margarita morales, of south sioux city, on april 1:th. morales told investigators a fight broke out when his wife told him she no longer wanted to be in a relationship. then then wrapped his hands around her next, and his next memory was his wife not breathing. (matt) although the snow is melting, sioux city is still working on clean up after last week's big blizzard. (sheila) ktiv's tommie clark spoke with policecefficers who spent their day impounding vehicles that haven't moved since the last flake of snow fell.
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because of how much snow. when we get the lesser amounts it's rare that the people's car get buried to the point where people have to dig them out," said sioux city police sgt. todd sassman. over-time officers spent hours making sure those vehicles, which were on the streets for over 24 hours, without being moved, were impounded. tow truck. "we try to make contact with the owner. we run the plate and find out what's the address and who's the owner. if we can't make contact with the owner, we tow the vehicle," said sioux city police officer, eddie thiphasouk. "you can tell which vehicles are going to be towed, first because of the mounds of snow still around them and second because of the bright orange police tag." and, as if therewasn't enough reason to try and gg your car off the roads... "peopope whose cars got wed today it's notta simple matter for them to jussgo to the towing company and get their car back," said sioux city police sgt. todd sassman. there's an impound fee with the police
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charges with meier towing chains clinking. and, tow truck operators feel the pains, too. o'clock this going all day," said meier towing operator, travis fink, "you do one, you drop it off and then they already got 3, 4 others that they already got at least 20 vehicles were towed monday. the total number of tickets given after the blizizrd won't be known for several more dayay in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> remember if a snow emergency is declared, there's no notice to move your vehicle off of an emergency route. it just gets towed. and, if your vehicle is on a public street during a snow storm, it must be moved within a be impounded by the police. a nebraska group is celebrating latino culture, and history. the south sioux city public library is offering a series of programs put on by nebraska", which is part of a nationwide initiative presenting the history of latinos. it's called
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america". a group of siouxlanders gathered at the library, tonight, to watch one part of the series. latinos and non-latinos together to talk about history and culture, and to make everyone more aware of the significant role and impact statat and in nebraska." said mary yager, associcie director the brary will also host a new program titled "your stories" on february 22nd at 6:30 p.m. the program will feature people talking about what brought them to the u-s. the super bowl usually brings along with it social media trends. and last night, ononof those trenenng topics was about t e norfolk, nebrasksk native who refereed the game. clete blakeman who is now known as the hashtag "hot ref" stole the show. someone even created a hot ref twitter page. some would even argue that
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mvp of super bowl 50. blakeman was even a backup quarterback for the nebraska cornhuskers in the 198 still to come.... a missing goat has been found! the university of iowa has their goat back after being missing for a week.
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midnight the blizzard warning that has been in effect for eastern siouxland is expiring this evening as snow showers move east and our wind will ease a little bit anyway. we'll keep a steady breeze tonight at about 15-25 mileseser hour but all those 50 mph wind guststsill fade away. tomorrow will be chilly with highs only in the low 20s although it will feel cooler
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a few snow showers could move back in by wednesday, especially in eastern siouxland with one more chance of a few flurries on thursday night. snow chances, we'll keep a quieter but cooler forecast right on into the first half of the weekend. better warming should finally move in from
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william the goat is back home, tonight, after a week on the "lamb." we first told you about william, last week, when he got loose on january 29th while being transferred from a portable carrier to a vehicle at the university of iowa. university officials even made up "wanted" posters to try and find william, who is about the size of a small deer. tonight, he's back at the university's research park after a week on the loose. still to come.... the new hampshire primary is only hours away. and the candidates aren't holding back. see where the candidates stand in the polls.
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presidential primary, in new hampshire, some candidates are getting nastier on the campaign trail. (sheila) jeb bush and donald trump took to twitter for their feud. trump writing quote.... "bush is a pathetic figure."
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aren't just a loser you are a liar and a whiner." the latest cnn poll of polls of new hampshire shows trump topping the republican field. with rubio and ted cruz rounding out the top three. for democratic voters -- bernie sanders has a commanding lead over hillary clinton. on the eve of the new hampshire primary donald trump is hitting the campaign trail hard, with three rallies on his agenda today. during his first rally in salem, trump was asked a question by a 30-year-old voter from connecticut, about syrian children coming to the united states. i'm wondering if you would be able to look at these children in the face and tell them they are not allowed to go to school in a community. trump: how long have they been here? q: some of them are here, and some of them. trump: no, how long have they been here? q: some of them aren't here yet. trump: i can look at their face and say you can't come here. we have a country, i'll look them in the face. trump also attacked rival jeb bush on his energy level, and donors who were in the audience during saturday night's debate.
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the zika virus has already surfaced in one siouxland state... and there may be more. a new warning from health officials in woodbury
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concerns surrounding the zika virus have made their way to siouxland. (sheila) siouxland district health department putting out a warning for people who plan to travel to countries with an outbreak. 4:13 "we have people everyday that are going to warm places this time
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could have someone who is infected on vacation." deputy director tyler brock says siouxland district health is receiving several calls daily about the zika virus. an illness that can cause a major birth defect. 9:44 "until we know more we need to do what we have to do to prevent pregnant women from getting the virus. that is key." :08 brock says pregnant women shouldn't travel to tropical countries including mexico, costa rica, haiti, and a large part of south american. if they must they should do whatever they can to avoid a mosquito bite. about one in five infected with the zika virus become sick. common symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain or pink eye. there are no confirmed cases in siouxland. but, there are two in the omaha area. so, far testing is limited to people with symptoms and pregnant women who may be infected. (matt) today, the president asked congress to approve almost $2 billion in emergency funds to
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u.s. health officials also say they are working hard to understand the zika virus. they held a news conference today at the white house. the cdc has moved to its highest alert level over the outbreak. the virus is strongly suspected of causing microcephaly . the defect causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. in rare cases, the virus can be sexually transmitted and through blood transfusions. and, today, national health experts say there's growing concern it could be passed through saliva and urine. plus, it could take years to develop a effective vaccine. brad's here -- some trophies on the line tonight. the finals of the lewis and clark conference were held -- all four of the girls and boys teams are ranked in the top ten. we'll have the highlights. and, the hawkeyes get support for number-1 in the new a-p poll. sports fource is next.
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new research shows that being active after you're diagnosed with cancer can help you live longer. we'll have easy ways to get your exercise on tuesday.
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up. we'll show what gifts you need to get for your sweetheart this year. in the lewis and clark conference tournament. only two were left in the boys and girls title games. on the boys side, undefeated winnebago facing randolph -- both teams in the top ten. winnebago -- 22-0, ranked second in c2 by the omaha world herard -- randolph ranked fifth in class d1. the cardinals came out on fire - landyn anderson from deep - gives randolph a three-point lead. but back comes bago - david wingett - the 6-7 junior goes to work - nice jumper falls and the indians are back within 1. randolph didn't play scared - logan nordhues for three - stretching the randolph lead to four. but bago would storm back to take the lead - drake gorrin gets the
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straight conference title, 58-55. in the girls final, second-ranked emerson-hubbard facing number-7 wynot. this was tight the whole way - ashley bokemper nails the three - the lady pirates take a one-point lead in the first quarter. but it was wynot that led at the half - out front to cortney arkfeld - arkfeld scored 17 as the blue devils led 26-20 at the break. for wynot - in the third quarter - splits two defenders and hits the turnaround 3 - wieseler had 21 to lead all scorers. wynot led by four after three but emerson-hubbard goes on a big run - abby drieling with 2 of her 17 to close things out. emerson-hubbard takes the conference crown, 54-51. "it feels really good," said senior guard abby drieling. "it was a very tough game. wynot's a good team, and it took a lot for us to dig really deep. we were down at halftime, and a lot of the girls, we just came back and did what had to be done." the nebraska girls state tourney starts march
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the only loss for the south sioux city girls this season was at a tournament in florida. the lady cardinals are ranked second in nebraska's class a -- on the road to play bishop heelan. south sioux 4-0 against sioux city teams this season. heelan was playing from behind most of the night. lexi stolen drills the 3-pointer. crusaders trailed 17-6 after a quarter. south sioux keeps the lead. freshman mckenna sims takes the 'drive-thru' lane for 2 on the layup. more from the cardinals -- carissa powell gets the ball down low, and gets the reverse to fall. powell had 14 in the first half. south sioux pulled away late -- the crusaders press, but powell gets 2 more of her 32 points. cardinals beat the crusaders 68-45. the hawkeyes went 2-0 last week, moving into sole posession of first place in the big ten. the hawks have also moved up to fourth in the ap poll. iowa beat illinois 77-65 on sunday to improve to 19-4 overall and 10-1 in the
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it's their best start in the big ten since 1982. nine of their ten conference wins have been by double digits. going back to last season, iowa has won 12 of their last 17 true road games. "we never panic and i think that's why we've been so good on the road this year," said senior mike gesell. "that's where a lot of our success comes from. teams are going to make runs, especially in road environments and we always keep our composure." "when they spurted at the start of the second half, i think our response to that was a very professional and experienced approach, the kind of thing you need to be able to do on the road," said coach fran mccaffery." iowa goes to indiana on thursday
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