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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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>> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> yay! >> you know what i miss in life, class. [ laughter ] so we're bringing it back today. it's booze day fat tuesday. it's february 9. happy mardi gras. >> happy carnival. we should play carnival music. >> sit still, look pretty by daya. >> we have a fun show. having been in new orleans so many year -- >> such a fun time of year.
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in new orleans today, the banks and schools are closed, everybody is out on the streets. they say it's a little chilly, they got their coats on. so we're celebrating carnival. everybody grabbing beads. we have crawfish and isaac toups is here. how did you get out of town? >> i snuck out. i ran out. i said keep the beads, i'm going to see my favorite tv ladies. >> you've made some enemies doing that. valentine's day, we'll get you in the mood for a little romance. with a song from international singing sensations, il divo. we love them. >> and before you go out on a hot date, you'll want to know what our panel says about keeping guys interested. >> and we have a surprise guest today. >> we were like who is it and then we will give you clues. so i'd like to know who it is. do you know? >> no, i have absolutely no
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all right. >> what are you wearing? >> i don't know. >> it's a prop. it's not to be worn outside your dress. that's not part of the dress. >> it's carnival, baby. anything goes. we said it's fat tuesday. this is the day before ash wednesday when everybody -- i guess they go out and get debauched and then ask for forgiveness tomorrow. >> and so we're celebrating with hurricanes. >> these are a little strong even for me. >> if you go pat o'brien's in new orleans, you get this drink. and this is the hurricane. >> that is so strong. >> exactly. they play the piano and everybody sings. and there are two pianos that go back and forth. and so this brings back memories. that is so good. >> so does this one.
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no, no, no, no! >> let's try that again. >> oh, please, no. you can't unsee certain things. [ laughter ] all right. it's a tradition on this program. try to explain to you what's in the king cake. here is the king cake. the way it works in new orleans, whoever finds the baby in the king cake has to buy the next one. so our tradition is called mauling the king cake because we're searching for the baby jesus. >> that's who is in it. >> by the way, so delicious. it has cinnamon and, oh, lord, i hate to destroy a king cake. >> are you kidding me? >> not with our your fingers on it. many times. and you know who you are, right? >> are you sure it's even in here? i don't think it's in here. >> there is always a baby. >> did you find it? >> no. >> i'm finding this year. fyi. >> you find it. >> you find it.
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>> that's what she said. >> oh, no. it's not even -- >> a little plastic baby jesus. >> okay. i don't -- >> we got stiffed one year where there was no baby jesus. >> it's in here, you just have to find it. bet it's in one of your sections. oh, my gosh, where is it? oh, no. are you positive there was one in here? this is a cruel joke. every year we find our baby jesus jesus. >> it's in here, i know. >> anything else we can talk about while we're looking? who do you think the mystery guest is? >> i don't know. >> speaking of baby jesus, we have an actor who will be on our guys tell all thing today. >> yes. >> who is going to play grown-up jesus in a new something. >> movie. >> or tv show. >> it's not in here. >> our producer has been sending
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there is amanda doing what amanda does. that's such a bummer. maybe they forgot to put in. >> can i have a fine tooth comb, please? >> she sent us over videos and stuff. amanda knows how to have fun. >> and we'll keep forageing. >> so i think it's time to talk about "the bachelor." amanda is not here. so -- >> why don't you do it? you're already in the shot. thanks. jerry, please, don't leave your unsightly things. check your headpiece for the baby. it is a cruel -- >> did someone take the baby -- >> there he is. >> what? >> there he is. >> there is one in there, too. we have to find it. >> this is like elf on the shelf. >> hold on. are you sure? it's got to be in here. >> big or small. you hold that up.
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all right. we're going to talk about "the bachelor." >> really, amanda is in new orleans. so we were wondering -- >> you said take twice. >> -- whether or not olivia, you know, everybody doesn't like olivia, all right? so ben did a cruel thing. nobody likes olivia. >> why not, hods? >> she's just one of those girls that girls don't like. so then he was trying to figure out who he was going to give arose to, so he took olivia and another girl, what was her name -- >> emily. >> emily. and emily was the twin who stayed on the show. remember, the other twin got bounced. anyway, so he took both of these two. we're going on a date. and he brought a rose. and everyone wondered who was going to get the rose. well, he did a little head fake. he pretended like he was going to give it to emily -- i mean olivia. and instead he gave to emily. do we have video of this, do we
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let's watch. >> today you really did take the time to speak from your heart and tell me exactly what you were feeling. >> yeah. >> i don't think i can reciprocate those feelings. it's just not a place that i can get to. and i think that as honest as you've been with me about your feelings, i have to be honest with you about mine and tell you that today i can't give you this rose. i'm going to have to say goodbye. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. >> he's not sorry. >> that was like a hurricane.
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>> i hope they don't go to their honeymoon in a place like that. >> so olivia is out. >> i don't know any of them. >> leah was also september -- was also sent packing. because she's a drama-creator. you know one those people who stir the pot? >> put them out. >> ben was exhausted. he canceled a cocktail party but showed up at the rose ceremony. and then, wait, it was lauren h. -- >> stop it. >> lauren h. he sent packing. are we watching something? so who is left? >> you and i are right here. still looking for baby jesus. >> all right. they want to us play guess the guest. here are some of the clues. this person performs in front of millions of people. >> what? >> executes precision-like moves. >> usually half the audience
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where is the person? >> wait. go back again. he performs in front of millions of people. executes precision-like moves. usually half the audience likes -- >> oh, he's a sports guy. >> or a magician and the other half of the person doesn't like it. [ buzzer ] >> this bra is cutting off half my breathing. >> okay. we'll come back and try to guess who it is. the big surprise will be revealed soon. >> and then image is everything. we'll give it away to five lucky viewers. and a big party from mardi gras. >> are you sure it's not in
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today is fat tuesday which marks the end of the carnival season and there is no american city more famous for its mardi gras celebrations than --
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>> what? >> look underneath, he says. >> so our today food team called up louisiana native isaac toups. he's the executive chef and owner of toups meatery. >> this is not part of my dress really, right? >> it's not? >> no. >> oh, come on. >> hoda's concerned that you all might not understand that it's a bra. >> show the back. see, it's a bra. >> i like it better with the beads. >> what are we making? >> some crawfish. it's a classic dish. good for a cold weather day and to suck up all the alcohol. >> what kind of ingredients do we need? >> we have the classic trinity, green onion, celery, bell pepper, crawfish, white wine. got to have some rice in a louisiana dish. >> what's that?
2:21 am
>> first we'll have a pan nice and hot. we'll add the trinity. put a pinch of salt in for me. >> i can. where is it? look at me cooking. >> throw it in there. a little white pepper. >> and a little butter. >> that's garlic. >> oh, that's garlic. >> not yet. hold on. i'm the chef here. >> what are y'all doing? >> what now? >> a little a spatula i'll use. >> don't let her. >> after we saute this, we'll add the garlic. >> that made a big difference. >> yeah, it did. you don't want to burn your garlic. after we caramelize our vegetables, this is what they look like. >> pretty.
2:22 am
>> make a roux. >> rou -- make our roux. >> a little flower. we'll make sure it all gets emulsified. this is our thickening. and then we add our tomato product. this is what my grandmother calls the brick roux. because it's the color of red bricks. then we'll carmelize this tomato paste to give it the signature flavor. >> i'll turn this off. >> and after we make our roux, it will thicken up. >> like a paste. >> gonna add the white wine. >> now you're speaking our language. >> always have to taste your food. delicious. and then the crawfish stock. >> where do you get that?
2:23 am
>> of course you do. >> we boil down a whole bunch of crawfish. >> were you born and raised this new orleans? >> i was born and raised in a small town in lafayette, new orleans. -- louisiana. right when i was born, i came out of the womb and start making that roux. >> now what? >> now we have the near finalized product. so we have the vegetables, roux, tomato, white wine, crawfish stock. then we add the louisiana crawfish tails. if not that, you can tell you where to go. [ laughter ] >> this is so delicious. and you pour it over rice? >> please don't put scallions on mine. >> all right. what about red onions? >> no! >> all right. we have our ladle. here we go. >> and you scoop it right out.
2:24 am
crawfish yourself to get the stock, is there anywhere to get it? >> you can use shrimp stock or you can buy homemade stock. i won't make fun of you if you do. >> i have one for you. >> i'm excited. >> please enjoy. make the plate look nice and pretty. >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go. king cake. by the way, did we find the baby? >> no. >> no baby in there. i'm going to sue. >> how is that possible? >> let's have a bite. >> you know where to look. >> oh, that's good. but let's see if we can find it. see, i know the trick. >> what's the trick? >> it's on the bottom.
2:25 am
we got a baby right here. >> it's got to be on the bottom, you guys. >> you spoiled it for us for the rest of our lives. >> now i got to buy the next one. >> thank you so much. that was delicious. you can catch isaac on top chef this thursday on bravo. >> is it okay to flirt with other people when you're in a relationship? >> find out what our man panel has to say about that after this. >> isn't that obvious?ous? i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? ugh! heartburn!
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with valentine's day this sunday, you want to know what your man is really thinking. so time for guys tell all.
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>> guys tell all! >> first up is jean carlos. >> you can say it however you want. it means cinnamon in spanish actually. >> i just like to watch your lips move. >> he's the single star of nbc's tele novella. he's also just been cast as jesus in the passion on fox which will air live in march. >> and next up is rick younger, married with a son. and he can be seen in the rick younger show. >> comedy, music, fun. >> he has his own show. >> and also with us host of the gsn hit game show, idiot test, ben glebe. >> my name means cinnamon, also. [ laughter ] >> and last but certainly not least, the recently engaged be bob. so sorry, ladies. do you know how many hearts you're breaking? >> oh, please.
2:29 am
question. question one. rachel asks this. why is it that when a -- oh, hey, girl. we didn't even see you. all right. go ahead, honey. >> hi, i'm cynthia in new orleans, and my question is, how can i drop hints about what we should do for valentine's day without coming off too strong? >> if you want do something special, just line it up and do it. nothing is better than that. >> do you know what would be fun, as you gently finger his shoulders -- >> that sounded so creepy. >> when a woman does it, it's not creepy. >> it's real creepy because i did it real slow. a little tremble in my finger. >> but if you just say you know what would be fun. and tell us what would be fun. more than likely, we want to do what you want to do.
2:30 am
someone to -- you're like saying let's go to this place for dinner. >> she likes charles in charge. >> valentine's day tends to be not that magical thing for guys as it is for women. so you have to tell us a little bit. >> and you'll be disappointed, too. >> i like to do something special on valentine's day. i like to overdo it a little bit. it's part of the tradition. so i'm down with that. >> you're a very romantic valentine's day even if i'm not dating anybody. home alone with flowers and a great meal. >> we'll be right back after this. >> you sound like bob now. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back.t back.. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. our clothes can stretch out in the wash, ruining them forever. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz.
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2:33 am
and rick younger, single dad ben glebe. >> no, he's not. >> are you telling me something i don't know? >> somebody tell him. [ laughter ] >> that's your baby in the cake. >> and bob is engaged. >> a question from an e-mail. you're gonna like this one, ben. rachel asks why is it that when a guy finds out that a woman is capable of taking care of herself, money, car, et cetera, he loses interest or is not interested at all? >> i couldn't agree less. i love that. i start working less immediately. i start relaxing. i feel like sugar mama, let's do this. >> there was a period in my life where i really needed that woman. [ laughter ] >> i think it's a powerful, independent successful woman. we like that. >> do you let her pay? >> here's the thing.
2:34 am
necessary for her to pay. if it's important to her, by all means. but i work, so i like to please a person. >> there needs to be an understanding of the value of what each person brings to a relationship. at times when i was broke and poor, i was like, hey, come on to my house, i'll cook dinner for you. if you really want to go out -- >> you buy all the ingredients. >> i could afford ingredients. i couldn't afford tipping and all the other things. that come with going to a strount. and a lot of times, that's appreciated and they reciprocate and say, hey, this time i want to go out, and if you can't afford to pay, then maybe -- >> let's go across the street. >> hi, i'm vicky and my question is what age do men think they have matured? >> i have a theory on adulthood.
2:35 am
an adult until 27. >> i think 40. >> at 27, you kinda start to become an adult. >> i think you never stop maturing and learning, if you're living the right way. i think you should be a kid and know when to be an adult. because as you become an adult, you start complicating your life and forget the simple things in your life. >> i don't know what he said, but i'm hungry. >> here is a good one. >> your brain isn't even formed until you're 25. >> i've had a formed brain then for the last two years. >> nicole asked is it wrong for a person to give flirty looks or flirt with a person if they're in a relationship? >> no. that's the only thing you got. [ laughter ] that's the only thing you're allowed to do. >> i'm married, not buried. >> but there's a point where -- >> if you act on it, it's a bit different. but i think there should be enough respect and communication in a relationship where that is
2:36 am
>> a flirty look, it could be something very simple, like a stare that lingers. >> what if it's a little longer than that? >> danger zone. >> if somebody looks at you and you don't reciprocate -- >> how long is long? >> more than eight seconds. >> there is a fine line between creepy and sexy. >> yes. [ all speak at once ] >> a lot of us are talking. >> if you have questions for our guys, go to klg and, hit the connect button. >> can anybody guess the guest? here are the clues. they perform this front of millions of people. executes precision-like moves. usually half the audience likes him. is it bruno mars?
2:37 am
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now for the moment we've been waiting for. the big reveal of our mystery guest. here are the clues one last time. he performs in front of millions of people. >> check. >> executes precision-like moves. usually half the audience likes him. >> and he looks good in stripes. we know who it is because once they said stripes, we knew there was only one answer to the question. and here it is. >> our mystery guest is the hot ref -- come on down.
2:40 am
>> hey! >> good to see you. >> hey! >> how adorable. >> welcome. >> oh, my god. clete blakeman. i said the fact that blake was in your name made it hot enough as it was because i'm a blake shelton freak. >> and the whole social media world went crazy not over the game, because of you. were you surprised, embarrassed? >> actually it all. i thought it was just a couple tweets, but then it got the momentum. started blowing up. >> you're like here is the official coin and then you did a flex and then a -- [ laughter ] >> -- another flex. >> yeah. that's part of the super bowl. it's a spectacle.
2:41 am
a beautiful wife. i just saw you in the stairwell. and i was like i know her from somewhere and i remember i saw you on tv yesterday. what is your name some. -- what is your name? >> katie. >> and two gorgeous kids. katie, you've known he's been hot for a long time. how are you dealing with this? >> i love it. >> and how about your kids? are they having fun with it as well? >> well, they're five and three. >> that's what i love, because they don't give a rip about anything. >> we're bringing out some competition for you because we have our own hot ref. >> come on out, andrew. >> andrew's our ref. >> so what we are going to do, throw the flag? >> absolutely. >> but inside here, we have different calls on a card. i'm going to show it to clete and you're going to have to tell me, is it a real call, or is it a fake call? >> when do we throw the yellow? >> when you have an answer. >> hey, this is our show! >> stand up so everyone can see
2:42 am
>> are we ready? >> yes, go. >> kathie lee? >> real. >> offsides. >> real. it is right. >> ineligible down field. >> that's good. >> i did live in a football house. >> yes, you did. >> next one. >> first down. >> you're smos -- supposed to say real. >> offsides. >> i don't know who's winning. >> holding. >> she got to it first. >> he touched me! [ laughter ] >> all right. how about this. i had to practice this one. >> not real. >> the nene.
2:43 am
>> fake. >> you guys are so cute. thank you for coming. you're a beautiful couple. >> thank you. >> thanks for being our surprise guest. from the hot ref to el divo. >> classic songs for all the girls they loved before. >> yes, yes, yes. >> that was fun! >> i saw you in the stairwell,
2:44 am
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>> narrator: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> valentine's day is almost here, and if you're in the mood for romance, we have something special just for you. >> performance by the international singing sensation el divo. >> the crossover group has sold more than 26 million albums and scored 160 gold and platinum
2:47 am
>> amazing. their latest album debuted at number one on the latin bill boards chart. we are thrilled they are here with us. >> this is beautiful. >> and you're going on tour. >> yes. >> where are you going? >> we're starting out in mexico city. we will go all around south america, southeast asia, uk, europe and then later this year, we will wrap up the tour coming back to america. >> we can't wait to hear you sing. >> especially this one. here they are, el divo. to all the girls i've loved before who traveled in and out my door
2:48 am
i dedicate this song to all the girls i've loved before to all the girls i once caressed and may i say i've held the best for helping me to grow i owe a lot i know to all the girls i've loved before winds of change are always blowing and every time i try to stay the winds of change continue blowing
2:49 am
to all the girls who shared my life wife i'm glad they came along i dedicate this song
2:50 am
[ singing in foreign language ] [ singing in foreign language ] to all the girls we've loved before
2:51 am
who traveled in and out our door [ applause ] >> wow! >> thank you. >> no wonder you're number one everywhere. the strings were beautiful and the harp and cello. >> get ready to make a good impression when we give it away. make sure you go to see them on tour. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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want to bring in our friend, amy. come on in.
2:55 am
dresses. >> they're darling. >> before we say goodbye on the spanky tuesday, we're going to give five lucky fans a big, big present. >> because it's time to give it away, baby! this week's prize, it's an epson 4550 eco-tank printer worth $499. >> it's a wireless, all in one -- take it away, hoda. it is cartridge-free printing so you never have to worry about running out. to print up 11,000 black and 8,500 color pages, the equivalent of about 50 ink cartridges cartridges. >> keep going, hoda, you're doing great. >> amy, thank you, honey. >> never mind. >> who is first? >> the first winner -- i got
2:56 am
first is debra harden from windsor, north carolina. >> and i have debbie reynolds from kentucky. what do you have? >> i keep getting two. >> and i have got alisa quilam. in terre haute, indiana. >> and andrew urban won. >> and the last one is jacqueline rose from las vegas. >> congrats to all of our winners. enter next week again. for the complete rules and regulations, go to klg and and hit the connect button. >> you have some explaining to do. jackie was in charge of the king cake. >> there was a baby in here before you guys touched it. >> who took it out? where is it? >> you'll have to get in the spank line. >> let's crank it up, baby. >> jackie's getting it. >> what? >> bend over! get over here, jackie.
2:57 am
>> that's the wrong music. i need spanking music or i can't
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