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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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600-block of 13th street around :30 this morning. once on seen...the fire department located water coming down through the ceiling. officials later located that the fire began on the fourth floor. those living in the apartment complex were asked to evacute the building. "the fire alarms went off and usually we don't pay attention to it because it's usually a lot of false alarms. but this morning the alarms went outside my apartment to check and see and there was smoke everywhere and there was water coming from the ceiling so i knew there must have been a fire upstairs," said sherri duet, castle apartment resident. the sioux city assistant fire chief says the cold temperatures didn't affect putting out the fire. he says the sprinklers did their job inside the apartment. the biggest problem was the amount of smoke. "it's such a large building is evacuating the smoke out so we could get the people back into the apartments. that took a little longer than normal because of the size of the building," said assistant fire chief brad robinson. all residents are allowed back in the building. officials say there were no injuries. the infant was taken to st. lukes as a precaution
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winter weather advisories are in effect for lincoln, lyon, osceola, dickinson, emmet, sioux, o'brien, clay, palo alto, cherokee, buena vista, pocahontas, sac, & calhoun counties this evening through sunday afternoon after quite the frigid morning temperatures did not climb very much for our saturday afternoon. temperatures will be staying quite steady and really not dropping off this evening due to the cloud cover building in. the clouds are associated with our next weather maker that will come in the form of an upper level low pressure center. this will give us light snow this evening into the overnight hours. the snow will move in from nw to se and will be heavier off to the ne parts of siouxland. that is why the winter weathe advisory is in effect. snow totals look to range from less than an inch for western parts of the viewing area, to one to two inches for central towns including sioux city, and 2-5" for the northern and eastern towns. winds will also pick up which will cause some patchy whiteout conditions along with blowing and drifting snow. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes there's just four weeks left until the woodbury county democratic convention. and convention committees form to plan the final details.
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committees met earlier today, to put the final pieces together. the platform committee decided today what planks they want to push through to the district convention. the woodbury county democrats chair says even though it's an election year, this convention won't be any different. "it's just a parliamentary procedure that we need to go through in order to push the delegates on to the district and then on to state and then on to nationals," said penny rosfjord, woodbury county democrats chair. the convention will be held on march 12 at sioux city west high school. a bill up for debate at the state legislature, in pierre, is targeting people who are transgender. the bill proposes separate bathrooms and locker rooms for transgender students at south dakota schools. ktiv's tiffany lane has reaction from lawmakers, and students.
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passed. a bill that says students will be required to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their biological sex will be debated by the full senate. "i've had teenage kids, i think sharing bathrooms, locker rooms, shower rooms with kids who are anatomically different, i think is going to be a horrible affect on kids as far as bullying." under the bill, schools must provide "reasonable accommodations for transgender students' needs." accommodations include a single-occupancy bathroom or the "controlled use" of a staff-designated restroom, locker room or shower room. su "usd junior logan anderson is against the bill, which he says discriminates and is unwelcoming." "i saw like a testimony where this kid was saying he doesn't feel human, like he has to go to a different bathroom and it's just not including everyone," "and yeah, it's upsetting." advocates say the bill is meant to protect the prpracy of students. one university of south dakota student says he agrees with the bill as long as it provides the additional accommodatio ns for transgender students. "if you start conflicting with other people's rights, like for example, if someone doesn't feel comfortable i guess, being in the same same locker room, or let's say shower as that person, i believe they have the right to have privacy be separated." some legislators are once again attempting to void a high school activities association policy allowing transgender student
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the team thaa matches theii gender indentity. in vermillion, south dakota, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> on thursday, the senate education committee voted 4 t2 to send the bill to the floor for debate. democrats have criticized the measure as discriminatory. the sioux city art center celebrates youth art month with their 27th annual youth art exhibition. the art center received more than 400 art entries from 21 siouxland high schools. a selection committechose just 61 pieces to be displayed in the annual exhibit. the winners will be honored on sunday from 1:30 to 3 at the art center. the youth art exhibit will remain until april 10. ininarch of 20-15 the sioux city
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the question, how will they make an impact on sioux city? the list of possibilities ranged from a quidditch tournament, to movie night. but, a project promoting literacy won over all. it's called little free libraries. the concept is simple... "take a book, return a book." each library l lation has a theme and the books inside go along with the theme. the libraries help encourage literacy for all ages across sioux city. "the libraries are going to be a good way for kids access all kinds of books from all over. also be more attracted to reading because when you see these little free libraries they're painted in all kinds of fun colors and stories," said hannah rens, 2015 mayor of mayor youth commission the libraries can be found all around sioux city. for a full list of the locations go to our website ktiv-dot-com. the sioux city mayor's youth commission is now accepting applications for its young ambassadors program. the program is open to allll students grades 4th through 7th. the student must be enrolled in a sioux city public or parochial school, or home schooled in sioux city.
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include a letter of recommendati on. along with the nominations, the students name, address, phone number, and school should be included. all applications should be submitted by april 1st. you can find information on where to send the applications on our website ktiv-dot-com. do you plan or installing or using a car or booster seat? the cdc estimates 59- percent of car seats nationally are misued. doing your homework could keep your kid further from harms way. ktiv's sam curtiss has more for us tonight. "we always want to look a the owners manual and owners manual of the seat to see that we're doing it correctly," said gerry bennett, with sioux city fire rescue. but what if you bought that car seat second-hand? "we really
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the history of the seat," said bennett. because car seats do expire. and if they've been in a wreck....authorities say they're most likely no longer safe. "it's been proven that in an auto crash children can very easily get thrown around, injured or possibly even killed if not seated into a car seat correctly," said bennett. for no fee, sioux city fire rescue checked them saturday. going over proper installation and looking for seats that could have been ering peace of mind. "it's involving my child's life and i just feel much safer driving around just knowing that my car seat iigood to go," said lindsey roder, a concerned mother. the cdc estimates 46- percent of car and booster seats tionally are misued...reducig effectiveness. "i was not aware of the, up above the head, where you can adjust it to if they're getting taller to adjust the head for them to have more room," said roder. tools like safer car dot gov can check recalls and complaints. and the cdc has recommendations of how it should be placed in a car. "we always ask them do they feel comfortable to take the car seat in and out themselvee and that's the goal," said bennett. in sioux city, sam curtiss, ktiv news four.
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crew that will check seats year r und. all you have to do is call and make an appointment. coming up on news 4 at 6 pro football in sioux city is just around the corner. we'll show you how the bandits players
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siouxland. that is why the winter weather advisory is in effect. snow totals look to range from less than an inch for western parts of the viewing area, to one to two inches for central towns including sioux city, and 2-5" for the northern and eastern towns. winds will also pick up which will cause some patchy whiteout conditions along with blowing and drifting snow. this system will move out sunday morning leaving behind mostly cloudy skies. another system is expected to skirt through monday night giving the region a second chance for a mix/snow, with light accumulations possible. we will begin a warming trend as we move towards the end of next week with temperatures almost cracking the fifty degree mark come friday. >> still to come for us on a saturday night. we'll head to a local hospital as the sioux city bandits prepapre to defend their we'll head to a local hospital
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still to come for us on a saturday night. we'll head to a local hospital as the sioux city bandits prepapre to defend their
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the sioux city bandits know that all too well. today they took the time to get their yearly physical check-up before their season kicks off. ktiv's michelle schoening has more. every year the sioux city bandits get up, bright and early on a saturday and get their yearly physical. this year physicans from the tri-state specialists and mercy singing hills stepped-in to make sure players are ready to step out on the field. the head coach says with a limited's important to have everyone ready to go. "we need these guys as healthy as can be. so it's very important for us to know going into camp these guys are healthy and available for us," said erv strohbeen, sioux city bandits head coach. "from blood pressure to making sure their joints are in the right motion. doctors at the physicians clinic are preping the players to be game ready,"
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siouxland's news channel. doctors say the physicals are all about avoiding injuries during the season. "we try to identify findings that could give us a clue in either bracing or preventative measures that we can do like taping around the ankle that may aid in preventing these injuries,": said dr. aaron althaus, tri-state specialists physician. as for the players, they understand how crucial it is to get these yearly physicals. "this process is pretty valuable to make sure everybody in the best condition possible in terms of their prexcisting conditions or old injuries that need to be taken care of," said rahn franklin, bandits free safety. and after receiving the green light from the doctors, the bandits turn their focus to the season' schedule. in sioux city, michelle schoening ktiv news four. the bandits kick off their season on february 27 at
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mark's in now with sports - and a big day for high schoool wrestlers. (mark) district day - state berths up for grabs in all classes. we've got highlights and reaction from two siouxland sites, coming up after the break. plus, the briar cliff men look
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tournament is already set in all classes. but there was still work to be done. district tournaments taking place all over iowa to fill out the field for the individual state tournament, which starts on thursday. we start in sibley, iowa for class 1a district action - these are all finals. drew woodall, from mmc-ru, picks up a district title at 113 pounds - with a 12-nothing major decision. westwood's kody berg comes from behind to beat hinton's skylar richter for the 120 pound district title. up to 138 - west sioux's kory van
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tournament. and sibley-ocheyedan's dylan schuck picks up two more pinfalls - schuck is now 46-and-1 on the season - and a district champion. "it's a great feeling again, being here with your home crowd," said having the atmosphere in here. it's great, and hope we can get some more." and the generals would get more, pin at title. at 170, another champ - trent kruger beats okoboji's noah bouse - sibley-ocheyedan sends 7 guys to state, 4 of them district champs. but the generals' run of champions ends at 182 - in a battle of ranked guys, hinton's daniel bishop, number 1 in the state, beats sibley-ocheyedan's hunter dejong, 11- nothing. "dejong's a good wrestler," said bishop. "if i'm able to wrestle him like i did right there, it shows me and everyone else, everyone i'm going to wrestle,
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let's go to sheldon for class 2a district action. sergeant bluff-luton sends 5 guys to state - among them, brayden curry, a district champ at 126. boyden-hull/rock valley's austin rozeboom turns his man over for a fall - he was your champion at 132 - heads to state with just one loss. up to 138 - connor ascherl from moc- floyd valley finished 2nd, but is going to des moines. spirit lake park gets 4 state berths - john tuttle finished 2nd at 145 pounds. and cherokee's tyler zeimen picks up the district title at 160. for a list of the guys going to state, head to our website, the briar cliff men have already clinched at least a share of the gpac title, with a 15-and-2 record in conference play. the chargers could take the title outright with a road win over hastings briar cliff comes in, winners of 20 of its last 21 games.
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lead on a basket by carson blum - the broncos shot over 48 percent. briar cliff gets on the board later - the chargers have a basket by shane graves - graves scored 17. the cliff keeps it going - austin lefler on the steal - takes it all the way the other way for 2 of his 13 points. later it's bryan forbes for three - forbes, 5 of 8 from three, 19 points - b- c-u clinches the gpac title, 89-77. northern iowa, on the road at wichita state. first half - ron baker rebounds the fred van vleet miss and puts it back - wichita state down 1. there was something brewing for the panthers - klint carlson for 3 - uni takes an 11 point lead into the half. things tighten up but norhtern iowa holds strong - matt bohannon on the three. uni avenges a loss to the shockers from earlier in the season,
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nebraska leads penn state... sdsu over usd with about 5 minutes to play... highlights of both at 10...
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back to tonight's top story, supreme court justice antonin scalia has died after nearly 30 years on the nation's highest court. according to the san antonio news-express the 79-year old justice apparently died of natural causes while visiting a luxury resort in west texas.
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president ronald reagan in 19-86 and has been the senior member of the court for several years. he's also been one of the most conservative justices in recent years. justice scalia was born in trenton, new jersey.... he leaves behind his wife of 55 years, nine children and more than 30 grandchildre n. we'll have more tonight on news 4 at 10 we all are big coffee people.. but how much would you pay for a cup check this out san francisco's bay area is a buzz over a $15 a cup of coffee. while it smells, grinds and drips like you're typical cup of joe, its anything but. the beans which are from the gesha variety come from the mountains of panama. the first crop, which took 8-years to produce, was small which is why the java is such a
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the weekend insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. it's coming from a place of such sexism. >> taylor puts kanye on flat. did she just call him a ma sojist in? >> misunderstood. >> that's just part of our good week --
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>> excluding beyonce's controversial evolution revolution. >> a decent, wholesome entertainment and not attack police officers. >> then malcolm-jamal warner is stuck in controversies. >> you're intertwined with two icons. >> and the controversy surrounding his tvtv dad, bill cosby. plus, theresa giudice's post-prison confidential. she spills everything. our special correspondent, mary kitchen finds out, what went down in danbury after dark. >> were you propositioned for sex? >> now the hollywood insider, together with yahoo.


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