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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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and my arms are open wide > an ida grove, iowa man is wanted on charges of attempted murder. the sac county sheriff's office is looking for 36-year jeremy werneburg. authorities say intentionally struck a idden, iowa man with his car sunday night in carnarvon. the victim was taken to a des moines hospital with serious injuries. werneburg is described as 6-feet, 3-inches tall, weighing 205 pounds. he has blonde hair and blue eyes. he has ties to the ida grove, wall lake, carroll and humboldt areas. anybody with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 9-1-1 or the sac county sheriff's office. police in vermillion say a suspt has confessed to an act of vandalism at a fraternity house at the university of south dakota sunday night, someone spray
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date rape" on the side of the phi delta theta fraternity house. school and law enforcement authorities were puzzled because there have been no reports of anyone being assaulted. late this morning, police say they identified a suspect and that person confessed. his name has not been released, but he told police he was upset after being kicked out of a party at the frat house. fraternity members have since washed off most of the paint.
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upwards of 30 miles per hour. said wind will diminish throughout the day as clouds stay in place for the most part keeping our temperatures in the 30s. another weak disturbance passing by to our north might drop a quick snow shsher on northern siouxland late tonight/early wednesday morning, but other han that, tonight should be dry, but with some patchy fog. wednesday will bring more gray and cool conditions before the more serious warming comes on thursday with highs jumping up to the 50s and staying there for friday and saturday as winds pick up again. we'll also see increasing sunshine to add to our warmth as we move into the weekend. see graphics. >> former united nations secretary- general boutros boutros-ghali has died at the age of 93. he died today at a cairo hospital after he was admitted there suffering from a broken pelvis. boutros-ghali was a veteran n egyptian diplomat who helped negotiate his country's landmark peace deal with israel. in 1992, he became the first arab and the first african to be appointed u-n secretary general. he served a single four- year term. the 15 members of the security
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this morning a athe united nations. justice antonin scalia's courtroom chair has been draped in black to mark his death as part of a supreme court tradition that dates to the 19th century. scalia died saturday at age 79. he joined the court in 1986 and s its longest- serving justice. the entrance to the marble courtroom and the mahogany bench in front of scalia's chair also have been draped with black wool crepe. the debate over whether it should be president barack obama or his successor who appoints the next supreme court justice juju keeps getting hotterer writing in today's washingn post, senate democratic leader harry reid says by refusing to approve an obama nominee to succeed scalia, the gop-led senate would, quote-- "aim a procedural missile at the foundation of our system of checks and balances." but republican senator orrin hatch tells cnn that the constitution doesn't specify a "time constraint" for approving a new justice. tracie potts is following the latest
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from capitol hill.
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"we're in an election year, so i'm not going to pretend that that's not part of the atmospherics here." republican candidates insist the replacement for justice antonin scalia should not be president obama's choice. donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "the republicans should reject it. i think the new presidenttshould have that opopion." marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate) "the practical implications are nil. it's all about politics." they argue even if an obama nominee is confirmed, it could be too late to have any impact this term. in an op-ed posted overnight by the washington post, top democrat harry reid calls this "nakedly partisan" and says republicans are "insulting americans' intelligence" by blocking a vote. i'm tracie potts ii washington,, now back to you. >> one of the names on a short list ofustices to replace antonin scalia is from iowa. jane kelly is a circuit judge on the u-s court of appeals. she was nominated for that post by president obama in 2013. but before that, she worked at ththpublic dender's office in ced rapids for many years after attending harvard law school. the new york times identified kelly as a potential nominee to the high court shortly after the news of scalia's death. kelly has earned praise from iowa senator
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judiciary committee, which oversees hearings for supreme court nominees. russia is denying that its warplanes struck a hospital in northern syria this week, killing at least nine people. a spokesman for president vladimir putin says,s,we cateterically reject such claims." he calls it "another case of those who make such accusations against russia being unable to back up their claims." meanwhile, a turkish official says his country is pushing the case for ground operations in syria because he says it would be impossible to stop the islamic state group any other way. the white house says president barack obama will make his first visit to vietnam in may. the announcement came after mr. obama met with vietnam's prime minister at a summit with southeast asian leaders monday in california. the president's vietnam visit will be a side trip while in the region for the grouof seven summit in japan. mr. obama will become the third straight president to visit the southeast asian nation. the u-s looks to strengthen
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that country worries over china's aggressions in the south china sea. former governor chet culver has been lobbying against privatization of medicaid in iowa. on monday, he brought his message to sioux city, speaking to a crowd at the siouxland center for active generations. culver is leading the charge for the group "advocates for iowa medicaid", which says it wants to provivi a clear voice for iowans. "we're really builng a statewide coallition of advocates, providers, beneficiaries, people that are directly impacted by iowa's medicaid system everyday." said culver. "it's a broad cross- section of iowans that are representing more than a half million people on medicaid and we just want to make sure their voices are heard." governor terry branstad wants to turn over management of the iowa's 4-point-2 billion dollar mediaid program to private companies. ben's back with the full forecast when news
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find out when the sun will be back. currently cloudy in spencer, iowa.. where it's
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ben... our warm-up has taken a pause.
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sunrise. but, as t tperatures continue to drop to near/below freezing, some ice could still develop on area roads and make things a bit slick for this morning's
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strong northwest wind to deal with this morning with gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour. said wind will diminish throughout the day as clouds stay in place for the most part keeping our temperatures in the 30s. another weak disturbance passing by to our north might drop a quick snow shower on northern siouxland late toght/early wednesday morning, but other than that, tonight should be dry, but with some patchy fog. wednesday will bring more gray and cool conditions before the more serious warming comes on thursday with highs jumping up to the 50s and d aying there for fridid and satutuay as winds pick up again. we'll also see increasing sunshine to add to our warmth as we move into the weekend. see graphics. >>
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city hall in denison, iowa is getting a whole new look, and an old look at the same time. ktiv's tiffany lane shows us.
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to fixing their city hall. "the idea was totoemove the more recent covering g n the outside and reveal what was underneath, which was the original building constructed in 1895," said denison city manager terry crawford. it's a project that's been in the works for about a year, and is a few months from completion. city manager terry crawford has pushed for the renovations. su "one of the appeals of the project is that it keeps the historical preservation of the original building, crawford says." "i could show you the cupolas that have been installed already on the exterior, the south one here next to what we hope to have a bell tower in the e ture," said crawford. "it's not a part of thisisontract." but, the exterior of city hall isn't the only part that will look different. before the project, the top floor of the building was only used for storage. the top floooohas been transformed to include the city council chambers, an employe lounge, and a small room for storage. "it's just nice to be able to have an office again, when we were at our temporary location, which was almost a year, we're all kind of, there were six of us in two office spaces," said lisa koch, denison
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a new elevator also takes people from the basement to the top o o the building, offering easier access. there is also a new hvac system thatill handle summer heat, and winter's chill. "we feel that as far as the taxpayers' dollars are really going to help pay back the cost of this building in a shorter time because of the high efficiency utilities," said crawford. crawford says the improvements will cost just under a million dollars. in denison, iowa, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> the renovation project is scheduled to be complete e spring. the man who co-founded gateway computer company comes home to share his insight. what ted waitt told a couple hundred young siouxland
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stocks are moving higher as investors respond to some encouraging news, including a six-percent jump in earnings at horl foods, maker of spam. the man behind gateway computer company came home to sha his insight with young siouxland entrepreneur s. ted waitt kicked off the sixth annual "entre-
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to a crowd of 200 last night at briar cliff university. ktiv's robert lowe reports.
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"i always advise people to start when they're young," said waitt. "i didn't have kids, i didn't have a mortgage to pay. there was no risk, there was nothing to lose. the worst thing i was going to do is go get a job. meaning, just maybe, the next successful entrepreneur is a student sitting right here. in sioux city, robert lowe, ktiv news 4. >> looking back on gateway's legacy, waitt said the combination of relelating gateway to san diego, coupled with a number of bad hires, was "fatal." in 2007, a taiwanese software company bought gateway for $710 million dollars. the 10-day entrepalooza continues today at briar cliff. still ahead this afternoon... a look back at music's biggest night. kendrick lamar... taylor swift... lionel richie... a grammy recap, next on news
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one very familiar face was a grammy awards... but otherwise, the recording academy largely spread the wealth with its honors. several major stars won for the first time. nbc's mama barger has a wrap u u
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nats "taylor swift!" and then added to her collectiti ----- three awards...inclu ding album of the year for "1989". "i want to thank the fans for the last ten years." fans of rapper kendrick lamar got to celebrate nats "we gonna be alright" s show stopping performance.... and 5 grammys...incl uding best rap album for "to pimp butterfly". nats "is for snoop dog, doggy style, and this for nas. we will live forever, believe that." nats "let's'so, let's do it!" honors for "record of the year" went t tmark ronson and brun mars forheir dance anthem "uptown funk". nats of mars "we wouldn't be up here if it wasn't for the people dancing to this song. thank you guys so much! the night's firsy winners included ed sheeran.... "song of the year" for "thinking out loud"..... and megan trainor, best new artist. nats "aw, i'm a mess." justin bieber also won his first dadae recording........ . chris stapleton toto best country album.... and alabama shakes won best rock
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audio issues marred a performance by adele.... but not tribibes to lost legends nats "the thrill is gone" ......including bb king... nats eagles' lead singer, glenn frey.... and glam rock icon david bowie..... nats "ground control to major tom" lady gaga's tribute medley to the singer among the highlights on music's biggest night. mark rger, nbc news. >> lego at the art center... coming
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lego. there's some pretty interesting ones, and you have a variety of them that will be on display. yes, and i have e e that i'm very excid to see and th's the red dress so _ou'll have to check that out. a ttle intrigue there. this is also an exhibit for everybody, kids are going to love this one especially. i've had kids very excited for this, i've had adults very excited about this. people that say 'i still buy lego sets and i'm 35 years old' or 40 years d. it's the same wayayith nathan, he started as a kid working with legos and just continued on. he was a corporate lawyer and quit his practice and decided to go full time into this thing. he's got exhibits all over the world and breaking attendance records everywhere they go. it's also important to note that to check this out, it's free to get into the art center. yes, it's free to get into the art center, it's free for the exhibitio we just nt to have people there to check us out and see everything that's going on with us. you'll have events planned around it and workshops too. erin thanks for being here. thank you. thank for joining us
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ha . >> jj: hey, thanks for meeting me. >> gabi: hey, um, i... i thought you had work today. >> jj: yeah, i'm going in in a few minutes. >> gabi: so... >> jj:j:o i just wanted to buy you...just a cup of coffee. >> gabi: a coffee? >> chad: as soon as the sale is finalized, i want all the locks changed and a new security system installed asap. >> harold: yes, sir. uh, thank you, sir, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me stay. >> chad: hi. >> abigail: hi. >> chad: and, um, i'm sure you won't forget, but you work for us now, right? not my father or andre. >> harold: yes, sir.


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