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tv   Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CST

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from n news, this iss "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! yes, it's the begng of the workweek but it's funday mondayy around here, february 22nd. that is "confession" by florida georgia line. hoda is having a lot of trouble just concentrating because somebody is here. >> who?
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>> my trainer is re. it's so exciting, his name is chris. he's from australia. >> is hoda good when she comes in in the morning? >> yes. we train at 5:30 in the morning. >> he's going to show the workout he has me do. >> you said you hated it. >> no, i said i'm not that good at it. >> chris is going to show us some exercises. >> look at those tats. >> he's got a few. if you missed the big "friends" reunion last night, we have all thehighlights. >> now, lasas year it was all about the whip and the nae-nae, so there's a new dance craze called the dab. link and dab, link and dab. >> i never learned the nae-nae. >> it's the lean and the dab. >> they're going to show us. they said it was easy. >> okay.
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with your mom. i love when you take your little trips together. >> we did. we went to florida. and wee just -- we just got some rays. my mom was just like -- she's on the go. oh, my god, we saw mary higgins clark in the lobby. i said to my mom, that's mary higgins clark, and she said, a select. so we snuck up to her. she said she wants to come back on the show. >> it seems like she's here every week with a new book. i love her to pieces. >> she said she's on too much. >> she's not on too much. >> that's what we said. >he other day it was love your pet day and in my case it was love yr pets. i put them on the sofa. >> i can't believe they just mug like that. >> they immediately look at the camera. >> do they ever get muddy and run on your furniture? >yeah, but we try to get r
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>> today is national margarita day. how do you like yours, hoda? >> i like mine on the rocks. with just tequila and nothing else. just tequila. >> that's really good. >> that's like one of those skinny ones. >> why do we have a margarita cupcake, you might add? >> they're tequila soaked. shall we try it? >> i'm not eating sweets, so you try it. >> i'm not supposed to be eating sweets. >> your trainer is watching you. your trainer is watching you, hoda. >> what's isn't? >> maybe something margaritay. >> lime. just lime. >> you're going to pay f f that. >> you know a word i don't like, when it says lime curd is in it. what is curd? >> by the way, it's delicious. >> what's on the top?
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pastry chef michelle spell. each cupcake is $3.25 and worth it. >> but how many calories? >> they don't tell you that. >> all right. so kanye has been making an awful lot of news lately. >> not for good reasons. >> not for good reasons, but if showing signs of how tiring fatherhood can be is in this next piure, he's exhausted. they were out shopping, he and kim and the babies. is that north? >> north is long. she's tall. >> they were out with chrissy teigen and john legend. >> these guys don't do that, do they? >> apparently they do. she sent that out. she said it would be her faer's birthday today had he not passed away. >> we also have a picturee for the very first time, a photo of their other child, brand new baby -- not brand new, born in december. >> it's bebetiful. it's really beautiful. all babies are beautiful,
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>> i couldn't remember if saint was there are born. there are so many people pregnant and having babies. christey teaguen chrissiey teigen is pregnant. >> look how beautiful she looks. she's gorgeous. >> here's what happened. chrissiey teigen was tweeting that she was going to have a night nurse come and help her when the baby is born. >> she's a first-time mother, okay. >> so twitter went cray like twitter does. they were saying it's part-time parenting, who do you think you are, all those things. so she responded, because chrissy teigen does not mince words. she says a night nurse doesn't replace you waking and feeding night. you're up with them, they're helpers and teachers. she said i'm so used to sharing my life that i forget how protective i'll have to be soon. i cannot handle this kind of constant judgment. >> nor should she have too but it
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territory. it's the world we live in. it blows my mind that people think that their opinion is going to matter to you. she knows whose opinions matter so don't even read this stuff. >> she sayshatever she wants on twitter. aa couple of times she tweeted me something really crazy and vug gar and wild and i thought that was an imposter. she goes after people who say negative things about her. good for her. >> why give them any power? i would just iore them. just ignore them. or pray for them,o something, but don't give them the power thinking that their opinion matters to you. >> does it ever matter when you read things? >> if somebody has misunderstood my intention about something, then i respond to it. but somebody just giving me their opinion on something and theyon't even know me -- >> yes. >> no. no, no, no. don't give them power. right? >> right, chris? chris says yes.
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he can say whatever he wants. oes doesn't make sense to me but apparently there's a right way to write an e-mail. you're going to ask your friend to go to dinner and you want to sound like a normal human being, not overeager, not crazy. >> what kind of a friend are we talking about? >> a friend. >> why would yououe overeager to ask a frien to have dinner? >> can you go. do you want to go to lunch? what time do you want to go? >> you know what i do to you? lamb chop, question mark. that's what i do to you. >> somebody had a lot of time and analyzed 5.3 million e-mails. >> an e-mail efficiency service. >> they determined these are the phrasings. so you guys choose and decide which e-mail is the best way to ask someone to dinner. here's number one. >> hey, i was thinking about you earlier. do you want to get pizza. >> number two. >> hey, i definitely would like to getogether next week.
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and this is hoda's. >> hey, it would be absolutely wonderful to see you. do you want to get pizza? i'm so excited. so i would say 1. number one, life is short. hungry? pizza? meet me. which one do you want? >> i don't know why i think it's so funny. there's nothing really funny about it but it's hysterical. i've lost it. i think i would go -- i would send number three, i'm so excited but i would hate to receive that one. i would say oh, my god, i can't wait, let's go get pizza. two. >> hey, i'd definitely like to get together next week. do you want to get pizza? i think that's ridiculous. if it's a good friend, they know you want to get together. experts, keep those things on
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want to t.o.infer that goldilocks area, not too positive, not to negative, not too in your face. what kind of friends do they have? first of all, don't do e-mail. that's an even better thing. hoda, i'm hungry. let's go eat. >> you'd say yes and that would be the end of it. so again city ofgwen stefani and blake shelton are apparently in love. apparently. they're sort of wrapped up. >> and you did wonder if it was a bouncy thing from their oar relationships or if it was promotion for "the voice." >> they say if you fall in love right away it's not that great long time. i'm not saying it's not going to last, but -- >> you sure as heck hope it doesn't. let's be honest. >> so i guess blake -- gwen stefani couldn't attending and so she brought her iphone and
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>> the man does 300 gigs a year. of course she can't be at every one of them. it's not like she's missing his bar mitzvah or something. if you're in love with a lawyer, do you go and hear all his closing arguments? >> but here's the thing about facetiming. i was telling you, i went to the beach and there were four girls sitting at a table and their fifth friend couldn't come to the beach, so she was present everywhere. hey, look, we're having blueberry pancakes. look at that. and for some reason watching them pass the phone around, look at the sunrise. >> and it gets elevated and elevated. >> driving me nuts. >> was there alcohol involved at breakfast? >> no. there should have been. should have been. oh, that's good. >> it bugs you. >> i don't know why. and i think if there was another person sitting there, who cares. hey, look at the sunrise. but therereas something aboutut the phphe. give it to me and pass it ove here and look what i'm wearing.
10:11 am
little annoying, right? >> let me ask you this, did they know you were sitting there next to them? now you outed all of them and they probably were fans of yours before and not now. you've got to think these things through. >> anyhoo, this is kind of cute. so this little girl saved up all of her money because she wanted to buy her brother a hamster. >> that is so sweet. she's the younger sister, right? >> she's the younger sister. look at this moment that she decided to break the piggy bank. take a look at her brother's reaction. >> a hamster. i paid for it. why arar you crying? why are you crying? >> i think he's happy. >> are you happy crying? oh. >> how does it end?
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oh, that is the sweetesttthing. >> can i tell youou one quick teeny story? >> apparently not. >> when i graduated -- when i graduated from college and i was looking for a job and i needed a car, my brother worked at popeye's fried chicken. he worked there every day that summer and i needed a $1,000 down payment to get a car because i didn't have a car t go to work and he wrote his whole check to me. he just wrote the check and handed to me. he worked every day that summer and he gave me the check. >> ooh. >> how do we do it day after day. >> all right, favorite things and they might become yours too. actually i'm wearing it under my dress. >> of course you are, you little -- >> and why taylor swift was hearing wedding bells this weekend. we'll get you caught up on the rest of the hollywood scoop afte all year long you worked hard to take care of business and take care of the people who matter most.
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have missed this weekend with "today's buzz." >> here with the scoop is nina tararro. >> so taylor swift was busy, busy, busy. >> monday she's with tha- a-listers at the grammys, sunday she's at her best friend's wedding. she's just a normal girl. this is a wedding that taylor had been looking forward to for a long time. she told "people" magazinin this was her very first time as a maid of honor and she was thrilled. the two girls wore ream akra dresses. taylor kept the dress very modest and simple and did not upstage the bride. >> i actually had lunch with brittany and her husband. >> you did? >> yeah, when i was down in florida. they were gd friends with my friends the loomises and they were like two weeks ahead from their wedding and they're love low kids. you can see that she would be
10:17 am
>> taylor has known brittany since they were ten years old and she has known the groom since she was 4-year-old old. so they all seem very close-knit. >> they really are darling. >> taylor was going to give $250,000 to ke$ha for some money. >> that's right. she wrote out a check to kesha for her legal troubles. she's in court and was told she cannot record music outside of her sony contract. she wants to get out because of dr. luke. she's alleged that he raped her, that he drugged her, that she suffered emotional lewis. dr. luke's team said the allegations against luke will be shown to be completely false. a lot of female pop stars are coming to kesha's defense saying this is something that is a feminine problem. lady gaga -- >> i w wder if she in debt now? >> she's not making money or producing any records. so when you're not working, not making money, one has to imagine
10:18 am
definitely come in handy. there is a break-up to report, jamie alexander from "the b bnd spot" and peter facinelli. >> these two have been engaged since march, 2015, and they have called it quits. her rep told "usa today" that it's because of family and work commitments. jamie films "blindspot" in newew york city and peter films "supergirl" which is in l.a. he has three daughters with his ex-wife so one has to imagine that -- >> i saw them at the parade, the macy's parade. they were together and just hanging around. i think she did one little spot or something but they were hanging out. >> this took me by surprise because at the golden globes, they were making out all over the red carpet and things seemed hot and heavy. >> at least they made that decision before they got married. >> s s the "friendsds reunion.
10:19 am
the legendary director james burrows directed lots of great shows. big special in honor of him but it was a little "friends" mini reunion. everyone was there except for matthew perry. >> d d we have a little? >> i think we do, yeah >> in the beginning it was not a hard thing. we really just wanted to hang out with each other. it was not a we have to do this. we really just fell in love and adored each other instantly and would hang out at each ototr's houses and watchhe show togege. >> we did at the beginning. we watched -- >> you did, you watched together. >> at the beginning. >> yeah, the first yore. >> and then what happened? >> jennifer did go on to say that the girls all had lunch together every day for ten years where they would have the jennifer salad. >> what was the jennifer salad? >> they wouldn't tell us. >> one piece of lettuce probably. should you still tip of if your service is terrible?
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. it's what we do everything monday, we surprise our fan of the week. >> let's spin the globe. it's landed in michigan. >> that's where our fan, carey watches us on nbc 25. >> hi, she's joining us by skype with her baby chloe. are you excited? >> oh, my gosh i'd be jumping up and down if i didn't have a sleeping baby in my arms. >> how old is she now? >> four and a half months. >> she's sweet. before we putut you to the test, let's tell everydy why you were chosen. she takes pride of being a mother of three teens. >> what? >> and the baby. chloe is four months old and she said she's been the biggest miracle. >> she wanan all of us to be
10:24 am
one of their favorite sugegments and ambush miracle. >> you'll have 15 seconds to answer correctly. bobby thomas highlights the latest in beauty and fashihi in a segmentnt called bobby's steal and deals, bobby's buzz or thomas talks. >> bobby's buzz. >> you got it. wonderful. you've won a fabulous resort vacation. you can take chloe. you and a guest will be headed to orlando, florida where you'll stay four days and three nights at the reunion resort. >> you'll enjoy golf, relaxation, time around the pool. round trip airfare is included who are you bringing? >> probably my husband. >> that would be nice. >> thank you so ch. get ready to lean and dab. i don't know. >> i love memphis, i don't understand anything anymore after your local news. >> yes, you do.
10:25 am
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lean and dab . lean andwelcome, today we are speaking with don delozier from days door company in sergeant bluff. welcome don. thank you. so first
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about days door company. well we do a lot more than just garage doors as most people know. we do a lot of residential garage and commercial garage. we also do a lot of service work for both as well but we also do interior doors and entry doors of endless styles as well as our own custom made interior trim work. we also carry windows. we carry the gerkin brand as well as hayfield brand windows and those do very well. . unds great - now we've got a couple pictures here of some of your work and we're looking at the interior of a room. this is a remodel? this is a recent remodel and we provided the windows and all of the trim work that you see there - the casing, the baseboard and everything else you see in the picture. we've also got a shot at a rage door here. yes, that's one of our uore popular ones right there. that's actually a steel door that looks like a wooden door so you can
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look to your house and make yourself look a little different from anyone else in the neighborhood. you also built that door to the right of it as well. correct, yes. we have an endless number of door styles that you can choose from. it's a little overwhelming sometimes. and i understand that you're going to be at the siouxland home show. we're going to be at the siouxland home show this year. that's going to be great. you can come down and check us out. we're going to have a lot of our products on display so you can actually touch them, feel them and we can answer any question that you may have. ok for more information you can give them a call or go online to daysdoorcom don thanks for joining us. we'll
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we are back on this funday monday, ready to serve up some advice for the restaurant etiquette dilemmas. >> you want to make sure you behave tastefully as mr. manners himself, thomas farley. >> whom we love. >> hi. >> hi, thomas. >> the first we sit down should we put our napkin on our lap? >> the host will be the first one and that gives the cue to everyone else. >> what if we're all together? >> do it once you've s s down. >> hi, ladies and gentlemen, may i te your order? >> alex, we're not quite ready yet. >> you've been sitting here quite some time, but i'll check back. >> okay.
10:31 am
>> what do you do about a rude waiter? >> we've got a few issues going on here clearly. our menus are closed so that indicates to the server that we areeady to order. now, in this case we just sat down so clearly he came over far too soon. >> which is typical of alex. now the look. >> we haven't seen each other in a while. we'll be talking more than looking. >> but this is a restaurant, not a lounge. so 10, 15 minutes is the maximum amount of timi before you're looking at that menu ready to order. we ready with a drink order. >> hoda is ready for the drink order. >> the drink order is already here. sometimes you come up andt's cold outside and you bring all your stuff with you. >> or are trying to save a little extra money not having to check it. >> so you plop things over the chair. they ask you at the beginning can i take your coat? i always like mine. i like to keep it. >> or you come in and you're still cold. >> so is that a no-no.o.
10:32 am
spreading where your coats and gloves and scarves are taking up more seats than you are. if the restaurant has a coat check and it's a large item, you're going to check it because this cluters up theters up the dining room and the server could trip over it. if you don't have a coat check, keep everything self-contained on your person. so on the back of your chair, not other chairs where people might need to sit there. >> our food is arrived and we ordered chicken. >> i made the decision for you. >> thank you. >> you know him really well. >> you don't want to drop it. >> thank you. >> let me know if there's >> all right. thank k u very, very much. then we say grace and check in. oh, excuse me, oh, it's bloody. liking. >> what do you do?
10:33 am
sorry, do you see that, i'm just a little concerned. >> it looks good to me. >> you get salmonella. let me know how you're feeling. >> so you handled that beautifully. you did exactly right. >> wishing salmonella on him? >> i think he earned that mment for sure. >> you said it litely. you didn't put it on the waiter. the waiter did his job in theory so sending it back -- >> never take it out on the waiter. >> never take it out on the waiter. >> i remember one time someone brought you chicken and you ordered salmon. you said that looks mouth watering but i actually ordered salmon. >> okay. what happens now? >> now we say thank you, thomas farley. >> dessert. >> what if you're the only person that wants it.
10:34 am
>> it would have been me. >> don't worry, alex, i'll get it to her. >> here's the issue with ordering a dessert and this i i as well. you may be the only one that nts wants to order dessert. if it seems like other people need to get on their way, you're not going to say, yes, i'd like dessert or i'd likee coffee. maybe split it. >> if somebody orders an appetizer and everybody else orders a full meal, how do you divvy it up so it's fair? >> if you're dining with somebody on a regular basis, you're going to get short changed one time, someone else the other time. if there's a vast disparity, you've ordered one cocktail and everybody else ordered ten? have a buddy step in for you and say hoda only had one cocktail, why don't we cover her. >> as we say good-bye, if the service is terrible.
10:35 am
>> do you still tip alex? >> here's what we want to do. we're not going to take it out at the end othe meal. we're going to step in the moment it happens by speaking with the manager. >> bye. >> don't scrimpp at the end. that's the wrong way to go. >> thank you v vy much, thomasas always a pleasure to ha you. the workout that keeps hoda woman look as toned and fabulous as she is from her personal trainer. >> we're going to get moving with i love memphis doing the hottest new dance craze called the lean and dab. >> i'm going to lean now an incredible rebirth for dry hair. new from l'oreal, extraordinary oi a shampoo systum infused with luscious, lightweight oils. in just one wash hair looks instantly and visibly nourished. transforms dry hair without weighing it down. sumptuously soft, weightlessly flowing, brilliantly shiny. as if transfromed. extraordinary. an incredible rebirth for dry hair. new extraordinary oil from l'oreal advanced haircare paris.
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experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your r ctor about any medical conditionsns medications you are taking, and if you have kidn or liver problems. using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. all right. this breakout song became a pop culture phenomenon with more than 250 million youtube views turning "i love memphis" into a social media star. >> these days it's all about the dab. everyone from athletes to
10:40 am
and now i love memphis, that's this wonderful guy, is in on it too with his latest hit lean and dab. >> hit the quan, and very popular with the nananae. so you brought it altogether. >> what made you decide to put all those together, sweelttie? >> just having fun. coming up with something everyone can have fun with and just have fun. >> everybody has fun and you make money, perfect. >> you have a big group of people over here. you're going to sing first and to be here. >> we're going to watch you. have fun. >> i love memphis. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god, he's right there. >> can you teach me how dab. i'm finna tell you how to lean
10:41 am
lean and dab lean and dab i finna tell you how to lean oh, my god no, no, no way, oh my god i fipnna tell you -- wake up in the morning and you know nae-nae slide to the left slide to the right pop it to the front pop it to the back lean and dab, lean and dab lean and dab, lean and dab
10:42 am
no way, oh my god no way, oh my god to the left slide to the left, slide to the left slide to the right, slide to the right, slide to the right walk it to the front, walk it to the front pop it to the back, pop it to the back nae, nae now let me keep going. nice shoes, all c can i don't have a topop down mama told me never leave the house without my night gown like the wwe laying snackdown
10:43 am
hold up, wait [ bleep ] to hit your brakes running around with no but they can never catch me, waiting on my taxi lights, camera action like michael jacksonon this is what i do so dab it just go for it i like to pound it i know it's private growing up in memphis, tennessee lean and dab, lean and dab lean and dab, lean and dab >> i finna tell you how to
10:44 am
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10:45 am
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if you ever wish you could havehoda's toned arms and lean legs, push your c cfee table out of the way and grab a water table. we're going to show you how s stays in shape. >> i want to point out i have never had a personal trainer in my life. i had never had one. i was in the gym and a girl at the gym named darcy said you've got to miss this guy named chris
10:50 am
okay. and i started working muscles i didn't even kw existed. >> and you thought you were in pretty good shape because you work out all the time and you said he said this. >> what? >> i wasn't in shape. i really wasn't. chris is here because he's going to teach us. where are you from? >> sydney, australia. >> you just like to hear him talk. i've been living in new york about 15 months. >> so he's going to work three body parts of yours, kath. >> mine? >> three out of the 80 that need help. just looking at me, what needs the most help? >> nothing. but we're going to pick the three main ones that pretty much everybody at home wants to work on. booty, arms and legs. >> i just did the nae-nae. >> is this the booty.
10:51 am
a real lunge. >> keeping him. >> step up, knee raise, step down, lounge down, lunge. >> i wanted to put workout clothes on and hoda said no. >> is that a lunge or no? >> bend the rear leg down. >> show her, show her. she wants to be shown. >> do it again. >> we'llllo three or r ur on each side. >> step down, knee raise, step down, rear lunge. >> without showing your spanx and stuff. i got that one. >> we'll do ten on each side. as part of a circuit we'll do three rounds. second activity is for arms. this is good for bis, shouldering and triceps. problem areas for everybody. >> okay. >> so start with the weights by
10:52 am
do a curl. >> >>. >> up and back behind you. >> i'm sitting out, i can't do it. >> up, press, tricep extension. elbows in. so curl, press, when yoyo go down for the tricep extension -- >> can you rest them on your neck? >> like that, perfect. right there. >> now what? >> back up, down. >> if you do it fast enough, sets of , thatt will g g your hehet rate up. >> ay. now what's the last one? >> 5:45 in the morning. >> the last one is hoda's favorite. it's called plank step-ups.
10:53 am
right. >> i can't. those. >> down to the left, down to the right. >ou were a navy s.e.a.l., right? >> i was in the kmondcommandos. >> and i actually feel a change. >> you'll find it really challenging in your core and doubles up on the triceps. >> isn't chris nice? wouldn't you show up early? >> she's been telling you how great you are all this time. it's lovely to meet you. >> all right. our favorite things are next.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
nbc. time for our favorite thingsgs vasesene lip therapy has these little tins. have you seen those?
10:57 am
>> and they have like a rose tint, they're not open. but it's rose tint and different kinds of tint. but what do you have on, more importantly? >> i thought we were going to be working out so i chose a slip b spanx. >> it's under the rope she's going to show you. oh, my gosh! come on. >> it's a little spanx thing. >> you look good! >> it's got a little panty in is too. >> kath, look at your bod! >> yeah, i know. that's why i didn't work out. it's really comfortable as well. >> it's like a whole spanx underthing. and everyone just wants you to stand up again. >>
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
no one wants my stand by billy and kit, stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> hey! >> fine! >> nice to see you. >> you want to say hi to michelle? >> yes! >> slow down now. you go too quick. >> i love her. >> she's infectious. sure you met her already, that's


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