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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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oscars airing thpresident barack obama says he's looking for a supreme court nominee with a sterling record, a deep respect for the judiciary's role and an understanding of how the law affects real people. obama is offering his most expansive description of the qualities he's seeking in a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia. the president is using the blog post to push back on republicans and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who are refusing to hold hearings or permit a vote. obama says senators have a "constitutiona l responsibility" to consider his nominee. marco rubio has edged out ted cruz for second place in the nevada caucuses. the associated press reports the difference was fewer than 2-thousand votes. on nbc's "today" show, rubio said that it will be easier to stop donald trump once the race is narrowed. trump was the big winner in
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caucuses. it was his third straight commanding victory in the race for the gop presidential nomination. trump now has 81 delegates. rubio and ted cruz have 17 apiece. john kasich has six four. it takes 1,237 delegates to win
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cool us down again and provide an additional chance of a rain/snow mix before temperatures return back to normal next week. see graphics. >> south dakota governor dennis daugaard says his meeting with a group of transgender people yesterday "put a human face" on a bill that would require students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sex at birth. lawmakers approved the bill, but daugaard says he will still have to weigh th sides of the issue before deciding whether he'll sign it into law. opponents of the bill say they've delivered more than 80-thousand signatures to governor daugaard pushing him to veto it. one student behind the online petition says e bill alienates transgender
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singling them out. but the lawmaker who wrote the legislation says he simply wants to protect south dakota's children. fred deutsch/(r) south dakota state house "it's not meant to harm. it's meant to protect. people ask me .. protect from what? i say protect the eyes, protect the heart, protect the mind. these are our children and they don't need to be exposed to anatomy of the opposite sex when they're in high school. my 13-year-old grandchildren ... i don't need them to be exposed to that. hundreds and hundreds of south dakotans have said we agree." a similar fight is going on in north carolina. the charlotte city council approved a controversial measure this week to allow transgender people to use the bathroooms of their choice. but the governor says he'll take legislative action to stop it. brittney johnson has that.
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leaders made it against the law for businesses and taxis to discriminate against members of the lgbt community and to allow them to use the bathrooms of their choice. they also went against the governor. (brittney johnson, reporting) "they approved this, despite your warning letter, what are you going to do now?" gov. pat mccrory, (r) north carolina) "well as i warned as i expected we already have state legislators working on legislation for april to reverse what city council did." in a one on one interview governor mccrory--said he believes allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice is a violation of privacy--and overreach--so he's stepping in. gov. pat mccrory, (r) north carolina) "i think they crossed the common sense threshold of interfering with people basic sense of privacy as security that we all expect." we learned the state could take 4 routes. strike the entire ordinance, strike part of it, pass a conflicting law, or put it before the voters in a referendum. political experts say a referendum would draw more
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general election but the governor argues that would take too much time. (gov. pat mccrory, (r) north carolina) "we need to correct this very misguided ordinance as quick as possible and move on to higher priorities in north carolina." >> that was brittney johnson reporting from charlotte, north carolina. opponents of the ordinance say they will meet in the coming days to discuss whether to take legal action or wait for state lawmakers to act. the law goes into effect april 1st. the governor says lawmakers will likely file a bill later that month. the iowa court of appeals says it will rule as soon as possible in the latest legal claim by sioux city's former argosy casino. a three-judge panel of the court heard arguments from both sides tuesday. ktiv's tommie clark has details from des moines.
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challenging two decisions entered by the district court in polk county affirming the decisions of the iowa racing and gaming commission to solicite new bids and to award that license to the hard rock hotel and casino, as well as denying renewal of belle's license to operate the argosy casino. "all of this coming from the irgc putting the cart before the horse. they decided about land-based gaming in sioux city first then then they addressed whether or not argosy has a license. they should have done it the other way around," said the attorney representing belle of sioux city, mark weinhardt asl bridge: "the legal battle continues and both sides say they're not sure this will be the last time that they meet." an attorney for the irgc argued that, under iowa gaming law, to have a casino you must partner with a nonprofit, and must maintain the relationship or you lose your license. "their failure to maintain that relationship. their heavy-handed tactics at the very beginning and their misjudgement and misunderstanding of the gaming laws which led to this controversy and they've been scrambling ever since then to pick up the pieces," said sce or
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cook. both sides say the panel of judges were well-informed and they're looking forward to the decision. in des moines, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> woodbury county leaders want to set aside more money for a rainy supervisors voted last night to increase cash reserves by a half-percent for the 2017 fiscal year. reserves have fallen below 20-percent, 2- percent below county policy. the board also approved an increase to the cap in the general fund at $3.62, up from $3.50. "our budget analyst told us 24 other counties are doing [this]," said matthew ung, a republican woodbury county supervisor. "so this is not unheard of. when you have a property poor county, when you have essential services you have to provide, we decided to increase the cap but at the same time we decreased taxes." the proposed budget calls for a reduction in tax rates of 4-percent per one-thousand dollars valuation in urban areas and 12-percent in rural areas. but the budget is not yet finalized.
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today! but there is a chance of a wintry mix later. meterologist ben dorenbach is back with the forecast after this. currently and degrees
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ben, we started with a nice, sunny morning
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overall, we'll see another quiet and mild day of weather with a although areas east of sioux city will have a few more clouds overhead. either way, most of our highs will be on either side of 40 degrees today as clouds increase throughout the afternoon ahead of our next frontal system. as it passes us by to the west, some of you out there could see a few late day showers which will eventually spread east and switch over to a light rain/snow mix during the evening and early overnight time frame. this should be out of here by tomorrow morning as cooler and windier weather move in for thursday. we'll rebound nicely again just in time for the weekend with highs returning to the upper 40s friday and pushing 60 by saturday with a good amount of sunshine! another system moves in sunday which will cool us down again and provide an additional chance of a rain/snow mix before temperatures return back to normal next week. see graphics. >> > the search is on for a new agriculture secretary in south dakota... and that's a great idea! about 40 of them, in fact. we'll take you to sioux city's 6th annual innovation market. > agriculture secretary in south
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the search is on for a new agriculture secretary in south dakota... and that's a great idea! about 40 of them, in fact. we'll take you to sioux city's
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ktiv would like to send out anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. anthony defazio of sioux city is celebrating his 85th birthday today. daniel alons of sanborn, iowa is celebrating his 92nd birthday today. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday and happy anniversary
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>> the search is underway for a new state agriculture secretary in south dakota. lucas lentsch says he'll leave that post next month for a job in the private sector. lentsch has been ag secretary for three years. before that, he served as the department's director of agricultural development. governor dennis daugaard and his leadership team are beginning a search for lentsch's replacement.
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stocks have been trading lower on wall street, led by declines in energy companies and banks. the price of oil sank another 4 percent this morning in new york to 30
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volvo wants to replace car keys with smartphones. according to the automaker, bluethooth- enabled smartphones can actually become digital keys .. eliminating the need for a physical key or key fob. the smartphone would be able to not only start the car, but also unlock the doors and trunk. and the same device would be able to handle multiple digital keys---one for every volvo car in the family. volvo says it will test the technology starting this spring in sweden, where its worldwide headquarters is based. a limited number of commercially available cars will be equipped with the new digital key technology in 2017. siouxlanders pitched ideas for new businesses and products at the 6th annual "innovation market" last night. more than 40 submissions were made at the "think tank", ideas ranging from a pet bakery to specialty grocery stores. the innovation market gives entrepreneur s a chance to bring something new to sioux city.
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building and getting the community something it doesn't already or jobs," said chris jackson, 2016 board member. making the cut last night and advancing to the next round are a brewery, special needs therapy business, and a veteran outreach support group. still to come, the public weighs in on where sioux city should put a new campground... and the iowa house oks several bills that would expand gun rights. now they move to the senate, where their future is
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... nebraskans who oppose the death penalty are launching a statewide campaign. the group "retain a just nebraska" will announce the next phase of its campaign today at the capitol. they will ask voters to reject a proposal that would keep the death penalty legal in the state. lawmakers abolished the death penalty in may, but supporters responded with a petition that would bring the issue to the public in november for the general eleciton. the republican- controlled iowa house passed five bills tuesday that would expand gun rights, including legislation that would allow children under 14 to use handguns with parental supervision. stephanie moore looks at the
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it's considered an accessory that's used with a fire arm to limit the sound...suppressors, which are legal in 41 other states, was debated on the house floor...some lawmakers hoping to make iowa number 42. terry baxter/repres entative "i think they are a tremendous device, they are for hearing protection, a suppressor itself is not a weapon, its an accessory thats put on a firearm just to cut down the noise as a hearing protection device." representative terry baxter introduced the bill...he says suppressors reduce the sound of gun shot by 20-30 percent, direct the sound downrange away from the shooter and help protect the shooter's hearing...but those in opposition see it as a weapon. marti anderson/opp oses gun suppressors "the fact that the federal government with the second amendment in place categorizes a suppressor as a class three
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is some added danger to its use." also debated---how old a child should be to shoot a gun-currently in iowa, children must be 14 years or older to shoot a revolver or pistol or handle ammunition. the proposed bill drops the age requirement all together but requires parent supervision. opponents say some parents are not responsible enough to regulate their children's actions...and the age requirement protect them... mary mascher/oppo ses bill "while most parents would not allow their two year old to weld a revolver, we pass laws for those parents who lack the parenting skills needed however, representativ e jake highfill, who is sponsoring the bill, says the decision should be the parents and says its one of the best bill to advance the 2nd amendment rights of all iowans... jake highfill/repre sentative 'it returns the power back to where it full belongs back in the hands of the parents to make the decisions they are
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that was stephanie moore reporting. other measures approved would restrict public access to information about gun owners and another bill that would allow people to use their guns in a state of emergency. the bills now head to the democratic- controlled senate, where they face an uncertain future. sioux cityans are weighing in on where to build a proposed new city campground. the parks and rec department held the first public input meeting last night. officials are considering sites near chautauqua park and off highway 12 near the milwaukee railroad museum. that second location got the most support from the people at last night's meeting. "people travel and once they get to know there is a clean park and there's an area that is a lot of fun, they'll come," said jack taylor, frequent camper. the parks and rec department plans to hold another public session in about a month. a pheasants forever
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county, deciding what we want to do with it. like events for youth will get paid for with this banquet. that's right. we have three different events that we hold throughout the year and it costs the kids nothing to attend. get them outside and enjoy mother nature. it's taking place saturday at the sergeant bluff family rec center. doors open at 5:30 with dinner at 7, what else is going on there? we have a silent auction, a lot of raffles going on, different events as far as that, we have our main auction after dinner. what's the cost? dinner tickets are $60 for membership and dinner, child and spouse are $25. that gets you membership for the next year? for another year. what's for dinner? steak. that sounds great. phone number if people want more information? 712-277-2263. and a website? you expect a big crowd? this is a thing you do each year, you've been doing it 30 years? we usually have around 300 plus people who go to the event, so it's always a lot of fun. coming up this saturday. sergeant bluff, iowa 5:30 the doors open, dinner is at 7. scott rustwick of woodbury county pheasants forever, thanks for joining us.
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joining us around siouxland. >> facebook's "like" button has just gotten more expressive. today, the social media site released more "reactions." in addition to "like", there are now "love," "humor," anger," "wow," and "sad." the new emojis appear when you hover over the "like" button on your computer... or hold down the "like" button on your mobile device. sorry... still no "dislike" button.
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forecast. thanks for joining us. have a great afternoon! >>
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>> nicole: damn it, theresa. don't blame me. i couldn't stop him, okay? i did try to help him, because when we got back here, i called that heart doctor, and he didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about. >> theresa: nothing to worry about? he just had a heart transplant. he just decided that over the phone? god, i mean, i know la's supposed to be laid-back, but do you really want a heart surgeon to be that nonchalant? >> nicole: i know you're worried about brady. >> theresa: yeah, well, that's an understatement. i mean, he just ran after some woman who-- who's been in a mental institution and sounds like she should still be there. >> nicole: brady thinks he needs to do it for daniel. >> theresa: well, you know what? he needs to stop thinking about daniel and start thinking about his son. he belongs in salem, and i'm going to make sure that that happens. >> nicole: theresa, theresa, stop. you cannot go after brady. >> theresa: like hell! let go of me. >> nicole: would you just stop, please? listen to me.


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