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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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pastoral planning. a years-worth of work yielded "ministry 2025", a plan to strengthen and sustain the of the diocese. but, changes will be madef "we understand that the change is going to be difficult," lingle said. 40 of the 108 parishes in the diocese will be closed in july "simply put, we have too many sunday masses in too many places that are too sparsely populated," lingle said. "the impact on sioux city's eight parishes will be minimal," said matt breen. "they will stay open. but, they will be "clusters". each cluster will have a pastor and an associate to celebrate mass at all of the sites." the clusters look like this: sacred heart becomes itsown cluster. blessed sacrament and st. michael's will form the holy cross cluster. cathedral of the epiphany, st. boniface, and st. joseph will form the cathedral cluster. and, immaculate conception and nivity will form the mater dei cluster. "the same can't be said for 40 other parishes in the diocese, which will close," said matt breen. here's an example of the
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n: in n is cluster the red dots represent parishes in sanborn, primghar, sutherland and sioux rapids, which would close in favor of parishes in hartley and spencer which will stay open. closing a parish doesn't mean the church will close. instead, the diocese will move those churches to "oratory" status. mass will no longer be celebrated at those sites, but they caca be used for catholic weddings s and funerals. "what this does is it let us do the hard work now," said rev. brent lingle, director of pastoral planning. "we're going to know where we're going at least for the next 10 years. rather than, every year, a parish wondering 'i wonder if we're going to be open next year. i wonder if we'll have a priestst" lingng says the proposed plan gives stability to the diocese, and the parishes, for the next ten years. >> now that the draft plan has been introduced, each pastor in the 108 existing parishes will form a leadership team including lay people of parish. they'll get feedback on the plan from parishioners. that feedback will be forwrwded
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the plan. the plan goes into efft in july of 2017. by the way, we have maps of the proposed clusters, and details of the pastoral plant, inside this story on our website, ktiv-dot-com. firefighters battled a blaze in downtown madison, nebraska totoy. firefighters encountered a building fully engulfed in ames when they arrived on scene on main street just before noon. smoke from the fire could be seen as far away as highway 81. humphrey's fire department was called in to help out. none of the nearby buildings caught on fire. however, a laundromat next door did rececee minor damage. a court date has been set for the o'neill, nebebska man charged in the stabbii death of hiwife. 37-year old eduardo quintero will be arrainged march 9th on second degree murder charges. he was arrested monday and charged in the stabbing death of his wife, guadalupe quintero, at their o'neill home on saturday. investigators counted 34 stab wounds on n r body. quintero told investigators he
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she was having an affair with another man. nebraska lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have made it harder for passengers in getaway cars to sue if they are injured while being chased by police. senators came up two votes short. (matt) after a cooler day across siouxland, warmer weather isn't far off. (sheila) chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the first look at our forecast at six. weather ad-lib a combination of clouds and a steady north wind kept temperatures in the 30s this afternoon with wind chills down in the 20s. we're going to quickly turn things around the next couple of days as warmer weather is about to return. we'll start clearing out our skies some tonight which could lead to a little patchy fog. then with more sun and a lighter wind we'll see highs get into the 40s and 50s. (matt) a sioux city hospital wants
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a mental illness that't'more (sheila) ktiv's tiffany lane with how they plan to tackle the issue. tiffany? matt and sheila, one in four adults in the u-s suffers from depression. patients who have had or are undergoing treatment for life changing conditions are also at risk for behavioral health issues like depression. at unitypoint health-st. luke's they are working totocreen patients in ththr mental health before they get too severe. "we want to identify them in a prior to them needing to go to the emergency room or showing up in the emergency room with an acute mental health crisis," said lynn wold, ceo of unitypoint health-st. luke's. there are three levels of depression: mild, moderate and severe. st. luke's evalues each patient's health individually and they have the opportunity to be placed in inpatient or
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tonight on news 4 at ten, i spoke with one patient going through the outpatient program and how it's helping her deal with her depression and anxiety. imagine. you've cared for your pets your entire life. then one day an illness no longer allows you to do the very thing you've done...for so many years. ktiv's michelle schoening has more on one iowa man's last wish. nat pop(dog barking) a a rminally loving.. mafrom shenadoah, iowa man hos you can help make his final wish come true. he reached out to the siouxland humane society to fulfill this request. "is that his dogs get to be able to find a loving able to help with that," said kelly erie, siouxland humane society assistant shelter manager. currently twelve of the eighteen dogs are at the humane society. most of them are lab-mixes, ranging from 4 to 12 years old. one of the society workers who picked up the dogs says they
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what they liked, what they didn't like, their names, their age, if they liked their belly rubbed. he asked did you read my list, when we left. and i said yes i read every bit of it. " said heidi kaelke, siouxland humane society supervisor. the society says a the dogs were well taken care of and were up to date on all vaccines and vet check-ups. "he truly loves them. and it was very heartwarming to see that he really cared for him and understands this is the best hope for them," said heidi kaelke, siouxland humane society supervisor. the former owner expects to go into hospice care in a couple of months. that's when siouxland humane society will return and pick up the six remaining pups. "we are so happy to help him in any way that we can. and we defiantly want to make sure that we help him with his final wish," said kelly erie, siouxland humama society assistant shelter manager. a wish for a man who always found room for one more furry friend. in sioux city michelle schoening, ktiv news four. >> the siouxland humane society said the owner called this morning to check in on his furry friends.
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one of the dogs you can find more information on our website ktiv-dot-com. it was a day trial, error and success for a group of siouxland students. "nat pop sound of moving marble" eighth graders at mater dei nativity in sioux city brought together their resources to come up with "simime machines." these simple machines, called rube goldberg machines, are contraptions that are a challenge to build but perform easy tasks. students used toy cars, dominos, homemade pulleys and other items to put them together. still to come on news 4 at 6: we'll take a look at all the excitement "building" at the siouxland d me show! (robert live) "the home show kicked off today.. we'll show you w wt you can find
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buying a home can be a huge undertaking. how one company in ohio is helping its employees travel the path to home ownership. and one washington state couple recently tied the knot in anan airplane. . we'll show you their sky high
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a combination of clouds and a steady north wind kept temperatures in the 30s this afternoon with wind chills down in the 20s. we're going to quickly turn things around the next couple of days as warmer weather is about to return. we'll start clearing out our skies some tonight which could lead to a little patchy fog. then with more sun and a lighter wind we'll see highs get into
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saturday gets downright mild with highs in the 60s possible for some of us. with some cooling on sunday will come a slight chance of a shower or two along with a strong northwest wind. after a mild monday, another push of cold air is expected to move through on tuesday that will bring us a chance of seeing a rain/snow mix with highs
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(matt) looking to redecorate? well, you're in luck. today kicks off the first day of the siouxland home at the sioux city convention center. (sheila) that's where we find ktiv's robert lowe. he's with live link 4 and has more, robert? matt and sheila, from new doors to cabinets to putting a spa in your home. the possibilities are endless to envision what your home could really look like
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stand up in the kitchen sink quote from shopper" but, it's not just a buyer's affair. the home show allows local business the opportunity to flourish. "well, for us it's actually a big kickoff for the spring" said tony boyle, siouxland gutters."everyone starts thinking about doing more outdoor porjects." and boyle is not alone, we spoke with dozens of business owners and managers who feel the same way. i wouldn't have a business if it weren't for the homeshow," said mike kelly, cabinetry solutions. "the first year after the home show we proably tripple,quaddruppl ed massive amounts," said mike kelly, cabinetry solutions. "kelly says 75 percent of his business is directly related to the success we have. wouldn't have a busiss if it weren't for the homeshow," said mike kelly, cabinetry solutions. so, whether you're buying or selling something..the re's aa home for you at the homeshow. of course if you're stopping by the home show. we want to see you stop by the
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and, oh yeah, come try and win this 4k tv. i'm told it's preset to channel 4. what more could you want? thanks, robert! the home show continues through sunday at 5 p.m. wawar worry: the major operation underway to keep boats free from an invasive weed at the iowa great lakes.
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to t t and keep part of the iowa greaealakes clean. (matt) kuoo radio's steve schwaller is here to tell us more. steve? a lakes area protective association is now actively raising money for a pilot project for the partial eradication of an invasive aquatic weed on one of the iowa great lakes. the east okoboji lakes improvement corporation is spearheading fundraising for a pilot project to chemically treat a portion of the north side of st lake okoboji, whe a heavy infestation of curly af pond weed choked off boat
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the organization's president, bill maas, says the decision was made to begin the fundraising after a public meeting earlier this week. he says they need to raise $22,000 in a little more than a week in order for the project to happen. "any contribbions will be held project to happen. "any contributions will be held project to happen. "any contributions will be held specifically for that purpose and i guess if you want to look at it from a bad side if the project wouldn't go through, if we didn't get enough money, that that money would be either returned or the checks voided or whatever so people aren't out anything if the project doesn't people aren't out anything if the project doesn't proceed." if tt project doee't proceed." as wereported preeiously, the as we reerted previously, the oceed." as we reported previouy, the chemical treatment must be applied this spring when the water temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees in order to be effective. how can people donate? answer: checks should be made out to eoli, p.o. box 45, spirit lake...51360, with the notation of curly leaf pond weed. donations may also be made on-line at www.eastoko
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on our website the number of farmers falling victim to grain bin accidents is the lowest level in a decade. a new study from purdue university says the u.s. had 47 entrapments last year. that's 34-percent less than the 71 in 2014. last year, iowa led the nation with seven incidents. brad's here -- the indoor football season is about to begin. the bandits kick things off on saturday -- with a brand new quarterback -- hoping to win a second straight title. and, the musketeers trade one of their best players.
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couple of weeks but if you need a football fix -- you won't have to wait much longer. the sioux city bandits open the indoor football season on saturday night against the omaha beef. the bandits won the title in the champions indoor football league last season. sioux city went 11-3 overall, including a perfect 8-0 record at the tyson events center. on defense, sioux city brings back all-league performers marlon lobban and hn franklin. the veterans know that -- as the defending champs -- they'll be a marked team. "we're definitely confident but there's a lot of new guys on
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coach erv strohbeen. "i think they've jelled quickly but you the field." "we put in a vigorous two weeks of tough camp," said linebacker marlon lobban. "it's toughest one's we had just because e all the new people and all the new everytng. we've got one goal and that's to defend out championship." on offense, the bandits have to quarterback charles dowdell, who threw for 37 touchdowns and was the league mvp. the new qb is former marshall univererty signalalaller a-j graham. this is his first time playing the indoor game, but the 6-5 graham is excited for the challenge. "it's easier for me because receivers get an easier start coming off the ball," said graham. "as far as the offense and what coach strohbeen wants to do with the ball, it suits me pretty good so i pretty much like it. football is football to me." the bandits and d ef kickoff at 7 o'clock on saturday night at the tyson events center. the musketeers have traded one of their best players. defenseman ryan zuhlsdorf has been sent to dubuque.
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tampa bay lightning in the fifth rorod of last year's nhlhlraft. in 30 games this season, the university of minnesota recruit, has 23 assists, which is tied for the team lead. in exchange, the muskies get another defenseman, 6-foot-4 pat holway. he was a sixth round pick of detroit in the nhl draft. the muskies are in last place in the western conference. the high school basketball postseason resumes tonight. in iowa, class 1a and 3a teams are in district finals, with the winners being one win away from state. in nebraska, boys class c and d teams play sub- district finals -- again, the winners are one win away from going to state. the south sioux city girls host lincoln northeast, and will head to lincoln with a win. the dakota valley y rls also continue district play. we'll have the scores and hihilights at ten. the semifinals are set in the gpac basketball tournament, coming up on saturday. the top-seeded and top-ranked morningside women will host briar cliff at 3. mount marty will host dakota wesleyan. all those teams are locks for the naia national tourney, which starts march 9th in sioux city. the top-seeded briararliff men take on fourth- seeded midland, also at 3. the top-seeded brbrr cliff men take on fourth- seeded midland,
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northwestern, 94-83, in round one last night. that improved briar cliff's record to 28-3 -- that ties the school record for wins in a season, set in the 1978-79 season. the chargers can set a new school record on saturday. briar cliff has already
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thanks for joining us tonight... et is up next... don't forget to go to ktiv-dot- com fororll of your news, weather, and sports.s. see you back here at ten. .
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fears, snipers, hutdidden cameras, bomb sniffing dogs, how hollywood braces for it's biggest night. >> the stage is set, but why is to the secret ser coming? i'm live for you here at addone bea theater. >> our yesjoe zee get secrets from stylists. >> and then adele tears. >> biebe rihanna, music's biggest stars partying all night after the grammys of england. and kelley clarkson is just weeks away fr baby boy, we have exclusive photos. and is there blake and gwen a there going to be a wedding?


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