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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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an officer then shot the suspect. investigators say the attacks inside the excel industries plant, a chaotic scene when shots first rang out. s/ jordan snyder/ employee :12 i had no idea what to do... we were hopping fences... everybody was running people were screaming people were crying. we just didn't know what to do. they started off saying fire and then we heard the gunshots and it wasn't a fire. the sheriff says he doesn't know if the man was still working there or had been fired. health officials say a child in northeast nebraska has died from the flu. the child lived in a region that includes burt, cuming, madison and stanton counties. their age and sex aren't being released. tests show the flu virus was a factor in the child's death, but the child also tested positive for several other respiratory viruses. so, far this season 13 children have died from the flu. (matt) a terminally ill man from southwest iowa hopes you can help make his final wish come true. (sheila) he reached out to the siouxland
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finding homes for his 18 dogs. twelve of the dogs are now at the shelter. the humane society says the man took very good care of and loved all his dogs. "these were dogs that he rescued. these were stray dogs, abandoned dogs, or dogs that nobody wanted,"said kelly erie, assistant shelter manager. the human society will return to shenandoah in a couple months to pick up the remaining six dogs before the owner goes into hospice care. (sheila) the coolness we felt today is nothing like what we'll feel in a couple of days. (matt) chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. a combination of clouds and a steady north wind kept temperatures in the 30s this afternoon with wind chills down in the 20s. we're going to quickly turn things around the next couple of days as warmer weather is about to return. we'll start clearing out our skies some tonight which could lead to a little patchy fog. then with more sun and a lighter wind we'll see highs get into
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(sheila) ted cruz and marco rubio both took aim at donald trump in tonight's republican presidential debate, in texas, tonight. (matt) cruz accused trump of being late to the game on immigration. during tonight's debate, in cruz's home state, that while he was running for senate and promising to lead the fight against "amnesty", trump was busy donating cash to a group of senators backing a path to citizenship. (sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "i really find it amazing that donald believes that he is the one that discovered the issue of illegal immigration. when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice." trump hit back, saying that he worked to build relationships with politicians on both sides of the aisle as a businessman. "you get along with nobody," he told cruz... pointing to the fact that not a single republican senator has endorsed him. south dakota's in the national
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concerning the so-called bathroom bill. south dakota could be the first state in the nation to pass a law requiring students to use locker room and restroom associated with their sex at birth. today, the governor told reporters he still hasn't made a decision. gov. dennis daugaard / (r) south dakota says i'm less concerned about opinion outside of south dakota." "i have until tuesday, and i'll get it done before tuesday." if the governor does nothing, the bill will become law without his signature. (sheila) a major announcement today from the diocese of soiux city. (matt) they'll close dozens of catholic parishes by the summer of 2017. church officials say they're dealing with an aging catholic population, falling mass attendance, and a projection that the diocese will have just 31 full-time priests by 2025. in july of 2017, the plan would close 40 of the 108 parishes in the diocese. the parishes will be reorganized into "clusters", which will be served by one pastor. some of those "clusters" will be served by a pastor,
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we have maps of the proposed clusters inside this story on our website, ktiv-dot-com. closing a parish doesn't mean close. instead, the diocese will move those churches to "oratory" status. mass will no longer be celebrated at those sites, but they can be used for catholic weddings and funerals. the diocese says the proposed plan provides stability for the next 10 years. "what this does is it let us do work now," said rev. brent lingle, director of pastoral planning. "we're going to know the next 10 years. rather than, every year, a parish wondering 'i wonder if we're going to be open next year. i wonder if we'll have a priest?'" the diocese plans to get feedback on the plan from parishioners. again, the plan goes into effect in july of 2017. denison, iowa's police chief has admitted that the controversial memes, and images, that sparked a protest last week, were his. but, john emswiler says the images were from his
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never meant for public view, and were stolen. former police officer ray ohl, and officer bradley wendt, who's on administrative leave from the department, brought the images to the attention of city leaders. emswiler, who you see here from the previous ktiv story, claims most of the photo-shopped pictures were from 2008, or earlier. he says a majority of the memes were from prior to 2010. emswiler claims a majority of the images were shared with the individuals that were in the pictures, and were intended as "private jokes". emswiler doesn't know when the images were stolen, but in a press release he said they surfaced after ohl was fired, and wendt was placed on leave. mayor daniel leinen investigated the images, and disciplined emswiler, who remains the chief of police. sioux city police uncover a problem at the has pump that could siphon money from your bank account. a credit card skimming device was found on a gas pump at cubby's, which is located on south york street, near singing hills. police urge citizens to monitor
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statements and bank statements if they pay at the pump. two people are homeless after a fire on main street in madison, nebraska. flames were shooting out of the windows when crews arrived on the scene around noon. none of the nearby buildings caught on fire. however, a laundromat next door did receive minor damage. seven local entrepreneur s all competed for a shot at a grant for their growing businesses. sioux city's annual "swimming with the sharks" competition concluded its final stage, tonight. the event is part of briar cliff university's "entrepalooza" week. similar to the tv show, each person had 5 minutes to present their business plan to a panel of 5 judges. the winner would be awarded a piece of a total 4,000 dollars to go towards their but win or lose, each entrepreneur had more than just cash to gain. entrepreneurial spirit here in sioux city," said jim braunschweig. "this was just a fantastic opportunity to just talk to more people about it, get more feedback from other business professionals and the turnout was fantastic." the judges ended up selecting a
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called as this year's 1st place winner. with spring right around the corner, it may be time for some home improvements. look no further than the 59th annual siouxland home show. from new doors, to kitchen sinks and even upgrading to a spa, there are endless possibilites. remember if you're heading to the home show, stop on by ktiv's booth for a chance to win a 4-k t.v. (sheila) you can stop by the ktiv booth, on saturday, from 1pm to 3pm, to say "hi" to me. (matt) you'll have two chances to see me in the ktiv booth... tomorrow from 1pm to 3pm, and saturday from 11am to 1 pm. (matt) basketball battle: south sioux city girls trying to make another trip back to state.. the latest, later in
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a combination of clouds and a steady north wind kept temperatures in
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down in the 20s. we're going to quickly turn things around the next couple of days as warmer weather is about to return. we'll start clearing out our skies some tonight which could lead to a little patchy fog. then with more sun and a lighter wind we'll see highs get into the 40s and 50s. saturday gets downright mild with highs in the 60s possible for some of us. with some cooling on sunday will come a slight chance of a shower or two along with a strong northwest wind. after a
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push of cold air is expected to move through on tuesday that will bring us a chance of seeing a rain/snow mix with highs returning to
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(matt) saving katelyn: the heartbreak for one siouxland family after hearing a grave
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(matt) a siouxland family received a diagnosis no one would want to hear. (sheila) tonight, their journey in "saving katelyn". .
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911." the larsons raced katelyn to the nearest hospital a dozen miles away. her condition seemed to improve. 4:02 "she was perfect, "she was fine. her lips were pink and she was smiling and talking." but, an x-ray showed a problem with the newborn's heart. an ambulance rushed katelyn to children's hospital in omaha for a series of intensive tests. 6:04 "we just thought she had a little cold, we're going to get an antibiotic and then come home." she needed a new heart. you can ever get. we would have that come from? we don't have health issues in our families." doctors suspected a double for the deterioration. two heart. the cough? from a virus that attacked her heart. 7:59 it was just so hard to comprehend how she can be so perfectly healthy and then
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sick and on life support." just as the larsons started to get to know their daughter, they almost lost her. 6:18 "she coded while they were intubating her and had to resuscitate her. she's healthy what is wrong, what are you talking about?" a machine circulated katelyn's blood. drugs to paralyze because any movement could kill. fingers and toes turning blue. time running out. 10:30 "when it's your child fighting for their life, it's terrifying, it's devastating." 10:39 28 days later.. a new heart. 10:50 "we just had to turn to our faith and just trust god had a plan and he loved her. then, a sense of peace. about a month after the transplant, the family reunited. 15:15 "i just held her in her room. and, the boys were jumping on the bed and i just cried because i didn't think we would be home as a family." today, katelyn doesn't miss a beat. a typical toddler. :49 "she's smart and strong. :53 "you never ever, ever, know that would know something was wrong," said chad larson.
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/ for katelyn's parents the fear of the unknown transplanted into joy and love for the future. "it's not very often that people get a second chance at life and to see it first hand. and, to live through the dark the darkest part of your life and to be on the other side. music out. >> the larsons say they received so much support from their community of odebolt, iowa. about 300 people showed up for a welcome home party at the local community center. the larson's are sharing their story to help bring awareness to heart problems.
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siouxland heart ball. in her pretty dress, she served as a reminder about the importance of research when it comes to trying to end heart problems in both children and adults. she's also been named this year's heart walalprincess. the walk takes place in may, just after katelyn's third birthday. fighting mental illness: one sioux city hospital's prescription for fighting depression. (sheila)
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impacting one-in-four americans at some time in their life. (matt) and, a local hospital has a plan to identify the problem as k kv's tiffany lane explains.
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"by 2020, depression is expected to be the second leading cause of disability throughout the world. and health officials say a lot of that has to do with the stigma behind the illness." "now that it's being integrated into primary care, the screenings, and more people becoming comfortable, because depression is very common," said brad neuendorf, nurse manager for behavioral inpatient services at unitypoint health- st. luke's. and with screenings at st. luke's, their goal is to tackle mental health issues at the start. "we want to outpatient s sting prior to them needing to go to the emergency room or showing up in the emergency room with an acute wold, ceo of unitypoint health-st. luke's. something van cleave and hospital specialists have worked hard to avoid. "i haven't been in the psych ward for four months now because i'm learning about myself and i'm learning how i can handle things with coping skills," said van cleave. a realization, health officials at st. luke's hope other patients can reach in their treatment journey. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> (sheila) brad's here -- with state
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line. the south sioux city girls are ranked first in the state -- and were trying to clinch a trip to nebraska's capital city. and, moc-floyd valley and bishop heelan clash in a district final.
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buying a home can be a huge undertaking. how one company in ohio is helping its employees travel the path to home ownership. and one washington state couple recently tied ththknot in an airplane. we'll l ow you their sky high wedding. ranked first in nebraska's class a. the cardinals only loss was at a tournament in florida -- they're undefeated against nebraska teams. south sioux trying to get back to the state tournament -- taking on 14-10 lincoln northeast. the cardinals trying to get back to state for the 21st time. south sioux down 5 in the third
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augusta thramer with the deflection, haley fritza misses once, but not twice. it's tied at 40. (down in front). thramer making things happen -- the dish to ashley hohenstein for the layin. cards take the lead late in the third. then, thramer saves it -- it goes back out to mckenna sims for 3 -- south sioux doing the little things right. the rockets hustle, but they save it right to sims for two more. south sioux is going back to state, 69-57. the cardinals will be the top seed, starting next thursday in lincoln. iowa boys district final in 1a, south o'brien facing siouxland christian -- at west high. the eagles were e the district final for the e rst time -- christian kyles gets the steal and the bucket. it was 2-nothing for siouxland christian's only lead. south o'brien scores the next 15 points. damon struve drills the 2. struve has un-limited range. the eagles leaveveim alone and he makes them pay. he had three
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fit quarter. the wolverines pull away -- karter rohrbaugh powers in 2 from close range. south o'brien moves to the substate -- 58-3-3 let's stay iowa for more district finals in classes 1a and . ktiv's sam curtiss is here with more. moc-floyd valley has been in the top ten all year in 3-a. the dutch were ranked fourth in the final a-p poll and took a 20 and 3 record into the district final against 14-8 bishop heelan. tonights winner would be just one victory away from the state tourney. moc up 38 to 33 in the third - deandre burnside - scoops up the ose board - finish in traffic - 16 points for him. the dutch would start to pull away - in large part due to karsten marker's presence down low - moc ahead by nine. closing seconds of the third - miss in he had 15.
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bucket in second half - wicked assist to marker. marker finished with 18 points and moc-floyd valley wins it 77 to 59 over bishop heelan. "we felt like we probbaly just wore them down at the end of the day," said loren de jong, moc-floyd valley head coach. "just really proud of our guys team defense tonight cause they have two outstanding offensive players and collectively our group got the job done." in c css 1a, fourth-ranked boyden-hull trying to advance against central lyon. first quarter - comets were working it inside to kyle bakker - but momentum would swing to central lyon. the senior - cade knobloch with the pull-up jumper from the free throw line. that momentum went back to the comets - wild sequence here marcus rens saves it from going out - and en he nails the three. boyden hull led 29 to 20 at the half. but they're cheering in rock rapids tonight - riley van wyhe floats that one up and in. central lyon winners 58 to 53
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with that win, central lyon willll face south o' brien saturday in le mars for a trip to state. and moc-floyd valley will face carroll monday night at the tyson events center. back to nebraska -- class d-1 sub- district final between #5 randolph and #6 walthill. the blujays continue to roll in the 4th quarter, deandre webster makes the defense pay with a three, walthill is up 10. but randolph comes storming back, landyn anderson gets the kick out pass, and he sinks the 3-ball to cut the deficit to six. the cardinals continue their hot streak, this time it is mason stubbs who has the open look, and he drains the three, randolph down 54 to 51 with a minute and a half to play. but walthill would take momentum back, grayden hallowell comes in clutch at the free throw line, and the blujays hang on to beat the cardinals, 65 to 59. the cedar catholic fans hoping to will their team to a victory against ponca in class c2.2. early on, , e indians catch a break as derrek touney grabs the loose ball and goes up for the
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ponca trails by one point. but hartington cedar catholic answers, sean kathol is given too much space, and he nails the three to put the trojans up four. nca drives back down the court, hunter schweers drives a a pulls up to hit the jumper, cutting the deficit to two. the trojans gave ponca trouble all night, here matthew becker gets the tough shot to roll in, and h-c-c advances with a win over the indians, 70 to 54. clasasc1 in norfolk -- fououh ranked pierce, 20-4, taking on madison. the jays passing well -- brayden waldner with the back door dish to taggart bailey for the layin. pierce looked very sharp -- bailey for three -- the bluejays up 27 to 7. the jays driving -- walker ray-bee with the "and one" pierce wins 60-29 in c2, top-seeded battle creek and lutheran high northeast going at it. the braves take the lead late -- coe-bee lade passes to jared reed for the bucket lutheran ties it late -- kale coo- chair-uh with the bank shot
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fil seconds, lade hits the game- winner -- battle creek survives 51-49 nebraska c & d teams play their district finals next week. tonight: partial clearinglow: 22 wind: nw/s 5-10 mph tomorrow: clearing skies. high: 48 wind: s/w 5-10 mph thanks for joining us tonight...
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gerard butler -- jenny slate -- musical guest the 1975. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 425 washington state.


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